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    Legendary Pokemon FAQ by MKaykitkats

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 08/20/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                           #@  @
                                          @@#   @
                                          @   #@
            @@@@              #@@#@@#    @@ #@     #####@@@@@ 
        @@@@@@@@@@@       #@@@#@@@@@@@   @@@@@@.  #@@@@@@#  @      @@ 
      @@@#        #@     ##@    @@@  @@  @@@++@@@,#@    @   @     ##@@@@# 
     @@            #@    ##@    @@    @@@@      @@#@    @   #@    #@    @@#@@#
    @@              @@   ##@@   #      @         @@@    #    @    #@@    #@@##@@@
    #@               @   ###@         @@  @@@@  #@@#    #    @  ##@#@     @@    @
    #@#       @@@@   @    ##@        @@   @ @  #@#@@         @#@@@@@@     @@    @
    ##@       @  @   @ @@@@@@       @ @   @@  @@@@@          @@     #@    @@   @@
    ##@@@#    @  @  @@@     @@     @  @   @  @@  @@         #@  @    @    @@   @
     ##@@@    @@@@  @@  @    @@     @@@           @@        @  @@  @  @   @    @
      ###@     @@  @@  @@  @  @        @         #@   #     @  @@@@@  @       @@
       ###@    @  #@#  @@@@@  @        #@       @@@   @  # @@   @@@   @       @
        ##@      @@@    @@@   @  @@     #@@@#@@@@@#   @@ @ ##        @@       @
         #@@    #@#@         @@  @@@@     ##@@###@    @@ @  @        @       @@
         ##@     @#@@        @@  @##@@@    #@   #@@@@#@@@@  @#     @@@       @
          #@@    @##@       @@   @  ##@@@  #@   ####@@#+@@@  @@#@@@@@  @     @
          ##@    @@#@@     @@@   @    ##@@@#@       ## ##@#   #@@@#@   @    @@
           #@@    @###@@@@@@#@@@@@      ##@@@           ##@@@@@@  #@#  @    @
           ##@    @  #####` @@@##         ##@           ######@@  ##@@@@    @
            #@#   @                                                   ##   ##
            ##@  @@@                                                  #@@@+@
            ##@@@@#                                                   ####@@
    By: MKaykitkats                                 
    This FAQ details catching the LEGENDARY POKEMON in POKEMON HEARTGOLD and
    SOULSILVER versions. It does not include event Pokemon (yet), but instead all
    the legendaries that can be caught within the game, which itself is a large
    It talks about where they are, how to get to them, and some more information
    regarding them.
    You can refer to the World Map I uploaded which displays Legendary Pokemon
    on it:
    I tried to make it as straightforward as possible. I hope you find the
    information helpful and easy to understand.
    Use Ctrl + F to skip to specific sections, simply search for the letters 
    within the brackets listed below.
    To make things simple, to find the Pokemon, search their name, all caps,
    within [ ]'s.
    They are listed in National Dex order. This list now includes Event Pokemon.
    1.) Table of Contents [ToC]
    2.) General Info/Format [GIF]
    3.) Catching The Legendary Pokemon [CTH]
        -#144 Articuno [ARTICUNO]
        -#145 Zapdos   [ZAPDOS]
        -#146 Moltres  [MOLTRES]
        -#150 Mewtwo   [MEWTWO]
        -#243 Raikou   [RAIKOU]
        -#244 Entei    [ENTEI]
        -#245 Suicune  [SUICUNE]
        -#249 Lugia    [LUGIA]
        -#250 Ho-Oh    [HO-OH]
        -#380 Latias   [LATIAS]
        -#381 Latios   [LATIOS]
        -#382 Kyogre   [KYOGRE]
        -#383 Groudon  [GROUDON]
        -#384 Rayquaza [RAYQUAZA]
        -#483 Dialga   [DIALGA]
        -#484 Palkia   [PALKIA]
        -#487 Giratina [GIRATINA]
    4.) Closing/Credits/Contact Information [CCC]
    5.) Version Info [VIN]
    6.) Authorized Websites [ADS]
    To start: In this game, if you defeat a Legendary Pokemon (that is, you faint
    it), you are actually able to try again. You do this by defeating the Elite
    Four and the Champion once again, and the Pokemon will come back. You can try
    again with this. Some re-appear in different areas, and that will be noted
    IV/EV/Natures all change each time you knock the Pokemon out. This is useful
    if you are the type who wants something specific.
    There are some general strategies that will be repeated said, so I hope you
    don't mind reptition!
    With each section, I will be using simillar formats:
    Where: Where this Pokemon is located
    Requirements: If there are any requirements for this Legendary to appear
    Walkthrough: How to get to the Pokemon. It will be a somewhat thorough guide,
    in the sense it will cover any Trainers that you fight, as well as how to
    get to the Pokemon itself. It will not, however, include wild Pokemon
    encounters. Note that the walkthroughs are not full cave explorations, but
    take you straight to the Legendary Pokemon. Items grabbed are usually not
    off the path, and are not found using the Dowsing Machine. For that info, look
    at the Cave Exploration section in the FAQ.
    HM: The HM's you need.
    The Pokemon Itself: Below the Pokemon's stats will be displayed =
    [VERSION] - If it is version specific. If it appears in both with different
                stats, it will be noted.
    ### POKEMON NAME LV ## <National Dex number and Pokemon name, and Level>
        -Ability: The Ability
        -Type: The Type of Pokemon, usually dual
        -Moves: The moveset
         Move 1 [Type/Type] PP <The Move name, Type of move, and whether it is
                                special or physical or status, and the PP per
    Tips: Any tips there are regarding the Pokemon and capturing it. This section
    may be repetitive and state common knowledge, however.
    I got emailed quite a bit about what exactly I mean by "the usual" and such.
    So, this brief section covers the very question.
    Generally when capturing Pokemon, you want to aim for the highest chance of
    a successful capture. Every Pokemon has a "Catch rate", with the lower the
    number, the lower the chance. This being a Legendary Pokemon FAQ, you can
    expect most Pokemon listed below to have very low catch rates.
    There is a formula involved, but we do not need to get *too* involved with
    how the system works. Just know this:
    -Pokemon HP (The lower, the better)
    -Any Status ailment (Sleep/Freeze/Poison/Sleep/Paralysis/etc)
    -The Ball being used (Poke Ball, Ultra Ball, etc)
    So, as they say in the game's Pokemon capture Tutorial (right before you get
    your first Poke Balls), you want to aim to lower a Pokemon's HP as much as
    possible, as well as inflict a status ailment. Throwing certain types of Balls
    can help, too, such as a Dusk Ball in a cave or at night, as it will multiply
    the chance quite significantly.
    You should bring Pokemon that have damage dealing moves, as well as high
    enough stats that the Legendaries you are battling won't do significant
    damage to, and if they do, then be sure to have plenty of recovery items.
    You can either skillfully aim to capture the Legendary really quickly, using
    correct tactics and well executed moves and a lot of luck, or you can draw
    out a battle and just keep tossing away after you have lowered the opponent's
    HP and inflicted status ailments. Be aware that if the Legendary runs out of
    PP, then it will begin to harm itself, and it it's HP is low, then it's gone.
    I can't give an exact set of moves that I would advise you use, as there are
    many, many ways to reduce Pokemon HP and inflict status changes, so instead
    I give you only what to do, and let you figure out how to do it.
    Concerning the different Ball types;
    Say you want to use a Quick Ball, you should know it loses it's effectiveness
    a few turns after you begin. However, there is the Dusk Ball, which keeps it's
    effectiveness so long as the place is dark (cave, time of day is night, etc).
    Some keep their rates no matter what (Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball), but
    are lower than the others.
    A Master Ball ensures 100% catch, on the other hand.
    For in-depth information on Poke Balls and their types, what Apricorns they
    are made from, etc, I advise you read this page:
    For in-depth information concerning catch rate, I advise you visit:
    It's very self explanatory. I hope this section was helpful!
    ********************************** ARTICUNO **********************************
    Where: Seafoam Islands, which is within Route 20. There are two ways to enter
           the Island, one from the Fuchsia side (right), and Cinnabar side
    Requirements: *Reach the SEAFOAM ISLANDS
    WALKTHROUGH: Starts from SEAFOAM ISLAND CAVE, the entrance closer to the
                 Cinnabar side. You get here by surfing east from Cinnabar Island.
    ------------------------------- SEAFOAM ISLANDS ------------------------------
    Go down the stairway, ignoring the ladder going up.
    Walk left and up, and use STRENGTH on the boulder. Do not push it up, rather,
    push it to the left until it hits the wall (three times). Push the left of
    two boulders above you up once, and then the remaining boulder left or right.
    Go left and up the stairway, grab the ICE HEAL, then go left and down the
    Go onto the ice to the left, simply go under and slide up, or just slide left
    and up. The top left corner icicle has a PEARL hidden on it.
    Line yourself up with the Trainer you see standing there, and then slide right
    into them:
    SKIER CADY (1696P)
     -DELIBIRD LV 53 (F) 2077 EXP
      -Type: Ice/Flying
    Now slide down, so you're against the bottom wall. Then go right, to the
    Trainer sliding back and forth:
     -CLOYSTER LV 55 (M) 2392 EXP
      -Type: Water/Ice
     -DEWGONG LV 50 (M) 1885 EXP
      -Type: Water/Ice
    Slide up, hitting the top wall, then slide down, hitting the bottom wall.
    Slide right out of the ice.
    Below is another sheet of ice. See that Trainer? Line up with him, then go
    down, so you're standing right above him:
     -DEWGONG LV 55 (M) 2073 EXP
      -Type: Water/Ice
       Dive [Water/Physical]
     -LAPRAS LV 50 (M) 2346 EXP
      -Type: Water/Ice
       Hydro Pump [Water/Special]
       Brine [Water/Special]
    Slide directly to the right. Then, go down the ladder there.
    Head to the bottom left of the room, ignoring the left ice sheet near the
    ladder you came from.
    There is an ice sheet to the left with ice blocks on it. Push two of them out
    of the way, either up, or down. Just not right or left. Then push whichever
    one is remaining to the left (slide into it from the right). It will go left,
    and then slide left again, and then go up, and left.
    Go down the ladder that is in this new area, ignoring the ice sheet above you.
    Go down the stairs, and SURF on the water. Follow the slightly winding path
    to a stairway above where you just were. Go up, then turn right, then down
    those stairs, and SURF again.
    Go down, right, and up the next stairway, then up the ladder near the stairs.
    Go up the only other ladder here.
    Go right, down, and cross the wooden bridge, taking you to yet another ladder.
    Go down the only other ladder here.
    Go down, and SURF on the water, go left, and then up, onto the stairway. You
    are now face to face with Articuno. Save, prepare, and then push A on it to
    begin! That is pretty much all of Seafoam. You can exit quickly by going to
    the water, surfing, then going left, and up, then following the linear path
    that takes you out, on the Fuchsia Side.
       #144 ARTICUNO LV 50
       -Ability: Pressure
       -Type:    Ice/Flying
        Reflect      [Psychic/Status] 20/20
        Agility      [Psychic/Status] 30/30
        Ice Beam     [Ice/Special]    10/10
        AncientPower [Rock/Special]   05/05
    Tips: Articuno has various weaknesses. Rock, Fire, Electric, etc. Be wary
          of that when doing your attacks. It has stat boosting moves, and only
          a total of 15 PP of offensive moves. Dusk Balls are your best bet for
          catching it, as the time of day does not matter within caves. Do the
          usual statis ailments/HP drain. If you KO it, it will be here again
          after you defeat the Champion.
    *********************************** ZAPDOS ***********************************
    Where: Outside the Power Plant. The Power Plant is located in Route 10, by
           surfing down the L-shaped body of water. Route 10 is easily accessed
           by leaving Cerulean City east and crossing Route 9.
    Requirements: *Defeat BLUE at Viridian Gym; receiving the Earth Badge
    WALKTHROUGH: None, as it's out in the open with no obstacles in the way.
    HM: SURF (To reach the PowerPlant)
       #145 ZAPDOS LV 50
       -Ability: Pressure
       -Type:    Electric/Flying
        Agility      [Psychic/Status]   30/30
        Charge       [Electric/Status]  20/20
        Discharge    [Electric/Special] 15/15
        AncientPower [Rock/Special]     05/05
    Tips: Zapdos has two offensive moves, both of relatively low PP. The rest
          are stat boosters, which can keep it going for awhile, but gives you
          a lot of time to catch it. If you exhaust it of it's two offensive
          moves, you will have at least 50 turns to capture it, before it begins
          to succumb to Struggle. This is assuming you're not applying pressure.
          Try coming at night, so you can utilize Dusk Balls to capture the
          Pokemon; increasing your chances by a fairly large amount. There is no
          need to worry about it running away. Zapdos will appear again if you
          defeat it by accident/on purpose, after you defeat the Champion again.
    *********************************** MOLTRES **********************************
    Where: Mt. Silver's interior. Specifically on the west side. You can access
           Mt. Silver by heading west from the Reception Gate, which takes you
           to Route 28, eventually to Mt. Silver. If you have been to Mt. Silver
           before, you can FLY there.
    Requirements: *Defeat BLUE at Viridian Gym; receiving the Earth Badge
                  *Gain access to Mt. Silver from Professor Oak
    WALKTHROUGH: The Walkthrough starts from the entrance to Mt. Silver Cave.
    ------------------------------- MT. SILVER CAVE ------------------------------
    Go left, and SURF on the water. Use WATERFALL on the waterfall that is above
    Feel free to go up the stairway to the right and into the entrance to
    grab the EXPERT BELT. Go back out and use SURF again if you did so.
    Now surf left, up, and you can get off on the thin layer of ground against
    the top wall. Use ROCK CLIMB on the climable wall to get up there.
    Go left. If you examine that rock, you'll get an ULTRA BALL. Go up, then
    climb down the next climbable wall that goes to the right.
    SURF on the water there, and then use WATERFALL to go up.
    Go forward, and up the stairway, through the only exit/opening there.
    And there it is, if you ROCK CLIMB down either wall, you can fight it. From
    the Pokemon Center outside Mt. Silver to here, it should take less than
    250 steps, costing you only one MAX REPEL, if you were using one.
    ROCK CLIMB down, and battle it!
       #146 MOLTRES LV 50
       -Ability: Pressure
       -Type:    Fire/Flying
        Air Slash    [Flying/Special] 20/20
        Safeguard    [Normal/Status]  25/25
        Flamethrower [Fire/Special]   15/15
        AncientPower [Rock/Special]   05/05
    Tips: It has more moves than Zapdos for offense, making it slightly more
          difficult. However, being in a cave, regardless of time of day, Dusk
          Balls should be very effective against it. Do the usual HP drain and
          status ailment, then start tossing away. If you defeat it by accident/
          on purpose, it will reappear here after defeating the Champion.
    *********************************** MEWTWO ***********************************
    Where: Cerulean Cave. It is accessed by going to Route 25, then go south to
           the far left grass, taking you into Route 24, and SURF on the linear
           waterway, taking you to the cave entrance.
    Requirements: *Defeat BLUE at Viridian City; receiving the Earth Badge
    WALKTHROUGH: It will start from the Cerulean Cave entrance.
    HM Requirements: SURF, STRENGTH, ROCK CLIMB, ROCK SMASH and FLASH (Not an HM, 
                     but cave is dark, and it would be very helpful).
    -------------------------------- CERULEAN CAVE -------------------------------
    Go up, and SURF on the water. Go straight up, then left.
    Keep going left until it forces you to turn down. Go up the nearest stairway 
    to the left, here. Grab the NUGGET, then Go down the stairs below you, 
    and past the rocks. Go up the stairway, and go right, and down, and right.
    Ignore that ladder.
    Go down the stairway to the left of the ladder, then up the next one. Go down,
    down the next stairway, following the winding path, which will lead you to a 
    larger stairway with a ladder at the top.
    Go up this ladder.
    Back here, slightly more maze like this time. Go up the first chance you get,
    Then take the right, and follow the very long, yet linear, path to the end, 
    where there is another ladder down a stairway. Go down.
    Go to the only other ladder in this room.
    Go down the stairs, and follow the linear path as it winds. Take the first
    right, and go up, grabbing the MAX REVIVE. Backtrack to the fork, then go
    down, right, and follow this path, it will take you to a stairway that goes
    into the water. SURF here.
    Go right, then up, and you will run into land. Go straight up, up the stairs,
    down the stairs on the right, and straight down you will run into more water.
    Ignore the first right, and go down and to the right, grab the BLACK SLUDGE.
    Now backtrack to the first right, and take it.
    On land, go up the stairs, and there is Mewtwo. Save, prepare, and then
    press A to get started! That's it for Cerulean Cave. The ladder behind Mewtwo
    gives quick access to the exit.
       #150 MEWTWO LV 70
       -Ability: Pressure
       -Type:    Psychic
        Psycho Cut [Psychic/Physical] 20/20
        Amnesia    [Psychic/Status]   20/20
        Power Swap [Psychic/Status]   10/10
        Guard Swap [Psychic/Status]   10/10
    Tips: This is easier than it looks. Mewtwo in this game seems to have three
          status moves and just one offensive move, of which it has 20 uses. If
          you apply pressure, than it's just 10 turns of being under fire. Then
          you have 40 unpressured turns of capturing. Use Dusk Balls, as time of
          day does not matter within the cave. Do the usual HP reduction/status
          inflictment, this shouldn't be too hard.
    ******************************** RAIKOU/ENTEI ********************************
    Like Latias/Latios, these two get their own section as they are almost the
    same in terms of requirements and finding them. 
    Where: Everywhere! These Pokemon roam around, going into different Routes as
    soon as you do. You can check your PokeGear for their current location, to
    see if they're in your area or not. I believe they stay within Johto routes,
    only, however.
    Requirements: *Complete the Burned Tower, so the Legendary Beasts scatter
     -Note: You will do this in the midst of the story
    WALKTHROUGH: There is no walkthrough, as they can be anywhere. Instead, just
                 follow the tips presented above to eventually find them.
    HM: No HM requirements.
    #243 RAIKOU LV 40                       #244 ENTEI LV 40
    -Ability: Pressure                      -Ability: Pressure
    -Type:    Electric                      -Type: Fire
    -Moves:                                 -Moves:
     Roar         [Normal/Status]     20/20  Roar         [Normal/Status]   20/20
     Quick Attack [Normal/Physical]   30/30  Fire Spin    [Fire/Special]    15/15
     Spark        [Electric/Physical] 20/20  Flamethrower [Fire/Special]    15/15
     Reflect      [Psychic/Status]    20/20  Stomp        [Normal/Physical] 20/20
    A common tactic is to find two Routes that are connected without interruption,
    and have fields of grass. You can keep moving back and forth between these
    Routes, checking the grass and PokeGear to see if any are near you. This
    way, you basically wait until they happen to be in the same Route as you.
    Repel is a good way to keep wild Pokemon from getting in the way, as you
    will only encounter the Legendary as a result--just watch out for it's level.
    Once encountered, they will run on the first chance they get. For this, you
    will have to keep them in the battle. Most people prefer to use Wobuffet;
    due to it's ability that prevents Pokemon from escaping. However, the move
    "Roar" can cause problems, as that in turn scares your Pokemon away anyway.
    Any damage you cause will remain on that Pokemon. Any status ailment will
    likewise. If they faint, then you can find them roaming again after you
    defeat the Champion.
    Fast Balls are a nice chance catch, as they are built mostly for this purpose.
    You can get Fast Balls by presenting WHT APRICORNS to Kurt, in Azalea Town.
    Raikou does not have much on the offensive side, as expected for a running
    Pokemon. It has quick moves, all Physical, none Special.
    Entei on the other hand has offensive moves, both Special and Physical. These
    two points are points of caution.
    It should not be too bad. You can try again if you mess up, after all.
    ********************************** SUICUNE ***********************************
    Where: Route 25, specifically Cerulean Cape. You can get there by exiting
           Cerulean City north, across Route 24, then east, through Route 25, past
           Bill's Cottage, and up the stairs. You will have to have defeated
           Cerulean City's Gym Leader Misty before it appears.
           If you make it faint, it will reappear in the Burned Tower, located
           in Ecruteak City, after you defeat the Champion again.
    Requirements: *Complete the Burned Tower, so the Legendary Beasts scatter
                  *Encounter Suicune at Cianwood City
                  *Encounter Suicune at Route 42
                  *Encounter Suicune at Vermilion City
                  *Encounter Suicune at Route 14
                  *Earn the Cascade Badge (Defeat Misty; you have to find her
                   on Route 25 first to make her go back to her Gym, then defeat
                   her before Suicune appears here)
     -Note: The majority of these you will cross during the Pokemon League quest;
            that is, the story of the game. Route 14 is optional, but is the
            prime factor.
    WALKTHROUGH: There is no Walkthrough required, as it is in an accessible area.
    HM: No HM requirements.
       #245 SUICUNE LV 40
       -Ability: Pressure
       -Type:    Water
        Rain Dance  [Water/Status]    05/05 
        Aurora Beam [Ice/Special]     20/20
        Gust        [Flying/Physical] 35/35
        Mist        [Water/Status]    30/30
    Tips: Well, this battle can last quite awhile, seeing as it has a total of
    55 PP for offensive moves. The lower level helps though, as by this point in
    the game you are expected to have a much higher level, supposedly meaning
    your Pokemon can take quite a few hits. Gust isn't particulary powerful,
    either is Aurora Beam. Be sure to bring a Pokemon that is resistant, and
    begin the process of bringing down the HP. Mist may present problems when it
    comes to stats inflicting, and it's ability, in a drawn out battle, may cause
    problems regarding your Pokemon and their PP. You could try this battle at
    night time and use Dusk Balls, which would certainly help you out. Remember:
    If you defeat it, it will reappear at Burned Tower after you fight the
    Champion once again.
    Update: According to a reader, Net Balls will work quite well regardless of it
    being day or night, so feel free to use them too!
    Update 2: A reader emailed me and bought the fact that Misty MUST be defeated
    BEFORE you will encounter Suicune here!
    *********************************** LUGIA ************************************
    Where: Whirl Islands, within Routes 41 and 40; east of Cianwood City and
           south of Olivine City.
    HEARTGOLD: *Receive the Silver Wing from the man in Pewter City
    SOULSILVER: *Receive the Silver Wing from the Radio Power president after you
                 save it from Team Rocket
                *Acquire the last Johto Badge
                *Defeat the Kimono Girls to receive the Tidal Bell
     Note - In order to proceed in the story, you will have to have done this
            event anyway.
    WALKTHROUGH: The walkthrough starts from Cianwood City to help you get to
                 the correct entrance of Whirl Islands; as it has four entrances.
                 The top right/northeast one is what we are aiming for.
    HM: SURF, WHIRLPOOL, FLASH (Not an HM) would be helpful, as the cave is dark.
    -------------------------------- CIANWOOD CITY -------------------------------
    Go to the northern part of the city, face east, and SURF. We are aiming to
    enter the WHIRL ISLANDS from the NORTHEAST (Top RIGHT) side. So we are looking
    for the WHIRLPOOL closest to OLIVINE CITY.
    ----------------------------------- ROUTE 41 ---------------------------------
    Basically, if you SURF from north CIANWOOD, skip the first WHIRLPOOL you see,
    keep going right, then down, and it will be that one.
    Once you cross over it, make your way into the entrance.
    -------------------------------- WHIRL ISLANDS -------------------------------
    Use FLASH to illuminate the cave. Now proceed forward and hop off the ledge.
    The path splits in two, take the upper path, hop the ledge, go up, and go
    down the ladder at the end of the passageway.
    Go down, and follow the linear path until you reach a ladder, go down this
    Grab the MAX REVIVE to your left, then go down, and take the right path down.
    You will see a man standing there. Speak to him!
    He moves aside, now go down the series of ramps, ignoring the tunnel. There is
    a cave entrance at the bottom of all the ramps. Enter it.
    You will enter to see a scene with the Kimono Girls, they will briefly talk,
    then begin a ceremony.
    LUGIA will appear! Don't worry if you didn't save, you won't battle right
    away. After she's done talking, I advise you save, and get ready to battle
    Go up to the water, SURF, head to the LUGIA, and press A to begin the battle!
       [HEARTGOLD]                           [SOULSILVER]
       #249 LUGIA LV 70                      #249 LUGIA LV 45
       -Ability: Pressure                    -Ability: Pressure
       -Type:    Psychic/Flying              -Type:    Psychic/Flying
       -Moves:                               -Moves:
        Punishment   [Dark/Physical]  05/05   Rain Dance   [Water/Status] 05/05
        AncientPower [Rock/Special]   05/05   Hydro Pump   [Water/Special]  05/05
        Safeguard    [Normal/Status]  25/05   Aeroblast    [Flying/Special] 05/05
        Aeroblast    [Flying/Special] 05/05   Extrasensory [Psychic/Special] 25/25
       Tips: Lugia overall has very low PP   Tips: The lower level, as well as low
       for any offensive moves. You can use  PP concerning offensive moves may
       this to your advantage, if you have   give you an easier time capturing it.
       a strong Pokemon with Pressure, it    Do the standard lower HP and give-a-
       will drain the PP quickly, leaving    status-ailment. Remember that if it
       only Safeguard. However, Safeguard    does faint, you can come back and
       can still hinder your efforts to      try again later. Being the version
       capture it with a status ailment.     mascot, most use their Master Ball
       Be careful not to let it run all the  here, too. Do as you wish, though,
       way out of PP, otherwise, the         it should not be too difficult.
       expected low HP of capture, with
       the Struggle, will cause it to
       faint. The high level may cause it
       to be more descructive than for
       SoulSilver players, but by this
       time you may have Pokemon that
       can withstand the attacks. Use
       any ball you wish, it may take
       some persistence with a low
       catch rate.
       Update: According to a reader, Heavy Balls (made by Kurt in Azalea Town
       from Black Apricorns) add +20 to the catch rate, so will be effective when
       trying ot capture this Pokemon.
    *********************************** HO-OH ************************************
    Where: The Bell Tower. Accessible from Ecruteak City.
    HEARTGOLD: *Receive the Rainbow Wing from the Radio Tower president after you
                save it from Team Rocket
               *Acquire the last Johto Badge
               *Battle the Kimono Girls to 
                receive the Clear Bell.
     Note - In order to proceed in the story, you will have to have done this
            event anyway.
    SOULSILVER: *Receive the Rainbow Wing from the man in Pewter City
    WALKTHROUGH: The Walkthrough starts from the entrance of Bell Tower. You can
                 get here by leaving Ecruteak City through the north, crossing
                 the Barrier Station, and the Bellchime Trail.
    HM: No HM requirement.
    --------------------------------- BELL TOWER ---------------------------------
    Go left and up, toward a man standing next to a ladder. He will interrupt,
    and will then let you through. Go up the ladder.
    Another straightforward floor, go down and there is a ladder at the bottom. Go
    On this floor, you will notice ramps on the sides. You can only cross over
    one-way. So first, go to the ramp to the left of you, facing left. Hop across
    and get the FULL HEAL.
    Now hop back using the ramp above that. Now go right and hop across that
    ramp. Go up, and hop left across two ramps. Make your way around the central
    pillar, and hop across two more ramps. Go up, and hop across three ramps going
    to the right.
    You can't see the ramp with the pillar in the way, go all the way up, touching
    the wall, then go down one step, and then head right and you will hop across
    a ramp. Now go down and hop across two more ramps. Go up the ladder.
    There...are a lot of ramps in this room. I will just name the directions you
    should hop to avoid confusion.
    First, hop down, left, down, left, down, down, and grab the item to the right,
    it's an ULTRA BALL. Now go right, down, left, down, down. You should be on a
    platform with an item and a ladder. Grab the PP UP. This ladder serves no
    purpose, so ignore it.
    Go left, left, then up the platform. Now, hop left, left, left, down, right,
    right, down, left, left, down, left, left. You should be at the bottom left
    of the room, with another platform with an item and a ladder. Grab the
    ESCAPE ROPE. This ladder, like the last one, is also a "return ladder." So
    ignore it for now.
    Go up this platform, and hop right twice. Go up again, and hop left twice.
    There is another ladder. Go up this one.
    If you want a RARE CANDY, then follow the directions below. It will cause you
    to go down a floor and come back around, however. If you want to skip it, then
    ignore the paragraph below.
    Hop right twice, go all the way to the right side, then down a bit. Hop left
    across twice, then down twice. You should be at the center of the room, grab
    the RARE CANDY. Now hop right, then down, and go down the ladder. On the
    fourth floor, follow the instructions from the bottom right ladder (the one
    that serves no purpose) and make it back to the fifth floor.
    Ignoring the RARE CANDY, or if you picked it up; follow below:
    Hop right twice (from the starting ladder), then take the first hop down. Go
    left, then hop left once, then down once. Take the left path, hopping down
    twice. Then, take the right path, hopping downward four times.
    Go up this ladder.
    Go forward and pick up the MAX POTION. Then go right across a bridge, and up.
    Ignore the first of the two bridges, and take the top one. Cross it, and grab
    the FULL HEAL.
    Now hop down twice and go up the ladder.
    Woohoo, Warp Panels. These yellow squares warp you to a corresponding square
    Well, here's a brief side trip for you to take. Take the first warp panel you 
    see, going up from the ladder.
    Take the only other warp panel on this platform. Now go down.Hop in this
    (First) Left, left, left, down, left, left, and left. Warp at this panel.
    Hop left, grab the NUGGET, hop right, warp.
    Now hop left, down, down, right, right, and right. Warp at this panel.
    Grab the MAX ELIXIR. Warp on the panel you came from. Now take four hops
    right. Go up and warp at the only other panel. Then warp at the only other
    panel here.
    We should be back where we started. Hop right five times, grab the MAX
    REVIVE. Hop down five times. Head left, and take remaining Warp panel.
    Head down across the bridge, take the first warp panel. Grab the HP UP. Go to
    the panel at the end of the area. Warp. Head up across the bridge. Ignore
    the panel for a second, cross the bridge going left, grab the FULL RESTORE.
    Now head back across the bridge and take the first warp panel you see. Take
    this ladder you see, the only other thing on the platform.
    Just one other ladder here. Go up!
    Finally, the top! Go up, and a brief scene will commence involving the Kimono
    Girls. HO-OH will appear!
    You will have time to save after Zuki is done talking. Once she is, save, and
    speak to HO-OH to begin the battle!
       [HEARTGOLD]                           [SOULSILVER]
       #250 HO-OH LV 45                      #250 HO-OH LV 70
       -Ability: Pressure                    -Ability: Pressure
       -Type:    Fire/Flying                 -Type:    Fire/Flying
       -Moves:                               -Moves:
        Fire Blast   [Fire/Special]    05/05  Punishment   [Dark/Physical] 05/05
        Extrasensory [Psychic/Special] 30/30  AncientPower [Rock/Special]  05/05
        Sunny Day    [Fire/Status]     05/05  Safeguard    [Normal/Status] 25/25
        Sacred Fire  [Fire/Physical]   05/05  Sacred Fire  [Fire/Physical] 05/05
       Tips: The level is lower than that of  Tips: The level is higher than that
       SOULSILVER, however, the move set is   of HEARTGOLD players, lowering the
       still menacing. The PRESSURE will      chances of a capture, as well as
       cause your Pokemon to use twice the    increasing it's power against you.
       PP amount, so be wary. Sunny Day       However, it's PP is very low, with
       will up the fire attacks, which        the status move Safeguard as the
       already deal great damage on their     only move with a PP higher than 5.
       own. The common tactic is to give it   You can drain it's attacks in the
       a status ailment, take the HP down     process applying your own Pokemon
       as close to 1 as possible, as is with  with Pressure. Be careful not to
       other Pokemon you catch. Any ball      let it faint from struggling,
       is fine, the minimum chance of         though. As with other Pokemon, get
       capture is 0.4%. It's PP may take      the HP as close to 1 as possible,
       a while to deplete, and when it does,  and give it a status ailment;
       be careful it doesn't use Struggle     preferrably one that will stop it
       until it faints.                       from a possible Struggle [Sleep,
                                              Paralysis, etc.] Do not Poison or
                                              Burn it, as that will cause it to
                                              faint quickly.
    ******************************** LATIAS/LATIOS *******************************
    Like Raikou and Entei, these two roam around. What separates them, however,
    is that they are version exclusive. Latias appears in HeartGold, while Latios
    appears in SoulSilver.
    Where: Everywhere! These Pokemon roam around, going into different Routes as
    soon as you do. You can check your PokeGear for their current location, to
    see if they're in your area or not. I believe they stay within Kanto routes,
    only, however.
    Requirements: *Recover the Machine Part, and return it to the Power Plant
                   to return the Power Plant to a functioning state
                  *Talk to the Copycat girl in Saffron City
                  *Receive the Poke Doll from the man inside the Pokemon Fan
                   Club in Vermilion City
                  *Run into Steven when coming out of the Pokemon Fanclub in
                   Vermilion City
                  *(For the Opposite Pokemon; Latios in HG and Latias in SS; you
                   need to have the event item "Enigma Stone," and take it to
                   the Pewter City Museum)
    WALKTHROUGH: There is no walkthrough, as they can be anywhere. Instead, just
                 follow the tips presented above to eventually find them.
    HM: No HM requirements.
    #380 LATIAS LV 35 (F) (LV 40)*          #381 LATIOS LV 35 (M)
    -Ability: Levitate                      -Ability: Levitate
    -Type:    Dragon/Psychic                -Type:    Dragon/Psychic
    -Moves:                                 -Moves:
     DragonBreath [Dragon/Special]   20/20   DragonBreath [Dragon/Special]  20/20
     Water Sport  [Water/Status]     15/15   Protect      [Normal/Status]   10/10
     Mist Ball    [Psychic/Physical] 05/05   Luster Purge [Psychic/Special] 05/05
     Refresh      [Normal/Status]    20/20   Refresh      [Normal/Status]   20/20
    * - Requires Enigma Stone
    A common tactic is to find two Routes that are connected without interruption,
    and have fields of grass. You can keep moving back and forth between these
    Routes, checking the grass and PokeGear to see if any are near you. This
    way, you basically wait until they happen to be in the same Route as you.
    Repel is a good way to keep wild Pokemon from getting in the way, as you
    will only encounter the Legendary as a result--just watch out for it's level.
    Once encountered, they will run on the first chance they get. For this, you
    will have to keep them in the battle. Most people prefer to use Wobuffet;
    due to it's ability that prevents Pokemon from escaping. They do not have a
    move to scare your Pokemon, however, unlike the Legendary Beasts and Roar.
    Any damage you cause will remain on that Pokemon. Any status ailment will
    likewise. If they faint, then you can find them roaming again after you
    defeat the Champion.
    Fast Balls are a nice chance catch, as they are built mostly for this purpose.
    You can get Fast Balls by presenting WHT APRICORNS to Kurt, in Azalea Town.
    But if you're keeping them in the battle, then you can use the standard
    Balls and try your best to catch them, lowering HP and giving Status
    ailments. Their levels are relatively low, so this should allow for an easier
    Refresh will heal them of status ailments, so you may have to be wary of
    this. However, if put to Sleep, or constantly Paralyzed, then there is no
    worry, as they will be unable to use it.
    It should not be too bad. You can try again if you mess up, after all.
    UPDATE: With the event item, "Enigma Stone", you do not have to worry about
    capturing the Pokemon while it roams--it will be in one place.
    The event runs from July 31 2010 to August 27 2010 (For North America), and
    ran November 27 2009 to January 11 2010 for Japan.
    You will need to have defeated the Elite Four and acquired the National Dex
    for this event to happen.
    Simply go to Pewter City Museum and the event will unfold itself. I believe
    the stats are the same if you look above, but I have not followed through the
    event yet so let me know if there are differences!
    ******************************** KYOGRE/GROUDON ******************************
    These two are in the same place, the difference being they are version
    exclusive. KYOGRE is for HEARTGOLD, GROUDON is for SOULSILVER.
    Where: The Embedded Tower. It is within Route 47, which is west of Cianwood
           City, on your way to the Safari Zone.
    Requirements: *Defeated RED atop Mt. Silver
                  *Receive a starter Pokemon from Professor Oak
                  *Visit Mr. Pokemon in Route 30 to receive the BLUE ORB and RED
                   ORB [HEARTGOLD/SOULSILVER]
    WALKTHROUGH: The walkthrough will actually start at Cianwood City, to guide
                 you to the Embedded Tower.
    HM Requirements: SURF, ROCK CLIMB
    -------------------------------- CIANWOOD CITY -------------------------------
    Head up, and left into the cave that leads to the Safari Zone.
    ------------------------------- CLIFF EDGE GATE ------------------------------
    You will meet Chuck in here. He will talk a little bit, then leave. Leave to
    Route 47 by going up the stairs, and following all the stairs up, and out
    into Route 47.
    ---------------------------------- ROUTE 47 ----------------------------------
    Follow the path, in case you didn't fight the Hiker before:
    HIKER DEVIN (608P)
     -DUNSPARCE LV 19 (M) 508 EXP
      -Type: Normal
       Yawn [Normal/Status]
     -DUNSPARCE LV 19 (M) 508 EXP
      -Type: Normal
     -DUNSPARCE LV 19 (M) 508 EXP
      -Type: Normal
    Go into the first entrance you come across, right past this Hiker.
    --------------------------------- CLIFF CAVE ---------------------------------
    Go down the ladder on the right.
    Go out the exit here.
    ---------------------------------- ROUTE 47 ----------------------------------
    Face left, and SURF. Keep surfing left, past all the rocks, until you reach
    a shore with a climbable wall on it. Use ROCK CLIMB twice, then enter the
    cave entrance.
    ------------------------------- EMBEDDED TOWER -------------------------------
    And there they are. KYOGRE if you're playing HEARTGOLD, and GROUDON if you're
    playing SOUL SILVER. Go forward, and push A to begin.
    [HEARTGOLD]                           [SOULSILVER]
    #382 KYOGRE LV 50                     #383 GROUDON LV 50
    -Ability: Drizzle                     -Ability: Drought
    -Type:    Water                       -Type:    Ground
    -Moves:                               -Moves:
     Ice Beam     [Ice/Special]   10/10    Earthquake   [Ground/Physical] 10/10
     Aqua Ring    [Water/Status]  20/20    Rest         [Normal/Status]   10/10
     AncientPower [Rock/Special]  05/05    AncientPower [Rock/Special]    05/05
     Water Spout  [Water/Special] 05/05    Eruption     [Fire/Special]    05/05
     Tips: Kyogre will cause a rain        Tips: Less PP overall than Kyogre, but
     storm as soon as the battle starts.   still destructive. It has Rest as well,
     This storm will stay the entire       letting it sleep for two turns, but
     battle, boosting the water moves,     healing it all the way! You should be
     (and raising Thunder's accuracy to    wary of this when weakining it to
     100%). Aqua Ring can heal it, while   capture. However, you can try to take
     it's destructive moves can be         it when it's asleep. Otherwise, drain
     trouble for your party. Be ready      it of offensive PP, and keep using
     to take on a large amount of          Dusk Balls, and you will get this one
     special attacks, bringing the         eventually. From the start, the battle
     right counters for each type.         will be in "Sunny Day" mode, boosting
     Use Dusk Balls, and the usual HP      fire attacks, and reducing Ice's power,
     reduction and Status ailment          and Thunder's accuracy (Not that
     tactic. The catch rate is slightly    Thunder would have worked anyway)...
     higher for these two. If you
     faint it, it will be here after       Update: According to a reader, Heavy
     you defeat the champion.              Balls (made from Kurt in Azalea Town
                                           from Black Apricorns) add +40 to the
     Update: According to a reader, Net    catch rate against this very heavy
     Balls are also very effective at      Pokemon!
     catching Kyogre, so feel free to
     try those too!
     Also, Heavy Balls (made from Kurt
     in Azalea Town from Black
     Apricorns) add +30 to the catch
     rate on Kyogre, heavy stuff!
    ********************************** RAYQUAZA **********************************
    Where: The Embedded Tower, where Kyogre and Groudon are/were.
    Requirements: *Capture Kyogre/Groudon
                  *Trade in Kyogre/Groudon (whichever you don't have) from the
                   other version. Has to be the opposite version, cannot be from
                   previous games.
                  *Put Kyogre and Groudon in your party, and visit Professor Oak
                  *Receive the Jade Orb
    WALKTHROUGH: It's the same as above, starts at Cianwood City. But to have
                 gotten the Jade Orb, you would have to have been to the
                 Embedded Tower already, meaning this does not require a
                 walkthrough. If you forgot how you got there, then just read
                 the walkthrough of the above section.
    HM Requirements: SURF, ROCK CLIMB
       #384 RAYQUAZA LV 50
       -Ability: Air Lock
       -Type:    Dragon/Flying
        Rest         [Normal/Status]   10/10
        Air Slash    [Flying/Special]  30/30
        AncientPower [Rock/Special]    05/05
        Outrage      [Dragon/Physical] 15/15
       Tips: So Air Lock prevents the effects of weather, in case you were
       wondering. It has a lot of offensive power, a total of 50 PP of offense,
       and 10 PP of status/HP healing. You could wait for it to sleep with Rest,
       but you would need to be able to take it's HP back down to near death
       in less than two turns to try the low HP + sleep trick. Once again, use
       Dusk Balls to capture it. You will need both good special and normal
       defense to last.
       Update: According to a reader, Heavy Balls (made by Kurt in Azalea Town
       from Black Apricorns) add +20 to the catch rate, so will be effective when
       trying ot capture this Pokemon.
    *************************** DIALGA/PAKIA/GIRATINA ****************************
    These three are technically event Pokemon, as they require Arceus (from
    Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum), whether it be via event or just trade.
    Where: Sinjoh Ruins, accessed via the Ruins of Alph.
    Requirements: *Have Arceus as your partner Pokemon (following you)
    WALKTHROUGH: There really isn't a walkthrough, it's pretty straightforward.
    HM Requirements: None
    So transfer in your Arceus, and set it to be the first in your party. Head
    to the Ruins of Alph, and enter the building with the scientists. This should
    trigger an event where one talks to you, and this will lead to a chain of
    events that will eventually get you to Sinjoh Ruins.
    Leave the room, and you will trigger another event, leading you to a cabin.
    Inside, there is a PC, and a man with an Abra in case you want to go back.
    Ignore the Abra guy, and deposit all your Pokemon except Arceus into the
    Speak to Cynthia (You may recongize her if you played Diamond/Pearl/Platinum),
    and just follow along with the game as she talks.
    Eventually you will be led to three panels. These three panels determine which
    Pokemon you will get!
    Top = Giratina (Learns Shadow Sneak) Holding: Griseous Orb
    Bottom Left  = Dialga (Learns Metal Burst) Holding: Adamant Orb
    Bottom Right = Palkia (Learns Hydro Pump) Holding: Lustrous Orb
    Each comes with their respective orb at level 1. However, you can only 
    choose one! You will appear back in the Ruins of Alph afterwards.
    You can apparently go to Sinjoh Ruins again by using a different Arceus. If
    you used an event Arceus, that means you have to use an Arceus that was
    acquired by using the Azure Flute (and capturing it in the Hall of Origin).
    There will be no Cynthia, but you can still get a second Dragon Legendary.
    I hope it was an easy read and helpful at the same time.
    Please send any corrections, comments, suggestions, etc, to my address below!
    I am bound to make mistakes, and so I would appreciate any corrections, even
    as small as a typo!
    Also, if you think I should include event Pokemon (Spikey-Eared Pichu, etc),
    let me know.
    Thanks for reading, cheers!
    To gameFAQs for hosting, as usual!
    To various sources, namely Bulbapedia for detailed information of the
    To a certain unnamed person for giving me details on the Arceus 
    (Dialga/Palkia/Giratina) event.
    To Ric Hampar for sending in a correction. Apparently, you can catch
    Articuno before getting the Earth Badge--before fighting Blaine, even! And
    they also reminded me that you do indeed need SURF to reach the PowerPlant!
    To a reader who emailed me years later telling me that you need to defeat
    Misty BEFORE Suicune appears on Route 25! I went to confirm it, and they
    were right! Thank you very much!
    To a reader for sending in tips for catch rates regarding Heavy Balls, as well
    as how it applies specifically to the different legendaries!
    You! You've probably seen this so many times, but we really mean it! Thanks!
    Where would we be if no one was reading?
    Email me at: mkaykitkats@live.com
    I read all emails, and respond if necessary. :)
    Version 1.00 [6/05/2010]: The FAQ as you see it.
    Version 1.10 [8/14/2010]: Added the "Enigma Stone" event, and the General
                              Information section has been updated with more info
                              on capturing Pokemon.
    Version 1.20 [8/19/2010]: Added the "Arceus" event.
    Version 1.30 [4/07/2012]: Updated some of the information thanks to a reader
                              sending in additional tips!
    If you find this FAQ on any sites OTHER than the ones listed below, please
    contact me IMMEDIATELY. 
    www.gamefaqs.com [Original submission]
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     @@            #@    ##@    @@    @@@@      @@#@    @   #@    #@    @@#@@#
    @@              @@   ##@@   #      @         @@@    #    @    #@@    #@@##@@@
    #@               @   ###@         @@  @@@@  #@@#    #    @  ##@#@     @@    @
    #@#       @@@@   @    ##@        @@   @ @  #@#@@         @#@@@@@@     @@    @
    ##@       @  @   @ @@@@@@       @ @   @@  @@@@@          @@     #@    @@   @@
    ##@@@#    @  @  @@@     @@     @  @   @  @@  @@         #@  @    @    @@   @
     ##@@@    @@@@  @@  @    @@     @@@           @@        @  @@  @  @   @    @
      ###@     @@  @@  @@  @  @        @         #@   #     @  @@@@@  @       @@
       ###@    @  #@#  @@@@@  @        #@       @@@   @  # @@   @@@   @       @
        ##@      @@@    @@@   @  @@     #@@@#@@@@@#   @@ @ ##        @@       @
         #@@    #@#@         @@  @@@@     ##@@###@    @@ @  @        @       @@
         ##@     @#@@        @@  @##@@@    #@   #@@@@#@@@@  @#     @@@       @
          #@@    @##@       @@   @  ##@@@  #@   ####@@#+@@@  @@#@@@@@  @     @
          ##@    @@#@@     @@@   @    ##@@@#@       ## ##@#   #@@@#@   @    @@
           #@@    @###@@@@@@#@@@@@      ##@@@           ##@@@@@@  #@#  @    @
           ##@    @  #####` @@@##         ##@           ######@@  ##@@@@    @
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