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"A remake done right"

A remake we've all been waiting for done right

Way back 10 years ago, Pokemon Silver came out for the GameBoy Color. Almost everyone loved them, because of the ton of great features. In 2009, Nintendo announced that there would be a remake called Pokemon Soul Silver. Now, the big wait is over and there is no disappointment.

Gameplay: Still the same old Pokemon we all love. Like always, you will have to go around and beat the gym leaders, catch many different Pokemon, explore, all that stuff. Now, there's even more stuff. They've added a Pokethlon. It's the same idea as the older contests, but now with many more events. Most pokethlon games require use of the touch screen, making them way more entertaining than old previous contests. It may be obvious already, but now you can get any of the 493 pokemon. That means that any newer Pokemon you want can be obtained, some only by migrating from R/S/E or trading. Also with these newer features from recent game, the newer attacks and special abilities are here as well.

The Safari Zone is also making its return. It's around the same as the old ones were. It will be around Cianwood now instead of in Kanto. There is also the same old awesome Bug Catching Contest. It's still at the same times, but now with more to catch! On some days you will be able to catch newer Generation 3/4 Pokemon now.

Going way back to Pokemon Yellow. Remember little Pikachu following you around? Well, now you can have any single Pokemon you want follow you as long as they're at the front of the party. Want to have a Wailord or Steelix follow you? You can, but they still only take up a single spot like the rest of the 493.

One really unique thing is the pokewalker. It's a little pedometer/step counter that you can put a Pokemon in. That means you can exercise and train your Pokemon. A weird combo, but so far it's not bad. There are certain Pokemon you can actually get with the Pokewalker. A good addition.
RATING: 10/10. Just like the amazing Silver version with more cool things.

Story: A pretty weak point to almost all the Pokemon games. The professor gives you a Pokemon of your choice. Then you have to get a good team of Pokemon so one day you can take on the Elite Four and become champion.

Just like in Silver, you have a rival that you have a few battles with. He ends up stealing a Pokemon from Elm's lab, and it will always be the one that has super effective moves against your Pokemon.

There are at least some cool Team Rocket fights taking place. Going through Goldenrod fighting them and their secret hideout is pretty fun. You can also beat all of the gyms in Kanto, plus the one awesome fight at Mt. Silver.
RATING: 7/10. Nothing too exciting.

Graphics: Here's the part that many people were hyped for. It takes the same Johto we all love but makes it all look so much better and more 3D-like. For anyone who has played Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, imagine those graphics. Seeing all of your favorite towns redone like this is great, Nintendo did a great job on these new graphics.
RATING: 10/10

Music/Sound: All of the old music is redone. It's still around the same as the older soundtrack, with some places sounding better, some worse. The tracks sound less 8-bit and good for being on the DS.

If you seem to be getting tired of the music, then good news! Some point in the game there is a key item called the GB Player. Use it to switch back to the good old music that we had in Silver. Now everyone can be happy about the music.
RATING: 10/10

Play Time/Replayability: If you rush right through everything and stop playing after the battle with Red, it will only last you maybe 5 days. If you're going to focus more on training and collecting after you beat it, this game can keep you busy for a while. Now competitive battling is here too, so that's another thing to keep people busy. For anyone trying to catch all 493, it will probably a month or more.

Upon completion in Pokemon games, most of the time you will not feel like beating them again for a while. If you just feel like stopping right after you beat it, most of the time you won't go back for a long time.
RATING: 8/10. There's a lot to do and it takes a good amount of time to beat.

Final Recommendation: Almost any Pokemon fan should buy this. If you haven't played Gold/Silver/Crystal, then this is even a better experience than them. If you've played the original Pokemon Silver, it's most likely that you will love this game. If you haven't even played a single Pokemon game, this is still a good way to get into the series.

My final score for Pokemon Soul Silver is 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/18/10

Game Release: Pokemon SoulSilver Version (US, 03/14/10)

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