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"Gotta catch them all! Even 10 years later its still the same!"

Pokemon Soul Silver is a remake of the legendary Gold/Silver/Crystal games that were produced 10 years ago. Is it really that much better than it was before?

To be honest, no. But then again I was 10 years old when these games came out and my gaming taste buds have matured. Now I still love Pokemon to death and will do so until the day I die, but this game really takes me back and think about how much time I wasted as a kid being so into these games.

The game is no different than any other Pokemon title produced. It allows you to get starts from Red/Green, Ruby/Sapphire, Gold/Silver and Diamond/Pearl + has some new features like using more of the touch screen, being able to capture Mewtwo, Battle Frontier, new music, etc. It's nothing NEW. It's really just a combination of Diamond/Pearl, Fire Red/Leaf Green, and Gold/Silver/Crystal.

Anyway, let me tell you what this game has to offer in depth to get my point across.

Graphics (6/10)

They look like Diamond/Pearl except to adapt to the Gold/Silver environment. Flashy and pretty looking yes, but sometimes it makes me think the game is nothing like the original. All the buildings make everything look so different and unfamiliar than G/S and just confuses me.

The Pokedex is different, you can view it more of a grid type of view now instead of a list format before. All the same crap from Diamond/Pearl is here basically.

Storyline (1/10)

I don't really understand the point of the Pokemon storylines anymore, that is if there is even a storyline. Your a trainer, you go town to town beating trainers and gym leaders and then you run through routes catching and battling more pokemon and trainers. You get 8 badges. you go to the elite four and beat them and your pokemon champion. It's really pointless and I feel like your doing it just as a means to an end.

In this game after you beat the 8 gym leaders, you can go to Kanto and beat 8 more and then face "Red" who is supposed to be Ash Ketchum from the anime and then beat him and then that's it. After that you just catch them all.

I never cared when I was younger but now to an age where I have gained alot more intelligence and am harder to entertain I guess this isn't really what it used to be.

Basically there is no real story. You have to deal with Team Rocket here and there if that matters. All they do is add to the # of battles you have in the game.

Gameplay (3/10)

Yep, that's right, a 3/10. The battle system in this game is the same exact thing as all the other games. There is nothing that is absolutely different. Fight, run through grass, encounter more pointless battles, train, level up, fight some randoms, fight a gym leader, it's all the same.

It's not really challenging either. All you gotta do is catch Lugia/Ho-Oh, either Raikou, Entei or Suicuine, level up your starter and basically you will never lose.

I guess for Wi-fi it's ok but I didnt need to buy this game to play Wifi when I have Diamond or Pearl to do the same.

Sound (7/10)

The battle music is cool but the cries on the Pokemon sound so bad and same with all the sound effects. Same exact things from Red/Blue basically. I dunno what to say honestly since at this point I just dont care.

Replay Value (5/10)

So there is 493 pokemon out there. If you really want to waste your time and catch them all, well sorry to say but it's not possible. You can't get Celebi or Mew or Deoxies or any of the other secret Pokemon without trading or cheating plus theres all the trade exclusive pokemon out there like Gengar, Steelix, and what have you so you need a friend, wifi trading hacker buddies or an action replay to catch them all.

I really think it sucks that you can't really catch them all on your own without a cheating device and without a friend. I know when I was 10 I had no friends and Pokemon was a good social outlet since if you wanted all 251, you had to find someone to trade with. Now a days I'll be lucky to still find my friends wasting their time on this game.

Other than that, battle, train, play wifi, battle frontier, the same exact crap from the last 4 titles. Nothing new, nothing special, nothing interesting.

Overall (5/10)

Im not really rating this game for the fact that it's a remake, but rather it's a wake up call to what Pokemon is really about. A lot of us were excited to see this game finally be released and come to American shores after Red/Green were reprinted and this was released, but this game is one of those "be careful what you wish for" type of games.

I been a Pokemon fan since the craze started, and have enjoyed it over the years, but this game just reminds us of all the time we wasted in our youth, yet at the same time shows us how much fun we had doing so. Pokemon was cool when it was fresh and exciting and we had no idea how to predict the flow of the game or what to expect next. Plus it was the time when Dark/Steel was first introduced and we had no idea what Pokemon had these moves or where these types and Dragons/Ghost pokemon had an expansion and there was just alot going on at that time.

All of us still have a picture perfect memory of how Gold/Silver/Crystal went, and if you play this game you will be bored and not really interested since you exactly what is coming up next. Trying to catch all 493 pokemon will become boring to you very fast since nobody has the time for that anymore nor the patience. 251 was alot and even that took a long time. Plus now a days there is TOO many moves pokemon can learn and it's so hard to keep up with what's a good moveset or what moves are the best moves and what have you.

Have I outgrown Pokemon? Maybe. Will you too from this game? Most likely. I can only imagine what the next generation of Pokemon will bring, but I bet it will not be much different than what we are playing now.

Is this game worth it? I'm not really sure. It's a trip down memory lane but at the same time it really blows ones mind on how different you start to feel towards this game 10 years after it's release. Is it good? It's not bad, but I personally would not play it over once you get all 16 badges and beat red. It's a very playable game, but the experience of playing Gold/Silver now verses the one 10 years ago is not as memorable or as enjoyable as it is now due to our aging as gamers and the predictability of the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/22/10

Game Release: Pokemon SoulSilver Version (US, 03/14/10)

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