Secret units?

  1. I need help finding the secret units in each chapter. Can someone tell me where I can find them? Thanks.

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    Seraphimon-912 - 7 years ago

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  1. Anwen's Chapter = Defeat the elf that's waiting for a unicorn to appear near the base of the giant druid tree to unlock the cave where Unicorns can be bought.

    Godwin's Chapter = Defeat the swordsman guarding the right golden angel statue in front of Lord Carlyle's mansion to unlock the cave where Swordmasters can be bought.

    Fiona's Chapter = Defeat the necromancer on the far right side of the screen where the ritual with the urn takes place to unlock the cave where Wraiths can be bought.

    Aidan's Chapter = I don't recall exactly which cave the Sorcerer's can be purchased in, but again, you'll need to defeat someone with a gray side-quest ? above his head in order to unlock the cave.

    Nadia's Chapter = Defeat the guard in front of the caged wizard. Once the wizard is freed, he will give you Phoenixes as well as offer to restore all of your other units.

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  1. In general, you want to talk to everyone you can (including white question marks) as well as enter every cave/building. Secret caves/buildings you can enter are marked with red tiles so make sure to enter those.

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  2. I have only found one or the Human campaign (I'm going through it now). You have to defeat the Swordsman guarding the statue of an angel way to the east of the empire. You can then enter the statue to recruit Swordsmaster.

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  3. For Aidan's Chapter, it's the cave on the path up the mountain, when you're near the top head east instead of north and follow the path until you get to the cave

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