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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SpiritReacher

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/27/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS) Walkthrough. 
    1.00: Basic Walkthrough - Up and running, extra's will be added shortly. 
    1.01: Added Epilogue and made the Units in the Walkthrough, easier to read. 
    1) Intro 
    2) Shortcuts to the Walkthrough  
    3) Walkthrough  
     	a) Prologue 
     	b) Sylvan 
     	c) Haven 
     	d) Necropolis 
     	e) Inferno 
     	f) Academy 
    4) Bounty Hunter quests		[not yet added] 
    5) Artifacts			[not yet added] 
    6) Hero/Unit List			[not yet added] 
    7) Epilogue 
    8) Credits. 
    1) Intro 
    Starting off with an idea I got from the game, when I first started playing 
    it. Let's put all of the ridicules about the game a side, pointing to the 
    people who HAD great hopes for this game and then hated it, when it turned 
    out to be a puzzle game. Well, it's not. It has some luck factor, but so 
    does Tetris and Bejeweled, but only when you're in Tetris and you have 
    EVERY column filled, except the most outer one, and you're waiting for the 
    Rectangle-shaped one to come.. that's a bit what this fighting still about, 
    but mostly, I think, the game is about a well-driven story, variety of 
    classes, worken-out-characters, so an RPG. And, a great battle grid, 
    choosing which units to control and where to attack first or defend, so an 
    TBS. Both of which I really like, so without further blabbering about the 
    Genre, let's take a dip of the Sea called: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes! 
    [][][]Sometimes I talk in this size of letters which basically means; This 
    Isn't Part of the Walkthrough, but I Still Found It Very Funny To Say[][][] 
    2) Shortcuts to the walkthrough 
    If you're stuck on a part but you're too lazy to search. Use Ctr + F and 
    type in the code and your Browser will re-direct you to your Salvation! 
    001	Sylvan			 
    002	Unit Basics		 
    003	Champion Basics 
    004	Battle Puzzle Basics 
    005 	Nelir's Battle Puzzles 
    006 	4-log Puzzle 
    007	Ranger's Battle Puzzle 
    008	Haven 
    009	Guard Patterns 
    010	Rolly's Battle Puzzles 
    011 	Roderick's Battle Puzzles 
    012	Necropolis 
    013	Sir Reginald's Battle Puzzle 
    014	Kozmo's Triple Link 
    015	Inferno	 
    016	Dillon's Battle Puzzle 
    017	Academy	 
    3) Walkthrough 
    +-/ a) Prologue \-+ 
    The story takes place in Ashan [don't lose your attention, this is REALLY 
    important, try playing Brutal Legend without knowing the Lore. OR any FF-
    game], where Elves, Knights, Wizards and even Necromancers live across the 
    world. Although, in another dimension, Demons roam the bottom of their dark 
    dimension. Although during some events called "Blood Moons", nothing 
    special just lunar eclipses, the walls of their so called prison breaks and 
    they drive Ashan in to war. During the previous the Blade of Binding was 
    forged. With this blade, the wielder could control Demons, but when it fell 
    in to the hands of the Demons, not many good stuff happened. Although the 
    citizens of Ashan reclaimed the sword, after vanishing all the demo-gooey 
    and was given to a handful of allies. These swore to protect the Artifact 
    at ALL costs... [now we got to play] 
    We start our story in the woods of Illodan, the home of the Elves.  The 
    knights of the Griffin Empire are arriving at the scene to the Elven 
    settlement. You're Anwen, a young elven girl, waiting for these knights, 
    side by a side is your father Lasir. Lord Edric comes for a visit with his 
    son, Godric, and his siblings;  Fiona and Aidan. Anwen and Godric wander 
    off to the portal to await Delara and Azh and their daughter: Nadia. Well, 
    you wander off, nothing much to do, except follow the track and talk to the 
    elf with the Yellow Question Mark above his head. He'll give you a core 
    unit; Hunter. 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 1 
    Att. Power: 2 
    Def. : 1 
    Follow the path till the portal, the wizards will arrive here, except for 
    the father [god knows why not] and your first battle will start. It's 
    fairly simple, just follow the guide lines. If you're new to the game, I 
    suggest using the tutorial is Plan Number 1. And then, thy camp was on 
    fire, oh no! Run! You'll encounter some more Demons back to the fire, 
    giving you more tutorials based on making Walls and Removing your own 
    Units. When returned to the camp, everybody is Dead, burned to ashes, 
    smohoooke on the waaater. [ahum] Except for Aidan and Fiona. Delara orders 
    everybody to rush back to the portal! This is where Azexes will start 
    chasinh you in the cutscene. [Azexes is funny,he is the big red demon 
    thingy]. Delara and Godric attack Azexes while the other try to escape. 
    Though Delara dies in combat, suddenly a light bursts out of Delara into 
    Nadia and the three of them, because Anwen stays behind, excape through the 
    portal to safety. This is when she flees to her Cousin, Fidan. 
    Also, this is where you see that someone sent Demons to attack, because 
    that thing does not yet have what (s)he wants. 
    +-/b) Sylvan\-+ [001] 
    Aaah, you're first Quest; [Warning The Elves]. Find your cousin, really 
    simple,  in the top-screen you will see a mini-map with a bright yellow 
    cursor, this is your Main Quest location. Follow the road up to it. After 
    your first step, a group of Pixie's joins you, because they were under 
    attack of Demons, be ready for another Tutorial Fight! Oh, and: 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Att. Power: 1 
    Def. : 1 
    Let's equip the Pixie's for now. Engage the Demon, called Blarr, and slay 
    his horns off! This battle basically is a tutorial to MP and how to use it. 
    This is also used for Pixie attacks, if you used Pixie's, they will be lv. 
    2 now, and they'll deal 2 damage. BUT the more MP you have, the more Damage 
    you'll do with these Jesters of magic. But be warned, because your Spell; 
    Sniper Shot; is awfully powerful, that's why I recommend NOT to use Pixie's 
    and put back all 3 hunters. Continue to Fidan for a dialogue [Im going to 
    stop saying all the phrases, this is a Walkthrough, not a moviescript, and 
    I'll avoid Spoilers, when I can]. Findan will send Maethron to a look-out, 
    don't get used to the name, he DIES! After the dialogue, you get a new 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Att. Power: 5 
    Def. : 1 
    Equip one of these. They have a higher charge then Hunters, so if you put 
    them all in, there will be turns you won't attack, so keep 2 Hunters and 1 
    Bear for now. Walk to your right for Ring Of Vitality, and equip it! 
    Walk to your left and see Maet-dude die, your moment to shine with the 
    bears; Attack the Demon. The Basic Strategy I recommend to use in the begin 
    battles is; Make a Wall of Hunters and form an attacking couple of Bears 
    and if you can Hunters, repeat this, till you win. Don't forget to use your 
    Spell and fire it in an Empty Row for some pretty good damage. Don't be 
    shy, you can easily shoot over your own troops! 
    Now, after killing the Demon-spawn you'll get even more Troops! 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Att. Power: 14 
    Def. : 3 
    Wow, what's that? ELITE? Don't be so over-enthusiastic. Let me run it down 
    for you; 
    There are 3 type of units. Core units, 3 kinds [in this case Hunter, Pixie, 
    Bear]. Elite Units, 3 kinds [Deer]. And the Champion Unit, 2 kinds. I'm not 
    gonna spoil what they are; so the basics. 
    [002]You can make any combination of 3 with your Core units. Which 
    basically is 2 Hunters and a Bear. And a combination of 2 with your Elite 
    AND champion units, but you can't have 2 Deers. Why? Well, this is because 
    there color is chosen randomly and you need to select to same color of Core 
    units and put them behind the Elite/Champion-unit to active the Charge. 
    [the game is better with explaining the mechanics then I am, clearly]. But 
    wait there's more. Core units are unlimited, BUT if you remove one of your 
    Elite/Champion-units or it is killed by the enemy, you'll lose it forever 
    and you need to buy new Units at a 'dwelling'. Basic stuff here; Elite -> 
    Gold + X. Maximum = 10 units.  Champion -> Gold + Ore + Crystal. Max = 5. 
    Continue down south in to the Wooden Log-grotto. Once you arrive, you'll 
    encounter two Demons and a treasure chest. The Demons are setting the 
    Knights up against the Elves!? Why!? So that they mistrust each other, duh. 
    Take the treasure chest which gives you Materials; 2 Crystals. [I don't 
    care how the game calls it; it's Money-Ore-Crystal]. First the small Demon 
    will attack you, not a big deal,  just play around with your Deers until 
    you get a hang of it, whilst finishing his horns off, of course. My Hunters 
    just went to lvl 4, I hope yours did too. Continuing is your first "Boss-
    fight", the Boss-part is at two parts; he ALSO has Elite-units, which you 
    have also. AND he has 'un-breakable walls'. You can do 3 things here; - 
    Shoot over it with your Spell. - Jump over them with Deers. - Or Just 
    kamikaze a Core-unit in to it and it will be Soft Ground for a couple of 
    turns. Good luck.  
    One tip; if you see that his Elite is almost ready to fire, just throw some 
    cannon fodder in front it, Trust Me, this thing HURTS. If you played like I 
    did, you'll have 24-26 HP.. and the Elite will do 24 damage. Cannon Fodder 
    is a such a good word. 
    Now open the chest for another Artifact, but don't equip it! You're not 
    going to die. Head back outside, we're gonna do a little sidequesting. 
    Walk to the north until you see a guy in blue with a grey Question Mark 
    above his head, this is the Bounty Hunter. Accept his offer and take his 
    quest to kill Cromir. Cromir is on the starting space of this map. 
    He isn't really a strong enemy, he only uses Bears and an Elite Unit of lv. 
    1. So enough time to use Hunters, since his Units have a charge of 2. Don't 
    forget Sniper Shot. These Bounties are really useful to nit some extra Exp. 
    and resources.  
    Get your reward and get his next to Quests; Skullbrow and Cuthlion. 
    Now, enter the grotto on your left while taking the resources. 
    This grotto contains a Demon, an Artifact and Skullbrow. First attack the 
    demon and take the treasure, Watch Out, though, random demons will 
    sometimes appear, you can kick their horns automatically if you press B as 
    soon as they pop up. The chest contains another Artifact, which will buff 
    your Deers, it's pretty usefull. If you want more Power and less HP use it, 
    if not, don't equip it, but I did equip the Antlers. Now attack Skullbrow, 
    remember, this guy could be strong, depending on your drops, just make 
    walls, and Cannon Fodder his Elite's, if you're having a hard time with 
    this Bounty, then try it again after your Units gained a level. Claim your 
    reward and continue up north.  
    AAAH, THEY'RE HERE.. stupid NPC's, take a left for gold. Now head upwards, 
    there's not much to do anyways. Talk to Standing Deer NPC, which will be 
    known as: Druid! 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Att. Power: 13 
    Def. : 3 
    These guys are pretty good, they charge faster than Deers, but they do less 
    damage. BUT if they attack an enemy, and the enemy didn't die [so, the 
    enemy will be a Elite or higher..] it won't die, just as you thought, but 
    it will do something good; the Unit needs to wait another 2 turns! But you 
    won't need this, so equip the Druid until you get a Champion. 
    Well, continue the path upwards, and ignore the guy on the left! He is 
    really strong, and his Elite's are.. well, STRONG. Continue up to tree and 
    take chest with the crystals, continue the road and kill the Knight. This.. 
    should be piece of cake, in fact, this whole tree is a piece of cake. 
    Nontheless, continue upwards. This battle is a bit different, don't attack 
    a person, attack the Tree-Cutters. Every turn they go from right to left, 
    follow the pattern and plan your attacks well, then this will be, yes, a 
    piece of cake. Now, go to the right and Claim your treasure, by defeating 
    this weirdly balanced Knight [lots of HP, low on power]. In the chest, 
    you'll find another artifact, which is useless, don't equip it. Moving to 
    the left, pick the ores and find another dull Knight. Now climb up the tree 
    for a 'boss-battle', the twist in this battle is that High Elf is on THE 
    TOP SCREEN, moving One Column each turn, so, he'll go to the right, the 
    first couple of times and then head back, unless the column next to him is 
    ALREADY FULL. Plan your attacks well, this is the only hard part about the 
    After your victorious dialogue with Euny and the complot-findings two 
    chests will spawn, the left contains 500 gold, the right one contains an 
    artifact which buffs up your Fused attacks, you know, the attacks where you 
    place 6 of the same units in a column, I never use those, so it won't 
    benefit me, I'd prefer the antlers. And down you go. 
    What's this a demonic C/S [cutscene] with Azexes and his master.. odd name  
    his master has: ???. 
    Woohoo, the Druid just gave us our first Champion! 
    -----Emerald Dragon----- 
    Charge: 4 
    Att. Power: 60 
    Def. : 12 
    [003]Champion Basics: Instead of putting 2 Core Units behind, it needs 4 C-
    Units. 2 in the left Columns and 2 in the right one. Once he is fully 
    charged they'll do an attack which hits 2 columns and deals an extra effect 
    to the map.  
    The Dragon sprays acid, which will stay in the 2 columns for 3 turns, 
    damaging every Unit entering it. 
    Great, now we're going to stick with 2-1-1-1 Formation for a while. 
    Which basically is simple: 2 Core + 1 Core + 1 Elite + 1 Champion. 
    I use 2 Hunters, 1 Bear, 1 Deer and 1 Emerald Dragon. 
    Now, what to do next? Talk to the Treant and ignore the Pyromanial Midget 
    on the left. The Treant will challenge you, if you succeed you'll get the 
    Treant as Unit! It's real easy, just place EVERYTHING in front of them, 
    even your Dragons, and keep attacking them and attacking, and if they're 
    going to unleash, use Cannon Fodder and after that, use Hunters to take 
    them down quickly, the occasional bear might do the trick, better yet; Your 
    Spell is your Trump card. 
    If you fail, you can always try later, but I recommend you do it now; if 
    you succeeded the challenge, then Switch the Treant with the Dragon, why, 
    simply, they absorb life every turn, and they are replenish-able at moment; 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 5 
    Att. Power: 50 
    Def. : 15 
    You probably already noticed their special move; once they've attacked, 
    they will still rooted until destroyed, every turn that they're rooted, 
    they'll deal 1 damage to the Enemy. 
    Moving on; continue to the left, Findan is a little bit sad, anyway, ignore 
    the battle for now, and talk the bounty hunter and get the quests; Sparky 
    and Angrod. 
    Head back to the Treant and attack the Midget, yeah, he's Sparky. He's 
    doable if you play your attacks at the right moments and now when and what 
    to sacrifice, try to counter his Griffon-attacks and else place Cannon 
    Fodder. His Core is weak, your Deer will be a good diversion. Good luck. 
    Turn in the Bounty, replenish your Deers and Treants, we're up for a Tough 
    Save, please do, I FAILED A LOT, well, I actually recommend saving after 
    every minor victory,but hey, back to the game, walk back to where you just 
    defeated Sparky, in the upper-right corner there is an Elf. Kill him! 
    Beware; he has Unicorns, YOU WANT THOSE. Unicorns form a shield when 
    charged up and if you defeat this guy, you'll get Unicorn, but he's tough, 
    I suggest that you simply rely on attacking, and if he has his Unicorn 
    charged, make Walls. In front of the Unicorn. Good Luck. [pray to god that 
    he doesn't get a Unicorn]. 
    When this guy is dead, press A to pass through, now you can buy these 
    prestigious animals! Don't forget to loot the room. Head to the 2nd bounty 
    hunter and let's enter town. 
    As soon as you enter the first circle of the Place, some guy will come 
    crashing to you. His name is Varkas.. and he has a dog. This guy is pretty 
    tough, somehow he will Charge Elite's really fast, but in the mean time, 
    watch his Champion. He's pretty sneaky for a fatso. This is easily avoided 
    by focusing all your Elites and 1 of your Cores on the other side of the 
    map, so that side will be blown to bits and you can make a killer Sniper 
    Alas, truce is regained, but wait, the Mother Seed isn't safe, be quick, 
    after the side quests ofcourse. 
    Firstly go to the right and engage a "Friendly" fight with Sir Nathanson, I 
    mean; you do want that treasure right there, don't you? You think this 
    battle would be hard, but it's pretty easy. He has 2 different champions. 
    With luck 2 different in the same color will spawn, and you can attack the 
    other one and build a defense at the one he's building up. If not, keep 
    focusing your Elites on the Cores. And your Cores on his Champion. Wait for 
    your SS to finish it. In the Treasure Chest lies another item, which you 
    won't be needing, but we're collectors too. So, Dragon Scales. 
    Now, talk to the Elf on the left with the Jigsaw-pieces above his head. 
    This is a battle puzzle, the game probably explains it better than I do, 
    but still: 
    [004]Battle Puzzle Basics: All your troops are Fixed, meaning, it's not 
    random. You have 1 turn, with 3 movements, if you chain your attacks of 
    course, you'll have more. The idea; Finish it off in 1 turn! These are the 
    brainteasers. But, hey, you're here so you don't have to tire your brain, 
    but I do. 
    [005]Alright. Nelir's battlepuzzle; this is what you do; 
    You have 4 columns, being the one with the Deer the 1st one. And the one 
    with the right side of the dragon the 4th one. This is one is fairly simple; 
    In the 3rd column, remove the Blue Hunter between the Yellow Hunter and the 
    dragon. This will chain the 4 Yellow Hunters to become a wall and the bears 
    to be a Charged Attack. Giving you 4 moves.  Next transfer the Blue Hunters 
    in 1st and 2nd column to the 3rd one. Making the Dragon charged, with 2 moves 
    left. Now, transport the Blue Hunters from the 3rd and 4th column to the 1st 
    column. Done. 
    But Wait! He has another one, if this doesn't pop-up, walk back to the 
    Druid Tree and then return to Nelir, for Nelir's battlepuzzle 2. 
    This one has 5 column, but I found this one WAY easier. 
    First off, start by transporting the Blue Hunter in the 5th column to the 2nd 
    Second; Remove the Yellow Hunter in the 2nd column and the Blue Hunter in 
    the 5th. 
    After that transport all the Bears [col. 1+2+5] behind the dragon. [2x col. 
    3 + 1x col. 4] 
    Well Done on another terrific BattlePuzzle, and Congratulations on anther 
    Artifact! The Golden Roots, I recommend this if you build a lot walls, but 
    they still get broken all the time. If not, don't equip it. 
    Walk out of the town. You can go three ways here. The right one isn't 
    useful if you've followed this guy. Because the Dragon Dwelling is there. 
    Let's go left;  Cuthlion. 
    Hey, look, Gremlins. [Flashback to HoMM3; that was fun!] 
    Anyway, nothing special, although, if you see his Champion, don't distract, 
    he can freeze you, so really, don't go left if he goes right. Just make 
    walls in front of his champion. WALLS. If you're really bad with walls; 
    equip Golden Roots. Again: Sniper Shot! After the battle, first thing to do 
    is Switch 1 of your Hunter parties with Pixies. Trust me. Now open the 
    chest, DOUBLING CAP. Now this is Awesome, really equip it. If you link 
    attacks. Meaning; Units with the same color, which will attack together, 
    will do 150% damage. And this happens a lot. Equip it! No matter what your 
    current artifact is. 
    Next up, go to south of the map, get your reward. And now, take the north 
    path, take the chest with the gold in it, and then just go straight 
    Stupid Knights everywhere, well get ready for a fairly easy battle. You 
    know the drill. OR DON'T YOU. First things first, You ARE DEFENDING the 
    Mother Seed, one hit and it's over. Build Walls. Really Build Walls... in 
    front of the big acorn. And attacks with all you got if you have a Wall of 
    Walls. Tadaaa.. Well look at that, Pixie's went to Lvl. 3. Always trust me. 
    I seriously don't get this part, They're talking about the Mother Seed, 
    that only one scratch could be fatal. Then the Demon's shoot an arrow in to 
    the stupid Seed, and suddenly Anwen is like: "OMG, GODRIC, I'M COMING!". 
    Anyways, moving on; grab the chest left of you; 500 Gold - 5 Ores - 5 
    [I forget some side-quests if you want to do them before continuing, please 
    look for [999] in the Walkthrough with CTRL+F] 
    Now, Continue with your journey to the East. 
    Finally a Puzzle-puzzle. 
    [006]So, 4 logs, and we need to cross the river, but we also want the 
    treasure chest. This is what you do: 
    Let's call the most left one Log 1 and the most right one Log 4. 
    It's actually really simple; 
    Push the logs in the order: 
    A Yellow circle will appear and you can cross to the Treasure Chest; 
    Artifact! Treant Sap. You don't need to use it, we already have an Awesome 
    If you cross the bridge, you can go left, straight through or right. You 
    need to go Straight Through, but you can replenish Druids on your left and 
    Treants on your right if you're running low. And now, the Camp, with 
    "filthy demons". 
    Just walk through and attack the demon in front of you, this time, you know 
    the drill, for real. One down, More to go. Next! But this one is a little 
    bit tougher. Oh, and he has 2 Elites! Scary, huh? [2 minutes later] Yawn, 
    Although he has One Elite, and he's lvl 8. Don't underestimate this Klaw-
    demon. He is really strong and for somewhat reason, he'll do everything, 
    that you don't want him to do. That's not all. He even starts with 2 
    Charged Elite's.. Get Ready to build some walls, If you're unable to do 
    this, just Chain as much as you can. Once your population in lower-left 
    corner reach 10+. Press L or R. Only then! Good Luck. 
    Yeah, and you thought you were there after that cutscene. But just for fun, 
    let me quote the STUPIDEST LINE EVER: 
    "At least now we know where it isn't." 
    Imagine; you just lost your keys, first you look in your pocket, it's not 
    there.. you think: 
    YEAH, WOOHOO, at least know I it isn't there....  
    [Anwen needs a brain-surgery] 
    Well, there he is: Azexes! First Replenish your units if you need to! This 
    battle is going to be HARD. But wait... 
    [999]..Wow, Rewind, we still got a Bounty to complete, and after wandering 
    through these lands, I just thought, the Druid Tree. Please, don't me mad 
    for doing this so late, but the extra exp. and resources will be a bliss 
    later. So, go to Druid Tree; and ignore the puzzle-NPC. Continue and you'll 
    encounter Angrod! Trust thy self. Good luck. 
    After that, go the Puzzle NPC 
    [007]Druid Tree's Ranger BattlePuzzle. 
    This one is EXTREMLY EASY. 
    The left column is Column 1 and the right one is Column 4. 
    The First Step is transporting the 3rd column Blue Pixie to the 1st column, 
    then remove the 1st column Green Bear. We have 3 Green Bears; transport the 
    2nd and 3rd column Bear to the 4th. And there you have it. 
    And now for the second one, because they come in pairs: 
    This one is a little bit tricky to understand. We'll use all the 8 columns, 
    to avoid confusion. 
    First.  In the 4th column, there are 4 Yellow Hunters and 1 Blue Pixie. 
    Remove the top one. After this remove the Blue Pixie in the 5th column, then 
    transport the Green Bear in the 6th column behind the deer in the 7th column. 
    When you're done transporting, you're going to transport some more, Every 
    unit you didn't use goes to the 2nd column. First the Deer, ofcourse. And 
    there we have another Artifact! The Vine Gloves. Don't equip it. Well, head 
    back to point where you were. Or read further if you did everything in the 
    order I said. 
    Turn in your bounty and then go to Azexes after replenishing. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Azexes>>>} 
    This battle is a little bit different then other battles; He has 150 HP. 
    But, it's only him. So focus all your attacks on him, you don't want to 
    miss him. He hits Fast and Strong. He has no minions, but power bolts.. 
    which work the same, after he has done this, he'll change sides.. WALLS, 
    get them ready, yeah, you can Prepare, you see the blue sparkly things. 
    This is where he go to next! Good Luck. 
    Big Bang all over. Congratulations, watch the sad ending, not really, but I 
    think it's made to make us cry. Well, whatever. You also unlocked Findan in 
    Multiplayer. Hoorah. 
    +-/c) Haven\-+ [008] 
    So, Godric return to Haven to confront his master, but he's known as a 
    traitor, first of all; you get your first Core Unit after moving one space: 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 6	 
    Def. : 2		 
    Well, 3 Charge for a Core, might sound much, but it will do A lot of 
    damage, but, you can mess around a bit in the first fight, you can easily 
    finish him off in the third turn. Your men attack you, yes, that's what you 
    get for being a traitor. 
    Well, this sucks, you're forced to leave the map. So, there goes the 
    treasure chest. But in the next map there is also a treasure chest, it 
    requires somewhat timing but it's certainly doable, just watch the knights, 
    and stand in biggest  gap between them and walk along to the chest; If you 
    DO end up in the same row or column as one of them; you need to start it 
    over. In the chest, there is a Phoenix Feather, equip it for now. Now 
    continue up. The 2 knights will disappear and a Yellow one will engage you, 
    not much to say here, but the occasional wall might help. And as a reward; 
    the archers will join you. 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 6 
    Def. : 2 
    Now, here we have a good Core Unit, which you're a bit familiar with; 2 
    charge, I think it's wise if you use 2 Archers and 1 Swordsman. If you go 
    ahead, Godric will mumble something about a pattern, which I figured out 
    for You. But first, go to the left and enter the basement. Ignore the 
    necromancer an take the 2 treasures; the top one gives you a Lion's Mane, 
    ignore that one, the one below will give you 550 gold. 
    [009] It's actually really simple, they walk in two C's. Once are the top 
    are the bottom of the C, they'll turn around. Once the right guard is a t 
    the top of the C, run to Most Right Space! But, be quick. Now, once the 
    right one is at the bottom of the C run up and Left! And be quick, as soon 
    as you enter the red space, go left, for some gold. Now, when the left 
    Knight is on the top of the C, go to the red space and press A. 
    When you enter the next map, the Guard with a Quest symbol will sum up a 
    rhyme to unlock a puzzle: 
    Sky is BLUE, grass is GREEN  and Knights bleed proudly RED. These three 
    things you can count on, just as sure as I need a bath and a bed. 
    I'm not even going to thrash talk this one 
    The building which the Enemy Guard stands in front of is the Sleeping Stag 
    Inn; you need to do  some kind of puzzle. As the poem states color, this is 
    the order to hit them. So basically, first hit the Blue one, then the Green 
    One and the last is the Red one. If you do them in wrong order, you'll 
    fail. If you hit white, the color will be reset, Not really, except 
    timing.. and watch your health. 
    In the Inn Varkas will start a dialogue with you about imprisoned men. If 
    you don't have a clue about what the hell is going on, you're in a refuge-
    camp. Everybody here is considered a traitor. The Spearmen will join after 
    the dialogue, equip one of them instead of the archer, so that you'll have 
    all 3 Core Units equipped. 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 4		 
    Def. : 1		 
    Although they're weaker then the Swordsmen, these have an advantage, if 
    they're attacked by enemies, Spearman will always Strike First, so, if it 
    were a tie, the Spearman would win. [This is what I like to call Advanced 
    Cannon Fodder]. 
    First talk to the Bounty Hunter and take his Bounty Quests. Don't mind the 
    other guy with the quest, we'll come back sooner or later for him, but not 
    now. The Bounty Hunter gives you 5 quests; Georgie, Boydon, Erstam, Carnax 
    and Valdo. Don't worry about their names and locations, we will Slaughter 
    them. But we can attack Georgie, just walk two spaces to the left and 
    Engage Georgie. He has an Elite, but we got Adv. Cannon Fodder and a Super 
    Spell which will nullify some damage. Good Luck. Now, hustle and get your 
    reward and walk up to the barman, for another Battle Puzzle. 
    [010] Rolly's Battle Puzzle. 
    Let me ROLL it down for you; Left Column is Col. 1 and the most right one 
    is Col. 8. 
    This one is fairly enough, quite easy. It really is! First, remove the 3rd 
    column's Blue Swordsman. Transport the White Archer from the 7th an 3rd 
    column to the 2nd column. Now, remove the 6th column Blue Swordsman, and 
    transport the 1st and 2nd column's Blue Swordsmen to the 7th column. And your 
    Before getting to the 2nd Battle Puzzle, go outside recruit some Knights and 
    some Priests and do the 2nd one. Here are the stats. 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 18		 
    Def. : 4 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 10		 
    Def. : 2	 
    Priest will Heal you when they're charging and Knight's will charge but 
    they start with their full att. Power so they're quick deadly. Equip them 
    Rolly's Battle Puzzle 2. 
    This one, made my brain hurt, but I cracked it. 
    First transport the 7th column's White Swordsman to the 4th column, do the 
    same with 7th column's Red Spearman but to the 6th column. Remove the 5th 
    column's Red Spearman. Put the priest in the 3rd column and place the rest 
    of the units behind him. Tadaa! 
    And there we have another Artifact; The Golden Spear, equip it. See it as, 
    your Walls have Spears equipped! [Your Walls have first strike, too]. 
    We're going to do the Main Quest first, you'll find out soon enough why, 
    after that, we're going to bounty hunt some Thugs. 
    So get out of the Inn, walk to the left and walk to the prison. They're 
    weak, why? Because we did the Battle Puzzle's which REALLY buffed us up. 
    Especially this battle is REALLY simple, because you need to hit the 
    switches! But don't get distracted, just make walls at the other columns. 
    But wait, you need to attack them in the same turn, Ouch, just use your 
    timing, it's really no big deal. Good Luck. Yeah, knights.. we already had 
    those... The reason why you had to do the main quest first, was so you could 
    get some more exp. But we're not done yet, oh no, the fun has just begun. 
    Continue left and you'll see a Griffin Knight, engage it. No big deal, Have 
    Fun with this easy battle. After the battle there's a cutscene with a fatso 
    you'll grow to hate.. in about 3 seconds. Well, just move one step forward, 
    and then there will begin a new Twisted Battle. 
    You need to kill 3 archers, which will keep moving between shootable areas 
    and behind pillars. I myself can't find a System in the moving, it's 
    random, really. Just make sure you put your units who'll attack in the Even 
    Columns, because the Odd ones, are pillars. But I think the 1st one, stays 
    in the column; 1-2-3. 2nd : 3-4-5-6 and the 3rd one: 6-7-8. But this is not 
    helpful, is it? So, just hope that it will fall together, good luck. 
    So, walk up to your Aunt and a lot of stuff will happen; your Aunt tells 
    you that your father died, your Sister's star is dimmed, your Brother's 
    star is brighter than ever, and you can win an audience with the Emperor if 
    you win a tournament, so you get a cloak and a helmet to hide your 
    identity. I like it! Oh, and the first official addition of the Priest! 
    Walk down and ignore the puzzle-event, first walk ALL THE WAY to the left, 
    in the most right map, you can buy Angels, buy them, and the map left of 
    the one we're in, you can buy Griffins, you only need one of each. Here are 
    the stats. 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 6 
    Att. Power: 70	 
    Def. : 14	 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 5 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 60	 
    Def. : 12			 
    The Special Ability of the Angel is that it heals your units every turn and 
    the Griffin deals double damage to stronger enemies, he normally couldn't 
    Now go to the BattlePuzzle in front of your Aunt, now your Champions will 
    get Exp. too, if you equip them ofcourse. 
    [011]Sir Roderick's Battle Puzzle 1. 
    Pretty easy, as always for the first one; Move the White Archer in the 2nd 
    column to the 4th column, and the Red Spearman to the 7th column. Then Remove 
    the White Archer in the 7th column. Then, transport the other White Archer 
    in the 2nd column to the 5th one, and remove the red spearman in the 5th 
    column. Lastly, transport the free Red Spearman in the 4th column to the 2nd. 
    And you're done. 
    Sir Roderick's BattlePuzzle 2: 
    This one is pretty sneaky; because your First Move is removing the White 
    Wall in column 5! Then it's pretty basic stuff, transport the White Archer 
    from Column 2 to 7, after that the Red Spearman from 2 to 7. Then transport 
    the White Archer from 6 to 7. And now the tail of this story; transport the 
    White Archers from Columns 3 and 5 to the Column nr. 2! 
    Now, another Artifact; Staff of Elrath! Equip it, together with the Priest 
    and the Hippogriff! 
    Now, head in to the next map, take the gold below you and then in the 
    lower-right corner, grab the treasure. Walk to the Arena, and watch a 
    dialogue as Powerful as I've ever seen. 
    Okay, let's roll; First Battle Sir Gerhardt. Basic battle, he has a lot HP, 
    but nothing you can't handle. After this one; you're going to battle with 
    an Archmage called; Fayed. This one is not tough, you just really want to 
    watch out for his Champion. Good Luck. 
    No, before doing the 2nd battle; head to the south of the map. This is where 
    we started in the Haven Campaign. Now on the right side of the screen 
    there's a chest, we couldn't open before. Open it; Doubling Cape, we 
    already found this one in the Sylvan Campaign, please do equip it. 
    Head back to the Prison, where you freed the knights. Below this square, 
    there is an Optional Battle, from Boydon. This guy, should not be a problem 
    for you at this point. Just use the standard tricks. Now, do this; Turn in 
    the bounty, go to the most left field, grab the Resources and replenish 
    your Elites and Champions, which you use, most likely; Priests and 
    Griffins. Now; trade the Artifact back to Staff of Elrath. Get back to the 
    Inn and talk to Jarvis. The guy above the Bounty Hunter. And engage a fight 
    with him; basic battle, again. Good Luck, after the battle you'll gain a 
    bunch of Resources. Head to the map where all the Patrolling Knights were; 
    now head to the South Field; there's a White NPC there; talk to him and 
    engage it; he's not hard; but he always starts with the same formation; 
    which will be linked and fused together. So make Walls first and after 
    that, make a squad to attack; the reward from the battle are just bunch of 
    Next up; go to the most right map; and fight the NPC with the Exclamation 
    mark above his head; he has the Secret Champion; so you need to kill him. 
    If he's charging up his Champion; do whatever it takes to prevent this; I 
    don't care what; Build Walls and Attack Forces. As for the rest; basically 
    a normal battle. After Succeeding at finishing his army; Press A. Because 
    now; you've opened the secret passage and the spot turns red. Don't talk to 
    Demon inside, he'll SLAUGHTER you. Open the treasure chests. The left one 
    will give you an artifact, King's Crown, which causes your Reinforcements 
    not to Make a move. The right one just has Resources, don't equip the 
    Artifact. You can get the Sword Master here; 
    -----Sword Master----- 
    Secret Champion Unit 
    Charge: 6 
    Att. Power: 90 
    Def. : 18	 
    The Swords Master will keep draining HP from your enemy for the remainder 
    of the battle; if he hits. Exchange the Griffin for the Swords Master! Now, 
    head back to the Arena. And slay the 2nd opponent, archmage Fayed. Now back 
    to the field where all the Knights were Patrolling, and head in the small 
    cellar to Engage with Valdo. He's got an Elite to lvl 5. But it's no big 
    deal. Fayed was a harder kill. Now, train till you're level 8. If you're 
    already level 8; then go the Arena, and defeat the 3rd and final opponent; 
    Sir Kenneth Drake. Beware of a Hard Battle, with an enemy with a lot of 
    Champions, so you're going to build a lot of Walls, Really, a lot! And as 
    soon as  his Special Spell is Fully Charged; just use your Spell and don't 
    let any column be empty. It does a lot of damage.  
    Walk to the North of the map and talk to the 2 NPC's. The Emperor doesn't 
    know very much, but he asks you if you'd like to transfer some Artifact to 
    a friend of his. Don't equip the artifact; it's not worth it. Now, go talk 
    to the mage right of you, near the Hippogriff-dwelling; he's just a basic 
    enemy, have fun with another easy victory. Now, go turn in your Bounty 
    reward and head back to the Arena; talk with the announcer, he will give 
    you another challenge; not a big troublemaker, so, it's easy to do; You'll 
    get the Winged Helm. Don't equip it, though. Now, just continue for the 
    next dude. But don't do the next one right away. Get out and talk to Knight 
    on the other side; you defeated this guy earlier in the 1st round of the 
    Arena. Just defeat him, same old song.  
    Now, go to the Right Map. And let's teach Carlyle a lesson. Some minor Plot 
    Twist here but the Demon you're going to fight is Really Strong. He tries 
    to use his Champions as much as often. So, watch out; my advise keep making 
    those walls! You'll get the Dwarven Hammer after this battle. Then another 
    Demon is blocking your path; but he's nothing compared to the previous one. 
    Now Walk down; and this is really another Twist? Just be quick in this 
    battle; this Demon is exactly the same as the previous one. Except this one 
    is one level lower and has no champion, so he's really easier. This makes 
    no sense, does it?.  
    Now; head back to the Arena and battle the next enemy; this is a little 
    tough; compared to the other ones. But with using the right tactics you can 
    win; Walling the Champions, cannon-foddering the Elites and just thrashing 
    over the Core's you'll win with ease, and if not; use your Golden Wall-
    special spell when is Champion is about to attack. After this victorious 
    battle you gain the Crown of Elrath, which we're ignoring too. 
    Head to the Emperor, firstly you need to remove these pawns of Carlyle, 
    which is done in a finger's snap. Now, after these shenanigan's; you can do 
    one of two things. One: Free the Emperor of Carlyle's torment OR go and 
    kill the last Bounty and save the Emperor later. Whatever YOU choose, I'll 
    stick with the Bounty, just for the 100% completion. Now, go to the most 
    Left map and get in to the Blade Master-dwelling; attack the demon, he is 
    strong, VERY strong, without not more than just being level 12 and having a 
    Champion of level 3. If you think you're too weak, you can "grind" in the 
    area of the Patrolling Knights or in the Cellar of the same map for some 
    Undead. But I found this one way Easier then the Demons, which were 
    summoned by Carlyle. Although you might be careful with Removing units, try 
    transporting  if you can use them later. Now get your reward! Now go back 
    to the Emperor and save his back from Carlyle's hands.. 
    Don't forget to replenish though. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Carlyle>>>} 
    Well, this is rather interesting; the cutscene will show you some rather 
    creepy transformation. But the boss-battle is rather interesting in a 
    creepy way. He'll start off with using some strange attack; which summons a 
    wall. This wall will pack up a whole row. They look like green blobs, but 
    when you hit them, they'll go away. Every turn they'll move a little closer 
    to the bottom screen. He'll also charge up an attack which takes 6 turns. 
    The Blobs will literally tear you apart. Walls will stop them immediately, 
    but it will kill any idle Unit and deal some heavy damage to your life-bar.  
    His charged attack is a beast; He'll mow it through you for 81 damage, and 
    after that he'll gnaw food up, which will heal him. Another of his Dirty 
    attacks is basically the same as the Wall one, but no there are two massive 
    2x2 blobs and both have 30 damage, and will wander forward. After finally 
    have beaten him, he'll be all dirty filthy of green toxic poisonous jelly. 
    Varkas deals the finishing blow and now you'll see that the Emperor will 
    restore after Godric takes of his mask. Peace is back in balance and 
    everybody happy, but still, Godric wanders what has happened with his 
    Siblings. On the other hand, Sir Varkas is playable in Multiplayer. 
    +-/d) Necropolis\-+ [012] 
    And now we're playing as Godric's little sister, whose star is wasn't 
    shining. This is told by your Auntie, remember. Now, we'll see that Fiona 
    has fallen to her death, and that she is amazed with awe and terror, when 
    watching through her spectral hands! She realizes that she's sort of a 
    ghost and that she's in Heresh, the land of the Necromancer. Her Spell is 
    cool, though, all your idle units will be destroyed and transformed into 
    One Big Ball of Doomed and Blessed Death to beam your hero to a spectral 
    transformation, also known as death. We'll start in a green map, you can 
    walk in 4 directions; but we're going to the right first. Some Sir Skeleton 
    will engage you; he tells you that he's and undead warrior from the Griffin 
    Army, and smells your Royal Blood and therefore he helps you and gives you 
    the task to kill all the zombies. With the help of, his Core Units, 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 4		 
    Def. : 1			 
    Now, just for fun, go to the left, and kill those Zombies. They're only 
    level 1 and they're easily killed. After the fight, you'll get Resources. 
    Now walk to the right for the same fight, but now it's a main quest! And 
    here is your reward; 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 3	 
    Def. : 1			 
    So, these are pretty weak...wow, if they hit an enemy, they'll be intoxicated 
    meaning they'll be damaged every turn. 
    So, you defeated Zombies, and they're like; Hey, we're joining you.. 
    sometimes this game is stupid. 
    A short cutscene between two people, called Ludmilla (some High Necromancer 
    Priest) and an Human Wizard who wants to be anonymous. Now, Sir Skeleton 
    leaves the party, but you can battle him. But don't he has level 5 
    Skeletons. But How? He never had those when we were with him. 
    Talk to the Bounty, since the road to the left is blocked by a boulder, and 
    accept all his quests; Magurk, Stumpy, Balah, Bloodhorn and Urolox. The 
    Main quest, btw, is, finding a Necromancer called Markal who can transfer 
    you back to Human. 
    Now go down and all the way to the left and enter the cave. Bug Eye Magurk 
    is in here, but first grab the Resources and the treasure chest, which 
    contains an artifact; the Blood Ring. Equip it. Now walk outside and take 
    the gold near the Castle. Now walk to the Main Quest Enemy. You'll need to 
    help this guy to break free from the prison, the guards did warn you! 
    You're not an enemy of Lord Ludmilla! You've battled these kinds of battles 
    before. Hit the Cage to free him. It only has 8 HP. Good Luck. 
    Long story short; you freed Markal. You can be transformed back to life. 
    Only during an event. You need to be an expert. You're not. You could be. 
    You need to do Cave Trials. Markal'll help you. He gives you this: 
    -----Ebon Guard----- 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 5	 
    Def. : 1			 
    Now, grab the treasure chest, which just Poofed up. It contains an unworthy 
    Now head South and to the West. There is a Dwelling here. Use it, and buy 
    as many as you can: 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 15	 
    Def. : 3			 
    Every hit the Vampire does, the HP is transferred to your Hero's life. 
    Please, enter the Trial-Cave. We're looking for a ghost; Which is in the 
    This reminds me of Mario Party! 
    Now walk to the most Left-Middle space, grab the Crystals. In the Most 
    Right-Upper space, grab the gold. Talk to the Skeleton near the tablet. 
    He'll tell you to give him the amount of Spider Legs, Shiny Brass Coins and 
    Broken Time. Which is 10. 7x Spider Legs + 2x Shiny Brass Coins + 1x Broken 
    Time. You'll get the Doubling Cape; just ignore it. Now, head back outside, 
    and kill Stumpy. He is the one standing in front of the castle with the big 
    White Hair. Turn it in and get Sir Skeleton back for leaving you! [which 
    means, attack him]. And you'll get a typical Necromancer-Artifact. The 
    Spider Cloak, but don't equip it. It's not worth it. [I'm really sorry for 
    all this walking back and forth, but it's the most useful route:] Walk back 
    in the trial-cave and talk to the guy in the Lower-Right Space, and buy 
    some Ghosts, 1 is enough.  
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 14	 
    Def. : 3			 
    These are really handy; if they're charging, they won't get damaged, but 
    the enemy who attacks the Ghost will get damaged. Now go talk to the guy 
    upstairs with the BattlePuzzle: 
    [013] Sir Reginald's Battle Puzzle 1+2 
    Yeah, this one is really quite easy; First remove the 5th column's White 
    Skeleton. Then transport the 1st Column's Purple Ebon Guard to the 8th 
    column. Now, what we do is transporting the 3rd and 4th column's White 
    Skeleton to Column 1. Now, Remove the 1st column's Green Zombie. And lastly, 
    transport the 6th Column's Purple Ebon Zombie to the 8th column. Done. You'll 
    get an Artifact right away, but forget that one. 
    Number 2: 
    This is a first, you'll end up with one move LEFT. Here it goes: First 
    Remove the 7th Column's Green Zombie. Then transport the 6th Column's Green 
    Zombie to the 3rd Column. Remove the 2nd and 3rd Column's Purple Ebon Guard. 
    And at last Transport the 1st and 8th Column's to the 6th Column. Now, just 
    Remove a wall. And You're Done, and you get: ... gold? 
    Now, get some Ghosts and Vampires. Let's see, fill them up till 5 of each. 
    Then go to the Lower-Left of the Trial-Cave; Another Bounty job; Really 
    Easy. Have Fun with this one: Balah the Mage. Now, head to the cave on the 
    most left part of the beginning Field. Bug Eye Magark is here. You can 
    handle this guy easily by now, but you might want to watch out for his 
    Knights, they're level 5. You can Attack them if you want, so that they 
    will do less damage. Walls will work too. And don't forget my favorite 
    tactic: Wait for your Blood Sacrifice to be full. Call for reinforcements, 
    but only if you can call in more than 10. Use your Spell. This will 1: Do 
    Damage. 2: Give you Reinforcements. And 3: Give you a bunch of walls.  Now, 
    get your bounty rewards and refill back to 5 Vampires and 5 Ghosts. Now 
    talk the guy in front of the castle; His name is Farnir Greenvine. His 
    forces are strong; he has a Champion; use the Sacrifice-Tactic on the 
    Champion. And he doesn't make Champions, don't bother on walls, since he 
    has Deers, they'll jump over them. And he starts out with a lot of walls. 
    It's not a really hard battle. Now, here's where you'll get the Lion's 
    Mane; but ignore it. 
    Now, head back inside and Talk to the ghost. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Ghost Keeper>>>} 
    Just attack Him. Before he attacks you! He charges for 6 turns, so you need 
    to kill him before the 6 turns. Or make Walls. Good Luck. He's not really 
    tough. Just be quick in Offensive or Defensive. After he has hit you, and 
    you're alive, a normal battle will trigger, he has 50 HP. And if you played 
    good, you'll have about 20-25 HP. Unless you're quick enough; After this, 
    he'll disappear and spawn 2 Vampires with charged at 4. And a Dragon with a 
    5 charge. So, you're going to do the same as what you did first, but now at 
    4 sides. And he's Dead. 
    Yahoo, we finished the Trials, and the Ghosts [we already bought] Joined 
    Oh, but to be an expert we need to have an Urn to be an expert, which is 
    located in the Nar-Harad Ruins. And when you head out of the Cave, some 
    cutscene happens. Another Complot.  
    So first the Demons who create War between the Humans and Elves, which is 
    restores. And now the Necromancers and the Wizards are working together, so 
    that the leaders of these groups will be Even More Stronger! We need to 
    find that urn before those wizards do! 
    [014]Head inside the ruins. Go down South and take the resources. And go 
    the left, to take an this strange person. You need a Triple-Link Attack to 
    finish him off. Remember the charge-ups here they are: 
    Skeleton 	->2 
    Zombie	->2 
    Ebon Guard	->3 
    Vampire 	->4 
    Ghost		->4 
    But just making a Link, won't work; all 3 Links need to attack the Top-Bar 
    at the SAME TIME. It's hard, it really is;  Really; GOOD LUCK!  
    Now walk to the two mages; They'll use a portal spell, which summons a 
    Portal from the Demon World; so you're attacked by some stupid Demons, 
    piece of cake. After the battle something happens, which smalls like Plots 
    and Treachery! Grab the Resources right and left of you and let's put a 
    charm on those Mages! This is the same battle as the Prison-one in the 
    Haven-campaign. Hit the switches, but these won't change back, once hit 
    they'll stay hit, this is WAY easier than the Kozmo-one, or the Jail-one. 
    After that, you need to battle the mages. They'll have 35 life, and you'll 
    keep your Units and Charges, but so do they. After defeating those wretched 
    Mages, they'll tell you where the portal is, it's behind the big rock 
    blocking the way. They already had the Twilight Urn and now, you have it, 
    and equip it! Since you'll have a lot of Fallen Idle Units, thanks to 
    Sacrifice-Wall-Tactic I taught you. Now go down until you see two 
    Dwellings, but one Death Knight if possible; 
    -----Death Knight----- 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 6 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 75		 
    Def. : 15				 
    The only thing special about these; they hit really hard. Just keep the two 
    Elites equipped. 
    Head out, go north and go to the East when you're at Sir Skeleton, the Rock 
    will change in to the Wizard's Champion; The Titan. Whatever, just maw it 
    down! Easy battles are fun to do, when you're as strong as we are! 
    Now head back in to the Secret Portal, this place looks to be an Epic 
    Showdown! Okay, grab the Resources. And keep walking up, for another Ease-
    Pease battle! Now, there will be an interesting cutscene.. Who were those 
    people? Who were those Demons? So many questions? Just Run Outside! 
    Now talk to Sir Skeleton who'll give you a quest; You need to find an X. 
    I'll tell you when you're there. Now you must find the Shrine where the 
    Ritual takes place. Go to the East-map. So, what do we see; No, the sword-
    grip is not an X. Too bad. And some nice background; it looks like an 
    Undead Dragon, scary, just keep walking. Wow, the dragon awakened and so 
    did Ludmilla, she'll send another Mage to you. This one is a little bit 
    harder; but not tough, just watch out for his Champion. Now, after the 
    battle, Talon gives you an Artifact: Talon's Talon. Which benefits Bone 
    Dragon's, which we don't have. Stupid, huh? Anyway, for a fun dialogue, go 
    stand underneath his mouth; press A.  And then walk to the skull with the 
    sword, and press A. If it doesn't work right away; talk to Talon again. 
    It's really funny. 
    Now walk to the left; See, we can buy Bone Dragons here! Buy one; 
    -----Bone Dragon----- 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 5 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 60		 
    Def. : 11				 
    Bone Dragons swallow Idle Units and uses their Defense to add to his 
    Attack! Equip this one and switch it with the Vampire and equip the Blood 
    Ring again. Go to the right and get all the resources and take as much Bone 
    Dragons as possible. 
    Now walk to the north part of the map. This battle is quite odd. You need 
    to hit the mages enough, so that they'll fall in the Pit instead of you 
    being killed. So, hit them, before they hit you. Every turn, they will Walk 
    Back OR Charge an attack. If they're standing at the bottom of the Top 
    Screen. They'll do nothing OR charge an attack. But it's still easy, their 
    damage isn't really big. So you really just need to Attack, attack and 
    Now reap their souls and you'll be a live again. Look, what an unexpected 
    turn of events. We'll kill her, eventually. 
    Now head back to the Ruins where you found the Twilight Urn. Take down 
    Bloodhorn, the Demon. Real nice and easy. Now get your Bounty Reward! Now 
    we're here. Go to your Starting Space; press A, you'll get the Phoenix 
    Feather. Don't Equip it.  
    Go back to Bone Dragon-dwelling, and talk the guy on the right side of the 
    map; and kill Golobulus! He has 2 champions, so he attacks slow, but if he 
    attacks, he attacks hard. You want to make walls, and try to attack him, go 
    head to head! Enter the Lair, in here we'll encounter the last Bounty, some 
    resources and the Secret Champion Dwelling! 
    Secret Champion Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Att. Power: 22		 
    Def. : 4		 
    Anything it touches will DIE. This might seem strong, but if it's Idle, 
    it's easily killed, and if it's charging it's also Easily killed. But 
    still, worth the effort, and equip it, instead of the Bone Dragon. A 
    Strategy I use; Always build Walls in front of this guy and Start Charging 
    as soon as possible! 
    Now, let's put our new Wraths to the test! Attack the Demon next to you, 
    called Urolox. It's a really simple battle, way Too easy, if you ask me. 
    Just do whatever you do, afterwards when you're done toying around with 
    these Demon-kin. Turn in your Bounty and go to Ludmilla's Keep. Now these 
    enemies are all NO big Deal. Trust me; I'll keep it short, follow the 
    Stairs, Defeat them all, by blocking Champions Killing The Rest and Use 
    Your Sacrife-Wall-Tactic and Replenish As You Please. The only hard part 
    is; They'll start of by having  an almost fully charged Champion. But, we 
    got WALLS! And Attack Him. This really works, if you get a Good-Place Wrath 
    at the start. If you're still having a hard time; I reckon to Train some 
    more in this area. Now walk to the North. Now, switch the Blood Ring to 
    Twilight Urn or Spider Cloak, whichever you prefer. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Ludmilla>>>} 
    Now, this is a basic Boss-battle. Very Similar to Azexes or Carlyle. Here 
    are the attacks; The first round she'll Charge an attack with '1' charge. 
    After this; she'll spawn 1 or 2 dragons. They'll be at Charge-5. So take 
    your time build an attack. If you can't lower their attack or kill them, 
    build walls, be ready to build walls. Until the Dragon(s) attacks, she 
    won't move. She'll keep switching from side to side after this, with a 
    variety of attacks; 
    Eye Laser: which will Charge up at 3. With starting damage 40;  but ending 
    with 80. 
    Vampire Bat Swarm; She'll summon Bats at random columns, about 10 Bats, 
    which all do 10 damage each. It take 3 turns to Charge. Every hit they make 
    which hits your Life Counter; will be transferred to her life. Preventing 
    this is easy, use your Sacrifice-Wall-Tactic. So wait with Blood Ritual, 
    until the 3 pops up above her head. 
    After defeating this Incredible Hard Boss, watch the scenes and guess who 
    we've unlocked; Yes; Markal! Next up; 
    +-/d) Inferno\-+ [015] 
    Aidan time; so, he's teleported to Sheogh, the Demon World. He is scared 
    and wanders off, he sees a Portal, runs away  and we'll get, after a rather 
    stupid scene; Three Core Units: 
    -----Horned Demon----- 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 6	 
    Def. : 1		 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 5		 
    Def.: 1	 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 4	 
    Def. : 1		 
    [If an Imp hits the enemy Hero, he'll also drain MP from the enemy Hero] 
    Now, the Demon-Chief fires his cannons right at you; It's always in the 
    order from right to left; if the Cannons hit you; you're hit, and those 
    Units are gone. It's the first battle, so don't expect to be hard and it 
    won't be. Time it. 
    Now, when outside, Select Yes; the minor Experience you get now, could be 
    the difference later. Minor, Minor? Your Cores are level 3. 
    Congratulations. Next up; First Appearance from Jezebeth; but wait; isn't 
    she the one we encountered in the Necropolis-campaign? And doesn't Aidan 
    look like the guy with her in the Necropolis-campaign? Now, get to the 
    left; take the gold and Purchase the max units from this Elite-Dwelling; 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 22 
    Def. : 4	 
    You've hated them; now you love them. If ONLY ONE Nightmare is Powered-up, 
    all the other Charging Nightmares will attack too! Now, this is teamwork. 
    Head to Jezebeth, who'll be commanded by you to attack him, but she doesn't 
    want to; too bad her legs won't cooperate. Now, this is an easy fight. 
    Let's give your new Elites a little testing. After the Battle Aidan is 
    really enjoying himself with his Demon-Mind Control-Power and he forces 
    Jezebeth to accompany him to the Screaming Hag Inn; and free of charge! In 
    the meantime you'll also get the Succubi: 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 25 
    Def. : 5 
    You've hated them; now you love them. The Succubus hurls 4 fireballs, which 
    have an AoE-effect on the Units who "touch" the FireBalled unit. You'll 
    soon find out. Equip them. Head up North and grab the Crystals. And keep 
    walking up; two demons appear and Jezebeth makes a note at the dagger, 
    wielded by Aidan. Attack those little horned bastards. Basic Battle; he has 
    more HP than you, but you deal more damage. Have fun fooling around with 
    Flint. Now, don't enter this Inn yet, go to the left and enter the cave. 
    Grab all the Resources and the treasure chest and equip the artifact, Rage 
    Shield. Now talk to the BattlePuzzle NPC: 
    [016]Dillon's Battlepuzzle: 
    First one; First transfer the 8th Column's White Hellhound to the 4th Column. 
    Then Remove the White Hellhound in the 5th column. Transfer the two Red 
    Horned Demons from Column 1 to Column 8, in which you afterwards remove the 
    white hellhound. Lastly, transfer the 2 white hellhounds from the 2nd column 
    to the 1st column. 
    You'll get the Doubling Cape after the first one, equip it. 
    Second one; Stick with me. 6th Column has a Red Horned Demon, enclosed by an 
    imp and an hellhound. Remove it. Next; 1st Column has a Red Horned Demon, 
    enclosed by a Nightmare and two Imps, Remove it. Transfer the 5th Column's 
    Purple Imp to the 1st column. Transfer the Nightmare from Column 1 to Column 
    5. Transfer the Two Red Horned Demons from Columns 1 and 4 to Column 8. 
    Then, for the final hit; Transfer the 2 White Hellhounds from the 8th Column 
    to the 5th Column. And you're done. And the Lion's Mane! Just leave it for 
    what it is. Now go back to the Inn. And walk to the boss-symboled Demon, 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Lorhish>>>} 
    50 HP may seem much, but you only need to hit him 5 times. 5 Times may seem 
    pretty easy, but it's not. The battle is really easy. He spawns 2-3 
    Hellhounds every turn. And if he raises his hand, he'll throw some kind of 
    Molotov-cocktail and deals damage to a 2x2 field. If you hit the counter at 
    the place, where Lorhish stands, he'll get 10 damage, no matter what. I 
    can't seem to find a good explainable logic in his pattern; so just have 
    timing and luck. 
    In the chest on the left, you'll find an useless artifact; Thorn Whip. Talk 
    to the Bounty Hunter for these quests; Glut, Drak, Ra Stavari, Bly and 
    Phlecher. Now go all the way to the right and up, you'll enter a cellar 
    with two chests containing Resources. Now head out the Inn. Watch the 
    scene, like anyone cares. 
    Go back down to the Demon near the Nightmare-dwelling. He's a Bounty; Glut. 
    Kill him and turn in your bounty. Then, in the  Inn, talk to Demon in the 
    Lower-Left. His name is Dirge, and he is strong, but he plays REALLY BAD. 
    You can block everything with walls, and still Fireball his Demonic Horns 
    off with your Succubi; and there they are; the official Welcoming of the 
    Nightmare's; now head outside and Kill the Elf. Nothing Special. As a 
    reward; One of the most Powerful, if well-used, artifacts in the game; 
    Celerity Ring. Equip it. 
    Go North to enter the next map and engage with the demons. Now go left for 
    the first Champion Unit; Pit Fiend [which cost 666 gold.] 
    -----Pit Fiend----- 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 5 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 65 
    Def. : 13 
    If a Unit survives a hit from this guy; it'll lose HP over time. Now, just 
    buy one, and ignore it, it's only in your way, has no special moves and 
    your Succubi and Nightmares are way better right now. Now; go north and 
    talk to the necromancer you stumble upon; this is Drak, a bounty. This is 
    what we call; Piece of Cake. He is really weak, you can defeat this one 
    easily. So this is a good moment to Play Around with your Pit Fiends and 
    collect your reward. Now grab the chest for an Artifact that we're not 
    using, the Phoenix Feather. 
    Now, head to the two demons above the chest; Grut and Moody. You need to 
    hit them both, not at the same, but one after the other. [At the same time 
    isn't prohibited, of course.] One starts in the 1st column and the other in 
    the 8th. They'll move from 1-8-1. They only move if there are less than 6 
    units in the column. If else, they'll stay. This is all you need to know, 
    just Time it right, as for the reward; Fire Ring. But keep with the other 
    Walk further up the path and take the resources, now go left and south; 
    there is an Imp standing here, guarding a cave. Engage with him; he's level 
    6 and he has an Unknown Elite; maybe this is where we get the Secret Elite 
    Unit from Inferno! Now, just battle him, as a normal battle, use some of 
    your Elites in the 1st turn, with your Celerity Ring and make Walls for your 
    Fiery Brimstone; this should be done in a few seconds. Head in to the cave, 
    take the resources and the chest, for the Stone Claw, which we're ignoring 
    and go to the Dwelling for these Units; 
    Secret Elite Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 22 
    Def. :4 
    If the Sorcerer hits an enemy Formation; it will be break apart and turn 
    idle. These are really Great; buy some and swap them with your Succubi. Now 
    head out and head up North. 
    And follow your way through the portal and get ready for a deja-vu. Walk 
    one step down and you'll be attack by a Mage-Party first and right after 
    that by a Demon-party. Both are push-overs, so have fun. Next is a 
    dialogue. After the dialogue, you can get some extra Nightmares and 
    Succubi. Go and crush this Wizard. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Wizard>>>} 
    You need to hit the Portal in the 4th and 5th Column to 75 damage. The Wizard 
    Spawns a combination of Nightmares and Abyssal Lord [the 2nd Inferno 
    Champion, we've not discovered yet.]. The only strategy-tips I can give you 
    are these; Try Making Nighmares, A LOT. The occasional Sorcerer on a 
    Abyssal Lord might make the difference between Living and Dying. If you 
    have left-over Cores, make Walls, especially in the 4th and 5th Column, for 
    the Fiery Brimstone.  
    After the battle, watch the rather Funny, Lovely and Pretty scenes and 
    dialogues. And we're back where we started. Replenish your Units if you 
    haven't already and head East. You'll see two Demons talking, well, take 
    'em down. Continue walking until you stumble upon a Chest and take the 
    artifact, but don't equip it; it's the Devil's Tail. Continue up North, 
    ignoring the Stupid Pit Fiend. If you're at the top, the same will happen 
    as in the Portal-Cave; you're first attacked by a Wizard-Party and then by 
    a Demon-party, both are extraordinary easy. 
    Right and left are 2 Champion-Dwellings. They're not really necessary, 
    since the Nightmares and Sorcerers are really good, but for the fun of it; 
    -----Abyssal Lord----- 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 6 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 75 
    Def. : 11 
    One of the most Stronger Champions; he'll spawn a column filled with Lava 
    Now, head back to the Very First Cave; I'm talking about the one where we 
    did the BattlePuzzle; there is a bounty over there; he's quite easy. 
    Nextup; Bly. Go to the cave where you can buy Sorcerers; there is a demon 
    in here, Bly. He's also really easy; go get your rewards. Now go to the 
    East Map; and kill the Pit Fiend first, then the human in the South of the 
    map, both are easy at this point. Now; Go get your Bounty Reward; BUT WAIT! 
    The Bounty Hunter has another quest, it's you. Engage the Bounty Hunter; 
    he'll be a tough one; he starts with building lots of walls, but if you use 
    sorcerers to their full potential by idling his Champions, you will win. 
    And get an artifact which we don't use. Now go Replenish and head to 
    And wait, what? Ooh, nice Twist. [I'm not going to spoil it]. Be ready: 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Azexes>>>} 
    He basically is the same as in Sylvan. 
    You'll see blue sparkly stuff coming out of the ground, which shows we're 
    he'll teleport to. 
    One of his attacks Charge 3 times. To  a maximum 30, you can lower them, 
    but a Sorcerer won't work against his Balls of Fire. Another attack is a 
    White Beam; which he charges up 4 times. 
    A very useful tactic that I use is this; If you see the Blue Sparks going 
    to the right; Build an army of Nightmares here, Try Fusing them. Then on 
    the other side, this case the left side, Put ALL your unused Core Units 
    here, and start Linking Walls, so that if all the Nightmares hit him, he'll 
    sooner or later teleport in front of your Wall of Walls, and you can finish 
    him off with Fiery Brimstone. Good luck [I found this one the easiest out 
    of all Campaign-Bosses]. 
    The ending is a little Shadowy, like; Aidan is the new leader of Demons or 
    something, anyway; Congratulations on beating Inferno and unlocking 
    Jezebeth in Campaign Mode; next up the Wizards! 
    +-/f) Academy\-+ [016] 
    So, here we are, Silver Cities, home of Nadia. I want to talk you through 
    this a little bit; 
    Anwen, Fiona and Godric are already reunited with each other.  
    And I want to talk about these pictures; Godric's hair is Silly and Fiona's 
    Wraith looks like a plush doll. 
    Anwen wants to find the Blade of Binding, which is in possession of Aidan, 
    who is in Sheogh. Godric, wants to find his siblings; which he already did 
    for Fiona's cause, but not Aidan, who has the Blade of Binding, which Anwen 
    wants to find, but she can't, because she's not in Sheogh. 
    Fiona wants the same as Godric, but Aidan isn't here, nor is the Blade of 
    Binding. They are both in Sheogh. But Anwen wants the Blade of Binding, she 
    doesn't care about Aidan at all. 
    Though all three hope that they find Aidan (and the Blade of Binding) in 
    Gemstone Spire, home of Nadia. 
    And now I'll shut it, because there are Twists, who have been chained up on 
    a leash, and are dying to break loose. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Azh Rafir's Guards>>>} 
    Alright; Here we go. First up; Fiona. Equip all 3 Core Units; and Use a 
    Wraith and a Ghost. The battles are actually really easy. Seeing that you 
    are level 10 and have fully maxed Units. 
    Except for the fact that this Demons spreads fire in the 3rd and 4th rows, 
    every so often [2-4 turns]. But, a nice challenge is a nice challenge. 
    Next: Bulgor and his Rakshasa's. Equip all 3 Core Units, a Shaman and  a 
    Unicorn. Alright, another Challenge, He starts off with 3 Rakshasa's Linked 
    at Charge 5. You need to stay alive until they're all dead or have attacked 
    and you're still alive, after that you're victorious. No, no battle 
    afterwards. It's really wise to Time your Unicorns so that there are 
    barriers all over the place when the Rakshasa's attack. And if you're 
    running out of time, you can use the Shaman to Lengthen their Charge. 
    Next: Talsam and his weird Magic. Equip all 3 Core Units, a Priest and a 
    Sword Master. These one drains HP from the enemy, the other one heals you. 
    Now, this is one is really hard. He is 2 levels higher than the other two. 
    He has more units, he plays better AND he drains Attack from Units which 
    are charging. 
    Now, grab yourself a nice cold beverage, you earned it! 
    Now, here's something we didn't expect. What a Twist, how cliche. 
    Time for Nadia; You're woken by Cyrus, your father's assistant. Let me 
    remind you something; Anwen, Aidan, Fiona and  Godric's Campagin were  in 
    the same timeline; we are a few weeks in the future from their campaigns. 
    Anyway your Core Units: 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 5 
    Def. : 1	 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Lv. 1	 
    Att. Power: 3 
    Def. : 1	 
    Core Unit 
    Charge: 2 
    Lv. 1	 
    Att. Power: 10	 
    Def. : 1		 
    Gremlins seem strong, but they only do a lot of damage to the first enemy 
    in the row like; 5-3-2 or 4-3-2-1, matter of speaking. 
    I Love Gremlins; they were my favorite Unit in HoMM 3. 9 out of 10 plays I 
    choose Tower, the other 1 was the 1 I was like; Hey, let's try this one.  
    Gremlins look like JarJar Binks here.. 
    Right after the scene you get a Mana Sheild? They mean Shield, I do hope 
    so. Which makes you lose Mana instead of HP, although your Spell is really 
    powerful, let's equip this for now. 
    First, go to two Wizard, then to the mage, he will give you; Mages! 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 4 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 18 
    Def.: 4 
    His attack is Skillful, if he hits an Idle Unit, every other Idle Unit that 
    it touches will be shocked too, and the next one and the next one and so 
    on. Now go talk again to the Wizard Guards; you need to hit the Magical 
    Locks with your Mages one after the other, in the same turn. Timing is your 
    key to victory. Afterwards we get another artifact, Equip this one instead. 
    It'll make you gain Mana in you destroy a wall. Before heading out; Go to 
    the Upper-Left cliff in the Begin Field, there is a chest with an Artifact 
    in it, take it but don't equip it. 
    Next up; four boring battles, easy as Sheogh [pun intended]. With a chest 
    containing a Battle Wand. Equip this; it'll let you start with full Mana. 
    Easy, when the enemy has a good starting formation. Which will be in Your 
    Next Combat against the Wizard-Party [the 3rd one when you're outside]. Ha, 
    go you; there is no 4th battle, there is an 2nd Elite Unit, though: 
    Elite Unit 
    Charge: 3 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 20 
    Def.: 4 
    If they hit A Charging formation; it'll be frozen for 2 turns. If you 
    attack a Frozen Formation, it'll be Shattered in no time. You'll also get 
    the Djinn's Shash, don't equip it. 
    Head up for the 2nd Floor. It'll start off with a Titan on their side, but 
    he's silly. Go ahead, try to freeze him and shatter him, it's an easy 
    And surprise, surprise: 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 6 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 65 
    Def.: 13 
    His attack somewhat is an AoE. It will most likely kill more Idle Units 
    than do damage. Just don't use him. The next Battle is also a pushover; 
    grab the chest for a Titan-related Artifact, so ignore it. 
    Continue to the 3rd Floor; but wait; it's a guard with a Rakshasa; you know, 
    This battle seemed WAY easier than the 3 previous ones. Just kill him 
    before the 5 charges, or Freeze the beasts. It's really easy. And If you're 
    really lucky, one of your Lighting Strikes will kill one of them. Guess 
    what happens after the battle; 
    Champion Unit 
    Charge: 5 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 60 
    Def.: 12 
    It'll deal damage to both your HP and MP [divided equally, so fully charged 
    would mean it'd do 30 damage to HP and 30 to MP.]. Swap these with your 
    Djinns. You also get a Scimitar as artifact, equip it; it'll make your 
    Rakshasa's masters of the Battle. Their Charge is changed to 4! And their 
    Att. Power is at 125%. 
    This level is pretty quick, I guess to Programmers were like; been there, 
    done that. 
    Now, let's go ALL THE WAY BACK to the prison. There's a Guard standing 
    here, just defeat him, although he's quite annoying, and somehow, you never 
    get a starting formation. He'll keep spawning Djinns and he'll keep using 
    them on your Rakshasa's. But he's doable after a while. Just wait for a 
    Rakshasa to stay alive, buy building walls, and attacking the newly spawned 
    Djinns, as a reward you'll get the Phoenix Feather. The other reason why 
    you needed to go down here, was to replenish your Mages. Now head back up 
    to the 3rd floor, by engaging the red Mage. He's not too hard, but believe 
    me; Kill his Champions before he can Charge them. Once they're charging, 
    All the Core Units will be placed in the most positive way to build Walls 
    for the enemy. So; While they're idle, slay his champions. Use the same 
    tactic on the 3rd floor with the next Red Mage-Party. Now, talk to Regular 
    Wizard, guarding a cage and make sure you defeat him. Only thing to it; 
    Kill his champion, quickly. That is everything, nothing more or less; 
    You'll get a Phoenix! 
    Secret Champion Unit 
    Charge: 6 
    Lv. 1 
    Att. Power: 80 
    Def.: 16 
    It'll spread fire in the 2 Column's right in his path AND if it's charging 
    and you're unfortunate enough to die; You'll resurrect. Switch this Unit 
    with the Rakshasa. Also, this guy can summon all your Elites and Champions 
    for Free! 
    Now, unequip the Artifact, Scimitar and equip the Battle Wand, and attack 
    the Next Red Mage-party, which is easy, when you use the same tactic I 
    explain earlier. Now walk up to Azh Rafir's Chambre; some dialogue and 
    scenes start with a lot of Twist; I'm not saying anything except the bosses 
    names [Be Warned For Spoilers] 
     Now the interesting Part starts. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Aidan controlled by Azh Rafir>>>} 
    You're Godric, trying to convince your brother. Equip the Priest and the 
    Sword Master, and for the Core, go nuts. Aidan start the same; with making 
    2 Abyssal Lords, 2 Nightmares and 2 Core-Formations. Well; This is a heavy 
    one, fire everything you've got right at those monsters, or else, you're 
    dead meat since he has 150 HP. With a little bit of luck you can have your 
    Holy Shield up and ready, and use it when the Abyssal Lords are about to 
    attack to nullify the attack. The Most Frustrating Part of this battle is 
    that he keeps Summoning Demons which will drop just in the right way so 
    that  he can fuse, link and chain everything perfectly. But if you destroy 
    the Elites and Champions before they're Charging, you should be cool. And 
    there's always the ability to build walls or simply Holy Shield. 
    -There won't be a Save-moment between the bosses- 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Azh Rafir>>>} 
    You're Aidan, trying to end this war, once and for all! Equip the Succubus 
    and the Nightmare. 
    Now, Azh Rafir is HARD. He is level 15. And has 2 Champions on level 3. By 
    looking only at the starting screen; This Is Gonne Be An Epic Showdown. He 
    starts with a barricade of walls and nothing more. He also has 200 HP; so 
    be ready for a lengthy battle. Best advice: Try Chaining, Link and Fusing 
    your Nightmare, try to Activate all of your NightMares. The Occasional 
    Succubus to clear a column is wise, and for the rest of the Core Units, 
    build Walls for Fiery Brimstone. Next move is a HARD ONE. He'll spawn two 
    Rakshasa's. Be Ready to make a lot of walls and Nightmares. Right after 
    that, there's a Phoenix. Just keep building those Walls and Nightmares. 
    Right after these Attacks he'll use an Attack with his Staff. Which he 
    shoots in a column for some Minor Damage, although the staff sticks in the 
    ground counting down from 2. And when the Staff Reaches 0, it'll explode, 
    leaving an AoE-effect. From here on, it's a regular battle.  After he hits 
    100 HP, he'll spawn another 2 Rakshasa's and another Phoenix. So don't try 
    to finish him off in once, you won't succeed and after your Attempt, he'll 
    spawn these monsters again. So take it nice and slow.  It took me 5,5 
    times; since in the last Battle, I killed him while he had a Charging 
    Phoenix. But it will only bring back 10%, in case you're wondering, which 
    is 20%. Victory! 
    And you thought you were done, didn't you? 
    In case you want 100%, you can go outside the building and on the 3rd 
    there's a Guard, which grants you Lion's Mane upon Victory. The 2nd floor 
    also has a guard, with the Doubling Cape. 
    Now, head back up and confront Lord BloodCrown. 
    {<<<Boss Battle: Lord Bloodcrown>>>} 
    Now, this is a boss-battle which kind of looks familiar. He has One Head 
    and Two Hands, he has 400 HP. Start off with your Spell and get on with 
    Chaining, Linking and Fusing. His attacks vary from; 
    -Shooting two balls out of each hand one, charging 3 turns, starting at 30. 
    -His eyes turn blue, charging every turn an extra 10 damage, which you 
    can't hit away. Meaning you have to build up a defense, for when the attack 
    is fully charged; doing 100 damage to the 4th + 5th Column. These Eyes will 
    also charge up when he kills one of your Units. 
    This is the only thing he does; Just watch the hands and attack those. 
    Because if he fires them, so you think damage. So his eyes charge up 
    FASTER. So he will do a Lot of Damage in mere seconds. 
    Congratulations, you've beaten Lord BloodCrown, now watch the very Awesome 
    Ending Scenes, and you unlocked Cyrus. Enjoy the Epilogue and the Credits. 
    4) Bounty Hunter quests		[not yet added] 
    5) Artifacts				[not yet added] 
    6) Hero/Unit List			[not yet added] 
    7) Epilogue 
    I took the liberty of Copying the whole Epilogue, for you: 
    Anwen's skills and fame grew into those of a legendary Ranger who traveled 
    far and wide across the lands of Ashan. 
    Godric became Lord High Constable of the Griffin Empire and the right hand 
    of both King Alexei and his son, King Nicolai. 
    Fiona married Prince Alexei, becoming Queen Fiona and mother of King 
    Aidan, steadfast in his hatred of demons, joined the fabled order of the 
    Dragon Knights and continued his personal war against the hordes of Urgash. 
    Nadia and Cyrus eventually married and gave birth to a young mage named 
    Zehir, who came to rule the Silver Cities. 
    8) Credits. 
    Me 				[suggestions and tips; dschuijers@hotmail.com] 
    My Girlfriend, Eva		[for being so patient] 
    AlvinSpark			[Necropolis X-sidequest] 
    Thank You.

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