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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ash_Pikachu_

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/04/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: Ash_Pikachu
    Table of Contents:
    1: Introduction and how to read this guide
    2: Controls
    3: Jellyfishing
    4: Meeting Sandy
    5: Talent Show
    6: Salty Spitoon
    7: The Fry Chef
    8: Meeting Santa
    9: Super-Heroes
    10: Squid’s First Patty
    11: 24-Hour Work Shift
    12: Krusty Krab Chopper
    13: Krusty Krab Recall
    14: Final Boss
    15: Outro, Legal Crap, and Contact Info
    16: Version History
    1: Introduction and how to read this guide:
    Hi! This is my first FAQ, so I’d just like to get that out of the way.  This 
    walkthrough is for the DS version of the game. If you have the Wii, Xbox, or 
    PSP versions of the game, kindly turn away from this page. Now. Anyways, here’s 
    how to read this guide. I’m doing this Sonic the Hedgehog style. Each level 
    will be called a “Zone.” Each part of the Zone will be called an “Act.” Most 
    Zones have three Acts, except for the Salty Spitoon and Squid’s First Patty, 
    and the Final Boss. Those have one act. Those Zones that I just mentioned will 
    be broken down into “phases.” Those Zones have 5 phases each. Now that this 
    block of text is out of the way, here is how to play...
    2: Controls:
    This is, by no means, a simple game. There is a lot to do, and this game 
    requires quick thinking. Here are the controls.
    D-pad: Move character
    B Button: Jump or double jump
    A button: Ranged attack
    X Button: Spin attack
    Y Button: Hammer attack
    You will also use the stylus for various things. If you’re in the gumball, you 
    use the stylus to bungee, etc.
    There is a ton to do. The game explains it quite well, and it turns out, you 
    can use the stylus to attack as well, but I only know how to do the Hammer 
    attack with the stylus. So if you like using the stylus for stuff, no dice. 
    Also, as an added note, there are pickups scattered across the levels. Most of 
    these are little coins that are yellow, silver, or gold. These are “happy 
    tokens.” How cliche can you get? Yellows are worth one. Silvers are worth five, 
    and golds are worth twenty-five. Collecting enough of these, a hundred I think, 
    will make you Musclebob. It gives you certain perks that include invincibility, 
    (only works once) breaking Stone Tikis, bashing enemies with one move, etc. 
    Certain enemies will die better to certain moves. It’s like rock, paper 
    scissors, so to speak. Hammer beats spinning. Spinning beats ranged. Ranged 
    beats hammer. There are other pickups that are very well explained by the game. 
    Another pickup that helps with completion, but is not required, is the memory 
    fragment. It’s a blue rectangle. I will not give the locations of these, 
    because they aren’t important.
    3: Jellyfishing
    Zone 1, Act 1: 
    Welcome to the game! This is a very easy Zone. Before we actually get to the 
    level, you start the game watching a cutscene about how Spongebob loses track 
    of the Krabby Patty formula. It turns out he remembers important stuff by 
    having happy memories of things of no relevance to the subject. Who knew? So 
    he, Plankton, and the rest of Spongebob’s friends set out for a trip down 
    memory lane. Here, Patrick brings up jellyfishing, therefore leading us to the 
    first page in Spongebob’s memory book. 
    To beat this easy Act, start by going to the right. You will come across 
    something that looks like Gary. The pink thing. This is a help tiki. Ignore it. 
    I already explained what it says. Jump the gap. It only requires a single jump. 
    If you’re worried, you can double jump, just to be safe. Proceed right, until 
    you come across another help tiki. Stop here. Here is your first enemy. It’s a 
    hammerer. Hit it with a ranged attack and move on. This is an easy enemy. 
    Believe me. They will get bigger and stronger. Keep going right, until you find 
    your third help tiki. Attack this one, as it will give you info on the gumball. 
    Hit that pink spot and you will be immobile. You will be in the bubble. This is 
    what I call the gumball. Drag the stylus across the screen toward the upper-
    right corner of the Touch Screen. Do it quickly, but not too quickly. Do it a 
    couple of times to get used to how this works, and use a spin attack to free 
    yourself. Next, you should come across a river. Believe it or not, Plankton’s 
    here to help! Tap the stylus on the icon in the water, and he’ll make a bridge 
    with his laser thingy. Once across, you will find another enemy. This one’s a 
    spinner. Hit him with the hammer. Once he’s gone, you will come across another 
    help tiki, a pair of underwear, and your first checkpoint! 
    Just after the checkpoint, which, by the way, is the foghorn, will be the third 
    type of enemy. He’s the stubby green thing. This is a shooter. Hit him with a 
    spin attack. Double-jump to get to the ledge. There will be a spinner here. 
    Hammer him. Drop from the ledge to find a hammerer. Shoot him and jump on the 
    trampoline. On the next cliff, you will see a hammerer in the distance. Get 
    ready to shoot him, as he will come to you. You will notice another help tiki. 
    Attack it, and it will tell you about hovering tikis. One will come to you. 
    It’s that green thing with the propeller on the bottom. It’s okay if you miss, 
    the next platform will catch you. Continue right to find another help tiki, 
    with red things nearby. These red things are regular tikis. Destroy them, and 
    they’ll reward you with a yellow happy coin. There are three of them. Spin 
    attack them, for the most convenience. You can move while spinning, and if you 
    keep pushing the X button, you can spin longer. Fall onto the next platform. 
    Jump into the pool. It the pink thing with purple water in it. Jump into it, 
    and you’ll be stuck in a bubble! Blow on the Touch screen to go up. You still 
    use the D-pad to move, though you will move slowly. Use a spin attack to free 
    yourself. On this ledge, you will find, yet another help tiki, but more 
    importantly, a gold happy coin! Your happy meter should be at around 75 when 
    you get it. Fall from the ledge to the next help tiki. In front of it is 
    another gold coin. This will turn you into Musclebob, provided you got every 
    coin. Conveniently, there are stone tikis littered through here. Only Musclebob 
    can break stone tikis. If you destroy them, they give you a gold coin. After 
    those, you will find a super hammerer. This one is much bigger than a standard 
    hammerer. Hit it with a ranged attack, but since you’re Musclebob, it’s really 
    more like a cannon. Standard Spongebob must hit this thing three times with 
    ranged attacks before it goes down, but not Musclebob! After you shoot it, a 
    silver coin will come out of it.  continue onto that red thing. 
    Congratulations! You beat Act 1! You will enter a save area. Tap Patrick with 
    the stylus, and he’ll ask you if you remember anything, and offer to save your 
    game. Answer “yes.” Go right. You will now enter Act 2.
    Zone 1, Act 2:
    Phase 1:
    You’re probably wondering why this is phase 1. There are two parts to this Act. 
    This one is the first. Right off the bat, there’s an obstacle. Jump over those 
    spikes. You should still be Musclebob, unless that super hammerer got you. You 
    will be confronted by a shooter and a spinner. Spin attack the shooter, and 
    hammer the spinner. If you did that, and proceed right, rocks will raise from 
    the ground! You must defeat the robot in the back spawning other robots. You 
    beat him by having him run out of ammo, or robots to shoot at you. You must 
    defeat three robots to beat this one. It’s completely random which robots he 
    throws at you. I recently found this out. When he dies, the rocks will 
    collapse, letting you go onward. Next, get two more happy points by getting 
    those tikis. There is also underwear if you lost Musclebob during that fight, 
    or never had him at all. The second help tiki of this Act is coming up. It 
    explains water tikis and fountains. If you jump into a fountain, you become 
    Waterbob. You can squirt a torrent of water three times. You can use it to 
    inflate water tikis, stun robots, make bridges, and defuse exploding tikis. 
    Water tikis are those skinny things, that are kind of brownish. In their 
    deflated form, they are very fragile, and break if you jump on them, but they 
    regenerate after a short time. If you bash them, they give you a yellow coin. 
    Take advantage of this. They still regenerate. It can give you Musclebob if 
    you’re patient. If they’re inflated, you can jump on them. First, find a 
    fountain. Jump over the water tiki. The fountain should be there. You’ll come 
    out very big after you jump in. You’re Waterbob. Waterbob can spray water, but 
    it only stuns robots, so it’s not a weapon, he moves slower than Spongebob, and 
    can’t double jump. Why go through being Waterbob if you can double-jump that 
    ledge? If you climb to that next ledge, you’ll see a water icon. That’s why you 
    need to do it. So jump into the fountain,  inflate the water tiki, and get up. 
    Next, get on that hover tiki, on the ledge and blast that water icon! A rainbow 
    will appear. Press the A button quickly. A spinner is on the other side. Hammer 
    him! If you fell, get across the rainbow bridge, and fall down. It’s safe. 
    After the landing, there’s a shooter, and a checkpoint!
    After the checkpoint, there is a help tiki, a fountain, and an exploding tiki. 
    The exploding tiki is the dark green thing. If you get too close, it’ll turn 
    red. Get back if it does! It’s going to explode when it turns red! There will 
    be another exploding tiki. You can set this one off too. Get in the fountain 
    anyway. You’ll need it. After becoming Waterbob, proceed right to find a water 
    icon. You need to blast it. Another rainbow will appear. After that, you can 
    release water. Take the trampoline to find a super hammerer. Find the next help 
    tiki. With it, you’ll see a blue-grey pedestal with a white thing coming out of 
    it. This is a hammer button. Hammer it, and the rock next to it will collapse.
    Phase 2:
    Continue moving right, to find another blue-grey pedestal. This is a crank. Use 
    a spin attack to turn it. Keep pressing the button for the fastest activation. 
    If you want two golds, get in the pool, if you have less than 25 left on your 
    happy meter, free Musclebob. You can double-jump for one of them. Anyways, turn 
    the crank and jump to the top. Go down the ledges. Hold down, and go right. 
    Proceed right. If you’re not Musclebob, you may feel the urge to turn back at 
    the next fright. It’s a super spinner. Hammer it three times if you’re 
    Spongebob, once of you’re Musclebob. Once you’ve beaten him, you get to another 
    First, get the shooter. Spin attack him. Proceeding to the right, there will be 
    a button in the distace. This is a range button. Shoot at it. A bridge will 
    lower. What kind of technology is in those rocks? There’s a gear and chain 
    system in those rocks to lower a bridge? Who’d have thought? Keeping the pace, 
    You will come to an open, grassy area. Sound suspicious? It should. More rocks 
    will extrude from the ground. Yep, another spawner battle. This one has four 
    robots to throw at you. You know the drill. Moving right along... there’s 
    something we haven’t seen yet! It’s a character pickup. If you touch it, 
    Patrick appears from nowhere, and turns you into a giant hammer. You are now 
    playing as Patrick. See that colorful thing in the distance? You want to smack 
    that thing. Press the Y button to press the green button. This will remove the 
    brain coral, allowing you to finish the Act. Once you beat the heck out of that 
    button, you are playing as Spongy again. Go toward that red... stage... 
    thingamabob. There will be another save point. Tap Patrick with the stylus, and 
    he’ll tell you that there are a ton of jellyfish ahead. He’ll offer to save 
    your game. Answer “yes.” Keep moving right, to Act 3.
    Zone 1, Act 3: 
    Mini-game time! To play, use the D-Pad to move Spongebob. Twirl the stylus 
    around him to swing your net in a circular motion. If any pink jellyfish come 
    into contact with the net, they’re 10 points. Blue jellyfish are worth 50. If a 
    jellyfish comes in contact with you, you get stung and lose 5 points. Because 
    you’re swinging your net while spinning in circles, Spongebob has a tendency to 
    get dizzy. There is a bar at the bottom of the Touch Screen that tells you how 
    dizzy Spongebob is. Don’t let that get full. Bad things happen otherwise. 
    Another thing to watch out for is Patrick. He’ll jump in trying to catch 
    jellyfish too. He always moves in a straight line. It will appear in red. 
    Whatever jellyfish he snags, you don’t, so be on your guard. You have one 
    minute to bag 300 points. Doing that unlocks Zone 2. You also get your first 
    happy item: The Jellyfish Net!
    4: Meeting Sandy
    Zone 2: Act 1
    Yeah! You beat the easiest level in the game! Now for Zone 2! At the start, 
    move right and rack up four quick coins by destroying the tikis. You should see 
    a rather dumb hammerer. There will also be a shooter. I’m not going to tell you 
    what to do with them, since both the game and I expect you to know what to do 
    at this point. Continuing right, there will be a super spinner. Beat him, and 
    proceed. You will almost hit a wall. Almost. It is possible to traverse that 
    muck. Keep jumping. Once you make it out, there will be a spinner. Beat him, 
    keep going right, and jump onto the ledge. There will be a fountain, and vines. 
    The vines have a water icon. I think you know where this is going. Squirt the 
    vines. Once atop the vines, hammer the button. It’ll somehow cause the 
    waterfall to stop making water fall. Get the coin if you want. Once across, 
    Guess who will be waiting for you? A super spinner! Beat him, and shoot the 
    button to make the bridge fall. Take the tramp, to the first checkpoint.
    Now, make your way right. What’s that rumbling? Oh, no. It’s another spawner 
    battle! When you beat him, the rocks crumble. Continue right into more muck. 
    Once you’re across, there is a super hammerer. Once you beat him, there is a 
    touch icon. Touch it, and Plankton will make a temporary bridge with his laser 
    thing. That button is completely optional. You don’t have to push it, unless 
    you want memory fragments. Continue right for a spinner. By now, your happy 
    meter should be around 50. There will be a lake and a raft. The raft is moving 
    in a circle. Hop on and stay on the far edge. Across the river, you should see 
    a character pickup! This time, you’re playing as Sandy if you pick it up. Sandy 
    seems to move quite quickly. Hightail it over to the pool, and blow your way 
    up. Find the colorful crank, and start spinning. Keep pressing the button so 
    you make it. 
    Once Sandy raises the bridge, you’re free to explore the treetops! Jump up to 
    the next one, and get the shooter. Go down on the D-pad to hammer a button. 
    That will make the tall grass disappear. Backtrack to the bridge. Free fall 
    from the bridge to the platform below. Continue right until you reach a touch 
    icon. Touch it, and Plankton will make a bridge. Jump onto and off of it. You 
    will have to defeat a hammerer, and there’s a checkpoint!
    After the checkpoint, you’re going to have to go back to the gumball. Aim for 
    that ledge. Go down the stairs. Gold coin, for the win. A little ways right, 
    you should get enough to become Musclebob. This is good. There’s a spawner 
    battle right here! Continue right to finish the Act. Save point! You know the 
    drill. On to Act 2!
    Zone 2, Act 2:
    Phase 1:
    Start the Act like any other. Go right until you see a fountain.  Become 
    Waterbob. There are vines that need watering. Once you do that, get rid of the 
    excess water, and hop in the pool. Blow your way across the gap. You will need 
    to hammer a button. Wither and die, tall grass! No one likes you! Continue 
    right. Ooh! A checkpoint!
    After the checkpoint, there is a spinner that needs stopping. Grab the 
    underwear if you feel necessary, and get ready to log roll! Ugh. I hate the log 
    rolls. Get on the right side of the log and start running left. If you head 
    toward the top, stop running for a half second. If you make it across, there is 
    underwear and a hammerer. I advise shooting the hammerer first. Next, find your 
    way to a gum patch. use it to cross the next gap. When you’re across, move 
    right to find a water tiki, a fountain, and, atop the ledge, a super hammerer. 
    First, the super hammerer. You can actually shoot him from the air. Move to a 
    place he can’t get you and start blasting. Next, get in the fountain. Spray the 
    water tiki. Stay Waterbob. Get on the ledge and spray the vines. You can 
    release the water now. Keep moving right, and you’ll bump into a spinner. Shoot 
    the button, cross the bridge, and grab the character pickup in the distance. 
    But how? It’s too far away to be collected by normal means. Tap it with the 
    stylus, and Plankton will do a tractor beam thing. You should now be playing as 
    Sandy. Drop from the ledge, and start turning the crank. Once across the newly 
    made bridge, go ahead and kill the hammerer, and there’s another checkpoint!
    That rumbling means another spawner battle! Can’t we just finish the act? It 
    was bad enough that the log was there! Whatever. Jump on the ledge, when he’s 
    down, of course, defeat the super hammerer, and pick up all the coins. Yay! 
    You’re Musclebob now! There will be a fountain and vines right next to each 
    other. I think you know what to do. After watering the vines, release the water 
    that you have, and climb up.
    Phase 2:
    Yay! Checkpoint! After you hit it, you should see a fountain and four tikis. 
    Snuggle up in between the gap between the tikis, and spin attack! Now, you can 
    jump in the fountain, and become Waterbob. Hop on that boat moving up and down. 
    When you can, get on the treetops. There will be a set of vines. Water them. 
    Why are we promoting vines, yet killing tall grass? Oh, the humanity! Anyways, 
    in the distance, you should see a super spinner. Get ready for him. Cross the 
    vines, and get him! Get him!  Kill, KILL! Shoot the button, and the bridge will 
    drop. Wait. There’s tall grass in the way. Go left, jump the minuscule gap, and 
    hop in the pool. Blow your way across the gap. You don’t need much to get him 
    high up in the air. Once on the next platform, destroy the two robots. They’re 
    a shooter and a super hammerer. Aren’t they annoying? Hammer the button, and 
    the aforementioned tall grass will be dead. Continue, and there will be a touch 
    icon in a river. You know what that means! Plankton, time to go to work. Still 
    on that part of the bridge, you have to touch another icon. Quickly get from 
    that platform to the other. On this next platform, there will be a hammerer, 
    and a shooter. Destroy them both, and locate the gum patch. You know the drill. 
    Well, with every gum patch, I’ve noticed, there is a arrow sign to tell you 
    where to go. Hammer the button, and the waterfall will dry up. I never thought 
    I’d ever say this, but droughts for the win! Once across that area that the 
    waterfall was raging... oh, no, not another one! Spawner battle time! When it’s 
    done, pick up the nearby underwear if you want. Oh, look. Another checkpoint.
    Oh, no! Oh heck no! Please, no! Another log. If you cross, there will be a raft 
    ride and a fountain. You’ve done Waterbob before, and we all know he sucks at 
    almost everything. Jump on the raft, and get close to the edge as possible. 
    Wait until you start to near the area most into the background. Waterbob takes 
    a while to jump, so be prepared. If you make it, water the vines. Release the 
    water afterward. Hammer the button. Almost done! Head back to where the raft is 
    swirling. After making it to where the tall grass was blocking you off, enter 
    this area. Final stretch! Watch out for the exploding tikis and super 
    hammerers. Alright, there’s the stage! Save your game and onto Act 3!
    Zone 2, Act 3:
    Walking to Sandy’s house, Spongebob sees his next happy item! But, before we 
    can get it, there has to be an Act 3, right? Out of nowhere, a huge robot comes 
    out! This is a big one, but not as big as what we’ll see later. We’ll call this 
    the Submarine. It will start charging toward you. Get out of the way! Once that 
    fails, it will charge at you again and start spinning. He’ll charge at you when 
    you’re far away. Jump and hammer it while it’s spinning. It will get dizzy and 
    bang it’s head on the ground. Move away when it does, but not so far away that 
    you can’t hit it. It’s vulnerable to taking damage now. Shift to it’s back arc 
    and hammer it. It has taken a point of damage and is angry now. You ticked him 
    off. Keep doing this. After he’s taken two points of damage, when it does the 
    head smash move, it may bang its head on the ground multiple times. All bosses 
    in this game die when they take five points of damage. With the Submarine out 
    of the way, this leaves Spongebob to get his second happy item, The Iced Tea. 
    Congratulations! You beat Zone 2!
    5: Talent Show
    Zone 3, Act 1:
    Phase 1:
    Well that’s kind of mean! They put an enemy right in front of you in the start! 
    It’s obviously a hammerer, so you know what to do. You’ve seen plenty of 
    hammerers and super hammerers. Jump the line of pufferfish, and you’ll meet a 
    new type of enemy. This one’s a burrower. He’s only vulnerable at certain 
    times. Spin attack him when he’s out of the ground. He takes two hits. Next, 
    get the spinner in the distance. Don’t go to him, he’ll come to you. Have your 
    hammer ready when he does. Next, go to the illuminated area to find a gum 
    patch. When you’re in the gumball, Drag the stylus up to stick to another gum 
    patch. Now, drag the stylus right and spin attack. You may see a shooter in the 
    distance. He’s too far away to spin attack him, so he’s either meant to leave 
    as is, or you can get him indirectly.  Either one works. If you choose to get 
    him. Spin attack when he shoots, and stand still. You should be doing a spin 
    attack, though. You can deflect his bullets into himself. Do this twice. If you 
    want the coin, tap it with your stylus. Jump the spikes, and there will be a 
    hammer button and a GOLD COIN! Get the coin, and your meter will be at about 
    40, maybe? Anyways, hammer the button, and a rock will collapse. Go back down, 
    and jump the line of puffers. There will be an open bridge and a touch icon. 
    See where this is going? Touch the icon, and the bridge will fall. Give it a 
    few seconds, it will.
    You should’ve passed a checkpoint. If you did, then jump over the puffers and 
    climb the ladder. Avoid the next puffer, and fall down the next two ledges. Get 
    the next two enemies, who are both spinners. Fall down the next ledges, and 
    there will be another spawner battle! Or will there?  The camera will focus on 
    one side of the field, where rocks are uprooting themselves. Then it will focus 
    on the other side, where an open bridge lays with a touch icon. A command will 
    pop up, saying, “Activate the device!” The spawner won’t die until you do so. 
    You can use this to gain Musclebob, if you really want to. Your meter will be 
    at around 50. This means you’ll have to beat 10 to 50 enemies if you want him. 
    I suggest you pass. Once the bridge is down, the spawner dies.
    After the nearby checkpoint, you will come across a fountain, and a water icon. 
    If you want to jump the gap beforehand to see what there is that you can pickup 
    or defeat, there’s a shooter and two silvers. after you collect those, head 
    back to the fountain, and become Waterbob. When you jump, you should barely 
    make the gap. Spray the water icon, and a staircase made of sponge will pop up. 
    Who saw that coming a mile away? Atop the ledge is a super spinner.  Avoid the 
    spikes, and fall sown the next ledge to find a super hammerer. You should be 
    able to beat him from that top ledge. Once he’s done, Grab the silver he drops, 
    and get the gold to the South, to become Musclebob!
    Phase 2:
    There’s a checkpoint right off the bat. Climb the hill, and get the hammerer. 
    Go into that alley to pick up a character pickup. Now you’re Squidward. If 
    you’re noticing a pattern, it’s that Patrick excels with hammer attacks, Sandy 
    excels with spin attacks, so Squidward must excel with ranged attacks. As 
    Squid, hop into that fountain. You’ll notice he jumps rather high, and falls 
    slowly. Blow your way to the top of that building, and shoot at the colorful 
    thing. If you hit it, a rock blocking your way will collapse, letting you 
    continue. Avoid the spikes, and make your way across the oil to find yourself 
    in a pitch-dark area. Tap the touch icons to reveal the spikes that are hidden. 
    when you’re done crossing another oily area, hop into a fountain to become 
    Waterbob. Hop onto the hover tiki that is staring you down. Make sure you never 
    blink. When at the top, hop on the conveyor belt. Jump over the first two 
    purple lasers, but blast the last set. This will disable them, letting you go 
    past. Release the water and shoot the button. This will make the nearby rock 
    crumble. Jump down, and proceed right. Shoot the hammerer, and jump onto an 
    oily ledge. More rumbling, you know the drill. Spawner battle time! When you’re 
    done, go down the hill, avoiding the puffers. Jump the spikes, and shoot the 
    button. A bridge will fall, leading you to your next checkpoint.
    Right off the bat, you will find a touch icon and a crank. It doesn’t matter 
    what you activate first. Turning the crank raises the platform needed to get 
    across, the touch icon will light up a dark area, revealing spikes. There will 
    be another hover tiki with another touch icon. This one does the same thing: 
    illuminating spikes. Jump onto the next conveyor belt. This one has no 
    obstacles, but is against the flow of where you’re going. Run onto the next 
    one, which will speed you up, but there are puffers. Run onto the next oily 
    area... oh, not this again! A spawner battle, of course. Moving right,when you 
    beat him of course, you will come across... oh, no... it’s... it’s... THE 
    STAGE! Save point! Let’s go to Act 2!
    Zone 3, Act 2:
    Phase 1: 
    Moving right along, you will see a conveyor belt, some purple lasers, and a 
    trampoline. Jump on the tramp to reach the rooftop of a building. Take the 
    conveyor belts down, avoiding any lasers. Keep going right to... a spawner 
    battle. Yay. When that’s done, CHECKPOINT!
    Hmm, I wonder what’s down that pit. Let’s explore! But we aren’t going to, 
    because, unless you want coins, it’s not mandatory! Hop in the fountain that IS 
    mandatory and blow to the top of the building. Ignore that button, as it 
    doesn’t do anything important. Hop the gaps, and get the character pickup. Yay! 
    You’re Squidward!
    Ooh, Squid checkpoint. Anyway, hop onto the boat, and shoot the button. You 
    should be close to achieving Musclebob, if not already there. If you go onto 
    the wood thing, you can advance by going onto the next rooftop, and take the 
    conveyors down. Go right to whatever phase it is, 2, I think. Yes. Phase 2.
    Phase 2:
    Moving along, there will be a burrower. I hate the burrowers. They always make 
    me lose Musclebob. Anyways, there will be a crank to turn. Do it. After 
    crossing the newly made bridge, there will be a spawner battle. Wow, Bikini 
    Bottom is packed with spawners today, isn’t it? Anyways, when you’re done, 
    you’ll come across a help tiki with a new enemy behind it. It’s a springboard. 
    You can’t defeat it, but you can get to high places using it. After hitting it, 
    It’ll stop moving, leaving you to get those yellows and a suit. A suit is 
    equivalent to two pairs of underwear. Anyways, go down the conveyors, avoiding 
    lasers. Follow the path to the next checkpoint.
    Near this checkpoint is a springboard. Use it to get another suit. Anyways, 
    moving right, you’ll find a super spinner guarding a button. Shoot the button 
    when you’re done hammering the crap out of the super spinner. Across the 
    bridge, you’ll find more conveyor belts. Hop onto the small, red-orange-
    brownish platform in front of you. This seems an unlikely place for a spawner 
    battle, but there is one here. Follow the path to the next gap. On this 
    platform there’s a springboard. Ignore him. Whack him, but don’t jump on him. 
    Poor springboard. All he wants is to be jumped on. Anyways, hop on and off the 
    boat going up and down as quick as you can. Jump off the ledge, take care of 
    the super spinner, and there’s the stage! Let’s get to the save point and to 
    Act 3!
    Zone 3, Act 3:
    Yay! Minigame time! We watch a cutscene of Squidward getting pelted with 
    tomatoes. He tells you to get out there and clean up the mess. This is one of 
    those timing games. I’ll give you the pattern for every part. I believe each 
    splat is worth 10 points. If you hit dead center, it’s 20 points. Each time you 
    miss, you lose 10 points. You can’t have a score less than 0 at any time. You 
    need to score 600 points to move on. Here are the beats. There are 4 counts in 
    every pattern, with a maximum of 8 beats. 
    s= short note (tap)
    l=long note (hold for duration)
    r= rest (do nothing)
    s, r, s, r, s, r, s, r.
    s, r, s, r, s, r, s, r.
    r, s, r, s, r, s, r, s.
    r, s, r, s, r, s, r, s.
    s, s, s, s, r, l, l, l.
    s, s, s, s, r, s, r, r.
    r, s, s, s, r, s, s, s.
    r, s, s, l, l, s, s, r.
    s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s.
    s, s, s, s, s, s, s, r.
    r, r, r, l, l, s, s, s.
    l, l, l, l, r, s, r, r.
    If you score 600 or more, you win your third happy item, the Mop. Onto zone 4!
    6: Salty Spitoon
    Zone 4:
    Phase 1:
    If you’re wondering why I didn’t put an Act Number there, it’s that Zones 4, 8, 
    and 12 have one act. This is the second of six boss battles. It starts with you 
    and Patrick out in the streets. They come to an intersection of the Salty 
    Spitoon and Wienie Hut Jr. This is when Spongebob goes on about how fun their 
    fake fight was. He quotes it until “You’re going down, tubby!” This is when 
    Patrick gets mad and leaves. Spongebob feels a rumbling behind him, turns 
    around and screams. It’s a giant robot replica of Patrick! When the battle 
    begins, you’ll see “Patrick” pull a giant mace out of his mouth. Nice hinging, 
    Plankton. We all know you’re behind this. Anyway, you need to find a crank and 
    turn it. Fast. “Patrick” will advance toward you and get ready to slam his mace 
    on the ground. It takes him a little while to charge up, so get out of the way, 
    unless you’re an expert crank turner. When you’re done turning the crank, a 
    crane will get into position, and drop a package onto a catapult. Now, hightail 
    it to the other side of the field, where a hammer button awaits you. Hammer it, 
    and the package will fly into “Patrick’s” head. He will charge toward you 
    twice. On the second time, in mid-charge, he will get tired, leaving him 
    vulnerable. Hammer his front arc, then his back arc.
    Phase 2:
    Congratulations! “Patrick” has taken a point of damage! He’s angry. Angry 
    enough to mess with you a little. He will fire spikes from his mouth. Enough to 
    make three straight lines. You have to avoid those. Those coupled with him... 
    yeah, ouch. Go back to the crank and turn it. This will move the crane into 
    place again, and drop the package again. Head over to the button again. Keep in 
    mind he will still attack you. Hit the button to fling the package at his head. 
    Why can’t you just hit him with a ranged attack? I guess he’s too big. Wait for 
    him to get dizzy, attack his front arc, then his back arc again.
    Phase 3:
    I like how these robots just get angrier and angrier. Now he’s gonna mess with 
    you some more. He’s going to head over to a nearby truck filled with oil, and 
    hammer near it, causing oil to spill over about a third of the battlefield. 
    Turn the crank, hammer the button. The thing I find funny is that once the 
    package hits his head, his mace just disappears! Where does it go? Anyways, now 
    when “Patrick” charges at you, it will be three times. In the middle of his 
    third charge, he will get tired. You know what to do. Hammer his front arc, 
    then his back arc.
    Phase 4:
    Wow, all that abuse, and he’s still raring to go. He’s not letting up with his 
    tricks, either. I’ve got to give him kudos. Now, he’s going to fire more spikes 
    from his mouth. Now, we've got a full hexagon of spikes to avoid. It’s probably 
    best to avoid the center at this point. You know the drill at this point. Turn 
    the crank, then hammer the button. “Patrick” will charge at you three times 
    still. When he gets tired, Hammer his front arc, then his back arc.
    Phase 5:
    Almost done, and if robots could turn red, he’d be past there. What is he going 
    to do this time? How about hammer some holes in the ground by the crank? He 
    already screwed up the area around the button with the oil. The good news is, 
    if you go in the holes, you don’t die, the bad news is, they’re full of the 
    muck from Zone 2. Carefully make your way around the holes to the crank, to get 
    the crane in position one last time. Quick! To the button! Hammer it one last 
    time. He’ll charge at you four times now! Avoiding him can be tough now. Maybe 
    he was setting up to kill you right now. Well it isn’t happening! When he gets 
    tired, hammer him in the front arc, then the back arc. Yay! You beat him. The 
    robot will hang his head in shame and slowly fly away. It’ll look like he’s 
    crying. He’s probably going to tell his mommy that a little yellow ant bullied 
    him. Upon “Patrick’s” leaving, the real Patrick will return. You will receive 
    your fourth happy item, the Hot Dog! Congrats! You’re a third of the way done 
    with the game!
    7: The Fry Chef
    Zone 5, Act 1:
    Phase 1:
    Alright! Finally, a level that starts somewhat peaceful. Collect the coins at 
    your leisure. When you come to a hill facing downward, you will find hammerers 
    on it. You know what to do. If not, that’s kind of sad. Find a gum patch, 
    unless you want to go off the ledge for an extra 5 or so happy points. Off the 
    ledge, you will find the worst creation yet. An ultra spinner! I think the 
    difference between his super and ultra form is that he has a little more reach. 
    Anyways, if you beat him, a hammerer may fall from the sky. When you’re done 
    with him, go ahead onto the gum patch. Aim for that cliff. Once you got it, 
    spin to let go. When you cross this next bridge, you’ll notice it tilts! This 
    is a seesaw. If you stand too close to the edge, you will fall into the pit. 
    You will. Jump onto the next cliff and over the spikes. If you want to go down 
    there to see what you can get, that’s okay. Be warned, there is an ultra 
    hammerer down there. He definitely has better reach on his weapon. Turns out, 
    you have to go down there. You’ll pick up 7 coins (two yellows and a silver), 
    and a suit. Hammer the button down there, and you’ll be able to advance. Get a 
    hold on the wires. and use the D-pad to control Spongebob, or whoever’s on 
    After the nearby checkpoint, you will come across a hammerer and an ultra 
    hammerer. Curse his big, yellow mallet. Anyways, jump on the tramp. It will 
    lead you to a big, open area. Uh, oh. Sounds like a spawner battle to me. What 
    do you know? I was right. Hop to the next ledge to face your next enemies: a 
    hammerer and a super shooter. He looks like a standard shooter, only with an 
    orange hatch. He’ll fire two bullets and takes two smacks with the spin attack. 
    Make your way across the wires, and hammer a button. I recently found out that, 
    after hammering the button, you can double jump and spin attack to jump 
    directly to the platform you need to get to. Cross the seesaw, and ignore the 
    fountain and water tiki. Go through the muck and avoid the spikes at the other 
    side. Pick up the gold, and you should be Musclebob! All in good time for a 
    Touch icons! Make sure you don’t lose Musclebob. When across, you’ll find a 
    strange kind of blue substance. It’s like the oil that you found in Zones 3 and 
    4. Continue into the pit, and you’ll find a button. Hammer it. It’ll make tall 
    grass die, and you’ll notice a character pickup. It’ll be for Mr. Krabs. 
    Continue right, and you’ll find purple lasers, another pit, and a wall of 
    money. Fall down the second pit. Tap the character pickup with your stylus. 
    Yay! You’re Mr. Krabs! After getting the pickup, head back the way you came. 
    Those water tikis and fountain don’t matter. Take the tramp back to the wall of 
    money, press A, and drag your stylus back and forth over that line. You’ll get 
    more coins and clear the wall of money. 
    Phase 2:
    Right off the bat, you’ll be greeted with a checkpoint and two ultra hammerers. 
    I think they had a little too much caffeine. Hop in the pool and follow the 
    coins. They’ll lead you to the next cliff. It has two more ultra hammerers. 
    Joy.  Shoot the button to kill the tall grass and find your next checkpoint.
    You might want to touch those touch icons. They don’t lead to anything 
    important, but you will meet the fifth and final type of enemy, the pounder. 
    He’ll look like a burger and will be accompanied by an ultra hammerer. Pounders 
    are weak to ranged attacks. Shoot him twice and he’ll die. Head back, get on 
    the wires, and follow the path. You’ll find another spawner battle! Continue 
    left to find a ledge, a ladder, and another checkpoint.
    Yeah! More blue substance! Rush across here, because there are falling 
    stalactites! They’ll hurt. Find a gum patch, follow the arrow, and destroy the 
    waiting ultra spinner. This should give you sufficient coins to become 
    Musclebob. Take the tramp on the right, avoid the spikes. And there’s the 
    stage! Onto Act 2! After you save.
    Zone 5, Act 2:
    Phase 1: 
    You should still be Musclebob, unless you’re really bad at dodging spikes. 
    Hammer the ultra spinner and continue to get the character pickup. Continue 
    right as quick as possible. Avoid the pounder and the new super burrower. Once 
    you clear the wall of money, go back and hammer the super burrower.
    That was a quick checkpoint! Jump down the ladder. Prepare yourself for a 
    spawner battle! He’ll send out a super shooter, an ultra spinner, a super 
    burrower, and a super shooter. When that’s done, go and cross the wires and the 
    blue substance. Hop in that mysterious box. It’s a teleport box. Hop in to be 
    taken to the one it links to. On the receiving end, you’ll face an ultra 
    hammerer. When you’re done, hammer the button. This will make a bridge fall. Go 
    left and hop the ledge, cross the bridge, take care of the super burrower and 
    ultra spinner that await you, and shoot the button. This will make another 
    bridge fall. Head back to the box. Fall down the wires and take care of the 
    pounder. Continue left across the bridge and get the super shooter and the 
    pounder. Go down the ramp covered in that blue substance. What is that stuff? 
    Anyways, across the length of the ramp will be super burrowers. Toward the end, 
    there will be falling stalactites. Clear the ramp and checkpoint!
    There will be a pool. Follow the silvers across the gap. You will find a gum 
    patch. In the gumball, make your way across the gap. There will be a super 
    shooter. Get it. Head South, there will be another box. Hop in! Get the ultra 
    spinner and shoot the button. It will make a rock crumble, leaving you an open 
    target for the super shooter nearby. Scrap him quickly. Follow the path to 
    Phase 2.
    Phase 2:
    Checkpoint! Hammer the button, but watch out for falling stalactites and 
    pounders. Be very careful through this next area. There’s spikes on the 
    ceiling! Be wary of anything that may require jumping, and the super shooters 
    littered throughout this area. That button will make a rock crumble. Once out 
    of the “spike-ceiling” area, go right for a spawner battle. He’ll send out a 
    super shooter, a super burrower, a super shooter, and an ultra spinner. 
    Afterward, shoot the button that lets a bridge down. Jump down the ladder into 
    a box. Yay! More blue slimy stuff that looks really disgusting! Watch out, 
    there are plenty of falling stalactites through here! Go left down the 
    staircase after the goo to find your next checkpoint!
    I think I hear super burrower. Aw, snap! I was right!After hammering the heck 
    out of him, we move on to another spiky ceiling area. This one involves 
    jumping, so be very careful and efficient with your jumps. At least, if you 
    want coins. I understand if you don’t want them. After crossing there, you will 
    meet ultra hammerer and his good friend, super burrower. After sending those 
    two to the scrap heap, go down the ramp, and through the exploding tiki field. 
    Take care of the super burrower and you have the end of the Act! Save and let’s 
    Zone 5, Act 3:
    Alright! The Fast Food Coliseum! Home of the famous Fryathlon. What you’re 
    going to do is race Patrick to the finish line. Simply tap the icon to get 
    Spongy moving. Tap the icon when the hurdle mark is above it to make him jump a 
    hurdle. Hold the button when he’s doing a pole vault. The pole vault is tough, 
    though. Keep pressing the button when he’s lifting a giant ketchup bottle. When 
    you’re doing hurdles, you can go over terrain that will either speed him up, or 
    slow him down. The black speeds him up, the red slows him down. All you need to 
    do is beat Patrick. If you do, you get your fifth happy item! I believe it’s 
    the golden spatula. Yes. It’s the Golden Spatula! Talk about going for the 
    gold! On to Zone 6!
    8: Meeting Santa
    Zone 6, Act 1: 
    Phase 1: Right off the bat, there is a springboard. Shoot him, and jump on him. 
    You’ll pick up a few coins. Next, continue right. Jump the gap and the purple 
    lasers. Yes, color matters; you’ll see why later. Anyways, after you clear the 
    lasers, You will meet an ultra shooter, and another enemy. I’m sure you know 
    what to do with them. Continue right and hop on the ledge. You’ll find a 
    ladder, but an ultra hammerer might be swinging at you. Go far away, but make 
    sure he’s in range. Double jump and shoot. After climbing the ladder, make your 
    way left. When you beat a super shooter, you will see a button. Hammer it, and 
    a slab of metal will disintegrate. Leading you to your first checkpoint!
    Really? A spawner battle right after the checkpoint? Whatever. At least it’s 
    easy. Now, make your way into that white mist. You’re in the freezer! If you 
    look at the top of the top screen, you’ll see where you are. You’ll note that 
    you’re in the Krusty Krab. The light blue areas aren’t slippery. The sky blue 
    is. Once across the touch icon bridge, you’ll meet a springboard, and an ultra 
    spinner. Defeat them and get to your next checkpoint.
    Well! This is a challenging area! First, get rid of the hammerer. Jump on the 
    springboard (who seems especially vicious) to see if you can get the gold. When 
    that’s done, jump the gap, scrap the super shooter, and move on.
    Phase 2:
    Get the hammerer and the ultra spinner. Hop on the springboard to try to get 
    another suit. You might need it at this point. Jump into the gum patch on the 
    wall, and drag the stylus up and to the left a little. If you want to tease the 
    ultra hammerer, that’s fine. I’ve never gotten hurt doing it. Once you’ve had 
    your fun, kill him. Points to you if you can send him over the edge. Cross the 
    touch icon bridge, and take care of the ultra spinner. You’ll meet two tikis 
    and a stone tiki. Get the regular tikis and you’re Musclebob! Take the fountain 
    up, then the trampoline, once you beat a pounder. Take the left path. Be wary 
    of those mists. Those are blowing ultra cold air. You will lose Musclebob if 
    you go in there. At the top... NOT ANOTHER SPAWNER BATTLE! and when you’re done 
    shooting the heck out of them, there’s a checkpoint!
    Get the character pickup, and you’re Squid! Go down the left path, and up the 
    right. Shoot the button, and you will be able to advance. Get the ultra 
    shooter, and jump the purple lasers. Hop into the fountain and spray the water 
    icon. Yay, the bridge is icy. Cross it’s iciness, and there’s another 
    Let go of your water, and get on the hover tiki. Two will connect, so hop onto 
    the other one. Destroy the pounder and hop in the fountain again. Squirt the 
    water tiki, and turn the crank on the right. This is the final stretch! Jump 
    across the bridge and run across the icy platform! Ignore everything, just run! 
    You’ll see the stage sooner or later, so be prepared and get on it. Save your 
    game, and move on.
    Zone 6, Act 2:
    Move right, but be wary of falling icicles! Take care of any robots in your 
    way. There will be an ultra hammerer, an ultra spinner, a super shooter, a 
    pounder, and an ultra shooter. Take the fountain up and follow the icy path. 
    Ignore the springboard, but defeat any other enemies you see. Soon enough, 
    there will be a hover tiki ride. Afterward, there's your first checkpoint!
    No! NO! Another spawner battle! When that’s done, hop in the nearby fountain. 
    When you’re Waterbob... DUAL SPRINGBOARDS! They could be a problem. Try to walk 
    past them. Spray the water icon as quickly as possible, and get the fire truck 
    across the bridge! Avoid the spikes, especially the ones on the wall. That 
    should be a given. Wow, what a fail. Anyways, on the next ledge, the one with 
    the spiky wall, there will be more falling icicles! Destroy the ultra hammerer 
    if you want to. Like I said, they have a pretty good reach with their huge 
    yellow mallet. When you clear that area, there will be nowhere left to go but 
    up. On to Phase 2!
    Phase 2:
    Right off the bat, there should be a checkpoint and a pounder. First things 
    first, get the pounder. Once across the checkpoint, you have some serious 
    jumping to do. You have to jump across those platforms avoiding the spikes and 
    purple lasers! On the platform after the lasers, you should see a character 
    pickup in the distance. Tap it with the stylus to become Squidward! Quickly tap 
    the touch icon and shoot the button, once you get there. It’ll be to the right. 
    Once you shoot it, keep going right. You should eventually see a checkpoint 
    and... ANOTHER CHARACTER PICKUP? Two in one Act? Yep! Get it, and move! It’s 
    quite a distance from the pickup to the colorful thingy. First, get on the 
    trampoline. Avoid any lasers you see. Just keep moving right. After a touch 
    icon, you should see it. After shooting it, move left until you find a 
    trampoline. Move up the left path. To be honest, this looks a little familiar. 
    Avoid the mists, and... yep. Another spawner battle. When that’s done, get the 
    Ooh! A fresh suit! You might need that. Shoot the button to make a slab of 
    metal crumble. Make your way right, and go up the right path. Final stretch 
    time! Except it’s not really a final stretch you’d expect. All there is is a 
    couple of purple lasers and exploding tikis. It doesn’t matter. The stage is 
    there. Save and go to Act 3!
    Zone 6, Act 3
    You’ll watch a cutscene of Spongy and Squidward going through the freezer, and 
    Squidward tells Spongebob that Santa is through the nearby door. There is a 
    rumbling and a purple robot falls from nowhere. I haven't come up with a good 
    name for this thing yet. Anyways, ignore the creepy music as you fight the 
    robot. When he “walks” toward you, you’ll notice that the top of his head is 
    grey. When he starts spinning, the top of his head will be red. Jump and hammer 
    him from above. He’ll take a point of damage. He’ll start rotating again, but 
    to fire at you. The top of his head is grey, so you can’t attack him right now. 
    Wait for him to do his spinning attack, not his ranged attack, and hammer him 
    again. Keep doing this, but be warned that the pace of battle gradually 
    increases. Once he takes five hits, he’ll explode! As an added note. You should 
    not be moving when it’s not shooting. You should be moving when it is shooting. 
    You should be hammering him when the top of his head is red. When you beat him, 
    you’ll see Squid dressed as Santa. And Spongy takes the bait! Man, he’s 
    gullible! After a brief conversation, you’ll get your sixth happy item, the Toy 
    Clarinet. You’re halfway through the game!
    9: Super-Heroes
    Zone 7, Act 1:
    Phase 1:
    Right off the bat, there’s an enemy again. It’s an ultra spinner. Go across and 
    find a hammerer. We’re in the second half of the game, and there’s still basic 
    enemies?! Wow. Anyways, get in the gumball, and throw yourself across the gap. 
    You’ll notice an ultra spinner waiting for you. climb the stairs, and go down 
    that path back there. There will be a super shooter there. Take care of him and 
    hammer the button. By the way, your meter should be at around 33. When you 
    hammer the aforementioned button, a wood wall will open up. Man! The Mermalair 
    is cool! Advancing toward the area that just opened up, there will be booby 
    traps. The place has a pretty good security system. When you pass them, you 
    should hit a checkpoint.
    More booby traps! Afterward, there will be a hammerer. Once he’s gone, you 
    should see a gum patch. You know the drill. When the time is right, spin to 
    break free. There will be another gum patch. So do that again. You’ll notice 
    that super shooter over there. You can get to him. Jump up the ledge and 
    silence him, because he’s a little annoying. Shoot the button to make the 
    bridge fall, and attack the help tiki. It’ll tell you about how dark the 
    Mermalair can get and how to turn on lights. This is demonstrated in this next 
    spawner battle to the right. That switch turns on a light. Although if you want 
    to take the elevator to the left and get Musclebob, that’s understandable. 
    After the spawner battle, you’ll reach another checkpoint. 
    Hop on that boat and go down to the next platform. Get in the pool, and follow 
    the coins. I’m sure you know what that button’s going to do. Yep. It’ll make a 
    bridge fall. Across it, there will be an ultra hammerer, and his friend ultra 
    spinner. When they’re both gone, tap that touch icon. You’ll make another 
    bridge fall. This one takes a while. Continue on the path to Phase 2.
    Phase 2:
    Ooh, purple lasers. Jump over them and defeat the waiting burrower. I hate the 
    burrowers. They cost me Musclebob so much of the time. Anyways, there’ll be a 
    checkpoint. Go south and follow the path. Touch the icon. When the bridge is 
    knocked over, get the gold coin and hammer the switch. Go on that grey thing 
    with the arrows on it. You’ll get into another spawner battle, only this is one 
    of those “Activate the device” challenges. You saw it coming. So while Plankton 
    goes to work, you destroy all the robots possible, getting ever so close to 
    that 100 needed to gain Musclebob, if you haven’t already.
    Woo! Checkpoint! You’ll notice that the path splits into multiple parts here. 
    Take the middle path. There's a tramp here. Get the character pickup. It’s 
    Patrick! Keep jumping on the tramps you see until you find the button. Hammer 
    it, and another wood panel will lift. Final stretch time! The area is littered 
    with super burrowers. If you defeat them all, you’ll see the stage close to the 
    last one. You made it! Save and move on.
    Zone 7, Act 2:
    Phase 1:
    Uh, oh. Narrow path with falling stalactites! Not good. Take care of any 
    enemies that are on the path. I’m pretty sure that the only one is an ultra 
    hammerer. Once across, you’ll notice an area illuminated in red. Go into it, 
    and it will get all dark. There will be a button that turns on the lights. It 
    is a shooting button. It’s near a super shooter. If you see him, the button’s 
    nearby. There is also an ultra hammerer in this area. There will be a hammer 
    button somewhere down South. Hammer it, and continue. Across the bridge (with 
    falling stalactites!) there will be a burrower. Defeat it, ignore the gum 
    patch, and get the checkpoint.
    Get the underwear, if you want it, and head down the ramp. It will get dark 
    again. There will be another spawner battle. He’ll send out an ultra spinner, 
    and three ultra hammerers. Afterward, shoot those buttons in the distance to 
    illuminate the area. Continuing right, there’s a suit and a gold coin! After 
    shooting the ultra hammerer, move right and onto that red platform. Follow the 
    metal path, but there are booby traps! Simply hug the walls. At the corner, 
    there’s a super burrower. Go down, and down the ramps. Keep following the path. 
    Soon, there will be a checkpoint.
    Get the ultra hammerer, and onto the speed pad to the North. Continue going 
    north until you can’t. Go left now. Head to that blue elevator. Follow the 
    path, and ignore the character pickup for now. Tap the touch icon. When the 
    platform is knocked over, get the character pickup. Look out for the booby 
    trap, and hammer the button that shows up when you keep moving right. 
    Backtrack, and the next checkpoint is ready.
    Turn the crank, and cross the platform. Now, you’re going to do that again. 
    Destroy the ultra spinner, and move on.
    Phase 2:
    Destroy the hammerer. Move right and destroy the burrower. Ooh! Checkpoint! 
    Ignore the ladder. Instead, follow the other path to the gum patch. Look out 
    for the smasher, or booby trap, and shoot the button. You’ll have to jump to 
    shoot the button. Get the underwear if you feel like it, and get to the 
    Get the touch icon. Afterward, follow the path to the hammerer, which you need 
    to destroy.Get in the gum patch, and drag the stylus across, but watch out for 
    the smasher. I’ve lost a life thanks to that thing before. Uh-oh, after the gum 
    patch, there’s another spawner battle, in which you need to activate the 
    device! Afterward, you may want the suit, but if you don’t, that’s cool. Keep 
    following the path. Turn the crank until the platforms line up, or close enough 
    to lining up. Go up, and avoid the smasher. Climb the hill, and you’ll notice a 
    button guarded by two burrowers. Once all that is taken care of, go back to the 
    crank and go right. You’ll find another crank. Time to line up more platforms. 
    Get the character pickup, and follow the path, being wary of the burrower. Once 
    the button is hammered, go back to the crank, and line up the platforms again, 
    but to the right. You’ll find a checkpoint. Final stretch time! Defeat the 
    pounder and two burrowers. It’ll get all dark, and there will be a super 
    burrower on the path soon enough. Not only him, but there will also be a couple 
    of burrowers and smashers, too. Soon, you’ll find the stage. Save, and move on.
    Zone 7, Act 3:
    You’ll be shown a cut scene of the Mermalair being deserted, but Mermaid-man 
    and Barnacle-boy will walk in on you. Spongy will explain his dilemma, and when 
    Barnacle-boy says the word “evil,” Mermaid-man starts panicking. Spongy offers 
    to help them, and they take him to their training room. Here’s how the mini-
    game goes: you have to line up 10 shots to score 200 points. If you hit just 
    any old villain, you score ten points. If you hit more than one with one shot, 
    it builds a multiplier. If you hit Man-ray or the Dirty Bubble, they’re worth 
    double points. If you hit Mermaid-man or Barnacle-boy, you lose five points. 
    Use the stylus to aim. A red line will appear, use that to  aim your water 
    ball. Like I said, you have 10 shots to score 200 points. You have to get 20 
    points a shot. Sometimes the power may go out and the lights flicker for a few 
    seconds, or you get a clock power-up that stops everything in their tracks for 
    a few seconds. If you win, you gt your seventh happy item, the Aquaphone.
    10: Squid’s First Patty
    Zone 8:
    Phase 1:
    Alright! Another one-Act Zone! Less work for me to do! You’re shown a cut scene 
    of Spongy and Squid taking a stroll in the Krusty Krab freezer, which I don’t 
    think should be that big. Anyways, Spongy starts describing the Patty, and 
    Squid gets mad and leaves. Spongy feels a rumbling, but ignores it, as he 
    thinks he’s got where he hid the secret formula. He finds Squidward is gone, 
    and a giant robot replica of him. Upon seeing “Squid,” Spongy forgets again. 
    The battle now begins. “Squid” will extend his arms, and start rotating. You 
    have to jump over them. Do that, and hammer the button. This will fill a bucket 
    with Krabby Patties. You must now find a crank. Note what color pedestal it’s 
    on. It’ll either be on a blue or a green one. There are five pedestals total, 
    three are blue, two are green. It’ll be on a green pedestal. While making your 
    way over there, “Squid” will pull a clarinet out of his rear end and play it. 
    This is some kind of ranged attack. After he’s done, he’ll eat the clarinet. If 
    you’re close to the crank, or even turning it at this point, he’ll hold his 
    arms up, start spasming, and eventually, slam them on the ground. When you’re 
    done turning the crank, the bucket will be in place. He’ll hold up his arms 
    again, but take a short break to have his head hanging up, mouth gaping. That;s 
    your cue to shoot the bucket, sending a ball of Krabby Patties into his system, 
    making him take a point of damage. 
    Phase 2:
    If you’ve ever seen the episode where Squid finally eats a Patty, you’ll know 
    he went crazy for them (Huge spoiler) and his replica does the same thing. He 
    goes so crazy for them in fact, that he accidentally destroys some of the 
    stage! Except he only destroyed a few ice chunks, but either way, do that 
    again. The button’s on the green pedestal next to you, the crank is on a blue 
    pedestal. When you’re turning the crank, it’s best to wait for him to pull out 
    the clarinet a second time, and turn it while he’s shooting at you. One, you 
    won’t be affected by his bullets, and two, you’re still turning the crank. When 
    he’s done shooting at you, the crank should be almost completely turned. The 
    bucket’s in place again. Shoot it when the time is right, and he’ll take 
    another point of damage. You might notice his lower area gets a little bigger. 
    Phase 3:
    Now he’s going to destroy a little of the stage. He’s going to make a couple 
    gaps and a couple of seesaws. The button is on a blue pedestal, and the crank 
    in on a green one. Shoot the bucket when the time is right.
    Phase 4:
    Remember those seesaws? “Squid” is going to destroy those now. Now, there are 
    just four gaps in the battlefield. Go ahead and hammer the button and  turn the 
    crank, both of which are on blue pedestals. His lower area is going to get 
    bigger again. All those Krabby Patties are going to his thighs! He might 
    explode soon!
    Phase 5:
    Now he’s so crazy, he accidentally splits the freezer pipes in half, freezing 
    half the stage! Go through the routine one last time. The button is on a green 
    pedestal and the crank is on a blue one. When he takes his last point of 
    damage, “Squid” will look around, find that huge pile of Krabby Patties in the 
    corner, and jump in there. He’ll keep eating, and hopefully explode! You’ll get 
    your eighth happy item, the Krabby Patty. Who saw that coming a mile away? 
    Squid comes back and talks about how great it would be if the Krusty Krab went 
    out of business because Spongy doesn’t know where the formula is.
    11: 24-Hour Work Shift
    Zone 9, Act 1:
    Phase 1: 
    Oh my gosh! First off, welcome to the third third of the game. Second, there is 
    a new baddie in town, the hyper hammerer, or mace wielder, whichever one you 
    want to call it. I prefer mace wielder, so you’re going to see that more. He 
    also brought his buddies, the hyper shooter and the super pounder (does that 
    sound like the name of a burger to anyone else?). The shooter and the hyper 
    shooter look a lot like one another. The shooter has a grey-blue hatch, the 
    hyper shooter has a grey-brown hatch. There’s also a super burrower down this 
    road. Ignore the ladder for now and go down the other road. Hop on one of the 
    hover tikis, and get a ride across the spikes. Get the character pickup, and 
    you’re Mr. K! Backtrack to the ladder, climb it, and get past the wall of 
    money. Beat the super burrower, and there’s a checkpoint.
    Fall down the platforms, defeat the hyper shooter, and head toward those walls 
    with gum stuck to them. Climb them, get a hyper shooter, and hammer the button. 
    Now you can continue on your way. If you want to pick up a gold, hammer the 
    springboard in the corner and jump on him. Now you’re free to continue. Go down 
    that area, and turn the crank. A cyan platform will rise. Go across it, and 
    hammer the next button. This will get you a suit and a few more points for your 
    meter, which at this point should be at around 75. Get the super pounder after 
    the boat ride, and turn the next crank. Checkpoint after you cross the 
    Really, all you have to do is scrap the super burrower, avoid the spikes, and 
    jump to the wood area to Phase 2.
    Phase 2:
    You will come to a mysterious red and yellow striped substance and a help tiki. 
    It’ll explain that this is hard candy. While it makes you stick to walls, you 
    can’t jump or attack on it. Either before or after the candy surface, you’ll 
    come to a checkpoint. 
    No! NO! Oh, not this crap again! Another spawner battle, and this is the most 
    annoying one yet. You are battling in an extremely small area. Get the gold 
    coin on the other side of the gap, and get on the candy surface. Oh, yeah, 
    “running” on walls! You’ll come to a checkpoint. 
    And after the trampoline, you’ll come to... another extremely small spawner 
    battle. With spikes to add! Hammer the button to make a wall lift. Do not 
    continue on the candy path, but on the wood path. Find the gum patch, and get 
    the checkpoint.
    Man! There are a lot of checkpoints in this Act! Climb the candy wall, and get 
    to the stage. Save, and let’s go to Act 2.
    Zone 9, Act 2:
    Phase 1:
    Go right. You’re hear an annoying sound. Something like a rumbling and then a 
    loud sizzling. This is an eruption tile that you’ll see soon ahead. Take care 
    of the various burrowers scattered through here. Climbing the hill, you’ll 
    notice a red liquid. This is lava. It’s bad. Next to the lava is that eruption 
    tile. You can use these as rides up to higher places. Ignore it, and keep going 
    right. You’ll come across another eruption tile. Get on this one, as it leads 
    you to a character pickup. Backtrack to the first eruption tile. Get on it 
    ASAP. When dismounting, there’s the wall of money. Get on the next eruption 
    tile, and wait for it to shoot up. Climb the ladder after defeating the various 
    burrowers, and hammer the button. Fall down and get the checkpoint, but be 
    careful of the lava. 
    Take the eruption tile up, and then the “stairs.” Get on the boat. It will 
    come. Hammer the button. The... whatever that thing is... will disintegrate, 
    leaving you to continue to the next checkpoint. 
    There will be a help tiki. Get it, and it will tell you about fog. Blow into 
    the touch screen to make it disappear temporarily. There will be a springboard. 
    This may be the most important springboard there is. It’ll give you a few coins 
    and a character pickup! Rush across the muck via the help of those tikis. And 
    get that wall of money! Jump across those platforms as quickly as Spongy can. 
    Welcome back, teleport box! Go in, and be faced with a spawner battle with lots 
    of spikes! Now you have a guessing game of two boxes. It’s the bottom one you 
    need to go in. You’ll reach a checkpoint.
    Go left. You see more muck, and a couple of exploding tikis. And the fog is 
    back. When you’re through with the muck, you’ll find more walls splattered with 
    gum. When you’re done scaling, hop in the fountain, unless you’re just 
    unbearably close to Musclebob. There’s a water tiki nearby, so when you get 
    Waterbob, squirt the water tiki. Release the water and move on.
    Phase 2:
    Go right. Ignore the eruption tile, and go on that skinny brown path. Jump over 
    the spikes and get the character pickup. Backtrack to the aforementioned 
    eruption tile, and jump up to the next platform. Take the eruption tile on that 
    platform to reach the wall of money! When that’s done, fall down the next 
    ledge, onto a wide open area inhabited by a sole burrower. We’re seeing a lot 
    of those, aren’t we? Find the springboard, stun him, and go South, to find a 
    button. This will open things up, and hopefully make it quieter. That sizzling 
    really gets on my nerves. Fall down the ledge where the button is, and turn the 
    crank. This will make a bridge rise. Go through the newly opened doorway to 
    find a super pounder and a hyper shooter in your face. Destroy them both, and 
    hop into the fountain. Blast the bridge, and the fires on it will go out. 
    Finally! Another checkpoint!
    Defeat the super pounder, which, really, is just a color change. Wait, you mean 
    I have to put up with that sizzling in a spawner battle?! Bull! When he’s taken 
    care of, send the next two burrowers to the scrap heap and get to the gum 
    patch. Fling yourself to the next checkpoint.
    Final stretch time! Get the character pickup, ignore the eruption tile and get 
    in the box. Take care of that wall of money, and tap the touch icons. Get 
    across that bridge, get rid of that hyper spinner and ultra shooter and on that 
    bridge! Finally!
    Zone 9, Act 3
    You’re shown a cutscene on the Krusty Krab being open 24 hours. Of course 
    Spongy is psyched, and Squid... not so much. The way this game is played is 
    that you must put the Krabby Patty together to the liking of the customer. If 
    Patrick or Sandy come along, you get to do whatever you want. You need 1000 
    points to advance. You have until the line gets too long to do that. You get 
    points based on how fast you make it. If you let a jellyfish get to the top of 
    the conveyor, it stops for a few seconds. Sometimes, someone may flicker the 
    lights, or screw with the speed of the conveyor. A hand sometimes comes in and 
    steals something. There’s a lot to tend to, and that’s why I hate this mini-
    game so much! If you beat it, you get your ninth happy item, which is the 24-
    Hour Sign.
    11: Krusty Krab Chopper
    Zone 10, Act 1:
    Phase 1:
    First, get that hyper hammerer off in the distance. Then, go into the muck. Hop 
    around the little islands until you got all three silvers, but watch out for 
    puffers. THEY RETURN! When that’s done, from the starting ledge, you should 
    have seen a cluster of platforms. Hop onto them. When on the aforementioned 
    cluster, hop onto the seesaw. When across, hammer the button to kill some tall 
    grass. Wither and die, no one wants you. Hustle back to the islands and find 
    the starting ledge and jump on it, jump on it, jump on it! Then, make your way 
    across the muck to the other side, where you’ll be faced with a spawner battle! 
    After that, there’s a checkpoint.
    Ooh, character pickup! You’ll be Sandy. Move it to the other side of those 
    seesaws, and down the ramp, and start spinning that crank. Like I said back in 
    Zone 2, Sandy’s quicker than Spongy. When the bridge is lifted, follow the 
    path, avoiding the puffers. You’ll see tall grass, so there must be a switch 
    somewhere. Get across the seesaws, and shoot the mace wielder, or hyper 
    hammerer. There’s the button! The tall grass will clear, letting you continue. 
    Backtrack to where the tall grass was, jump on the ledge, beat the four tikis 
    if you want, and continue left. Follow the path. Ignore that tightrope, and 
    follow the path to your next checkpoint.
    Continue right and jump into that ginormous gum patch. Drag the stylus up and 
    to the side a little. There will be a gumball wall climb. When that’s done, 
    there will be a spawner battle. With him out of the way, continue right, and 
    get rid of the mace wielder and burrower. Why do we still have standard 
    burrowers? It’s Zone freaking ten! Anyways, hop in the fountain, and if you 
    don’t see those vines, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Atop there, get in 
    the pool. When you get to the top, you should be Musclebob! Just in time for 
    Phase 2!
    Phase 2:
    Right after the checkpoint, there’s a super pounder. Beat it. Ooh, is that a 
    button behind that waterfall? Let’s shoot it! Aw, we can’t get to it. Oh, well. 
    Go up the ramp and beat the ultra spinner. and hyper shooter. Hammer the 
    button, and the waterfall’s gone! Now let’s shoot the button! This will make a 
    bridge fall. Across it, run through the area, avoiding any obstacles. You will 
    find more touch icons! The game thinks you’re used to chains of two. Now you’re 
    going to put up with chains of three. Take care of the super pounder and hyper 
    shooter, and take a dip in the fountain. Water the vines, and proceed. Shoot 
    the button to make tall grass die. Take care of the super pounder and burrower, 
    and there’s a checkpoint.
    Spawner battle time. Afterward, there’s a character pickup. The crank is across 
    that tightrope. Make good use of her good speed. Spongy, even when Muscly form, 
    won’t be able to make that in time. Head North to find a checkpoint, as well as 
    a couple of other things.
    Oh gosh, please, no. More log rolling from Zone 2. And here I thought we put 
    that to rest. At least we’re almost done with the Act. Shoot the button, and 
    now we have to go back. Joy. At least if you die, the bridge remains fallen. 
    This final, narrow stretch is littered with mace wielders. Watch your step. I 
    believe there are three. These things have incredible reach, and strike twice. 
    There’s the stage if you make it.
    Zone 10, Act 2:
    Phase 1: 
    Now, you’ve played the game long enough to know that you start the Act by going 
    right. Why is there a checkpoint so early? You've only been going right for 
    five seconds and have seen only two enemies, an ultra spinner and a hyper 
    hammerer. There must be some tough part coming up. Step into the gum patch, and 
    drag up, and once you’re on the ceiling, drag it left. If the game though 
    tangling with two hyper shooters was tough enough to make a checkpoint five 
    seconds into the Act, they’re horribly mistaken. Cross back over, and get into 
    the fountain to spray the vines. At the top is a button. Hammer it, and tall 
    grass will die. Wait for the boat to come, and ride on it, watching out for 
    puffers. It looks like there could be a spawner battle down that ledge that 
    you’re riding across. Want to check it out? Me neither! If you fall down, well, 
    I was right. There is a spawner battle down there. At least you get coins, 
    right? When you finish off the four robots he sends out, whatever they may be, 
    hop on the elevated surface, and try again to get across. Darn you, puffers! 
    When you cross, there will be an ultra spinner, then a checkpoint.
    Holy crap, that burrower scared me! He attacks by surprise! Unfortunately for 
    him, when he pops up, he’s out of range to go after you. When you beat him, 
    there will be a button in a rock high up. Shoot it, and a bridge will fall, 
    revealing a colorful crank, like the one you need Sandy to turn for you. The 
    character pickup has to be close by then, doesn’t it? Surpass it, and follow 
    the wood path due North, and oh my gosh. Dual mace wielders! Funnily enough, if 
    you shoot at them from far enough away and hit, they’ll look in your direction, 
    and not even notice you! How dumb can you get?! Hammer the button, and climb 
    across the tightrope. Get the character pickup, and the memory fragment, if you 
    really want to, and backtrack to the crank. Yay, the bridge is raised the tall 
    grass is gone, what could possibly ruin this lovely day? Oh, I know! how about 
    a super pounder, a couple of explosive tikis, and a few jumps that are really 
    hard to recover from? Hop on the boat that is going forward and back, not side 
    to side, unless you want a gold coin, a suit, and, again, if you really want 
    it, a memory fragment. If you fall, or miss, hold down on the D-pad, and follow 
    that border, you’ll find some vines to climb up so you can try again. If you 
    make it, follow the path. There will be puffers that signal you to go South. 
    Watch out for a hyper shooter!
    After the hyper shooter, there’s a checkpoint. Get in the fountain, and 
    continue right. There will be vines and a button at the top to hammer. But 
    wait! What is that idle platform in the background? Is it? It is... not. Just 
    decor. Climb across the tightrope to find the button! Yeah! Destroy the robots 
    in your path, and move on to Phase 2.
    Phase 2:
    To the right, you’ll see a checkpoint, and some water. The camera will slowly 
    zoom out, and a raft will come your way. Wait for it. It will come. Watch out 
    for the puffers. These ones are kind of hard to dodge, considering the raft is 
    moving in a perfect circle, and that makes judging stuff difficult. Once 
    across, you’ll find two hyper hammerers in an extremely compact area. 
    Hopefully, you have Musclebob up at this point, or you’re at full health. If 
    you destroy them, there will be another raft, with more puffers. Once that’s 
    done, log roll. Crud. You better hope you’re good at these, or you're screwed. 
    Once across, beat the hyper hammerer, and get on the next log. There’s puffers 
    with this one. Across there, you’ll see a burrower and a colorful crank. The 
    character pickup is nearby! Maybe on that next log... roll on it, and defeat 
    any enemies you see. I think there are two super pounders total after the log 
    roll. Become Sandy and backtrack to the crank. Fortunately, with her speed, she 
    was made for log rolling! When you’ve cleared the crank, cross the bridge, and 
    move on. Follow the wood path, and defeat the mace wielder. If you get close 
    enough to them, they can’t hit you. So go into contact with him and start 
    whaling on him. Cross the tightrope, and shoot the heck out of the next mace 
    wielder. Checkpoint!
    Spawner battle! Your goal, press the four buttons to make him die and you 
    activated the device! Maybe the device was a self-destruct button inside him, 
    either way, you did it. Go get yourself a snow cone. Roll across the log, and 
    hop into the fountain. Get on the raft to the North, not to the right. Water 
    the vines, and defuse the exploding tiki if you’re worried. With it defused, 
    hop on it for a boost, and get on the vines. On top, you’ll see a seesaw to the 
    left. You’ll see another seesaw to the left, only high up. You’ll need to tip 
    the weight to the far side, and hustle over there. On that one, you’ll see 
    another seesaw to the right this time. Do it again, tip the weight to the far 
    side, and move it. Take care of any enemies, and hammer the button. Watching 
    the tall grass die, you’ll see the stage, so you’re almost done! Move all the 
    way back to the raft, and wait for it to come. Now, get on the raft to the 
    right, get across there, and you got to the stage!
    Zone 10, Act 3:
    You and Sandy will come to a cliff full of bare nothingness. Sandy will get 
    ready to brawl you after telling you that this is apparently a good place to 
    practice. On what? There are a few rocks to test your strength, but nothing 
    else! Anyways, a robot will approach slowly. Boss battle! This is the Hammer-
    smith. Sandy tells Spongy that this will be a warm-up. WARM-UP?! Yeah, for HER! 
    Look at how big this thing is! Anyways, he’ll start by shooting at you. He’ll 
    fire around six or eight times. Just keep moving to the side. When he’s done 
    shooting, he’ll charge at you, slamming his hammers against the ground. He 
    moves rather slow at first, but, like the last small boss, in “Meeting Santa,” 
    the pace of battle increases. When he’s done hammering, he’ll roar, and he’ll 
    reveal a target. Need I say more? Shoot him now! Shoot him now! He’ll take a 
    point of damage, and the cycle repeats, only when he charges, he covers more 
    distance every time you hit him. When you shoot him for the fifth time, and 
    successfully hit, his target will fall off, he’ll break into pieces, and he’ll 
    explode. You’ll be rewarded with your tenth happy item, the Karate Glove.
    13: Krusty Krab Recall
    Zone 11, Act 1:
    Phase 1:
    This Zone is a little weird. The first phase will be before you go into the 
    portal, the second being inside the portal. Anyways, start by going right, and 
    you’ll notice right off the bat, there’s a colorful button. Cross the spikes, 
    and you’ll see a character pickup in the distance, on a table. Go back and 
    hammer the button once you get to be Patrick. Cross the spikes a third time and 
    keep going right to find a hyper spinner in your face! When he’s done, you will 
    find yourself in the vicinity of three more robots, a hammerer (again, with the 
    basic robots?) a hyper spinner, and a hyper shooter. First, take care of 
    sending the hyper spinner and the hammerer to the scrap heap, and then go up 
    the ladder to kill the hyper shooter. If you stay on the platform with the 
    former two robots, go right and over the lasers to find a green blob sealed off 
    by a wood slab. This is the entrance to Phase 2. Go left from the platform with 
    the hyper shooter to find a checkpoint.
    A super pounder, how exciting... kill it, and get in the fountain. You have 
    purple lasers to deactivate. Hop on the hovering tiki after getting in the 
    fountain and moving right to deactivate the aforementioned lasers. Destroy the 
    super pounder and the hyper shooter and hammer the button. It’s strange, I’d 
    think there would be more standard pounders since they look almost exactly like 
    Krabby Patties, but that’s just me. Anyways, this button lifts the wood slab 
    locking you from Phase 2. Enter the green blob at your own risk. This is the 
    final Zone with Acts.
    Phase 2:
    I told you this Zone could get a bit weird. Welcome to the secret world of the 
    Krusty Krab. Once the super pounder and hyper spinner have been taken care of, 
    hop on the giant, floating pickles for a ride. Next, jump onto the pink 
    platform... I think that’s raw meat. Why are there floating ingredients 
    everywhere? There’s just so much about this Act that can’t be answered. Turn 
    the crank to raise a tomato slice up to the next meat platform, where a hyper 
    spinner awaits your arrival. After he’s finished off, wait for a giant spatula 
    to come your way. This is like the raft ride from the previous Zone. The 
    spatula moves pretty fast, though, so stay sharp. Get to the grill to the 
    right. Beat the hyper shooter, and get on the next spatula. You have three get-
    off points here: some tables, a sandwich, or some wood crates. The sandwich 
    leads you to a memory fragment. The wood crates lead you to a spawner battle. 
    The tables have some kind of silverware utensil acting as a wall. Go onto the 
    crates, to the spawner battle. We all would’ve loved it if that wall wasn’t 
    there, but it’s Zone freaking eleven. You have to go through a spawner battle 
    for just about everything. When you’re done with him, hammer that button to 
    make the wall lift.
    Checkpoint! And a gum patch. Drag up, or to the side, or wherever, just make 
    sure you end out at the top. Move onto the lettuce conveyor belts, and onto the 
    next platforms, made up of french fries. A spawner battle takes place here. As 
    you could probably tell, this battle is best played when going with the 
    Checkpoint! And those conveyors are going in the wrong direction. The current 
    isn’t strong, but strong enough to throw you off. Hop over the spikes, and onto 
    that platform made of cheese. This acts as a rather powerful trampoline. Bounce 
    across it, and ride the spatula to the other side. Now, you’ll meet a hyper 
    spinner on a cheese platform. Leave him be. Coins fall through cheese platforms 
    anyways. Bounce up to the next french fry platform. There will be a hyper 
    shooter there, and also one in the distance. Once those two are taken care of, 
    bounce across the next cheese platforms. When you’re on the next platform, made 
    of fries, you’re at the stage! On to the second Act!
    Zone 11, Act 2:
    Phase 1:
    Uh-oh... the restaurant is flooded. Take care of any enemies, that’s a spinner, 
    super pounder, and hyper shooter to you. Get in-between the two cranks, and 
    start spinning. Good thing the tables move up and down, apparently. Jump across 
    them, and hammer the button behind the exploding tikis. A bridge will fall. 
    Jump on the tramp and you’ll reach a checkpoint once you land.
    Move left, but avoid the mists. Remember them from Zone 6? Move up, and get the 
    hyper spinner.Hammer the button, and a slab of metal will rise. Now move left, 
    being wary of the mists. Jump over the gap, and keep moving. Get the next hyper 
    spinner, and keep moving left... CRAP! Not again! Thank God you’re almost done! 
    Now you’ve got mists to contend with as well as the spawner! Oh, well. Proceed 
    left if you make it.
    Checkpoint and character pickup! As Patrick, go back down to the main floor, 
    cross the bridge you made earlier, try to get over those purple lasers, and 
    hammer the button. Continue right, avoiding purple lasers and scrapping super 
    pounders and hyper spinners, and enter the portal.
    Phase 2:
    This looks a little different than the other Act. This Act is weird, too, just 
    not as weird. Continue right until you find a gap. A platform made of mud will 
    come over, and take you to the other side. This is like the pickle slices from 
    the other Act. It will transport you to a platform made of... what IS that? 
    Canvas? Anyways, it’s like the cheese. Anyways, bouncing right, you’ll find a 
    stable platform with a fountain and two water tikis. Unfortunately, that jump 
    is a fraction of a centimeter too high to just jump, so spray the water tiki. 
    Now make your way across the mud, avoiding exploding tikis. Hop onto that 
    platform that looks greener than the blue one you’re on. It’s safe. There’s a 
    crank in the middle, and you have to play “line-em-up.” Line it up so it looks 
    like a regular “L,” as opposed to the backward one it started as. You can’t get 
    it exact, so get it close enough and head for the group of platforms to the 
    right, unless you want coins. Then take the path to the background. It doesn’t 
    lead to anywhere. On the path to the right, you will see some platforms that 
    appear purple. These are not stable. Jump across them as quickly as possible. 
    You will come across more mud, and a spawner battle. Don’t enter this one too 
    quickly. There are spikes here! When you’re finished, you’ll see a checkpoint. 
    Ooh, a mace wielder. Kill him. Then, hit the button. A couple of chunks of wood 
    will rise. Backtrack to the “L” and take the path in the background. It’s 
    required this time.Take the path on the right, paying no attention to any 
    character pickup related items. Gumball across the gum patches, if that made 
    any sense. You drag the stylus up, right, and down, for those of you (if any) 
    that have gotten stuck on the gum patch here. Destroy the hyper shooter, and 
    get in the pool. Blow your way to the top of the structure you just exited. 
    There will be a fountain. Go back down, and spray the water icon down there. 
    Climb the newly-made staircase into a spawner battle. When he’s done, which is 
    when you’ve activated the device, you’re apt to continue. Continue running! 
    Just keep running! You’ll crash into a checkpoint sooner or later.
    Wait for some hovering tikis to come by. When you’re done, dash across the mud. 
    Who cares about coins? At this point, you’re trying to make it out with your 
    life! Head to the backward “L” shaped area, and turn it into a regular “L.” Go 
    on the path to the right again, into a spawner battle. *starts crying* I hate 
    spawner battles! Only do it for the checkpoint, if you think you need it that 
    At the checkpoint, head back to the “L.” Turn it 90 degrees. There’s a platform 
    back here with a button on it. Hammer it, and a block of wood will lift. Rotate 
    the “L” so that one of it’s arms is facing toward the background. Almost done, 
    I’m sure. The pool will lead you to where you want to go. Up. Keep moving right 
    until you see a gap. A mud platform will come, and transport you to the other 
    side. Get on the canvas platform and bounce to the mud platform, and, oh fudge. 
    Not another one! When he’s done, scram! get to the foreground-most side, find 
    the gum-patch, and bungee across there. Destroy the hyper spinner, and victory 
    is finally yours! I hate this Act so much! I actually thought there was a phase 
    3, but apparently not.
    Zone 11, Act 3:
    Last mini-game! You and Patrick will run into the Krusty Krab kitchen. Spongy  
    goes on about how much he loves working there. Patrick points out a little 
    robot scurrying by. The object of this mini-game is to destroy as many as 
    possible. You need to score 500 points in one minute to advance. Move Spongebob 
    around with the d-pad, and tap a robot in close range with the stylus. Some 
    take more hits than others. Green robots take one hit and are worth 10 points. 
    Orange ones take two hits and are worth 20. Bigger green ones with the orange 
    eye and treads take three hits and are worth 30 points. If a robot sneaks a 
    Krabby Patty, you lose 5 points. If you can get 500 points or more, you win the 
    mini-game, and get your second-to-last happy item, Spat. Onto Zone 12, my 
    favorite Zone!
    14: Final Boss
    Zone 12:
    Phase 1:
    Spongy runs into Mr. K’s office exclaiming that he swears it’s here. Plankton 
    doubts him, but Spongebob runs to the giant safe located in the back of the 
    room. He opens it, and mysteriously wakes up in the Chum Bucket’s secret lab. 
    Plankton says that Spongy just led him straight to the secret formula. After a 
    little more discussion, Plankton flies away. Spongy now finds the huge head of 
    a robot emerging from the floor. Spongebob screams, then bolts out of there. He 
    hears a mechanical cry, turns around, and screams again. I wouldn’t blame him 
    after seeing what you have to fight now. The Chum Bucket has transformed into 
    the biggest robot I’m sure Spongy has ever seen. So now starts the final 
    battle, which may or may not destroy Bikini Bottom. Just as a disclaimer, this 
    battle has two parts, but I’m still going to split it into five phases. The 
    phases are going to be a little weird. Start by going with the robot, which 
    looks vaguely like Plankton. There will be a couple of seesaws, and... A MACE 
    WIELDER? Yes, I’m afraid that there are smaller robots in this Zone. Shoot the 
    button when you’re done with him, but “Plankton” won’t wait for you. Ever. 
    Across the bridge, hammer the button, and fast! That’s the problem with this 
    part of the boss, and the entire challenge. There are five posts that can do 
    damage to him, and only five. He takes five points of damage, so you can’t miss 
    one. When you hammer the button, the first post is activated. A crane swings 
    out and hits “Plankton” in the face. He’ll destroy some of the city out of 
    rage, then turn to you. Some exclamation points will warn you that he’s about 
    to chop you horizontally. Hop onto the floating platform ASAP to avoid this 
    attack. In the rubble on your end will be some underwear, if you need it. Get 
    the mace wielder, and continue with “Plankton.” There will be some conveyors 
    with puffers on them, and a hyper shooter in the middle. Continue right and get 
    on the tightrope. Across it is a button. This is your next damage post. A 
    bridge will fall and hit “Plankton” on the head. He’s not going to bother with 
    the city this time. He’s interested in you. He will do three vertical chops, 
    first, in the middle, then on the left, then on the right. He’ll make more 
    rubble on your end, and inside will be some underwear and a suit. Turn the 
    crank quickly. Keep pushing the button, and a part of a building will rise, 
    letting you continue. You don’t even need to turn it all the way. Shoot the 
    button, and then get the hyper shooter. Get on a hovering tiki, ride it across, 
    then jump down the ledge. There’s a puffer, so watch out for it. Jump on the 
    tramp and shoot the next button. You’ve activated the third damage post. 
    Another crane will swing to hit him, but “Plankton dodges! The crane comes back 
    the other way to hit him in the back of the head. When he turns to you, he 
    readies his cannon, and fires three times at you. Once on the left, once in the 
    middle, and once on the right. He’s mad now. In the new rubble on your end, 
    will be some more health. Get it if you need to, and move on.
    Phase 2:
    Keep moving right along and shoot the button. A bridge will fall, leading you 
    to get to the next conveyor belts, and, just like last time, there are puffers. 
    In the middle is a hyper spinner. Quickly move across the gum patches, and 
    hammer the button, activating the fourth damage post. A trap door will open 
    under “Plankton’s” “feet.” He’ll destroy more of the city, and ready his cannon 
    again. He’ll shoot in the middle, on the left, in the middle, and on the right. 
    There will be a suit next to the debris. Turn the crank, and move on. Shoot the 
    button. Is this the final damage post? No. Get the hyper shooter afterward, and 
    cross the newly made bridge. Destroy the mace wielder, and get on the oily 
    platform. There will be spikes, so jump over them. Shoot the button to activate 
    the final damage post. Oil will come out of the nearby trailers. “Plankton” 
    will slip on it, and crash into a nearby building, nearly beheading it. 
    Continue on at your own pace. Destroy the hyper spinner, and make your way 
    across the gum patches. Destroy the hyper shooter and mace wielder, and move on 
    to Part 2, or Phase 3.
    Phase 3:
    So you’re now inside “Plankton.” There will be a turret inside. It will rotate 
    360 degrees, and it’s life bar will fill. Yes. You’re trying to destroy a 
    turret. It will surround itself with red lasers. I told you color matters 
    earlier. Any laser that is not purple is used for protection. You’ll notice one 
    of the three pillars surrounding the turret is lit up red. Move right to find a 
    staircase with a red arrow. But do you think he’s going to just let you destroy 
    him? Nope! Even with the lasers up, the turret’s still putting up a fight! 
    He’ll fire three robots that replenish themselves depending on what Phase 
    you’re on. This is basically a spawner battle on steroids! For Phase 3, this 
    phase, he’ll send out some pretty basic robots: a hammerer, a spinner, and a 
    super hammerer. If you destroyed the spinner, the turret will send out another 
    spinner. That how this battle works with the smaller robots. It’s not just the 
    spinner. It’s all of the smaller robots. Up the “red” staircase, you’ll see a 
    couple of spikes, and a few purple lasers. At the end is a hammer button. This 
    will deactivate the red lasers, leaving him open. It will shoot at you when 
    you’re in range, but one bullet at a time. This gets much harder. Trust me. 
    Hide from the smaller robots, and when the turret’s not shooting, try to shoot 
    it. The ranged attack may accidentally target one of the smaller robots. When 
    you successfully shoot it twice, you will go into Phase 4. You can only hurt it 
    when it’s facing you.
    Phase 4:
    Now, it’s a little harder. The turret surrounds itself in red and green lasers 
    now. The only thing I don’t like about this turret is that it sends robots out 
    so they’re constantly in your face. Speaking of robots, in this Phase, he’ll 
    send out an ultra hammerer, a pounder, and a super spinner. Find the “red” 
    staircase, and go through that again, but that only deactivates red lasers. You 
    still have to deactivate those green ones. Now find a staircase with a green 
    arrow. It should be to the left of the one with a red arrow. Now, now, you have 
    moving purple lasers to contend with in this boss. Wait for the first laser to 
    get really high or really low. Pass the spikes, Jump over the three lasers 
    stacked up, and wait for the bottom laser to almost touch the second-to-bottom 
    one. High enough to run under it. Jump over the next stack of lasers and turn 
    the crank. The green lasers will deactivate, leaving it open again. Now the 
    turret will fire three shots at you in rapid succession. Hide behind a pillar, 
    and away from the smaller robots. Shoot it twice, and you’re in the final 
    Phase 5:
    Final stretch of the game! If you haven’t collected any underwear on this 
    level, now would be a good time to do so. Now, the turret will surround itself 
    with red, green and blue lasers. All three branches from the core spot are in 
    play now, and it doesn’t matter what order you tackle them in. The turret will 
    spawn Hyper spinners, super pounders, and mace wielders. The “blue” staircase 
    holds a couple rows of spikes, as well as quite a few purple lasers. The first 
    stack can be cleared normally. The second must me jumped over when the top one 
    is low enough. The third is ran under when the bottom one is high enough. And 
    the fourth is identical to the second stack in terms of how to clear it. Shoot 
    the button and backtrack. When all pillars are deactivated, the turret is open 
    for attack. I can just see the announcer from Battle for bikini bottom 
    (Gamecube) going “That’s it! Now is shoe is booting rah!” or however that goes. 
    Anyways, you still have robots to contend with, as well as the turret firing 
    five times in rapid succession. Shoot it once, and it’s history. I would’ve 
    loved to see how “Plankton” died, but apparently not. Spongy makes it out by 
    mysterious means. Did he teleport? That’s why I want to see how the robot died. 
    He finds everyone preparing for the eleventy-seventh anniversary of the Krusty 
    Krab. I think they mean one hundred seventeenth. Anyways, Mr. K asks Spongy to 
    open the safe where Spongebob hid the secret formula... BUT IT’S NOT THERE! It 
    turns out the formula was in Spongebob’s back pocket the whole time. Wait a 
    minute, that’s not it either! Where is it really? Mr. K pulls a book out of his 
    back pocket. THIS is the formula! You found it! You beat the game! And most of 
    all, you got your last happy item! What do you think it is? The Krabby Patty 
    15: Outro, Legal Crap, and Contact Info
    Congratulations on beating Spongebob’s Truth or Square for the DS! I hope you 
    found it as much fun as I did, particularly beating the bosses. I always loved 
    the bosses. If I didn’t make anything clear enough, missed anything, could make 
    corrections, or if you just want to compliment my work, contact me at 
    nic.toms@yahoo.com. This walkthrough is property of Nic Toms, or Ash_Pikachu. 
    All rights reserved. Spongebob, and anything having to do with Spongebob 
    belongs to Nickelodeon. Original FAQ posted September 2011. Please do not copy 
    this for any reason, other than to recommend it to a friend, family member, 
    16: Version History
    Version 1.00-Completed original FAQ. Merely my first draft.

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