Is there going to be a golden sun 4?

  1. The first two Golden Sun games were on the GBA, the latest one os for the DS, is there going to be another Golden Sun after Dark Dawn?

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    Alex431 - 6 years ago

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  1. First off from what I understood of the game, AMITI IS ALEX'S son NO ifs ands or buts about it, NOWELL WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE BACK as she did not venture on her own journey but instead FELL IN LOVE WITH PIERS... (WHICH WAS Mentioned at the beginning of the mourning moon, Kraden mentions it)

    The mourning moon is over so I doubt the title would be mourning moon, and yes the ending is HIGHLY suggestive of a 4th and possibly a 5th Golden Sun Game...

    The main objective of this game was not to stop the mourning moon so to say but instead to retrieve a MOUNTAIN ROC's FEATHER so they could fix what Tyrell Broke( I actually forgot what the wings were called). Once the Feather was obtained then the game went a little on a tangent (due to the Dark Adepts interfering by tricking the party into waking the Lunar Tower) and before they could return home they had to deal with the Mourning moon.

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  1. Just throwing out a guess based off the ending scene of the game, YES! But officially I've heard nothing and no date has been announced by a long shot. I think the series has plenty of fans to support at least 1 more game, I know I'd be one of the first in line.

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  2. It would make sense, considering there's a lot more to Weyard than what you've already explored, and all but two of your original party from the first two games has yet to make an onscreen appearance (not counting Kraden, of course).

    Here's hopin'.

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  3. Golden Sun Dark Dawn ends with "The End...?"
    Yes, there is probably going to be another game after Dark Dawn.

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  4. There has to be a sequel, the ending basically means to be continued, as we speak right now camelot could be planning a sequel just like they did with the original game, so in a year or 2 we might have golden sun 4.

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  5. Here's my hope:
    It will be released in 3DS!

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  6. Mourning moon, anyone? I mean, Matt was practically pointing at the biggest vortex around.

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  7. Of course!! the ending just calls for a sequel, where did alex go after the battle against spatha / cora??? why that great psynergy vortex appeared just in the sonne crater? where are the others? (i mean ivan, mia, felix, nadia and sole?)

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  8. definatly. i mean, here is my theory... saturos and menardi had counter parts in the seconds game, karst and agatio. i beleive cahlis and blados will have counter parts aswell. chalis is based off of the cups suit of the tarot, which reflects her seductive character rather well, while blados is personifying swords, being as agressinve as he is, aswell as being a master swordsman. i guess is the next two antagonists will deal with characters based off of the disc and the wand, MARK MY WORDS! also, arcanus (alex) is the major arcana, being the most powerful. we still have to take down the high emperor, and yes, there is still the matter of the mourning moon at the end. not to mention meeting the rest of the warriors of vale and the previous other minor characters(donpapa, sunshine, faran, AKAFUBU!, ect.) and the other djinn, aswell as travel the rest of wayard. i can even speculate that the reason why alex tried to stop the grave eclipse was because it would have drained his golden sun power, possibly how they sealed it the first time before they used the appolo tower. that's what i think anyhow. so YES, they will, they wouldn't cliffhang us like that.

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  9. A big MAYBE? I don't know but after seeing the ending, there's a high chance that there will be a sequel. And also a 50/50 chance of it being made for the either 3DS or DS.

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  10. Also, Nowell went off with Piers, so now we need to find them again, plus the whole main plot never gort solved: What's up with Sol Sanctum and the Psynergy Vortexes? AND Who is Amiti's father? Piers or Alex? (I'm all for Alex, by the way. Tret said Amiti was related to Mia, and while the Lemurians must be related to the Imdrilians, Alex makes more sense, being Mia's cousin.) Then there's the Umbra Clan, which hasn't actually been dealt with, and there's just so much left to do in general. What about Sheba? Anyone with a brain (who played the second GS, anyways) can tell she's from the flying city of Anemos (AKA the moon) which used to be in that huge crater beside Contigo, but that plot needs to be resolved. We need to go to Kalay, too, where Jenna is. This, and many other points, make me believe there HAS to be another one coming. Or at least there better be. Or else.

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  11. Don't forget the fact that in the Konpa ruins there's a few inaccessible places due to the fact that you didn't have Cold Snap psynergy available. Also, if anyone ever took a dream leaf to Border Town you actually can access the other side in a dream. And anyone notice that vine that needs growth during said dream? The sequel might definitely be from Nowell's point of view as she gathers her own set of 4 companions to meet up with Matthew, Rief, Tyrell, and Karis. After all, by the end of Dark Dawn, the royalty leave the group. (I see what you did there Camelot. Amiti is the heir to the throne of Ayuthay, Sveta's the queen of Morgal, Himi is basically a princess, and Eoleo is the new leader of Champa.)

    I predict it's Nowell for water adept, a child from Prox for the fire adept, and Felix and Sheba have two kids that are a wind and an earth adept. Obviously, this is because Felix and Sheba are OTP.

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  12. http:/ / /news/2012/06/let _camelot_know_if_y ou_want_another_go lden_sun

    Let them know you want another. Takahashi has announced if enough people want it, it may happen.
    Which I personally feel is a publicity stunt because of the end of DD, but that is besides the point.

    ps: remove the spaces in the link.

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  13. God, i hope so. Golden sun is one of my favorite video game franchises.

    Though, Swordsaver, the reason TLA was released so soon after the original was because the game was already made... But there was not enough space on the cartrige for the entire game, so they split it into 2. they did not make a sequal to dark dawn at the time, so it is expected for it to not be out yet.

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  14. I really, really hope so! It's my favorite game in the world. There probably will be, with an ending like that. Also, the other games all took about three years to make.I'm crossing my fingers!!!

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  15. Don't confuse the grave eclipse with the mourning moon. the grave eclipse is erected by the luna tower to spawn evil things from its umbra. the mourning moon is a massive psynergy vortex that appears every decade or so bigger than the last time, caused by the unsealing of alchemy, another point that needs to be resolved in the 4th game.

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  16. It has been 5 years and they still haven't release another GS game :'(

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