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    FAQ/Walkthrough by blcklblskt

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    Fossil Fighters Walkthrough
    By James Novotny, blcklblskt (at) yahoo (dot) com
    a.k.a. blcklblskt on the GameFAQs message boards
    Game (C) 2008-2009 Nintendo/RED
    Version 1.0
    Last Update - 01-28-2010
     Table of Contents
    Note - To find a specific section fast, hit Ctrl + F to open the Find command.
    1.) Character List
    2.) Controls
    3.) Walkthrough
        > Intro
        > Day # 1
        > Day # 2
        > Day # 3
        > Day # 4
        > Day # 5
        > Day # 6
        > Day # 7
        > Day # 8
    4.) Side Missions (coming soon)
    5.) FAQ
    6.) Version History
    7.) Credits/Contact/Legal Information
    1.) Character List
    1)  You
    2)  Captain Travers
    3)  Rosie
    4)  Mr. Richmond
    5)  Dr. Diggins
    6)  Digadig Chieftain
    7)  Nevada Montecarlo
    8)  McJunker
    9)  Holt
    10) Saurhead
    11) Nick Nack
    12) Captain Bullwort
    13) Rex
    14) Snivels
    15) Vivian
    16) Duna
    17) Sam
    18) Raptin
    19) Dynal
    20) KL-33N
    2.) Controls
       > Overworld
        D-Pad    - Move character; move cursor in menu
        A Button - Talk/interact; choose highlighted item in menu
        B Button - N/A; back or cancel in menu
        X Button - Open/close menu
        Y Button - Open/close team menu
        L Button - Use sonar (only in dig sites)
        R Button - Use sonar (only in dig sites)
        Start    - Open Save/Options Menu
        Select   - Open Help Menu
        TopScreen- Displays Map (Fighter Area)/
                   Displays Sonar, Suitcase fill level (Dig site)
        B.Screen - Displays world
       > In Battle
        D-Pad    - Move cursor
        A Button - Choose highlighted item in menu
        B Button - back or cancel in menu
        X Button - N/A
        Y Button - N/A
        L Button - N/A
        R Button - N/A
        Start    - Open Surrender menu
        Select   - Open Help Menu
        TopScreen- Displays useless commentators/Vivosaurs
        B.Screen - Displays battle arena
    3.) Walkthrough
    Start up the game, and select a file to save your data to.  Watch the opening
    video, and you'll meet Captain Travers who will ask for your name.  Input
    whatever you want to be called (yes, even pumpkin like your mommy calls you).
    Travers will ask you a series of questions about what kind of dinosaur you
    like best, so choose whatever floats your boat.
    You'll arrive at VIVOSAUR ISLAND!!! WOOO!!! We're here!!!  Anyways, you'll
    meet Beth and Sue, who will in turn introduce you to Dr. Diggins.  You will
    end up in the Fossil Center.  Then, you are told to check into the hotel, so
    go do so.
    After you check in, head back to the Fossil Center and talk to Wendy.  Then,
    head into the back room and talk to Diggins.  He will have you clean your very
    first fossil.  You will get your first Vivosaur, so now you can take your
    Fighter's License exam.  Head to the building to the left of the Fossil Center
    and talk to Tiffany to begin your exam.  They consist of two parts: First, you
    must clean a fossil above a specified level.  Next, you have to win a battle
    against an opponent.
    For your first exam, after you clean the fossil, Tipper will teach you how to
    battle.  Then, head to your first real battle.  You'll face Travers, but he is
    extremely easy.  Beat him, and get your Fighter's License.  Travers will give
    you a fossil for the vivosaur you specified when you first met him.  However,
    since it isn't a head piece, you cannot revive it at this time.
    Day # 1
    The next day, Diggins will tell you about the Trial dig site.  Exit your room
    and take a right into the next screen.  Head to Bea Ginner (heh, get it?) and
    get ready to dig up your first fossils!
    Follow her instructions, then head back to the Fossil Center once you are done
    digging.  Diggins will introduce you to KL-33N, who is a fossil cleaning robot.
    Yes, it is funny, but he does his job, so make sure you train him well.  Clean
    your fossil rocks and you should get a new Vivosaur to add to your arsenal.
    Head back to Bea Ginner and back to the Trial dig site.  You'll meet and fight
    Holt, a fellow Fossil Fighter.  After you beat him, Diggins will tell you
    about Greenhorn Plains, a new fossil site.  Head to the dock to get there.
    Dig up some rocks, then head up to talk to the Fossil Center employee at the
    top of the screen.  He'll ask you to hand over your medals, so do so.  Once in
    the area, head straight up and talk to the girl in pink.  Dig up a couple rocks
    and you will find that you've been duped (or smeckledorfed).  Go to leave, and
    you will find your medals, however the girl's medals are not there.  You need
    to head to the police station to get this sorted out.  Talk to Captain
    Bullwort, and Rosie will introduce herself.  After talking, make sure you have
    three Vivosaurs in your team, then head to the stadium and talk to Tiffany.
    Once you beat P.B. Jay, head to the Fossil Guild.  The man there will tell you
    Medal Dealer Joe is in Greenhorn plains, so head over there.  Head straight to
    where you first saw him and talk to him to fight him.  After you fight him,
    you will be able to get your next Fighter's License.  Head to the stadium once
    you're ready, and get your next license.  Once you get through that, you'll be
    a level 2 fighter.
    Day # 2
    You'll be able to access Knotwood Forest, a new dig site, now.  Head over
    there, and you'll meet up with Holt again.  He'll tell you that you can now
    buy upgrades for your sonar and such at the shop inside the Fossil Guild.
    They come in handy, but seeing as you don't have enough money yet, don't
    bother going back now.  There are many new fossil rocks here for you to dig
    up, so keep digging and reviving Vivosaurs until your heart's content.
    Rosie will also be at Knotwood Forest, and she is arguing with a real Fossil
    Center employee this time.  She wants permission to head deeper into the
    forest, but she isn't allowed.  Rosie will drag you to her grandfather, Mr.
    Richmond.  Mr. Richmond tells you to find Diggins, but he is always busy.  You
    will need to bribe the weirdo with some Dino Cakes that are in the Fossil
    Guild.  Head into Diggins' office in the Fossil Center, and he will eventually
    grant you access to the area.
    Once back in Knotwood Forest, you will have to fight the Fossil Center
    employee in order to proceed.  There are even more new fossil rocks here, but
    continue along the path until you reach a row of stumps.  Remember how Holt
    explained how lighter colored rocks, stumps, etc. were breakable?  Break the
    light stumps to proceed.  Head up once you reach the VMM and you will meet
    the Chieftan.  He will give a mission to head into the Digadigamid, and once
    you accept, he will do a funny dance for ya.  Rosie will get zapped by
    lightning (yea I don't get it either) and she will end up speaking like the
    Digadigs do.  Head into the pyramid, and you will have to beat a baddie to
    There are new fossil rocks here for you to discover, so it's up to you if you
    want to dig them up later, or to head back to town and revive them.  Either
    way, you will have to fight a dog.  Now this is no reason to call animal
    control because he is a certified Fossil Fighter.  And yes, this game will
    get weirder.  Muuuccch weirder.
    To proceed through the next floor, you have to break the lighter colored
    bones.  At the end of this tunnel is a long-nosed man.  Once you beat this
    schnoz, he will open a trap door because he is a sore loser.  Remember kids,
    there is no need to be a sore loser and cause others physical pain.  You will
    meet Nevada Montecarlo once you wake up.  She is the fossil fighter that
    Diggins sent.  To proceed, use your sonar to find a Keymonite fossil that is
    buried underground.  Once you clean the fossil, Nevada will use it to unlock a
    door, and a ladder comes on down.  Head to the end of the tunnel you end up
    in, and in the next room, you come across the dog, the long nosed man, and a
    woman named Vivian.
    Being the cowards they are, they trap you yet again, and you have to find the
    way out.  After all, Nevada isn't very good at deciphering secret messages.
    If you cannot figure out the message, it says: A secret tunnel hides between
    the two unbreakable bones! Dig.  So, listen to the strange message and you
    will uncover another secret tunnel.  Hop on down, and you will end up back at
    the entrance.  It may be a good idea to save your game because you will be
    facing Vivian now.
    After she is defeated, bring the treasure she dropped to the Chieftain.  He
    will end up giving it to you.  And yes, Rosie will still talk like a Digadig.
    The next morning, you will have the chance to become a Level 3 Fighter.
    Revive any Vivosaurs you have yet to revive, then head to the Stadium to go
    get your license.  Don't worry, I'll wait for you.
    ...done yet? No?!?!  Jeez, hurry up!
    ...Now?  Alright good.  Now that you're a Level 3 Fighter, get ready for the
    next day's events.  Night night.
    Day # 3
    Rivet Ravine will now be available to you, so head on down there.  Beth will
    tell you about McJunker, whom you will meet a little later.  Once in Rivet
    Ravine, a man named Sam Inaro will tell you to bring back 8 fossil rocks.
    They have to be "New" fossil rocks that you have yet to revive.
    Once you're done with that, Sam will do a dance, and lightning (again?) will
    strike you.  You are now able to determine what element the fossil rocks are
    before you revive them.  Not too useful I suppose, but whatever.
    Head upwards and cross the bridges until you reach the top of the map.  Inside
    you will meet the famed (well, kinda) McJunker.  He'll ask to borrow your
    sonar so he can upgrade it to find buried tools.
    In the left tunnel, head to the room with the VMM use your sonar to find the
    tools, and a battle, waiting for you.  Once you've beaten him, head back to
    the room with McJunker.
    In the right tunnel, go straight past the VMM and follow that tunnel to a
    dead end.  The other tool will be there, and yet another fight.  Head back to
    Once you give McJunker the tools, he will ask you to clean them.  Once you do
    that, he will tell you that he needs some Electrominite, which his assistant
    at his shop, the Junk Depot, has.  However, you will need a V-Raptor in your
    current team to prove that McJunker sent you.  If you do not have a V-Raptor
    yet, they are in Greenhorn Plains.
    McJunker's assistant is none other than Holt.  Save before you battle him, as
    he is fairly tough.  Give the Electrominite to McJunker, and he will let you
    use the mine cars.  Take the mine car on the right, and head into the chamber.
    The BB Bandits are here, and get ready to fight Rex and Snivels right after
    each other.
    They will run away and leave another idol behind.  Dig it up, and McJunker
    will come see you.  He tells you that the Level Up Battles are going to begin,
    so head to the Stadium once you are ready.
    You'll meet up with Rosie after you get your Level Four License.  Save your
    game and get ready for the next day.
    Day # 4
    You will unlock Bottomsup Bay, so go to the dock to head over there.  Beth
    will give you a Diver's Mask so you can breathe underwater.
    Once you've arrived, you'll notice that Rosie is surrounded by denture sharks
    (see, it gets even weirder.  But just wait...).  You will have to go rescue
    her, however, the denture sharks aren't too happy to see you.  If they see
    you, they will chase after you and sent you back to the entrance.
    Walk slowly towards Rosie and avoid the denture sharks as best you can.  If
    you are spotted, try to run and hide from them.  If you get hit, you'll be
    sent back to start.
    Once you rescue lil' miss Rosie, she'll join.  Once you get past the denture
    sharks, they will stop chasing you so you don't have to keep an eye out for
    them any longer.
    Break the coral near the left of the area to find a secret passage that will
    advance you to your goal, a sunken ship.  However, there are two more secret
    passages to find which have new fossils in them.  Break the coral in the
    center and the top right of the map to find both of them.  Head into the
    sunken ship passage to continue.
    In the ship, you will no longer need your mask because the ship has air in
    it (? how?).  Anyways, there are quite a few treasure chests within the ship
    that are yours for the taking.  Take a left and enter the first room on the
    top of the screen.  Inside is a chest.  Take the stairs that are to the left
    of the room and you'll reach floor 2.
    Immediately to your left is a room with another chest in it.  Grab the
    treasure and take the staircase up to floor number 3.
    In the room to the right, you will find the Golden Mask in the chest.  Take
    the stairs near the crack in the floor and head back down to floor 2.
    Head allll the way to the right of the ship, passing by the staircase to floor
    3.  Inside the chest in the room is a book that will enable you to use "Team
    Skills", which are more powerful moves that your Vivosaurs can use.  Then,
    head up to floor 3 by using the staircase immediately to the left of that
    Head to the right and enter Captain Woolbeard's room.  He will tell you to
    rescue his favorite beard accessory, his beard ribbon (-_-).  However, the
    dastardly Snivels and Rex will lock you in the room.  But, a mysterious
    woman explodes the door open again, inspects Woolbeard's desk, and then goes
    ahead and leaves.  Weirdo.
    Rosie suggests asking her grandfather as to where to find the ribbon, so go
    head off there.
    Richmond tells you that he gave it to his friend (ugghh) Nick Nack.  Nick Nack
    is also staying at the Relic Hotel, so head on over.  Take the elevator on
    the left and his room is the first one.  Nick Nack is willing to hand over the
    ribbon as long as you can get him three things.  The first is a molted bug
    shell, which you can find in Digadig Village.
    Head on over to Knotwood Forest, and enter Digadig Village.  But, lucky for
    us, our ole pal Rex is dying to fight us again.  Beat the pup and go talk to
    the Chieftain.  The Chieftain will teach you a special dance to get the fossil
    bugs to come out.  Press "A" to dance (Finally! Dancing!) and a fossil bug
    will molt its shell for you.  How nice.  Bring it to Nick Nack.
    Now he wants a Sandal Fossil, so go to Greenhorn Plains.  There, you will find
    Mr. Big Nose, the one and only Snivels.  Kick his sorry behind to the curb,
    and go to the area where all the junk is.  The mysterious girl will show up
    again and she will give you the Sandal Fossil.  Go on and give it to Mr. Nack.
    His final request is a pair of dentures from a denture shark.  Rosie will
    refuse to go with you.  As you head to Bottomsup Bay, Holt will tell you that
    a new pay-to-dig site is open at Greenhorn Plains.  If you would like some
    more powerful Vivosaurs, go ahead and grab some.  If not, continue to the Bay.
    Run past the denture sharks into the second area where they will stop chasing
    you.  In the center of that area is a hole which you must enter.  Head to the
    right of the den and nab the shark's dentures.  Clean the dirty dentures and
    give 'em to Nick Nack.
    As you go to enter the elevator, Vivian will fight you.  Dispose of her, and
    give Nick his dentures.  He will then give you the famed BEARD RIBBON!  Head
    back to Woolbeard's room in Bottomsup Bay inside the sunken ship.
    There, you will find that the BB Bandits gave Woolbeard a fake ribbon.  He
    gets extremely ruffled, so you have to beat him to the ground to get him back
    to normal.  Once you do, he gives you yet another idol.  You will now be able
    to get your Level 5 license, so go on and do so.
    Day # 5
    Mt. Lavaflow is now unlocked as a dig site.  The hotel manager also informs
    you of another seminar in Rivet Ravine.  However, once you exit the hotel,
    a police officer will escort you to Captain Bullwort.  Rosie has been
    kidnapped by the BB Bandits, and its up to you to rescue your gal pal.
    But Rosie can wait for now.  Head to the seminar in Rivet Ravine, and Sam will
    ask you to find 16 "New" fossil rocks that you have yet to discover.  Keep in
    mind that you will need to upgrade your fossil case to hold 16 fossil rocks.
    You can buy the upgrade at the shop for a fee.  Once you do that, you will be
    able to dig up rarer dark fossil rocks.  These rocks are completely black and
    contain either jewels or rare red fossils.  Red fossils will automatically
    give you another 25 points for your Vivosaur.
    After the seminar, grab the idols from your hotel room and head to the dock in
    the Park Area.  Fight the BB Bandit here, and take the ship to a new dig site,
    the BB Base.  There are new fossils here as well as fossil battles.  I
    recommend fighting the BB Bandits because they will give your Vivosaurs more
    experience, however you can run past them if you choose.  Whatever you choose,
    Rex will be waiting for you at the end of the third floor.  As expected,
    Snivels is waiting for you at the next floor.  Vivian awaits you at the next
    floor also.
    The next area has you meeting up with Captain Bullwort.  But wait!?!?! The
    little deviant is actually a baddie!  He has Rosie captured, so you must beat
    Bartholomew Bullwort to rescue her.  Rosie wants to talk with her grandfather,
    so go do so.
    Aaaand after that, you will be able to get your Level 6 fighter's license.  Go
    do that, and after Rosie will ask you to meet her at the park later that
    night. (;P).  Save and get a little rest before your meeting with her.
    Day # 6
    You'll find Rosie near the water in the Park Area where she'll give you a
    kiss.  You sly dog!
    Next morning, you'll find a really annoying father and son who insist that
    the legendary Saurhead is better than you.  Pssshhh, he's all talk.
    Head to Mt. Lavaflow, and along the way Diggins will upgrade your sonar so
    that you can find the final idol.
    As you continue along Mt. Lavaflow, you will reach an unbreakable rock in your
    path.  Luckily Ms. Duna shows up and blows it up with her ray gun (right).
    Further along, Duna will blow up another rock for you so that you can find the
    final idol.  Once you do, she will try and take it from you!  She ends up
    transforming into a dinosaur herself (see!  I told you it gets reaaally weird.
    And this isn't even the end!).
    Once you beat her, she will get crushed by a large boulder.  Be a gentleman
    (or lady) and rescue her by breaking the rock.  She leaves confused because
    you saved her, and Rosie enters the picture.  She suggests taking the idol
    back to Richmond, so go on.
    However, the BB Bandits have taken over the town.  There is a BB blocking your
    way to the Guild Area.  Once he is beaten, you'll have access to the Guild
    Area again.  Here, your objective is to get to Richmond's room.  Along the way
    are BB Bandits that will chase you.  You can either avoid or fight them.
    Once you're in Richmond's room, you will face off with Bullwort again.  This
    time he has a MASSIVE Vivosaur, Frigi.  You are unable to beat him no matter
    what, so don't feel bad if you lose.  Bullwort will toss you in jail.
    After you try to escape and check every corner, talk to Rosie.  Rex will
    eventually come and chew you a way out.  Rex will help you get to the Fossil
    Center where Richmond, Diggins, Snivels, and Vivian are waiting for you.  Your
    next task is to go speak with the Digadig Chieftain, so head over there.
    Once you've arrived, talk to the Chieftain.  He is afraid of even hearing
    Frigi's name, so you'll have to keep talking to him.  He will inform you that
    a Vivosaur named Ignosaurus is able to beat Frigisaurus, and Igno is located
    within Mt. Lavaflow.  Head back to the Fossil Center and inform the others of
    what you've just learned.  Rex tells you that there are lava drain valves so
    that you can drain all the lava from Mt. Lavaflow.  Diggins will hand you a 
    Doglish translator (oh jeez) so that you can understand Rex.  As it turns out,
    Rex is an extremely well versed scholar who will help you find the valves.
    At Mt. Lavaflow, head up to the rightmost tunnel.  There, you will have to
    clean off keys to get past the doors.  In the next tunnel, your goal is to
    break open a rock to find a valve.  Break open the rocks until you find it,
    then drain the lava.
    Back to where you entered the tunnel, you'll need to head over to the far left
    tunnel.  Once there, search for the Igno fossil.  It will flash red on your
    sonar.  Unfortunately, Bullwort comes up and makes it impervious to cleaning
    by zapping it.  Head back to Diggins and to show him the fossil.
    Once there, head out to Mt. Lavaflow to dig up some new fossils for your team,
    then head back to Diggins.  He will have you try to break open the rock, but
    to no effect.  Duna will show up and zap it with her ray gun so that you may
    clean it.  Clean the fossil, and add the Igno to your team.  Then, go back to
    Bullwort and fight the traitor.
    When Bullwort is out of the picture, level up battles can start.  Go get your
    Master Fighter's License, and when you've done that, you will get a letter
    from Duna asking you to meet her in the Park Area at night.
    She will tell you she is Dinaurian, a race of Dino-people.  She will also
    give you a smooch.
    Day # 7
    Rosie will meet you in the hotel, and go with her to the Secret Lab in the
    Richmond Building.  Inside, you'll find Duna with another Dinaurian named
    Raptin.  They're stealing the idols, which are actually computers used for a
    much larger one.  As Rosie tries to stop them, Raptin zaps her and she turns
    into a rat-like creature.  Raptin will zap you, but you'll just fall
    When you wake up, a series of events occurs and Rosie gives you a pendant.
    Next thing you know, you and Diggins are warped to a Dinaurian ship in space.
    The guard there will ask you to change out of your human disguises, so you'll
    back to make a plan.  Diggins tells you to ask Saurhead for his mask.  But,
    he won't give it up willingly.  You're gonna have to fight him for it.
    Saurhead requests that you beat him 5 battles in a row without switching your
    team.  And yes, this is very annoying.  To make the most of type advantages,
    put different types of Vivosaurs in your team and fill up all five spots.
    Once you've got his mask, head back to Diggins in the Fossil Center and go
    teleport back to the Dinaurian ship.  As you progress through the ship,
    Diggins will speak of a Secret Island that you have yet to discover.  When
    you reach the final room, you will see Duna with another Dinaurian, Dynal.
    When they try to wipe out the human race, you interfere and fight a Dinaurian.
    Once he is defeated, Dynal turns the switch on anyways, but luckily Diggins
    took one of the sub-idolcomps.  Dynal zaps him back to the past, and Duna then
    teleports you to safety.
    Richmond will tell you a little more about the Secret Island that Diggins
    referenced before.  Go to Rosie's room to pick her up.  Then, head into the
    secret office to learn of the idol fragment locations.  They are spread in
    5 different locations, and you have to find the pieces.
    In Greenhorn Plains, take a right and you'll find the idol fragment buried
    in the right corner of the map.
    In Knotwood Forest, head to the VMM and go into the area to the left of it.
    The top left is where you will find the idol fragment.
    In Rivet Ravine, it is right before the first bridge you see.
    In Bottomsup Bay, enter the top right secret passage in the ground.  The
    fragment is near the bottom of the map.
    In Mt. Lavaflow, head to the rightmost tunnel.  You'll soon reach a little
    offshoot path that leads nowhere.  That is where the last fragment is.
    Once you have all the pieces, head back to Richmond.  He'll then notify you
    that you still need yet another piece.  It is on the Secret Island, and you'll
    travel there with Duna.
    At the Secret Island, head on through until you reach the end.  You'll see a
    specimen and unfortunately Raptin comes to try and take it.  Take the stone
    back to the Fossil Center once you beat him and clean the stone up.  Who else
    but Diggins is inside!  Bring the processor to Richmond.  And it turns out
    that Dynal was disguised as Richmond.  Poop.  Head back to the Dinaurian ship
    through Diggins' teleporter.
    Head to the end of the ship and save before entering the last room.  Dynal is
    a very big jerk, so it's fitting that he is an extremely cheap Vivosaur.  His
    support effects will cripple you, so take him out quickly, or use a Vivosaur
    that will reduce his stats greatly also.
    After you defeat him, Dynal has a change of heart.  However, Raptin still
    wants to kill you and the human race, so he activates the computers.  But,
    like the dummy he is, he only manages to activate a homing signal that
    attracts Guhnash, the monster who ate the Dinaurian planet.  Great.  Gooood
    job.  Diggins tells you that the only way to beat Guhnash is to beat his three
    (yes three) brains in battle.  You'll then have the choice of taking either
    Rosie or Duna with you to the final battle.  Neither have any impact on the
    battle, but whomsoever you choose will give you a different ending.
    Guhnash's three brains are some pretty tough cookies, and they will constantly
    switch you around the battlefield.  Once you beat him, you and your partner
    will turn to stone and Guhnash will explode.  You'll appear back on Earth, and
    depending on whom you chose to accompany you to battle, the ending will be
    slightly different.  But congratulations!!! You beat the game!!!
    End of Walkthrough
    4.) Side Missions
    Coming Soon
    5.) FAQ
    Any questions you guys or girls send me will be put here unless you request
    me not to.
    6.) Version History
    1.0 - 01-28-2010
          Main walkthrough done; main structure; side missions to come soon!
          First time submitted to GameFAQs.com
    7.) Credits/Contact/Legal Information
    Lets start with the thankings
    1 - GameFAQs.com
        For hosting my guide and the legal help
    2 - Me
        This guide didn't write itself now did it?
    3 - You
        For reading this guide
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.  So don't steal it.
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