Best gem farming method?

  1. Get far enough in the game to have a Dancer, two Merchants and a Hero on your team. Upgrade the Hero and Dancer to so the Hero can use Bladeblitz and the Dancer can use Applaud. Equip at least the Hero with a good weapon (and I suggest good armor for all just in case) and add the following abilities to your team. Merchant- Finder, Merchant- Finder, Dancer- Applaud, Hero- Bladeblitz. I advise putting them all in the same place so as to speed up the process and you can even turn the merchants and dancer into animals to further increase speed (though I wouldn't advise doing this to the Hero as it seriously docks their strength.) Now simply go and kill enimies wherever the right gems drop best. The Dancer supplies Ap to the Hero who kills all the enimies with Bladeblitz and the Merchants collect extra gems.~ I'm sorry if this doesn't work out on your games the way it does on mine. I obvioulsy only have the single game and haven't been able to check for accuracy across multiple games. If anyone has found a better way, please let me know.

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  2. Clarification Request::
    Are you asking if this is the best way? I've never tried it this way. But I find that Keeper is far better than finder. You don't mention whether your merchants use finder or not. If you're hero just kills everything how do your merchants have a chance to use finder? Your enemies die too soon unless you're a very weak group. I find that the most gem farming needs to be done near the end of the game when you need to upgrade all your equipment just to stand a chance. What does applaud do? And can two merchants both find gems in the same battle? It seems when I use keeper or in your case finder twice in the same battle it fails the second time. So to answer your question I don't think this is the best gem farming method. But that's not a factual answer just my opinion.

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  1. Why did you out this as a question? This seems like it belongs on the boards section not here.

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  1. in auto battle stuff like cure & finder come before before attacks, applaud boosts AP regeneration to +2 per turn, 2 merchants can both find gems in the same battle & yes you can only find 1 gem per keeper/finder for each merchant per battle.

    with this method you gain EXP and damage it also requires attention so running away while your merchant has Hermes sandals and uses finder is: faster, easier & and requires less attention

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  2. I am knew. I am also on my DSi, but getting to the point.

    This is a good way to get gems, but the best way will be more time consuming. The jobs required are these. Hero, Merchant x2 and White Mage or Freelancer. Hero should have been enhanced to blitzblade at this point while the Merchants should be enhanced once to get Keeper. The fourth character can be abything you want, having Freelancer will let you keep all your gems after death. W.Mage heals injured allies to stay alive longer and so forth. When you enter battle, Let every one block but the Merchants. Let them use Finder and Keeper. Finder and Keeper each grab a gem for a total of 2 people per gem. Then a 4 gem drop from defeat. You get 8 gems. Have everyone a Merchant and you get 2 x 4 + 4 equals 12. Hope I helped. I would prefer to use the Monk at max for low level health people because he does 100+ damage x like 7 attacks at level 35-ish. Just to let you know, but it is your choice. Hope I helped someone.

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  3. Sorry, there was 2 typoes. Here they are.

    abything = anything

    2 people per gem = 2 gem per people

    Sorry for the misunderstand, and have a great day.

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  4. -.-'' Hello, Me again. Sorry for making it seem like I made absolutely NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER. But, I will give you better information of what I would do as gem farming. Come to my noticing, When there is one player alive, the party gets a few extra gems, from the end of the battle. With this being said, I advice for High Levels Who don't wanna do anything but upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, I would Advise you using A Monk's Tool, while the Rest of the Party is dead, but have Powerful Weapons and Merchant Jobs. When you use Tool, I have also Noticed a Slight (Very Very Little) Increase in Damage, Though I was Level 99. You will get a Fluctuation of 0 to 4 Gems Every Battle, and When there are 3 Enemies, things will Fly by fast. Or you could use 2 Hero's and 2 Merchants and The Merchants can be dead, or alive, while the Hero's use Blade-Blitz OR you can use 1 Wayfayer, with 1 Star and Use 3 Merchants with 1 star also, you can use Finder for the First Turn, Keeper for the Second and then use Escape from the third turn, anyone who ''Missed!'' on Finder or Keeper, well, forget about it.

    Last Method Copy Right of Your guide for games, You gamers... (IDK :D)

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  5. Hello again. I don't know why I am here, for the FOURTH TIME, but, there are multiple solutions for Gem Farming. Here are but few I used.

    1. 3 Mastered Black Mages, 1 Merchant Enhanced once. Spam Magic Might... done.

    2. 1 Live Monk, one Dead Merchant, 2 Dead Dark Knights. Monk can have anything, while rest MUST have a powerful weapon. For example, Excaliber, Zodiac Spear, Artemis Bow, Sword of Light, Gungnir, etc., and No/Weak armor FOR ALL (except monk =3). Just spam tool and shazam, dead.

    3. 2 Heroes (1 Hit killing weapons =3), 1 Merchant, 1 Anything (any job). Spam Blade-Blitz, while the others gaurd. Heal, if needed.

    4. 1 Hero, the rest are dead. If you have a REALLY powerful weapon, like (per say) Excaliber +31 (I got that weapon!!! EEE!!! :D), just spam Blade-Blitz, and when you run out of AP, just guard twice and continue.


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