How do I beat the 4th dungeon boss?

  1. I finally manage to make my way to this wall thing........
    but every time i fight it, and it goes rage (flashing black) it changed it's shape into a drill-like stuff and start to chase me like crazy till i died........(using potion seems to be impossible in this battle after it goes that way)

    can anyone share a tips to dodge this thing? i'm totally out of idea here (or perhaps my level isn't high enough~or i wore a wrong equipment?~element wise?)

    i used:
    a katana? (2 handed sword with 2kanji, the second is katana but i don't know the first-it gave me about 200+attack, but still not enough to slay this boss?) or a double sword? for variation (i don't know what the kanji reads...... but both of them are shaped like an ornamented lance and one of them is red-fire elemented i guess, and the other is blue-perhaps ice), i also equip a shield(dunno what kind of shield, but not the standard shield), shoes (same here), bracelet(same too), and a bandana stuff(i totally forgot the name)
    i'm at lv 63 with toona lv 48 and some offensive active seed

    thanks a lot for your kindness

    User Info: archangelcrew

    archangelcrew - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    ok im having the same problem with the boss but i use short swords and am lvl 40 i get really close but just cant beat him and my sword does like no damage so i use a fire tome HELP......... i really just want to beat this guy

    User Info: kagura56

    kagura56 - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I fought him a few times, (and failed miserably), but when i went back at level 56, he was gone... now what... should I just check back regularly and continue story mode otherwise?

    User Info: EldonTG

    EldonTG - 5 years ago

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  1. Just have the fire spell Explosion. Once it starts flashing, just shoot, run, shoot, run. I beat the whole thing with just that spell, no melee. (I think i may also have been an absurdly high level though too 50's or so).

    User Info: Mercineri

    Mercineri - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. 1. Make sure your weapon is non elemental ( Twin Leek is the best weapon for low blacksmith level ).
    2. Bring lily pad to overcome the paralyze ( while on the lily pad, your speed is the same as you run ).
    3. Bring some ice cream ( Made from milk any size, no utensils ). It's more neatly to recovery ( lv 10 : HP + 2000, RP + 2000 ).
    4. For highest Lv blacksmith ( lv 40 ++ ) use twin onimaru ( Short Dagger, Silver, Mushroom Spore x2, Scorpion Tail ) with upgrade heart stone ( for hp absorbing ).
    5. Use the blue double sword skill for speed up your combo.
    6. I suggest you bring monster, silver wolf, for dodge more easily.

    User Info: FehnrirX

    FehnrirX - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I turned into the sheep when fighting him
    I had a lvl 2 fire spell and a lvl 3 healing spell
    when he is raging just spam attack him and all the attack should just miss you

    User Info: soonah123

    soonah123 - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. For me I used to iron shield magic seed. It blocks most of the missile attacks. you would need to attack the front and not the back. i managed to win just with spamming the attack.
    Indirectly you do have a time limit. Though you should be able to beat it way before the wall starts pushing you back too far.

    User Info: bored4lifexx

    bored4lifexx - 6 years ago 0 0
  4. With that high level bored4lifexx is right. I beat death wall on level 35 and i only use a level 10 Rampage (dual swords) upgraded by myself, i recommend upgrading your weapon with legendary scale or demon blood so it can sap the HP of monsters. Using Ironflower seed is a good idea but you can also use Naive Blade skill so when you deflect the drill attack you will attack it instead (may get hit a few times), bringing health potions are good too. don't use skill too many times though, your RP will deplete fast.

    User Info: ivan012345

    ivan012345 - 6 years ago 0 0
  5. Uhhh i don't fight this monster but i know what the best weapon to make just make a non-elemental weapon then add heart crystal(hp absorb),posion spore(poison effect),some earth stone(strengthen your weapon much more) and a sheild upgraded with ,quality fur(knock back resisting), some earth stone,(same effect) and some ore..

    if you use lance here the tips make a four combo then use your avenger rock magic(buy at the top floor bathhouse depend on your luck)then combo it with wave hit(short sword skill just buy at Pia the girl i fine cute lol)


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  6. Ohh and don't forgot the last combo is charged combo lance the nice weapon....


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  7. I just used the weapon snow crown, a bunch of potions, and i used the flash strike. For the drilling attack i don't really care coz my hp is enormous. I fighted it at level 45

    User Info: RuneBlade1997

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  8. no need about that I think
    because I just defeat the "death wall" with wooly form
    but I at lvl 40 and I bring some ice cream and recovery potion
    hope that help...

    User Info: L4nn13

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  9. Also bring BAKED rice balls, restores lots of hp....I think three quarters or so :)

    User Info: johnboyRX8

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  10. When I beat the fourth boss I used a sword that was red and blue....the name escapes me and I also used one recovery porion, (blue one) I just swung around when he is on the wall and when he came out got wacked around by his sword form then he turned black and hammer....blahblahblah basically be persistand, My heart was pounding but I breezed throught him on lvl 45. :) Hope this helps

    User Info: johnboyRX8

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  11. I had a lvl 1 shine blade lvl 1 bone shield, lvl two snow shoes lvl one brand glasses ....? dont ask and lvl 1 power gloves....Mystery potion, no help from a person/monster

    User Info: johnboyRX8

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  12. I'd suggest being level 45 or higher, change into a wooly, ride on your lilypad, bring A LOT of food, and bring a monster. (I didn't bring a tamed monster when I defeated this boss, but that would help.) Once you've done all that, beat on the Death Wall like crazy untill comes off of the wall. When this happens, keep hammering it and do your best to dodge its attacks. Do all that and you should OK.
    USE THE SAVE POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    User Info: bilmarjess

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  13. I suggests you to use a fast weapon so you can immedeately dodge when he is about to attack

    User Info: pksgtu

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  14. I suggest you use a fire staff and fireballs and big fire i used a steel katana at level 30 but try to avoid when he comes off of the wall and transforms also bring lots of recovery and healing potions if you dont have the recipe you can make 1. healing potion have three medicinal and for 100% be lv 20 for pharmacy making 2. recovery potion have two medicinal and for 100% be lv 4 for pharmacy making TIP: MAKE ABOUT 10-15 OF THEM

    User Info: Axew123

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  15. 1. You must have: lily pad or water shoes to walk on the water.
    2. Make sure you above level 35
    3. A weapon- obviosly to defeat the "Death Wall".
    4. You have to fight all the monsters
    5. Goodluck!

    User Info: galaxybar

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  16. Try buy many magical seeds i bought 3 swords seed, 1 iron needle seed and try upgrading your swords with at least 3 legendary scales i use dual blade and it was quick try use potion when u are invicible

    User Info: weeseonghew

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  17. Use Fire Magic, Your Best Weapon, Use MediParalyze or Lily Pad when Paralyzed. Bring LOTS OF FOOD

    User Info: NekuXShiki

    NekuXShiki - 4 years ago 0 0
  18. Try My Way Dude:
    1st: I upgraded my Double Sword With Love Element (Almost Every Boss is Weak when you use Love Element)
    2nd: When he is Flashing try to avoid every attack with gust (Green Double Sword Ability)
    3rd: If you know he is almost gonna Die Attack him like crazy and dodge the hammer with gust and go back to him and attack him again.
    Hope this Works to you man.
    Note: Must be:
    Level 30: In Normal Mode
    Level 40: In Hard Mode

    User Info: Aeox500

    Aeox500 - 4 years ago 0 0
  19. I used a Volcanon (L.Sword) and fire magic (flame ball and big flame) oh and i think i had raven with me (for two seconds then she died...) Thats what i THINK i did i know i had raven and Volcanon

    User Info: w00tmudkip13

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  20. Oh yeah may have used Earth magic not fire

    User Info: w00tmudkip13

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  21. Gosh i only reached that after i beat final boss

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  22. it was really hard for me to beat him but it's POSSIBLE to beat him you know. I killed him with a fireball and i use tortoise shield and frost edge....well FYI,..I've been trying to kill him for a week because im still level 37 -_-"

    User Info: Lulunya

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