Do we need a marriege ring to marry someone?

  1. Look, I'm just really know about RF 2 and that's make me always thinking that we need proposal item like in RF 2. But my friend says that we need a marriege ring to marry a girl. Does it true? And, if the answer is yes, how do we make it? (P.S my friend say that we must defeat all the boss at the dungeon)

    User Info: Farah_The1st

    Farah_The1st - 6 years ago


  1. You need an Engagement Ring, which you can make at Accessory level 40 (I think that's right, it's around there), but to get the recipe you must first unite the Univir and Human villages, and you need to (If I remember correctly) beat the first four bosses before you can do that.

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  2. Your friend is right. u have to beat all of the bosses and unite the village. then wells and marjorie will be in your house giving you a recipe for the engagement ring. the materials arent that hard to find

    and u only need to give it to the one u want to marry after u asked them on a date on their favorite dating spot

    User Info: xChr0n0x

    xChr0n0x (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. To Marry your favorite girl, you need to finish all of her quests, make an Engagement Ring, take her out on a date then give the ring to her.

    To make the Engagement Ring, you need to defeat all 4 bosses in each dungeon. Then, you need to unite the Settlement and the Town by doing some quests. If you manage to finish the quests, a few days after, there will be a new festival called Unity Festival.
    The day after the festival, Wells and Marjorie will talk to you when you come out of the Sharance tree. They will give you the recipe for the Engagement Ring. All the items needed for the Engagement Ring is easy enough to find/loot/mine.

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  4. Yes we need engagement ring to marry someone u the level of the engagement ring is 20 can only marry her in this following
    1.defeat 4 bosses
    2.unite the univir and the hornless
    3.10 Love point or LP
    4.bring her to a specific location [Privera Flower field] [Sol terrano star dune] [Oddward rainbow falls] and [Vale icy brush]
    5.reveal your secret to her

    User Info: rune_xry

    rune_xry - 5 years ago 0 0

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