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Carmen - English voice actorCaitlin Glass
Character DesignerIwasaki Minako
Chocolat (Voice: Japanese Version)Kitamura Eri
Cururufa (Voice: Japanese Version)Nakahara Mai
Dahlia (Voice: Japanese Version)Horie Yui
Daughter (Voice: Japanese Version)Koshimizu Ami
Eliza/Monika (Voice: Japanese Version)Maeda Chiaki
Gadzhi/Rusk (Voice: Japanese Version)Koumoto Keisuke
Gluten/Donchacos (Voice: Japanese Version)Fujimoto Takahiro
Hazel/Marjorie (Voice: Japanese Version)Yanai Hisayo
Ion (Voice: Japanese Version)Tomatsu Haruka
Karin (Voice: Japanese Version)Itou Shizuka
Marion (Voice: Japanese Version)Fujimura Ayumi
Micah - English voice actorTodd Haberkorn
Mice (Voice: Japanese Version)Shiraishi Ryouko
Music ComposerTomoko Morita
Ondolfa/Zeze (Voice: Japanese Version)Matsubara Daisuke
Persia (Voice: Japanese Version)Endou Aya
ProducerHashimoto Yoshifumi
Sakuya (Voice: Japanese Version)Ryoko Shintani
Series DirectorMasahide Miyata
Shara - English voice actorCaitlin Glass
Shinonome/Son (Voice: Japanese Version)Totsuka Rie
Sia (Voice: Japanese Version)Fukui Yukari
Sophia (Voice: Japanese Version)Chirari Minori
Toona (Voice: Japanese Version)Katou Emiri
Wells/Carlos (Voice: Japanese Version)Takahashi Yuugo


Data and credits for this game contributed by NessEggman, LordAndrew, SinReVi, Syvle, Ragnawind, ZeroMarkenz, and oliist.

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