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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.2 12/11/12
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    999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2012
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Video Walkthrough
    003.  Endings and Pathways
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Start of Game
      004b. Door 4
      004c. Door 5
      004d. Door 3
      004e. Door 7
      004f. Door 8
      004g. Door 1
      004h. Door 2
      004i. Door 6
      004j. Door 9
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the DS game called "Zero Escape: 
    9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors". The original title for the 
    game was "999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"; the name was 
    changed when the sequel to this game was produced. This is 
    an M-rated DS game, in which nine people attempt to escape 
    from a death-ship filled with puzzles.
    To contact me about this game, use my email address: 
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com .
    002-Video Walkthrough
    Would you like to see the puzzles in this game get solved, 
    as opposed to reading about them get solved? You're in 
    luck; I have a video walkthrough for the game right here:
    This comes complete with commentary from me and my friends, 
    Paul and Nikola.
    003-Endings and Pathways
    This game is open-ended, in that it has a number of 
    different pathways. To explain it simply, there are three 
    main junctures in this game.
    At the first juncture, you have to choose to go through 
    Door 4 or Door 5. At the next juncture, you pick among 
    Doors 3, 7 and 8. At the final juncture, you pick among 
    Doors 1, 2 and 6. If you pick Door 3 second, you 
    automatically get sent to Door 2 at the third juncture. 
    This results in 14 different pathways in total. There are 
    six different endings in total. Three of them can be 
    considered "bad" endings. Here are the routes which lead to 
    those endings:
    Submarine Ending
    This ending is triggered by going through Door 2 last.
    Doors 4, 3, 2
    Doors 4, 7, 2
    Doors 4, 8, 2
    Doors 5, 3, 2
    Doors 5, 7, 2
    Doors 5, 8, 2
    Axe Ending
    This ending is triggered by going through Door 1 last.
    Doors 4, 7, 1
    Doors 4, 8, 1
    Doors 5, 7, 1
    Doors 5, 8, 1
    Going through Doors 4, 7 and 1 can also result in the true 
    ending or the coffin ending (see below).
    Knife Ending
    This ending is triggered by going through Door 6 last.
    Doors 4, 7, 6
    Doors 4, 8, 6
    Doors 5, 7, 6
    Safe Ending
    This ending (in which Junpei opens a locked safe, among 
    other things) occurs if you go through Doors 5, 8 and 6.
    Coffin and True Endings
    The Coffin Ending and the True Ending can both occur, if 
    you go through Doors 4, 7 and 1. The two endings are 
    identical, except the coffin ending stops abruptly once the 
    characters reach the coffin. The true ending continues for 
    a few hours past the coffin scene. 
    Don't bother trying to get the Coffin Ending. Try to get 
    the True Ending; this automatically unlocks the Coffin 
    In order to get the True Ending, you must go through Doors 
    4, 7 and 1. You must also do five additional things:
    1. Get the bookmark from Santa in Door 4.
    2. Talk about Ice-9 in the kitchen (Door 4).
    3. Talk about Ice-9 in Door 7.
    4. Give the bookmark to Clover in Door 1.
    5. See the safe ending.
    If you do the first four things, but not the fifth, you get 
    the coffin ending. If you fail in any of the first four 
    things, you get the axe ending.
    004a-Start of Game 
    The game begins with our hero, Junpei, waking up in a room 
    on a sinking ship. He needs to escape from the room he's 
    in, because the room is slowly filling with water!
    To get out of the room, you need to get the six cards from 
    the two locked suitcases.
    A blue key is inside the kettle, by a corner of the room. A 
    red key is taped to the mirror, which is left of the exit 
    door. Simply tap on the mirror to move aside the curtain, 
    then tap on the key.
    Technically, you can unlock each briefcase with just the 
    keys. But let's be thorough and get the briefcase codes 
    There is a piece of paper, under the pillow of the bottom 
    bunk, of the bunkcase near the door. There is another piece 
    of paper on the bulletin board, which is above the sink.
    Also above the sink is a framed picture. There is a 
    screwdriver on the chair, hidden inside the stove. Open the 
    stove and tap the chair to get the screwdriver. Combine the 
    screwdriver with the picture from for an old photo.
    If you examine the photo, you'll notice there are symbols 
    on the back. Each symbol stands for a certain number. The 
    symbols match perfectly with the symbols on the two pieces 
    of paper you have.
    Putting the clues together, and following the arrows on the 
    pieces of paper, you can deduce that red is 7485, and blue 
    is 0263.
    Go to the blue briefcase, on the lowest bunk of the 
    bunkcase farther from the door. Use the blue key on the 
    keyhole, and turn the dials so the number is 0263. Tap on 
    the key to unlock the briefcase. Tap on the briefcase to 
    open it. Inside, you find a file and three cards.
    Go to the red briefcase, behind the curtain in the corner 
    of the room where the stove and kettle are. Use the red key 
    on the keyhole, and turn the dials so the number is 7485. 
    Tap on the key to unlock the briefcase. Tap on the 
    briefcase to open it. Inside, you find three cards.
    Now that you have all the cards from the briefcases, go to 
    the exit door. See the card scanner next to the door? Use 
    the red cards and the blue cards on the card scanner.
    You get a chance to work with digital roots, which the file 
    in the blue briefcase discussed. The digital root of a 
    number is the sum of its digits. Should you have a sum 
    which is greater than 9, add its digits again.
    Junpei needs to get a digital root of 5, which is the 
    number on the door and his wristwatch. The answer is 6, 7 
    and 1, because 6 + 7 + 1 = 15, which has a digital root of 
    Tap those three cards, then pull the lever. Now tap on the 
    door to leave. Junpei escapes from the room and meets with 
    the other eight participants in the Nonary game.
    Eventually, the characters decide to split up into two 
    groups. One group goes through Door 4, the other group goes 
    through Door 5. Junpei is fortunate enough to pick which 
    door he wants to go through.
    004b-Door 4
    Santa, Lotus and June go through Door 4 with Junpei. They 
    end up in the Second Class Cabin. The major plot points in 
    this area are All-Ice, the clover bookmark, telepathy and 
    This area is split up into two rooms. June and Junpei are 
    in one, while Santa and Lotus are in the other. This room 
    has a living room, a bedroom, and a small hall leading to a 
    Check the table in the middle of the living room for 
    matches. When you do this, June and Junpei wonder why 
    they're both here together, after not having seen each 
    other for so long. They also get a bit flirty with each 
    Enter the bedroom. Open the dresser drawer for a key and 
    take the map from the wall above the bed. June and Junpei 
    will then have a conversation about the Titanic and the 
    Egyptian princess whose body was frozen and never melted.
    That's it for this area. Leave the bedroom through the 
    door, then go through the door to the left of the small 
    hallway, and Junpei goes to Lotus' room, which is a mirror 
    image of the rooms you were just in.
    On the table in this living room, there is a candle. Take 
    the candle and combine it with the matches to light it. Go 
    into the bedroom area, and Junpei uses the candle to light 
    things up so he can see.
    Use the dresser key on the dresser here to get a plate. 
    Examine the bed and take the curtain which is on top of it. 
    Back away from the bed, and the candle burns out. Pick up 
    the candlestick holder.
    Go back to the living room area, and use the candlestick 
    holder as a key on the display case. Take the black-and-
    white plate.
    Santa will start a conversation with Junpei, and he tries 
    to give Junpei a clover bookmark. Take the bookmark away 
    from Santa. If you do not, you will be unable to get the 
    true ending of the game.
    Go down the small hallway and into the bathroom. When 
    you're facing the exit door, you can see the shower curtain 
    rod on the ceiling. Use the shower curtain on it. Turn 
    around so you're facing the shower wall, then pull the 
    curtain shut.
    Look in the hole. It shows the tile which is fifth from the 
    top and third from the right.
    Leave the bathroom and go back to the room with June. Go 
    into the bathroom here and tap the tile which is fifth from 
    the top and third from the right. Junpei pulls it out.
    Leave the bathroom. Look at the picture hanging at the end 
    of the hallway here. Now, go to the room with Lotus and 
    Santa. Use the three tiles on the picture in their hallway. 
    Swap and rotate the tiles so they match the picture in 
    June's room.
    When you finish the puzzle, the picture lowers and you get 
    a Mars key. A conversation with Lotus ensues. She talks 
    about Sheldrake's theories on telepathy, which involve 
    sending messages through something called a "morphogenetic 
    When she's finished talking, leave this room. Use the key 
    on the double doors to unlock them. Our heroes will go 
    through the doors and end up in the kitchen.
    You start up near a bunch of plates. The voucher left of 
    the plates describes them. It seems that the person who 
    runs this kitchen uses hexadecimal, a base-16 system in 
    which the letters A through F represent the numbers 10 
    through 15.
    Go right, to where you're face two doors. Enter the right 
    door. Examine the cheese shelf, and tap on the middle 
    cheese. Behind it is a bottle of oil, which you should pick 
    Move aside the white curtain on the shelves to the left, 
    and there is a wooden box on the middle shelf. Open it to 
    get a dull knife. June will talk for a bit about the 
    Titanic at this point.
    Leave the room. Now try to go through the door on the left. 
    This is the freezer, which is bolted shut. Use the bottle 
    of oil on the bolt to loosen it.
    Santa, Junpei and June all enter the freezer and get locked 
    inside. Oh no! Examine the shelves here for a chunk of 
    pork. Open the cabinet here. Take frozen chicken from the 
    bottom shelf and take dry ice from the top shelf.
    Santa and June start a conversation about dry ice and Ice-
    9. Choose "it did strike Junpei as rather odd" to continue 
    the conversation. You must do this, if you want to get the 
    true ending. You also must choose "was honestly impressed".
    Examine the trap door on the floor. Open it to get a rope 
    and a water bottle. Combine the dry ice with the chicken, 
    and Junpei smashes the ice into tiny pieces. Combine the 
    dry ice with the water bottle, and Junpei puts the pieces 
    in the bottle.
    Combine the water bottle with the rope to make a water 
    bottle bomb. Turn towards the door and examine the 
    doorknob. Junpei lets warm water go into the water bottle 
    filled with dry ice, and he ties it to the door.
    The three people hide in the trap door area, while Junpei 
    throws a piece of dry ice at the makeshift bomb. It 
    explodes, destroying the ice barrier on the lock. This 
    allows Santa, June and Junpei to exit the freezer.
    There's not much left to do in the kitchen. Turn until you 
    see the sink. Zoom in on it, and take the whetstone left of 
    the sink. Combine that with the dull knife to get a sharp 
    Turn to the grill, which is left of the plates and right of 
    the sink. It's on the right-hand side of the screen. Use 
    the pork (from the shelves in the freezer) on the grill to 
    warm it up. Use the sharp knife on the pork to get the 
    piece of paper.
    The paper reads "C + 10 + F". We know that whoever runs the 
    kitchen uses hexadecimal, and in hexadecimal, that equation 
    equals 43. Back away from the grill and zoom in the coded 
    lock under a stovetop. Enter 43 to open the lock. Now open 
    the doors to get the Saturn key card.
    Use the Saturn card on the key card reader by the exit door 
    to unlock it. Now you can use the door to exit the room.
    004c-Door 5
    Seven and Snake go through Door 5 with Junpei. They end up 
    in the First Class Cabin. The major plot point in this area 
    is the locked safe.
    The exit door is locked, with a musical code. Play the 
    correct notes on the piano, and the door will unlock. Of 
    course, we need the proper musical score first.
    Look under the pillow of the canopy bed to find the A Score 
    Plate. After this, Snake talks about his blindness for a 
    There are two doors that are side-by-side in this room. 
    Open the right door. There is a locked safe in here, which 
    will become important in the safe ending. For now, our 
    heroes can't open it. Instead, open the cabinet below the 
    safe for the C Score Plate.
    Now go through the left door, to reach the hallway. Again, 
    you have two doors onscreen. The left one leads to the 
    bathroom, while the right one leads to a sitting room. Go 
    into the sitting room.
    There is a fireplace in this room, with a musical score 
    above it. You can't reach the score, due to the fire.
    Turn towards the two side-by-side doors. Grab the vase 
    which is left of them. Then, open the left door and open 
    the cabinet inside for the G Score Plate.
    Go through the right door to reach the hallway. From this 
    angle, you have three doors. The left one takes you to the 
    room with the piano, the middle one takes you to a 
    bathroom, and the right one takes you to a toilet.
    Go to the bathroom (the middle door). Use the vase on the 
    bathtub to fill it with water. Then, pull the plug (on the 
    left) to drain the tub. This gets you the D Score Plate.
    Back out of the bathroom to reach the sitting room. Use the 
    vase of water on the fireplace to put out the fire. Pick up 
    the score plate here, which is the only score plate to not 
    have any notes on it. It is also the only score plate which 
    isn't transparent. Picking up this plate will start a 
    conversation with Seven, about his amnesia.
    Those are all the score plates you need! Go through the 
    right door (of the set of two doors), then the left door to 
    reach the piano room. Take the map off of the piano, then 
    use the scores on the music stand.
    Now you have to play a short song on the piano (the 
    Westminster Quarters). The keys of the piano are all mixed 
    up; for example, pressing A will get you a C, pressing E 
    will get you an F, and so on.
    You want to figure out which notes go with which keys. The 
    solution is this:
    3, 4, 5, 6
    3, 5, 4, 3
    4, 3, 5, 6
    6, 5, 4, 3
    It's not TOO difficult of a puzzle, given that you only 
    have to use four keys. Playing the song unlocks the exit 
    door. Go through it. Snake, Seven and Junpei will travel 
    through the ship, but they find that everywhere is locked, 
    except for the casino.
    In this room, you need to get nine playing cards, and you 
    can play baccarat.
    You can get four cards, right off the bat. The 4 card is 
    under the glasses (on the wall of the bar). The 5 card is 
    on a square table. The 6 card is on the mantle of the 
    fireplace. The 7 card is on the bar counter.
    Go to the fireplace. You have two lights on the mantle. 
    Turn them on to see club, diamond and heart. Turning on the 
    lights makes a bag of coins appear in the fireplace below.
    Go to the slot machines. The ones on the right and left 
    don't work, so use the middle one. Put a coin in the slot, 
    then select "spin roulette". Press the buttons from the 
    fireplace lights: club, diamond and heart.
    Junpei gets 777 on the slot machine. The bottom drawer of 
    the machine unlocks. Open it and take the 2 card. The Venus 
    key is also in this drawer; our heroes will use that to 
    unlock the gate in front of the stairs.
    Go to the baccarat table in the corner, which is red. Pick 
    up the 3 card. You should now have cards 2-7.
    Tap on the glass plate in the middle of the baccarat table. 
    It's the 8 card, and you have to play baccarat to get it. 
    Seven will explain the rules of baccarat, in case you 
    haven't played it before. He says that you play, by using 
    the digital root of the cards in your hand. A digital root 
    of 9 is the highest score.
    Well, we're playing against 8, so we have to get a 9 to 
    beat it. To have a digital root of 9, play the 2, 3 and 4 
    cards. Tap on an outline, then tap on a card to put it in 
    the outline. You win, and your reward is the 8 card.
    Go towards the exit door (past the slot machines). On the 
    wall, you have a 9 lock, with the ace card on it. If the 
    ace card is considered to be one, we can add the eight card 
    to it, in order to get nine.
    Put the eight card into the spot which says "LOCK" to open 
    it. Another lock appears. Put your three cards into the 
    three slots. The exit door to this room will open, allowing 
    you to leave.
    004d-Door 3
    Junpei tricks Seven, June and Santa into going through Door 
    3 with him. This room is the shower room, and a nasty 
    surprise awaits our heroes inside.
    Turn towards the row of toilets. On the shelf in the 
    upper/left, you find toilet paper with red marks, along 
    with a bottle of luminol. Examine the left stall to get a 
    bucket and a broom. This causes June to talk to Junpei 
    about the rabbits they took care of in 6th grade.
    The middle stall has a screwdriver hidden inside the water 
    tank, as well as a stain inside the toilet bowl. The 
    rightmost stall has a red key card inside the water tank. 
    Turn right. There's a thermometer on the wall. Use the 
    screwdriver to get the thermometer. It says "open" at the 
    bottom, indicating that if it gets past a certain 
    temperature, something opens. Turn to the showers and use 
    the thermometer on them. This opens the thermometer, 
    getting you a piece of paper. It reads "957+".
    Under the showers is a small area with pipes. You want to 
    arrange them in a certain order. Turn to the wall with LLR 
    written on it, and spray luminol on the wall. Press the 
    light switch on the wall, and the luminol lights up three 
    The wall reads LLRLRL. Turn the lights on, and open up the 
    pipe box under the showers. Tap the valves so that, from 
    left to right, they are LLRLRL (or left, left, right, left, 
    right, left). Turn left and examine the drain on the floor. 
    It's now full of water. Take the lid off of the drain and 
    pick up the Mercury key card.
    Use the empty bucket on the showers here to fill it with 
    hot water. Go back to the toilets and go to the middle 
    stall. Use the hot water on the water tank, then tap on the 
    tank and you flush the toilet. This gets rid of the stain 
    in the toilet bowl giving you the clue "185+".
    You have one more clue to get. Combine the broom with the 
    toilet paper to get "634+". Put the clues together, and you 
    get "634+957+185=". They equal 1776.
    Go to the exit door. Slide the red card through the reader, 
    then swipe the blue card. Enter 1776 and press "E". The 
    door opens, and you get to leave.
    The Mercury Card you found in this room leads to a Number 2 
    door. Junpei, Lotus and Seven automatically go through it.
    004e-Door 7
    Clover and Seven go through Door 7 with Junpei. They end up 
    in the operating room. The major plot points in this area 
    are Seven talking about All-Ice, and the clover bookmark 
    with Clover.
    There are two operating tables here, with large mannequins. 
    One is female and the other is male. Go to the female 
    mannequin, who is under a white cloth. Most of her body 
    parts aren't here.
    Near the female mannequin is a table with forceps. Take the 
    Turn right. Pick up the chest from the table. Turn right 
    twice, to where a medical mannequin stands. Use the forceps 
    on the mannequin to get a lung. Pick up a scalpel from the 
    table here and combine it with the lung to get a key.
    That's it for this area behind the wooden partition. Go to 
    the other side of the partition, heading right. You see two 
    doors. The right door leads to the 7 door, and the door on 
    the left leads to a chemical room.
    Use the organ key on the door to enter the chemical room. 
    Zoom in on the table and take the note. It says iron is 1, 
    salt is 2, water is 3. It asks what carbon dioxide, ammonia 
    and ethanol are.
    If you look at the various things in the room, it gives you 
    the chemical formulas for those various compounds. You'll 
    notice that iron is made up of one atom, salt is made up of 
    two, and water is made up of three. Carbon dioxide is made 
    of three atoms, ammonia is made of four, and ethanol is 
    made of nine.
    Insert 349 as the combination to the locked safe. Inside is 
    an arm and a heart. Take the blue and red liquid on this 
    table, then leave the room.
    Seven will start talking about EDT. In order to get the 
    true ending, you need to mention Ice-9 to him. This makes 
    him talk about All-Ice, the Egyptian Princess that June 
    mentioned in Room 4. If you're not on the path to the true 
    ending, only part of the conversation with Seven occurs.
    Go to the left side of the partition. Open the door here 
    with the organ key, and head into the room. Open the drawer 
    of the large dresser to get notes. They say how much John 
    and Lucy's various body parts weigh.
    Check the table near the exit door. Turn on the light to 
    the left. The light shines on the three lockers, which are 
    red, blue and purple.
    Pour red liquid into the beaker, to shine a red light. Back 
    away, then pout blue liquid into the beaker, to shine a 
    blue light. Pour both red and blue liquid into the beaker 
    to shine a purple light.
    Your actions unlock the red, blue and purple lockers. The 
    red and blue lockers both have a leg inside. The purple 
    locker has a stomach inside. Pick up those body parts.
    Go back to the area with the mannequins, by pressing the 
    down button many times. Take the cloth off the female 
    mannequin and use the body parts on her to rebuild her 
    Examine the mannequin's body again. You get a puzzle, in 
    which you want to swap body parts, to get the two 
    mannequins to weigh the correct weight. According to the 
    medical files, the male mannequin weighs 51.3, and the 
    female mannequin weighs 53.2. To get this weight, swap all 
    the body parts except for the hearts.
    This unlocks the box at the base of the male mannequin. Go 
    there and open it to get the Jupiter key. Pick it up.
    Head to the room with the lockers. Use the Jupiter key on 
    the door to unlock it. Before our heroes leave, a 
    conversation ensues as Junpei goes back for Clover and 
    talks to her. She talks about the concept of identity, 
    bringing up things such as Locke's socks and the Ship of 
    To get the true ending, you must give Clover the clover 
    bookmark (obtained from Santa from Door 4). This cheers her 
    up, and Clover starts to trust Junpei.
    004f-Door 8
    Door 8 leads to the laboratory. Junpei, Clover and Lotus go 
    into this room. The major plot point in this room is 
    learning about prosopagnosia and Snake's arm.
    Clover is quickly trapped in another part of the lab. 
    There's a mannequin and some equipment there. In the part 
    Junpei can access, there are lockers, a computer, and 
    Look at the machines. There is a small tower of equipment 
    on the right, with a power cable on top. Take the power 
    cable. Now go to the computer, and use the power cable on 
    the computer.
    Alas, you need a three prong to two prong adapter! Look at 
    Clover's area, through the big window. Tap on the machine 
    by the mannequin's head, and she'll get the adapter you 
    need. Go to the bars and tap on them to get the adapter.
    Combine the adapter with the power cable, then use it on 
    the computer monitor. A long scene then plays, in which 
    Lotus talks about prosopagnosia and human brains.
    A puzzle will appear on the screen. You want to turn all 
    the panels green, but you can only touch four panels 
    without having the puzzle automatically reset. Pressing a 
    panel changes the various panels adjacent to it.
    Press the panels in this order:
    The solution to this puzzle can be found in Clover's area, 
    under some permanent marker on the table next to the 
    mannequin. But it's not too difficult to figure out the 
    solution yourself.
    Solving the puzzle unlocks the lockers. Go to them and 
    examine the nine lockers on the right. Inside the middle 
    locker is the activation key, along with the Earth key. 
    Pick up the key, and Clover talks with Junpei about her 
    brother, Snake. Snake was in a car accident, in which he 
    lost his sight and his left arm.
    Go right, to the place with machines. Zoom in on the 
    computer monitor near the keyboard. Use the activation key 
    on the keyhole to the left, and the monitor turns on. Read 
    the monitor to learn that power has been restored to 
    Clover's area.
    Look at Clover's area, through the window. Tap on the 
    machine in the upper/left, which is connected to the 
    mannequin through a lot of cables. Tap on the machine 
    again, and Clover turns it on to full power.
    A fire starts. The emergency escape system is activated, 
    due to the fire. Turn to the exit doors. Open the door on 
    the right to save Clover, and open the door on the left to 
    004g-Door 1
    Clover and Ace go through Door 5 with Junpei. They end up 
    in the chart room. The major plot points in this area focus 
    on Snake, the Captain, and All-Ice. Another major plot 
    point (which doesn't get discussed while in the room) is 
    the fact that Clover finds the combination to the safe in 
    Door 5 inside this area.
    The group splits up. Clover and Junpei take the chart room, 
    while Ace goes into the wheelhouse. Let's start by doing 
    everything here in the chart room.
    In one corner of the room, you have the map dresser. That's 
    a wide dresser with big drawers, for storing maps. Open it 
    up and take a stack of nautical charts.
    Turn to the corner of the room with a desk. Examine the 
    bookshelf above the desk for a Captain's Log. It 
    corresponds to the map on the wall. Use the stack of 
    nautical charts on the map on the wall. Junpei takes the 
    only map which matches the Captain's Log and puts it in the 
    file section.
    Open the desk drawer here, and you get a watch. Ace will 
    come in and look at the watch. Junpei gets rid of Ace, so 
    Junpei and Clover can talk in private.
    Clover won't talk, unless you've gained her trust in Door 7 
    by giving her the clover bookmark from Door 4. In other 
    words, you need to be on the path to the true ending, in 
    order for her to talk.
    Clover talks about the death of her brother. She does the 
    math to determine who the killers must be. Snake's bracelet 
    is [2], and if his bracelet was used to get him inside the 
    3 door, the killers' bracelets must have a digital root of 
    1. The only pair Junpei can think of which fits that 
    requirement is Seven and Santa.
    There are other possibilities of course. But just when 
    Clover is about to explain the most likely motive for 
    killing her brother, Ace returns. He and Junpei go out to 
    the wheelhouse.
    Let's solve puzzles here now. There are two steering wheels 
    here. One faces windows, while the other faces a wall. Turn 
    towards the wall-facing steering wheel.
    Tap on the engine order telegraph and the compass (the two 
    devices near the steering wheel), and Junpei will be able 
    to move the steering wheel. You want to steer the ship in 
    the directions indicated in the Captain's Log: South, West, 
    Southwest, Northwest, East, and North.
    The handle comes off of the steering wheel. Go to the 
    engine order telegraph and use the handle on that. You want 
    to move the ship in the speeds indicated by the nautical 
    chart: Full, Half, Slow, Full, Half, Dead Slow, and Stop.
    Turn to face the doors. Junpei just lit up the display 
    board. Tap on it and Junpei reads that the only port 
    connected to a time is the last one, at ten seconds past 
    Examine the exit door, which has a watch-shaped 
    indentation. Use the watch on the display board to set it 
    to the proper time, then use the watch on the door to 
    unlock it.
    Our heroes go into the next room, which is the...
    Captain's Quarters
    The first room here has electronic equipment. The second 
    room has a corpse, dressed up like a boat captain. Could he 
    be the real Zero? Junpei doesn't seem to think so.
    Clover and Junpei get to examine the room with the corpse. 
    Start by going to the bed. Next to it is a small dresser, 
    with a music box on top.
    Turn to examine the TV monitors. Press the buttons on the 
    control panel before the TVs. The word "Zero" appears, as 
    well as the exit door.
    Open the desk drawer and pick up the numerical chart. It 
    gets added to the files. The chart shows off hexadecimal 
    Back away from this area. Clover and Junpei will talk about 
    the dead man. If you're on the way to the true ending, 
    Junpei will describe Snake's corpse to Clover, in gruesome 
    detail. Clover, who knows about Snake's left arm, comes to 
    a realization when Junpei mentions that it was blown in 
    Clover talks about nine years ago, when there was a 
    telepathy experiment on this ship. She wasn't here, though; 
    she was in Nevada. Before she can explain too much, Ace 
    interrupts and takes Junpei to the other room.
    Check out the desk in front of you. There is ink inside a 
    drawer and screwdrivers on top. Turn left and open the 
    other desk drawers in this room. They have paper.
    Combination time! Combine the music box with the 
    screwdrivers to get a cylinder. Combine the cylinder with 
    the ink, then combine the cylinder with paper. You end up 
    with a Morse code chart.
    Go to the telegraph machine (on the right side of the 
    equipment). Enter in the Morse code. To make a dot, tap the 
    lever. To make a dash, hold down the lever. Copy the code 
    on the top screen.
    This unlocks the drawer below. Open it to get a book about 
    All-Ice, the Egyptian Princess. The drawer also has a 
    keycard to the library (past the 9 door). Ace and Junpei 
    will talk about All-Ice. Ace believes it is possible she 
    was cryogenically frozen. If she ever goes somewhere with a 
    temperature higher than 96 degrees, the Ice-9 keeping her 
    frozen will melt, and she will once more come back to life.
    This is all hypothetical, of course. There's no solid proof 
    that All-Ice is aboard the ship, right? And our heroes 
    aren't close to a desert or any other place with a 
    temperature over 96 degrees, right?
    Once the conversation is over, pick up the unique key that 
    is inside the drawer. Go to the room with Clover and zoom 
    in on the exit door. There is a keyhole on the panel here. 
    Use the key on the keyhole to light up the panel.
    According to the TV monitors in this room, the password is 
    "Zero". According to the hexadecimal file found below the 
    monitors, this equals 35, 14, 27 and 24. Enter those 
    numbers and press "E". The door unlocks and you can leave.
    As Junpei and Ace leave, Clover stays behind. If you are 
    going to the true ending, she picks up the watch belonging 
    to the Captain. If you are going to the hatchet ending, she 
    picks up the hatchet. In both endings (and in the safe 
    ending), she also picks up the note which is the clue to 
    the combination for the safe in Room 5.
    004h-Door 2
    Lotus and Seven go through Door 2 with Junpei. They end up 
    in the confinement room. Once you get through this area, 
    you will have the submarine ending. The major plot points 
    in this area about Lotus' daughters and Seven rescuing 
    kidnapped children nine years ago.
    There are three doors here. Let's tackle them from left to 
    Go through the left door. The sink here has a tile stuck in 
    it. The drawing on the sink's mirror is a water design, so 
    presumably we have to use water to get the tile out.
    Head to the toilet and take the toilet paper off. Tap on 
    the toilet paper holder to get half of a screwdriver. Pull 
    the toilet handle to get it, then combine it with the 
    screwdriver. You get a full screwdriver.
    There is a desk in the corner of the room. The drawer is 
    held in place by screws. The screws are on the top of the 
    desk. Use the screwdriver on the screws to get the drawer.
    Leave this room, then go through the middle door. This room 
    also has a desk in the corner. Take the drawer out of this 
    desk, then put the drawer from the left room inside. Then, 
    open the drawer to get a tile.
    Use the screwdriver on the desk drawer in your inventory to 
    get a faucet knob. Use the knob on the sink here. Junpei 
    fills it with water. Go back to the left room and check its 
    sink. It's now filled with water, thanks to Junpei's 
    actions. Pick up the tile.
    Picking up the tile causes some of Seven's memories to 
    return. He remembers being held hostage in this room. He 
    managed to save several children who were being used as 
    part of an experiment on this ship.
    Leave this room. Go through the rightmost room, which is 
    mostly dark. Use the drawer (which has a mirror on the 
    back) on the beam of light here. Reflect it on the right 
    mirror to get a moon and sun. Reflect it on the left mirror 
    to get 4 and 7.
    Leave this room. According to what you just saw, 4 is left 
    of 7. This means you want to flush the toilet in the left 
    room four times, and you want to flush the toilet in the 
    middle room seven times. An odd puzzle, to be sure. Do this 
    to unlock the desk drawer in the right room, which has two 
    tiles inside.
    Now that you have all the tiles, go into the main hall. On 
    the right wall is a door with tiles on top. Use your tiles 
    on the door tiles. You have four tiles, and the door has 
    four "E" tiles. Swap the "E" tiles for your tiles to open 
    the door.
    Lotus says that this solution worked, because "E" is 14 in 
    hexadecimal. Junpei isn't interested in why the solution 
    works. He's more concerned with going through the door and 
    into the...
    Torture Room
    Well, this certainly is an unpleasant room to be trapped 
    Examine the torture chair. It has a sun symbol engraved on 
    the manacles. The glass below the chair has water 
    underneath it. The green monitor next to the torture chair 
    has a puzzle on it.
    In this puzzle, you want to press the four buttons in the 
    proper order, so the picture on the bottom screen matches 
    the picture on the top screen. Press the upper/left, 
    lower/left, then lower/right buttons and hit check.
    The monitor says it needs to prepare, which sounds ominous. 
    Tap the machine again to learn that the disposal tank needs 
    water. Go to the machine in the room, which is by the wall 
    and farther from the chair.
    Pull the yellow lever on this machine. Water drains from 
    the area below the chair, and it lights up. Examine the 
    floor to see a dead shark, with the letters EDBF written on 
    it. Ah, so there was a shark tank underneath this chair.
    If you check the monitor by the chair, it no longer gives a 
    water error, because you drained the water. Instead, the 
    monitor now says that it can't communicate with the chair 
    because the power is off.
    Go to the machine. Press the buttons E, D, B and F. This 
    turns on power to the chair.
    Go back to the monitor. Now that the chair has power, it 
    says that the manacles on the chair need to be unlocked.
    Turn to the corner of the room, where this is a table 
    covered with tools and a cloth. Take the wrench from this. 
    Now, examine the pipes underneath the catwalk. The cover to 
    the tank can be taken off with the wrench.
    Remove the tank cover, then tap on it twice. Junpei sticks 
    his arm inside to get a Sun Key. Use this key to unlock the 
    manacles on the chair (which have a sun emblem on them).
    Go to the monitor. It needs someone to sit in the chair. 
    Seven can't fit, so Lotus sits in the chair. Before this, 
    she talks about her twin daughters. It turns out that her 
    daughter Nona was one of the children that Seven rescued 
    from this ship, nine years ago.
    All the children who were kidnapped showed signs of 
    telepathic powers, at least with their siblings.
    The conversation is cut short, and Lotus sits down.
    The puzzle here is to make the bottom screen match the top 
    screen again. Examine the right side of the head, and turn 
    both buttons to "1". Switch to the left side of the head 
    and turn both buttons to "2". Hit check.
    This unlocks the exit door. Tap on the door to leave. 
    You're going to get the submarine ending after this.
    004i-Door 6
    Ace, June and Santa go through Door 6 with Junpei. They end 
    up in the Engine Room. The major plot points in this area 
    are a lecture about how life-threatening danger is helpful 
    for telepathy, Santa's sister, a loaded gun and Ace's 
    vision problem.
    You start off on the bottom level of the engine room, but 
    you need to go up to the top. Turn right and tap the stairs 
    to go up. Ignore the puzzle on the wall for now, and go 
    upstairs a second time.
    You end up near the A door. Go through it, and you end up 
    in an area with three doors (A, B and C). Alphabetical 
    order dictates that B comes after A, so go through the B 
    door next.
    Once you go through the B door, turn right. You can't turn 
    left, due to the boxes on the catwalk. In the corner, there 
    is a winch. Tap on it, then tap on the wheel. Junpei 
    accidentally pulls the wheel off. 
    So much for the B area. Go back through the B door, to 
    return to the three door area. This time, go through C (on 
    the right). The C area also has a winch, only this one 
    lacks a wheel. Use the wheel on the winch, and then turn 
    the wheel. Junpei lowers the crate to the ground.
    Santa will start talking about lab rats. An interesting 
    experiment showed that lab rats can more easily use 
    telepathic powers, when faced with a life-or-death 
    situation. Danger apparently strengthens telepathic 
    Now that the crate is on the ground, it's time to go to the 
    ground. Go through the C door, then go through the A door. 
    Head down the stairs and look at the conveyor belt. The 
    lowered crate is here. Examine the crate (left of the 
    conveyor) to get a control panel.
    Open up the small door (on the side of the conveyor tunnel) 
    and put the control panel inside. The conveyor belt starts 
    up and fills the crate with coal. Pick up the crate.
    Give the crate to Santa, so he can deliver it to the bad 
    boys and girls on Christmas Eve, and...wait, no that's not 
    what you have to do.
    Turn left, and zoom in on the three circles built in on the 
    furnace. Fill them with coal. Now, go up the stairs, to the 
    device on the wall. Pull the rightmost switch to ignite the 
    coal in the furnace. This turns the three large gears by 
    the stairs.
    Examine all three gears. Each one has a disc attached. Go 
    down the hallway with the gears, and go up the stairs near 
    the corner. At the top of the stairs is a device for the 
    three discs.
    The discs are placed, just like how they were in the gears. 
    That's silver on top, bronze on right and gold on left. 
    Swap the discs so they are in the right positions, then tap 
    each disc so the three discs form a large star polygon.
    That's it for this room. Everyone leaves, and Santa talks 
    for a while about his sister, who died nine years ago. Our 
    heroes then go through the door to the cargo room.
    Cargo Room
    This room has cards for all the contestants in the Nonary 
    When facing towards the (electrified) fence, you can find 
    Santa's card in a bag, on crates to the right. You can find 
    the 9th Man in a bag, on the crates to the left.
    There are two bag, near the stairs to this room. They 
    contain the cards for Snake and Clover. Ace's card is in 
    the box here. In the corner of the room, there are some 
    blue boxes. Get the Seven card from the bag here, and look 
    inside the highest crate, in the corner. It has the Junpei 
    and June cards.
    Examine the blue boxes. The Lotus card is there. use the 
    cards on the boxes. Junpei is about the put the cards in 
    the boxes, when June collapses. Santa reveals that Ace is 
    the President of Cradle Pharmaceutical, which makes the 
    soporil drug that Ace used on himself in the hospital room.
    When Junpei returns to Ace, he finds that Ace was unable to 
    solve the puzzle. He has vision problems. If you went 
    through Door 8 before this door, Junpei realizes that Ace 
    probably has prosopagnosia.
    Junpei solves the card puzzle to get numbered pins. Time 
    for some number puzzles. Go all the way up to the top of 
    the stairs and use the pins on the machine.
    The digital root of the top row and the digital root of the 
    bottom row both light up. If a number is already lit when 
    its digital root is entered, it gets turned off. Here's a 
    set of four things which will light up numbers 1 through 8.
    6 = 987
    7 = 124
    1 = 946
    8 = 125
    2 = 137
    3 = 984
    4 = 742
    5 = 986
    When you turn on all the lights, the shutter to the right 
    opens to reveal a magic square. That's a square in which 
    every row, column and diagonal equal the same number. The 
    number you want is 15 (which is "F" in hexadecimal, hence 
    the "F" on the top screen).
    8 1 6
    3 5 7
    4 9 2
    You've powered on the machine! Look at the top part of the 
    screen for a pushing puzzle. Tap on the screen and the 
    control stick to start it.
    Go up, right, up, right, right, down, right, down, down, 
    and down. You're in the lower/right corner. Go left, left, 
    up, right, down, right and up.  You have one block in 
    Go down, left, left, left, up, left, up, up and right three 
    times, to get a second block in place. Go down, down, left, 
    down and right to get a third block in place. Now go up 
    three times, left twice, down, left, down and right until 
    the final block is in place.
    Now our heroes can climb the boxes to the other side of the 
    electrical fence. Go downstairs and up the crates to find a 
    coffin with a gun inside. It also has a key to the exit 
    Our heroes decide to leave the loaded gun behind. Go up the 
    stairs and use the key on the door to exit. You are either 
    going to get the knife ending or the safe ending after 
    004j-Door 9
    Seven, Snake and Clover go through Door 9 with Junpei. They 
    end up in the library. The major plot points in this area 
    all deal with what happened nine years ago.
    In the library, you want to find three pop-up books, as 
    well as three light bulbs. The first light bulb is in the 
    lower/right section (if you're facing the table). Move the 
    books around to read "open here, find bulb" to get a bulb.
    Turn left. Examine the bottom/left area. In the middle 
    shelf is a picture book. Examine the upper/left area. In 
    the lower/right shelf, behind a book, is a light bulb.
    Turn left again. You're facing the big metal doors. Examine 
    the shelves left of the doors. In the middle is another 
    picture book. 
    Turn right. Examine the middle shelf, in the lower/right 
    section for a pop-up book.
    That's it for the upstairs area. You get two bulbs and two 
    picture books. Go downstairs. Examine the bookshelves 
    behind the set of stairs (there are two sets, but only one 
    has books behind it). In the lower/right you find another 
    picture book.
    In the center of the downstairs part is a circular area. A 
    set of double-doors is behind it. Examine the set of double 
    doors. Look at the books through the glass to see that each 
    book is numbered. Insert the book numbers (632415) on the 
    lock to open it. Pick up the light bulb in the lower left.
    Go to the items screen. Examine all three picture books for 
    pop-ups. Go to the circle in the middle of the downstairs 
    area. Put the three pictures books on the stands, and put 
    the three lightbulbs in the lights. You get the clue 
    Tap on this clue to start a long conversation with Snake 
    about what happened nine years ago, and about telepathy in 
    Turn right, to look at the shelves. In the lower/left, some 
    shelves are only half-full. The book colors all match in 
    this area, too. Zoom in on them and tap the fifth Sheldrake 
    book. This reveals a button.
    Press the button, then go upstairs. The metallic door has 
    retracted. Go to where the door was and check the monitor 
    in the middle. The Roman numerals above the monitor spell 
    out "DEAD" (in hexadecimal). Enter that as the password.
    The door right of the monitor opens. Go through it to 
    Zero's Study
    You should start off as far to the right as possible. Take 
    the map from the drafting table on the right side of the 
    Turn left. You have two machines here, one on the left and 
    one on the right. Go to the right machine for an addition 
    puzzle. You want to get all of the rows and columns to add 
    up properly. All the letters stand for hexadecimal numbers.
    If you play around with the machine, you'll figure out that 
    the all squares must be lit, except the upper/left and 
    bottom/middle squares. To get this to happen, press the 
    middle square, the upper/left square and the middle/right 
    square, in any order.
    A cross emblem pops out on the right. Pick it up and back 
    away. If you examine the machine to the left, you'll notice 
    it needs four emblems before it will work.
    Turn left. You have three machines here. The right one is 
    the four emblem machine; ignore it. Go to the left one. 
    This is just like the steering puzzle in the wheelhouse 
    (before the Captain's Quarters). Junpei got the proper map 
    from the far right side of the room, so he can steer 
    according to the map. Go south, west, southeast, northeast, 
    east, north and east. Solving the puzzle gets you the helm 
    Back up. Examine the middle machine, which is a Morse code 
    machine. You want to type in "ice", as in "All-Ice". That's 
    two dots on the first line, dot dash dot dash on the second 
    line, and a dot on the third line. Solving the puzzle gets 
    you the code emblem.
    Turn all the way left. Open the shutter on the right. 
    Inside is a coffin. Does it belong to All-Ice? If you've 
    solved the Morse code puzzle, you can open it and find out.
    At the bottom of the coffin is the Neptune key which leads 
    to the incinerator, and the coffin emblem.
    You should have all four emblems now. Go to the four emblem 
    machine. Snake will tell you the order to put the emblems 
    in. Start with the helm emblem.
    You have a puzzle, in which you divide the people into two 
    groups, according to their digital roots. Put 345 in 3, and 
    12678 in 6. Hit check to get the computer to accept it.
    Next is the cross emblem. For this puzzle, put 235 in 1 and 
    4678 in 7. Hit check.
    Next is the code emblem, which wants you to divide into two 
    groups of seven. Put 457 in one and 268 in the other.
    Finally, you have the coffin emblem. This is a trick 
    puzzle. Put all the numbers in 8.
    Solving the puzzle unlocks the desk drawer. Open it and 
    take out the picture. It is of the four people who set up 
    the Nonary Game, nine years ago. Seeing this picture causes 
    Seven to regain his memory. He tells a story, which is 
    longer than the version of the same story that he tells in 
    Door 2.
    After the story is done, you get a keycard. Use it on the 
    reader by the exit door (all the way to the left). Go 
    through the door, and our heroes go to the incinerator.
    After a long, long time, you will reach the final puzzle. 
    It's Sudoku, and since you're seeing it from another 
    person's perspective, it's upside down. Simply turn your DS 
    upside down and enter the numbers.
    431 872 569
    587 649 213
    629 351 874
    245 968 731
    168 723 495
    973 415 628
    394 286 157
    716 594 382
    852 137 946
    The Sudoku puzzle is the last puzzle of the game. Watch the 
    ending after this to see what happens to our various 
    heroes! If you liked this game, you might want to check out 
    its superior sequel, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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