Review by Wariofanatic

"A good game that should have been better."

This game is based off of the T.V. series chaotic, which centers around four people, Tom, Kaz, Peyton and Sarah. These are also the main character that you will be while playing the game.

Game play 7/10: All around the game play for this was just above average. The battling was very enjoyable and doing the power-ups to make your attacks/mugic stronger was well done. Moving around the characters to unlock new places to receive new scan was challenging, especially since each character has their own unique abilities. The difference between each creature was also a bit of a surprise to me, for I was expecting every creature to be about the same, however they are all completely different.

Story line 4/10: The story line to this was pretty obvious and was not worth putting in to the game. I had to beat the entire game 3 times before I was able to read the whole thing, mainly because of the problem it has in letting you view the cut scenes. Personally I thought they could have done better, but that's just my opinion on it.

Graphics 5/10: The Graphics to this were not that good, however, for a DS game they are actually pretty good. The creature affects came out really good and so did Tom, Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah's. The movements for the creatures are sort of repeating and the way they use their attacks are similar too.

Music and sound effects 9/10: I greatly enjoyed the music of this game and liked how they put in the theme song to the show for the title screen. The sound effects for this game are good and a majority of the character and creatures voices are from the show.

Playtime and replay values 1/10: Overall, the game took me about 3 hours to complete one story and about 9 to complete all of them. There is no real point in replaying this game since nothing changes and you have to make a new file, or delete your old one, just to battle or get new scans again.

Multiplayer 4/10: With the multiplayer the person who attacks first usually wins, but the way you get to select your creatures, battle gear and mugic before the battle is pretty neat, but besides that it is pretty much useless.

All together I give this game a 5/10 rating and I only recommend this to people who really enjoy this type of game and are satisfied with doing the same story over and over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/30/09

Game Release: Chaotic: Shadow Warriors (US, 11/10/09)

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