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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ashlar79

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                       C H R O N I C L E S   O F   M Y S T E R Y
                 C U R S E   O F   T H E   A N C I E N T   T E M P L E
    Walkthrough/FAQ, Version 1.1
    Last Updated - 11/5/2009
    By Ashlar79 (red13ut@gmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2009 Jeff Allred. All rights reserved. 
                                  C H A R A C T E R S
    ~ SYLVIE LEROUX: The protagonist; an intelligent and capable young
      archaeologist working in Paris.  Sylvie is quick on her feet and isn't easily
    ~ PROFESSOR OLIVIER BOUCHARD: A professor and mentor of Sylvie's; he's
      recently been researching the history of the Order of the Knights Hospitaller
      in Malta.
    ~ PAUL ROBBINS: A trusted colleague of Professor Bouchard who also resides in
      Malta.  Paul has a talent for translating ancient text.
    ~ INSPECTOR GERARD: An inspector with the Maltese Police who's investigating
      artifacts stolen from the Knights Hospitaller excavation site.
    ~ COLLIN SUTTON: An archaeologist who's been assigned to take over Prof.
      Bouchard's work on the Gozo Island excavation.
    ~ JOSEPH ORDOS: A dubious man linked to the investigation of the stolen
                 L E V E L   1 :   S Y L V I E ' S   A P A R T M E N T
    Your first task is to find all six letters scattered about the desk.  After
    Sylvie reads the letter from Professor Bouchard, find the matches on the left
    side of the desk.  Use them to light the candle on the mantelpiece, then decode
    the hidden message from the letter using the DS stylus.  Now find the mobile
    phone next to Sylvie's laptop, the phone battery and PIN code lying on the
    floor, and the scrambler on the sofa.  Call the professor; follow his
    instructions and take the stained glass from the wall near the fireplace.
    Match up pieces of the same color to reveal a painting of the temple at Gozo
    island, which the professor has been conducting an archaeological excavation.
    Now find the objects Sylvie needs to pack for her trip to Malta: the keys, map
    and ID card on the desk, the notepad on the desk chair, flashlight from the
    mantelpiece, and the bag lying on the floor.
          L E V E L   2 :   T H E   P R O F E S S O R ' S   A P A R T M E N T
    After speaking with the professor's housekeeper, search his apartment for
    information regarding his whereabouts.  Take the coin and photo of Sylvie from
    the desk, and the control panel from the sofa.  There's a hiding place in one
    of the wall panels next to the bedroom door, but you need to locate the missing
    handle to open it.  Exit through the door and find the small brush on the side
    table to the right.  Move the painting hanging above the side table to reveal
    the handle.  The alcove to the left, next to the bedroom door holds the next
    Touch each part of the vase so that they fit together.  The correct pieces will
    have engravings of a banner on them.
    Reenter the bedroom and use the handle on the wall panel next to the bedroom
    door.  Now use the control panel found earlier on the mechanical box.
    Stop all of the rotating mechanisms by touching the red buttons on each
    mechanism.  You must stop all three before they begin moving again.
    The scroll you find inside is one of 13 pages of a manuscript describing the
    Knights Hospitaller's history.  The other 12 pages are hidden in various
    locations throughout the adventure.  Also in the box you'll find letters from
    the professor to Sylvie and Paul Robbins, and a map of Malta.  As you exit the
    bedroom you'll discover a letter containing a mysterious warning.
           L E V E L   3 :   O L D   D I S T R I C T   O F   V A L L E T T A
    Search the old district for the items listed.  You'll find the hammer, shoe
    print and crowbar to the right of the fountain, along with secret scroll number
    2.  The knight figurine is on the 2nd floor railing, and the charcoal and plate
    are to the left of the fountain.  The paper can be found on the stairs leading
    to the 2nd floor.  Use the crowbar to pull away the planks covering the window
    and reveal a stone carving.
    Rub the coal on the paper to make a copy of the inscription.
               L E V E L   4 :   G O Z O   E X C A V A T I O N   S I T E
    You'll meet Inspector Gerard outside Paul Robbins' apartment then travel to
    Gozo Island to look for Mr. Robbins, who isn't at home.  Get the petrol can
    from near the clothesline and the lost press ID from the ground near the
    trailer hitch.  Collin Sutton briefly interrupts your snooping but decides to
    allow it for the time being.  Pick up the blue wire from the ground left of the
    doorway then take a closer look at the generator.  Refill the blue gas tank
    with the gas can you picked up earlier.  Replace the wire in the fuse box to
    unlock the next puzzle.
    Guide the blue current through the wire without touching the sides.  Luckily
    there are green checkpoints along the way to prevent frustration overload.
    Now press the red start switch to fire up the generator.  Inside the ruins,
    you'll find another puzzle.
    The five differences between the photo and the actual site are:
    .Grey artifact in the 3rd hole from the left
    .Symbol on the stone door
    .Stone structure on the left wall
    .Carved track leading to the 1st hole from the left
    .Stone object near the stairs on the right
    Now pick up a few items of interest: the trowel, 2 photos and a coin in right
    side of the area, secret scroll on the upper right-hand wall; and the bucket, 2
    photos and signet ring in the left side of the area.  Look at the pillars and
    holes in the floor, then someone will trap Sylvie in the ruins.  Grab the
    ladder from the lower right and use it on the stone doorway.  Now use the
    trowel on the crest at the top of the doorway to reveal a mechanism.  To find
    the missing gear, use the bucket on the pile of sand, then filter the sand with
    the sieve to the right of the doorway.
    Using the provided scale to weigh the gears against one another will produce
    the following results: 1 = blue, 2 = red, 3 = green.  Press the green button to
    complete the puzzle.
    Exit through the stone doorway and speak with Sutton to end the level.
                           L E V E L   5 :   C E M E T E R Y 
    When you return to the professor's apartment, Inspector Gerard will be waiting
    for you with a photo of Joseph Ordos, who's been linked to the investigation.
    Search the cemetery and find the four red-and-grey crest pieces scattered about
    the monuments.  The coin is located on the right side of the area, and the
    small hammer is on the left.
    Guide Sylvie to the maze exit in the lower right corner.
    Now that you've found the correct tomb, use the reassembled Knights Hospitaller
    crest on the space above the doorway.  The small hammer can be used to break
    away bricks covering alcoves on either side of the doorway.  You'll discover a
    coin in the left-hand alcove and a secret scroll in the right-hand alcove.  Now
    you need to activate both switches in order to unlock the doorway.  Using the
    flashlight to illuminate the tomb, place a coin in each of the four corners of
    the stone structure.  Touch the tiles that will be revealed to begin the next
    You need to connect the 2 pipes as shown in the example before the water flows
    through and spills out.  If you don't see the tiles you need to complete the
    pipe, move them to an empty space to get new tiles to appear.
    You'll be rewarded with the Tablet of Jupiter for finishing the puzzle.
                   L E V E L   6 :   A B A N D O N E D   S T R E E T
    The professor's housekeeper mentions an old fountain the professor had been
    interested in.  There, find a chisel and a secret scroll near the fountain, a
    scale hanging near a doorway on the left, a black ball on a rooftop on the
    left, a white ball in the middle of the street, and a grey ball on a flagpole
    to the left.  Take a closer look at the fountain sculpture.  Use the small
    brush to remove the dirt from the base of the fountain.
    To complete the puzzle, you need to uncover a white ball, a black ball and a
    grey ball by scrubbing away the dirt with the stylus.
    Now use the chisel to pry the 3 balls from their holes, then use all 6 gathered
    balls on the stone holder at the base of the statue.  Complete the statue's set
    of scales with the scale you found earlier.
    You need to put 4 kgs on each side of the scales.  Start with a black ball on
    each side, then place 2 greys on the left and one on the right.  Finish with
    two whites on the right-hand side.
    Take the Tablet of Mercury from the statue's base to complete the level.
                    L E V E L   7 :   V A L L E T T A   M U S E U M
    You'll find the bust on the desk, 3 relief fragments on the floor near the
    desk, the compass and dagger to the right of the archway, one relief fragment
    and a secret scroll to the left of the archway, and the sigil directly above
    the archway.  The mask is on a chair left of the desk, and the incomplete
    relief is hanging on the wall behind the desk.
    Piece together the relief of the Knights Hospitaller.  You'll know you have a
    piece in the right spot if a score appears.
              L E V E L   8 :   T H E   P R O F E S S O R ' S   V I L L A
    Give Paul the letter Prof. Bouchard had written him.  In order to complete the
    translation, Paul will need the photos and the charcoal rub drawing of the
    Piece together the torn pieces of the photo of the Gozo villa the professor had
    At the villa, find the statue's arm near the larger of the two lamp posts.  Use
    the arm to knock the white birdcage to the ground.  Take the pliers from the
    toolbox and use them on the birdcage to get the lockpick.  Use the pliers on
    the jacked-up barred window to get a makeshift crowbar.  Use the lockpick on
    the front door to access the next puzzle.
    -LOCKPICK 1-
    Move the lockpick into the lock and press the buttons in the correct order to
    set all latches into the upwards position.
    Now use the crowbar on the front door to gain entrance to the villa.  Inside,
    find the mirror on the overturned table, the statuette on the windowsill, the
    sketch on the brick wall, map fragment on the armchair, and glasses on the
    floor near the desk.  There's also a secret scroll hiding in the rafters, on
    the right side.  Take a closer look at the desk drawers.  Take the letter
    opener and jar of sand from the desk, then use the opener on the letter.  In
    order to read the letter, you first need to use the jar of sand on it.
    Blow into the DS mic to clear the sand from the professor's cryptic letter,
    making it legible.
                         L E V E L   9 :   T H E   G A R D E N
    Sutton presents you with a mechanical box similar to the one you found at the
    professor's apartment.
    Stop all of the rotating mechanisms by touching the red buttons on each
    mechanism.  You must stop all three before they begin moving again.  This time,
    however, you must perform the task 3 times in order to solve the puzzle.
    Take the sleeping pills and dried flower from the box.
    Move Sylvie through the hedge maze to the exit, in the lower-right corner.  The
    "traps" the game warns of are holes that will place you back at the maze
    The garden broom, shears and a secret scroll are all found to the left, near
    the stairs.  Now use the broom to sweep the piles of yellow garden debris from
    the area.  You'll uncover the silver and gold ornaments by doing so.  Take a
    closer look at the alcove atop the stairs.  Use the shears to cut away the
    overgrowth from the three areas of interest in the alcove.  You should reveal a
    tablet with an inscription and two busts.  Place the silver ornament below the
    bust to the left and the gold ornament below the right-hand bust, then turn
    both busts to face forward.
    Using the provided scale to weigh the gears against one another will produce
    the following results: 1 = orange, 2 = blue, 3 = grey, 4 = green.  Press the
    green button to complete the puzzle.
    Take the three balls from the alcove and use them on the garden statue.
    This time you need to place 5 kgs on each scale using the balls provided.
    Start by placing a black ball and 3 whites on the ri
    ght, then put two greys and
    two whites on the left.
                    L E V E L   1 0 :   V A L L E T T A   H O T E L
    The hotel bellhop isn't about to offer up any information about Joseph Ordos,
    so you'll need to find a way to get him to leave.  Take the kerchief from the
    table and the registration card from the counter.  The umbrella is in the stand
    on the right edge of the room.  Now use the kerchief on the phone to call the
    bellhop and place a fake order.  Take the master key from behind the counter
    and check the hotel register sitting on the counter to find Ordos' room number.
    Now stab the cigar with the umbrella and use it on the fire alarm.
    In James' room, find the figurine by the window, the pen drive sitting atop the
    TV, the dig site photo by the suitcase, the watch on the chair, the scorpion
    pendant and photo on the bed, the camera and photo from the dresser, the
    notebook and jacket on the floor, and the photo tucked behind the picture over
    the bed.  Take a closer look at the laptop.  Grab the secret scroll hidden
    under the left-most side of the desk.  Now you need to break into James'
    Match the balls at the botton of the screen with the balls moving across the
    top.  Don't let the bottom of the screen fill up with balls or you'll have to
    start over.  You'll lose points for selecting an incorrect ball.
    Now use the pen drive on the laptop.
               L E V E L   1 1 :   T H E   T H I E F ' S   H I D E O U T
    First eliminate the guard dog by using the sleeping pills on the meat, then
    feeding the meat to the dog.  Now take the crate and place it next to the
    dumpster.  Climb through the window.
    There's a secret scroll on the shelves under the window.  Get the pincers
    sitting near the ladder, the business card from the desk, the note from the
    easel, the map hanging on the wall and the crowbar near the closet.  To open
    the hidden passage, press the red switch on the desk and the one near the
    ceiling lamp.  Go through the trapdoor and use the pincers to pull all nails
    from both crates.  Pop the lids off of the crates using the crowbar and try to
    recover the stones.
           L E V E L   1 2 :   A   C O L L A B O R A T I V E   E F F O R T
    After speaking with Gerard, enter the professor's apartment and find the plate
    and vase on the shelves, the book on the desk, the ornament above the door, the
    painting on the easel, and the note on the desk lamp.
    The five differences between the photo and the actual room are:
    .Sword hanging on the left wall
    .Bust on the left shelf
    .Teacup on the desk
    .Books in bottom-left corner
    .Painting on upper-right wall
    The professor's housekeeper will speak with you next and hand over a 2nd
    stained glass puzzle.
    Match up pieces of the same color to reveal a photo of the catacombs.
                     L E V E L   1 3 :   T H E   C A T A C O M B S
    Get the secret scroll from one of the top-right graves.  Now take the sword
    element from the bottom of the stairs and the metal mirror from a grave left of
    the statue.
    Rotate the colored blocks to create groups of four as shown in the picture.
    The T-shaped group can be oriented in any direction as long as the shape stays
    the same.  The top left corner is an easy place to build the shapes.
    The sign left of the stairs tells you how to enter the catacombs.  You need to
    push in stones with four dates related to the Order of the Knights Hospitaller.
    The first date can be found on the blocks puzzle: MDLXXI.  Use the small brush
    on the statue's base to find the next date: MDLXV.  The third date can be found
    by using the sword handle to break the red bricks on the side of the stairs.
    The third date is MDLXVI.  For the final date, check the photo of the
    catacombs, which is in your inventory; MDXXX.  Enter the stairs and get ready
    for another puzzle.
    Find the key in the maze and guide Sylvie to the exit.  When I did this puzzle,
    the key was in the bottom left corner.  
    Move the mirror on the left side of the next area until a beam of light shines
    from it.  Now place the mirror from your inventory on the wall where the beam
    hits.  Put the sword element in the slot that appears and take the Tablet of
                      L E V E L   1 4 :   S U T T O N ' S   V A N
    Touch the big window on the trailer to eavesdrop on Sutton.  Now take the
    monkey wrench and the crowbar next to the trailer.  The piece of brick is next
    to the van.  Use the wrench on the wire hanger to break off a piece.  Use the
    brick on the trailer hitch and get the screwdriver.  Now pry the van door open
    with the screwdriver and use the wire to jimmy the lock.  Enter the van, pop
    the lid off the crate with the crowbar and take the four stones.
                      L E V E L   1 5 :   T H E   M O N A S T E R Y
    Put the wrench in the crate and replace the lid.  Touch the van doors for
    another puzzle.
    -LOCKPICK 2-
    Guide the ball through the mechanisms to the opening on the right.
    In the dressing room, take the black dress and shoes from near the ladder.  The
    rosary is on the large table, and the wimple, white apron and prayer book are
    in or near the closet.  Exit through the door to the office.  Take the secret
    scroll from atop the left bookshelf.  The snuffbox is on the desk, and the
    candle is on the left side of the room.  Open the globe to find another puzzle.
    Rotate the colored blocks to create groups of four as shown in the picture.
    This time you must make square-shaped groups.  Again, the top left corner is
    an easy place to build the shapes.
    Now look closer at the mantelpiece.  You need to touch the symbols in the same
    order shown on the card you received from solving the puzzle in the globe.
    Check the secret panel on the bookshelf and try to break into it.
    Guide the blue current through the maze quickly without touching the sides.
    Take a look at the stone and the photo.  Exit the close-up and use the candle
    on the fireplace to melt it (you may need to do this several times to get it to
    work right.  Now you should have melted wax in the snuffbox.  Use this on the
    stone in the secret compartment to copy it.  Examine the photo again to end the
                   L E V E L   1 6 :   T H E   O L D   R U I N S
    After you finish talking to Paul on the phone, gather the items listed.  The
    last of the secret scrolls is atop the building.  The glasses, mug and 2 of the
    glass pieces are on the ground in front of the ruins.  The other fragment and
    the lever are on the building itself.  Insert the lever in the hole at the base
    of the statue.  The glass fragments fit on the ship in the statue's hand.  Use
    the mug on the vat of water on the right of the building, then pour the water
    on the clay mound.  Use the glasses on the firepit to light it, then use the
    soft clay form in your inventory on the fire.  Now turn the statue's lever to
    focus the light onto the wall right of the door.  Look closely at the
    illuminated spot and use the small brush on it.
    Rub the stylus across the wall to remove the dirt.
    Now use the hardened clay cast on the symbol to open a compartment.  Take the
    drawing you find inside.
            L E V E L   1 7 :   T H E   U N D E R G R O U N D   T E M P L E
    Look at each hole and place the matching stone in it.  Now you need to adjust
    each column so that the correct symbols are facing out.  The keys to this are
    the tablets.  Here's the solution:
    Saturn Column:
    Mercury Column:
    Venus Column:
    Jupiter Column:
                 1 3   S E C R E T   S C R O L L   L O C A T I O N S :
    #1:  Level 2, in the professor's mechanical box.  Unlocks Hidden World:
         Professor's Villa.
    #2:  Level 3, near the crowbar in the old district.  Unlocks Hidden World:
         Abandoned Tenement House.
    #3:  Level 4, upper right-hand wall of ruins.  Unlocks Hidden World:
         Collector's Room.
    #4:  Level 5, in an alcove to the right of the tomb entrance.  Unlocks Hidden
         World: Ruined House.
    #5:  Level 6, at the base of the fountain.  Unlocks Hidden World: Shop.
    #6:  Level 7, left of the archway.  Unlocks Hidden World: Mysterious Temple.
    #7:  Level 8, in the rafters, inside the villa.  Unlocks Hidden World:
    #8:  Level 9, on the garden wall.  Unlocks Hidden World: Museum.
    #9:  Level 10, next to the computer desk.  Unlocks Hidden World: Old District.
    #10: Level 11, in the gallery workspace, on the shelves under the window.
         Unlocks Hidden World: Gallery Basement.
    #11: Level 13, In a top-right grave in the first catacombs room.  Unlocks
         Hidden World: Catacombs.
    #12: Level 15, on a bookshelf in the cardinal's office.  Unlocks Hidden World:
         Nun's Room.
    #13: Level 16, top center of building.  Unlocks Hidden World: Hidden Clue.

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