How do I beat Sen & Ryo?

  1. I'm fighting these bosses and they're being a pain. What's the best strategy? I've spent more than 15 minutes but there's probably a better strategy than what I was doing.

    User Info: OokamixKage

    OokamixKage - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It takes awhile to beat all three forms...

    1. Randomly smack the arms when in range or appropriate, though you can just run up to it. Slashing gears back work too.
    2. It will eventually get stunned and some random dots will appear on it if you are carrying Kagu on your back.
    3. Trace the dots IN THE ORDER THEY APPEAR. Trace them normally unless they have some element blocking them, use the torches to melt the ice on them, or draw a line from Kagu to them if they are blocked by some dark magic/curse. You simply just need to trace them IN ORDER once/if there is no barrier.
    4. Repeat this a few times...
    5. If the boss nabs Kagu and puts her on it's shoulder, just smack it around and soon it will be stunned and you can climb up it's arms to Kagu.

    User Info: Masato_Hyuga

    Masato_Hyuga - 6 years ago 2 0

Other Answers

  1. Everything Masato said, but also for the tornados, twisters, whatever you want to call them- when they start progressing up towards you, just make your way back either through the far right or left and follow them back up to the front.

    In addition to Masato's #5, you can also draw a cherry bomb that will 100% stun it when its hand lands on it. (given that you have proper timing, and your ds touch screen isn't causing you too much grief).

    Be patient! It's a long battle like every boss in Okamiden. Capcom definitely upped the ante for this sequel.

    User Info: xkzonstr

    xkzonstr - 6 years ago 0 0

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