Does anyone have a list of enemy purifications?

  1. I want to farm as many demon bones, skins, and livers, and to do that I have to finish off the demons with something special. Problem is, all I know is how to finish off the Red Imps (the guys on the tops). Does anyone have any further instructions on how to properly finish off the other demons?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Demon bones

    Red Imp (1) - Power slash the top, and then power slash it again.
    Yellow Imp (2) - Cherry Bomb.
    Blue Imp (2) - Power Slash.
    Fire Eye (3) - Waterspout.
    Bone Clam (1) - Bloom, and then use power slash as the final blow.

    Demon skins

    Black Imp (2) - Magnetism.
    Demon Nut (1) - Bloom, then Cherry Bomb.
    Snake Sash (1) - Thunderstorm.
    Gashadokuro (4) - Cherry Bomb.
    Ice Lips (1) - Inferno.
    Thunder Ear (2) - Galestorm.
    Fire Beast (2) - Waterspout.
    Old Green Imp (1) - Power Slash.
    Clay Soldier (1) - Cherry Bomb.

    Demon livers

    Old Red Imp (1) - Power Slash
    Water Nymph (1) - Power Slash its core.
    Three Faced Top (1) - Attack its weakness, depending on what it is at the time.
    Use water vs. fire, fire vs. ice, and wind vs. lightning.
    Ice Beast (2) - Inferno
    Clay Samurai (1) - Cherry Bomb
    Death Beast (3) - Like the three faced top. Use its weakness when it charges or
    when it starts circling you to knock it out. Then, hit it and
    finish it off with its weakness again.
    Spark Beast (2) - Galestorm

    Source: One of the guides in the FAQ section

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