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    Sidequest/Secrets Guide (JIS) by argentscarf

    Version: 1.062 | Updated: 07/03/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         FAQ: Okamiden Secrets and Sidequests
                       by: argentscarf (argentscarf@hotmail.ca)
                               Copyright 2011 argentscarf
                               Date: July 03, 2011
                                    Version: v1.062
                     This guide may only be posted on GameFAQs.
                                    Table of Contents
    0. FAQ [FAQ00]
    1. Introduction [INT01]
    2. Yakushi Village Migrants [YV02]
       2.1 Beginning [YV02.1]
       2.2 After Kagura joins [YV02.2]
       2.3 After Kurou joins [YV02.3]
       2.4 After Kagura joins again [YV02.4]
       2.5 Locations in Yakushi Village [YV02.5]
    3. Weapons [WEAP03]
       3.1 Lucky Coins [WEAP03.1]
       3.2 Demon Drops [WEAP03.2]
       3.3 Weapon Requirements [WEAP03.3]	
       3.4 Trinkets [WEAP03.4]	
    4. Manifests [MAN04]
    5. Goods [GDS05]
       5.1 Antiques [GDS05.1]
       5.2 Masterpieces [GDS05.2]
           5.2.1 Masterpiece 1 [GDS05.2.1]
           5.2.2 Masterpiece 2 [GDS05.2.2]
           5.2.3 Masterpiece 3 [GDS05.2.3]
           5.2.4 Masterpiece 4 [GDS05.2.4]
           5.2.5 Masterpiece 5 [GDS05.2.5]                 		
    6. Creatures [CRE06]
    7. History Scroll [HIS07]	
    8. Sidequests [SQ08]
       8.1 Sidequests [SQ08.1]
       8.2 Ways to Get Praise [SQ08.2]	 
    9. Other Information [INF09]
        9.1 Secret Celestial Brush Techniques [INF09.1]
        9.2 Health [INF09.2]
        9.3 Dandelion Locations [INF09.3]
        9.4 New Game Plus [INF09.4]
    10. Update History [UPH10]
    11. Credits [CRE11]
                                        FAQ [FAQ00]
    1. How do you get demon parts?
    Reduce the enemy's HP to 0, then use the technique listed in [WEAP03.2].
    Sometimes, you have to weaken the enemy first, but this is usually clear.
    2. What are the lucky coins for?
    Giving them to the blacksmith unlocks more weapon upgrades.
    3. How do you upgrade weapons?
    By giving lucky coins to the blacksmith at Yakushi Village. You also need 
    demon parts, dropped by enemies when you use a specific technique when 
    their HP is 0. See [WEAP03].
    4. How do you get trinkets?
    Finishing specific Issun masterpieces, and a sidequest. See [WEAP03.4].
    5. What are the masterpieces for?
    You get some items from it, like trinkets and consumable items. See [GDS05.2].
    6. Are there upgrades to brush techniques?
    Yes, see [INF09.1]. You need to invite some people to Yakushi. This also
    unlocks some other items.
    7. Why should I invite people to live in Yakushi Village?
    Two main reasons, for praise and to unlock more upgrades to brush techniques.
    Also, it is required for a lucky coin and also the trinket Lucky Cat
    8. What are the antiques/treasures for?
    Money, and getting all of them will unlock a skin. [GDS05.1] for the list, 
    and [INF09.4] for the reward.
    9. What are the history scrolls for?
    Nothing. Just for reading.
    10. What are the manifests for?
    The manifests give you praise. They don't unlock anything.
    11. Can you run around after the end?
    No. New Game Plus starts you over at the beginning. So if you want to run
    around you have to do it before the point of no return.
    12. When is the point of no return?
    It is directly after the ice room, and your partner will ask you if you 
    want to go into the Moon Cave. You can still buy the upgrades to brush 
    techniques after this from an imp, but you can't return to other areas.
    13. What is with the crack in the side of a cliff in Yakushi Village?
    You can bomb it, but you can't reach it. During the course of a sidequest, 
    a house will be built there so you can reach the area. See [SQ08.1]. 
    14. Which areas/items are missable?
    They are indicated throughout the guide by an asterisk. 
    Refer to my other guide for only the missables. 
    15. If I've already used Gen's machine, can I still go back to 
    previous areas?
    Yes, eventually you'll reach a save point where you can warp.
    16. What carries over to the New Game Plus?
    See here: [INF09.4].
    17. Is there any point to doing a New Game Plus?
    Not really. Not unless you didn't unlock something during the first 
    playthrough, or if you want to use the stuff that's unlocked in the new game
                                    Introduction [INT01]
    This guide has been updated for the English version. If you just want the 
    missables, refer to my other guide. Spoilers for location names, the sequence 
    of events, and some plot. 
    Map locations are given as in the game, by area. For example, 1F:4 would be 
    the 1st floor, 4th area. Similarly, B1:4 would be the 1st floor basement,
    fourth area. These maps are accessible by looking at the detailed map. 
    If I refer to a location, it's probably using the map.
    Any corrections or additions can be emailed to argentscarf@hotmail.ca,
    with the subject line as "Okamiden FAQ". Or you can ask on the boards,
    and I'll update this with corrections. If I somehow forgot to credit you,
    tell me and I'll update it... eventually.
                               Yakushi Village Migrants [YV02]
    These people or animals are scattered throughout the areas in Okamiden. You can
    invite them to live in Yakushi Village. When finding them in Yakushi Village, 
    they might give you more praise. These are separated into the first time you 
    can get them. None of these are missable. 
    Yakushi Village changes:
    (Numbers and shop prices submitted by silktail)
    Apparently animals (not including the crane and tanuki) are not included 
    in this count.
    1 - Blacksmith.
    2 - Item shop.
    3 - A bridge is built between the two houses on the lower level.
        Cherry Bomb 2 and Fireburst are also unlocked. Exorcism T and Holy T
        unlocked. Prices fall from 2160 to 1800 yen.
    7 - Hot spring. 
    9 - Splash, Whirlwind, and Thunderbolt. Prices in shop fall to 1440 yen.
    10 - Masterpiece part 5.1 is found on an island connected by a bridge.
    Dog, Monkey, Pheasant, - Upper level, left gourd house and the 2nd floor 
    the first Old Woman,
    or the hot spring.
    Sake Brewer - Upper level, right gourd house.
    Crane - 1st house on lower level.
    Lost Girl - 2nd house on lower level. 
    Retired Fisher, Forest Woman and [SQ08.1] - house on the cliff. You can
    reach the bombable wall that way.
    2.2: Beginning [YV02.1]
    Shinshu Field
    Lost Girl: After getting Tama's list. Near the bridge.
    Crane: After learning bomb, near Agata Forest entrance.
           Also see [WEAP03.1].
    Hana Valley
    Monkey: After learning bomb, near the entrance.
    2.2: After Kagura joins [YV02.2]
    S. Ryoshima Coast
    Pheasant: Next to the entrance to Sei'an.
    Old Woman: Path to Guardian Sapling.
    Boy: On the pier. Invite the old woman first.
    Retired Fisher^: On the beach, near the shop.
    ^Sidequest with forest woman [SQ08.1].
    After exorcising the buildings:
    Sei'an City, Commoners' Quarter
    Sake Brewer: South of Mr. Flower's house, next to a wall.
    2.3: After Kurou joins [YV02.3]
    Sei'an City, Commoners' Quarter
    Yaku: In the restaurant to the right of the entrance to the bridge.
    Agata Forest (2nd time)
    Forest Woman^: In cave with Guardian Sapling. Yes, she is there the first 
    	       time, but I don't think you can invite her.
    Tanuki^: In Madame Fawn's cave.
    ^Both have sidequests [SQ08.1].
    Shinshu Field
    Old Woman: Close to the entrance to Agata Forest. The chief must have told
    	   you about the hot spring (7 people invited).
    2.4: After Kagura joins again [YV02.4]
    N. Ryoshima Coast
    Dog: Outside ruins entrance.
    Thunder: Directly outside ruins entrance. You can talk to her when she is 
             in Yakushi to play the rhythm game again for more praise. You can
    	 do this once.
    submitted by Phailyn
    Sei'an City, Aristocratic Quarter
    Aristocrat: Near tower's front door.
    Momotaro^: To the left of the entrance to the bridge. Must have invited the
              dog, pheasant, and monkey.
    ^Talk to him to get a manifest to find dango. [MAN04] at the end. Also has
    a small sidequest [SQ08.1].
    Shinshu Field
    Puppy: Outside Tama's house. Must have invited the dog.
    Boar: Near entrance to Kamiki Village. Must have invited the aristocrat.
    S. Ryoshima Coast
    Old Man: Path to the right of the temple. You must know about the hot spring.
             The old man will offer to buy demon bones and livers (eventually).
    Yakushi Village
    Grimm^: After the medicine delivery and inviting both the old man and the old 
    woman(the one at Shinshu Field), you can find him in the hot spring area. He 
    also has an interesting sidequest [SQ08.1].
    2.6 Locations in Yakushi Village [YV02.5]
    Lost Girl - Lower Level, 2nd house.
        Crane - Lower Level, 1st house.
    Monkey, Pheasant, Dog,  - Upper Level, Inn on the left side, 
       Puppy, Momotaro        2nd floor, the entrance to the right.
    Old Woman and Boy - Inn's first floor.
    Retired Fisher    - Upper Level, on the middle gourd shaped
     and Forest Woman   platform, then the house on the cliff.
    Sake Brewer - Building to the right of the inn, first floor.
    Yaku - In Dr. Redbeard's house.
    Old Woman, Old Man and Grimm - 2nd floor of inn, entrance to the left.
    Aristocrat, Boar - Upper Level, Northeast corner.
    Thunder (Lady) - where Ayame watches the fireworks on the upper level.
    Tanuki - Upper Level, roughly northwest of Dr. Redbeard's house.
                                    Weapons [WEAP03]
    Lucky Coins [WEAP03.1]
    Collect at least 5 of these coins to unlock the two tiers of weapons in 
    Yakushi. The current number you have is on the key items page on the tools 
    page. Give these to the blacksmith in Yakushi Village on the upper level. 
    Name	General Location	  Specific Location
    N.1	Yakushi Village           1. Save the injured crane near the entrance
                                         to Agata Forest.
                                      2. Go to the lower level of Yakushi Village
                                         and go to the first house and talk to the
    				  3. Leave Yakushi and go to Shinshu Field.
    				     Do not go upstairs or you get a stray
                                      4. Return to the house. She should be
    				     on the first floor.                 
    N.2     5-Story Pagoda*	          3F:4, upper right corner.
    N.3	Playhouse                 2F:4, above stairs going down.
    N.4	Underground Ruins(2nd)*   Deep Lvl (below B6), 2nd area. The fan on 
                                      the left ledge.
    N.5	Goryeo*	                  Below decks, area 6. Use the cannon.
    N.6	Moon Cave(9 m.a.)*	  1st floor, 3rd area treasure room.
    N.7	Shinshu Field(100 y.a.)   Bombable wall to the left of the entrance 
                                      to Kamiki, near a circle of rocks.      
    N.8	Ice Room*	          Upper level, 4th area. The most upper right 
                                      ice floe in the room with many cannons.
    Demon drops [WEAP03.2]
    These are used to upgrade weapons. Just like with the floral finishers in 
    Okami, reduce the enemy's HP to 0, then use the listed technique, unless
    otherwise indicated. Be careful not to either hit it again yourself or
    let your partner hit it after its HP is 0.
    Notes: For elemental finishers like waterspout, you can finish it off
    using that technique and then use it again to get the parts.
    Demon bones
    Red Imp (1) -  Knock it out, Power slash the top to destroy it, and then 
                   power slash it after HP is 0.
    Bone Clam (1) - Bloom it when it's knocked out, then power slash it
    	        when its HP is close to 0 to kill it.
    Yellow Imp (2) - Cherry Bomb.
    Fire Eye (3) - Waterspout.
    Blue Imp (2) - Power Slash.
    Demon skins
    Ice Lips (1) - Inferno.
    Snake Sash (1) - Thunderstorm/Thunderbolt.
    Demon Nut (1) - Bloom it when it's knocked out, then put a Cherry Bomb in
    		its mouth. No timing required.
    Thunder Ear (2) - Galestorm.
    Black Imp (2) - Magnetism.
    Gashadokuro (4) - Knock it out so its core is on the ground. Then kill it,
    		  then use Cherry Bomb.
    Fire Beast (2) - Waterspout.
    Old Green Imp (1) - Power Slash.
    Clay Soldier (1) - Cherry Bomb.
    Green Imp? (2) - Power Slash.
       -submitted by wombat1138
    Demon livers
    Water Nymph (1) - Power Slash its core.
    Old Red Imp (1) - Power Slash
    Three Faced Top (1) - Attack its weakness, depending on what it is at the time. 
                          Use water vs. fire, fire vs. ice, and wind vs. lightning.
    Ice Beast (2) - Inferno
    Clay Samurai (1) - Cherry Bomb
    Death Beast (3) - Like the three faced top. Use its weakness when it charges or 
                      when it starts circling you to knock it out. Then, hit it and 
                      after its HP is 0, depending on which form it is at the time,
    		  use the appropriate technique.
    Spark Beast (2) - Galestorm
    Easiest to get:
    Demon bones - Fire Eye, especially with Splash.
    Demon skins - Demon Nut, because no timing is involved.
    Demon livers - Ice Beast or Death Beast, easily found near the Moon Cave
                   entrance when you can actually go there.
    12.2: Weapons [WEAP03.3]
    All the upgrades require demon bones, skins or livers, as well as 
    lucky coins to unlock more upgrades. Five coins are sufficient to 
    unlock all the upgrades, but there are at least eight total. 
    Upgrades replace the previous weapon.
    Purity Reflector: 10 bones (available immediately)
    Truth Mirror: 10 skins and 10 livers (unlocked with five)
    Sun Beads: 15 bones and 10 skins (unlocked with two)
    Mystic Beads: 15 skins and 10 livers (unlocked with five)
    Light Sword: 20 bones and 5 skins (unlocked with two)
    Feather Sword: 5 skins and 20 livers (unlocked with five)
    45 bones, 45 skins, and 40 livers.
    The fourth slot secret weapon is unlocked after the game is cleared.
    Trinkets [WEAP03.4]
    These are equippable items that effect Chibiterasu in some way. 
    The limit is three at a time.
    Name	        How to Obtain	         Effect
    Peace Bell	Finish Issun M.2         Scrolls don't try to attack.
    Lucky Cat Paw   Chase the tanuki         Increases money.
    	        around Yakushi Village.
    Golden Cat      Finish Issun M.4         Attracts money and items.  
    Scent Charm     Finish Issun M.5	 Attacking enemies recovers health.
                                  Manifests [MAN04]
    These are mostly item finding quests, with some demon killing quests as well.
    The red tagged scrolls will give different items than what is listed here, 
    but the locations are right.
    Nameless Man's Pottery
    Location of Client: The Nameless Man is in his hut beside Hana Valley.
    Location of Items: Hana Valley
    Potter Wheel - past the first bridge, turn around and cut some rocks.
                   The chest is at the end of the path.
    Black Clay - 1st area, cursed area.
    Enamel     - 3th area, the 1st area across a cracked bridge.
    White Clay - 4th area, lower island.
    Red Clay   - 5th area, right side.
    Tama's Fireworks (Required)
    Location of Client: His house is down a flight of stairs.
    Location of Items: Shinshu Field
    There are some enemy scrolls with red smoke. These are the 
    ones you have to defeat to get each item.
    Gunpowder - Next to Tama's house.
    Fuse      - Across the river from the Nameless Man's House.
    Firework  - Near the entrance to Kamiki.
    Pipe      - Near the entrance to Agata.
    Mika's Holy Icons
    Location of Client: Between the bridge and the entrance to Agata Forest,
    there's a path leading down. Mika's place is on the right side.
    Location of items: Shinshu Field	
    Icon 1 - Under a rock to the SW of the Guardian Sapling.
    Icon 2 - Under a rock to the left of the huts across the river.
    Icon 3 - NE Cursed area, across from the Nameless Man's house.
    Icon 4 - East wall (Cherry Bomb). It's to the right of the Guardian
             Sapling on the map.
    Icon 5 - Cursed area near Tama's house.
    Icon 6 - Cursed area at end of path to Moon Cave.
    Icon 7 - Under a rock. The area to the right of the Moon Cave shrine.
    Karude's Fishing Equipment
    Location of Client: Agata Forest entrance. Later in his tent.
    Location of Items: Agata Forest, Demon Market*, 5-Story Pagoda*	
    Pole   - Agata Forest - 2F, right side.
    Line   - Agata Forest - 2F cursed area, near origin mirror.
    Hook   - Demon Market* - 1st area, high platform, needs Vine (2nd visit).
    Float  - Demon Market* - 2nd area, south cave (Rejuvenation).
    Lure   - Pagoda* - 5F, lower left corner on the overview map.
    Sinker - Pagoda* - 5F, area reachable from 4th floor.
    Madame Fawn's Goods (Required)
    Location of Client and Items: Agata Forest(2nd Time)	
    Crystal - 1F cursed area north of hut.
    Slip    - Chest on NE island with tree.
    Bone    - 2F enemy scroll on east side.
    Odd Necklace - 1F enemy scroll near the hut.
    Investigator's Journals
    Location of Client: Sei'an City: Aristocratic Quarter.
    Just after the bridge, the man on the right.
    Location of Items: Underground Ruins*
    1,2,3,5 1st time, and 4,6,7,8 the 2nd time.
    1/8 B3:1 Ledge.
    2/8 B2:2 Right path.
    3/8 B2:2 Left path.
    4/8 B2:3 Top room. Get this one while you still have the drum.
    5/8 B3:3 Cursed area, left path, need to cut a rock.
    6/8 B3:2 Upper left.
    7/8 B4:1 The end of the right side.
    8/8 B6:3 Leftmost, middle, rightmost (behind a rock) doors.
    Rao's Treasures
    Location of Client: S. Ryoshima Coast, the priest at the temple.
    Location of Items: S. Ryoshima Coast (3) and Sei'an: CQ (1)
    Prayer Slip  - To the right of the ramp to the pier.
    Wooden Block - Right wall near entrance to N. Ryoshima. Inferno.
    Beads        - On the way to the Guardian Sapling.
    Scroll       - Sei'an: CQ, east side, behind a house. Use lilypad path.
    Brewer's Ingredients
    Location of Client: Yakushi Village, the 1st floor of the right gourd shaped 
                        building. Obviously had to have invited him already.
    Location of Items: Hana Valley. Defeat red tagged scrolls.
    Reward: Random sake.
    Rice Malt  - Area 1 Near entrance.
    Rice       - Area 4 Right side.
    Pure Water - Area 7 Near statue.
    Momotaro's Treats
    Location of Client: Yakushi Village. The 2nd floor of the left gourd shaped
                        building. Must have invited him.
    Location of Items: Shinshu Field. Defeat red tagged scrolls.
    3 kibi dango (millet dumplings): 
    Kibi Dango A - Behind the sapling, across the river.
    Kibi Dango B - Near Tama's house.
    Kibi Dango C - Moon Cave area.
    Originally, these were wormwood, soybean and sesame dango.
    				Goods [GDS05]
    Location of the first Snake Fig. and the second Red Relic submitted by 
    wombat1138. Bear Carving in Yakushi submitted by borgfighter410.
    Antiques [GDS05.1]
    1 2 3 4  5
    6 7 8 9 10
    Page 1:
    Stray Bead 
    Kamiki - In Mr. and Mrs. Orange's house.
    Yakushi - If go upstairs when the woman tells you to wait.
              Don't do this if you want a Lucky Coin instead.
    Yakushi - If you pay the tanuki 10,000 yen.
    Shinshu Field - In the Nameless Man's house.
    Ice Room - Upper level, area 4. The ice floe just to the 
               left of the entrance.
    Playhouse - B1:5, lower right.
    Sei'an: CQ - Mr. Chic's house, in the west.
    Sei'an: AQ - right house, slash curtains.
    Goryeo - Below decks, area 6.
    Kabuki Doll
    Sei'an: CQ - To the left of the shop.
    Playhouse - B1:3 lower left circle.
    Dog Fig.
    Sei'an: AQ - right house.
    Kamiki Village(100 y.a.) - bombable wall on the way to
                               the guardian sapling.
    Dragon Fig.
    Cave of Nagi - Just to the right of the entrance of Area 5.
    N. Ryoshima Coast - bombable wall, requires Thunderstorm.
    Penguin Fig.
    Hana Valley - area 8 chest. Lower the water.
    Playhouse - 2F:1, middle of the room.
    Ice Room - Mid Level, area 3.
    Rodent Fig.
    Yakushi - The tunnel connecting to Yakushi. Use vine.
    	- Both in the present and the past.
    Monkey Fig.
    5-Story Pagoda - next to Tsutagami statue, 3F:2.
    Sei'an: CQ - behind Mr. Flower's house. Requires Galestorm.
    Boar Fig.
    Yakushi - The first chest you find using Cherry Bomb.
    S. Ryoshima Coast - under bombable area just before guardian sapling.
    Snake Fig.*
    5-Story Pagoda - In the room with the spring of water lifting you
                     to the next floor, Flood Rm, area 1. While the 
                     water moves up, run to the left and you'll reach 
                     a room on the side.
    Moon Cave(9 m.a.) - 1F, behind a locked door.
    Page 2:
    Rooster Fig.
    Playhouse - 2F:2.
    Moon Cave(100 y.a.) - 4F Frozen chest. The left path
    		      from the beginning.
    Whale Fig.*
    Underground Ruins - B6:1, at the end of the path.
    Goryeo - Cargo hold of the ship.
    Horse Fig.
    Thundercloud - Just past the origin mirror under some clouds.
    Goryeo - Below decks, area 5.
    Tiger Fig.*
    Underground Ruins - B3:2, the upper right side.
    Ice Room - Upper Level, 4th area.
    Gold Pot
    Yakushi - Room above the Sake Brewer.
    Yakushi - Bombable wall next to house on the cliff face. [SQ08.1]
    Bear Carving
    Yakushi - in the left gourd house, to the right of the stairs, on
              the upper level.
    Agata - In a chest next to the guardian sapling.
    Agata(2nd) - in Madame Fawn's cave.
    Buddha Carving
    5-Story Pagoda - lower left of 4F:2.
    Sei'an: AQ - upper right house, slash curtains.
    S. Ryoshima Coast - chest in area just before the guardian sapling.
    Goryeo - chest below decks, area 8.
    Ice Room - Mid Lvl, area 4, top left.
    Ice Room - Upper Level, area 4, 2nd ice floe on the right.
    Funny Mask
    Sei'an: CQ - to the right of the origin mirror.
    Playhouse - B1:6, the upper left of the middle platform.
    Sei'an: AQ - Upper right flaming chest.
    Sei'an: AQ - On top of Gen's tower.
    Sei'an: AQ - Upper right house, slash curtain.
    Goryeo - Below decks, area 8.
    Page 3:
    Silver Watch
    Goryeo - Below decks, area 6.
    Sei'an: AQ - upper right house.
    Thunder Dress
    Thundercloud - In the first house closest to the origin mirror.
                   Requires Thunderstorm.
    Blue Relic*
    Underground Ruins - B2:2, the right path.
    Underground Ruins - Deep Lvl, area 2, left side.
    Red Relic*
    Underground Ruins - B3:4, platform.
    Underground Ruins - B1:1, on the right. Requires magnetism.
    Clay Statue
    Shinshu Field(100 y.a.) - bombable wall near moon shrine.
    Hollow Statue
    Shinshu Field(100 y.a.) - bombable wall near entrance to Agata Forest.
    Shinshu Field(100 y.a.) - bombable area near where dojo will be.
                              Requires Inferno.
    Ice Room - Mid Level, area 5.
    Ice Room - Upper Level, area 4. Ice floe to the left of centre.
    Ammy Toy
    Hana Valley - area 1. Cut the rock and jump on top of it.
    Path to Agata from Shinshu Field - Chest behind a bombable wall.
    S. Ryoshima Coast - Cursed area to the right of the entrance to Sei'an.
    Playhouse - B1:4, upper right.
    Sei'an: AQ - to the left of the entrance.
    Goryeo - Below decks, area 5.
    Moon Cave(9 m.a.) - cursed area to the right of the entrance.
    W. Queen Pipe*
    Demon Market - 2nd area, on top of a shop, requires Vine.
    Dragon Fossil*
    Ice Room - Mid level, 4th area
    Ice Room - Upper level, 4th area, the floe to the left of 
               the most top right.
    Masterpieces [GDS05.2]
    These five masterpieces have been painted by Issun to spread the word about
    Amaterasu. Starred locations are missable.
    1 2 3 4 5
    6 7 8 9 10
    1. Revenge Slip
    2. Peace Bell
    3. Charm Set (Exorcism F, I, and T, Holy Arrow F, I, and T)
       submitted by DraconSteel
    4. Golden Cat
    5. Scent Charm
    Issun's masterpiece No. 1 Parts [GDS05.2.1]
    Name	 General Location    Specific Location
    M1.1     Kamiki Village	     Hit a sliding door in the sake house to
                                 show a chest.
    M1.2     Kamiki Village	     On the platform in a chest.
    M1.3     Cave of Nagi*	     Chest on the right side of the last island in 
                                 the 1st area.
    M1.4     Cave of Nagi*	     Use Kuni to reach a chest on the left side of 
                                 the right island in the 3rd area. 
    M1.5     Hana Valley	     3rd area, 2nd area across a cracked bridge.
    M1.6     Hana Valley	     4th area, the top island.
    M1.7     Hana Valley	     5th area, left side.
    M1.8     Shinshu Field	     Near the Guardian Sapling.
    M1.9     Shinshu Field	     Bombable wall next to Tama's house.
    M1.10    Shinshu Field	     In the shrine next to the Moon Cave.
    Issun's masterpiece No. 2 Parts [GDS05.2.2]
    Name   General Location	     Specific Location
    M2.1   Shinshu Field	     Path to Agata, the bombable wall.Once 
                                 you go up, go to the right of the chest
    			     to find another path.
    M2.2   Agata Forest	     In the cave, next to the Guardian Sapling.
    M2.3   Demon Market*	     1st area - Chest to the right of entrance.
    M2.4   Demon Market*	     1st area - Left side of tunnel (bomb).
    M2.5   5-Story Pagoda*       5F, area accessible from 4th floor.
    M2.6   5-Story Pagoda*       2F:2, flaming chest.
    M2.7   S. Ryoshima Coast     To the right of the origin mirror.
    M2.8   S. Ryoshima Coast     Bomb the left wall at the top of the temple.
    M2.9   S. Ryoshima Coast     At the end of the pier.
    M2.10  Sei'an: CQ	     Lower left stair, frozen chest.
    Issun's masterpiece No. 3 Parts [GDS05.2.3]
    Name	General Location        Specific Location
    M3.1    Sei'an: CQ	        NW Flaming chest.
    M3.2    Sei'an: CQ	        West house.
    M3.3    Playhouse               B1:2, upper left.
    M3.4    Playhouse	        2F:3 lower room
    M3.5    N. Ryoshima Coast       East bombable wall between the diggers.
    M3.6    Underground Ruins*      B1:4 South
    M3.7    Agata Forest(2nd)       Bombable ground on island in north area.
    M3.8    Thundercloud	        Close to the top, jump down to a ledge 
    M3.9    Thundercloud	        Just past the rainbow. Requires Thunderstorm.
    M3.10   Underground Ruins(2nd)* B1:4 left room. Requires Thunderstorm.
    Issun's masterpiece No. 4 Parts [GDS05.2.4]
    Name  General Location	   Specific Location
    M4.1  Shinshu Field	   Bombable wall behind Guardian Sapling. 
                               Requires Galestorm.
    M4.2  S. Ryoshima Coast    Bombable wall to the left of the top of 
                               the shrine. Requires Galestorm.
    M4.3  Sei'an: AQ  	   House to the right of the entrance.
    M4.4  N. Ryoshima Coast    Under a rock behind the broken shrine.
    M4.5  Agata Forest(2nd)    2F, blow away or burn the leaves near the 
                               spring at the top.
    M4.6  Sage Shrine*         In the middle of swimming stage, right
    			   after the 2nd bend downwards.				
    M4.7  Sage Shrine*         A shell in the last room(8).
    M4.8  Goryeo*	           On the topmost part of the deck.
    M4.9  Moon Cave(9 m.a.)*   3rd level, at the end of the conveyor belt.
    M4.10 Moon Cave(9 m.a.)*   1F:3. Same room also has a lucky coin.
    Issun's masterpiece No. 5 Parts [GDS05.2.5]
    Name General Location	       Specific Location
    M5.1 Yakushi Village	       After inviting 10 people, it's on the 
                                   upper level, on an island to the right.
    M5.2 Shinshu Field	       Under a rock behind the dojo, 
                                   requires Inferno.
    M5.3 Sei'an: AQ	               Northeast pile of leaves, requires 
                                   Galestorm or Inferno.
    M5.4 Agata Forest(2nd)	       A bombable wall south of Madame 
    		               Fawn's cave. Requires Thunderstorm.									
    M5.5 Kamiki Village(100 y.a.)   Near the platform, bombable wall.
    M5.6 Kamiki Village(100 y.a.)   In Nagi's house.
    M5.7 Shinshu Field(100 y.a.)	Bombable rock area to the northwest.
    M5.8 Ice Room*	                Upper Level, 4th area, most upper left 
                                    ice floe in room with many cannons.
    M5.9 Ice Room*	                Upper Level, 5th area. Do not melt the 
                                    ice blocking the river.
    M5.10 Moon Cave(100 y.a.)*      Fight Armored Dokuro in 4F:4.
                                  Creatures [CRE06]
    Generally, the easily missed ones are those that you don't have to kill,
    like the ones in the environment. They are all on the first four pages, 
    after that are the normal enemies, then the last few are the bosses. 
    Numbering order:
    Page 1
    1. Death Boulder - Cave of Nagi, 5-Story Pagoda
    A stone with an eye.
    2. Red Toad - Hana Valley
    A red toad.
    3. Red Wildfire - Demon Market, S. Ryoshima Coast, 
    Playhouse, Underground Ruins, Goryeo
    A little red flame with a horn.
    4. White Toad - 5-Story Pagoda, Goryeo
    A white toad.
    5. Flame Boulder - Shinshu Field, 5-Story Pagoda
    Like the stone with an eye, but flaming.
    6. Pot Fox - 5-Story Pagoda
    A pot with a fox's tail coming out of it.
    Page 2
    1. Phantom Shears - Playhouse, Underground Ruins
    A pair of electrified scissors.
    2. Stone Dragon - Underground Ruins
    A dragon's head statue which shoots at you.
    3. Ice Boulder - Ice Room
    The icy version of the stone eye.
    4. Spark Boulder - N. Ryoshima Coast, Underground Ruins
    The lightning version of the stone eye.
    5. Flow Dragon - Underground Ruins
    A yellow headed version of the dragon's head. 
    6. Blue Wildfire - Underground Ruins
    A little blue flame with a horn.
    Page 3
    1. Red Head - Underground Ruins
    A red monster's head that kind of looks like a dog. It has purple flames.
    2. Wisp - Sage Shrine, the waterway
    A jelly like alien.
    3. Flame Jelly - Sage Shrine, the waterway
    A pink jellyfish.
    4. Green Wildfire - Underground Ruins, Goryeo
    A little green flame with a horn.
    5. Gargoyle - Agata Forest(2nd), Goryeo, Moon Cave(9 m.a.)
    A stone tile with flames.
    6. Pot Tanuki - Moon Cave(9 m.a.), (100 y.a.)
    A pot with a hook and a raccoon dog's tail coming out of it.
    Page 4
    1. Flame Gargoyle - Shinshu Field(100 y.a.), Moon Cave (100 y.a.)
    A stone tile that is completely flaming.
    2. Blue Head - Ice Room
    A blue version of the one on page 3. It has blue flames.
    3. Tonsure - Moon Cave(9 m.a.)
    Shear like demon with eyes and teeth. Tonsure refers to 
    the practice of cutting the hair before entering religious
    service to show a rejection of worldly esteem.
    4. Clay Steed - Shinshu Field(100 y.a.)
    Stone horse's head.
    5. Green Imp - Everywhere
    An imp with an paddle.
    6. Red Imp - Shinshu Field, Cave of Nagi, Hana Valley, Dark Realm
    An imp on a top.
    Page 5
    1. Bone Clam - Hana Valley, Agata Forest, S. Ryoshima Coast, Dark Realm
    A clam with skinny arms.
    2. Yellow Imp - Shinshu Field, Demon Market, Dark Realm
    An imp with a hammer.
    3. Snake Sash - 5-Story Pagoda, Agata Forest(2nd), Dark Realm
    A snake with swords stuck in it.
    4. Fire Eye - Demon Market, S. Ryoshima Coast, Playhouse, Dark Realm
    A flaming top with an eye.
    5. Ice Lips - 5-story Pagoda, S. Ryoshima Coast, Playhouse, Dark Realm
    An icy top with lips.
    6. Demon Nut - S. Ryoshima Coast, Dark Realm
    A nut with muscular arms.
    Page 6
    1. Blue Imp - S. Ryoshima Coast, Dark Realm
    A bubble blowing imp.
    2. Thunder Ear - Underground Ruins, Dark Realm
    An electrified top with ears.
    3. Black Imp - Underground Ruins, Agata Forest (2nd), Dark Realm
    A floating imp with separated parts.
    4. Gashadokuro - Underground Ruins, Ice Room, Dark Realm
    A skeleton with a flaming heart, made from the bones 
    of those who have starved to death.
    5. Water Nymph - Sage Shrine, Ice Room, Dark Realm
    A woman made of water.
    6. Old Green Imp - Goryeo, Moon Cave(9 m.a.), Dark Realm
    An imp with a flute (maybe a shakuhachi like Komuso's), from Okami.
    Page 7
    1. Old Red Imp - Goryeo, Moon Cave(9 m.a.), Dark Realm
    An imp with a biwa, a kind of lute, from Okami.
    2. Fire Beast - Moon Cave(9 m.a.), Dark Realm
    A flaming horse with wheels.
    3. Three Faced Top - Moon Cave(9 m.a.), Shinshu Field(100 y.a.), Dark Realm
    A round wooden top.
    4. Ice Beast - Shinshu Field(100 y.a.), Ice Room, Dark Realm
    An icy horse with wheels.
    5. Clay Soldier - Shinshu Field(100 y.a.), Ice Room, Dark Realm
    A clay man with a flute (from Okami).
    6. Clay Samurai - Ice Room, Moon Cave(100 y.a.), Dark Realm
    A clay man with a sword (from Okami).
    Page 8
    1. Death Beast - Shinshu Field(100 y.a.), Ice Room, Dark Realm
    A skeletal horse that can change element.
    2. Armored Dokuro - Moon Cave(100 y.a.), Dark Realm
    An armoured version of Gashadokuro.
    3. Spark Beast - Shinshu Field (100 y.a.), Ice Room, Dark Realm
    A blue electrified horse with wheels.
    4. Master Anura - Hana Valley
    A very ugly toad. Anura is the Order amphibians belong to.
    5. Witch Queen - Demon Market
    A horned ogre with a pipe.
    6. Bullhead - 5-Story Pagoda
    A big catfish. His name was literally Big Catfish in Japanese.
    There are some catfish that are called bullheads.
    Page 9
    1. Sen - Playhouse
    A crane (apparently male). Original name: Senryo, 1000 ryo.
    2. Ryo - Playhouse
    A turtle. Original name: Manryo, 10,000 ryo.
    3. Renjishi - Playhouse
    A puppet with two tone hair. His name is a reference to the dance 
    Renjishi, a story of a lion and its cub, with white and red hair.
    4. Green Imp? - Demon Market (2nd time)
    An effeminate looking green imp with wings.
    5. Daidarabotchi - Underground Ruins(2nd time)
    A huge rabbit statue.
    6. King Fury - Underground Ruins(2nd time)
    A ghost with a lightning sword and lute combination. The original Japanese 
    has the pun of the reading of the name meaning both gentle and vengeful.
    Page 10
    1. Asteroidean - Sage Shrine
    A starfish. Well, the name is like Master Anura, but Asteroidea 
    is the class starfish belong to instead of the order.
    2. Genji aka Hikaru Genji - Sage Shrine
    A man with hearts. From the Tale of Genji.
    3. Orochi - Moon Cave(9 m.a.)
    That eight headed snake (from Okami).
    4. Mizuchi - Ice Room
    Well... it's a dragon. A dragon's head, to be precise.
    5. Sweet (Umami) and Sour (Aji) - Moon Cave(100 y.a.)
    A female imp with a spoon and Ajimi, the cook, from Okami. 
    6. True Orochi - Moon Cave(100 y.a.)
    That eight headed snake again (from Okami).
    Page 11
    1. K* - Dark Realm
    2. Akuro(Spirit) - Dark Realm
    That creepy black ball of badness that's been floating around.
    3. Akuro - Dark Realm
    The spirit possesses a body.
                                 History Scroll [HIS07]
    Scroll names submitted by danmate.
    You don't unlock anything by collecting these.
    These scrolls tell the story of Okami. Starred locations are missable. These 
    are the ones that you have to find yourself. Issun gives you five at the 
    beginning and then five later on. 
    Name	   General Location	Specific Location and Title
    Scroll 1   Agata Forest*        The roof of the pagoda.   
               (flooded)            The Spider Queen.
    Scroll 2   Sei'an City: CQ	Close to the bridge, south of the restaurant.
                                    Canine Warriors.
    Scroll 3   Sei'an City: AQ	Room between main part of Aristocratic Quarter 
                                    and bridge. A Blighted Sword.  
    Scroll 4   Demon Market(2nd)*	2nd area, west cave. Surrounded by lava.
                                    Crimson Helm.
    Scroll 5   Goryeo*	        Below decks, area 6, on a ledge. 
                                    A Palace Under the Sea.
    Scroll 6   Goryeo*	        The room with all the chests (area 8).
                                    Ship Sinking.
    Scroll 7   Sage Shrine*         The room with the fountain (area 3).
                                    A Friend to Gods.
    Scroll 8   Kamiki(100 y.a.)	The 2nd house from the top. Lost in the Woods.
    Scroll 9   Ice Room*	        Mid level, NW corner of the 4th area, with the 
                                    floating ice, before getting all the bead keys.
                                    Going Home.
    Scroll 10  Moon Cave(100 y.a.)*	4th floor, area 3, room with frozen imp.
                                    The Torch is Passed.
                                Sidequests and Praise [SQ08]
    Sidequests [SQ08.1]
    Sidequest 1
    Location: Yakushi Village
    The bombable wall on the side of a cliff.
    You need to invite both the Forest Woman and the Retired Fisher.
    1) Deliver a letter from her to him. They're on the upper level in the middle.
    2) Leave, and come back.  They're in the same place as before. 
       The woman thanks you with praise.
    3) Leave, and come back. Look for them behind the waterfall.
    4) Leave, come back and find their house on the side of that cliff.
    By leave, I mean leave Yakushi and go to Shinshu Field. 
    As far as I can tell, you can do all the events at once.
    Sidequest 2
    submitted by borgfighter410 and wombat1138
    Tanuki (in Yakushi after invitation)
    Upper level, north west area - You pay 10,000 yen for a stray bead.
    Lower level, second house with the lost girl.
    Upper level, in Dr. Redbeard's house.
    Upper level, uppermost area right side. He'll return the money at this point,
    and the give you praise and a trinket, Lucky Cat Paw. If you already have
    Lucky Cat Paw, he gives you another stray bead.
    Sidequest 3
    submitted by silktail
    1. Talk to Momotaro in Yakushi after you invite him to get a manifest.
    2. Give him the dango to get praise.
    3. Leave the room and enter it again. Talk to all the animals to hear about
       their decision to be Momotaro's retainers.
    4. Leave and come back, and talk to the puppy.
    5. Leave and come back and talk to them to get praise.
    Sidequest 4
    submitted by zoan
    Grimm (after the Old Woman and Old Man are both in the hot spring area, and
    Ayame has been healed)
    1. Talk to him.
    2. Leave Yakushi, come back and talk to him. Do that again.
    3. He will ask to talk to Chibi alone, so drop off your partner and talk
       to him again.
    4. Leave, and go to then go to the bombable wall that's before the bridge 
       to the bombable wall behind the waterfall and talk to Grimm and 
       Ayame there.
    Ways to Get Praise [SQ08.2]
    Blooming trees.
    Blooming cursed areas.
    Giving lucky coins to the blacksmith.
    Paint Mrs. Orange a new laundry pole.
    Inviting people to Yakushi and talking to them there.
    Completing manifests.
    Blowing dandelions. See the next section for the locations.
    Bloom all the cherry blossoms in Sei'an: CQ, including the one in Mr. Flower's 
          house, on his head, and behind the wall of a nearby building.
    Talk to the Thunder (Lady) to play the rhythm game again. Works once. 
    While you have the key to the jail in the Moon Cave(9 m.a.), 
          release the other people.
    Fix Benkei's boat on the ship.
    Fix the aquarium below decks. (submitted by okami96)
    Melt ice (x2) in the Ice Room's tunnels and save some animals.
    Melt an imp on the 4th floor, in the 3rd area.
    Defeat the Armored Dokuro in the Moon Cave(100 y.a.), and talk to the imp.
                                  Other Information [INF09]
    9.1: Secret Celestial Brush Techniques [INF09.1]
    These are dependent on how many people have been invited to Yakushi. 
    9 is required for all of these. You can buy these at the item shop
    to the right of the weapons shop in Yakushi. They will not appear
    unless you have the previous technique.
    3 people invited:
    Cherry Bomb 2 - 30,000 yen
    Fireburst - 30,000 yen
    9 people invited:
    Splash - 30,000 yen (This was Deluge in Okami.)
    Whirlwind - 50,000 yen
    Thunderbolt - 50,000 yen
    9.2 Health [INF09.2]
    10 solar units and 10 ink pots is the maximum. Praise is immediately
    used to upgrade to the next level. You don't get anything after the
    praise is maxed out.
    9.3 Dandelion Locations [INF09.3]
    Well, because Clover Studios is no more, I guess they decided to change
    it to dandelions. Though, you blow these, not bloom them.
    Shinshu Field: Behind Guardian Sapling, across the river.
    S. Ryoshima Coast: Near entrance to N. Ryoshima Coast.
    Agata Forest: Behind the Guardian Sapling. Submitted by borgfighter410.
    Agata Forest: 2F, on path behind Madame Fawn's cave.
    Shinshu Field (100 y.a.): North part of map
    Shinshu Field (100 y.a.): Near Agata Forest Entrance
    9.4 New Game Plus [INF09.4]
    What carries over from the previous game:
    Solar Units and Ink Pots
    Antiques List
    Issun's Masterpieces
    Creature List
    What doesn't carry over:
    Weapons (except for the missiles)
    Demon Parts
    Lucky Coins
    Key Items
    The actual antiques
    Celestial Brush techniques and upgrades
    History Scrolls
    New rewards unlocked:
    Art ~ Okamiden Scroll
    Music ~ Celestial Music 
    Requirement: Finish the game.  
    Black Sun Spell         Dark Chibiterasu.
    Restoration Spell       Restores original appearance.
    Providence Crystal      Powerful projectile weapon. It has its own fourth 
                            slot. Can charge with fire, ice or lightning up to 
                            three times.
    Finish the game and...:
    Finish all of Issun's masterpieces.
    String Beads         Unlimited ink and solar energy.
    Sunrise Spell        Shiranui form.
    Finish the creature scroll.
    Artist Spell         Ishaku's armour. 
    Finish the antiques scroll.
    Moon Tribe Spell     Icy form.	  	              
                                    Update History [UPH10]
    Version 1.00 (11/18/10) - The start of this guide. Most of this was written 
    before on my livejournal, so I simply adapted it for this guide.
    Version 1.01 (11/18/10) - Added the other information section, and updated 
    the introduction and credits section.
    Version 1.02 (12/18/10) - Added a menu guide. Updated the introduction section 
    and the list of treasures. Added the English names from the playtest that 
    Capcom Unity did. Added some descriptions.
    Version 1.03 (02/21/11) - Removed all the Japanese in preparation for the
    English version and because it requires conversion. Rearranged the guide 
    so it follows the order of the menu. And rewrote and added some information.
    Version 1.04 (03/14/11) - Added more information to the creatures list, 
    mostly just random information about names. Updated names and locations.
    Removed the locations from the demon parts drop list (for spoiler reasons)
    and added the number of materials. Added treasure locations.
    Version 1.041 (03/21/11) - Minor revisions to locations. Added what the
    Charm Set is. Added the location of another snake figurine. 
    Version 1.042 (03/23/11) - Wrote new instructions for the demon drops. 
    Added an FAQ at the beginning. More revisions of descriptions and other
    Version 1.05 (04/09/11) - Revisions to mistakes in exact numbers for lucky 
    coin, Yakushi Village development, and techniques. More revisions for 
    completeness, clearness, or correctness. Added the Grimm sidequest.
    Version 1.060 (04/21/11) - Changed the Shiranui transformer information to
    the correct one. Added more creature locations. Revised the Grimm sidequest
    description because it was too vague.
    Version 1.061 (05/02/11) - Added Momotaro sidequest. Added credits.
    Version 1.062 (07/03/11) - Fixed M5.4, fixed thunderbolt -> thunderstorm 
                                    Credits [CRE11]
    Kuniomi Matsushita, for thinking of making this game and directing it.
    Motohide Eshiro, for greenlighting the game and producing it.
    Capcom, for publishing this game.
    These three sites for helping me find everything. And I used their sites
    to figure out the translations of all the names (when it wasn't released
    gamefaqs boards:
    The "Demon Parts" topic
    The "Chibi Shiranui" topic - for what the actual requirements are.
    DraconSteel, for what the Charm Set is.
    silktail, for checking the Yakushi Village unlocks and correcting some 
              mistakes. Also for the completion of the Momotaro sidequest.
    Kong000, M5.4 mistake, thunderbolt -> thunderstorm
    Multiple people who asked about how to get demon parts. 
    For the English names of things from Okami.
    okami96, for the Goryeo sidequests.
    wombat1138, for the location of another Snake Fig. and many other helpful 
    suggestions and additions.
    via email:
    borgfighter410, Bear Carving in Yakushi, Tanuki sidequest, dandelion location.
    zean, for the Grimm sidequest.
    danmate, list of history scroll titles.
    Phailyn, Thunder Lady rhythm game.

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