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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.2 11/30/12
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    Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2012
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Characters
    003.  Video Walkthrough
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Chapter 1: 7:02 PM
      004b. Chapter 2: 7:31 PM
      004c. Chapter 3: 8:04 PM
      004d. Chapter 4: 8:23 PM
      004e. Chapter 5: 8:34 PM
      004f. Chapter 6: 9:03 PM
      004g. Chapter 7: 10:05 PM
      004h. Chapter 8: 10:55 PM
      004i. Chapter 9: 11:13 PM
      004j. Chapter 10: 11:41 PM
      004k. Chapter 11: 12:10 AM
      004l. Chapter 12: 12:25 AM
      004m. Chapter 13: 12:51 AM
      004n. Chapter 14: 1:28 AM
      004o. Chapter 15: 2:55 AM
      004p. Chapter 16: 4:19 AM
      004q. Chapter 17: 5:10 AM
      004r. Final Chapter 5:26 PM
    004.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the game called "Ghost Trick: 
    Phantom Detective". It was made for the Nintendo DS, and 
    there is also an iPad version of the game.
    You can contact me at my email address, 
    002-Video Walkthrough
    Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
    about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
    see it at...
    The video walkthrough has commentary from me and various 
    members of the GameCola staff.
    Me, the Mystery: Our main character, who has a snazzy red 
    suit and fancy hair. He is trying to figure out how and why 
    he died. He later learns his name is Sissel.
    Lynne: A red-haired detective, who was at the scene of 
    Sissel's death. He saves her life many times over the 
    course of this game.
    Nearsighted Jeego: A hitman who was ordered to kill Sissel 
    and Lynne.
    Ray of Light: A desk lamp named Ray, who teaches Sissel 
    about the powers of the dead.
    "One Step Ahead" Tengo: Another hitman, who was ordered to 
    kill Lynne.
    Eyebrowed Villain: The man who is probably the culprit 
    behind Sissel's death and Lynne's attempted death.
    Masked Muscleman: The servant who works for the eyebrowed 
    Kamila: A relative of Lynne's. She is a little girl with 
    purple hair, and she loves her pet dog, Missile.
    Missile: An enthusiastic Pomeranian whose main goal in life 
    is saving Kamila. He makes fast friends with Sissel.
    Emma (The Woman in Red): Lynne's neighbor, who is an ill-
    tempered writer. She and her husband are having a bad 
    Amelie: The daughter of Lynne's neighbor. She is friends 
    with Kamila, and she is currently sick.
    Justice Minister: Amelie's father, who has major anxiety 
    issues, due to huge amounts of stress being put on him this 
    Green Suit: A detective who wears a green suit. He 
    investigates Sissel's death.
    Blue Suit: A detective who wears a blue suit. He 
    investigates Sissel's death.
    Doctor: A blue doctor who examines Sissel's corpse as part 
    of the official police investigation.
    Inspector Cabanela: The dancing police inspector is head of 
    his division, and he feels personally responsible for 
    Lynne. He takes over the investigation into Sissel's death.
    Detective Rindge: A detective with a cap who works for 
    Cabanela. He knows Lynne, and Sissel saves his live in 
    Chapter 7.
    Guardian of the Park: An odd man who believes it is his 
    duty to guard the park.
    Pigeon Man: A person who works as the superintendent at the 
    junkyard. He is usually seen with his pet pigeon atop his 
    Officer Bailey: A guard at the prison. He dances whenever 
    things go badly.
    Rocker Jailbird: A prisoner who used to play for a rock 
    band. He released national secrets during a live TV 
    Curry-Loving Jailbird: A prisoner who stormed a police 
    station and destroyed many files. He and the rocker are 
    working together to make an escape tunnel out of jail.
    Detective Jowd: A prisoner whose execution is set to take 
    place very soon. He is Lynne's hero, and she thinks he is 
    innocent of his crime.
    Chief of Police: The Chief of Police speaks with Inspector 
    Cabanela, around the end of Chapter 6.
    Chef: The singing chef who cooks food in the kitchen of the 
    Chicken Kitchen.
    Detective Memry: A detective who is working undercover as a 
    waitress at the Chicken Kitchen. She tries to plant a 
    listening device inside a chicken.
    Blue Man: A blue man who is working with Beauty. They are 
    kidnappers, working out a deal with an unknown party.
    Blue Woman: Also known as Beauty. She works with the blue 
    man, and she claims to be able to sense the presence of 
    ghosts (like our hero).
    Bartender: A bartender at the Chicken Kitchen. He doesn't 
    talk much.
    Alma: Detective Jowd's deceased wife.
    The Manipulator: A shadowy villain, whose existence is 
    unknown until you get towards the end of Chapter 13. Like 
    our hero, he can perform ghost tricks. His name is 
    eventually revealed to be Yomiel.
    004a-Chapter 1: 7:02 PM
    The story begins with our hero coming to consciousness, 
    after he has been killed. Nearby, a blue man is about to 
    kill a red-haired woman. Our hero feels bad for her, but 
    there's nothing he can do.
    That's when a voice cries out to our hero. There IS 
    something he can do. He can move his soul to various 
    objects and perform ghost tricks on them. You get the 
    opportunity to try this out. Move your character's soul to 
    the core which is right of him.
    This is a crossing gate. When you go back to the real 
    world, the "Trick" button appears in the lower/right. Tap 
    it, and the crossing gate moves. This distracts the hitman 
    long enough for the woman to run past him.
    The hitman soon catches the woman. It looks like our hero 
    has to perform another ghost trick to save her. You can try 
    moving to the wrecking ball in the upper/left, but it's too 
    far away. So instead, move to the guitar in the 
    upper/right, and perform the ghost trick of strumming the 
    This distracts the hitman, and the woman runs away again. 
    The only thing close to our hero now is his dead body. Move 
    to it, in order to learn that he can't perform a trick with 
    it. Sadly, you can't perform a ghost trick on your own 
    body. On someone else's body...well...we'll learn about 
    that later.
    You now get told how to move the screen around. Move the 
    screen to the right to see what is happening to the woman. 
    Sadly, she is killed by the hitman. The hitman then answers 
    a phone call.
    Things look bleak, and our hero figures there is nothing he 
    can do. That is when a nearby desk lamp moves. The desk 
    lamp is the one who has been guiding our hero through this 
    tutorial. He is also the soul who can perform ghost tricks.
    There is a mini-challenge, in which you have to figure out 
    how to travel to the desk lamp. Before that, you learn 
    about thought bubbles, which sometimes appear in this game. 
    Tap on a thought bubble for some clues as to what to do.
    You also learn about how to travel between the ghost world 
    and the real world. Simply use the button in the lower/left 
    to switch between the two worlds.
    Move from the dead body to the car door, to the traffic 
    sign, to the folding cot. Perform a ghost trick with the 
    folding cot, and you will be close enough to reach the desk 
    lamp now. Do so.
    The desk lamp gets close to the woman's dead body, so our 
    hero can travel to her. Do this. Her soul is currently 
    unconscious, so we can't talk to her. But we can still 
    perform a ghost trick on her body.
    This ghost trick is a very special one. It rewinds time, to 
    four minutes before her death. We get to rewatch the last 
    four minutes of our life, then we get a chance to help 
    changer her fate.
    The first thing our hero has to do is go upwards, to where 
    the woman is.
    Go to the ghost world, then move to the desk lamp. He moves 
    upwards. Go back to the ghost world, then go up to the 
    mannequin and right to the tire. Return to the real world, 
    then use a ghost trick on the tire to roll to the left. 
    This moves the tire and the mannequin.
    In ghost world, move to the mannequin, then move to the 
    refrigerator. Perform a ghost trick on the fridge to open 
    it. A blender rolls out, and meanwhile, the woman's time is 
    half gone.
    Perform another ghost trick on the fridge to close it. In 
    the ghost world, move left to the mannequin, to the 
    blender, to the flag, to the fan.
    You have a minor puzzle, involving the fan, blender and 
    flag. If you do a ghost trick on the fan, it blows the 
    flag, and the rope goes near the blender.
    Do a ghost trick on the blender to turn it on, then travel 
    to the fan. Do a ghost trick on the fan, then travel to the 
    flag. With the fan and the blender on at the same time, the 
    flag's rope is blown into the blender, where it gets 
    pulled. The flag then rises upwards. Provided you are in 
    the flag, this means you can go up to the bicycle on the 
    top level.
    There are only three seconds left at this point. Travel to 
    the bicycle's bell and perform a ghost trick on it. The 
    bell rings, which startles the hitman and saves the woman.
    Unfortunately, the exit to this area is blocked by a raised 
    bridge. The woman gets cornered by the hitman again, 
    because she can't run across a raised bridge. Looks like 
    we'll have to save her again.
    Travel to the bicycle wheels, then perform a ghost trick. 
    This pedals the wheels, moving our character closer to the 
    woman and the hitman.
    Travel to the lever, then do a ghost trick to lower the 
    lever. This moves a wrecking ball directly over the hitman. 
    Travel from the lever to the bicycle, to the ladder. Do a 
    ghost trick on the ladder to extend it.
    From here, travel up to a street lamp, to the wrecking 
    ball. Above the wrecking ball is a claw. Do a ghost trick 
    on the claw to open it. The hitman is flattened, and the 
    woman's fate is averted.
    It's good that the woman has been saved, but when our hero 
    arrives back in the present time, he realizes that he 
    doesn't remember much about his past. The desk lamp, who 
    introduces himself as Ray, tells our hero that when the sun 
    comes up, his soul will leave this world.
    Our hero decides that, before this deadline, he wants to 
    figure out how and why died. Hopefully, he can even prevent 
    his death. The red-haired woman, being the only witness to 
    the death, is the best clue our hero has to determining his 
    identity. He decides to get closer to her.
    Move to the bicycle handle, then use a ghost trick to 
    shimmy down the wire. From here, move to the bicycle 
    pedals, to the umbrella. Perform a ghost trick on the 
    umbrella to open it. This gets the woman's attention.
    Tap on the woman's thought bubble, and she takes the 
    umbrella with her. She goes to see the corpse of our hero, 
    which is near a cat. Listen to the woman, and she finds a 
    note on the corpse. Go to the ghost world, then travel to 
    the note.
    Use a ghost trick on the note to read it. Sadly, before our 
    hero can read it, there is a phone call, and the woman puts 
    the note away.
    As our hero remembers, the hitman answered the phone call 
    when the woman was killed. This means, most likely, that 
    the person calling is the culprit who ordered the double 
    Go to the telephone. Our hero sees who the culprit is: a 
    strange blue man. Ray tells our hero that if he performs a 
    trick on the phone, he can travel through the phone lines 
    to the home of the culprit.
    Ray wishes our hero good luck, and Ray indicates that our 
    hero's death is related to some important events going on 
    in town tonight. Travel to the new phone number to end the 
    004b-Chapter 2: 7:31 PM
    Our hero travels through the phone. He is now in a room 
    with two blue men. The smaller man is the one who ordered 
    the death of our hero, while the larger man on the right is 
    an accomplice.
    The room has a videoscreen, disguised as a projector and 
    piece of artwork. The villain is currently reading a file 
    and planning their next murder. The target? The red-haired 
    In ghost world, travel to the file the man is holding. Go 
    back to the real world, and he closes the file. Our hero 
    performs a ghost trick to open the file and read it, but 
    sadly, the file is in a foreign language.
    The assassins say that the redhead is named Lynne, then 
    they put the file away behind a painting. Now our hero is 
    trapped, at the top of the screen. 
    Travel to the projector and do a ghost trick on it. The 
    projection turns on, and the assassins talk for a bit about 
    our hero. His name is Sissel. So now we know the names of 
    the two main characters in this game! Fantastic.
    Now Sissel has a minor puzzle, in getting out of the room. 
    There is a core in the painting, which works with the 
    projector. Perform a ghost trick on the projector, and the 
    painting flips over. Quickly, travel to the core in the 
    painting, while it is close to you. Then, wait for the 
    villains to flip the painting back to its original 
    Now that you're at the bottom of the screen, travel to the 
    control panel by the large assassin. Perform a trick on it 
    to bring the phone back into the room. The phone rings, and 
    the man on the other end of the line is a hitman, who is 
    waiting in Lynne's apartment.
    Go to the phone, then perform a trick on it. Go to Lynne's 
    apartment. On the ground, near the phone, is the corpse of 
    a dog. Go talk to the dog.
    The dog regains his memory extremely quickly. He is Missle, 
    a happy Pomeranian. He belongs to Miss Kamila, the little 
    lady in this room. He wants to help Sissel save her life.
    Go back in time four minutes before Missile's death. Kamila 
    tries watching TV, but when Missile barks, the next-door 
    neighbor gets mad. Kamila then decides to listen to music 
    While Kamila eats donuts, a donut falls loose. This makes a 
    mouse appear. Missile barks at the mouse, which again 
    upsets the woman next door. Kamila, absorbed in her music 
    and a book she's reading, fails to notice this. She also 
    fails to notice as the hitman comes in and kills Missile.
    Our first goal is to make sure Kamila does NOT put on 
    headphones, because that prevents her from hearing 
    anything. Travel to the umbrella, which is over the phone. 
    Wait until Kamila goes to get the headphones, then perform 
    a ghost trick to knock the headphones into the fish tank.
    Kamila's fate is changed slightly! This creates a save 
    point. If you try to restart this puzzle, you can restart 
    from the save point, instead of having to restart all the 
    way from the beginning.
    Wait for Kamila to move the donuts over towards Sissel. You 
    can either move the cart with a ghost trick, or knock over 
    a donut with a ghost trick. Knocking over the donut can 
    only happen once, and whenever you do it, a mouse appears.
    Move the cart over to the right, then knock over a donut. 
    The donut lands on the right side of the screen. You want 
    to get over there, so travel to the Christmas tree's star. 
    Then, travel to the Santa Claus ornament, once it's close 
    to you. Wait for Santa to reach the right side of the 
    screen, then travel to the floor lamp, and to the door 
    which is right by the mouse.
    Perform a ghost trick to hit the mouse and donut under the 
    sofa. Missile goes under there and starts barking. Kamila 
    follows after him and comforts him.
    When Kamila is under the sofa, the hitman appears. He fails 
    to notice either of them. All right! Their fate has been 
    averted! Missile is alive, and Kamila has not been 
    Missile and Sissel say goodbye, as they both return to the 
    present. The hitman gets a phone call, saying Lynne is 
    still at the junkyard. He decides to go there, rather than 
    wait here. He then exits the apartment.
    Kamila and Missile leave from their hiding spot, relieved. 
    Kamila gets a phone call from Lynne, and Sissel decides he 
    wants to go to the phone, so he can hear what is being 
    Travel to the floor lamp, then to Santa Claus when he's 
    close. When he's on the left, travel to the donut bowl, 
    then to the cart. Missile looks rather odd. In Ghost World, 
    travel to Missile to learn that he remembers Sissel and the 
    adventure they just had.
    Well, that's interesting. If Sissel saves someone's life, 
    he can talk to them later.
    Use a ghost trick on the cart, and you move closer to the 
    phone. Travel to the phone to hear the phone conversation. 
    Lynne tells Kamila to get the music box, then go to the 
    Chicken Kitchen, where the two of them will meet.
    Someone surprises Lynne, which brings a quick end to the 
    phone conversation, as Kamila drops the phone in the fish 
    tank. Now Sissel can't use the phone to travel to a new 
    Sissel can help Kamila find the music box, however. Travel 
    to the cart, then do a ghost trick. When you're on the 
    right side of the screen, go up to the donut bowl, to the 
    start ornament, to the rotating Santa Claus ornament.
    Perform a ghost trick on the Santa Claus ornament. This 
    brings you within range of the latch, on the ceiling. Go to 
    the latch and perform a ghost trick on it. The latch opens, 
    and the music box falls onto the tree.
    Return to the Santa Claus ornament, and perform a trick on 
    it to make it slow down. Then, travel to the Christmas tree 
    star. Perform a trick on it to bring attention to it.
    Kamila grabs the music box and leaves the apartment. 
    Missile and Sissel are left inside. Sissel is now in a bit 
    of a pickle. How can he leave the apartment?
    004c-Chapter 3: 8:04 PM
    Sissel needs to find some sort of phone. Missile isn't 
    entirely sure how he can help; he's just a dog, and he's 
    not too good at anything besides barking.
    Go to the Christmas tree ornament, and perform a ghost 
    trick on it. Missile barks at it, causing the woman next 
    door to hit the wall. The phone in her apartment rings 
    shortly afterwards.
    Sissel decides to create more noise, to get the attention 
    of the woman. Go to the TV remote on the couch, and perform 
    a trick on it. This turns on the TV, causing Missile to 
    bark more loudly than before. The woman angrily smashes the 
    wall until several things are broken, and Missile is thrown 
    across the room.
    You can solve this puzzle by doing a trick on the remote, 
    then on the star ornament, if you wish.
    Missile is mostly uninjured, and he is just as happy as 
    ever. More importantly, the woman's furious pounding on the 
    wall has created a path for Sissel. Travel through the 
    various items on the floor, until you can reach the wine 
    Sissel says goodbye to Missile. Missile is inspired to find 
    a way to escape the apartment, so he can help Kamila. 
    Sissel, meanwhile, is going to focus his efforts on 
    reaching the phone, so he can go to the junkyard and save 
    It looks like Sissel is stuck on the left side of the room, 
    while the phone is on the right. If you tap on the woman's 
    speech bubble, she will get up and walk to the left, so she 
    can pick up the dictionary and carry it to the right, near 
    the phone. Sadly, the dictionary is on the ground, where 
    she doesn't notice it.
    Sissel's goal for this puzzle is to draw attention to the 
    There are only five things here that Sissel can travel to 
    here. Go up to the highest thing, which is the latch. 
    Perform a trick on it to let a mouse into the room.
    At any time you want, you can perform a trick on the 
    drinking bird to knock the mouse on the bookshelf. You can 
    then perform a trick on the windmill, to knock the mouse 
    onto the dictionary. Once the mouse is on the dictionary, 
    it will stay for a while, then crawl back up to the 
    drinking bird.
    Here's how to solve the puzzle. Knock the mouse onto the 
    bookshelf. Then, tap on the woman's thought bubble, in 
    order to get her to walk to the bookshelf. When she notices 
    the mouse, do a trick on the windmill. If you wait too 
    long, the mouse hides behind the windmill, and the trick is 
    When the mouse is knocked to the ground, travel to the 
    dictionary. When the woman takes the dictionary to the 
    right, she takes Sissel with it.
    After this, listen to the conversation between the woman 
    and her daughter. You learn more about their family 
    relationship. It seems the parents are having a fight.
    After the conversation, the woman resumes writing. Travel 
    to the lamp, and perform a trick on it. This causes the 
    woman to crumple up a piece of paper and throw it towards 
    the trash can. When this happens, travel to the piece of 
    paper. That way, she throws Sissel to the right, near the 
    Alas, the telephone is still a little bit out of reach. 
    Travel to the wastebasket and perform a trick on it. This 
    throws the wad of paper into the air. Travel to the paper 
    which is in midair, then to the telephone. Wouldn't you 
    know it, the father calls at the very moment Sissel goes to 
    the telephone.
    You can go to the father's office, if you want, but you 
    can't do much there. You need to go to the junkyard.
    There are two detectives and a doctor at the junkyard. Ray 
    says they're investigating Sissel's murder. Listen to the 
    detectives' conversation to learn that Lynne has been taken 
    into custody, as the main suspect.
    You have to move a bit closer to the doctor to overhear his 
    conversation. He decides that Sissel died from a gunshot 
    wound. When he tries to leave, the detectives ask him to 
    stay. Inspector Cabanela, Lynne's good friend, is 
    personally taking charge of the case, and he wants to talk 
    to the doctor.
    Inspector Cabanela appears at this point. He loves to 
    dance, and he makes a quick phone call before getting 
    debriefed. Travel over to the phone to learn that he is 
    speaking with a detective in the park, who is on a 
    Cabanela asks the doctor to take special care with this 
    case. Cabanela wants to start by talking to Lynne. She's 
    under custody in the superintendent's office nearby. 
    Cabanela leaves at this point.
    Listen to the detectives' conversation about Cabanela, then 
    travel towards the doctor and overhear his conversation. He 
    finds a pistol, which he puts on the ground. It's a special 
    kind of pistol, one which only detectives have access to.
    Go to the gunshot and perform a trick on it. Sissel 
    accidentally sets it off. Another gunshot is heard shortly 
    afterwards. Inspector Cabanela calls from the 
    superintendent's office not long after this. Head to the 
    phone to learn someone has been shot in the 
    superintendent's office.
    Wait...that's where Lynne is! Perform a trick on the phone, 
    then travel to the superintendent's office to learn some 
    bad news.
    004d-Chapter 4: 8:23 PM 
    When Sissel shows up, it is too late for Lynne. She has 
    already been killed, much to the regret of Inspector 
    Cabanela. The doctor shows up, but he cannot do anything to 
    save her.
    Travel through the various objects here, until you reach 
    Lynne. Sissel starts a conversation with her. Her memory is 
    rather weak, because she just died recently.
    Talk to Lynne about "about me", "Lynne's death" and "two 
    strangers". She says that she came to the junkyard that 
    night, on Sissel's request. She had never seen him before 
    she found his corpse.
    Sissel asks if she can investigate his death. She makes no 
    promises, because she's on an important mission. Sissel 
    appreciates her honesty.
    Go back in time to four minutes before Lynne's death. She 
    was in this room, looking at things. When a policeman came 
    in, she hastily hid a notebook. She distracts him with some 
    talk about getting a meal. After this, Inspector Cabanela 
    comes in and talks with Lynne for a while, before she gets 
    Time to save Lynne's life for the second time!
    The first thing you have to do is wait for policeman to 
    come inside and make a phone call. Once that's done, he 
    stands guard for a while. You can now travel to Lynne's 
    suspicious pink notebook. Lynne suggests drawing the 
    guard's attention to it.
    Travel to the desk lamp, then do a trick to make it face 
    the notebook. Go to the bulb and do a trick to turn it on. 
    The guard notices the notebook, and he makes a call to the 
    detectives outside.
    Travel to the phone, then choose to go outside. Your first 
    challenge here is to reach the upper level, which you've 
    done before. Travel right and upwards through the items. 
    Using your ghost tricks, turn on the fan and the blender at 
    the same time. Then, go inside the flag. The blender and 
    fan raise the flag to the upper level, where you can travel 
    to a spotlight.
    Wait for Inspector Cabanela to ride past, then catch a ride 
    on his bike. He takes you all the way to the right. The 
    hitman is here.
    Travel to the car door, then do a trick to open it. Travel 
    to the spotlight, then do a trick to turn it on. The hitman 
    goes away.
    Travel back to the car door and shut it. The policemen will 
    start to walk around. When the policeman comes near, travel 
    to his nightstick. Let him take you to the left, where the 
    hitman appears.
    Again, travel to the spotlight and turn it on. The hitman 
    goes away, and Lynne explains that only two of the three 
    spotlights can be on at once.
    Go to the alarm on top of the police car, and do a trick to 
    set it off. This gets the attention of the officer on the 
    left. Travel to his nightstick, and have him take you to 
    the leftmost spotlight. Turn it off, then wait for the 
    police officer to return. Use his nightstick to travel to 
    the right.
    Go to the other police officer, and have him carry you over 
    to the right, near the first spotlight. The hitman appears 
    here. Once again, travel to the car door, then open it. Go 
    to the spotlight then turn it on. The hitman leaves.
    Since the spotlight on the far left is the only spotlight 
    which is not on, the hitman goes over there. Travel left 
    through the nightstick of the officer here, then set off 
    the alarm again to get the attention of the left officer. 
    Use his nightstick to go left.
    Here, go to the gate and raise it. Then, go up to the 
    crane, which is holding a big crate. Perform a trick on the 
    crate to drop it on the hitman, killing him.
    Lynne's fate is averted! Sissel and Lynne say goodbye for 
    now, as they travel to the future they have just created 
    Sissel decides he wants to check up on Lynne in this new 
    future. Go to the umbrella, then do a trick on it to go to 
    the lower level. From here, travel to the phone and do a 
    trick on it. Go to the superintendent's office to end the 
    004e-Chapter 5: 8:34 PM
    When Sissel arrives at the Superintendent's Office, he 
    learns that Lynne has escaped from custody. She certainly 
    didn't waste any time, did she?
    Move to the stepladder, by going through the lamp and 
    teapot. Trick the stepladder to move to the right, then 
    listen to the conversation between the detective and the 
    patrolman. They wonder how Lynne could have escaped, and 
    they note that the pigeon man is inside the locked 
    Move the stepladder back to the left. This causes the 
    patrolman to go to the left as well. If you want to, at 
    this point, you can move to the basement and overhear what 
    the pigeon man is saying. He talks about Lynne in vague 
    What you want to do now is the same thing you did in the 
    previous chapter. Move to the desk lamp, and do a trick to 
    swivel it. Then, move to the lamp's bulb and do a trick to 
    turn it on. The light shines on Lynne's notebook, and the 
    patrolman grabs it.
    The detective calls a phone number in the book. Move over 
    to the telephone to hear the conversation. It seems Lynne 
    was calling an Officer Bailey. Do a trick on the phone and 
    travel to Bailey's office.
    Bailey is easily agitated, and he works with another guard. 
    Bailey mentions that Lynne has been calling nearly every 
    night, recently.
    Wait for Bailey to write a memo, then put it on the board. 
    Go to the memo and perform a trick on it. The other guard 
    grabs the memo and reads it. Stay on the memo, then listen 
    to the conversation between the guards to learn that they 
    are prison guards.
    Lynne calls after this. Go to the phone to hear that she 
    wants to talk to a certain prisoner. Go to the phone, then 
    do a trick on it. Travel to the location Lynne was calling 
    from. As Sissel finds out, it's the basement of the 
    superintendent's office.
    Lynne is dead, having been fatally shot for the third time 
    that night. Curiously enough, this is a locked room murder; 
    nobody was there to shoot her. Travel to the lamp, then to 
    Rewind time to learn that Lynne's murderer is a Rube 
    Goldberg machine, which kills anyone who turns on the light 
    switch in the basement. Why does Pigeon Man have this 
    murder machine in his basement?
    Time to prevent Lynne's third death. The first part of this 
    puzzle is rather simple. Just wait until the phone rings. 
    Travel to the lantern, then to the phone. When Pigeon Man 
    answers the phone, you have the opportunity to go upstairs. 
    Do so.
    Go to the tea kettle here, then do a trick on it to shut 
    the lid. This causes the patrolman to put the tea kettle on 
    the ground. If you don't shut the lid in time, he doesn't 
    put the kettle down.
    That's the first half of the puzzle, which gives you the 
    "Fate Changed" screen. You can now restart from that place, 
    if you want.
    The second half of the puzzle is slightly trickier. Go down 
    to the motor, then to the ball. When Lynne comes in the 
    room, the fan turns on and the ball falls on the left side 
    of the room.
    There are two things you want to do here. First, you want 
    to open the door on the floor. Once the ball falls, travel 
    to the cake on the right, then go to the door on the floor. 
    Do a trick on the door to open it.
    The second thing you want to do is open the toolbox on the 
    shelf. Go back to the cake, to the ball, to the toolbox. If 
    you don't move quickly enough, the ball rolls away, out of 
    reach, and you have to try again.
    Wait until the green ball lands on the floor, then do a 
    trick on the toolbox. This opens the toolbox, moving a 
    bowling ball, which moves a shovel, which hits the ball at 
    the cupid doll. Now, instead of hitting the gun trigger, 
    Cupid's arrow hits some party poppers.
    Sissel travels to the new reality he has created, by 
    averting Lynne's death. Lynne is here, waiting to talk to 
    him. Travel to Lynne, then talk.
    You can talk to her about various things. She didn't see 
    the person who shot Sissel, she's worried about Kamila, and 
    something important to her current case is happening 
    tonight. Talk to her about all three topics, then choose to 
    go back.
    Sissel and Lynne decide to work together as partners, of a 
    sort. Lynne gives Sissel an assignment: go to the prison 
    and check out the work schedule for a certain prisoner. 
    Simple enough, right?
    004f-Chapter 6: 9:03 PM
    Sissel starts off in the toolbox in the basement area. Go 
    up to the hoist and do a trick on it to move right. From 
    here, go up to the motor, to the step ladder, to the 
    kettle, to the telephone. Do a trick on the telephone and 
    go to the uniformed men's office.
    Bailey and the other prison guard are still working here. 
    Go up to one of the memos, then do a trick to let it loose. 
    The other guard catches the memo, and you can hear a 
    conversation about a prisoner. Listen to the conversation, 
    and the other guard throws the paper in the trash.
    From here, go up to the other memo, and do the exact same 
    thing: trick it, then hear the conversation. The two 
    prisoners that get discussed are a rock star and a curry 
    lover, both of whom violated national secrecy.
    If you get stuck on the right side of the screen, flip the 
    control switch to create a path to the left.
    After you discuss the two prisoners, Bailey pins up another 
    memo. Go to this one and let it loose to hear the 
    conversation. This one is about D99, the prisoner Sissel is 
    looking for. He shot his wife.
    Once all three prisoners are discussed, the rock star 
    prisoner is taken to the room to the right, where he makes 
    a phone call. The other guard finishes his card castle at 
    this time.
    Go to the right side of the room, by doing a trick on 
    another one of Bailey's memos, then go to the glass which 
    is on the card castle. From here, you can go up and right 
    into the phone room.
    Move to the button, and do a trick on it to open the 
    sliding door. Move to the door handle (while it is still 
    within reach), and you get taken right. From here, go to 
    the guitar. If you're not fast enough, the guard will shut 
    the door, and you'll have another chance to try it.
    Do a trick on the guitar, and the rocker ends his phone 
    call. He gets taken back to his cell. There are three 
    prisoners in the four cells here, and they are the three 
    prisoners the guards were talking about recently.
    Wait for the rocker to move right, then travel to one of 
    the notes. He has X notes and O notes, and he flushes them 
    down the toilet at certain times. Sissel will have to use 
    this fact to help him get around the prison.
    If you want, you can travel to the blackboard here to learn 
    that Sissel is illiterate.
    Go to the toilet, then go right to the phone. The two 
    phones in this area are inside lines.
    Go up to the emergency button, then press it. Now that 
    you're not inside a cell, you can move the screen round and 
    sees what happens. The rocker flushes an X note, which goes 
    through the pipes to a hook, attached to a bell in the 
    curry man's cell in the lower/right.
    Curry man is digging an escape tunnel. When he hears the 
    bell and sees the note, he quickly returns to his room and 
    pretends to be resting.
    Once the guards come by and see that everything is clear, 
    they leave. The rocker flushes an O note, and when curry 
    man gets that, he resumes digging.
    So apparently, when the rocker flushes an O note, it tells 
    curry man that he is safe to continue digging his tunnel. 
    When he flushes an X note, it tells the curry man that he 
    needs to hide the tunnel, because guards are coming.
    Do a trick on the emergency button again, then go to the X 
    note that the rocker has. He will flush the note, and 
    Sissel goes through the pipes to the curry man's cell.
    Then, travel to the toilet, to the bell, to the blackboard, 
    to the light. Wait for curry man to get another note and 
    hold up a spoon, which allows you to go left to his bunk.
    You can also solve this puzzle by going through the pipes 
    in one of the O notes. If this is the case, you'll have to 
    do a trick on the curry man's bell to make him pick up the 
    Once you reach the bunk, go left to the bottom floor phone, 
    then left into D99's cell. He is painting a picture right 
    now. Go to the picture frame, then do a trick to open it. 
    Then, go to the newspaper clipping, to the light and to the 
    D99's blackboard is blank. He has no work schedule 
    tomorrow. Odd.
    Go back right, passing from the blackboard to the light to 
    the newspaper clipping to the frame. Do a trick on the 
    frame to close it. The guards come with dinner for D99 at 
    this time.
    Sissel listens to the guard talk with D99 about his crime. 
    D99 is revealed to be Detective Jowd, and he doesn't want 
    to explain his motive for shooting his wife. In a strange 
    turn of events, it is revealed that Detective Jowd has been 
    drawing a picture of Sissel.
    Go right to the phone, and use it to get to the guards' 
    office. When you do, there's a phone call from the Chief of 
    Police. Sissel is interested in this, so do a trick on the 
    phone, pick an external line, and go to the Chief's office.
    The Chief is talking with Inspector Cabanela. Listen to 
    their conversation. They talk about their first big case, 
    which involves a stakeout at Point X. The second big case 
    is Sissel's murder, and they have video footage of it.
    Go from the phone to the antenna. Do a trick on the antenna 
    to raise it. Then, go to the alarm, to the speaker, to the 
    screen. Do a trick to lower the screen. Go to the remote 
    control and do a trick to operate it.
    Sissel sees the video of his murder. He is at the junkyard, 
    holding a container. Lynne appears, and Sissel says 
    something to her. She appears shocked. While Sissel leans 
    against a fence, not moving, she lifts her gun and fires 
    twice. The first shot misses Sissel, while the second shot 
    kills him.
    So...Lynne killed Sissel?
    A radio message comes in, saying that Lynne has appeared at 
    Point X. Cabanela orders the detective to get her away from 
    there, as soon as possible. The detective jumps in his car 
    and drives to Point X at top speed, but then something 
    happens which ruins his car radio.
    Go to the screen and do a trick to raise it. Go from the 
    screen to the speaker, to the alarm, to the antenna. Do a 
    trick to lower the antenna, then go to the phone. It is 
    revealed that Point X is the Chicken Kitchen. That's where 
    Lynne and Sissel were going to rendezvous. It appears a 
    large disaster has occurred.
    004g-Chapter 7: 10:05 PM
    Sissel goes to the Chicken Kitchen. The police detective 
    had an accident, and he drove his car into the window. 
    That's why his radio died at the end of the previous 
    The detective died instantly, as did Lynne, who was waiting 
    here for Sissel. Go to the tire and do a trick on it, so 
    you're close enough to reach Lynne. Talk to her.
    Sissel and Lynne have a lot to talk about. Sissel talks 
    about how she shot him, and she gets upset. She doesn't 
    remember that at all, and she can't believe she'd shoot 
    Lynne gets equally upset when she learns Detective Jowd's 
    blackboard was blank. The fact that he has no work 
    assignment tomorrow means his scheduled execution is 
    tonight. Lynne believes Jowd is innocent, even though Jowd 
    himself wishes to receive the death penalty.
    Sissel can also talk to Lynne about the Chicken Kitchen. 
    Why did she choose to come here, given the fact that the 
    police are holding a stakeout? She explains that she came 
    here, because of the note she found on Sissel's corpse, 
    back in Chapter 1. The note said "Chicken Kitchen, 10:00." 
    Was he planning on meeting someone here?
    Lynne fears that Sissel will consider the mystery of his 
    murder solved, but as Sissel says, the mystery is far from 
    over. He still doesn't know who he is, why he was killed, 
    and what the blue villains are after. And so, Sissel is 
    going to continue his investigation by helping Lynne again.
    Time to undo Lynne's fourth death! Lynne doesn't do much, 
    during this death sequence. She sits in place, until the 
    car crash, when she pushes a waitress to safety. Then, a 
    large chicken crushes her.
    Go to the sign, to the bell, to the small sign. Do a trick 
    on the sign to read it. It says that you must ring the bell 
    three times for water. Go to the bell, and do a trick on 
    the bell, three times in a row. You must do this rather 
    quickly, because the waitress comes shortly after the first 
    When the waitress appears, go to the pitcher of water she 
    brings. Hear her conversation with Lynne, and then she'll 
    go to the right. When this happens, jump to the cart.
    The waitress takes the cart upstairs, to where two blue 
    people are. Interesting...they're the same color as the 
    villains who ordered Sissel's death! Jump to their trunk, 
    then listen to their conversation.
    The two of them are discussing the inmates at the special 
    prison, even though that is classified information which is 
    not known by the public. It seems that these are the people 
    that Sissel was going to meet; they're planning on making a 
    deal with him.
    The conversation comes to an end as Beauty, the woman, 
    senses that someone is listening to them. She and her 
    partner go to the left, well out of hearing distance.
    Wait for the bartender to put a glass on the bar, then go 
    to the bell on the counter. Ring it to get the waitress to 
    appear. Go to the bottle dispenser and to a trick to bring 
    the trunk to her attention.
    Wait for the bartender to put down another glass, then 
    travel to the trunk. Around this time, the blue man appears 
    and takes the trunk to the left. Listen to their 
    conversation, and the woman once again senses that someone 
    is listening.
    She takes out a lighter and destroys the electronic bug, 
    inside the chicken. Shortly after this, the van crashes 
    into the window.
    There's not much time left. Go up to the light and do a 
    trick to swing it. This moves you close enough to the 
    chicken bone that you can move to it. Do so. The chicken 
    swings to the right, and you can now move from the chicken 
    bone, to the alarm, to the dead body of the van driver.
    Sissel decides to go back in time and undo the driver's 
    death, preferably by making it so he never crashes his van. 
    It is revealed that the driver is the detective who radioed 
    the Chief of Police at the end of the last chapter. He gets 
    a phone call, radios the Chief, then drives away.
    While he drives, he uses headphones to listen through the 
    electronic bug. When the woman destroys the bug, the loud 
    feedback knocks the detective unconscious, thereby causing 
    the car crash.
    Time to undo the detective's death. Wait for him to throw 
    the binoculars inside the van. Go to the recliner and do 
    two tricks on it to bring the binoculars to the front seat. 
    Then, go to the alarm and do a trick to set it off.
    The detective comes to turn off the alarm. Quickly, go to 
    the binoculars before he appears. He notices the 
    binoculars, picks them up, and takes them with him when he 
    answers the phone call.
    Go to the phone. The call is from Detective Memry, the 
    waitress at the Chicken Kitchen. She is an undercover 
    agent, and she decides to plant a bug on the chicken she'll 
    bring to the blue villains.
    Go to the area where Memry is, then wait for her to flip 
    the switch and turn on the fans. Go to the switch and flip 
    it again, turning the fans off.
    Go to the T-shirt and trick it, so you can go to the right. 
    Travel the Chef's hat. When his hat is low enough, travel 
    to the pedal on the ground. The chef puts a chicken on the 
    plate here. Wait for Memry to turn to the left (to reset 
    the switch), then trick the pedal. The two chickens are 
    switched, while Memry's back is turned. As a result, she 
    takes the wrong chicken to the blue villains.
    That means the bug isn't destroyed, so the detective 
    doesn't get knocked unconscious. Both deaths end up being 
    erased, and Sissel goes to the new present.
    Now, go to the phone and do a trick on it. Go to the 
    Chicken Kitchen. Go down to the phone book, then travel 
    left to the bell. Ring it three times quickly, and jump to 
    the water pitcher when Memry skates by.
    After hearing the conversation, travel left to Lynne and 
    talk with her. They decide that the detective doesn't have 
    a core, because he was unconscious when Sissel saved him.
    Lynne tells the story of how Detective Jowd saved her life, 
    ten years ago. That's what inspired her to become a 
    detective. Inspector Cabanela is good friends with Jowd, 
    and he's been looking after Lynne ever since Jowd's 
    Lynne also talks about the music box that Kamila is 
    bringing. This box belonged to Detective Jowd; he mailed it 
    to Lynne shortly before his arrest. He told her not to open 
    it until his case was over. And now that his execution is 
    tonight, the case of him killing his wife is going to be 
    over soon, one way or another.
    The detective here tells Lynne that the execution of Jowd 
    has been stepped up. It is no longer hours away; it is now 
    mere minutes away. Sissel and Lynne split up. She goes to 
    the Justice Minister to stop the execution, while he goes 
    to the prison, to do the same thing.
    004h-Chapter 8: 10:55 PM
    When Sissel arrives at the prison, he learns that there is 
    currently a blackout. Do a trick on the phone, and using 
    the internal line, go to the death chamber.
    It's too dark to see anything normally, but when you go to 
    Ghost World, you can see things just fine. Go right to the 
    lever, then to the power supply. If you listen to the guard 
    here, you learn that he needs to access the wrench in the 
    Go up/right to the emergency light, to the light. To the 
    right of this, there is a leaky ceiling which steadily 
    releases drops into a bucket below. In the normal world, 
    wait for a drop to appear. Go to it in ghost world. Then, 
    go back to normal world. The drop falls to the bucket, 
    moving Sissel there.
    Go up/left to the tool box, and do a trick on it to have 
    the guard find the wrench. He then fixes the generator to 
    the right, restoring power to the facility.
    Go right, to the bucket, then to the yellow grounding 
    sphere. This sphere goes up and down the generator. Ride it 
    to the ceiling, then go left to the water drop. Go 
    down/left through the two lights to reach the power supply. 
    Do a trick on the power supply to turn it on.
    The electric chair in the next room now has power.
    Go left to the lever, then listen to the guards' 
    conversation. They say the execution has already occurred, 
    and it was the electric chair which caused the subsequent 
    Wait for the guard on the right to use his wrench on the 
    electric chair, then do a trick on the lever. He is sent 
    backwards. Go to his wrench when this happens, and he takes 
    you to the left.
    From here, wait for more water to leak from the ceiling, 
    into the bucket. Go up through the water drops, to reach 
    the head piece. Do a trick on it, and it falls to the left.
    Go to the cart, then do a trick to rock it. From here, go 
    to the head piece, to the phone, to the flower vase, to 
    Detective Jowd. Sissel, as you would expect, rewinds time 
    to four minutes before Jowd's death. Jowd's actions are 
    rather uncomplicated. He finishes his meal, flushes a 
    napkin in the toilet because the trash is full, and he is 
    escorted to the death chamber.
    Oddly enough, he is killed during the test of the electric 
    chair, held before his execution. Sissel's challenge will 
    be to set off the electric chair (and cause the blackout) 
    early, so Jowd's execution will be unable to continue.
    You start off near the phone in the execution chamber. The 
    phone in here rings twice. On the second phone call, go to 
    the flower vase, to phone. Go across the phone line to 
    reach the main prison.
    The rocker is upset, because of a jam in the pipes. Travel 
    left to his toilet, then down to his paper. Do a trick on 
    the paper, and you end up in the room of the curry lover. 
    This is a fate change; you can restart from this point if 
    you need to restart the puzzle.
    Go right to the toilet, then up to the bell. Do a trick on 
    the bell to get Curry Man to pick up his spoon. Quickly, go 
    left to the blackboard, then to the light, then to the 
    spoon that Curry Man holds up. From his spoon, go left to 
    the bunk, to the phone, and to the toilet in Detective 
    Jowd's room.
    We know Detective Jowd is going to flush his napkin down 
    the toilet, so let's something about it. Go left to the 
    picture frame, to the napkin, to the bottle, to the 
    wastebasket. Wait for Jowd to finish eating. When he holds 
    his napkin above the wastebasket, do a trick on the 
    Now the napkin has an "X" on it, so it resembles one of the 
    X messages that the rocker sends to the curry man. Go to 
    the napkin to be taken to the curry man, and jump to his 
    spoon before he enters his hidden tunnel. That way, he 
    takes Sissel with him to the tunnel.
    Time is running out! When you're close enough, go down to 
    the power distributor. Go down/left to the light, the 
    emergency light, the power supply, and finally, go left to 
    the lever. Do a trick on it.
    Sissel sets off the electric chair early, which destroys 
    the chair (and the power to the building). Now Jowd cannot 
    be executed by means of the electric chair. Hooray!
    Detective Jowd is somewhat pleased, and he indicates that 
    Sissel's job is not over. He tells Sissel to return to the 
    spoon and get ready...for a jailbreak!
    004i-Chapter 9: 11:13 PM
    Sissel starts off at the switch. Jowd said to go to the 
    spoon, so let's start by going there. Gon right to the 
    power supply, then up/right to the emergency light, the 
    light, the power distributer, then the spoon.
    The bell rings in the curry man's cell, and he returns 
    there. Shortly after this, he is caught by guards. It 
    appears the four guards in the prison are wandering around 
    with rifles and night vision goggles, and they want to 
    capture all the prisoners. That will make it harder for 
    Jowd to escape.
    Go left, to the bunk, to the telephone, to the toilet, to 
    the mirror. Do a trick on the mirror to open it. Go left to 
    the bottle, to the bunk. From here, go to Detective Jowd. 
    Talk to him about both topics, then go back.
    Jowd wants Sissel to guide him, while he escapes from 
    prison. A "Call Jowd" button appears in the upper/right. 
    Whenever you press this button, he goes to the location 
    that Sissel is currently in.
    Step #1 in the escape is rather simple. You want to get him 
    to the bunk in Curry Man's room.  Go right, to the bottle, 
    to the mirror. Do a trick on the mirror, then go right to 
    the toilet, to the phone, to the bunk.
    Call Jowd to the bunk. Be careful not to do this, when the 
    two guards are there. Make sure the left guard is facing 
    left, and the right guard is facing right.
    Step #2 in the escape is to get Jowd in the lower/right 
    corner, under the stairs. Unfortunately, there is a hunter 
    in the ceiling who is in your way.
    Wait for the guard to appear, then travel to the right, 
    through his bulletproof vest. When you're near the toilet, 
    go up to the bell. From here, go up to a valve and right to 
    one of the hatch mechanisms. Do a trick to open the hatch.
    A guard falls out of the hatch. Do a trick to close the 
    hatch again. The guard will then make rounds, which cover 
    the top part of the stairs and the upper floor. The other 
    guard covers the bottom part of the stairs and the lower 
    Go to the vest of one of the guards and have him take you 
    to the right. Go down to the empty can, then down to the 
    fusebox, under the stairs. Call Jowd to this area, but make 
    sure to have good timing. In this case, you need to call 
    Jowd when the upper guard is gone, and when the lower guard 
    is going up the stairs and facing right.
    This is a save point. If you get caught now, you restart 
    from here, under the stairs.
    Go up to the empty can, then to one of the guards. When he 
    is on the stairs, go to the hatch. This next part is 
    tricky, and it requires good timing. The upper guard is 
    going to stand on the hatch for a bit, and move left. As 
    soon as he gets off the hatch, open it. Then, go to the 
    The lower guard, at this time, heads down the stairs. As 
    soon as he is off the stairs, call Jowd to the valve. He 
    will sneak past the lower guard and into the area in the 
    ceiling. Jowd moves slowly, which is why you need to have 
    good timing to make this work.
    Close the hatch again, when Jowd is safe. Wait for the 
    upper guard to appear, then go to his vest. Let him carry 
    you to the left, to the bunk.
    Here, go left to the phone, to the toilet, through the 
    notes, to the guitar, to another hatch. Call Jowd here, and 
    he rolls around in the crawlspace.
    The guard here is blocking the exit door. Go to the drums 
    and do a trick. The guard then walks to the drums. Now that 
    he is standing on the hatch, do a trick to open the hatch. 
    The guard falls to the bottom floor.
    Make sure that the other guard on the upper floor isn't 
    around, then call Jowd to the guitar. Close the hatch with 
    a trick, then move to the bunk and call Jowd there. You're 
    Jowd escapes from jail, and not a moment too soon. The 
    power comes back on.
    Travel right, going from the bunk, to the hatch, to the 
    drums, to the guitar, to the note, to the note, to the 
    toilet, to the phone. Do a trick on the phone. Use an 
    inside extension to reach the guard room.
    When Sissel arrives, Jowd calls the room. Trick the phone 
    and go to the new location. Jowd is at a payphone outside 
    of the prison. Inspector Cabanela is also there, holding a 
    gun at Jowd.
    Go to Jowd and talk to him. You have three conversations to 
    pick from.
    Talk to Jowd about Sissel. Jowd says that he never saw 
    Sissel's true face, so he cannot make definitive statements 
    about Sissel. He gives Sissel a lead: the music box. Jowd 
    gave Lynne the music box before his arrest, and something 
    inside the box might jog Sissel's memory.
    Talk to Jowd about Inspector Cabanela to learn that 
    Cabanela is a bit of a perfectionist, who doesn't want any 
    stains on his record. That's why Cabanela is arresting Jowd 
    at this moment. Cabanela can't let a convicted criminal 
    escape, even though they are friends.
    Talk to Jowd about his execution, then about the other 
    murder. Jowd says that in the hostage situation ten years 
    ago, he killed the man who was holding Lynne hostage. Lynne 
    was never told the truth.
    Cabanela lets Jowd call the Justice Minister's Office, 
    where Lynne appears to be in trouble. Then, Cabanela gives 
    Jowd a present: a pocket watch. The two of them leave, 
    presumably to have Jowd returned to the prison.
    004j-Chapter 10: 11:41 PM
    Sissel arrives at the Justice Minister's office. It turns 
    out the Justice Minister is the man from Chapter Three, the 
    one whose wife is the lady writer.
    Talk to Lynne here, if you want, then go to the Justice 
    Minister's body. Sissel goes back before the Minister's 
    death. He was working at his office, when he received a 
    disturbing phone call. After a failed attempt to call his 
    wife, he has a stress-induced heart attack. He fails to get 
    his medicine and to drink his water, in order to calm his 
    body down.
    When you're in the past, jump to the telephone to hear the 
    disturbing phone call. The blue villains from Chapter Seven 
    have kidnapped his daughter, and they refuse to let her go 
    until Detective Jowd is executed. An odd demand, to be 
    You CAN go to the place where the blue villains are, in 
    order to learn that the kidnapping is a hoax. Beauty does 
    NOT have Amelie there with her; she only has a recording of 
    Amelie's voice. However, going to the place where Beauty is 
    doesn't help save the Justice Minister's life, so if you 
    decide to go there, you'll have to restart.
    Once the phone call from the blue villains is done, the 
    Justice Minister tries (and fails) to call his wife. He 
    will become stressed out and knock his medicine bottle 
    away. Shortly after this, he grabs for the pitcher of 
    Now, jump to the pitcher of water, to the flag. Do a ghost 
    trick on the flag to flap it. When you do this at the right 
    time, the pitcher of water is knocked to the right, into 
    the man's hands.
    The man will gratefully drink his water, which postpones 
    his death for a minute or so. That creates a save point, 
    and it gives us plenty of time to save his life.
    When he drinks his water, he holds the pitcher in the air, 
    above his mouth. At this time, travel to the pitcher of 
    water to the ceiling fan. This is the only time you can 
    reach the ceiling fan. Do a trick on the fan to make it 
    blow two papers from the desk, to the right, near the 
    medicine bottle. Jump to one of the papers when it is high 
    up near the fan, and use the paper to travel to the right.
    You have a puzzle here, in which you want to move the 
    medicine bottle to the left. The only thing close enough to 
    move the bottle is the sword, but the sword is not long 
    enough. You'll need to put something on the end of the 
    sword to lengthen it, something like that globe in the 
    Getting the globe to the sword, though, will require you to 
    drop four objects to the ground. Figuring out the order in 
    which you drop the objects is the tricky part. The order is 
    the urn, the painting, the globe and the fruit.
    Go right to the medicine bottle, then go to the hand of the 
    statue and do a trick to raise it. Go up through both parts 
    of the hanging basket, then go to the frame hanger. Do a 
    trick to undo it. The frame hanger on the right is still 
    holding the painting up; once you trick that, the painting 
    Go down through both parts of the hanging basket to the 
    statue arm. Do a trick to lower it, then go right to the 
    curtain. Do a trick to close the curtain, so Sissel is on 
    the right.
    Go to the armor's hand and do a trick to raise it. Go up to 
    the glove stand and do a trick to the turn it, so it is 
    facing right. Now, go to the globe and do a trick. Since 
    the stand is right, the globe goes left, knocking over an 
    Go up to the frame hanger and do a trick to undo it. The 
    frame falls on top of the painting, creating a sort of 
    seesaw. Go to the globe and do a trick on it. It rolls onto 
    the seesaw.
    Go up to the curtain and do a trick to open it. Go to the 
    armor's hand and do a trick to raise it. Go to the bottom 
    of the hanging basket and do a trick, so it is facing left. 
    Go to the top of the hanging basket and do a trick to swing 
    it. Since the basket is left, the fruit falls right, 
    knocking an urn onto the seesaw.
    The globe lands on top of the sword here. Go down through 
    the hanging basket, to the arm, to the sword. Do a trick on 
    the sword, and the medicine reaches the Justice Minister.
    Sissel travels to the present, where Lynne is 
    unsuccessfully trying to convince the Justice Minister to 
    stall Jowd's execution. Do a trick on the sword again, to 
    get Lynne's attention. Sissel tells Lynne about the 
    kidnapping of the Justice Minister's daughter, and the 
    demand of the kidnappers.
    Lynne carries Sissel to the left. Tap on the Justice 
    Minister's speech bubble, and Sissel talks with him. In the 
    end, though, the Justice Minister is unconvinced. He won't 
    jeopardize his daughter's life by saving Jowd's.
    Go to the phone and do a trick. Travel to the newest 
    location: the kidnappers' hideout.
    004k-Chapter 11: 12:10 AM
    Sissel arrives at the place with the two blue villains. 
    They indicate that they have kidnapped a girl and hidden 
    her inside the red trunk. Beauty then steps out of the 
    room, leaving her incompetent partner behind to sleep.
    Sissel's goal in this chapter is to reach the trunk and 
    open it. This room bears an odd resemblance to the room 
    with the murder machine, in Chapter Five. That should help 
    Sissel figure out how to reach the lower/right.
    Go to the candle and a trick on it. This burns a string, 
    setting an ornament loose. Go to the lower/left ornament, 
    then jump to the lower/right ornament, which you just 
    loosened. Do a trick on it, so it gets stuck in the ceiling 
    Go up to the ceiling fan motor and do a trick. This knocks 
    a green ball to the lower/left. Look familiar? Go down to 
    the ornament, and when it is on the left, go left to the 
    ornaments. Head down to the small door by the ball and do a 
    trick to open it. This moves the ball towards the 
    lower/right. Thanks to the ball, you can now set off the 
    party poppers on the table.
    Go back up and through the stars to reach the star on the 
    ceiling fan. When you're on the right, go through the 
    various stars here to reach the shade. Do a trick to lower 
    the shade, then go to the crate that the man is sitting on.
    From the crate, go left to the doll, then left to the ball. 
    Go left to the balance toy, to the party popper. Do a trick 
    here to get some strings on the candle sconce by the trunk. 
    Now, go up to the cake box and left to the party popper. Do 
    a trick here to get strings on the ceiling fan. Now this 
    room is covered with many easy-to-burn strings.
    Time to go back to our starting point for the room. Go 
    right to the cake box, down to the party popper, right to 
    the spinning wheel, right to the ball, right to the doll, 
    and right to the crate. Go up/right to the shade, and do a 
    trick to raise it.
    Travel left through the ceiling ornaments and reach the 
    fan. Here, go up to the motor and do a trick. The fan spins 
    faster, and the string on the fan goes up against the 
    candle on the left.
    Quickly, while the fan is spinning faster, go left through 
    the ornaments and down to the candle. Do a trick on the 
    candle. When both the candle and the ceiling fan are 
    tricked at the same time, it results in the candle by the 
    doll being lit.
    Time to return to the other side of the room. Go up through 
    the ornaments, and head right, using the fan along the way. 
    When you reach the shade, do a trick to lower it.
    Go left to the crate, to the doll, to the ball, to the 
    balance toy. Do a trick on the balance toy to light the 
    candle sconce.
    Almost done! Go right to the ball, to the doll, to the 
    crate, to the shade, to the candle sconce. Do a trick on 
    the sconce to lower a clock. You can now go from the shade, 
    to the clock, to the trunk. Do a trick on the trunk to open 
    Surprise! The girl inside the trunk, who has been 
    kidnapped, is not the Justice Minister's daughter. It's 
    Kamila, the girl who lives with Lynne and Missile. She is 
    calmly reading a book and drinking juice.
    Beauty returns at this point and sends her partner out. 
    Kamila reveals that she used to live in this house. 
    Go to Ghost World. It is revealed that Kamila has a core. 
    This means she died tonight, and somebody saved her life. 
    This must have happened after Kamila left Lynne's 
    apartment, and since Sissel didn't save her life, that 
    means someone else has the ability to perform ghost tricks.
    Go to Kamila and talk to her about the kidnapping. She was 
    smart and hid the music box in the park, shortly before she 
    was captured. Talk to Kamila about herself to learn 
    something interesting: her father is Detective Jowd.
    Kamila tells the truth about her mother's death, five years 
    ago. It wasn't murder; it was a tragic accident. Jowd took 
    the blame for the death, even though by the time he 
    arrived, Alma was already dead.
    Once you talk to Kamila about everything, Sissel cuts the 
    conversation short. He doesn't want Kamila to know that the 
    kidnappers have demanded the execution of Detective Jowd in 
    return for Kamila's safety.
    Beauty, the female blue villain, decides to leave. She can 
    sense the presence of something else in this room. Is she 
    sensing Sissel? She talks to Sissel, promising to kill 
    Kamila if he approaches them again. Then, the blue villains 
    leave with Kamila.
    Sissel is left wondering if the villains can sense his 
    presence, or if they know about the powers of the dead. 
    After all, we know with absolute certainty that someone 
    besides Sissel can perform ghost tricks.
    004l-Chapter 12: 12:25 AM
    This is an easy chapter to get through, gameplay-wise. 
    Sissel returns to the Justice Minister's office, with the 
    information that Kamila, not Amelie, is the girl who was 
    The Minister is not convinced, and he won't be, unless he 
    gets a phone call from his daughter.
    Inspector Cabanela appears, with Detective Jowd in tow. Tap 
    on his speech bubble to hear his conversation with Lynne. 
    She is unhappy with the Inspector.
    Jowd steps closer to the left. You can now reach him. Go 
    right, to the documents, to the medicine bottle, to the 
    spear and to the spear. Now go to Jowd and talk with him.
    Jowd is upset to learn his daughter has been kidnapped. He 
    is even MORE upset when Sissel reveals that Kamila's 
    machine killed his wife, five years ago.
    Talk to Jowd about everything. He says there was a problem 
    with the machine Kamila made. The cupid, which was supposed 
    to set off party poppers, suddenly turned around and set 
    off the gun. Now that Jowd knows about ghost tricks, the 
    explanation is clear. Someone used a ghost trick that night 
    to ensure the machine would kill Jowd's wife.
    Jowd purposely changed the crime scene, in order to frame 
    himself. The real murder weapon is hidden inside the music 
    box, which Kamila hid inside the bushes at the park. Lynne 
    then rushes to the park, to get the music box.
    Tap on the speech bubble to hear what Cabanela does next. 
    He talks with Jowd, then talks with the Justice Minister. 
    The execution is still set to take place, so Cabanela calls 
    for a van to pick Jowd up. This will take about ten 
    Uh oh! Ten minutes isn't a lot of time for Sissel to figure 
    out a way to get the Justice Minister's daughter to call! 
    Go left, to the spear, to the medicine bottle, to the 
    documents, to the phone. Do a trick on the phone and go to 
    Lady Red's Apartment, one above the Justice Minister's 
    Sissel sees that Amelie is safe and sound inside her bed. 
    Fortunately, she's still awake, even though it's rather 
    004m-Chapter 13: 12:51 AM
    Time to figure out how to get Amelie to call her father! 
    That way, he will know that his daughter has not been 
    kidnapped. The good news is that she just bought a lighter 
    for her father's birthday, and she really wants to call 
    Go to the lighter, then do a trick. This brings the phone 
    to Amelie. Unfortunately, her angry mother refuses to let 
    her make a phone call. We will have to incapacitate the 
    mother first.
    Go left to the wastebasket, then up to the lamp, to the 
    pendulum, to the wall clock, to the latch. A rat is 
    standing here. Do a trick on the latch, and the rat falls 
    to the pendulum. Go to the wall clock and do a trick on it, 
    so the woman notices the rat.
    The woman uses her wine bottle to hit the rat. While doing 
    so, she knocks over the candle sconce. The rat lands on the 
    valve above the ceiling. Go up to the latch, and to the 
    valve. Do a trick on the valve to turn off the power 
    completely. The woman will then light the chandelier.
    Go left to the hoist, then to the latch. Go down to the 
    dictionary, then to the crank. Do a trick to make the 
    chandelier fall. The woman will get up and raise it.
    When the woman is walking back to her seat, do a trick on 
    the crank. If you time this properly, the chandelier falls 
    on top of the woman and traps her. When this happens, do a 
    trick on the crank to pull her up to the ceiling.
    Go up, to the dictionary, to the latch. Do a trick on the 
    latch to open it. The rat's tail falls into the room. Now, 
    go to the chandelier and do a trick on it. The candles burn 
    brighter, frightening the woman and the rat. The rat moves 
    to the pendulum, with its tail still on fire.
    Go up to the hoist, then go right/down to the valve, the 
    latch, the wall clock and the pendulum. Do a trick on the 
    pendulum. The rat's tail will light candles, causing the 
    phone to reach Amelie.
    Go down, to the lamp, to the wastebasket. Go right, to the 
    lighter, to the phone. Sissel hears the phone call between 
    Amelie and her father. He is relieved to hear she is safe. 
    The three family members work out their problems, and 
    they're getting along again.
    Sissel goes to the Justice Minister's office. While he is 
    glad his daughter is safe, he still cannot call off the 
    execution, as long as Kamila is in the hands of kidnappers.
    Go to the Justice Minister and talk to him about 
    everything. He mentions that he knew about a manipulator, 
    before this night.
    The Manipulator first came up in the official reports, for 
    the criminals in the special jail. Their crimes were both 
    impossible; the criminals did not have the necessary 
    knowledge. The reports concluded that a manipulator, who 
    DID have the necessary knowledge, forced them to commit 
    their crimes.
    Inspector Cabanela believes the Manipulator was also 
    responsible for the death of Jowd's wife. We know that 
    SOMEONE did a ghost trick to make sure Jowd's wife died; 
    apparently, this was the work of the Manipulator.
    The Justice Minister speaks out loud. He was recently 
    controlled by the Manipulator, who forced him to sign the 
    order for Jowd's execution. This is what caused the 
    breakdown in the Justice Minister's family. Shortly after 
    the Justice Minister mentions ghosts like Sissel, Cabanela 
    runs off.
    Lynne then calls. She needs Sissel's help at the park. Do a 
    trick on the phone, then go to the park, which is the 
    option right below the Justice Minister's office.
    004n-Chapter 14: 1:28 AM
    Sissel arrives at the park, but Lynne is too far to the 
    left for him to talk to. Go left to the leaflet, then left 
    to the delivery box.
    The cook from the Chicken Kitchen is here, playing on the 
    swingset. When he is close enough, go to his hat. Then, go 
    to the swing and do a trick. This moves you to the left, so 
    you can reach the globe climber.
    Go to the spot in the middle of the globe climber, then do 
    a trick. This spins the globe. While the globe spins, go to 
    the basketball, then go left to the seesaw.
    Do a trick to move the seesaw. Then, go to the baseball, to 
    the left side of the seesaw, to the tire, to Lynne. Talk to 
    her. She couldn't find the music box, but she found a 
    Go left, to the leaf, to the dumpster lid, to the oil drum, 
    to the corpse. The corpse belongs to the man who calls 
    himself the Guardian of the Park.
    Go back in time. This man died, when Kamila was kidnapped. 
    He ran through the park, in an attempt to save her. A hedge 
    was in the way, though, so all he could do was pick up the 
    music box.
    Kamila almost died around that time, when someone performed 
    a ghost trick to save her. This ghost trick resulted in the 
    death of the Guardian of the Park. Does that mean...the 
    Manipulator is here?
    Go to ghost world. Go to the trowel, then to the soul. Talk 
    to it to learn that it is NOT the Manipulator. It's 
    Missile, the Pomeranian! He died here in the park, but that 
    doesn't bother him, because it allowed him to do a ghost 
    trick to save Kamila's life.
    Missile is a bit different from Sissel. For one thing, he 
    has a longer reach that Sissel does. For another, his ghost 
    tricks involve swapping two items of a similar shape. You 
    get to try this out, by moving him to the Mino statue, then 
    moving him to the leaf. Swap the statue and the leaf.
    Once the introductions are over, Missile and Sissel agree 
    to team up, to save Kamila and the Guardian of the Park. 
    Fortunately, a rugby ball is nearby. All we have to do is 
    move the rugby ball to the left, so Missile can swap the 
    Mino statue with the rugby ball.
    You now have a button, which lets you switch between 
    Missile and Sissel. It's possible to get through this 
    puzzle, by only using this button once.
    Sissel's goal is to have an open umbrella, near the rugby 
    Start by sending Sissel to the right. Move to the oil drum, 
    to the dumpster lid. Do a trick to open the lid, then go to 
    the seesaw. Do a trick on it, then go to the baseball. 
    Sissel and the baseball get taken to the right.
    The Guardian of the Park appears around this time. Wait for 
    him to jump on the globe climber. He spins it around. Go to 
    the basketball when it's close enough to you, then to the 
    core in the middle of the globe climber. Do a trick on it 
    to temporarily trap the Guardian of the Park. This buys you 
    a little bit of extra time.
    Go to the boot in the globe climber, and when it is on the 
    left, go up/left to the leaflet, and to another leaflet. 
    Here, go up/right to a love letter. Do a trick on it to go 
    Go left to a leaflet, then left to an umbrella. Do two 
    tricks on it. This results in an open umbrella, on the 
    branch below the rugby ball.
    As Missile, go right to the trowel, to the oil drum, to the 
    tire, to the seesaw, to the baseball.
    You might have noticed that there are three round things 
    here: a baseball, a tire, and a basketball. Missile can 
    swap them for each other, whenever he wants. Swap the 
    baseball with the basketball, so the basketball is on the 
    Wait for the Guardian of the Park to jump on the seesaw. 
    The round item on the seesaw is sent upwards, when he does 
    this. If the round item is the basketball, and the umbrella 
    in the tree has been opened by Sissel, the basketball lands 
    in the open umbrella.
    You can't do the same thing with the baseball (which is too 
    light) or the tire (which is too heavy).
    Speaking of heavy...once the basketball is inside the 
    umbrella, swap the basketball and the tire. This causes the 
    rugby ball to fall into the trash can.
    Now just sit and wait for the countdown timer to run out. 
    At the last second, Missile goes to Ghost World, freezing 
    time. As Missile, go down/left to the dumpster lid, then to 
    the rugby ball. Swap the rugby ball with the Mino statue.
    Fate averted! Now nobody has to die! Sissel suggests 
    undoing Missile's death, but Missile disagrees. He wants to 
    hang on to his ghost tricks for a little while longer, and 
    if that means he has to stay dead in the meantime, he's 
    fine with that.
    Shortly after Sissel and Missile return to the present, a 
    strong gust of wind blows away the leaf that Missile was 
    inside of. Ah, poor Missile. Let's hope he can rescue 
    The Guardian of the Park then wakes up and gives the music 
    box to Lynne. He then recognizes her, from ten years ago.
    Talk to the Guardian of the Park about everything. He says 
    that ten years ago, he saw the dramatic showdown between 
    Detective Jowd and the criminal who took Lynne as a 
    hostage. The criminal was killed by a meteorite.
    The meteorite, which the Guardian likes to call "The Rock 
    of the Gods", is still in the ground, not far from 
    Missile's corpse. There's even a monument at the site of 
    the crater made by the meteorite. Sounds like this Temsik 
    meteorite is very important!
    Sissel is somewhat surprised to hear that the criminal was 
    killed by a meteorite, given the fact that Detective Jowd 
    claimed responsibility for killing the criminal.
    Sissel and Lynne return to the Justice Minister's office. 
    As they hoped, the gun hidden inside the music box is 
    important enough evidence to warrant delaying Jowd's 
    execution. After all, the police need time to examine the 
    real murder weapon.
    Go right, to the documents, then to the medicine bottle. 
    From here, talk to Jowd about everything. The conversations 
    reveal that the Manipulator is the one who forced Lynne to 
    shoot Sissel. It is also revealed that Detective Jowd had 
    no idea Lynne had been taken as a hostage, when he intended 
    to shoot the criminal in the park ten years ago. If it 
    wasn't for the Temsik meteorite, Jowd would have killed 
    that man for certain.
    Who is the criminal that took Lynne hostage? He was Sissel. 
    Or at least, somebody who looked exactly like Sissel. He 
    went by a different name.
    So, our hero Sissel, who died tonight, looks exactly like 
    the criminal who died ten years ago, in the hostage 
    situation. This cannot be a coincidence, and it makes 
    Sissel wonder some more about who he really is.
    Inspector Cabanela calls, from the Junkyard 
    Superintendent's Office. He demands that the execution be 
    carried out, or else Kamila will die. Cabanela is working 
    for the kidnappers? Oh no!
    004o-Chapter 15: 2:55 AM
    When Sissel arrives at the Superintendent's Office, he's in 
    for a surprise. Inspector Cabanela has just been 
    killed...by Sissel. Apparently, the evil Sissel who died 
    ten years ago is still very much alive and well. And also, 
    thanks to his "death" in the park, at the hands of the 
    Temsik meteorite, he can perform ghost tricks.
    Evil Sissel is working with the two blue villains. It is 
    revealed that the blue villains are on a submarine.
    Go to Inspector Cabanela's body. Sissel rewinds time to see 
    the recent conversation between Evil Sissel and Cabanela. 
    The good news is that Inspector Cabanela is NOT working for 
    the kidnappers. The misleading phone call at the end of the 
    previous chapter was made, because Evil Sissel forced 
    Cabanela to do it.
    Evil Sissel claims that he wants revenge on everyone 
    involved in his death, ten years ago. That would be 
    Inspector Cabanela, Detective Jowd, and Lynne.
    Cabanela shoots Evil Sissel, to no effect. Evil Sissel then 
    uses ghost tricks and shoots Cabanela at close range.
    Sissel and Cabanela go back four minutes. This is a tricky 
    rescue operation. After all, you can't perform any ghost 
    tricks here. If you do, the evil Sissel will notice and 
    shoot Cabanela early.
    Instead of doing ghost tricks, travel to the phone, to the 
    lamp, to the tea kettle. Wait until Evil Sissel knocks the 
    kettle to the floor. From here, you can go down/right to 
    the motor. Sissel sees that the basement area has recently 
    been destroyed by an explosion.
    The Pigeon Man was killed in this explosion. Travel 
    down/left to the hoist, then do a ghost trick to reach the 
    floor. Go right to the tool box and do a trick to open it. 
    From here, go to the balance toy, then to the Pigeon Man.
    Sissel goes back in time four minutes before Pigeon Man's 
    death. He and Cabanela were examining the corpse of Sissel, 
    found at the junkyard this night. Cabanela correctly 
    suspected Evil Sissel was the Manipulator, and he hoped 
    they could find the source of his powers.
    Evil Sissel stood up in the middle of this, spoke to them 
    for a while, then set off some dynamite.
    Our heroes go back in time to try saving the Pigeon Man. 
    Move the screen around here, and at the very bottom, you 
    can see a sewer.
    Wait for time to pass, and during the three second 
    countdown, a voice calls out to Sissel. Move the screen to 
    the bottom/right corner at this point to see the leaf that 
    Missile is inside.
    Missile now joins the group. He has the ability to swap 
    objects, as you might remember. 
    As Missile, jump up/right to the toy cake, then down/right 
    to the trash can lid. There are rats in the trash here. Go 
    to the old magazines, and swap them with the old 
    newspapers, right of them. This causes many rats to appear 
    in the trash.
    The trash can lid goes flying off. Go left, to the trash 
    can, to the trash can lid. When the lid is rolling the 
    ground now, it is circular. That means you can swap it with 
    the tire to the left. Do that.
    The trash can lid will fall on its side, so it looks just 
    like the trap door. This happens almost at the exact end of 
    the countdown. Swap the lid with the door. Pigeon Man 
    falls, and the explosion soon follows. Evil Sissel is 
    fooled into thinking that Pigeon Man was killed.
    Pigeon Man is safe, but Cabanela is still dead. Now that we 
    have Missile's help, I'm sure that we can undo Cabanela's 
    death. When the pigeon is close enough, travel to the 
    hoist, to the motor.
    Switch to Missile. Send him up/left to the helmet, then 
    send him up to the book on the shelf. This will keep him 
    out of the way, for now.
    Watch the scene. Wait for Evil Sissel to knock the kettle 
    to the ground, then travel to the kettle, then to the base 
    of the lamp. Evil Sissel will turn to the right, for a 
    brief period of time. Quickly, while his back is turned, do 
    a trick on the lamp. Then, travel to the top of the lamp, 
    to the helmet. Do a trick on the helmet to knock it on the 
    ground. If you're too slow with these two tricks, Evil 
    Sissel catches you, and you have to start over.
    Wait for Cabanela to shoot Evil Sissel. When this happens, 
    the step ladder comes close. Go right, to the tea kettle, 
    to the step ladder. Do a trick on the step ladder, then go 
    up to the microscope, to the knit hat.
    Do a trick on the hat to knock it onto the step ladder. Go 
    down to the ladder and do a trick on it. The knit hat is 
    now right next to Evil Sissel.
    Switch to Missile. Swap the knit cap with the book. The cap 
    will slide off the bookshelf and onto the hook here. This 
    does not happen, if you do not knock off the helmet which 
    WAS on the hook.
    Wait for the countdown to end. Missile automatically stops 
    time, when the bullet is close to Cabanela's head. Swap the 
    bullet with the knit cap. This injures Cabanela, but not 
    Evil Sissel is fooled by this ruse, and just like we saw at 
    the beginning of this chapter, he calls the blue villains 
    on the submarine, then leaves.
    Pigeon Man and Cabanela are both happy to be alive. Talk to 
    Cabanela about everything. Cabanela reveals that it is his 
    fault Evil Sissel escaped from police custody, ten years 
    ago, on the night of the hostage situation.
    Cabanela explains that, the whole time, he has been working 
    to help prove Jowd's innocence. When he foiled Jowd's 
    jailbreak and took him to the Justice Minister, those were 
    delaying tactics. When he tried to have Lynne arrested, he 
    was simply hoping he could protect her from the 
    The Manipulator case that Cabanela was working on had a 
    large development recently. They learned that the 
    Manipulator was planning to meet the blue villains at the 
    Chicken Kitchen that night. Hence, the large stakeout 
    planned at that location. The blue villains are actually 
    Once you talk with Cabanela about everything, go to the 
    desk lamp, and from there, talk to Pigeon Man. He says that 
    he was assigned to do the autopsy on Evil Sissel's corpse, 
    ten years ago.
    The corpse was unusual, because it was uninjured. In fact, 
    the corpse automatically healed itself, whenever he tried 
    to cut it with a scalpel. Shortly after this, when no one 
    was around, Evil Sissel's corpse got up and walked away.
    The corpse gave off unusual radiation, which matched the 
    radiation from the Temsik meteorite. Apparently, there is a 
    piece of the meteorite lodged inside the corpse, which is 
    what caused the radiation.
    Cabanela teamed up with the Pigeon Man about a year ago, 
    when a message they intercepted from the Manipulator 
    indicated his powers came from somewhere other than this 
    planet. The two of them built the machine in the basement, 
    an exact duplicate of the machine which killed Jowd's wife, 
    as a way to prove the existence of the Manipulator.
    Lynne and Detective Jowd appear after this. Jowd gets his 
    old coat back, and he and Lynne rush off after Evil Sissel, 
    who is going to meet with the blue villains on the 
    004p-Chapter 16: 4:19 AM
    About two hours before dawn, Jowd calls for Sissel. Jowd is 
    at the control room of the Yonoa submarine. He is almost 
    instantly caught by the Masked Muscleman. The two villains 
    speak with Jowd for a bit, as Jowd explains how he managed 
    to get onto the submarine.
    The Eyebrowed Villain reveals that Evil Sissel's corpse is 
    inside this very room. Evil Sissel's spirit is not here at 
    the moment; he is elsewhere, possessing Kamila. The 
    Eyebrowed Villain takes advantage of Evil Sissel's absence, 
    and he removes the Temsik meteorite fragment from the 
    The control room then gets unexpectedly jettisoned from the 
    rest of the ship. Then, there is an explosion. Time for our 
    hero Sissel to look around and figure out what to do next.
    Go to Ghost World, then talk to the spirit who is to the 
    left. It's Missile! He wants to help Kamila and Lynne, too. 
    Shortly after this, the phone starts ringing. This starts a 
    short puzzle, in which the goal is to get Sissel to the 
    The key to this puzzle is using the three hammocks. Switch 
    to Missile, and go left, to the baseball. Swap the baseball 
    in the left hammock with the basketball in the middle 
    hammock. This moves the baseball up, so it's within 
    Sissel's reach.
    As Sissel, go right to the baseball, then right to the 
    emergency light.
    Now as Missile, go right to the emergency light, then to 
    the baseball. Swap the baseball in the middle hammock with 
    the basketball in the right hammock. That moves the 
    baseball up, so it's within Sissel's reach.
    Another explosion occurs, and the phone is knocked off the 
    hook. Uh oh! Better get there quickly, Sissel! Move right 
    to the baseball, to the valve, to the phone.
    Kamila is on the other line, and she is upset because Lynne 
    has died again. Go to Kamila's area, where Sissel and 
    Missile talk to her for a bit.
    Travel down/left to the monitor, to the wheel. Do a ghost 
    trick to turn the wheel, then jump to Lynne's body. When 
    she and Jowd first arrived on the ship, they split up. Jowd 
    went after Evil Sissel, while Lynne went to save Kamila. 
    Sissel turns time back four minutes, and he watches the 
    scene. Lynne finds Kamila, who is being manipulated by Evil 
    Sissel. Evil Sissel was hoping to shoot Detective Jowd, but 
    he seems satisfied with shooting Lynne instead.
    A phone call, as well as the explosion on the submarine, 
    interrupts the standoff. Lynne gets killed by falling 
    Time to save Lynne. Sissel can't reach any objects at the 
    moment, so sit and wait for Evil Sissel/Kamila to point the 
    gun at Lynne. In Ghost World, go right to the gun, up to 
    the wheel, right to the monitor, then right to the phone.
    You can't use the phone right now, because it is still on 
    the hook. Go up to the wheel, and do a trick on it to knock 
    the phone off the hook. NOW the phone can be used! Go to 
    the phone, and choose to go to the other location.
    The other location is the phone on the sub, which is right 
    of the hammocks. The time is right around when the Temsik 
    fragment is taken from Evil Sissel's corpse. This is a save 
    point, so you can restart from here if you need to.
    Go left to the valve, to the basketball, to the 
    wastebasket. Do a trick on the wastebasket to open it, 
    which knocks the basketball up to the ceiling. What you 
    want to do is trick the wastebasket, then jump to the 
    basketball so you're taken up to the ceiling. From there, 
    jump to the emergency light to the left.
    Wait for the capsule with the Temsik fragment to appear, 
    and jump to it as it passes by on the conveyor belt 
    overhead. Once the Temsik fragment is safe in the Eyebrowed 
    Villain's hands, he jettisons the control room and makes a 
    quick escape on a minisub.
    He also sets off a torpedo, so the main submarine will sink 
    to the bottom of the sea, with Evil Sissel trapped inside.
    Quickly, move right to the lever and do a trick. This 
    lowers the platform the lever and capsule are on, which 
    moves you closer to the torpedo. Go to the power 
    switchboard, then to the torpedo.
    The torpedo launches, with Sissel inside. A rat is also 
    inside the torpedo. Unfortunately, the rat is going to stop 
    you from turning on the safety lock, because it doesn't 
    want to get crushed. So the first puzzle is getting rid of 
    the rat.
    There are two gyroscopes here. One is on the left and one 
    is on the right. Do a trick on the left one, so it's facing 
    up. Then, go to the right gyroscope and do a trick so it's 
    facing up as well. This flips the torpedo upside-down, 
    getting rid of the rat.
    Now go left to the joint and do a trick to operate it. The 
    safety clamp goes on. Now the torpedo won't go off when it 
    hits the submarine! This means Lynne won't die in the 
    Of course, the torpedo still hits the submarine. This 
    causes a small water leak.
    Time to get over to Lynne. Go right to the transformer, 
    then right to the starter. Do a trick on the starter to 
    operate the big machine here. Sissel watches how the 
    machinery works.
    Do a trick on the starter again. Go right to the wheel 
    (when its core is close enough to Sissel), then go right to 
    the other wheel, to the balancer, to the gear. The two 
    gears in this area rotate.
    Let the left gear take you right, then jump to the right 
    gear. Let it take you right, then jump to the piston. Wait 
    for the piston to go up, then jump to the flashlight. Do a 
    trick on the flashlight to alert Lynne of your presence.
    Lynne and Kamila need to get out of the room, before it 
    fills with water. They need to go up to the exit, which is 
    on the floor above.
    Go up/right to the emergency light, to the valve. Do a 
    trick on the valve to move some gloves. Go up to the 
    gloves, to the fuse box, to the ladder's switch. Do a trick 
    on the switch to lower the ladder.
    Lynne climbs up to the second level, and the flashlight 
    breaks. Go to the flashlight and do a trick to turn it on. 
    Shortly after this, the submarine turns on its side.
    Now Lynne, Kamila, Sissel and Missile are stuck at the 
    bottom of the submarine. Water is coming in at a much 
    faster rate, but the goal remains the same. They have to 
    reach the door at the top.
    Go to the Ghost World, and Missile agrees to help. As 
    Missile, go to the right, to the pipe, to the shaft, to the 
    torpedo. Now go up, to the transformer, to the starter, to 
    the wheel, to the wheel, to the balancer, to the large fan.
    You probably noticed there are three fans here. Look 
    up/left to find a fourth fan. The four fans are of three 
    sizes: one large, one small and two medium. Your goal is to 
    arrange the fans, from smallest to largest. That means a 
    small fan on top, a medium fan in the middle, and a large 
    fan on the bottom.
    Let's start by moving the large fan from the top to the 
    bottom. Swap the large fan with the fan below it. Now go 
    right to the balancer, then go down/left to the large fan. 
    Swap it with the fan below it. Now the large fan is on the 
    Go right to the wheel, up to the balancer, then left to the 
    medium fan. Swap it with the small fan that is up/left of 
    it. Now all three fans are in place!
    Switch to Sissel and wait for Lynne to hold the flashlight 
    out. Jump to the wheel, to the pipe, to the shaft, to the 
    torpedo, to the transformer, to the starter. Do a trick 
    here. Provided the fans are in the correct spots, this 
    creates stairs for Lynne to climb. She goes up to an area 
    with steam pipes.
    Sissel needs to get where Lynne is. As Sissel, do a trick 
    on the operator again. When the wheel is close enough, jump 
    up to it, then jump up to the other wheel, to the balancer. 
    Jump to the gear when it's close enough, and Sissel gets 
    taken to the area where Lynne is. From there, jump to the 
    fire extinguisher, to the wheel. Do a trick on the wheel to 
    turn off the steam pipe near Lynne.
    Time for Missile to switch some pipes around. Switch to 
    Missile, and have him go up the same area Sissel did.
    As Missile, switch the upper/right pipe (which Sissel 
    turned off) with the lower/right pipe. Send Missile to the 
    emergency light, then to the upper/left pipe. Swap it with 
    the lower/left pipe. Now the bottom two pipes are safe. 
    Swap the two upper pipes, and the puzzle is solved!
    To recap, you switch the two right pipes, the two left 
    pipes, and the two top pipes.
    Lynne crawls past the pipes, but she quickly gets stuck. 
    She can't go up the exit! As Sissel, go left to the pipe, 
    up to the emergency light, up/left to the gloves, left to 
    the distributing panel, up to the switch, up to the fuse 
    box and up to the hook.
    Do a trick on the hook to lower it, then do another trick 
    to raise it. Lynne is almost there, but she can't open the 
    door. Go to the door and do a trick to open it.
    Sissel can't budge the door because something is blocking 
    it. Then, someone shouts. The door opens and a strange 
    crane-like object enters the room. It takes Kamila and 
    Lynne up to safety, while Sissel wonders what the strange 
    thing could be.
    004q-Chapter 17: 5:10 AM
    It turns out the strange thing is Evil Sissel. He doesn't 
    have his body (which was in the room that was jettisoned 
    from the rest of the submarine), so now he's possessing 
    some random junk. He is a lot more docile now, compared to 
    the previous times we've seen him.
    Now you get to talk to Evil Sissel about everything. He 
    starts by talking about the Temsik meteorite. It has two 
    effects: power and time.
    Anyone who dies near the Temsik meteorite gets ghost 
    powers, due to the meteorite's radiation. The powers differ 
    from person to person, and they change over time. For 
    example, someone with the ability to swap objects (like 
    Missile) might eventually lose that power, and gain the 
    power to manipulate objects (like Sissel).
    The time effect lets someone travel back in time, to four 
    minutes before a person's death. In the case of Evil 
    Sissel, the meteorite fragment in his heart kept his corpse 
    perpetually fluctuating between his death and the moment 
    before his death. It is as if his body is stuck at that 
    time, ten years ago, which is why his corpse hasn't changed 
    at all.
    Evil Sissel elaborates on his plan with the blue villains. 
    Evil Sissel wanted to get revenge on the people responsible 
    for his death: Lynne, Jowd and Cabanela. The blue villains 
    helped him achieve this goal, as we know; they kidnapped 
    Kamila to ensure Jowd's execution.
    Little did Evil Sissel know that the blue villains had a 
    different agenda. They wanted to steal the Temsik 
    meteorite, then wipe out everyone who knew about it.
    Evil Sissel ends the conversation by elaborating on the 
    plan to get rid of Lynne, by framing her for his death. 
    Once the conversation ends, the submarine shakes a few 
    times, and Kamila wakes up.
    Kamila mentions her father, Detective Jowd. No one is sure 
    why the blue villains purposely jettisoned off the control 
    room, with Detective Jowd inside. Lynne then comes up with 
    a plan. Using the tracking device which shows where Evil 
    Sissel's body is, she can send Sissel to the room with 
    Go up/right to the bottle, to the lamp, then up to the 
    control panel. Do a trick to operate it. Go up to the 
    mechanical arm, then up to the telephone. Do a trick and 
    travel to the torpedo room.
    Our heroes all go to the torpedo room. There are two 
    switches here, and you need to pull the one on the left to 
    load the torpedo. The switch is stuck, though, so talk to 
    Missile agrees to help. As Missile, swap the two switches. 
    Then, as Missile, go to the left switch. Do a trick to 
    operate it, and the torpedo loads.
    Travel to the torpedo. At first, Missile doesn't want to 
    go, but Lynne and Kamila convince him to tag along. Lynne 
    then fires the torpedo. The plan works perfectly, and 
    Sissel and Missile travel to the room with Jowd.
    Detective Jowd is dead at the moment. Go to his body, so 
    Sissel can rewind time to before Jowd's death. It turns out 
    that Evil Sissel, whose name is finally revealed to be 
    "Yomiel", is here as well.
    Time for another conversation with Yomiel. He talks about 
    the crime that he was (falsely) accused of committing, when 
    he escaped from the interrogation room and took Lynne 
    Yomiel talks more about his motivations and the deal he 
    made with the blue villains.
    Sissel and crew go back in time, four minutes before Jowd's 
    death. He was killed by the Masked Muscleman, who is 
    revealed to be a remote control robot. The Muscleman says 
    that the control room was jettisoned, to make it impossible 
    for something to happen.
    Go to Yomiel's corpse. Yomiel suddenly realizes why the 
    villains were trying to prevent. They wanted to make it so 
    that no one could reach Yomiel's corpse.
    Now that the Temsik fragment is out of Yomiel's corpse, it 
    is possible for someone to go back in time, to four minutes 
    before Yomiel's death. And our heroes decide to do exactly 
    004r-Final Chapter 5:26 PM
    Sissel, Missile, Jowd and Yomiel go back in time, to four 
    minutes before Yomiel's death. That took place ten years 
    ago, during the hostage situation in the park.
    Lynne was baking sweet potatoes, when Yomiel and Jowd 
    appeared on the scene. Yomiel grabbed Lynne. During the 
    ensuing a standoff between Jowd and Yomiel, the Temsik 
    meteorite hit. Yomiel got hit from behind by the meteorite 
    Sissel starts this challenge too far away from any cores he 
    can possess. Wait for Lynne to be grabbed by Yomiel, then 
    go left to the sweet potato and up to the headphones.
    Do a trick here to get Lynne to drop the sweet potato. This 
    changes her fate AND it makes a small path for Sissel.
    Missile is in the way now, so switch to Missile and move 
    him left three times, to the leftmost nozzle. Switch to 
    Sissel. Move him down/left to the potato, and left to the 
    Do a trick on the basket to knock a sweet potato into the 
    water. Move left to the nozzle. When the potato is over the 
    nozzle, do a trick to spray the water. Jump to the potato, 
    and Sissel gets taken to the main fountain. 
    Missile notes that the potato resembles the Mino rock. Move 
    Sissel down to the nozzle, then move Missile to the sweet 
    potato. As Sissel, do a trick on the nozzle to send the 
    potato up. Then, as Missile, swap the sweet potato with 
    Mino, then swap Mino with the post lantern on the right.
    Now, when the meteorite hits, it is deflected off of Mino. 
    Instead of hitting Yomiel's back, it hits Jowd's leg. The 
    past Detective Jowd isn't stopped by the meteorite, 
    however. He uses his gun to shoot Yomiel.
    Missile stops time right before the bullet hits. Swap the 
    bullet with the sweet potato (which is down/left). Yomiel 
    is badly injured, but still alive.
    The impact of Yomiel hitting the lamp post causes Mino to 
    fall, right on top of Lynne. Ghost Yomiel quickly figures 
    out a way to use all three of their ghost tricks to save 
    As Sissel, move left to the lantern, to the nozzle. Do a 
    ghost trick on the nozzle to spray the lantern to the 
    As Missile, move up/right to Mino. Do a ghost trick to swap 
    the lantern with Mino.
    Yomiel then does HIS ghost trick: manipulating bodies. In 
    this case, he manipulates his own unconscious body into 
    grabbing Lynne and throwing her to safety. Yomiel's body 
    gets crushed by Mino, but he still lives through the entire 
    As you would expect, this completely changes everything. 
    Since Yomiel doesn't die, he doesn't get ghost tricks, and 
    that pretty much erases most of the things which happened 
    in the game.
    There are many scenes after this. Sissel finally gets his 
    memory back, as he learns who he is. He also learns the 
    true identity of Ray, who helped teach him how to use ghost 
    tricks, in the first chapter.
    In the new future that Sissel and his friends created, it 
    seems that everyone will live happily ever after.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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