Female ?

  1. I'm Using a female character.
    Can female character married ?
    who are the guys who can be married ?
    how to start the relationship ?

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    _MoOoN_ - 5 years ago

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  1. The ones you can marry are Ash, Cam, Hiro and Kana
    There are two more, Dirk and Mikhail, but they'll be available later on Summer and Fall

    User Info: Seara_Greene

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  1. Go to fogu.com/hm10 .

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  2. You have to give your spouse gifts everyday and they will start to ask you on dates. When the flower level is up to 6 bloomed flowers and you're in year 2, the general store will have a blue feather. You give that to the spouce and he or she will say if they will marry you at not.

    User Info: makayla2000

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  3. Yes, you can get married if you are a female. Guys can even ask to marry YOU! All you have to do is get them to fall head over heels for you.


    Seara_Greene is right on the candidates, and SOME (only some) can ask to marry you, otherwise YOU have to present THEM with the blue feather. You have to meet some requirements, though.


    Find out who you like, start giving them gifts, talking to them everyday, and do requests for them. You'll begin to work up a friendship with them. If you get them at the right time on the right day (everyone is different), they'll ask you to walk with them or whatever. Once your friendship level goes up to the next color flower (unless it's Dirk of Mikhail, then it's one more flower), which you can see on the side of their text boxes, you can trigger a flower event. You have a high friendship, you go to the right place at the right time, and he'll ask you a question. You have 2 responses, one that will increase your friendship and one that will decrease your friendship. YOU CAN ONLY TRIGGER THESE ONCE! So if you screw up, that's it. Eventually you can marry them if you meet the requirements.


    For more info on this, go to fogu.com/hm10, but beware spoilers. It can suck the thrill out of them asking you out on a date. Too much info can ruin your game experience, remember that.


    The guys who can propose to you are Ash, Hiro, and Kana. Because I want to marry Cam, I have to propose to him. Just something to think about if you don't want to spend the money, or just want a more Romantic event.


    Hope the info helped. Oh, and DO NOT worry about marriage early on. It will come eventually, so don't rush it. And you can see flower events even after that flower level, so just work on friendships with all of the villagers, bachelors, and bachelorettes. Have fun!


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