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"Finally, A great Harvest Moon for the DS"

Natsume has been attempting Harvest Moon games on the DS ever since the Harvest Moon DS 2006 release. However, none of the Harvest Moons have been memorable and many see another Natsume series, Rune Factory, surpassing the Harvest Moon series. With the current release, Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns, Natsume has finally made a memorable Harvest Moon game on the DS. Its like they took the flaws from Grand Bazaar and created a great Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo DS.

Game play:
This game is non stop fun, the choice of living two towns with its own unique purposes (animals and farming) makes players have to choose between the two things that have been a big part of ones farm in the previous games. Like all of the other Harvest Moon games, this game follows along the tradition of the relaxed farming style, with added features like splitting holidays between the two towns, Konohana and Blue Bell. The controls are the same as Grand Bazaar's, so learning the controls won't be difficult.

Two towns, Konohana and Blue Bell, were separated by a mountain. Villagers could go to the other town without traveling over the mountain by going under ground, through a tunnel. However, after a dispute between the two mayors started, the Harvest Goddess herself, closed the tunnel separating the two towns. Although, once the male or female protagonist comes along, the Harvest Goddess wants to do whatever it takes to bring back the two towns. Even though the story is very simple, the thought of the protagonist saving the relationship between two towns should be a reward within itself and that is why the story of this game is very well written.

This game looks almost similar to Grand Bazaar, but because of two different towns, finally not every house looks exactly alike. Also, while exploring, many different animals can be seen well and can be identified. Every part of Tale of Two Towns map has brought something new to each map whether the changes were fairly small or the whole landscape changes. While talking about the two different towns, the sound has drastically changed. In Blue Bell, one would expect music from the previous Harvest Moon games. Konohana is a different story however, the music sounds more Asian influenced rather than the country side which has been seen in almost every Harvest Moon game.

Play Time/Re-playability:
This game can be played for hours, it is nonstop fun, especially after the relaxed farming style starts. The great thing about Harvest Moon games is that there are two save files. So if there is ever a need to restart or the need to play as the other gender, the second profile is ready.

Final Recommendation:
This is definitely worth a buy whether it is used or brand new. Hopefully, Natsume can pull off another great Harvest Moon game on the DS like this again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/12/11

Game Release: Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (US, 09/20/11)

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