How do I solve the serach for Regulus puzzle?

  1. When Luna and Torunka suggest that I go East to the Forest of Pojar to search for Regulus. In the puzzle; there are big and small bushes and mushrooms that are reversible if you possess a minus staff, for the first sceen all I could find is one minus staff and was able to get to the next screen but then can't seem to solve the second screen.

    User Info: thewillprince

    thewillprince - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here's what you do.

    Get the first Minus Staff. Go to the first small mushroom and use it. The small mushroom turns to a big mushroom, taking you up to the top ledges. Walk on the top ledges and get the second Minus Staff. Then stand on the big mushroom in the upper right corner of the screen. Use the second Minus Staff to shink the mushroom. Grab the third Minus Staff. Go to the next screen.

    Pass by the first vine-covered boulder and cross the bridge. Use the Minus Staff on the second vine-covered boulder. It stops up the river. Go onto the riverbed and get another Minus Staff. Go to the third vine-covered boulder and use the Minus Staff. The boulder crashes into the tree, dislodging two Minus Staffs. Get both. Go back the way you came. Use one Minus Staff on the first vine-covered boulder to stop up the other river. Then use the last Minus Staff to shink the plant, and you should be able to exit to the east.

    User Info: Numbah314

    Numbah314 - 7 years ago 0 0

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