What is the best strategy for summoning Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth?

  1. I am trying to unlock Gigaplant as an opponent, which requires me to summon Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. This is, however, a difficult task. What's the best way to summon a Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth? Thank you!

    User Info: IronChef_Kirby

    IronChef_Kirby - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I haven't personally done it but I would imagine this would be a good method:

    Duel an opponent that uses a lot of LV 4 monsters. Have Level Limit Area B and Gravity Bind in your deck. Use them. Load up your deck with a lot of attack negating traps. Also, use cards that protect your spell cards. And load up your deck with Special Summoning Insect types. And just for the lol's, try and pull off the DNA Surgery/Insect Barrier combo. Also, pull off some spell inflicting damage. So your deck should look something like this:

    x3 Petit Moth
    x3 Cocoon of Evolution
    x3 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
    x3 Giant Rat
    x3 Insect Barrier
    x? Meteor of Destruction
    x3 Ookazi
    x3 Sparks
    x3 Hinotama
    x3 Magic Reflector
    x3 Shrink
    x3 Mist Body
    x? Level Limit Area B
    x? Gravity Bind
    x3 DNA Surgery
    x3 Negate Attack
    x3 Draining Shield
    x3 Waboku
    x1 Mirror Force

    Total: 12 monsters 23+ Spells 14+ Traps

    You can add some other cards you want that you may think it'll help, but try it out.

    User Info: NarutoMaster77

    NarutoMaster77 - 7 years ago 0 0

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