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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nekofjung

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    Yugioh 5Ds World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia
    Full Walkthrough and Guide
    by nekofjung
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction [INTRO]
    II. About Yugioh [AY]
    III. Changes since WC 2009 [CHNG]
    IV. Beginnings [BGN]
    V. Chapter 1 [CH1]
    VI. Chapter 2 [CH2]
    VII. Chapter 3 [CH3]
    VIII. Chapter 4 [CH4]
    IX. Chapter 5 [CH5]
    X. Chapter 6 [CH6]
    XI. After the Story [AFS]
    XII. Questions [QA]
    XIII. Thanks [THX]
    I. Introduction
    Howdy there everyone!  I'm nekofjung and this is my comprehensive guide 
    to Yugioh 5Ds World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia.  For the 
    sake of me not getting carple tunnel just from the title alone, this 
    game shall be from now referred to as WC10.  Now, why am I a legitimate 
    person to make this guide?  Well, I already have the largest in-depth 
    guide for WC2009 on gamefaqs 
    (http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/955057/56506).  I have played 
    the Yugioh TCG ever since the year it came to North America and have 
    played in and done well in many tournaments both in real life and 
    online.  I am an admin and article writer for Duel Academy 
    (http://duelacademy.forum0.net/forum.htm), and I have also recently 
    become an article write for Kaiba Corporation 
    (http://www.kaibacorporation.com/forum.php).  Well, now you have the 
    majority of my credentials, so let's get on with this guide!
    This guide will take you all the way through the storyline and will 
    unlock everything in the game by the time you are done reading it if 
    you follow it step-by-step.
    Before I begin, just the quick note for my own protection.  This guide 
    was created by me and any other works referenced will be cited at the 
    end of the guide.  Please do not post this guide anywhere without first 
    asking me by PM on Duel Academy or Kaiba Corporation.  Any time 
    information is referenced from this guide, please make sure that I 
    receive full credit for the work I have done.  In short, don't steal.  
    There is no reason for it.
    II. About Yugioh 
    Yugioh is a game where you use spells, traps, and monsters to reduce 
    your opponent's Life Points to zero, although there are some other 
    special ways to win.  I'm not going to go into much detail on the 
    basics of how to play, because the game comes with a very good in-depth 
    tutorial for newbies.  I'll also be giving out some hints and tips 
    along the way to help you defeat your opponents in the game.
    There are some extra things in this game, however, aside from regular 
    dueling.  You have a Duel Runner and will have to compete in some 
    racing games.  There are also Tag Duels, where you duel 2 on 2 with a 
    partner.  I will be giving some helpful hints for these as well along 
    the way, but again the game does give tutorials for these as well if 
    you need the help.
    III. Changes since WC 2009
    -Several new cards added.
    -The Duel screen got a slight makeover, and is back to being a top down 
    look rather than being angled.
    -More costumes, faces . . . etc for customizing your character.
    -Racing games have new traps and some jumps.
    -Racing games have speed spell cards you can collect while racing.
    -Quicker transitions from WC mode to Story mode
    IV. Beginnings
    Ok, now let's get into the actual guide (what you actually came here 
    for).  If you've played WC09 before, then you'll notice the starting 
    screen is very similar.  Before we jump into the story mode, let's 
    check out the World Championship mode.  It will be beneficial to spruce 
    up your deck before starting story mode.  First, let's look at the 
    starter deck you receive:
    1x Hunter Dragon
    1x Sonic Duck
    1x Tune Warrior
    1x Chiron the Mage
    2x Comrade Swordsman of Landstar
    1x Crystal Seer
    1x Elemental Hero Wildheart
    1x Flamvell Grunika
    1x Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
    1x Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird
    1x Nightmare Penguin
    3x Nimble Momonga
    1x Powered Tuner
    1x Strong Wind Dragon
    1x Swift Birdman Joe
    1x Tiger Dragon
    2x Twin-Sword Marauder
    1x Banner of Courage
    1x Black Pendant
    1x Dark Core
    1x De-Spell
    1x Faustian Bargain
    1x Gift of the Martyr
    2x Lucky Iron Axe
    1x Offerings to the Doomed
    1x Shrink
    1x Soul Reversal
    1x Soul Taker
    1x Twister
    1x Dust Tornado
    1x Flashbang
    1x Needle Ceiling
    1x Seven Tools of the Bandit
    1x Thunder of Ruler
    1x Trojan Blast
    1x Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth
    1x Naturia Leodrake
    1x X-Saber Urbellum
    Ok, you have 23 other cards in your trunk and side deck, so I'm gonna 
    make some quick suggestions for immediate changes.  Cards to add to the 
    Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive - good self-replacing card that 
    can let you draw into better cards.
    Roc from the Valley of Haze - winged beast for Icarus Attack and for 
    now a single tribute, 2400 ATK beatstick isn't horrible for you.
    Nobleman of Extermination - you need all the spell/trap control you can 
    get early on.
    Chaos Burst - 1 of your few ways to destroy monsters by effects at this 
    time.  Even though it is a -1 card disadvantage, it's what you've got 
    for now. =/
    Icarus Attack - you just barely have enough Winged Beasts to use it, 
    but you can get some more if you choose the correct packs to buy early 
    2x Kunai with Chain - 1 of the better traps you are given.  It will 
    probably save your butt a few times over.
    Malevolent Catastrophe - difficult to use properly, but it can save you 
    from some of the annoying traps that the AI's will use against you even 
    early on.  Just try not to set too many of your own traps while you 
    have that on the field.
    Raigeki Break - Probably 1 of the best generic destruction cards you 
    have to start with.
    A good yugioh player typically will want to play with a 40-card deck 
    since it gives you the best chances of completing strategies and 
    drawing into your stronger cards more quickly.  Therefore, since I told 
    you to add 9 cards, here are 9 cards you can probably take out:
    2x Comrade Swordsman of Landstar - even though he's a tuner, you'll be 
    able to get access to better tuners early on, so he isn't needed.
    Powered Tuner - His effect sucks and you don't have enough ways to 
    swarm the field with tuners for him to be useful to you for now.
    De-Spell - a very situational and crappy card.
    Gift of the Martyr - this card creates a -2 card disadvantage for you 
    that is not at all worth its effect.
    Soul Reversal - This card is a -1 and its effect isn't all that 
    Flashbang - A crap card that is a -1 and gives you no advantage.
    Thunder of Ruler - Another -1 effect that doesn't do enough to help you 
    and that is also outclassed by cards like Waboku and Threatening Roar.
    Trojan Blast - Extremely situational card that you will most likely 
    never get a chance to use.  In other words, worthless.
    Now, if we head over to the Card Shop, you should find 7 card packs 
    that you can buy right off the bat.  What I'll do for you is to provide 
    a list of some of the better cards to look forward to in the packs.  
    Also, note that the Dark Beginning and Dark Revelation packs have A LOT 
    of cards in them and I don't advise buying them just to search for a 
    specific card.  Also, the lists I give you will not include any banned 
    cards the packs have, since you really only collect them for the sake 
    of collecting them.  Only the Dark Beginning and Dark Revelation packs 
    have banned cards in them.
    Dark Beginning 1:
    Banisher of the Light
    Exodia (and pieces)
    Giant Germ
    Goblin Attack Force
    Mask of Darkness
    Morphing Jar #2
    Axe of Despair
    Upstart Goblin
    Giant Trunade
    Mage Power
    Messenger of Peace
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Swords of Revealing Light
    The Shallow Grave
    United We Stand
    Call of the Haunted
    Dust Tornado
    Gravity Bind
    Magic Drain
    Torrential Tribute
    Trap Hole
    Dark Beginning 2:
    Airknight Parshath
    Asura Priest
    Bazoo the Soul Eater
    Cannon Soldier
    Dark Dust Spirit
    Dark Ruler Ha Des
    Don Zaloog
    Exiled Force
    Gemini Elf
    Guardian Sphinx
    Injection Fairy Lily
    King Tiger Wanghu
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
    Morphing Jar
    Penguin Soldier
    Pyramid Turtle
    Soul of Purity and Light
    Spear Dragon
    Twin-Headed Behemoth
    Tyrant Dragon
    Vampire Lord
    Yamata Dragon
    Zombyra the Dark
    A Legendary Ocean
    Book of Life
    Book of Moon
    Creature Swap
    Heavy Storm
    Reinforcement of the Army
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Destiny Board (and pieces)
    Magic Jammer
    Mirror Force
    Reckless Greed
    Robbin' Goblin
    Royal Decree
    Royal Oppression
    Solemn Judgment
    Trap Dustshoot
    Dark Revelation Volume 1:
    Archfiend Soldier
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    Chaos Command Magician
    D.D. Warrior Lady
    Dark Mster - Zorc
    Gravekeeper's set
    Lava Golem
    Luster Dragon
    Old Vindictive Magician
    Reflect Bounder
    Royal Magical Library
    Skilled Dark Magician
    Spirit Reaper
    Autonomous Action Unit
    Different Dimension Capsule
    Final Countdown
    My Body as a Shield
    Wave-Motion Cannon
    Interdimensional Matter Transporter
    Ojama Trio
    Sakuretsu Armor
    Skill Drain
    Dark Revelation Volume 2:
    Berserk Gorilla
    Chaos Sorcerer
    Dark Driceratops
    Emissary of the Afterlife
    Enraged Battle Ox
    Freed the Brave Wanderer
    Guardian Angel Joan
    Legendary Jujitsu Master
    Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
    Lord Poison
    Mad Dog of Darkness
    Mataza the Zapper
    Night Assailant
    Ryu Kokki
    Solar Flare Dragon
    Stealth Bird
    Strike Ninja
    The End of Anubis
    Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
    Enemy Controller
    Level Limit Area B
    Smashing Ground
    The Sanctuary in the Sky
    Beckoning Light
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Wall of Revealing Light
    Again, I do not recommend purchasing many of the above 4 packs.  Most 
    of the good cards in them can be found elsewhere later, and you are 
    really rolling the dice on whether or not you get lucky enough to get 
    some of the best cards in these packs.  Now I do suggest checking out 
    closely the next 3 packs, as they all contain many of the newer cards 
    in the game, so you won't have to wait at all to find some powerful 
    Synchro monsters if you buy these packs!  I may at times generically 
    say that you can find a "set" of cards in the packs, but I will list 
    separately any important tuners or synchro monsters from the set that 
    can be used outside of the set.
    Synchro Awaken!!:
    Ally of Justice set
    Ally of Justice - Catastor
    Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Cyber Dragon
    Flamvell Uruquizas
    Mist Valley set
    Mist Valley Soldier
    Mist Wurm
    Worm set
    X-Sabers set
    X-Saber Airbellum
    Nobleman of Extermination
    Soul Exchange
    Dust Tornado
    Brionac, Uruquizas, and Mist Wurm are all awesome Synchro monsters who 
    will serve you well throughout the entirety of the game!  Mist Valley 
    Soldier and Airbellum are also both excellent tuner monsters.  Cyber 
    Dragon is just awesome period.  Definitely invest in these packs until 
    you can get some of these powerful cards!
    Invasion of Worms!!:
    Ally of Justice set
    Ally of Justice Light Gazer
    Dark Resonator
    Flamvell set
    Genex set
    Genex Controller
    Ghost Gardna
    Goyo Guardian
    Hydro Genex
    Nitro Warrior
    Ice set
    Mist Valley set
    Worm set
    Worm King
    X-Saber set
    X-Saber Palomuro
    X-Saber Wayne
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    none of value :P
    Light Gazer is a decent 8-star Synchro and you probably won't find many 
    good ones for awhile so he fills that space at least.  Goyo Guardian is 
    a must-have Synchro for any deck.  Dark Resonator and Palomuro are both 
    decent tuners if you don't have Mist Valley Soldier and Airbellum 
    already.  Genex Controller also has some very interesting support cards 
    in the Genex set, so if you want to add a bunch of Genex monsters to 
    your deck, that is a fun way to go.  The only big kahuna in the spell 
    and trap cards section for this pack, however, is Mystical Space 
    Typhoon, which from now on I'll refer to as MST.  This is a staple card 
    that you should have in almost any deck you make.  Very sexy.
    Justice Strikes Back!!:
    Ally of Justice set
    Ally of Justice Field Marshal
    Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
    Fabled (Fiend Roar Deity) Raven
    Genex set
    Geo Genex
    Ice set
    Mad Archfiend
    Morphtronic set
    Naturia set
    Naturia Beast
    Thermal Genex
    Enemy Controller
    Shield Crush
    none of value :P
    Field Marshal and Naturia Beast are both decent Synchro monsters.  
    Other than that, Drillroid is a nice card in general, and Enemy 
    Controller is a very versatile card to add to your deck.  All in all, 
    however, I only suggest purchasing this pack if you want to get cards 
    from a set that you are working on building (like the Genex set).
    Do not forget that you can also use the Card Password function for any 
    card that you have 1 copy of to get up to another 2 copies of the card.  
    The price per card is reasonable since you won't have to be searching 
    through many packs to find another copy.  You can find a picture of any 
    card in the game just by looking through google image searches of the 
    card.  In the bottom left corner of the card is the code that you put 
    into the Card Password function.  After you input the code, it will 
    tell you how much it will cost to buy the card, and if you accept then 
    another copy of the card will be added to your trunk. ^_^
    There aren't a whole lot of very specific strategies you can use right 
    now, unless you've collected a whole bunch of Genex cards, that is.  So 
    you should just be concentrating on trying to toss out the weaker cards 
    in your deck and replace them with cards that are just generically more 
    useful.  If you did manage to get your hands on a good number of Genex 
    cards including Genex Controller, then I suggest leaning toward a Genex 
    deck.  You could potentially also start collecting a whole bunch of the 
    Dark Revelation Volume 1 set until you have enough cards to put 
    together a decent Gravekeeper's deck, but like I said trying to find 
    specific cards in those huge packs is just hellish and probably a waste 
    of time unless you are very lucky.
    In order to get some DP to pay for more of these packs, I really 
    suggest dueling against some of the WC mode opponents before starting 
    the story mode.  It will make things a lot easier in the long run.  A 
    few things are different here as well versus from WC09.  First, you get 
    to start out with 6 different opponents, and none of them are quite as 
    intimidating as the opponent's you had to face early in WC mode for 
    WC09.  Next, you get more DP than you did in WC09 if you lose, so don't 
    worry about losing a duel.  It will also add to your total duels, which 
    will help you unlock things earlier and will also slowly allow you to 
    get more DP from a bonus that counts how many total duels you've played 
    and divides the number by 10 to give you that much DP at the end of 
    each duel won.  The last thing to take notice of before we start is 
    that you now only have to defeat duelists 3x in order to unlock things.  
    It's a nice and welcome 40% drop in grinding versus WC09 and will allow 
    you to feel like you're making progress a bit more quickly.  So, let's 
    check out the 1st 6 opponent's and beat them all 3x each!
    Oh, on a quick note - before you begin go to Options --> Duel Settings 
    and turn OFF Display Card Details unless you want to have to make an 
    extra click every time your opponent plays any card ever.  It was a 
    really poorly thought out new design on Konami's part. =/
    Princess Pikeru
    Cure Princess
    She uses a Pikeru and Curran deck that tries to heal her LP while 
    dealing damage to your's and stalling to keep you from attacking.  If 
    you bring some spell and trap destruction effects, and can get rid of 
    her stall cards then she shouldn't be much trouble.  I don't think she 
    is able to make any monster have more than 2000 ATK, so summon a decent 
    beatstick and get rid of her stall cards to glide to an easy win.
    You'll earn a Star Chip after beating Pikeru.  This won't mean much to 
    you right now, though.  It's just a side game for after the story mode 
    is finished.  You will get another Star Chip every time you beat an 
    opponent for the 1st time in WC mode.
    Herald of Green Light
    Guardian Angel
    He uses all 3 Heralds to attempt to negate your spell, trap, and 
    monster effects.  While this means you need to be careful not to back 
    yourself into a corner, it also means that he is going to very rapidly 
    use up all the cards in his hand so as long as you play smart and keep 
    your card advantage you shouldn't have too much trouble.  His best 
    beatstick is Soul of Purity and Light, who can be special summoned by 
    removing 2 LIGHT monsters from his grave.  She has 2000 ATK and drops 
    the ATK of your monsters during your Battle Phase, so you'll need a 
    2400+ beatstick if you want to go heads up with her.  I suggest just 
    using some monster destruction effects to take her out.  The other 
    really big hitter you need to look out for is Honest.  Be very careful 
    when you attack an attack position monster Herald controls, because 
    there's always the chance he'll drop an Honest to beat you.  Herald 
    uses almost no traps cards, which should be a relief to you, but 
    instead he uses Destiny Board.  It shouldn't be too big a deal, just 
    make sure to hit any piece with some sort of s/t destruction effect 
    before all 5 pieces are on the field or else you will instantly lose.  
    My last advice is to have some way to get rid of Arcana Force 0 - The 
    Fool.  He can't be destroyed by battle, so I suggest using Mist Valley 
    Soldier, who can return him to the hand and let your other monsters 
    swing for damage.  You can also just destroy him with effects if you 
    have enough of the necessary cards in your deck at this point.
    Fortune Lady Light
    Entrusted Fortune
    Obviously, she uses a Fortune Lady deck.  Watch out for Slip of Fortune, 
    which can help her swarm you on the next turn while protecting one her 
    monsters from your attacks.  Another card that will help her swarm is 
    Inherited Fortune, which can let her bring out 2 Fortune Ladies on her 
    next standby phase, and if she special summons Water, she will draw 2 
    more cards.  Additionally, she can even special summon higher level 
    Fortune Ladies like Dark with that effect which means you may have to 
    face some powerful beatsticks.  If her Fortune Ladies stay on the field 
    too long you could be in trouble, so make sure you're taking them out 
    before their stats get too out of control for you to handle.  If you 
    can plant a nice beatstick on the field and back it up with some traps 
    you should be fine.  Don't lose hope if she gets a really good hand and 
    beats you once or twice, because her deck also has the ability to get 
    her some really bad starting hands as well.
    Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
    Venom Venom!
    She uses a "Venom" deck that focuses on stalling you while Venom Swamp 
    weakens and destroys your monsters.  Save as much s/t hate as you can 
    so that when she plays Venom Swamp you can destroy it immediately.  
    Other than that, the only major combo to watch out for is that 
    Damage=Reptile can let her immediately summon Vennominon.  Never 
    destroy Vennominon with an effect if she has a face-down card, because 
    it could be the card that allows her to summon Vennominaga.  If she 
    does manage to do that (although, you really should be able to stop 
    her), then she has extremely good chances of winning since Vennominaga 
    is completely immune to monster, spell, and trap effects, so the only 
    way to beat it is with Burn cards or a monster with higher ATK (not 
    easy to do in most cases).  Take out Venom Swamp and don't allow 
    Vennominon or Vennominaga to be summoned and you should have an easier 
    Konami Commando
    Nanobreaker uses a bunch of Warrior-type beatsticks in her beatdown 
    deck.  The strategy is fairly linear, and if you can summon a beatstick 
    of your own with 2400+ ATK she shouldn't give you too much hassle.  I 
    suggest if she summons Sasuke Samurai #4, that you not bother going 
    through the 50% chance of losing your monster if you can help it.  Just 
    destroy him with an effect.  Save your s/t destruction effects for 
    cards like Burden of the Mighty and Skill Drain.
    Izanami's Summon
    Izanami uses a Spirit monster deck.  She relies HEAVILY on Mausoleum of 
    the Emperor.  Without that card she is fairly easy to deal with.  With 
    that card, she can be a pain in the butt by summoning Dark Dust Spirit 
    every turn.  Save all your s/t destruction effects for Mausoleum of the 
    Emperor.  If you can take that out, then the only thing you have to 
    watch for is Izanagi who can be special summoned and is a decent 
    beatstick.  Luckily for you, she will often play Royal Oppression, 
    which you can use to negate Izanagi's summoning, however it also means 
    you probably won't have access to your synchro monsters much in these 
    duels.  A neat trick is if you have Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust 
    Tornado, wait for her to use Mausoleum's effect and take damage, then 
    chain to Mausoleum's effect and destroy.  She won't get to summon a 
    monster, but she will still take the 1000 or 2000 damage.  Also note 
    that you can use Mausoleum yourself, so if you want to add a few larger 
    monsters to your deck for this duel, feel free to do so.  One last 
    thing, be careful not to play too many small monsters onto the field, 
    because Izanami can summon Asura Priest who has 1700 ATK and can attack 
    all your monsters.
    If you've dueled all of those opponents and won 3x each, then by now 
    you should have 20 duels, which unlocks a new pack - World Championship 
    Edition 1!  Let's take a look at what it has to offer:
    World Championship Edition 1:
    Abyss Soldier
    Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
    Deep Diver
    Gilford the Lightning
    Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
    Silent Swordsman set
    Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord
    Violet Witch
    Winged Rhynos
    Mind Control
    none of value :P
    Well, there's a lot of really weak cards in this pack mixed in with a 
    very few very powerful ones.  Mind Control is awesome if you're using a 
    lot of tuners in your deck, since you can just take an opponent's 
    monster, summon a tuner, and Synchro Summon what you want.  Red-Eyes 
    Darkness Metal Dragon (REDMD) is the core card of almost any Dragon 
    deck, so if that's what you're aiming for (although I don't recommend 
    it for now), then go try to pick him up.  Overall, I don't think this 
    pack is worth buying at this point in the game for you.  It will 
    probably be a waste of DP.
    So, after doing all those duels in WC mode you should've had a chance 
    to buy some packs and upgrade your deck.  Now, it's time to finally 
    head into the story mode and let the fun begin!
    V. Chapter 1
    Well, 1st you get to see a scene of some guy with white hair (you'll 
    find out who he is later) getting tortured by Chief, whom you met in 
    WC09 and who you know is a ruthless jailor.  The white haired fellow 
    teleports outta prison and joins the ranks of some evil-looking dudes.
    Next, you get to see a bunch of monkeys chasing some little midget 
    around in the forest.  Yes, this is a very ADHD opening scene.  The 
    monkey fail and go report to some unknown person who is cackling in the 
    good old evil villain "Ha ha ha..." style.
    Finally, the game asks if you've ever played before.  Say yes or else 
    you're going to be listening to a long speech.  If you haven't played 
    before...I suggest reading the tutorial 1st, and then when it gets to 
    this point still press Yes. xD
    With that, the game starts chapter 1.  You start by dreaming of some 
    shadowy person begging for your help in a foresty setting, but wake up 
    to find yourself in a chamber with 2 people named Seria and Sayer.  
    They're talking some mumbo jumbo about you communicating with the 
    Spirit World, and generally treating you like a little guinea pig.  You 
    wake up and they haul you over to a room.  Once there, Seria gives you 
    a "Supplied Deck" which you have to use for the time being.  Next, you 
    get introduced to your roomies, Okita and Liquid (seriously, who names 
    their child Liquid?? ... mother probably was a boozer =/).  Liquid 
    tells you that you're in the Arcadia Movement headquarters and 
    generally thinks of you as weird for not knowing this blaringly obvious 
    Eventually, the game gives you control of your character.  Go ahead and 
    save now so you never have to watch all that crap over again.  Use the 
    floating, spinning, green diamond to save.  Talk with Okita and he'll 
    ask you to duel.  Do it.  Just do it.
    Healing Psychic
    Well, the deck they give you turns out to not be too shabby.  You've 
    got some Psychic monsters along with some Genex monsters and some all 
    around not too shabby cards.  You've also got some decent Synchro 
    monsters.  This deck is probably better than what you've been playing 
    with.  Okita, on the other hand, has a deck that is such a piece of 
    crap you should have no trouble at all beating it.  He's got all the 
    goodies.  Everything from Red Medicine, to Sparks, to a bunch of 
    vanilla monsters.  You don't need my help here.  Just go crush his 
    pitiful butt!!
    After beating him up, Liquid attempts to get a duel in with you, but 
    he's cut off by Sayer, who has a mission for you.  Enter Akiza Izinski, 
    who is participating in the Fortune Cup.  While she's dueling, your 
    mission, should you choose to accept it (not that you have a choice), 
    is to infiltrate the event hall and go support her.  This message will 
    self destruct in 3 2 (boom).
    What?  I can't have a mission impossible pun now?  Anyways, save again 
    so that you never have to listen to that crap again.  Go talk to Liquid 
    who is by the doorway and he'll ask if you're ready.  Of course you are, 
    so say yes.
    You'll wind up in somewhat familiar territory if you've played WC09.  
    This is just south of the event hall.  Head north and check out the 
    front entrance.  It's blocked by a guard who won't let you through.  
    You could go over and talk to Okita and Liquid who are now standing off 
    to the right of where they were before, but let's explore a bit.  Head 
    east a screen.  Go to the far-northeast side of the screen to find a 
    green trash can.  Click on it and you'll find a DP code . . . for 2000 
    DP!!  Well, doesn't that give you some nice pocket change?  Save it, 
    there will be use for that dough soon enough.  Head east another screen 
    and check the 1st trash can you see at the top of that screen to find a 
    Star Chip.  None of the other trash cans have anything for you and you 
    can't go anywhere else, so now's the time to go talk with Okita and 
    Apparently, Okita found a secret entrance.  They'll be the look-outs 
    for you, so that means you get the honor of breaking and entering . . . 
    i mean inviting yourself in.  Here, you'll find the 1st puzzle of the 
    I'm not very good at creating maps, so instead I'm just gonna try my 
    best to give you some step-by-step instructions on how to get through 
    this maze.
    1. Go as far to the northeast as possible and push the block there 
    north as far as possible.
    2. Go 3 spaces west of the block you pushed and push the block there 
    south 1 space.
    3. Go to the far west side and push the block there down 1 space.
    4. Push the northern-most block as far east as possible.
    5. Go 4 spaces west of the block you just pushed and push the block 
    south of you down 2 spaces.
    6. Push the block that is now just west of you west 1 space.
    7. Push the block that is now just south of you south 1 space.
    8. Push the block that is now just east of you east 1 space.
    9. Push the block that is now just south of you south 2 spaces.
    10 Head to the southwest corner to exit the map.
    That puzzle was a bit of a nuisance, eh?  Well, get used to it because 
    more will be coming in the future.  Just be thankful you have me around 
    so you won't have to do things more than once. ^_^
    You'll exit into open air.  Just south of where you exit is a pile of 
    boxes.  Check them to find a DP Code for 600 DP!  More nice pocket 
    change.  w00t.  Go ahead and use the save point here so you don't have 
    to go through the puzzle again.  When you're ready, head north through 
    the doors.  Go east just a bit to find the door to the waiting room, 
    which is where you were supposed to infiltrate.  The game will cut to a 
    scene of Akiza dueling Yusei Fudo.  The two have a bit of a quarrel, 
    and it becomes obvious that Akiza has beaten wife syndrome as she 
    doesn't want to think for herself.  Listen up kids, thinking for 
    yourself is a good thing.  Don't just be a puppet in life. ^,^ Well, 
    enough of me making good karma.  Yusei goes and shows her that he's 
    right and she's wrong by of course beating her in a children's card 
    game.  Good job Yusei . . . oh wait, we're supposed to be rooting for 
    Akiza. o_O
    The scene cuts to you and Liquid in the waiting room as you hear the 
    duel finishing outside.  Okita pops in to tell you both that Akiza just 
    lost.  You head out to the hallway to find Sayer comforting Akiza.  He 
    tells you that the plan is on hold and that you should go home.  In 
    other words, everything you just did was a great big waste of time 
    (unless you took my advice and found the 2600 DP and Star Chip).
    Oh, but things can't end so smoothly!  A half-bald, purple-haired 
    weirdo named Lazar who works for Director Goodwin shows up in an 
    attempt to get Sayer to speak with Goodwin.  Sayer tells him to shoo, 
    so Lazar goes and gets all violent.  Sayer's time is too precious to be 
    occupied beating up goons.  Good thing you're here for that!
    Equip & Tribute
    I'm not really sure what this guy's deck is . . . because I beat him 
    way too quickly.  Anyway, he has a bunch of very weak vanilla monsters 
    and I never saw any decent spell or trap cards used by him, so I'm 
    assuming you shouldn't have any trouble taking care of him considering 
    the fairly decent deck you've been provided.
    After beating Tashiro, Lazar decides to fall back.  In other words, 
    he's a complete and utter coward who isn't even willing to attempt 
    dueling with you. ^_^ Time to head back home with Liquid and Okita...or 
    maybe not quite yet.  Just as you're about to leave, glasses-girl Carly 
    comes up to your and announces that she's a journalist and she wants to 
    know everything about the Arcadia Movement (not that you know anything 
    anyway).  She decides the best way to pump you for information is to 
    duel, but then the championship match starts and you become a small fry 
    in her ADD mind.  You follow her out to view the match and see a giant 
    red dragon in the sky.  The game cuts to the final scene of Yusei 
    claiming victory over Jack and becoming the new king.  Upon seeing 
    Yusei and Jack, your head apparently starts hurting and you get a 
    flashback of a time when you knew Jack and Yusei a bit more intimately.  
    Again, this ADHD game switches scenes on you to Sayer comforting a 
    tired Akiza, and continuing to bend her to his will.  Once again, you 
    regain control of your character back in your room.  Please save now so 
    you don't have to deal with any of that ever again!
    Ok, leave your room and then head east.  In the next room is an 
    elevator you can't use, and 1 more room east is a door you can't open.  
    So if this isn't obvious enough for you, head south, which will take 
    you outside.  There's nowhere to go outside except for the path to the 
    west, so head that way and go through the doors there.  Here, you'll 
    meet Check and Nino, who will give you Duel Puzzle and Structure Duel 
    training.  Let's start with Check and his Duel Puzzles.  Here's the 
    answers to them.  Note that if I tell you to summon or special summon a 
    monster it should be assumed to do so in attack position unless I 
    specify otherwise.
    Compact Duel 1:
    1. Summon Acrobat Monkey.
    2. Attack with both monsters.
    (If you failed this puzzle, you fail at life.)
    Compact Duel 2:
    1. Activate Malice Dispersion, discarding Cyber Dragon.
    2. Special Summon Cyber Eltanin.
    3. Attack with Cyber Eltanin (he should have 3000 ATK).
    Compact Duel 3:
    1. Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron, discarding Plaguespreader Zombie.
    2. Normal Summon Stardust Xialong.
    3. Synchro Summon Turbo Warrior.
    4. Special Summon Plaguespreader Zombie with his effect by sending 
    Majestic Dragon to the top of your deck.
    5. Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon and activate Stardust Xialong's 
    6. Activate One for One, ditching Mad Archfiend to Special Summon 
    Majestic Dragon from your deck.
    7. Synchro Summon Majestic Star Dragon.
    8. Activate Majestic Star Dragon's effect to negate Dark Armed Dragon's 
    9. Activate Majestic Star Dragon's effect to use Dark Armed Dragon's 
    effect.  Remove Mad Archfiend from your grave to destroy Dark Armed 
    10. Attack with Majestic Star Dragon.
    That's a quick and easy 1290 DP.  We can't do the rest of the puzzles 
    until after we finish the structure duel training.  I can't really help 
    much with that training.  It's mostly going to be who can get the 
    luckier starting hand, however the decks toward the right side tend to 
    be more powerful, although I suggest taking the time to win with every 
    deck since it will get you a nice stockpile of DP and will be useful 
    later on.  Once you've had your fill of Structure Duels, head back over 
    to finish off the last 2 Duel Puzzles for some easy DP.
    Compact Duel 4:
    1. Flip Summon Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and have him destroy himself (he 
    needs to be in the graveyard as your 4th Lightsworn monster so you can 
    summon Judgment Dragon later).  Special Summon the Wulf, Lightsworn 
    Beast you discarded.
    2. Summon Tethys, Goddess of Light by tributing Wulf, Lightsworn Beast.
    3. Activate Solemn Wishes.
    4. Activate Jar of Greed.  When you draw into Celestia, use Tethys' 
    effect to draw again.
    5. Special Summon Judgment Dragon and use his effect to clear the field.
    6. Attack with Judgment Dragon.
    Compact Duel 5:
    1. Flip Summon Reptilianne Scylla.
    2. Summon Reptillianne Medusa by tributing Reptilianne Gorgon.
    3. Use Medusa's effect on 3 different Marshmallons by discarding Gogiga 
    Gagagigo, Molting Escape, and Oshaleon.
    4. Synchro Summon Reptillianne Hydra.
    5. Activate Reptilianne Spawn.  The monster removed for this effect 
    doesn't matter.
    6. Activate Offering to the Snake Deity and tribute 1 of your tokens to 
    destroy both copies of Swords of Revealing Light.
    7. Activate Double Summon and tribute your other token to summon Giga 
    8. Activate Order to Charge, targeting Giga Gagagigo and your 
    opponent's last remaining Marshmallon.
    9. Equip Axe of Despair to either monster and attack with both monsters.
    And that is another 2060 free DP for you. =D
    Once you've completed the training, you will be able to buy structure 
    decks.  I'm not 100% certain on this, but I believe that this is how it 
    works.  After you buy a structure deck, after the next time you win 5 
    duels in a row, a new structure deck will take its place.  Again, not 
    sure on this, but after testing it seems to be the case.  Now you know 
    why I wanted you to save up some DP.  Structure decks are expensive at 
    2000 DP a pop, but they are worth it as they can very often give you at 
    least a few very useful cards.  Some structure decks are worth making 
    an entire deck around, and do not forget that you can always used the 
    Card Password system I talked about in the beginning of this guide to 
    get 3 copies of any card you receive from a Structure Deck. ^_^  With 
    this, you have a wide variety of strategies open to you as far as 
    deckbuilding is concerned.  Also, if you take a break from story mode, 
    you should be able to find XX-Saber Hyunlei as an opponent now, so 
    let's just quickly beat him 3x for consistency's sake and so you can 
    build up some more funds.  All this DP will come in handy and will be 
    useful in more than just buying the Structure Decks.  You may feel rich 
    right now but you won't later so don't go wasting your DP on useless 
    things. :P
    XX-Saber Hyunlei
    Sword of Legion
    He uses an XX-Saber deck.  The deck can be scary, but only if you allow 
    it to swarm you.  Bring any high ATK beatsticks you can find.  Planting 
    a 1900 ATK monster or even better a 2400+ ATK monster should put you 
    mostly in the clear for this duel, although watch out for traps like 
    Bottomless Trap Hole and Gottoms' Emergency Call.  He's also got many 
    good synchro summoning combos to worry about.  XX-Sabers have a combo 
    with Gottoms, 2 Faultrolls, and Regigura that can deplete your hand to 
    0, but I've never seen this AI figure out that devastating combo at 
    least. :P  Still, as of yet this is your toughest opponent.  Don't 
    underestimate his abilities.
    If you've been completing all the structure duels and have been beating 
    all the opponent's I've told you to up until this point, then by now 
    you should have won 50 duels, which means you've unlocked a new pack - 
    Rise of Destiny!  Let's check it out:
    Rise of Destiny:
    Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
    Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast
    Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective
    Harpie set
    Mirage Dragon
    Mystic Swordsman set
    Nightmare Penguin
    Perfect Machine King
    Pitch-Black Warwolf
    Roc from the Valley of Haze
    The Creator
    Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
    Ultimate Insect set
    Monster Reincarnation
    Divine Wrath
    If you haven't been able to come up with a good strategy to use yet, 
    then I suggest investing in some of the cards in this pack until you 
    have enough to make a rudimentary Harpie Lady deck (minus Harpie Queen 
    unfortunately).  You can use the Card Password function to take the 
    Icarus Attack you were given in the beginning of the game and make a 
    couple copies of it.  That should hold you over until you can do better.  
    Meanwhile, Dekoichi is a nice self-replacing card as I believe I've 
    said before.  Nightmare Penguin is a decent card considering what you 
    probably have right now.  Roc is an okayish card, but if you're short 
    on 2400+ ATK beatstick you may want to consider him, although Thestalos 
    is obviously the better card to use if you can find a copy of him.
    Well, it's been awhile that we've been stuck in 1 place.  I guess we 
    can go continue with the story mode now. ^_^
    Head out and back into the building through the main entrance.  Head 
    towards your room and you'll be stopped by Sayer.  He wants you to duel 
    against Akiza.  It doesn't take much convincing.
    Akiza Izinski
    Wandering Garden
    This is a full-out Plant deck, and it is at a level higher than any 
    deck you should have faced so far.  All I can really say is to hope for 
    the best.  She is able to make big plays with Tytannial and Black Rose 
    Dragon, and she'll control you with Black Garden.  Black Garden doesn't 
    work against flip summons, so I suggest setting your monsters 1st when 
    it is out . . . if you can.  Botanical Lion is also a very strong 
    beatstick to be wary of.  
    Overall I would say your chances for victory in this duel are slim to 
    none, but that's ok because losing the duel still progresses the 
    storyline.  Either way, the scene after the duel will end with her 
    beating the crap outta you with her psychic powers, so enjoy your 
    beating regardless.  Sayer shooes away Akiza after that little 
    altercation and you wind up back in your room.  Your next task is to 
    get some Duel Runner training in.  Head out of the building and go 
    south a screen.  Map change over to New Dominocity.  This should look 
    familiar to you now.  Head over 1 screen to the east to find the place 
    where you'll be doing the training.  Talk with Kawasaki at the gate and 
    he'll get you set up for a test ride.  Liquid comes out saying it was 
    harder than he expected, and now it's your turn.  Talk with Kawasaki 
    again and you'll get started up.
    You shouldn't have too much problem with speed since your Duel Runner 
    isn't very fast at this point.  Just avoid the major obstacles and hold 
    down the accelerator the entire race and you should easily make it 
    under the allotted time.  There are some new features to the course 
    from WC09.  Now, there are speed-up panels (the blocks with the arrows 
    on them) that will give you a boost.  You need to use these so that you 
    can clear the jumps you will have to do.  Also, make sure you aren't 
    going to slowly around the corners near the end or else you won't make 
    the big jump and your Duel Runner will probably be destroyed before 
    you're able to make it up the rocky hill down below.  You need to 
    finish within 3 minutes, but a reasonable time to aim for to call it a 
    decent run is probably 1 minute, 10 seconds.  If you can do it in under 
    1 minute, you're looking pretty darn good.  If you press START in the 
    middle of a run, you can choose an option to start the run over too.
    After finishing, Liquid is thoroughly impressed by your mad racing 
    skills.  As you head off to leave, however, you bump into Yusei, who 
    recognizes you instantly.  That gets you another flashback of a time 
    when you might've known him personally.  Crow and Kalin also appear in 
    the flashback.  Liquid asks if you know Yusei, but Sayer quickly steps 
    in to make sure that you get as far away from Yusei as possible, as 
    quickly as possible.  Conspiracy much?  Back at the hideout . . . I 
    mean the Arcadia Movement building where absolutely nothing bad ever 
    happens . . . Sayer and Seria are scanning your guinea pig brain as she 
    talks about how you aren't conscious (seriously, they couldn't tell 
    just by looking that your eyes are closed?).  Sayer asks if the 
    brainwashing is wearing off, and Seria responds in the positive.  Sayer 
    wants to strengthen the brainwashing, but Seria says that it could kill 
    you, and apparently Sayer wants you alive.  What a way to end Chapter 1, 
    VI. Chapter 2
    You wake up in an unfamiliar place with Crow looking over you (he likes 
    to watch you while you sleep ...).  Crow starts complaining about his 
    insecurities with securities, and reminds you that you are a teammate 
    of his in the gang he's in, and that you are in the B.A.D. area of 
    Satellite.  He wants to make sure you're ok by beating your brains out 
    with a duel, but forgot that Securities took your deck and his 
    secondary deck.  Therefore, you guys need to bust into the Security 
    Compound to retrieve your decks.  For those of you who played WC09, I 
    know you can see where this is going . . .
    Crow gives you a uniform and a key to the facility.  Don't ask where he 
    got them.  Nobody knows.  Go over to the save point and save the game 
    so you don't have to view all of that stuff again.  Before we get 
    started with annoying Story Mode stuffs, let's head back to the WC mode 
    for a bit and enjoy ourselves.  When you switch modes you'll notice 
    that 6 new duelists have been added to the ranks, so feel free to kick 
    all their butts 3x each at this time and work up a bit more DP.  I'll 
    say this again, don't spend DP on useless things.  You'll want some 
    saved up for later on.
    Clear Vice Dragon
    Transparent World
    This time you're going to be facing a Clear World deck.  This opponent 
    has very few monsters, so you shouldn't have much use for monster 
    destruction effects and can probably side some of them out for this 
    duel.  Instead, the opponent uses Clear World to annoy you while 
    attempting to use Burn effects to defeat you.  You can either aim at 
    getting rid of Clear World as soon as it appears, or you can just add a 
    bunch of Earth attribute monsters to your deck, since the effect you 
    receive from using them while Clear World is on the field is negligible 
    in most cases.  This shouldn't be a very difficult win for you at this 
    B.E.S. Big Core MK-2
    Boss Rush!
    This guy uses a B.E.S. deck. The thing to know here, is how to take 
    advantage of him.  If his monster is in a battle and doesn't have any 
    counters on itself, then it will be destroyed regardless of stats.  
    Additionally, his monsters only receive counters if they are summoned 
    in the way described on the card, and often he will not summon them in 
    that way, so look for your chances where you can simply attack his 
    monster and have it be destroyed even if you have to let 1 of your 
    weaker monsters get beaten up in the process too.  In the end, he is 
    actually an incredibly easy opponent and you should not have much 
    trouble beating him.  If you can even just bring out a 2400 ATK 
    beatstick he probably won't be able to attack over it. ^_^
    By defeating B.E.S. Big Core MK-2 3x, you should unlock Cyber Eltanin 
    as a new opponent.  We'll get to him later, for now let's continue 
    where we last stopped:
    Solar Flare Dragon
    Flame's Power
    He uses another Burn deck.  You've seen Burn a few times now so I 
    assume you know how to handle it.  His Burn uses Dark Room of Nightmare, 
    Solar Flare Dragon, some Volcanic monsters, and basic Burn spells.  
    Nothing you shouldn't be used to by now.
    By defeating Solar Flare Dragon 3x, you should unlock Chaos Sorcerer as 
    a new opponent.  Again, we'll deal with him in a bit, for now keep 
    sweeping up the weaker guys:
    Underground Arachnid
    Wild Arachne
    She uses an Insect deck.  She has quite a few powerful monsters and is 
    capable of swarming the field, so make sure you've prepared a fair 
    amount of monster destruction effects in your deck for this duel.  Lair 
    Wire can be particularly nasty since it costs her no card advantage and 
    lets her destroy any of your monsters be them face-up or face-down.  
    Another of the new cards to watch out for is Shiny Black C.  This card, 
    when in the graveyard, can be removed to destroy a Synchro monster when 
    you Synchro summon it!  The effect is quite good, and I suggest not 
    focusing too much on Synchro summoning for this duel because of that.
    By crushing Underground Arachnid 3x, you should unlock Destiny End 
    Dragoon as a new opponent.  As before, we'll take care of him later...
    Mist Valley Apex Avian
    Birds of the Mist
    Mist Valley decks concentrate on returning cards on both sides of the 
    field to their respective players' hands.  This means you should try to 
    focus more on using some solid, no-tribute beatsticks and put less 
    focus on Synchro Summoning and using higher level monsters, since they 
    may well end up getting returned to your hand or Extra deck which would 
    leave you most of the time in a bad situation.  If you understand how 
    to fight against a Mist Valley deck, you should find that it isn't that 
    big of a challenge, although it may be tougher than some of the easy 
    duelists you've been playing against recently. :P
    By sacking Mist Valley Apex Avian 3x, you should unlock Superson Skull 
    Flame as a new opponent.  Will deal with him in a bit.
    Witch Doctor of Sparta
    Spartan Damage
    This guy may very well have the most annoying deck in the history of 
    all history.  He uses a ton of searcher monsters and will just keep on 
    continuously bombarding you with them.  Either find a way to remove 
    them from the field outside of battle (Lightning Vortex is great for 
    this if you have it), or just summon a ton of monsters with 1500+ ATK 
    and let the beatdown frenzy begin.  He will also use Dupe Frog and Flip 
    Flop Frog to further annoy you with lockdowns, so be wary of those.  
    Nobleman of Crossout and Shield Crush could go a long way toward 
    beating him.
    Cyber Eltanin
    Ultimate Strike
    He uses a LIGHT Machine deck that focuses on combos with Future Fusion, 
    Cyber Eltanin, and Overload Fusion for quick OTK's.  This can give him 
    a lot of bad hands early on, but it also means sometimes he will just 
    start with a god hand and there will be nothing you can do to stop him.  
    Try packing Bottomless Trap Hole and cards like Sakuretsu Armor and 
    Dimensional Prison, which can give you a chance of defeating his big 
    monsters when he tries to OTK you.  If you can shut down his OTK 
    attempts, your chances of victory will drastically improve.
    Chaos Sorcerer
    Light x Dark = Chaos
    His deck packs a bunch of DARK and LIGHT monsters so that he can summon 
    Chaos Sorcerer.  Thunder King Rai-Oh is a tough card that can stop your 
    synchro summons and any searching effects, while also having a whopping 
    1900 ATK.  You'll want to take care of him ASAP.  He also uses Ryko, 
    Lightsworn Hunter and Cyber Dragon as some of his other LIGHT monsters, 
    so just know that you're going to have your hands full with that 
    monster lineup.  The DARK side of his lineup also has some strong 
    beatsticks such as Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, so it's nothing to scoff 
    at either.  He'll also be 1 of the 1st opponents you'll have met with a 
    full s/t lineup including all the staples like Mystical Space Typhoon, 
    Heavy Storm, and Mirror Force.  There isn't much of a strategy I can 
    give you for this guy other than to just try to be balanced, take your 
    time, and do the best you can to cope with his powerful cards.
    Destiny End Dragoon
    Final D
    He obviously uses a Destiny Heroes deck, and it focuses on summoning 
    Destiny End Dragoon, who has both colossal stats and some great effects.  
    I'll 1st suggest Bottomless Trap Hole as the best way to deal with him.  
    Any cards that remove from play or return cards to the hand or deck are 
    good choices for this duel.  A good combo is to use Book of Moon to 
    flip him face-down then either hit him with Nobleman of Crossout or 
    attack him with Mist Valley Soldier.  You might take some damage, but 
    it is entirely worth it to be rid of him.  He also has a couple 
    Elemental Heroes in the deck (Woodsman and Ocean, along with Prisma).  
    Prisma can take on the name of Dogma or Plasma so that he can do his 
    fusion more easily, so you'll want to be wary of that.
    Supersonic Skull Flame
    Zombie Speed
    He uses a Zombie deck, which should already make you leery because it's 
    one of the strategies currently in the game.  Fortunately, he's not 
    using anywhere near the best version of Zombies, but there are still a 
    lot of things here to be watching out for.  His variant uses Zombie 
    World, so know that Zombie Master will be able to summon any level 4 or 
    lower monster in YOUR graveyard while Zombie World is on the field.  Be 
    careful to make sure you also know when he has Necro Gardna in the 
    grave, since he can use that card to block 1 of your attacks.  Like 
    with any Zombie deck, he is completely capable of abusing 
    Plaguespreader Zombie, so if you can find a way to remove like via 
    Kycoo or Soul Release, you may want to consider those methods.  His big 
    play is to summon Skull Flame and then start burning you with Flaming 
    Skull Head.  If Skull Flame makes its way to his graveyard, however, 
    that gives him the ability to special summon Supersonic Skull Flame 
    from his hand, which is yet another level of misery for you.  Good luck, 
    as these duels won't be easy.
    Well, after all this dueling you should have even more DP saved up now, 
    right?  You haven't been unwisely spending it except where you need to, 
    right?  Good.  Well, keep saving it for now. :P (sorry for getting your 
    hopes up)
    Anyway, let's head back over to Story Mode at this time.  Exit the 
    little hut you're in and head east a bit until you see Crow.  If you 
    try to talk to him, he tells you to put on the Securities uniform (yeah 
    what a rip since WC09 did it for you).  Go into Options --> Change 
    Image --> Outfit and search through your short list until you are 
    wearing the Security Uniform.  Talk with Crow again and he will go and 
    lure some guards away from the gate so that you can sneak in.  By the 
    way, is it just me or does Crow really seem to have a foul mouth to 
    Once you have control of your character again, head up north.  Click 
    the slot on the right side of the building to open the doors with the 
    Card Key.  This place, again, will look familiar if you've played WC09.  
    Also, guess what?  It's time for our favorite part of that game!  Metal 
    Gear Duelist!  Your mission is to "hide" behind objects that are quite 
    obviously smaller than you are and slip past the guards.  Don't run or 
    else the guards will catch you.  There are 4 corridors to take.  The 
    southwest and northeast corridors have locked doors at the ends and the 
    northwest corridor has 2 unmoving guards who will not let you by, so 
    the only place worth going (and the only place we need to go anyway) is 
    the southeast corridor.  Thankfully, it's just 1 guard going around in 
    a circle.  As soon as he starts walking northward, move east to the 
    door.  In the room if you check the left wall you can find a copy of 
    Mist Wurm, a very powerful Synchro monster who you now can use in your 
    deck. ^_^ If you check the right wall, you can find Flamvell Magician, 
    who is a decent tuner who works well with Flamvell Firedog and a Spell 
    card called Rekindling.  Finally, by checking the back wall you can 
    obtain "Your Deck." Also, this IS your actual deck from WC mode, not 
    some generic deck that a power crazed madman gave you to play with 
    while doing errands. >.< You'll also obtain "Crow's Cards" meaning his 
    secondary deck.  Personally, if given the option I would probably steal 
    them and just tell Crow you couldn't find them, but no such luck will 
    comfort you here. :P
    Exit the building and it doesn't matter if you're caught at this point 
    or not.  You can now change back to your Enforcers outfit, since nobody 
    wants to go around looking like a stuck-up prick all day. =) Head back 
    to the little shack to find Crow there waiting for your arrival.  You 
    give Crow his cards back (drat) and he starts making fun of Securities 
    again (don't you ever start to feel bad for them?  I mean they are 
    basically police after all just trying to keep public order =/).  
    Suddenly, a young boy named Itsuki barges in and asks you to duel.  
    Crow shooes him off (and calls the little boy a liar in the process o_O 
    - how cruel can this punk be?), but then asks you to duel him anyway to 
    cheer him up.  I suggest saving 1st.  Head outside to find Itsuki 
    waiting for you and go ahead and duel him.
    Beat Storm Deck
    I'd say Itsuki's deck is horrendously bad, but that might be taken as a 
    compliment.  He's really into increasing his Life Points, but he 
    doesn't really have a way to actually beat you in the duel . . . so if 
    you lose I'll have to ask the question of how?
    Well, apparently Itsuki and Crow both thought the duel was awesome, 
    even though you probably just slaughtered the poor kid.  For winning 
    the duel, Crow will give a copy of Seven Tools of the Bandit (if you 
    somehow lost the duel, the storyline progresses but you don't receive 
    the free card).  Next, Crow reminds you that Yusei is looking for you 
    around the old highway area in the northern slums.  That's all fine and 
    dandy, but let's take our time getting there.  To start, beat Itsuki 
    another 2x to bring yourself up to 3 wins against him.  Now, head over 
    to the east and up the half-finished bridge.  Near the top of the 
    bridge you'll find an item called Wing SP.  If you head south from here 
    you can find a lady on this screen to duel 3x.
    Unimpeded Fruit
    She uses a Plant deck, although it isn't quite as strong as the one you 
    dueled against when you fought Akiza.  Still, don't underestimate the 
    power of Plant decks, they all have some nice combos available.
    Heading west a screen from Natsumi, you can find Gordon standing around 
    looking generally useless, so let's take the time to duel him 3x.
    Gotham Night
    Gordon uses an Ice deck.  While the deck has a few decent combos, in 
    general the monsters shouldn't be powerful enough to make you worry, 
    and they don't have much spell or trap support.  He does, however, have 
    some staples like Mirror Force that you should be watching out for.
    Just north of Gordon is Hayakawa.  Let's beat him up next, 3x as usual.
    Dandy Deck
    He will play very defensively in the beginning by setting cards like 
    Dandylion or Legendary Jujitsu Master (LJM).  You'll want to be 
    watching out for LJM, so when you attack face-down monsters, try to 
    make sure it is with something you know could defeat an LJM if possible, 
    and I don't recommend using higher level monsters to attack him since 
    even if you destroy him in battle his effect will still spin the 
    monster back to the top of your deck.  He's a tough card to get around.  
    Aside from that, he's also got some decent s/t cards, including 
    Lightning Vortex so make sure you aren't swarming the field unless you 
    know you can beat him with the monsters you have.
    Well, if you've been dueling everyone I told you to, you should now 
    have 100 wins under your belt, and that means you'll have unlocked a 
    new card pack - Elemental Energy!  Let's check it out:
    Elemental Energy:
    Dark World set
    Elemental Hero set
    Ojama set
    VWXYZ set
    Water Dragon
    Pot of Avarice
    none of value :P
    There isn't a whole lot to this set, but there are some gems.  Pot of 
    Avarice is a great card that is a +1 and splashable in many different 
    decks.  I wouldn't suggest going for E Heroes or Ojamas at this time, 
    since not enough of the set cards are, as of yet, available to you.  
    However, if you are interested in a Dark World deck, they can be made 
    into a pretty decent deck, since Sillva, Goldd, and Beiige also special 
    summon themselves so you can just normal summon a tuner monster and 
    have some easy 7 or 8-star synchro monsters.  Unless you are going 
    after a Dark World deck, though, I don't suggest using up your DP on 
    this pack.  If you are looking just for Pot of Avarice, know that this 
    won't be the only place to find it.
    Back in story mode, this time head west from Crow's hut into the next 
    screen over.  Here, you'll find a card shop that will sell you the same 
    packs that you have unlocked in WC mode.  The shop keeper on the right 
    will tell your fortunate for a nominal price, or in other words tell 
    you where to go next to continue the storyline.  Don't waste your money 
    on her.  Also in the shop is a younger boy for us to duel and beat 3x.
    Court in Session
    Yusuke uses a Fairy deck.  More specifically, he uses some Counter 
    Fairies and Counter Trap cards.  If you see Bountiful Artemis, destroy 
    it immediately before he can start gaining tons of card advantage from 
    it.  If you see Meltiel while The Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field, 
    you'll want to either concentrate on destroying Meltiel or the 
    Sanctuary, because his effect when Sanctuary is on the field is very 
    overpowering.  I suggest bringing anything you can to destroy his trap 
    cards, since if you can destroy them with Dust Tornados, Heavy Storm, 
    Mystical Space Typhoon, and such things before he gets a chance to use 
    them with his Counter Fairies then you should have a much easier time.  
    Another strategy you can try is to coax out his Counter Traps when he 
    doesn't have a Counter Fairy on the field.  Without Artemis or Meltiel 
    on the field, those Counter Traps will typically lose him card 
    advantage quite quickly.  Another killer move against this deck is if 
    you have Jinzo or Royal Decree.
    Just outside the deck shop is a little girl.  I know that everyone 
    loves beating up little girls like me, so let's beat her up 3x for the 
    fun of it. ^_^
    Miracle Mimic
    Mimi uses a Fairy/Fiend Beatdown deck featuring the Sky Scourge 
    monsters who require LIGHT Fairies and DARK Fiends.  Be careful because 
    although the Sky Scourge monsters are difficult to summon, they have 
    some powerful effects.  The longer the duel goes, the better her 
    chances of summoning them, so finish her off quickly if possible, or 
    find a way to remove cards from her graveyard. ^_^
    If you check the blue box just south of Mimi, you can find a DP code 
    for 200 DP.  Yay. =D Just west of Mimi is Chihiro.  She is the person 
    to whom you can trade Star Chips for things like alternate card 
    pictures, new outfits, new duel disks, and some other various things.  
    There's nothing else to use your Star Chips for, so go ahead and have a 
    ball getting whatever you like.  However, Star Chips aren't the only 
    thing Chihiro is good for . . . it's time for yet another 3 duels. ^_^
    Return to Chaos
    Chihiro uses a Chaos Sorcerer deck.  She has DARK monsters like Mystic 
    Tomato and Breaker the Magical Warrior, and she has LIGHT monsters like 
    Thunder King Rai-Oh, Shining Angel, and Honest, so you're not going to 
    get off easy with any of her monsters.  Fortunately, she doesn't seem 
    to have quite as much to be scared of in her s/t lineup.
    From here, head west a screen and go to the northernmost section of 
    this area to find a prize box.  Open it up for a free 200 DP. =D Head 
    into the building and go up to the 2nd floor.  Head around the junk on 
    the west side of this floor and search to find a Star Chip.  Go up 
    another floor to the 3rd floor and to the right you can find a prize 
    box with 300 DP inside.  Head into the room on this floor and search 
    the map on the table to find a copy of Enemy Controller.  That's all 
    for now in this place, so head back to the section with the card shop, 
    then go north.  This will take you to a map change, so choose the 
    Satellite: Slum map.  As soon as you enter this map you'll see a guy 
    standing around and he is almost screaming "Duel me!!" so go ahead and 
    beat him 3x.
    Ocean's Breeze
    Sugimoto uses a WATER deck with some nasty monsters like Mobius, 
    Hydrogeddon, and a card named Codarus who can send Umi to the grave to 
    destroy 2 of your cards!  Be wary of his monsters!  He also has Deep 
    Sea Diva, who is capable of summoning another copy of herself to give 
    him a quick 2 tuners on the field, or he can bring out a non-tuner and 
    have an immediate Synchro summon.  One piece of good news is that he 
    will actually use Umi rather than A Legendary Ocean, which can be a bit 
    of a weight off your shoulders.
    Head east a screen and you'll be in a location with a Duel Runner shop, 
    but the shop is closed (although it won't be for long).  We could duel 
    the people here, but I'd rather open up the shop 1st, since there's a 
    save point in the shop and this will save on running back and forth to 
    save points.  Head south a screen instead.  Go to the southeast corner 
    of this screen.  You can't see it, but there is a prize box there and 
    it has a whopping 1500 DP inside it!  Good stuff.  Save and then head 
    over to Yusei.  He wants you to take a test ride on your Duel Runner, 
    so go for it.
    In this run, you'll notice a couple things.  First, there are a lot 
    more traps.  You'll want to avoid all of the holes, EXCEPT THE 2ND ONE.  
    If you don't drop down the 2nd hole, you'll hit a long rough patch, 
    whereas if you do drop down the 2nd hole you'll be on clean road.  
    Another thing to notice is that there are cards and orbs scattered 
    around the map.  Collecting them will gain you DP and Speed Spell cards 
    to be used in your Turbo deck.  Again, you are given way more than 
    enough time to complete this lap, as you can probably do it easily in 
    under 1 minute 15 seconds if you're not bumping into too much stuff.
    Now that you've completed your trial run, the Duel Runner shop will be 
    open.  This is one of the reason why I warned you to save up DP, 
    because Duel Runner parts are freaking expensive. O_O Even the low 
    grade stuff you can by right now runs at a decent price, and you'll be 
    paying out 1000's of DP later on to make further upgrades.  For now, I 
    suggest purchasing a Gamma Frame 1, since it will improve your 
    performance.  With a little practice you shouldn't be running into too 
    much stuff, so the Beta Frame 1 isn't really a good option.  I don't 
    suggest purchasing any front parts, because they will drastically slow 
    down your acceleration and top speed.  Head over to Rossi in the corner 
    of the shop and Talk to him.  He'll eventually ask if he can have your 
    Wing SP item.  You definitely want to say YES to this, because when you 
    give him that, he will give you Colossal Fighter!  Colossal Fighter 
    will likely be the 1st really powerful 8-star Synchro monster you've 
    gotten your hands on so far, and he is going to be very useful to you 
    in many duels!  Well, now that you have this awesome new card, how 
    about testing it out?
    Duel Catenaccio
    Rossi uses a Rock deck, and will attempt to hit you with backlash 
    damage when you attack his monsters who have high DEF.  He'll make the 
    damage worse with cards like Burden of the Mighty and Shrink.  If he 
    does this when you attack Stone Statue of the Aztecs, then you'll also 
    take double the damage!  The best way to deal with this guy is to side 
    in Nobleman of Crossout and Shield Crush, which completely rape his 
    deck.  If you've bought the Monarch structure deck, then Raiza, Caius, 
    and Zaborg also do an excellent job of crushing him.
    Heading just outside the Duel Runner shop there is a young boy waiting 
    for you...so beat him 3x.
    Roy's Treasure
    Roy uses a Roid deck.  The basic monster lineup isn't anything to be 
    too scared of, but the Fusion monsters are quite powerful and have very 
    high stats.  You'll want to have ways that can remove them from the 
    field without "destroying" them, because if he activates Vehicroid 
    Connection Zone to summon them, then they can't be destroyed by spell, 
    trap, or monster effects.  Some good choices for beating him would be 
    Legendary Jujitsu Master, Caius/Raiza, Book of Moon + Mist Valley 
    Soldier, and anything else you can think of that spins or returns the 
    monster to the hand/deck.
    East of Roy is a guy staring out into the water.  Beat him 3x.
    Shogun's Command
    Oda uses a Six Samurai (6SAM) deck.  He can't use the effects of his 
    monsters unless he has multiple 6SAM's on the field, so all you have to 
    do is bring cards like Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Bottomless 
    Trap Hole, and Lightning Vortex, and your win should be fairly assured.  
    However, if he does manage to start swarming on you, things can start 
    looking bleak very quickly so be prepared!
    In the middle of this map is a lady, and as you should know it is never 
    polite to keep a lady waiting, so go beat her 3x!
    Goddess's Punishment
    Her deck is a Fairy deck that makes use of stalling cards like Shining 
    Angel, Nova Summoner, Marshmallon, and Arcana Force 0 - The Fool, while 
    trying to prepare herself to summon Tethys, Goddess of Light.  You'll 
    want to bring plenty of effects that can destroy your opponent's 
    monsters, because if you don't she is going to stall you until her 
    strategy comes together and then you'll really have a problem on your 
    hands.  I'd also like to remind you to watch out for Honest.
    Head south back to where you did your test run and right away you 
    should see a blue-haired guy.  If you talk with him, he'll give you 
    Rush Recklessly for racing so well.  After that, it's time to win 
    against him 3x...
    Embarrassing Crush
    I seriously have difficulty saying what this guy's deck is supposed to 
    be.  I guess I could call it a LIGHT deck, but really that's the only 
    synergy with some of his cards.  Watch out for Honest, and he does have 
    some staple s/t cards like Heavy Storm and Mirror Force, but other than 
    those few things he should pose much of a problem to you.  I mean...he 
    has 1 copy of Dupe Frog randomly placed in the deck...random Magician's 
    Valkyria...yeah, you shouldn't have any trouble here.
    Alright, we're finally done with all the random duels for now.  Head 
    back to the B.A.D. area.  When you get there you'll be greeted by Kalin.  
    He wants more turf.  Actually, he wants to rule all of Satellite's turf, 
    but 1st he needs to make sure you're still in shape, so of course that 
    means he's gonna duel you!
    Kalin Kessler
    The Enforcing Ones
    Kalin uses a standard beatdown deck with a bunch of very high ATK 4-
    star monsters.  What this means is if you can use your powerful effect 
    monsters you should have little trouble, and if you can plant a large 
    beatstick on the field, he'll have a tough time dealing with it.  
    Another card that can work really well against him is Burden of the 
    Losing this duel will still progress the storyline, but if you win, 
    Kalin will give you a free copy of Gene-Warped Warwolf.  Kalin makes a 
    little speech to you about bringing down the house in Satellite before 
    telling you to let Crow know what you'll all be doing tomorrow.  Now 
    that you're in control again, go ahead and head over to Crow's hut to 
    give him the news.  After giving Crow the low down of the situation, 
    the game skips to -The Next Day-.
    Talk to Crow and he'll ask if you're ready to go to war.  Say YES and 
    the game will skip you over to Team Black n' Blue's hideout.  Kalin is 
    there and he tells you Jack and Yusei are already snooping around in 
    the basement, so you should check the main floor and upstairs.  Snoop 
    around the west side a bit and check all the boxes.  You'll eventually 
    find Arashiyama, your new opponent who jumps out of hiding.
    Blue Hurricane
    He uses a pitiful deck with random, extraordinarily weak cards like 
    "Blue Medicine".  He should be a VERY easy win.  You don't need my help 
    for this one.
    Next, head over to the east side and enter the doorway just west of 
    where Crow is standing.  There's a save point here that you can use if 
    you desire.  If you talk to Crow he'll tell you to go on ahead up the 
    stairs and he'll hang back in case there's more on the main level.  In 
    reality, he's just a coward. o_O  So, head up the stairs and go into 
    the 1st room you come to.  In the northeast corner of the room, check 
    the junk there to find a Star Chip.  Continue heading west through that 
    hallways to find Kalin getting beaten by an enemy.  Go give him some 
    backup now.
    Black Chrono
    Clock uses a DARK deck including Veil of Darkness to help him draw more 
    cards during his Draw Phase.  He also runs Curse of Darkness which 
    deals damage to either player if you activate a Spell card.  However, 
    he doesn't seem to have many other powerful s/t cards, and his monsters 
    shouldn't be enough to worry you at this point so this should be a 
    fairly easy victory.
    After beating Clock he lets Kalin go, and Kalin decides that he's gonna 
    teach Clock a lesson about sneaking up on people.  Nothing more you can 
    do there, so continue west through the hallway and up the stairs.  Head 
    to the 1st room you come across and check the boxes in the northwest 
    corner to find a DP Code for 300 DP.  Also, remember for later on that 
    this room has 2 exits.  If you try to continue east through the hallway, 
    Hiroyuki will stop you.  He's the boss of this team . . . even though 
    he's only a runt himself.
    I'm the Boss!
    SPECIAL RULE: Draw 2 cards each turn
    You'll now find that for every "boss" battle there is also a special 
    rule.  In this case, during the draw phase you will draw 2 cards rather 
    than 1.  This means that you can either choose to run more copies of 
    cards like Lightning Vortex, but in general this shouldn't affect your 
    main strategy too much.  You don't really have access to many OTK or 
    FTK decks at this point, which could really use this feature better.  
    You could maybe run a Burn deck which could use this feature pretty 
    well, but I suggest just playing your normal deck.  Hiroyuki, on the 
    other hand, uses a deck that is just going to help him draw through 
    more of his deck...I'm not sure if he actually even has any real means 
    to beat you.  He uses Dekoichi, Dark Mimic, and Skelengel to continue 
    drawing through his deck.  The only thing I can think of is that maybe 
    he has Exodia, but I never saw it or any of the pieces. =/
    After he loses he runs home to his mommy.  Crow and Jack come over to 
    congratulate you and festivities commence.  You meet up with the others 
    at your own hideout and Kalin gets some good-natured ribbing about 
    getting caught at that one point.  Kalin says he's gonna go check out 
    the next opponent for you all and with that the day is over and you get 
    a -The Next Day- message.  Head upstairs from you start and save.  
    Getting this far in story mode should have unlocked a new pack for you 
    - Soul of the Duelist!  Let's check this pack out:
    Soul of the Duelist:
    Armed Dragon LV set
    Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV set
    Mobius the Frost Monarch
    Mystic Swordsman LV set
    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
    Ultimate Insect LV set
    Hammer Shot
    Level Up!
    Mind Crush
    Really, there isn't a whole lot of good stuff in this deck.  If you 
    really wanted to, you could make a Horus/Jinzo lockdown deck at this 
    point, but it's not a very consistent deck.  The key gems in the deck 
    are Mobius and Hammer Shot, who have nice removal effects, and Mind 
    Crush which will help you out later when you start playing more decks 
    that use Honest and other powerful but predictable cards.  I don't 
    suggest investing heavily in this pack unless you are aiming for that 
    lockdown deck.  LV monsters just aren't that great.
    Well, back to story mode.  Head downstairs and exit the building.  Head 
    back towards Crow's hideout and you'll see 2 bikers abducting Itsuki.  
    You gotta follow them on your own Duel Runner.  Talk to Crow to do so, 
    but I suggest 1st heading back to the Duel Runner shop in the 
    Satellite: Slum area.  They're selling some new parts and of particular 
    niceness is the Feather 1, which will give you some nice Acceleration 
    bonus.  It's a bit expensive, but then again you should have been 
    saving up DP for awhile now, right?  You could also get a booster, but 
    your main parts aren't really good enough right now to handle it and it 
    will end up slowing you down (yeah, I know it's silly).  So, just stick 
    with the Gamma Frame 1 and Feather 1 for the time being.  When you're 
    ready, talk to Crow and you can race to save Itsuki.
    All you have to do in this race is to overtake your opponent 1 time.  
    Once you've passed him, the race will end and you will be victorious.  
    As long as you aren't running into things, that shouldn't be too hard 
    if you equipped your Duel Runner as I suggested.
    After catching up with them, Crow figures out that the punks are from 
    Team Dirty Works.  For some reason, they seem to have grown attached to 
    Itsuki and don't want to give him back, so they'll duel you for him 
    (Itsuki = object).
    Lucky Turtle Shell
    Basically... he runs a bunch of "Turtle" monsters . . . any monster 
    with Turtle in its name.  Because of this, his monster lineup should be 
    ridiculously easy for you to handle.  His spells and traps don't nearly 
    make up for this.  Lose, only if you feel like getting laughed at by 
    the Yugioh gods...
    So, you beat them and they go running off scared.  Bunch of wimps if 
    you ask me.  Itsuki thanks you for saving him before you all head home 
    to see a happy Annie who has her boyfriend back. ^_^  As thanks, Itsuki 
    will give you a copy of Kunai with Chain.  Before leaving, Annie comes 
    over to tell you that Kalin is looking for you, and that you should 
    meet him at the hideout.  Save and head back over to WC Mode to check 
    out the new card pack you've just unlocked by saving Itsuki!  Here 
    comes Flaming Eternity!
    Flaming Eternity:
    Behemoth the King of All Animals
    Granmarg the Rock Monarch
    Insect Knight
    King Dragun
    Rescue Cat
    Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
    Silent Swordsman LV set
    Ultimate Insect LV set
    Lightning Vortex
    Deck Devastation Virus
    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
    Threatening Roar
    Now, here's a pack to get excited about!  There's some good stuff here.  
    If you've been working on Dragons, then King Dragun can be a nice add-
    in.  Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys (SPoN) is a pretty powerful monster.  
    However, the big things to be looking for are yet to be mentioned.  
    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (PWWB) which, along with Raiza and Legendary 
    Jujitsu Master, is capable of giving you a deck that constantly spins 
    cards back to the top of your opponent's deck.  Threatening Roar is 1 
    of the better ways to stop your opponent from OTK'ing you or just to 
    protect a monster on the field for a turn.  If you haven't gotten 
    Lightning Vortex from a structure set yet, then this is a good place to 
    pick this up.  Now, most importantly this pack has Rescue Cat!!  You 
    should already have X-Saber Airbellum from the early packs in the 
    beginning if you invested wisely.  Well, Rescue Cat will let you summon 
    2 Airbellums who can attack and make your opponent discard twice before 
    you sync them with your other monsters in Main Phase 2 to bring out 
    some big monsters rather than just having them be destroyed by Rescue 
    Cat's effect.  You can also summon 1 Airbellum and another monster to 
    bring out a 5 or 6-star Synchro monsters like Goyo Guardian!  So, that 
    means summoning Rescue Cat can essentially be the same as summoning 
    Goyo Guardian.  You can also use Call of the Haunted to revive Rescue 
    Cat and use its effect again, or you can send back Rescue Cat and 
    Airbellums to your deck with Pot of Avarice while also drawing 2 cards 
    for a nice +1 advantage.  Not bad at all, eh?  With so much good stuff 
    here, you'll definitely want to be investing at least some of your DP 
    into these packs.
    Well, back to story mode shall we?  You could head back to headquarters 
    right now, but let's have some fun 1st.  Head south a screen from the 
    shack and then west to reach the hideout of the gang you just beat.  
    Head inside and check down at the basement level where you couldn't go 
    before.  There are some nice little prize boxes down here.  The 1st 
    prize is easy enough.  Just push the box east 1 space to collect the 
    Rough Style outfit.  Next, head down the west side of the screen and 
    push the block 1 space east.  Push the block below it 2 spaces east and 
    head north for a free 1000 DP!!  Push the most southwestern block as 
    far south as it will go then head west and south to reach a 1500 DP 
    prize!!  Gotta love a quick and easy free 2500 DP!!  Exit and re-enter.  
    Again, go down the west side and move the block 1 east and the lower 
    block 2 east like before.  This time, head past where the prize box was 
    until you reach a block that you can push east.  Head south and go up 
    the stairs moving east.  At the bottom of the stairs, loop back around 
    to the south and go west to find a prize box containing Krebons!  
    Krebons is an awesome tuner and you may want to consider using card 
    passwords to get more copies of him later.  Head back over the stairs 
    and west.  This time go east just north of the stairs and push the 
    block there east as far as possible.  Head north as ar as possible then 
    east and push the block there 1 space east.  Head south and push that 
    block 1 space south.  Head east around that block and up and down the 
    stairs to find a Star Chip.  Head out and back in again.  Get all the 
    way back to the northeast corner using the same method as before, but 
    this time out of those 3 blocks in the corner, push the southern 1 east 
    1 space, then push the 1 just north of you, north 1 space.  Move east 1 
    space and then push the block north of you, north 1 space.  This will 
    finally let you get to the last prize box in this area, which contains 
    a copy of Magical Android.  While you should already have Catastor as a 
    5-star Synchro monster, Magical Android is a good 2nd choice, 
    especially if you need the extra 200 ATK or if your LP is getting low 
    in the duel and you need some recovery.  That's all there is for here, 
    so now let's head back over to the shack.  
    When you go into the shack, you should see a prize box with a copy of 
    Forbidden Chalice inside it.  Nice stuff.  That is a pretty decent 
    quick-play spell that has both offensive and defensive capabilities.  
    Next, we can finally duel Itsuki freely, and Annie is there too so 
    let's beat Itsuki another 2x and Annie we need to beat 3x.  Istuki's 
    deck is the same as before, so just use ctrl+F to search for him.
    Cutest Naturia
    She uses a Naturia deck.  Naturia monsters mostly have effects that 
    respond to things your opponent does such as activating a s/t card or 
    summoning a monster.  They also all have pretty weak stats.  The only 
    thing you should really be watching out for when playing her are her 
    synchro monsters, as the Naturia synchro monsters are reasonably 
    Once you're finished with those duels, let's finally head back to the 
    headquarters of your own team to get the story back on track.  You and 
    Crow will show up with Kalin being annoyed that you're so late (maybe 
    we shouldn't have taken all those detours?).  Crow tells him what 
    happened with Itsuki and Team Dirty Works, so Kalin decides that 
    they'll be the next war target. =3  Head outside and move just a bit 
    east to find Kalin.  He'll ask if you're ready and reply YES to start 
    the next turf war.
    You arrive at the hideout for Team Dirty Works.  Kalin and Crow head in 
    1st, then Yusei and Jack meet up with you and the 3 of you head inside.  
    Head to the northeast corner of the room and search to find Kuroe 
    hiding in the corner.  He's the guy Crow beat before while you were 
    fighting Kameno.  Time to beat him up yourself!
    Masterful Magician
    Kuroe has a bunch of Spellcasters in his deck, with his main purpose 
    being to summon Dark Magician.  The deck has a bunch of decent 
    beatstick, but it doesn't have many good monster effects for you to 
    worry about.  He also uses Ice Barrier monsters, but again they 
    shouldn't be too much trouble for you at this point.
    After beating Kuroe, head into the next room and you'll quickly dash to 
    save Yusei from some falling rubble.  Apparently, Team Dirty Works has 
    set some pretty dangerous traps for you guys.  Yusei goes of to tell 
    the others about the traps, while Kameno comes over to check his trap 
    out . . . to find you waiting to pulverize him for the 2nd time. ^_^  
    However, before you fight him, go up and check the northern section of 
    the 3rd lane from the left to find a Star Chip.  You've already beaten 
    Kameno before and he's using the same deck as last time so just use 
    ctrl+F to find him again if you want hints.
    After beating Kuroe, attempt to leave and you'll run into Ida, who's 
    the leader of the gang.  He's none too happy that you beat up his 
    teammates (although they were child kidnapping scum), so he wants to 
    teach you a lesson.  You should be the one to teach the lesson 
    Ida Dragons
    A Match Duel means you play best 2 out of 3 duels here, and you can use 
    your side deck between each duel.  This shouldn't be necessary for you 
    since I'm going to tell you his strategy anyway and you can just be 
    prepared for him starting from duel #1.  As his deck's name implies, 
    Ida runs a Dragon deck.  Thank your lucky stars that this isn't a 
    Hopeless Dragon deck, which would make it easily Tier 2 and more 
    powerful than you can probably handle at this time.  Instead, he uses 
    some much weaker dragons.  Really, a well-placed Kycoo can beat him all 
    by itself, but I never really saw in general anything very powerful.  
    If you just take out his weaker monsters before he can tribute them 
    away for his more powerful monsters, you should have an easy time.  His 
    s/t cards aren't anything wonderful either so you can focus your deck 
    mostly on destroying monsters and you'll likely never have to worry 
    about a duel #3.  The only real annoyance he has is Treeborn Frog, but 
    if you're using Kycoo, Caius, or Chaos Sorcerer, then you should be 
    able to easily remove it from play where it can't bother you anymore. 
    ^_^ Another card to watch out for is Frost and Flame Dragon, which he 
    can special summon if the duel goes on for too long.  It has only 2300 
    ATK, but it has the nice effect of destroying 1 of your monsters each 
    turn as long as he discards a card.
    After beating him, Ida runs off like a wimp.  Yusei comes over to tell 
    you that everyone is well, and thanks you again for saving his butt.  
    You wind up back at your headquarters with Kalin giving you the victory 
    speech.  Once again, the game skips to -The Next Day-.
    Head back over to WC Mode.  Beating Team Dirty Works should have 
    unlocked a new card pack - Cybernetic Revolution!  Let's take a look:
    Cybernetic Revolution:
    Cyber Dragon
    Cyber End Dragon
    Cyber Twin Dragon
    D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master
    Des Frog
    UFOroid Fighter
    Winged Kuriboh LV10
    Dragon's Mirror
    Miracle Fusion
    Power Bond
    Fire Darts
    Dimension Wall
    Lots of Machine-type monsters can be found in this pack.  The Cyber 
    Dragon set is nice, but unless you are using a different banlist, with 
    Cyber Dragon only at 1 it's not worthwhile to make a deck around them.  
    D.D.M. is a decent card who is useful in removal decks.  You don't have 
    quite enough Kuriboh support cards to make a Kuriboh deck yet, but LV10 
    is here if you're preparing to start 1 up later.  Dragon's Mirror is a 
    great card that can allow you to easily summon powerful monsters like 
    Five-Headed Dragon or Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.  Miracle Fusion is 
    very useful much later on if you make a Diva Zombies deck, since it 
    lets you have easy access to Elemental Hero Absolute Zero - a very 
    powerful card, but for right now it doesn't do you much good.  Fire 
    Darts and Dimension Wall can potentially help get you started up on a 
    Burn deck if you're into that sort of thing.
    At this time, I had summoned monsters over 666 times, and that unlocks 
    Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo as a WC opponent.  Let's just quickly check 
    that out (beat him 3x once you get him):
    Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
    Fossilized Dinosaur
    He uses a Gadget deck that is made to create great amounts of card 
    advantage while utilizing 1 for 1 destruction effects.  It's not a bad 
    strategy at all, but the best way to beat it is to simply wait for an 
    opportunity and then swarm hard and deal as much damage all at once as 
    you can.  He'll use Fossil Dyna and Royal Oppression to stop your 
    special summons, so be ready for those cards.  A bit extra s/t 
    destruction may help you out here since his monsters don't have very 
    high stats, but their support from his backrow is quite strong.  Trap 
    Dustshoot, Airbellum, and other cards that can reduce his hand size and 
    options will also help you out here.
    Back in Story Mode, start heading toward the hideout and you'll run 
    into Kalin about halfway.  He seems a bit upset that you seem to be the 
    one defeating the leaders of these duel gangs and wants to duel you 
    because of that.  Feel free to oblige him.  His deck is the same as 
    before so just do a ctrl+F if you want tips.  You don't have to win to 
    continue, but if you do win, he'll give you a copy of Shield Crush as a 
    reward.  Afterwards, he goes off to check out the turf of your next 
    enemy.  At this time I suggest heading over to the Duel Runner shop.  I 
    hope you have some DP saved up still, because these parts are gonna be 
    expensive.  My suggestions are to buy:
    Gamma Frame II
    DWE-1000 Engine
    KPC-200x CPU
    Feather II
    Accelerator II
    I find that the best way to go is to improve acceleration as much as 
    possible, however if you are able to control a higher top speed then by 
    all means go that route.  Using Balancers for more control I don't 
    suggest . . . instead just try to get better at controlling it without 
    the Balancer. :P  If you're using the Gamma Frame II, you may be able 
    to equip a Booster at this point without experiencing too much of a 
    downgrade in speed, but I just don't find them necessary.  With these 
    upgrades your parts should be good enough to S Rank on the tracks 
    currently available.  Check the computer on the east side of the room 
    to run the tracks and try to S Rank in both the Time Trials and Race 
    modes.  It may take a few tries but it is certainly possible at this 
    point and it will get you a good selection of Speed Spells as well as 
    some DP for your pocket.
    For the Highway, a time under 1min 1sec will get you an S Rank.  For 
    the Race section, don't worry if your opponents take the lead in the 
    beginning.  The CPU on Normal Mode NEVER are able to make the jump near 
    the end of the lap and that will always cause them to fall way behind 
    For the Old Highway, a time under 1min 0sec will get you an S Rank, 
    although I was able to easily make under 55sec at this point.  Just 
    remember that you need to fall through the 2nd hole.  The CPU on Normal 
    Mode NEVER fall through that hole and again are an easy win.
    For the Old City, just take a right at the 1st fork for the quickest 
    route.  Again, the CPU on Normal Mode will often take longer routes 
    allowing you to easily win yet again.
    In general, S Ranks can be achieved if you didn't use your brakes much 
    and didn't run into anything.  After a bit of practice you shouldn't 
    have much trouble doing this.
    Back to the storyline, head over to Crow's shack and chat with him to 
    find out he's done tweaking his deck and is ready to duel!  I suggest 
    saving before dueling him as his deck is capable of getting god hands.
    Crow Hogan
    Ascending Legend
    Crow uses a Blackwing deck.  Blackwings in general are a very 
    competitive deck, and although his isn't the best version of them, he 
    still is able to create some pretty wicked combos.  He runs D.D. Crow, 
    which he is smart enough to chain to any of your effects that target a 
    monster in the graveyard to make your effect fizzle.  He's also pretty 
    focused on destroying your backrow by using Mystical Space Typhoon and 
    Delta Crow - Anti Reverse.  Thankfully, he isn't very good at using any 
    of the major Synchro summoning combos that Blackwings are known for, 
    and I'm pretty sure he isn't running 3 copies of Sirocco, Shura, Bora, 
    or Kalut.
    If you defeat him, he'll give you a Raigeki Break as a reward (what is 
    with these crappy rewards for winning duels??).  Afterwards, Kalin 
    comes by to say that your final turf war for complete domination of 
    Satellite is tomorrow.  Your opponent will be Team Non-Securities, who 
    apparently have a lot of members.  Next, Itsuki and Annie burst in 
    wanting to duel you.  Crow manages to turn it into a Tag Duel, with him 
    being partnered with you (thank god you don't have to partner with the 
    kids).  If this is your 1st time tag dueling on a WC game, just know 
    that it is quite possibly 1 of the most frustrating things you will 
    have to experience in the entire game.  It is a rare day when your 
    partner does not miss a winning combo or use up all your cards in the 
    wrong way, so yeah be prepared to do most of the work.  Itsuki and 
    Annie are using their regular decks in this one, and as you know those 
    decks pretty much suck so at least this 1st tag duel shouldn't be too 
    bad for you.
    If you win the duel, Crow will give you a copy of The 
    Calculator...another crappy prize. =/  The kiddies leave and you can 
    talk to Crow to progress the story, but 1st let's had back to WC Mode.  
    You'll notice that CPU Tag Duel has been unlocked along with 2 new 
    packs - Shadow of Infinity and Power of the Duelist!  Here's the low 
    Shadow of Infinity:
    Ancient Gear set
    Chainsaw Insect
    Demise, King of Armageddon
    Doom Dozer
    Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
    Proto-Cyber Dragon
    Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
    Ruin, Queen of Oblivion
    Treeborn Frog
    Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
    none of value :P
    Karma Cut
    A bunch of very powerful monsters are in this pack but they are all 
    also very difficult to summon.  Demise OTK's are difficult to 
    accomplish because Demise is limited in the banlist.  The only real 
    card worth searching this pack for is Treeborn Frog if you've been 
    using a Monarch deck.
    Power of the Duelist:
    Alien set
    Chimeratech Overdragon
    Chrysalis set
    Cosmic Horror Gangi'el
    Destiny Hero set
    Destiny Hero - Dogma
    Neo-Spacian set
    Neos Fusions
    Roid set
    Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill
    Future Fusion
    Mausoleum of the Emperor
    Neo Space
    Overload Fusion
    Vehicroid Connection Zone
    none of value :P
    Destiny Heroes are an awesome set, but not until you get Destiny Draw 
    and Allure of Darkness, neither of which is available yet.  Chimeratech 
    Overdragon works with Overload Fusion and it has an awesome OTK combo 
    with Overload and Future Fusion combined.  Future Fusion is great in 
    many decks.  Mausoleum of the Emperor is a great card for Earthbound 
    Immortal decks and some other decks like Fishies for summoning 
    Coelacanth.  The Neos set is...well it's decent but nothing good enough 
    that I would want to run a deck of it.  The same can be said about the 
    Roid set, although Vehicroid Connection Zone can make for some pretty 
    powerful fusion monsters.  Aliens are a fun set to play with, but they 
    can get some pretty dead hands quite often.
    I'm going to save the Tag Dueling for later after we've unlocked enough 
    cards to make decks that are strong enough to make up for the crappy 
    moves your partner will make, so we'll just leave those guys alone for 
    Back in story mode, talk to Crow to jump to . . . -The Next Day-
    You and Crow meet the rest of the gang over at the enemy's hideout.  
    It's time for the last turf war!  Immediately, you see Jack getting tag 
    teamed by 2 guys - Igusa and Hashinoshima.  Well, instead of attacking 
    Jack, they end up attacking YOU.  This is a 2-on-1 battle.  Of course, 
    the game isn't polite enough to let you have more LP, or to give you 
    any sort of handicap...
    Igusa's Battle
    Power Bridge
    Here, let me think of some good news about this battle... ... ... ... 
    they share 8000 LP so you don't have to beat 16,000 LP of damage into 
    them?  Well, that's about all the good news.  The bad news is that they 
    start out with TWICE AS MANY CARDS AS YOU.  The only suggestions I have 
    are: 1. Try to plant and protect a strong beatstick onto the field.  2. 
    Use as many tricks as you can to slowly gain some card advantage.  
    Other than that, there really isn't much else you can do.  Well, both 
    of your opponent's use Equip cards, so that is the best way, imo, for 
    you to gain advantage.  Just destroy the monsters who have cards 
    equipped to them and you'll lose just 1 card while your opponent will 
    lose multiple cards.  Book of Moon is another great option for doing 
    After you win, Jack comes over to check up on you.  Head north and go 
    behind the staircase.  Search the corner there a bit and you'll be able 
    to find a Star Chip.  Now head up the staircase.  This place should be 
    looking familiar to you about now if you played WC2009...  Walk around 
    the area until you find a door.  Head north and you'll see Crow dueling 
    and there's nothing you can do about it.  Head east, and then south to 
    find a prize box with a 200 DP code in it.  Head up the stairs to the 
    north.  In this next room, head as far south as possible and check the 
    southwestern corner to find another Star Chip.  Head north to the save 
    point, and the west from the save point for another prize box with 
    another 200 DP inside.  Finally, head north to find another duo who you 
    again have to defeat in a 1-on-2 battle.
    Powered Bird
    Mitchie Road of Mitchie
    Your opponents are running Koa'ki Meiru and WIND decks this time, so 
    you don't even have too much of an advantage deck-wise because neither 
    strategy can be considered a "pushover".  My suggestions are the same 
    as last time.  Try to plant a big beatstick and protect it, while doing 
    whatever you can to create some card advantage for yourself to even 
    things out.
    After you beat them, their partnership breaks down and they run off.  
    Head up the stairs and through the door to come to another big puzzle 
    From the southern side, head west then north and make your way north to 
    a set of stairs.  Head east, then south and then down a set of stairs.  
    From there you can head northward until you reach a prize box 
    containing a Star Chip.  Repeat the process to get back to the 1st set 
    of stairs.  Head down the 2nd set of stairs but this time instead of 
    going north, go south to find a prize box containing 1500 DP (nice).  
    Now, go along the south side heading west as far as possible and then 
    north as far as possible.  Head west, and then south to find a bunch of 
    blocks.  Push the block south of you 3 spaces south, then go east and 
    south to find a prize box with a Star Chip.  Exit the room from the 
    southeast corner and re-enter.  Make your way back to the west side of 
    the room, but this time only push the block 1 space south.  Push the 
    block west of you 2 spaces west.  Go 2 spaces north and push that block 
    2 spaces west.  Push the block south of you, 3 spaces south.  Push the 
    block south of that block 1 space east.  Push the block north of you 1 
    space north and head east and push the block east of you 1 space east.  
    Head south and push the block there 1 space west.  Head north and west 
    and push the block there 1 space west (to create an escape route).  
    Head as far south as possible and push the southernmost block as far 
    west as possible.  Head north and push the bloc 2 spaces north, then 
    continue north to find a prize box with a Rock'n Roller outfit.  1 more 
    prize box to go.  Exit the room from the southeast and re-enter.  Make 
    your way to the western side again and push the block 3 spaces south.  
    Push the block west of you as far west as it will go.  Go north and 
    push the block north of you as far north as it will go.  Head around 
    the corner for a prize box with 1000 DP inside.  When exitting, push 
    the block east of you 2 spaces east AND ONLY 2 SPACES so you don't 
    block your exit route.  Go back and save so you don't have to do any of 
    that again.
    Re-enter the room, but this time just head straight north and out.  As 
    you come out onto the roof you hear Yusei scream.  He's fallen off the 
    side of the building and Kalin is just barely holding onto him.  
    Gushizawa sneaks up behind them looking to cause trouble.  That's your 
    cue to intervene.  Well, before you go dueling him (there's no rush, 
    right?  Head to the east side and search the northern section of that 
    area to find a free copy of Lightning Vortex (finally a decent find, 
    although you probably already have the card by now).  Ok, if you're 
    done showing how little you actually care about your friends, you can 
    go back and save them by beating up Gushizawa.
    Way of Gushizawa
    SPECIAL RULE: Star with 4000 Life Points
    You know it means just you, not your opponent, right?  Yeah, game is 
    getting less fair by the minute.  The good news?  At least he isn't 
    playing a Burn deck XD.  The bad news?  He's playing a Six Samurai 
    (6SAM) deck and he's using many of their powerful support cards.  He 
    like to play Ultimate Offering, but lucky for you he likes to play it 
    to set monsters to defend himself during your Battle Phase . . . so 
    it's a nice waste of monsters and LP.  Good for you.  Overall, this 
    duel shouldn't be as hard as those 2-on-1's you had to deal with 
    earlier, but do be careful all the same since 6SAM decks can OTK you in 
    an instant, especially if he gets a good starting hand.
    After winning, Kalin and Yusei come to back you up (Kalin = Hulk 
    Smash!!) and Gushizawa runs off with his tail between his legs crying 
    for his mommy.  Well, you've now united all of Satellite under 1 banner, 
    congratz!  Roll credits... oh wait, wasn't there something a long time 
    ago about Arcadia Movement or something?  Okay, I guess the game isn't 
    quite over yet.
    You'll wind up at your HQ.  Save and flip over to WC mode for a bit.  
    Getting this far in the story unlocks yet another card pack for you to 
    browse - Strike of Neos!
    Strike of Neos:
    Alien set
    D.D. Crow
    Dark World set
    Gene-Warped Warwolf
    Great Shogun Shien
    Neo-Spacian set
    Neos Fusions
    Six Samurai set
    Ancient Rules
    Advanced Ritual Art
    Dark World Dealings
    Skyscraper 2 - Hero City
    Pulling the Rug
    The Transmigration Prophecy
    There's some good stuff in this pack.  D.D. Crow is a great anti-meta 
    card.  It can either get rid of a monster that likes being in your 
    opponent's graveyard, or it can be chained to an effect that targets a 
    monster in the grave to remove that monster and fizzle the effect (such 
    as Call of the Haunted or Zombie Master).  There's some nice vanilla 
    support here if you were thinking about making a Vanilla Beatdown deck.  
    Dark World decks can also be good if made correctly, and you now have 
    access to a pretty decent draw engine of Broww + Dark World Dealings.  
    Another deck you can now make is a 6SAM deck (albeit missing 
    Grandmaster), since you have the lower level monsters, a decent bit of 
    support, and Great Shogun Shien available to you.  If you were working 
    on a Demise deck, Advanced Ritual Art is a nice addition.  Hero City is 
    at the backbone of a Big City Elemental Heroes deck utilizing it along 
    with Stratos and Ocean for big amounts of card advantage.  The 
    Transmigration is an interesting card that might be more useful once 
    you're playing against Tier 1 and 2 decks.  It can remove scary cards 
    from your opponent's graveyard and make effects fizzle in the same way 
    as D.D. Crow, or it can be used to return important monsters from YOUR 
    graveyard to your deck so they can be re-used.
    Back in Story Mode, you're on the top floor of your HQ and you can now 
    duel against Jack and Yusei, although unfortunately only once each.
    Jack Atlus
    Dragons' Lair
    Well...I can't call his Dragon deck a crappy deck, but it certainly 
    does have enough weak card choices to make it difficult for him to do 
    most of the good Dragon combos.  Just play strategically without making 
    any huge errors and you should be fine.  By this point your deck should 
    be good enough to handle what he has.
    Yusei Fudo
    Rallying Warriors
    Yusei is capable of some wicked Junk Synchron combos to bust out some 
    very powerful Synchro monsters.  If you can avoid his Synchro monsters 
    you'll have far less trouble beating him.  Therefore, I suggest saving 
    at least some monster destruction effects for those nasty white-
    background critters.
    After defeating Jack and Yusei, they'll each give you a card (I 
    remember Yusei gives you Quillbolt Hedgehog, but can't remember what 
    card Jack gives you.  It wasn't anything all that good.)  Head outside 
    and you'll find Kalin beating up on some poor kid.  He makes the kid 
    cry and starts shouting out him.  Seriously, dude has gone off his 
    rocker, he's off the deep end, nutso, crazy, insane . . . you get the 
    picture.  If you attempt to go near him, he'll shoo you off quite 
    forcefully.  Head back inside to tell the rest of the gang what 
    happened.  Crow will rush out and give the kid a chance to run for it 
    before getting into quite the spat with Kalin.  End of argument, Crow's 
    out.  He's leaving the team.  Good job making your friends feel 
    alienated Kalin . . . and that's enough to make Jack leave as well.  
    Once again, you have no say in the matter but your character leaves as 
    well, and the game presses on to -The Next Day-.
    Head east a bit from Crow's shack to find Crow.  He wants to tell you 
    the story of the partially finished bridge in the area.  As he finishes 
    the story, Annie runs up to the 2 of you to warn you that Kalin has 
    picked a fight with Securities!  Bad move, Kalin.  Time to go rescue 
    him!  He's at the hideout where you fought your 1st turf war.  Head 
    back to your HQ to find Yusei and tell him what happened.  Jack and 
    Crow join you shortly and you all head over to the place together.
    The team will split up from you.  Head east and go upstairs.  It's time 
    for yet another episode of "Metal Gear Duelist" but just be glad that 
    it's still fairly watered-down.  Wait for the guard to start heading 
    north, and then walk (DON'T RUN) past him and head up the stairs on the 
    west side.  On the next level, head into the 1st room you come to.  
    Remember long ago when I told you to remember that this room had a 2nd 
    exit?  Take that exit now in order to get around the guard.  That will 
    allow you to meet up with Yusei.  The 2 of you head into the room to 
    find Kalin standing over a beaten officer.  Kalin is spewing some 
    nonsense about defeating securities so that you can "truly" conquer all 
    of Satellite.  Securities are close on your heels though and you all 
    need to make a run for it back to your HQ.
    Back at HQ everyone is arguing over what should be done, when suddenly 
    sirens go off and everyone realizes that you've been tracked down.  
    Yusei manages to come up with an idea though.  He'll have Crow, Jack, 
    and Kalin escape out the back while taking the blame for everything and 
    leaving you to tell the others what happened . . . too bad that's not 
    how it ends up going down.  Kalin got caught, and thought that Yusei 
    had turned him in to save his own hide.  Well, that's 1 friendship 
    that's going down in flames. =/
    You wind up back at Crow's hut.  You could head over to the Duel Runner 
    shop now and pick up the following:
    Gamma Frame III (2000 DP)
    DWE-2000 Engine (600 DP)
    KPC-450 CPU (600 DP)
    Overheat (500 DP)
    Feather III (1200 DP)
    Accelerator/Turbo Chip III (750 DP each)
    Remember how I said upgrading your Duel Runner can get expensive?  Do 
    you understand now that what I said was true?  At this point, a 
    complete overhaul of your Duel Runner is gonna cost you over 5500 DP!!  
    However, if you haven't S Ranked in everything yet, this stuff will 
    pretty much guarantee that you can do it now.  These races right now 
    are to get you familiar with racing for later, while also getting you 
    speed spells and some extra DP.  It will all be worth it later on.  
    Head back to Crow's hut and talk with him to end the day.
    While you dream, you hear a voice from the Spirit World.  It tells you 
    that you need to save a girl who can then save the Spirit World from 
    corruption.  Yes.  You are going looney in the head.
    When you wake up, Itsuki is there to greet you.  Head outside and 
    you'll meet up with Crow.  Sayer is watching your conversation about 
    seeing the Spirit World in a dream, and decides that he wants you for 
    himself . . . what?  Did you forget that all of this is only a 
    flashback?  Jeez, pull yourself together man!  Anyway, Sayer uses his 
    psychic powers to activate a real effect of Brain Control to take over 
    your mind . . . and the pendulum swings forward.
    Back at the Arcadia movement you are starting to regain consciousness 
    and Sayer wants to hit you with a stronger does of brainwashing but is 
    once again dissuaded from doing so by Seria.  Suddenly, an intruder 
    appears in the building and you end up in a holding cell.  Meanwhile, 
    you hear the voice again and you drift into the Spirit World...
    VII. Chapter 3
    Well, you're in the Spirit World and there's no save point just yet.  
    Head east and you're blocked by a tree.  Head to the west side of the 
    screen and pick up the rod sticking out of the ground to find out it's 
    called a Minus Staff.  Head over to the east side again and use the 
    Minus Staff on the tree there to shrink it away.  A save point will 
    appear in the southern portion of the screen, but you have no access to 
    your decks at this time, or anything else for that matter, so let's 
    trudge ahead east a screen.
    This is another puzzle.  Grab the Minus Staff in front of you, then 
    head north and grab the Minus Staff there.  Go all the way to the north 
    and head up to the waterfall and use the Minus Staff on the waterfall 
    to reverse its flow and dry up the river.  Head down along the south 
    side.  You may notice that there's a prize box in a tree but don't be 
    fooled!  All the prize boxes in this area are empty!!  Head east and 
    then cross the dried-up river where you can.  Head north and grab the 
    Minus Staff there.  The door won't open unless the river is running, so 
    head west a bit and fix the bridge on this side of the bank, then cross 
    the bridge and head back over to the waterfall to repair it with 
    another Minus Staff.  Head back across the bridge and exit to the 
    northeast now that the door is open.
    You'll find yourself in a town and will meet up with a pipsqueek chibi-
    Dark Magician named Torunka.  He has you hide from some monkeys, then 
    he gives you Your Deck.  Don't ask why he has it or how he obtained it.  
    It's a mystery that you'll never know the answer to.  Now that he's 
    given you a deck, he wants you to duel.  Before you do, there is now a 
    Save Point to the north that you can use.  For now, I suggest heading 
    back to WC Mode where new opponents are waiting for you since the 
    completion of the last chapter!  You've also unlocked tournament mode 
    which I'll get to shortly as well.  For now, beat these guys 3x each:
    Koa'ki Meiru Valafar
    Discarded Lives
    He uses some Koa'ki Meiru monsters, but his main strategy is just to 
    beat you down with some high ATK monsters while using cards like Giant 
    rat to maintain field presence.  He does have a strong array of s/t 
    cards including Mirror Force and Book of Moon, so watch out for those.
    Ally of Justice Decisive Armor
    Justice is Righteous
    He runs Dimensional Fisure, so beware not to use decks that rely too 
    heavily on the grave.  Other than that, he runs Ally of Justice 
    monsters who aren't too terribly powerful unless he uses DNA Surgery to 
    change all your monsters to LIGHT attribute . . . and on that note try 
    not to run too many LIGHT monsters when playing against him.  He 
    shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    Defeating Decisive Armor 3x unlocks Explosive Magician as a WC mode 
    opponent.  We'll get to him later...
    Jurrac Meteor
    Facing Extinction
    He uses a Jurrac deck, which is basically going to run like a beatdown 
    deck so expect to face a bunch of monsters with pretty decent stats.  
    He's got a pretty decent s/t lineup to back them up, but overall his 
    deck shouldn't leave you shaking in your boots.  Just watch out for the 
    fact that he has Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai, which he will chain to 
    deal you Burn damage when you try to destroy his monsters.  Since his 
    monsters have pretty decent stats this means that the damage can get 
    pretty high.  If you really want to stick it to him, having Prime 
    Material Dragon in your deck should be enough to give you a complete 
    victory once you summon it.
    Beating Jurrac Meteor 3x unlocks Gravekeeper's Visionary as a WC Mode 
    opponent.  That also should be your 26th unlocked opponent, which gets 
    you a new card pack - World Championship Edition 3!!  Let's take a 
    World Championship Edition 3:
    Belial - Marquis of Darkness
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    Dragon Master Knight
    Fiendish Engine Omega
    Five-Headed Dragon
    Gaap the Divine Soldier
    Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
    Light and Darkness Dragon
    Splendid Venus
    The Big Saturn
    White-Horned Dragon
    Inferno Reckless Summon
    none of value :P
    So, there are some nice gems in this pack.  You now have access to some 
    good Dragon Fusions, Dragon's Mirror, and Future Fusion, and along with 
    White-Horned Dragon and Light and Darkness Dragon (LADD) you could have 
    the beginnings of a Dragon deck.  You also may have the beginnings of a 
    Fatty Fairy deck, although you still need their main card - Valhalla - 
    Hall of the Fallen.  Scapegoat is a great card to use as fodder for 
    your tuners to pick and choose what level of synchro monster you want 
    to summon.  However, the most important thing in this pack is Gorz the 
    Emissary of Darkness!!  This guy is a show stopper.  He will stop your 
    opponent from hitting you with an OTK, and will net you a token along 
    with his own 2700 ATK, all for free as long as your field has been 
    cleared before your opponent attacks.  This guy is staple in many decks 
    so be happy that you finally have a chance to nab him!  Now, back to WC 
    Mode opponents...
    Ancient Sacred Wyvern
    Power of the Deep
    It uses a Fairy deck featuring Valhalla - Hall of the Fallen.  If you 
    can avoid the big beatsticks that Valhalla can summon, however, you 
    really shouldn't have much trouble here.  Packing some s/t destruction 
    effects might do you some good to quickly get rid of Valhalla and 
    Sanctuary in the Sky when they are played.  Also, if it summons a LIGHT 
    monster in attack mode that can't reach over your monsters you can 
    safely assume your opponent has Honest in-hand.  All those big 
    beatsticks in its deck also allows you to sneak by since it has good 
    chances for getting some pretty awful hands.
    Scrapping Ancient Sacred Wyvern 3x unlocks Elemental Hero Neos as a WC 
    Mode opponent.  We'll get to him later...
    Naturia Landoise
    Natural Turtle
    Well, you've played against a Naturia deck before so you should know by 
    now that as long as you watch out for the Synchro monsters you should 
    be fine.  This one can be a bit annoying to finish off thanks to Waboku 
    and Threatening Roar, but in the end those are also a lot of -1 effects 
    that your opponent will be taking so you should be able to overwhelm 
    the cpu with card advantage.
    Whacking Naturia Landoise 3x unlocks The Immortal Bushi as a WC Mode 
    opponent.  Later will we get to him . . . young padawan. ;D
    Great Shogun Shien
    Court of the Shogun
    This is a 6SAM deck.  You've faced them before.  They are capable of 
    some nice OTK's, but if you can destroy your opponent's monsters before 
    he has a chance to swarm the field then you should be safe.
    Conquering Shien 3x unlocks Dark Simorgh as a WC Mode opponent.  Later, 
    later ...
    Explosive Magician
    It's a Spellcaster deck using Secret Village of Spellcasters and some 
    decent Spellcaster monsters.  I suggest either using a few more 
    spellcasters in your deck or go a bit lighter than normal on the number 
    of Spells in your deck.  Also, be aware that he can lock you down by 
    using Royal Decree as well.  If he gets a good hand, you could end up 
    facing a hard time here so don't worry too much if you lose to him.
    Gravekeeper's Visionary
    Gravekeeper Clan
    If you're using a deck that relies heavily on graveyard-related effects, 
    I suggest you change decks for these duels.  Necrovalley will beat you 
    otherwise.  Other than that, make sure you're watching out for the fact 
    that all Gravekeeper monsters are spellcasters and can therefore use 
    Spellcaster support cards.  Considering your deck is probably still not 
    a tier 1 or 2 deck, this opponent could create some problems for you, 
    but you'll beat him with enough attempts and some good use of your 
    cards.  You could also try using Nobleman of Crossout to take out his 
    Spies and Guards, and Caius works really well against this deck since 
    he can also take out Spies and Guards, although removing any of his 
    monsters with Caius will also result in the extra 1000 LP burn damage.
    Elemental Hero Neos
    Neos & Honest
    He uses a deck that is like a Little City deck where he uses some 
    pretty strong LIGHT beatsticks along with Honest to keep you on your 
    toes.  He also has some interesting choices like Super Polymerization, 
    so he can summon an Elemental Hero and if you have an EARTH attribute 
    monster on your field he can use Super Polymerization to fuse YOUR 
    monster with his Hero to form Elemental Hero Gaia.  The best way to 
    deal with this deck is to come with as many ways to destroy his 
    monsters as possible.  You may also want to try to summon a beatstick 
    with >2500 ATK so that you don't have to worry about Neos, whom he has 
    many ways of spamming to the field.  The Colossal Fighter you received 
    earlier (if you followed my advice) is a game winner in these duels.
    The Immortal Bushi
    Immortal Warrior Way
    He uses an all-Warrior-type deck with The Immortal Bushi which will 
    allow him to have a monster on the field every turn for tributing 
    purposes.  I suggest adding Kycoo, Soul Release, or D.D. Crow to your 
    deck since that is the easiest way to disrupt his strategy.  He uses 
    Oppression, and don't be fooled you can't stop Immortal Bushi with it 
    because his effect can activate as many times as it wants during the 
    standby phase, just like Treeborn Frog so you'll only be wasting your 
    LP.  You can also be relieved to know that he can't summon more than 1 
    Immortal Bushi in the same Standby Phase, so it's only 1 monster per 
    turn you'll have to deal with.  The only other thing to note of 
    interest is that he uses Solidarity, which can be quite the nuisance, 
    so don't want to skimp on s/t control for this duel either.
    Dark Simorgh
    Alluring Simorgh
    Simorgh's effect will stop you from setting all cards, which means your 
    trap cards become useless and you have to summon all your monsters.  If 
    he has Anti-Spell Fragrance on the field, then both your spells and 
    traps become useless.  I suggest running D.D. Warrior Lady, Exiled 
    Force, and other cards that you think can combat this combo.  The only 
    other thing you can do if he brings out this combo is to either have a 
    s/t card already face-down on the field beforehand, or summon a monster 
    with 2700+ ATK (I smell a Gorz).  Chaos Sorcerer and Caius are other 
    ways to combat him as well.  Another option is to use Kycoo and Soul 
    Release to stop him from ever summoning Simorgh in the 1st place.
    Okay, that's all the back-to-back dueling for now.  We could go do the 
    Tournament a few times, but unlike in WC2009, in WC2010 it doesn't 
    unlock any packs to beat the Tournament several times.  Instead, it is 
    just a good way to gain some DP.  Therefore, let's wait on it until we 
    have a Tier 1 or 2 deck and for now head back to story mode where we 
    still need to duel that little chibi Dark Magician.
    Legendary Magician
    He runs a bunch of Spellcasters and uses many effects that use Spell 
    Counters, which can be annoying if he gets a lot of Spell Counter onto 
    the field.  If you can destroy the cards that have spell counters 
    before he amasses too many, you shouldn't have as much trouble.  Book 
    of Moon is a card that can hugely help you, since when a monster is 
    flipped face-down it loses all it's Spell Counters!
    After beating him, Torunka will give you a copy of Magical Mallet (and 
    yet again, the prizes for winning are sooo worthless!!).  Well, anyways 
    Torunka wants to head to Zeman's castle and you don't have anything 
    better to do, so let's go for it.  He wants you to help him rescue Luna 
    who is trapped there.  Head north and before exiting to the north, 
    check the large fountain in the middle of the square to find a Star 
    Just continue northward until you reach the castle.  There's a guard 
    protecting the front gate, so let's show him how you politely knock to 
    enter (knock him out that is).
    Wondrous Beasts
    He runs a Beast deck featuring Behemoth the King of All Animals and 
    several other strong beatsticks.  His s/t support is decent, but you've 
    seen better by now so he shouldn't be too much of a nuisance for you to 
    handle at this point.
    After beating him up, Eiki will allow you to pass through the gate and 
    Torunka will join up with you again (apparently he got distracted while 
    you were climbing up to the tower).  Next, Torunka will give you his 
    staff, which can be used like a Minus Staff.  So, you are ready to go 
    inside and search for Luna...when Torunka forgets that he never 
    actually asked your name. :P
    Well, you can't go north due to the guard, so your only option is to 
    take the east exit.  From there, do not enter the room to the east (the 
    would continue the storyline and we don't want that, do we?)  Instead, 
    head north to another puzzle room.
    Head west up the stairs to find a prize box containing Card Trader . . . 
    another weak card.  Head north up the other set of stairs, then west 
    and down the stairs.  Push the block here north as far as possible, 
    then east and out of the way.  Push the block north of you, north 1 
    space, then head east, north, up the stairs, west, and down the stairs.  
    Push the block here north 1 space and go east and south around it, then 
    up the stairs and south and down the stairs.  Head around the stairs to 
    the north and push the block here north 1 space then head east through 
    a small passage to reach a prize box containing Junk Synchron, an 
    awesome card if you haven't already received it from its starter pack.  
    Head to the southern set of stairs and climb up them.  Then head 
    northwest and down the stairs.  Push the only block you can touch, 1 
    north.  Again, there is only 1 block you can move and push that 1 north 
    as well.  This will let you reach a prize box containing Royal Decree.  
    Head back up and down the staircases, and go between the 2 southern 
    staircases and head west to reach the prize box in the corner which 
    contains a copy of Dimensional Prison - another awesome card if you 
    haven't already gotten it from a starter pack.  To get the last bit of 
    stuff you'll need to exit and re-enter, then make your way to those 2 
    staircases in the southwest corner.  This time, go above the northern 
    of the 2 staircases and push the block all the way to the north.  This 
    will give you access to a block just to the west of you and push it 1 
    space west.  Push the block north of you 2 spaces north, then push the 
    block west of you as far west as it will go.  Head around the boxes to 
    find a prize box containing a Stuffed Collar Uniform outfit.  Well, 
    that's all to do here.  I strongly suggest heading back to the main 
    entrance room and using the save point there so you don't ever have to 
    do that puzzle again.
    Head back to the eastern room, and this time go into the room on the 
    eastern side there.  Torunka's Staff will allow you to unlock the door.  
    Pop inside and you'll find Luna . . . wasn't that a little too easy?  
    She thanks you for rescuing her and no sooner than rescued, Torunka 
    creates a big commotion and gets captured, so rather than a clean 
    escape, you're going to have to duel for it.
    Synchro Beasts
    He basically uses a Beast beatdown deck and has some nice Beast support 
    cards like?Spiritual Forest, which will protect 1 Beast from being 
    destroyed by battle each turn.  Overall, however, his deck is more just 
    based on a couple combos than anything else.  If you can destroy his 
    key cards, the rest shouldn't be any problem for you at all.
    After beating Zape, he runs off to bring his friends . . . as if you're 
    going to stick around for that long!  And with that, the game goes into 
    a "Scooby Doo" sequence of cat and mouse until you finally all meet up 
    outside in the town square.  Torunka starts boasting about how smart he 
    is . . . freakin' kid needs to learn that when you screw up you should 
    just shut your mouth. :P  So, Luna says she wants to meet Regulus who 
    is in the Forest of Pojar to the east.  At this point, before heading 
    off to Regulus you are able to duel Torunka again, so beat him up a 
    couple more times.  That kid needs to be taught a lesson anyways.  
    Once that business is complete, exit the city to the east.  Continue 
    east another screen and you'll reach another puzzle area.  You may see 
    a prize box on this area, but remember again that all prizes outside 
    around here are EMPTY.  So don't waste your time having to reset to go 
    after them.  From the starting point, grab the Minus Staff and head 
    south and slightly east to find a small pink mushroom.  Use the Minus 
    Staff on it and you'll be able to reach higher places.  Head east and 
    then south to find another Minus Staff.  Then, go to the far eastern 
    mushroom and use the Minus Staff to shrink it and bring yourself down 
    to ground level.  Go north to grab another Minus Staff, and then head 
    south and east to enter the next section of the puzzle.
    On the next screen I'm sure you'd have difficulty telling, but those 
    are rocks held in place by vines.  Go east until you are stopped by the 
    river and use your Minus Staff from the previous section on the vine 
    there to release the rock which will dam up that half of the river.  On 
    the dry river bottom you can find another Minus Staff.  Then head 
    slightly east and use your Minus Staff on the next vine so that the 
    rock comes down and knocks against the tree, releasing 2 more Minus 
    Staffs, which you should pick up.  Use 1st Minus Staff to dam up the 
    west half of the river with another rock, and use the 2nd Minus Staff 
    to remove the shrub in your way to the south.  Head south as far as 
    possible along the dry river bottom to find another Minus Staff, then 
    climb the ladder/broken bridge and use the Minus Staff on the shrub in 
    your way.  Head around it to exit the puzzle area and meet up with 
    However, don't rejoice just yet.  Regulus has been affected by a Minus 
    Staff, so everything you say to him he hears the opposite.  Torunka 
    starts some name calling, and your job is to hold him in place while 
    Luna deals with the Minus Staff.  That means dueling him, of course.
    Lion King's Pride
    If you haven't gotten sick of Beast beatdown decks yet in this arc, 
    then maybe this one will do it for you.  It is once again a deck where 
    he'll summon monsters with good stats but iffy effects in an attempt to 
    crush you with pure might.  Just play strategically and you should be 
    After beating him, Luna free Regulus from the power of the Minus Staff 
    and happiness ensues.  Well, happiness isn't allowed to last long as 
    Luna senses danger from the real world!  Before you both end up leaving 
    the Spirit World, Luna tells you that she is also being held at the 
    Arcadia Movement.  Torunka makes it so you can use his staff in the 
    real world just before leaving.
    -End of Chapter 3-
    VIII. Chapter 4
    You wake up at the Arcadia Movement with Carly trying to bust down the 
    door.  She's been held prisoner in the room adjacent to your's.  
    However, you need not be worried about that for now.  Use the save 
    point and head over to WC Mode.  There are new opponents here, and more 
    importantly, 2 new card packs - Cyberdark Impact and World Championship 
    Edition 2.  Cyberdark Impact was unlocked from having at least 200 
    total duels, which if you've followed my advice you should have at 
    least that many by now.  World Championship Edition 2 is unlocked by 
    having 12 CPU Tag Team opponents unlocked, and that would have happened 
    just by completing this much of the storyline.  Now, let's check these 
    packs out!
    Cyberdark Impact:
    Alien set
    Allure Queen LV set
    Cyberdark set
    Snipe Hunter
    Vanity's Fiend
    Vanity's Ruler
    Instant Fusion
    none of value
    Well, technically there are a bunch of cards you could use to make a 
    Chain Burn deck from this pack, but Burn really isn't a very good 
    strategy nowadays so I don't suggest it.  If you've been using a 
    Monarch deck (like me), then Vanity's Fiend is something you could 
    consider as an interesting addition to your deck.  The other major card 
    of note in this pack is Instant Fusion, which you can use to summon a 
    Fusion monster of various levels, and then you can summon a tuner and 
    have a Synchro Summon for the level of Synchro monster basically of 
    your choosing.  It's a neat trick and it only costs you 1000 LP.
    World Championship Edition 2:
    Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
    Destiny Hero - Malicious
    Destiny Hero - Plasma
    Elemental Hero Divine Neos
    Elemental Hero Stratos
    Evil Hero set
    Gaia Plate the Earth Giant
    Dark Calling
    Destiny Draw
    Hidden Armory
    Dimensional Prison
    It's been awhile since I've gotten to say this, so here it is - BY 
    THESE PACKS!!  By them until you are blue in the face!  Destiny Draw 
    provides you with your 1st top tier draw engine!  Chimeratech Fortress 
    Dragon is an excellent card to have in your extra deck, because it can 
    be summoned using monsters on either side of the field, so all there 
    needs to be is a Cyber Dragon and another Machine.  Dandylion is a huge 
    card that will give you tribute fodder for Monarchs, or synchro fodder 
    for tuners.  Destiny Hero - Malicious is an awesome monster who can 
    special summon a free copy of himself.  He's 6-star, so a 2-star tuner 
    let's you create an 8-star synchro monster with ease!  Plasma is 
    another nice monster because he works with Destiny Draw, Trade-In, and 
    Allure of Darkness for mega draw ability.  If you can summon him, he 
    also provides you with a Skill Drain effect that only hits your 
    opponent's monsters, and a Relinquished effect to boot!  He can be 
    easily summoned using Scapegoat or Dandylion.
    Now, we can test out all our fun new cards on the new set of WC Mode 
    opponent's we've unlocked!  Yup, it's time for some more dueling.  It's 
    all good though, the more dueling you do, the more DP you'll collect, 
    and there are still plenty of times left where you'll need a handsome 
    amount of DP.
    Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord
    Koa'ki Warriors
    You've faced a Koa'ki deck before, so you should know that it's 
    basically going to be comprised of some ridiculous stat 4-star monsters 
    with good effect, but who may end up being destroyed at the end of the 
    turn if the opponent can't show the proper card.  You should be used to 
    them by now.  They're tough, but you can handle it.  His s/t lineup is 
    pretty hefty, btw.  He has the staples like Mirror Force and Torrential 
    Tribute, and he also has Royal Oppression to shut down your special 
    Fabled Leviathan
    Awoken Powers
    Remember that Fabled in this game is the same as Fiend Roar in the real 
    game.  I don't know why they decided to change the name.  Anyway, the 
    deck deals a lot with discarding cards from both player's hands to 
    power-up or summon monsters.  Individual monsters by themselves 
    shouldn't scare you too much, just worry about your opponent swarming 
    the field.  All Fabled monsters are LIGHT, so watch out for Honest.  
    Your opponent is packing a full 15-card extra deck here so there's 
    plenty to be wary of from that.
    Dominating Leviathan 3x unlocks Elemental Hero Absolute Zero as a WC 
    Mode opponent.  We'll deal with him later.
    Evil Hero Dark Gaia
    Fiends & Stones
    Your opponent is going to attempt to OTK you by summoning a high ATK 
    Dark Gaia.  I suggest that if you have Royal Oppression, put it in your 
    deck at this time.  It will completely destroy him.  If not, I suggest 
    Book of Moon since flipping him face-down will reduce his stats to 0/0, 
    and Dark Bribe and Solemn Judgment for negating Dark Calling and Dark 
    Fusion.  You could also run Threatening Roar and Waboku to give 
    yourself a way to survive after he tries to OTK you, then make your 
    comeback on the next turn.  The last option is to just try to beat him 
    quickly before he can gather the necessary materials to summon Dark 
    Gaia.  This I think is probably also your 1st opponent to have Gorz in 
    deck, so watch out for that as well when attacking a clear field.
    Stoning Dark Gaia 3x unlocks Fabled Ragin as a WC Mode opponent.  Later 
    on we'll look at him.
    Lava Golem
    Return to Me
    Your opponent will tribute YOUR monsters for cards like Volcanic Queen 
    and Lava Golem who get summoned to your side of the field.  The good 
    news for you, is that the programmer screwed up on this one, and if the 
    cpu has multiple Volcanic Queens in-hand, he tribute your monster, then 
    tribute the Volcanic Queen he just gave you for another Quen, so on and 
    so forth, losing him tons of card advantage.  Anyway, after giving you 
    a card that can potentially burn you every turn, he'll then start 
    attempting to stall you so you can't attack and just take burn damage.  
    To stop that, be sure to include plenty of s/t removal for these duels.
    Blazing through Lava Golem 3x unlocks Raiza the Storm Monarch as a WC 
    Mode opponent.  We'll take him on later.
    Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
    The Three Baboons
    Yes, I know you're probably sick of Beast decks by now, but here's 1 
    more.  Due to a newer ruling, Green Baboon cannot be summoned if a 
    Beast is destroyed by battle, because he cannot be activated during the 
    damage step.  That makes it much easier to beat this deck.
    Spanking Green Baboon 3x unlocks Archlord Kristya as a WC Mode opponent.  
    More on her later.
    The Dark Creator
    Monsters Only
    Well, I would say use Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror against him, but you 
    don't have access to that yet.  Royal Oppression should work well here 
    though, along with Kycoo and Soul Release and any other ways you have 
    to remove cards from your opponent's graveyard.  Be warned, he runs 
    Zombies, and makes use of most of their more powerful combos, so you'll 
    need to stay on your toes for these duels.  This will probably be 1 of 
    the more powerful decks you've come across up to this point.  He 
    doesn't run much of anything in terms of s/t support cards, so you 
    should be focusing your deck more on destroying and removing from play 
    monsters.  He also runs both Gorz and Tragoedia, so watch out for both 
    of those monsters when you go to attack him.
    Deconstructing The Dark Creator 3x unlocks Swap Frog as a WC Mode 
    opponent.  Later we will deal with zeh Frog.
    Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
    Freeze & Crush
    Absolute Zero can be formed using any Elemental Hero and a Water 
    attribute monster.  He has 2500 ATK and when he is removed from the 
    field he destroys all of your monsters on the field!  That's quite a 
    lot to deal with.  I suggest using a control deck, and not summoning 
    too many monsters at a time, then destroy him with an effect like 
    Fissure, Smashing Ground, or Lightning Vortex before you start 
    summoning monsters again.  Your only other option is to attempt to 
    negate Miracle Fusion and Polymerization when your opponent plays them.  
    There is some good news here, however.  He likes to use Polymerization, 
    which means he takes a -2 to card advantage in order to summon Absolute 
    Zero, so if you lose only 1 card when you destroy him, you'll end up 
    ahead in the card count.  The worst thing about this opponent is that 
    he can always end up drawing into Miracle Fusion, which means an 
    instant Absolute Zero.  Now, all this being said there are still 
    chances for you to watch some bad programming here.  The cpu will 
    sometimes use an Absolute Zero on the field as a monster to summon a 
    2nd Absolute Zero.  I once saw the cpu go 1st in the duel, summon 
    Absolute Zero with Polymerization, ditch King of the Swamp for a 2nd 
    Polymerization, and use his Absolute Zero with another monster to 
    summon a 2nd Absolute Zero, which became the only card on his hand and 
    field while I had yet to make a move.  That was an easy duel.
    Fabled Ragin
    Rage ON!
    You've faced a Fabled deck before, so you know the only real threat to 
    worry about is getting swarmed with monsters.  Mirror Force, Torrential 
    Tribute, and Lightning Vortex should all help you out here.  The only 
    difference this time is that your opponent also uses some Dark World 
    monsters which have good synergy with the deck-type.
    Raiza the Storm Monarch
    Common Emperor
    He uses a fairly standard Monarch deck with a few interesting card 
    choices like Mother Grizzly for searching out Treeborn Frog and Trap 
    Stun so that Bottomless Trap Hole doesn't hit is Monarchs.  1 of his 
    best plays is to use Soul Exchange on your monster and then tribute it 
    for a Monarch.  The problem with his deck, however, is that he runs too 
    many Monarchs!  This is great for you because it means he has many 
    chances to wind up with dead, useless hands.  The only thing you really 
    need to fear in that case is Treeborn Frog, but if you can get rid of 
    it with Kycoo or D.D. Crow then you are all set.  Another card you can 
    add to your deck for these duels is Pulling the Rug, which will destroy 
    a Monarch when it is summoned AND NEGATE ITS EFFECT!  It is good stuff.  
    Oh, 1 last thing to note is to watch out for Tragoedia.
    Archlord Kristya
    No Special Summon
    Archlord Kristya can be special summoned when there are exactly 4 
    Fairies in the grave.  It can then bring a Fairy back to the hand and 
    while it is on the field neither play can special summon monsters.  
    When it is sent to the grave, it is instead returned to the top of the 
    deck.  This is currently 1 of the most powerful cards in the game.  It 
    even allows her to re-use Honest from his grave many times.  She'll use 
    Valhalla to make it so she can summon other big fairies as well very 
    easily.  My best suggestion is to use D.D. Crow and Kycoo to try to 
    manage your opponent's grave and, even if you can't take out all the 
    Fairies, at least get rid of the Honests so that she can't keep on re-
    using them.
    Swap Frog
    Frog Panic
    The main purpose of a Frog deck is to bring out 2 copies of Dupe Frog 
    so that you can't attack and then support that lock while hitting you 
    hard with Flip Flop Frog and Unifrog.  It's a very powerful strategy 
    and the monsters aren't nearly as weak when they are backed up by 
    Wetlands, Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord, and other powerful cards.  
    Fortunately, your opponent doesn't have a deck that is made that well.  
    However, that being said the deck is still good enough that since you 
    aren't running a Tier 1 or 2 deck still in all likeliness it could be 
    very troublesome.  Assume that face-down monsters have 2000 DEF unless 
    you know the monster is a Flip Flop Frog.  You'll need a balanced deck 
    with both monster and s/t destruction cards if you want to survive 
    these duels.  This opponent takes a different route from a regular 
    Froggy deck and instead goes with using Wetlands and Solidarity to be 
    able to summon 3000+ ATK monsters almost every turn.  It can be 
    somewhat intimidating, but again if you just destroy those spells then 
    there isn't much to worry about.
    Well, if you've had enough fun for now, then let's get back to the 
    Story Mode.  If you remember when we last left off you were just waking 
    up at the Arcadia Movement with Carly trapped in the room adjacent and 
    you need to save Luna who is also trapped there somewhere.  You can 
    leave the room by unlocking the door with Torunka's Staff.  Head west a 
    bit and as you pass by Carly's rom she'll beg you to open it up.  As 
    usual, you don't receive the choice to simply let Carly suffer 
    (mwahaha) so you use Torunka's Staff to unlock her door as well.  When 
    she comes out she recognizes you instantly, and then rushes out, 
    dropping "Carly's Top Secret Memo".  Apparently, both Jack Atlus and 
    Director Goodwin are originally from Satellite (although you already 
    knew as much about Jack).
    If you try to leave the area, Liquid will catch you, so what you need 
    to do instead is click the status just southeast of him a couple times 
    at you will knock it over and he will go to pick it up.  That's when 
    you can make your walk for it (DON'T RUN!!).  Head into the room just 
    off to the west and check the bed to find 600 DP.  Now, head west 2 
    screens.  As you approach the 1st door, Luna will cry out to you and 
    again the game won't give you the choice of letting her suffer =( so 
    unlock the door with Torunka's Staff.  Luna jumps out and thanks you 
    and calls you her personal body guard.  She wants you to do another 
    favor for her, and that is to rescue her brother Leo who is also being 
    held captive (jeez, how many people do these Arcadia dolts capture 
    everyday??).  Suddenly, Yusei is there (wtf???) and he bumps into you 
    and Luna.  He rushes you both back into Luna's room to escape some 
    guards.  Well, you both fill Yusei in on what has happened.  Yusei is 
    here to help out Akiza too, and he'll want your help after Leo is 
    rescued.  To be sure you are able to sufficiently help, he gives you 
    Your Deck, which apparently he must've found somewhere and has been 
    saving on the off-chance that he would randomly bump into you (go 
    figure, but that's how many people who have handed you your deck out of 
    nowhere now??).  Yusei also gives you an Elevator Key Card made by 
    Blister, who you would know if you played WC2009.
    To get around the guard here, wait until he is heading south, and then 
    start moving west and pass him from the north side.  There's nothing to 
    hide behind so you can't wait for him to start moving north here.  
    There's nothing in the 1st room you come upon, and as you come up to 
    the last room, Luna joins up with you . . . as does Sayer.  He sends 
    Liquid and Okita after you, both of whom have been brainwashed using a 
    different process that he next intends to be used on you.  It's time 
    for a Tag Duel. =/
    Psychic Crush
    Psychic LABO
    Their decks ain't shabby and, well, your partner doesn't exactly have 
    the best deck around. =/  This is more an example of "I hope you saved 
    beforehand".  There is some good news here though.  Sometimes the cpu 
    will use up a bunch of psychic cards unnecessarily, and that can badly 
    damage your opponent's LP, often enough that you don't need much more 
    damage to win.
    After beating them, Okita and Liquid come to their senses and realize 
    how evil the Arcadia Movement is.  Therefore, they are now ready to 
    help you out in any way they can and will be waiting for you on the 1st 
    floor.  Next, the game will force you to go and use Torunka's Staff to 
    unlock Leo's door and the twins will be reunited!  Oh happy days. :P  
    Don't forget to save before heading over to the elevator.
    The game will skip over to Carly lieing on the floor in Sayer's office.  
    Sayer is standing over her and Okita comes in and reports that he's 
    captured you.  A dark cloud begins to envelope Carly...
    And the game flips over to you and the twins again.  They're safe now 
    and they remind you to go help Yusei and Akiza.  I suggest heading over 
    to your old room and saving before continuing so you don't have to 
    watch any of that again.  Head back into the elevator and you'll re-
    enter the upper floor . . . and bump right into Sayer!  He's not gonna 
    let you get away this time ... unless you beat the crap outta him in a 
    duel, that is!
    Psychic Syndicate
    Obviously, his deck contains pyschic monsters.  Most of those monsters 
    have very good effects, but they tend to cost a lot of LP to use those 
    effects.  He does have ways to regain LP, but if you can get a few good 
    hits in after clearing away his monsters, he eventually won't have 
    enough LP left to survive off of.  This shouldn't be too difficult if 
    you've got a halfway decent deck.
    Sayer, sore loser that he is, uses a spell card with his psychic powers 
    to try to directly knock you out.  Too bad for him you have Torunka's 
    staff, which repels his attack back at him!  From here, head off to the 
    east and you'll spot Akiza and Misty Tredwell speaking.  Misty says 
    something about taking revenge on Akiza and now you need to go try to 
    save her!  Save at 1 of the save points before returning to the 
    elevator yet again.  Sayer will wake up as you enter the elevator, and 
    then he will be suddenly confronted by a quite different looking Carly.  
    She is ready to take revenge on Sayer with the powers of a shadow duel!
    Meanwhile, you meet up with Akiza and Misty explains that her little 
    brother died because of Akiza.  Yet again, the game switches up screens 
    on you so that you can watch Carly takes down Sayer!  An enormous beast 
    appears outside the building and Akiza can only watch as Sayer falls to 
    his doom!  Misty decides to postpone the duel as the building is 
    collapsing, and Yusei meets up with you and Akiza to get you 2 out of 
    the building.  The game switches scenes again, this time over to Jack, 
    who is outside and finds Carly's glasses, laying on the ground and 
    shattered.  Apparently, Jack really does care for Carly as he goes into 
    a rage trying to find her, even shooing off his secretary, Mina.  
    Another scene change revealing you, Yusei, and Akiza just barely making 
    it safely out of the building.  Yusei decides to head to Blister's 
    apartment with the 2 of you and find a doctor for Akiza.
    At Blister's place, Yusei tells you that Akiza should be fine.  You 
    fill Yusei in on the rest of the story, and Yusei tells you that the 
    monster you saw at the Fortune Cup (seems like ages ago by now, doesn't 
    it?) is actually the Crimson Dragon and he explains to you about a duel 
    he had with some guy with a spider tatoo.  Suddenly, Blister barges 
    into your conversation and asks you to take a package to the Bootleg, 
    which is east from his place.  It's kinda hard to say no after all he's 
    done for you, but that doesn't mean you have to take off right away!  
    Save at the save point in this room, then head over to WC Mode, where 
    you'll find a new card pack waiting for you - Tactical Evolution!
    Tactical Evolution:
    Alien Shocktrooper
    Doom Shaman
    Elemental Hero Darkbright
    Elemental Hero Neos Alius
    Frost and Flame Dragon
    Necro Gardna
    Neo Space Pathfinder
    Rainbow Dragon
    Ritual Raven
    Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
    Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes
    Venom set
    Zombie Master
    Convert Contact
    Venom Swamp
    Common Charity
    Damage = Reptile
    Gift Card
    Snake Deity's Command
    This pack has some gems.  You may notice I include Gift Card as a good 
    card in this pack.  That is because there are 2 cards (Nurse Reficule 
    and Bad Reaction to Simochi) who can turn that +3000 LP into a 3000 
    damage card!  It's a fun deck to make, and 1 of the better burn decks 
    imo.  Convert Contact is a huge card, and is now the 2nd major draw 
    engine you've come upon.  If you have any use for running Neo-Spacians 
    in your deck, this is a great draw engine for speeding your deck up.  
    If you haven't gotten Zombie Master from 1 of the structure decks he is 
    in, you can get him here.  You could also use this pack to create a 
    Venom deck or a Venom Burn deck.  Note that Vennominon has 0 ATK, 
    not ???? ATK, so if you take any amount of damage in a battle with 
    Damage = Reptile out on the field, you can instantly summon him from 
    your deck!  Neos Alius is another really good card who can help you 
    create the beginnings of a Little City deck once you get more of the 
    necessary cards.  You've faced a deck before that utilized Frost & 
    Flame Dragon, so you should know that he's a decent monster, although 
    it is difficult to make a good deck around him.  Lastly, the big kahuna 
    of this pack is Necro Gardna!  This guy stops OTK's like it's nobody's 
    business.  He loses you no card advantage and can also protect your 
    monsters from unwanted attacks.  He is a great addition to any deck 
    that has ways of efficiently getting him to the graveyard.
    Now, let's had back to the Story Mode.  Exit the room you're in with 
    Blister and Yusei.  On the far west side of the hallway, check the 
    ground for a Star Chip.  You can't enter Akiza's room for now, so take 
    the elevator and exit the building.  Just west of where you come out is 
    a Duel Runner shop, but they don't have any new parts yet.  Just 
    outside the shop is Motoi, and you can duel him and beat him 3x.
    The Ridiculous Chin
    Motoi runs 1 of the 1st Exodia decks you'll have seen.  Run enough s/t 
    destruction to get rid of his stall cards, and try to just swarm the 
    field quickly and finish him off in the 1st few turns.  The longer the 
    duel goes, the better his chances of completing Exodia.  Cards like 
    Trap Dustshoot, Airbellum, and Thestalos can help you out here if 
    you're having trouble.  If you really need more help, run Card 
    Destruction and Morphing Jar.
    Head west a screen and search along the southern wall to find another 
    Star Chip.  Head north on that screen to reach a Securities officer who 
    we can beat 3x.
    Aase's Ten Commands
    Aase runs a Spirit deck.  You've faced them before and this one isn't 
    really too much different from the previous ones.  It might even be 
    slightly easier.
    Head back east and just after you pass Blister's hideout you should 
    come upon Fukuoka.  Kick his butt 3x.
    Slightly Spicy
    His deck uses level 3 and lower Normal (vanilla) monsters and their 
    support cards.  I suggest maining plenty of s/t removal, and some 
    copies of Lightning Vortex.  If you can destroy the support for his 
    vanilla monsters, they won't stand a chance against you.
    Head east to the next screen and you'll see a girl in green.  
    Indiscriminately destroy her 3x.
    Fragrant Kiss
    Ticera runs a deck that seems to use a bunch of random LP Recovery 
    cards so that she can play her big monsters with Mausoleum of the 
    Emperor.  She does have some big hitters, so be ready to face high 
    attack monsters with appropriate amounts of monster removal effects.  
    You can either aim to destroy Mausoleum, or you can just put some big 
    monsters in your own deck and use the effect for yourself.  Keep in 
    mind, because she runs so many hefty monsters, she is also capable of 
    getting some extremely bad hands if Mausoleum isn't on the field or if 
    her LP gets too low.
    Go east of Ticera and open the gate to find Peko.  The challenge here 
    is to win 3 structure duels in a row against this little lady.  Before 
    beginning, check the sign hanging just north of her (this is for just a 
    bit later).  You can choose from any of the structure decks available, 
    and my suggestions for doing this most easily are:
    Starter Deck
    Warrior's Strike
    Zombie World <-- I used this 1
    The Dark Emperor
    Lord of the Storm
    Due to how luck-based structure duels can be, this is 1 of the more 
    annoying challenges of the game.  Best thing that can happen is for you 
    to go up against 2 or 3 easy decks and/or have your opponent end up 
    with 2 or 3 really bad starting hands.  For beating her 3x in a row, 
    Peko will give you a copy of Skill Drain.  However, that's not all you 
    get!  You also get to unlock a new card pack - Absolute Powerforce!!
    Absolute Powerforce:
    Battle Fader
    Consecrated Light
    Cyber Dragon Zwei
    Djinn Cursenchanter of Rituals
    Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals
    Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings
    Drill Synchron
    Drill Warrior
    Gravekeeper's Descendant
    Gravekeeper's Visionary
    Koa'ki Meiru Urnight
    Majestic Red Dragon
    Moon Dragon Quilla
    Oracle of the Sun
    Power Invader
    Reptilianne set
    Sun Dragon Inti
    XX-Saber Garsem
    XX-Saber Hyunlei
    Cards of Consonance
    Gravekeeper's Stele
    Ritual Cage
    Offering to the Immortals
    Saber Hole
    Oh god, where to begin?  Absolute Powerforce is the most recent pack 
    available in this game, and as such it has many absolutely spectacular 
    cards.  I guess I'll just run down the list, starting with 1 of the 
    very best cards available here: Battle Fader.  This guy is just a 
    spectacular card and he isn't even a Rare in these packs so he's easy 
    to find.  He not only stops an opponent's attack, he also special 
    summons himself and ends the Battle Phase.  This can allow you either 
    to tribute him for another monster next turn, or summon a tuner and 
    synchro summon.  Either way, this guy kicks some serious ass and is 
    splashable in many decks.  Consecrated Light is easily the best side 
    deck card released in recent memory.  If you are playing against a Dark 
    deck, Blackwings, or Zombies, this little guy can seriously screw up 
    many of your opponent's moves.  Cyber Dragon Zwei adds some huge things 
    to both Cyber decks and LIGHT Machine decks.  If you are playing with 
    the March 2010 banlist, then Cyber Dragon is also at 2, which makes him 
    even better (however for the purposes of this guide I will be using 
    only the September 2009 banlist).  The Djinns and Ritual Cage are a few 
    of the cards that have brought decks like Relinquished decks back onto 
    the competitive scene in the TCG.  You don't have quite enough of the 
    cards to make the deck yet at this point though.  Drill Synchron and 
    Drill Warrior both have very nice effects if you are playing with a 
    Warrior Synchro deck.  Descendant, Visionary, and Stele have also 
    allowed Gravekeeper's to come back to a competitive setting, and with 
    these you should now have enough to make a very nice Gravekeeper's deck 
    if you like.  It's isn't a bad idea.  The Moon and Sun Dragons may be 
    difficult when it comes to starting their combo, but once you get it 
    going your opponent is going to have a very rough time.  The new XX-
    Sabers and Saber Hole have made Saber decks into a Tier 1 deck-type.  
    Unfortunately, you don't have all the cards necessary to make the deck 
    yet, but you're getting pretty close with this.  Imo, a Saber deck is 
    an excellent Tier 1 deck-type to shoot for.  Dragon decks are already 
    pretty powerful, and Cards of Consonance makes them even better since 
    you can now run both that and Trade-In in a Dragon deck, giving you 2 
    draw engines, and you can potentially run Allure of Darkness as a 3rd 
    draw engine making Dragon decks a very fast and dangerous deck.  Lastly, 
    Offering to the Immortals will allow you to make an excellent 
    Earthbound Immortal deck, once you find some Earthbound Immortals and 
    their other support.
    Now, if your done ogling your new cards, head into the card shop here 
    and test them out against the kid in the shop!
    The Prime Dragons
    Helio uses a LIGHT Dragon deck, and the thing to most watch out for is 
    the fact that he has some fairly powerful Synchro monsters, like 
    Colossal Fighter.  Aside from his Synchro monsters, his deck in general 
    is also pretty respectable.  I suggest a balanced deck to beat him.  
    Watch out for his Honests and D.D. Warrior Ladies.  Also, he has some 
    nice combos with King Dragun, White Stone of Legend, and Blue Eyes 
    White Dragon.
    Remember Helio's name and location.  He can trade you some rare cards 
    after the game ends.  Head south a bit from the card shop to run into 
    Honda.  Rough him up 3x.
    Fresh Catch
    Honda runs a Fish deck, but don't worry it isn't a powerful deck based 
    on Coelacanth with draw engines and tons of speed.  No, this deck's 
    monster lineup is instead the most laughable that you've seen since the 
    beginning of the game!  Seriously, if you don't run over this guy I'm 
    going to wonder what is wrong with you.  The ONLY threat he has is 
    Coelacanth, and that isn't much of a threat because he has only 1 
    Synchro monster so he can't OTK with Coelacanth, and he doesn't have 
    many good ways to summon it.  You can pretty much win the entire duel 
    just by summoning Goyo Guardian or Colossal Fighter.
    From Honda, head south and check the southwest corner to find a copy of 
    Magic Drain. =/  Head east to the next area.  Here, you'll find the 
    Bootleg, which is where you were supposed to deliver Blister's package.  
    Talk to the owner who is behind the bar to give him the package.  While 
    we're in here, you can duel the suit at the north end of the bar and 
    beat him 3x.
    Duel Artist
    Coppola runs a Dark Magician deck that uses a lot of Spellcasters and 
    their support cards.  You should've faced decks similar to this by now, 
    although maybe not 1 quite so dedicated to summoning Dark Magician.  It 
    should be below the level of your deck by now.
    Next, head on outside and you can duel a couple of the guys you passed 
    by on the way into the Bootleg.  Beat them both 3x as usual.
    Wandering Spirit
    Robinson uses a ton of Draw engines with some random Water monsters and 
    support from Umi (not Legendary Ocean).  I'm really unsure what it is 
    he's trying to do with this deck.  He might have Exodia but I never saw 
    any of the pieces.  I beat this guy quickly and easily every time I 
    played him, and I think you should be able to easily do the same.
    Like Robinson, Jean uses a deck packed with many draw engines and I 
    don't know why because he doesn't really seem to be building towards 
    anything in particular.  He maybe has some small bit of a Counter Fairy 
    strategy, but it isn't dedicated enough to worry about it.  Just feel 
    free to crush him.  Don't worry if you get hurt by his Tower of Babel 
    because he's probably not gonna be able to damage you with his monsters 
    anyway.  The only win condition he has is by burning you with Tower of 
    Babel and Curse of Darkness.
    Next, head north 1 area and search the east side of this area to find a 
    Star Chip on the ground.  If you checked the sign in Peko's area, Chief 
    will be here and if you talk with him he will duel you.  
    Facility Chief
    The Facility
    Chief runs an Iron Chain deck, which will attempt to both deck you out 
    and burn you at the same time.  Fortunately, if you get rid of the s/t 
    support cards his monsters are quite weak and unless you are really 
    running a fast deck with a lot of draw engines he probably won't be 
    able to make you deck out, so this shouldn't be too tough.  
    If you defeat him, he'll hand over a copy of Pot of Avarice, which is a 
    nice card but you should probably already have it by now. =/ You can 
    then proceed to beat him 2 more times.  Head back south, and then enter 
    the building in the southeast corner.  There are 2 people in the 
    entrance here for you to fight and beat 3x each.  I'll start with the 
    blue-haired girl.
    Underground Darkness
    Facing off against Angie is much more managable this time than in WC09, 
    because Dark Armed Dragon has become limited since then.  She still has 
    1 of the more decent decks you've seen, but if you play smart you 
    shouldn't find her too terribly difficult.  Oh right, for those of you 
    who didn't play her in WC2009, she runs a DARK deck.  My only big piece 
    of advice is to make sure you always know how many Necro Gardnas she 
    has in her grave so you don't make a huge error in your strategy.
    Surface Light
    Just the opposite of Angie, Morrison uses a LIGHT deck.  However, if 
    you played WC09 don't worry, because unlike then it isn't a Lightsworn 
    deck.  Instead, he is playing with the Fabled (Fiend Roar) monsters, 
    and you've played against those decks before.
    After defeating those 2, head downstairs and check along the center of 
    the southern wall to find a prize box containing 500 DP.  In the 
    northeast corner, check the bar counter to obtain a Star Chip.  There 
    are 2 more people at the northeast corner of this room to duel.  I'll 
    start with the guy this time, and make sure you win 3x against each of 
    Modern Deck
    Corse uses a Genex deck.  They have some nice combos, but all in all 
    the only thing to watch out for are his synchro monsters.  If he swarms 
    you, you could get into trouble, but if you are using a proper deck 
    that maintains control of the field then you should be able to stop him 
    from doing that pretty easily.
    Classic Deck
    Figaro uses a Valkyrion deck . . . which is a great wad of worthless 
    crap.  Seriously, if you can't beat this deck by this point in the game, 
    then you haven't been following my advice very well and you can count 
    yourself as an uber scrub.  Crush her into oblivion!
    With that, you've done all you can for the time being, so head back 
    over to Blister's apartment and report that you delivered his package.  
    Immediately, Blister asks you for another favor and, being the goody 2-
    shoes that you are, you immediately agree.  He wants you to house sit 
    for the night.  Talk to Yusei and you'll go to bed.  Then, in the 
    middle of the night...you wake up.  Head out into the hallway and 
    you'll find Yusei and 2 people with the mark of the Spider.  Someone is 
    controlling them, and Yusei wants you to head to Akiza's room because 
    he senses another duelist in there and Akiza's health is too poor for 
    her to be playing a children's card game. ;D  Well, we're finally able 
    to enter Akiza's room, so before we start talking to people, we should 
    of course investigate the bed she's been sleeping in.  If you search it, 
    you find a bra . . . I mean you find a copy of Nobleman of 
    Extermination.  Okay, nothing else to do here.  Go ahead and beat up 
    Jean, who is the other duelist in the room.  His deck is the same as 
    when you fought him earlier.
    After beating him, Jean will snap out of the control he was under and 
    leave like nothing happened.  Well, Jean snaps out of it, and Akiza 
    simply snaps.  You're gonna have to slap her out of it . . . with a 
    duel.  Wait, didn't we just save her from dueling because her health 
    was too poor?  Her deck is the same as the 1 you dueled so long ago 
    when you were with the Arcadia Movement.
    After winning, Yusei rushes in to calm down Akiza.  Akiza starts up 
    with her sob story (oh woe is me) and Yusei does his "We all love you" 
    speech and everything is cured.  The game skips to -The Next Day-.
    Leave the room and as you enter the hallway you'll see Yusei and Akiza 
    chatting comfortably.  Akiza is doing better, and she feels like giving 
    you a gift - Queen of Thorns.  That's not a bad card if you plan on 
    making a Plant deck later on.  Akiza learns about the brainwashing at 
    the Arcadia Movement, and then Mina (Jack's assistant) suddenly barges 
    in.  She has a message to deliver that Director Goodwin would like to 
    see Yusei and Akiza regarding the Signers and the Crimson Dragon.  As 
    the screen changes, the 3 of you are on the move and meet up with Jack.  
    A little slow on the uptake, Jack takes notice that you're there and 
    says he's gal to see you're alive (wtf? Did he just randomly decide you 
    were dead at some point?).  End of Chapter 4.
    IX. Chapter 5
    Chapter 5 starts with your meeting with Rex Goodwin.  It's a long 
    conversation, so the condensed version is this.  Yusei, Jack, Akiza, 
    and Luna are Signers who need to somehow use the Crimson Dragon to 
    defeat evil.  You aren't a Signer (boo hoo, whatcha gonna do?  Cry 
    about it?).  There are Dark Signers looking to summon the King of the 
    Underworld who wants to destroy the world.  You guys have to defeat 
    them.  They plan on using Old Energy from the B.A.D. Area of Satellite 
    to summon him.  You have to go their and kick their arses using the 
    Signer Dragon cards to shut down the Old Energy.  Ancient Fairy Dragon 
    is currently in enemy hands, so we'll need to do something about that 
    You and Yusei take your leave and meet up with Mina and Trudge.  You 
    decide to leave for Satellite via helicopter.  Control of your 
    character is finally returned to you. Use the save point here, and then 
    flip over to WC Mode.  There are new opponents here as well as 3 new 
    packs!  Phantom Darkness and Light of Destruction are unlocked for 
    getting so far in Story Mode.  World Championship Edition 5 is unlocked 
    for having unlocked 41 opponents in WC Mode.
    Phantom Darkness:
    Armageddon Knight
    Black Veloci
    Blue Thunder T-45
    Cyber Valley
    Dark Armed Dragon
    Dark Horus
    Dark Nephthys
    Destiny Hero set
    Gladiator Beast set
    Rainbow Dark Dragon
    Rainbow Neos
    Sea Koala
    Shadowpriestess of Ohm
    Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
    The Calculator
    The Dark Creator
    The Immortal Bushi
    Yubel set
    Dark Eruption
    Fires of Doomsday
    Gladiator Proving Ground
    Six Samurai United
    Super Polymerization
    Dark Illusion
    Escape from the Dark Dimension
    Offering to the Snake Deity
    Well, lots of awesome stuff in this pack.  Tons of DARK support 
    including the awesomely powerful Dark Armed Dragon!  If you were 
    looking to make a DARK deck, now is the time to do it, although you can 
    also simply spam cards like Dark Nephthys and Dark Armed Dragon into 
    any deck deck that uses some DARK monsters.  On that line, Fires of 
    Doomsday is another card you can spam into deck, and you can either use 
    the tokens for a synchro summon, or for summoning monsters like Caius 
    or Jinzo.  They also provide a decent defense when you don't have any 
    other way to protect your Life Points.  Blue Thunder T-45 is useful in 
    Eltanin and LIGHT Machine decks later on, as is Cyber Valley.  
    Gigaplant is another step toward a Plant deck later on.  Sea Koala is 
    another nice option to summon with Rescue Cat, and it works well in a 
    Beast deck if you've been working on something like that.  You've faced 
    an Immortal Bushi deck before, so you know he goes well in Warrior 
    Synchro decks.  Yubel is an interesting deck-type, although you don't 
    really have all the cards needed to make it right now.  There are a few 
    Gladiator Beast cards in this pack, and they will be useful later if 
    you decide to make an ever popular Gladiator Beast deck.  Six Samurai 
    United is an awesome draw engine for 6SAM decks, and if you've been 
    using a 6SAM deck, this is a staple to add.  Offering to the Snake 
    Deity is the Reptile version of Icarus Attack, and is very useful in 
    any deck using multiple Reptile-type monsters.
    Light of Destruction:
    Arcana Force set
    Batteryman set
    Cloudian set
    Destiny End Dragoon
    Frog set
    Gladiator Beast set
    Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
    Jinzo - Lord
    Judgment Dragon
    Lightsworn set
    Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry
    Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
    Deck Lockdown
    Golden Bamboo Sword
    Light of Redemption
    Short Circuit
    Solar Recharge
    none of value :P
    This pack is freaking awesome.  So much awesome stuff.  Batterymen are 
    a decent OTK archetype who have a nice support card in Short Circuit.  
    Arcana Force 0 - The Fool is a nice stall card for spamming into decks.  
    There's more Gladiator Beast (GB) support here, including Gyzarus who 
    is the key Fusion of any GB deck.  Froggies are an awesome archetype if 
    you build them properly, and you are now only missing a few of the 
    pieces for making them.  Well, I've skirted around them a bit now, but 
    of course last and most important you finally have access to the 
    powerful Lightsworn monsters, Judgment Dragon, and Honest!!  If you 
    want easy sailing for the rest of the game, build a Lightsworn deck at 
    this time.  The only card you are missing from it is Charge of the 
    Light Brigade.  Later on you'll also be able to add in cards like 
    Plaguespreader Zombie and Tradoedia to create the deck that has done 
    best in tournaments for this format - Twilight.
    World Championship Edition 5:
    Armityle the Chaos Phantom
    Elemental Hero set (including Woodsman and Ocean)
    Elemental Hero Prisma
    Evil Dragon Ananta
    Magician's Valkyria
    The Wicked set
    Fiend's Sanctuary
    Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
    none of value :P
    A lot of crap in this deck, but also some VERY good cards as well.  
    Athena, Hecatrice, and Valhalla give you enough cards now to complete a 
    Fatty Fairies deck, although you'll be able to get even more support 
    for it later on.  Prisma I included outside of the E Hero set, because 
    he is useful in so many decks including Gladiator Beasts, whom we are 
    slowly beginning to accumulate enough cards from to build.  Ananta can 
    work with Offering to the Snake Deity that you received in 1 of the 
    other packs recently to allow you to finish up building a Reptile, 
    Venom, or Alien deck.  Marshmallon is an excellent stall card, and 
    Fiend's Sanctuary can stall or give you a tributable token to use in 
    that way or to use as synchro fodder.  Last and most important from 
    this pack is Tragoedia!!  With this, you can now build a Twilight deck!  
    He is also highly splashable in many decks along with Gorz to give you 
    easy ways to stop OTK's while summoning a beatstick who is powerful and 
    has an awesome effect to boot.
    Now that we basically have some Tier 1 and 2 deck-types to work with, 
    I'm going to show you some of what I had at this point, to give you 
    something to aim for.
    1x Celestia
    2x Chaos Sorcerer
    1x Dark Armed Dragon
    1x Garoth
    1x Gorz
    3x Honest
    1x Jain
    2x Judgment Dragon
    3x Lumina
    1x Lyla
    3x Necro Gardna
    1x Ryko
    2x Tragoedia
    3x Wulf
    1x Brain Control
    1x Cold Wave
    1x Foolish Burial
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Lightning Vortex
    2x Monster Reincarnation
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    3x Solar Recharge
    1x Beckoning Light
    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1x Torrential Tribute
    (I'll remind you once again here that you only need 1 copy of a card in 
    order to use Card Password to obtain more copies)
    Alright, alright, alright.  There should be 6 new opponents for you to 
    take on in CPU Duel, so let's start breaking out the new decks I'm sure 
    you made after all those new packs.
    Mist Valley Thunder Lord
    Ogres of the Mist
    He uses a Mist Valley deck.  The point is to return cards from the 
    field to the hand while using cards that can be activated when that 
    happens.  It's a weak strategy and 1 you should have no trouble with at 
    this point.  All you need to worry about are his s/t support cards.
    If you were using the Twilight deck I suggested, then you may have 
    summoned Judgment Dragon at some point, which unlocks Judgment Dragon 
    as a new opponent.
    Ojama Yellow
    Ojama Rangers
    He uses an Ojama deck (obviously), which is capable of using effects 
    that can shut down your ability to swarm, such as Ojama Knight, while 
    swarming the field and hitting you for some heavy damage thanks to 
    Ojama Country and Ojama Delta Hurricane.  It's a pretty decent strategy 
    and can create huge amounts of card advantage, but if you can destroy 
    Ojama Country you'll have a much easier time.  Also, thankfully the CPU 
    doesn't really know how to use the strategy to its highest potential.  
    Other things to watch out for are Honest and Tragoedia.
    Slamming Ojama Yellow 3x unlocks Hundred Eyes Dragon as a WC Mode 
    Ancient Fairy Dragon
    The Ancient World
    I have some difficulty picking apart just what her strategy is.  She 
    uses Geartown, which can summon a 3000 ATK beatstick when destroyed, 
    and she also uses Harpies and other Winged Beast support.  It's an 
    interesting build that is capable of some nice combos, but the 
    consistency is poor and if you can gain control of the field her ways 
    of making big comebacks are limited.  A nice trick you can use to 
    counter Geartown is to hit it with Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust 
    Tornado upon activation so that it isn't considered as being completely 
    activated yet.  You can also run your own Field Spells, and if you 
    activate a Field Spell, Geartown will be destroyed but the last thing 
    to happen was your field spell being activated, so the optional effect 
    of Geartown cannot be used.
    Anihilating Ancient Fairy Dragon 3x unlocks Dragunity Knight - Garearg 
    as a WC Mode opponent.
    Darklord Desire
    Return of the Fallen
    Desire can be tribute summoned using only 1 Fairy and has stats of 
    3000/2800.  His deck utilizes Valhalla as well for another easy way to 
    summon him.  Desire can reduce his own ATK by 1000 to send 1 of your 
    monsters to the grave.  You'll need a balanced deck that uses both 
    monster and s/t destruction to make it through this.  Also, be wary of 
    My Body as a Shield and Solemn Judgment.
    Killing off Desire 3x unlocks Blue Eyes White Dragon as a WC Mode 
    Avenging Knight Parshath
    Piercing Parshath
    It's a bunch of LIGHT Fairy monsters.  Bring monster destruction 
    effects and you should be fine.  Be wary of Honest.  Other than that, 
    you've seen similar decks before.
    Flamvell Fiend
    Untouchable Flamvell
    Flamvell decks rely a lot on combos with Firedog, Magical, and 
    Rekindling.  If you can remove from play those monsters before he can 
    use Rekindling you will have an advantage.  Other than that, you can 
    get quite a ways toward beating him just by planting a 2000+ ATK 
    beatstick on the field.
    Hundred Eyes Dragon
    Darkness of 100 eyes
    Hundred Eyes Dragon is a synchro monster who is quite daunting to go up 
    against.  Your opponent is running a DARK deck with some nice combos 
    like Brain Control + Caius.  He also has Mausoleum and Earthbound 
    Immortals in his deck, which means you absolutely NEED to be bringing 
    some form of monster destruction effects.  His main goal is to summon 
    an Earthbound Immortal, so either have enough effects to destroy them, 
    or go after the field spells that keep the Immortals on the field.  
    This may be your 1st time seeing an Earthbound Immortal, so know that 
    they all have pretty wicked effects, and none of them can be the target 
    of 1 of your attacks.  If your opponent has only an Earthbound Immortal 
    on the field, you cannot attack.  Additionally, all Earthbound 
    Immortals are capable of attacking you directly, and they tend to have 
    high enough stats that this means you can be very dead very quick if 
    you don't get them off the field in a hurry.
    Dragunity Knight - Gadearg
    Dragonrider Knight
    Dragunities equip themselves to other Dragunities in order to protect 
    themselves from being destroyed and they can sometimes set up 
    beneficial effects.  That being said, they aren't that difficult to 
    beat if you simply swarm the field and attack.  They are basically a 
    newer version of Union monsters, and Union monsters were never good.
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    White Dragon Legend
    This deck is totally dedicated to summoning Blue-Eyes White Dragon 
    (BEWD), who is THE old school, 3000 ATK beatstick.  Bottomless Trap 
    Hole will save your butt in these duels, along with most forms 1 for 1 
    destruction.  Other than that, he uses most of the regular Dragon deck 
    combos so watch out for those.
    Garlandolf, King of Destruction
    Resurrection Revival
    Garlandolf runs a Ritual deck whose purpose is to summon Galandolf and 
    protect him with a bunch of the new Ritual support cards.  
    Unfortunately for him, his deck isn't made very well and that can lead 
    to him either getting a god hand or having such a bad hand that he 
    can't play anything. ^_^
    Judgment Dragon
    Inevitable Judgment
    He uses a pure Lightsworn deck.  If you want to really be mean you can 
    just main Light-Imprisoning Mirror and Royal Oppression.  However, his 
    build has some poor choices such as Gragonith, so you probably don't 
    need to go that far.  He does have Charge of the Light Brigade, which 
    gives him a bit more speed than you at this point in the game if you 
    are trying to fight him LS vs LS, so I suggest using a Twilight build 
    like the 1 I listed earlier if you want to go that route.
    Ok, have you gotten a chance to test out all the new cards?  Yes?  Good.  
    On we go.  Head back to story mode and talk with Trudge to take the 
    copter to the B.A.D. Area.  1st priority is to tell Crow you're doing 
    alright, so head back over to his place....is what I'd like to say.  
    Instead, head east and then south, and enter the game zone where you 
    once fought a turf war.  In the 1st room on the north side there is a 
    prize box containing Defender, the Magical Knight.  Now, there's some 
    people here we haven't gotten a chance to beat 3x each.  Let's do so.  
    Ida is in the southwest corner and you should have already beaten him 
    twice, so you just need to beat him once more.  All the duelists here 
    are using the same decks as before, so just use Ctrl+F if you need my 
    hints on their decks.  In the northeast corner is Kuroe who you need to 
    beat 2 more times.  Head north a screen and check the southeast corner 
    for a prize box containing Shrink.  Then, head just north of that box 
    and defeat Kameno 1 more time.
    Exit the building and head east a screen.  Then enter the hideout here 
    where you fought another of your turf wars.  Arashiyama is on the far 
    west side of the room you start in, so beat him 2 more times.  The 
    eastern room with the save point has a prize box now, which contains 
    Magical Hats.  Head up a floor and near the center of the floor is 
    Clock, who you can beat 2 more times.  In the west room on this floor 
    is another prize box, this 1 containing Counselor Lily.  Head up 
    another floor and check the east room for a prize box containing Black 
    Horn of Heaven.  That's about all to see here.  Head back west, and 
    then north 2 screens and enter the other map.  Go through the gate and 
    head north to the Power Plant.  In the 1st room are the guys you dueled 
    1 vs 2 before.  Now you can beat each of them individually 3x each.  
    You've technically played against these guys before, but I'll give you 
    a bit better help now that it's 1 on 1.
    Power Bridge
    His deck focuses on using Equip cards, so if you simply bring some 
    monster destruction often destroying 1 monster can mean getting rid of 
    2 or more cards.  Then, just use your massive card advantage to 
    overwhelm him.
    Igusa's Battle
    Igusa runs a Warrior synchro deck.  Fortunately, the monsters he ends 
    up Synchro summoning tend to not be the more powerful synchro monsters.  
    He also runs Immortal Bushi, who can be a pain if you don't have a way 
    to remove him from the grave.
    When you're done with those 2, head up the stairs to the north and 
    around to the next room.  In here, you can find a prize box containing 
    Twister.  Head up to the next room.  Go north and at the 2 goons, head 
    east for a prize box containing Flamvell Guard.  Now you need to fight 
    those 2 again, 3x each.  They were the other pair you had to do a 2-on-
    1 against before.
    Road of Mitchie
    Mitchie runs a Koa'ki Meiru deck, so expect some very powerful 4-star 
    beatsticks with awesome effects to be coming your way.  Planting a 
    2200+ ATK monster on the field will help you out a lot here.  I also 
    don't suggest running a LIGHT or DARK deck against him, since he has a 
    decent amount of hate against both attributes.
    Powered Bird
    Torino runs a Harpie deck, so I don't suggest running anything other 
    than chainable s/t cards to avoid getting hurt by Harpie's Hunting 
    Ground.  Harpies are a decent archetype, but your deck should be beyond 
    their abilities by now, and he also has a decent number of weak card 
    choices in his deck to boot.
    Head north to the puzzle room, and north some more to exit it.  On the 
    roof, head to the east side to find a prize box containing Penguin 
    Soldier (why couldn't it be anything decent??).  Gushizawa is also here 
    and you can take the opportunity to beat him 2 more times.  Head back 
    over to the save point and use it.  You've just beaten all the gang 
    members 3x and according to the game, that means it's time to 
    celebrate . . . with a new card pack!  Head back to WC Mode to check 
    out The Lost Millennium!
    The Lost Millennium:
    Ancient Gear Golem
    Batteryman AA
    D.D. Survivor
    Elemental Hero set (the vanilla heroes and their fusions)
    King of Skull Servants
    Megarock Dragon
    Reshef the Dark Being
    Ultimate Insect LV set
    Battery Charger
    Brain Control
    none of value :P
    Ok, there aren't a ton of great things in this pack, but there are a 
    few treasures to find.  With the packs you've unlocked up until now, 
    having access to Batteryman AA and Battery Charger means you can 
    finally create a pretty decent Batteryman deck.  Batteryman decks have 
    some wicked OTK's that they are capable of, so if it's your "thang" to 
    win all at once by clearing the field and having 8000+ worth of ATK on 
    the field, you'll probably like them.  If you haven't picked up Brain 
    Control yet from a structure set (really, you haven't?) then you can 
    get it here.  D.D. Survivor is a good card but you could've gotten him 
    just as easily in the Dark Emperor structure set.  Megarock Dragon 
    means you can make a Rock OTK deck, which might be enjoyable, but isn't 
    very competitive.  You could also make a Zombie deck based on King of 
    Skull Servants, but I don't think you have access yet to The Lady in 
    Wight, and I know you don't have access yet to Plaguespreader Zombie or 
    Mezuki, so that might not be worth it.
    Back in story mode, head out of the building and then head south and 
    west to return to the B.A.D. Area.  At this point I had 45 Star Chips 
    so I decided to head over to Chihiro to trade some of them in.  Anyway, 
    when you're ready, head east and over to Crow's shack.  Yusei will 
    enter with you for your surprise visit to Crow, and he will do all the 
    talking to fill Crow in on the current situation.  Crow informs you 
    that there have been some mysterious disappearances in the Satellite 
    area recently.  Yusei leaves for the hideout, and Crow goes to retrieve 
    your Duel Runner.  Crow wants to duel you in a Turbo Duel.  You haven't 
    created a deck for that yet likely, but you should have some Speed 
    Spells from the racing I had you do earlier.  Your best bet is to use a 
    few speed spells along with a Lightsworn deck (who use mainly monster 
    effects anyway) to compete with.  However, before getting into all of 
    that, go save somewhere and return to WC Mode.  Getting this far into 
    the story has unlocked a new pack for you - Acceleration 1st Gear.
    Acceleration 1st Gear:
    Speed Spells:
    Accelerator Draw
    Angel Baton
    Brain Control
    Burial from a Different Dimension
    Emergency Teleport
    Final Attack
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Hammer Shot
    Heavy Storm
    Last Will
    Mind Control
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Pot of Avarice
    Reinforcement of the Army
    Shift Down
    Soul Taker
    The End of the Storm
    Vision Wind
    Slip Stream
    Speed Booster
    With this, you should have enough to make a reasonable Turbo deck.  I 
    still suggest sticking with Lightsworns at this time, but do whatever 
    you like.  There are many good ways to make a Turbo deck.  Also, do 
    please remember that even if a spell card is limited or even banned, 
    that doesn't mean its speed spell is too. =3
    When you feel ready, talk with Crow to begin your Turbo Duel.  Keep in 
    mind, this time you will be using Speed World 2, unlike in WC09, so 
    taking damage won't lose you Speed Counters.  Additionally, if you show 
    a Speed Spell and remove 4 Speed Counters you'll deal 800 damage to 
    your opponent.  Removing 7 let's you draw a card, and removing 10 let's 
    you destroy a card on the field.
    Crow Hogan
    Blackwing Whirlwind
    Keep in mind that like Lightsworns, Blackwing decks also rely heavily 
    on monster effects, so his deck is going to be pretty tough to beat 
    since he doesn't lose much when he can't use normal spell cards.
    If you can beat Crow, he'll give you a copy of Defense Draw as a reward.  
    At this point, the Duel Runner shop finally has some new stuff.  Go 
    ahead and pick up:
    DWE-3000 (engine, 1000 DP)
    KPC-450x (CPU, 1000 DP)
    With these new parts in-hand, let's go ahead and take to the races 
    again to pick up some more speed spells, DP, and to complete any S 
    ranks you have still yet to obtain.  When you're finished, head on back 
    to the B.A.D. Area and go to your HQ to the west.  Yusei will be 
    waiting for you at the front of the building . . . and so will Kalin, 
    but he's no longer the Kalin you once knew.  He is now a Dark Signer 
    hell-bent on kicking your butts!  He announces he'll be waiting at the 
    control unit of the Old Enerdy System.  He also tells you that at 
    sunset the King of the Underworld will awaken to destroy everything!  
    You head off toward the Old Enerdy System and meet up with Jack and 
    Akiza along the way.  You all exchange information, then separate.  The 
    match-ups look like they're gonna be:
    Yusei vs Kalin
    Akiza vs Misty
    Jack vs Carly
    So you won't have to duel, right?  There's no way this game would make 
    you beat all of them yourself, right?  Well, before any of that gets 
    started, Luna and Leo show up and Luna wants you to help her rescue 
    Ancient Fairy Dragon.  You regain control of your character and can now 
    talk with Luna to head off to the Spirit World.  Go ahead and do that.
    When you enter the Spirit World, Torunka is there and ready to receive 
    you.  Bad news, I'm afraid.  Regulus has been captured (and after all 
    that work you did to find and save him before too).  Oh well, wasted 
    effort so concentrate on the task at hand, right?  Exactly.  Let Luna 
    and Torunka go deal with Regulus, you want to be the 1 to beat up the 
    big boss Zeman.  Head north back to Zeman's castle.  This time, you'll 
    be able to head to the northern half of the 1st room.  In the northwest 
    corner is a prize box containing Burial from a Different Dimension.  
    It's finally a nice catch, although there should've already been a 
    couple different ways for you to obtain this card.  Head through the 
    door to the north to enter another puzzle room.
    1st, grab the 2 Minus Staffs near the center and the 1 in the southwest 
    corner.  Use a Minus on the southernmost altar.  When the arrows 
    shuffle, light the southeast altar and grab the Minus Staff there.  The 
    room will shift again and you can light the northeast altar and grab 
    another Minus Staff.  After the next shift, light the central altar, 
    and then head to the northwest altar and light that and grab the Minus 
    Staff.  After that switch, light the southwest altar to finish the job.  
    The room will make a final shift and you can head north and the door 
    will be unlocked.  
    Head north and you'll be confronted by Zeman.  He can't beat you by way 
    of Minus Staff, so instead it of course comes down to a duel (didn't 
    see that 1 coming, did you?).  Before that, in the southwest corner you 
    can find a prize box containing Dark Resonator, a pretty decent tuner.  
    Now head over to Zeman to face-off against him in a duel!
    Apes of the Mountain
    SPECIAL RULE: Lose 500 Life Points at the beginning of each turn.
    The good news is, you'll both be losing Life Points.  If you've been 
    using cards that halve your LP though, like Return from the Different 
    Dimension or Solemn Judgment, I suggest siding those out for this duel.  
    He basically runs a bunch of beatsticks in his deck and that's about 
    all I saw from him.  I beat him pretty swiftly with my Twilight deck, 
    but Monarchs and many other decks should also work fine against him.
    After beating him, he won't quite declare his loss, but Regulus is 
    there to back you up, along with Luna and Torunka.  Regulus grabs your 
    Minus Staff and beats the crap outta Zeman.  Ancient Fairy Dragon shows 
    up (apparently that was enough to free her) and thanks you all for 
    helping save the Spirit World (anti-climactic, much?).  Ancient Fairy 
    Dragon informs you that Leo is now dueling a Dark Signer named Devack 
    (oh this can't be good).  You are also informed that all Dark Signers 
    use Earthbound Immortal cards.  You say your good byes and Torunka 
    sends you back to the real world to help out Leo (I wonder why people 
    from the Spirit World refer to your's as the Real World?).
    I suggest saving so you don't have to go through all of that again.  
    Head east a bit (there's nowhere else to go) and you'll find Leo facing 
    Devack.  Devack wants to face a real Signer now that Luna is here, and 
    Luna is more than ready to oblige after seeing him beat up her brother.  
    Apparently, he's willing to let both of you fight him at the same time 
    though.  Hey, whatever floats his boat.
    Master of the Apes
    He doesn't get any advantages, just like when you went 1-on-2 in your 
    duels.  This should mean that you can just crush him, since your deck 
    should be pretty decent by now and you should be able to create tons of 
    card advantage.  He can use Mausoleum to immediately summon an 
    Earthbound Immortal, so be wary of that.  Fortunately, your partner can 
    get rid of his Field Spell with her own - Savage Colosseum, and if that 
    is backed up by Swords of Revealing Light, all of you opponent's face-
    up monsters (including Earthbound Immortals) will be destroyed at the 
    end of his turn.  Watch out for his Synchro Monster, Zeman the Ape King, 
    since he can basically shut down your ability to attack him and when he 
    is attacking you can't activate spell or trap cards.  Other than him 
    and the Earthbound Immortal Cusillu, there shouldn't be much else to 
    fear from his deck.
    After losing, he begs Roman for forgiveness before vanishing in a puff 
    of dark energy.  Luna and Leo get reunited, Luna seals the control unit 
    and all is well in the world.  Trudge rushes over upon seeing the light 
    from the sealed control unit, and takes Luna and Leo home.  In the 
    place where Devack was standing, you can find a prize box containing 
    Zeman the Ape King (good sauce!).  If you head west a bit you'll be 
    confronted by Greiger, another Dark Signer.  He wants a duel with you 
    to lure out the Signers.  A BIG note here, you need to wait for Greiger 
    to summon an Earthbound Immortal in this duel before defeating him, or 
    else your win won't count!  Also, note that this will be a Turbo Duel!  
    Save 1st!!  For this duel, I created a special Turbo Deck.  I do not 
    suggest using a Lightsworn deck here, because you may very well have to 
    stall until he is able to summon his Earthbound Immortal.  Instead, I 
    went for a Monarch control deck with many ways to get rid of the 
    Earthbound Immortal.  Here is what I used if you are needing help:
    3x Battle Fader
    1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
    3x Caius
    2x Chaos Sorcerer
    1x Cyber Dragon
    1x Dandylion
    1x Dark ARmed Dragon
    2x Dark Resonator
    3x Dimensional Alchemist
    1x Gorz
    1x Gravekeeper's Guard
    2x Gravekeeper's Spy
    2x Legendary Jujitsu Master
    1x Marshmallon
    1x Morphing Jar
    1x Raiza
    1x Sangan
    2x Tragoedia
    Speed Spells(7):
    1x Brain Control
    2x Hammer Shot
    2x Pot of Avarice
    2x Soul Exchange
    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Torrential Tribute
    Terror of the Deep
    BEAT HIM OR YOUR WIN WON'T COUNT.  That being said, a regular old stall 
    deck probably won't work here because he uses plenty of Burn cards, so 
    you'll still have to be pretty active if you want to beat him at all.
    After beating him, Greiger tells you that he heard voices in his head 
    telling him that revenge is a bad thing, then he too disappears in a 
    puff of black energy.  The game will then swap out to a new scene of 
    Yusei and Kalin in a turbo duel.  The game apparently wants you to head 
    over there and help out.  Meh, what a pain.  If you don't attempt to 
    pick up any of the cards on the track, you can just stay near the side 
    and won't hit any of the obstacles, but the only thing you really need 
    to worry about is at the end of the race when the Earthbound Immortal 
    begins attacking you.  It's extremely annoying, and the only way to get 
    through easily is to constantly swerve from left to right so that its 
    hand simply follows you and never attacks.  This could result in you 
    scraping against the sides a few times, but it is much better than 
    having the race end after the Earthbound Immortal hits your directly.
    In the new screen, save and head over to Yusei near the middle and 
    he'll tell you his Duel Runner broke down (a likely story), and Kalin 
    comes over to say that broken Duel Runner or not, Yusei still needs to 
    duel.  You step in to give Yusei a break, however, and Kalin is more 
    than happy enough to duel you.
    Kalin Kessler
    Quaking Giant
    The choice I'll leave up to you on this duel.  I went with a Monarch 
    deck because I felt like it would probably provide me with better top 
    decks, but you can use whatever you feel will serve you best here.  
    Neither of you will start with any cards in-hand, which should make it 
    difficult enough to summon his Earthbound Immortal.  Too make things 
    even more annoyingly painful for you, Kalin runs an Infernity deck.  It 
    is a good archetype by itself, but since most of its monsters benefit 
    from having no cards in the hand, this duel can get extremely dangerous 
    for you very quickly if he draws the wrong cards early in the game.  A 
    good way to defend this is with cards like Gravekeeper's Guard and 
    Compulsory Evacuation Device, which can both mess with the Infernity 
    strategy pretty nicely.
    After losing, Kalin goes into his "death sequence" where he 
    dramatically dies in Yusei's arms with some awesome parting words.  
    Yusei seals the control unit and asks you to go on ahead while he fixes 
    up his Duel Runner.  Head north a bit from where you are to find a 
    prize box containing Big Bang Shot.  Head east a screen and then south.  
    Near the southern exit you can find another prize box and this 1 
    contains a copy of Metal Reflect Slime.  Go through the southern exit 
    and head a bit south to run into Carly.  She'll duel you but she wants 
    to use a special rule.  Keep in mind this is another Turbo Duel.
    Carly Carmine
    Bird of Fortune
    Tragoedia is an awesome card for this duel since you will almost 
    certainly have plenty of cards to boost him up with.  Carly is running 
    Fortune Ladies, which should be fine for you since she won't be able to 
    make use of their very powerful field spell!  Fortune Ladies are only 
    powerful if she can keep them on the field face-up for multiple turns, 
    so if you have the Book of Moon speed spell, this will help you out 
    greatly, along with Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute.  As 
    long as you can avoid or destroy her Earthbound Immortal, she really 
    doesn't possess a whole lot of big threats to you at this point in the 
    After beating her, Carly gets possessed by an evil spirit.  Jack rushes 
    over to confront her and tells you kindly to gtfo.  This is his fight 
    (not that you didn't already beat her).  Check the control unit just 
    north of where you appear for 500 DP, then exit to the west.  Head west 
    just a bit on this map to find Akiza and Misty in their showdown.  Mina 
    is watching from the sidelines.  Akiza starts acting like the old Black 
    Rose Witch, even though you worked so hard to shape her into a kind 
    person (or was that Yusei who did that?).  Anyway, the reason for this 
    change becomes apparent quite suddenly as you find Sayer standing 
    around nearby, cheering for her to unleash her powers.  It is at this 
    point that he confesses that it was not Akiza who killed Misty's 
    brother, but rather he died during experiments that Sayer performed on 
    him!  Bad Sayer.  Beat him up real good.  He's using a slightly better 
    deck than before.
    Psychic Restoration
    When I say "slightly" better, I mean it.  He does have a few nicer 
    Psychic monsters and supports, but he is also still using crap cards 
    like Twister and Hinotama.  You should not have trouble crushing him 
    with any of your decks at this point.
    After you beat him, he'll tell you how worthless you are (makes so much 
    sense) and that Akiza is all he needs.  Sayer runs off, and when you 
    chase after him and head north, Mina will stop you to tell you Akiza is 
    acting strange (like you didn't already know that).  She's being 
    controlled by Sayer, and when you tell Mina that Sayer was responsibly 
    for the death of Misty's brother . . . Misty happens to overhear you.  
    Well, that sets off a heated argument between Misty and Sayer, where 
    Sayer shows off his truly evil incarnate side (shall we start rooting 
    for the Dark Signers??).  Well, Misty gets plenty pissed and sics her 
    Earthbound Immortal on Sayer.  Afterwards, Misty is ready to call it 
    quits and apologizes to Akiza . . . but before she can quit she is 
    taken over by a dark power inside her.  Akiza, meanwhile, has snapped 
    out of the mind control she was under and has no clue what is going on 
    now.  It's up to you to beat Misty in her place (woah, didn't see that 
    1 coming).  Before you fight her, check just next to Akiza for a prize 
    box containing Psychic Lifetrancer (not bad, not great).
    Mysterious Lizards
    Misty uses a Reptilianne deck.  The deck is made to make your monsters 
    have 0 ATK, and then beat the crap out of them while they're weakened.  
    Fortunately, her monsters themselves aren't too grand, and she can 
    easily wind up with dead or bad hands.  Bring some s/t destruction so 
    you can easily take care of her attempts to summon an Earthbound 
    Immortal, as well as some of her annoying continuous cards like Burden 
    of the Mighty.
    It's now Misty's turn for a death scene, and she gets to die in Akiza's 
    arms.  Afterwards, Akiza seals the control unit and Mina decides Akiza 
    has seen enough excitement for today, so she'll be taking her home.  
    The game skips over to Jack holding Carly begging her not to die (let's 
    assume that he won his duel against her).  So...that makes 3 scenes of 
    people Dark Signers dieing sadly in the arms of a Signer...seems that 
    someone lacks imagination perhaps?  Jack finishes up his duty and seals 
    the control unit.  Just as the last control unit is being sealed, the 
    leader of the Dark Signers, Roman, shows up to greet you.  He's waiting 
    for you all at the Old Enerdy System where he can still manually summon 
    the King of the Underworld.  Seems you were misinformed about how to 
    beat him before. =/  Save and head north and out.  Head north a bit on 
    the new screen.  On the west side of the stairs is a prize box 
    containing Mausoleum of the Emperor.  On the east side is a save point.  
    Climb the stairs to enter the Old Enerdy System and meet Roman.  He'll 
    express his surprise that a non-Signer is the 1 to greet him.  He'll 
    duel you, but you have to beat him within 20 turn if you want to stop 
    the King of the Underworld from being summoned!  Well, we've still got 
    SOME time.  Go around him to the west to find a prize box containing a 
    Star Chip, then head back out and save.
    Roman Goodwin
    Spider's Web
    Hmm...1st thing to notice is his last name.  Interesting... 2nd thing 
    to notice is that he uses a Spider deck.  The purpose of this deck-type 
    is to change your monsters to defense position, and then use powerful 
    effects that can only occur while you have face-up defense position 
    monsters.  Book of Moon is a good choice here since it can cancel out 
    many of his effects on your monsters.  I suggest using a Lightsworn or 
    Twilight deck here, primarily because you need to beat him quickly.  
    Batteryman OTK is another decent choice.
    After beating him, he asks how a non-Signer could be so powerful 
    (someone should remind him it's a children's card game).  Yusei catches 
    up with you and as Roman disappears, he announces that even now, all 
    your efforts have been futile and that the gate to will be opening soon 
    despite all the things you've done that should've prevented it (mommy 
    it's just not fair!!).  Suddenly, Yusei's Signer mark starts doing 
    something weird and you get teleported mysteriously to a new place 
    along with Akiza and Mina.  Lazar is there and he seems to be acting 
    quite suspiciously.  He tells you that the answers you seek are just 
    past him, but he apparently needs to test your worth before he'll let 
    you by.  I guess this is an invitation to beat the ever-loving 
    daylights out of him?
    Court Jester
    You need to teach this fool a lesson that it is not okay to use a stall 
    deck at this point in the game.  I'll suggest having some Dust Tornados 
    handy because he has a ton of stall cards that he will throw at you.  
    He will also try to lock you down with Jester Confit, but that 
    shouldn't be anything too difficult for you to handle.
    After you beat him he laughs and walks away (wtf?).  All of a sudden 
    the ground starts shaking.  Yusei and Trudge arrive to find that the 
    temple has erupted from the bottom of Goodwin's mansion!  Yusei wants 
    to go with you on a site-seeing tour of the temple along with Akiza.  
    Feel free to oblige him...is what I'd like to say, but 1st there's more 
    important things to do than saving the world.  You have to head over to 
    WC Mode and check out the new cards you've just unlocked through the 
    pack Acceleration 2nd Gear!
    Acceleration 2nd Gear:
    Speed Spells:
    Allure of Darkness
    Book of Life
    Card Destruction
    Charge of the Light Brigade
    Creature Swap
    Destiny Draw
    Earthbound Whirlwind
    Enemy Controller
    Fires of Doomsday
    Foolish Burial
    Forbidden Chalice
    Giant Trunade
    Gladiator Proving Ground
    Instant Fusion
    Limiter Removal
    Monster Reborn
    Monster Reincarnation
    Moray of Greed
    My Body as a Shield
    One for One
    Overload Fusion
    Painful Choice
    Saber Slash
    Smashing Ground
    Solar Recharge
    Summon Close
    There's a lot of awesome speed spells in this pack and I'm not going to 
    go through all of them since you should recognize most of them from 
    their regular Spell counterparts.  The 1 thing I will make special 
    mention of, is that the pack contains both Solar Recharge and Charge of 
    the Light Brigade, which means that making a Lightsworn Turbo deck is 
    now easily your best option, although Destiny Draw means you could also 
    use decks with that engine as well.
    Back in story mode, it's time to enter the temple.  Make sure there 
    isn't anything else you want to do 1st, because this may take a bit of 
    time and you won't be able to go back until you're done.  You'll meet 
    up with Yusei and Akiza, and will be greeted by Rex Goodwin.  He tells 
    you quite bluntly that the door to the Underworld is going to open and 
    you can't stop it so the world is finished.  Finally, Goodwin spills 
    the beans to say that he has summoned the King of the Underworld and 
    that the king is heading toward the temple as he speaks.  Yup, Goodwin 
    is actually 1 very evil lunatic who wants to destroy the world!  He 
    transforms into Goodwin X (well, I might have given him the name 
    myself :P) and is ready to crush you.  To stop him, you have to catch 
    him in a race.  This isn't too difficult if you've been getting the 
    parts as I've told you to get them to upgrade your Duel Runner.  All 
    you have to do is pass him 1 time, and I managed to do that less than 
    1/4 of the way through the track.  After beating him in racing, you now 
    have to beat him in a duel . . . jeez, it's just 1 thing after another, 
    isn't it?  He's willing to go 2 vs 1 against you, but he'll have 16,000 
    LP to start with in exchange.  You can go south a screen to save 
    beforehand if you desire.  You may want to use something outside of LS 
    since the duel may take a bit longer due to his high amount of LP (I 
    went with my trusty old Monarch deck).
    Rex Goodwin
    Earthbound Immortal
    Goodwin has Earthbound Immortals along with the Sun and Moon Dragons.  
    Fortunately, the chances of him summoning both of them and then being 
    able to use their combos is slim if you're controlling the duel well 
    enough.  He'll use Mausoleum of the Emperor to summon his Earthbound 
    Immortals, so be prepared with plenty of ways to destroy both his Field 
    Spells and his Earthbound Immortals when needed. Otherwise, he really 
    isn't that difficult an opponent.  His only advantage is his starting 
    LP and especially as the duel progresses, you and your partner should 
    be able to create a significant amount of card advantage to use against 
    him.  He doesn't use a competitive deck at all, and especially if Yusei 
    manages to help you by bringing out Stardust Dragon you should have no 
    difficulty at all in winning.  By turn 9 for me, the duel stood at 
    Yusei and I with still 8000 LP while Goodwin had 6600 LP and only 1 
    card to our combined 10.
    Even after losing, Goodwin still isn't ready to throw in the towel.  
    Apparently, he plans on using you and Yusei as tributes to the King of 
    the Underworld due to your combined power.  Jack and the twins arrive 
    next, but there's no time for formalities as his highness, Da' King, 
    arrives on the scene.  Goodwin takes in the head of the Crimson Dragon, 
    giving himself the powers of both a Signer AND a Dark Signer.  He then 
    takes the power of all the other Signers to make himself into an all-
    powerful being!  Goodwin starts talking about how all this came to be.  
    Short of it is that his brother had both Signer and Dark Signer 
    markings and couldn't stand the power struggle, so he chopped off his 
    arm with the Signer mark and gave it to Goodwin.  Rather than just 
    fight the Dark Signers, Goodwin wants to become a god so that he can 
    end the war between the 2 factions and make a whole new world under his 
    rule entirely.  Now, you all have to shut him down.  Well, Yusei's Duel 
    Runner is still out of commission apparently.  Jack's Duel Runner got 
    destroyed in his battle with Carly.  Guess what?  That leaves just you.  
    It's a 1-on-1 Turbo Duel against Goodwin!  I hope you bought those new 
    Speed Spells I told you about earlier, because this will be a lot 
    easier with them.  I'll be using my LS deck.
    Rex Goodwin
    Master's Rule
    This is basically the same deck as you fought before, except a Turbo 
    version of it, so I don't think you need much more advice.  Chaos 
    Sorcerer can be a life saver here since it can easily break up his Sun 
    and Moon Dragon combo.
    After defeating him for the 3rd time, Goodwin finally figures out that 
    you're better than he is.  Also, with his loss, Goodwin loses the power 
    of the Crimson Dragon and it is returned to the Signers...and you.  
    Yusei gives a little victory speech to Goodwin, but Goodwin STILL isn't 
    done yet!  This time it's a regular duel against Goodwin.  1-on-1, no 
    special rules.  You versus his Earthbound deck.
    Rex Goodwin
    Immortal Condor
    He's given up on the Sun and Moon combo for this time.  It's become a 
    straight up Earthbound Immortal deck.  You've seen all this before, so 
    there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to win this here.  I used 
    Monarchs, but you could use Twilight, Batteryman OTK, or whatever other 
    deck you like, just so long as it has ways to beat Earthbound Immortals.
    Okay, you've now beaten him 4x.  Is that enough?  The Crimson Dragon 
    has been summoned and it looks like Rex Goodwin is going to be no more.  
    He gets to meet up with his brother and he shares some words with you 
    before departing for the afterlife.  Cue the celebrations!  
    Congratulations!  You beat the game!  Too bad for you, this guide isn't 
    for beating the game.  It's for unlocking EVERYTHING!!  Let's get to it.
    XI. After the Story
    After the credits are done rolling, head into WC Mode.  There are new 
    opponents available, and 4 new packs!  Let's check 'em out!  Crossroads 
    of Chaos and Crimson Crisis are unlocked through beating the Story Mode.  
    World Championship Edition 4 is unlocked by having 18 CPU Tag teams.  
    World Championship Edition 7 is unlocked by having 56 single duel 
    opponents unlocked.
    Crossroads of Chaos:
    Black Rose Dragon
    Doomkaiser Dragon
    Gigantic Cephalotus
    Iron Chain set
    Iron Chain Dragon
    Jade Knight
    Morphtronic set
    Plaguespreader Zombie
    Psychic set
    Psychic Lifetrancer
    Revived King Ha Des
    Queen of Thorns
    Turbo Warrior
    Tytannial, Princess of Camellias
    Black Garden
    Fragrance Storm
    Mark of the Rose
    Miracle Fertilizer
    Secret Village of the Spellcasters
    The World Tree
    Battle Mania
    Gozen Match
    With this pack, you are now only 1 card away (Mezuki) from completing a 
    full Tier 1 Zombie deck.  There is a ton of Plant support in this pack, 
    and so if you want to make a Plant deck or a Black Garden deck, you 
    should be able to do so now.  Morphtronics are a fun archetype, 
    although not particularly competitive.  Iron Chain set is crappy.  Some 
    of the synchro monsters in this pack can be spammable into many of your 
    decks, especially Black Rose Dragon who can instantly blow up the field 
    when you are behind, or just if you want to get rid of a particularly 
    annoying card your opponent controls.  Iron Chain Dragon is also a 
    decent level 6 Synchro is your deck uses Debris Dragon.
    Crimson Crisis:
    Alien set
    Arcanite Magician
    Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode
    Assault Beast
    Black Salvo
    Blackwing set
    Blackwing Armor Master
    Cosmis Fortress Gol'gar
    Debris Dragon
    Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode
    Dupe Frog
    Flip Flop Frog
    Flying Fortress SKY FIRE
    Gladiator Beast set
    Hyper Psychic Blaster
    Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode
    Morphtronic set
    Night Wing Sorceress
    Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
    Trap Eater
    Turret Warrior
    Twilight Rose Knight
    Assault Teleport
    Morphtronic Map
    Star Blast
    Assault Mode Activate
    Nightmare Archfiends
    Wall of Thorns
    Lots of awesome stuff here.  Blackwings are another Tier 1 deck-type.  
    This doesn't contain all of their support, but it is a good start 
    toward that deck.  Dupe Frog and Flip Flop Frog should give you most of 
    what you need now to create a pretty decent Froggy deck, which is 
    probably the best control-type deck in the game.  Debris Dragon is an 
    awesome tuner who is splashable in many decks.  Trap Eater is a nice 
    side deck card if your opponent is using continuous traps.  Gale the 
    Whirlwind is 1 of the best tuners in the game, and whenever you use him 
    in a deck you can always add Blackwing Armor Master to your Extra Deck 
    which is even more awesome!  Assault Mode decks are decent, but the 
    only 1 that is really worth running is Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, 
    and you don't have that quite yet.  There's also so other various 
    supports for other archetypes in this pack that may or may not catch 
    your fancy.  Overall, this is an awesome pack to purchase.
    World Championship Edition 4:
    Armed Dragon LV set
    Blizzard Dragon
    D.D. Assailant
    Dark Simorgh
    Doomcaliber Knight
    Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
    Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
    Hunter Owl
    Kuraz the Light Monarch
    The Tricky
    Vorse Raider
    Winged Kuriboh LV9
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Anti-Spell Fragrance
    Zoma the Spirit
    Dark Simorgh is the real gem of this pack.  There are many ways to 
    build a Simorgh deck, and many of them work really well.  If you 
    combine him with Anti-Spell Fragrance, your opponent will be unable to 
    use spell and trap cards!  Doomcaliber Knight and Fossil Dyna are both 
    good cards for things like Stun decks, along with D.D. Assailant 
    (although D.D. Warrior Lady is better).  Hunter Owl works well in decks 
    like Harpies.  Gold Sarcophagus is an all-around awesome card that will 
    let you search out any card in your deck to be added to your hand 2 
    Standby Phases after the activation.
    World Championship Edition 7:
    Botanical Lion
    Dark End Dragon
    Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
    Emperor Sem
    Grave Squirmer
    Grinder Golem
    Light End Dragon
    Nurse Reficule the Fallen One
    Thunder King Rai-Oh
    White Night Dragon
    Burden of the Mighty
    nothing of value :P
    There are a few very awesome cards in this pack.  Botanical Lion gives 
    you more toward a Plant deck if you've started to head in that 
    direction.  Grinder Golem has some nice combos with other cards 
    including Remove Brainwashing.  Reficule/Simochi decks are 1 of the 
    most fun Burn decks you can play with.  Rai-Oh is just an all-around 
    awesome card who can negate inherent special summons, stop searchers, 
    be used with Honest, and can always just be a 1900 ATK beatstick as 
    well.  Sexy.  Now for the 2 big kahunas of this pack.  Dark End Dragon 
    is just a ridiculously awesome Synchro monster and you can splash him 
    into the Extra Deck of any deck capable of summoning him.  Absolute 
    Zero is another awesome monster.  You can use him in Diva Destiny 
    Zombies for a very nice Tier 1 deck, or you could make an actual 
    Elemental or Destiny Hero deck and use him there.  You can side Super 
    Polymerization if your opponent is running Water monsters, and Miracle 
    Fusion lets you summon him without losing any card advantage at all!
    If you've had some fun now making up new decks, let's test them out 
    against your new opponents in WC Mode!
    Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Ice Barrier Bind
    This is another opponent who likes to summon Absolute Zero.  Again 
    though, fortunately the summoning tends to be via Polymerization, which 
    will lose him a lot of card advantage.  This late in the game, Absolute 
    Zero is his only real threat to you.  He basically just has a beatdown 
    deck to support him along with a couple combos with Future Fusion.  If 
    you want an easy time, you could add Absolute Zero to your Extra Deck, 
    and then use a deck with a Destiny engines while maining Super 
    Polymerization to bust out your own Absolute Zeroes using his WATER 
    Breaking down Gungnir 3x unlocks Lonefire Blossom as a WC Mode opponent.
    Trident Dragion
    Flame of Trident
    Considering how far into the game we are, this is a pretty poorly built 
    Dragon deck that gives him many dead hands and uses some weaker cards 
    like 7 Tools of the Bandit.  Even some of his choices for his monsters 
    aren't too awesome, like Magna Dragon.  He's trying too hard to summon 
    Trident Dragion in order to OTK you, but as long as you either beat him 
    before he can summon Trident, or just control the field enough to not 
    allow him to do so, you shouldn't have too many problems.  He uses some 
    Counter Traps along with Van'Dalgyon, so you may want to use some cards 
    like Cold Wave or some additional s/t removal in your deck.
    Power Tool Dragon
    Courage + Power
    By now, you should've realized that decks based around Equip cards suck, 
    because you can create huge amounts of card advantage when the monster 
    equipped with those cards is destroyed.  Bring monster removal effects 
    here and the game will be your's.  The rest of the deck uses 
    Morphtronics (along with Honest).  Again, if you can stop him from 
    swarming the field you shouldn't have too difficult a time here.  If he 
    summons Power Tool Dragon, just use cards like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, 
    Compulsory Evacuation Device, or Chaos Sorcerer to take him off the 
    field without destroying him so that he can't protect himself with his 
    Drilling through Power Tool Dragon 3x unlocks Green Gadget as a WC Mode 
    Batteryman Industrial Strength
    Fully Charged
    Batteryman is an OTK deck that will use Inferno Reckless Summon to 
    bring out 3x Batteryman AA, and then he'll hit you with a spell that 
    can blow up your side of the field and attack for 9000 damage.  Since 
    Batterymen are also LIGHT, he also can use Honest to help him out, and 
    there are a lot more support cards as well.  If you beat his initial 
    OTK, he can summon Industrial Strength by removing Batterymen from his 
    graveyard to bring out a 2700 ATK beatstick.  I suggest going a bit 
    heavier than normal on traps for this duel, and use Book of Moon as 
    Reptilianne Vaskii
    Heavyweight Power
    You've already faced a Reptilianne deck before, although this 1 is more 
    dedicated since it isn't using Earthbound Immortals like the Dark 
    Signer deck.  If you remember, Reptiliannes win duels by dropping your 
    monsters to 0 ATK.  Using Book of Moon on your monsters will reset your 
    stats, and if you use decks like Monarchs who are constantly changing 
    up what monster is on the field each turn, you should be fine.
    Slithering past Vaskii 3x unlocks Naturia Beast as a WC Mode opponent.
    Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar
    Impregnable Fortress
    Aliens will try to put A-Counters on your monsters in order to weaken 
    them during battle or to take them and have them switch control to 
    become your opponent's playthings.  The easiest way to shut this down 
    is with Book of Moon, since flipping down your monsters will get rid of 
    all the counters on them.  Other than that, Alien decks tend to play a 
    bit slow, so if you hit him fast and hard and get early control over 
    the field you should be fine.
    Lonefire Blossom
    One Hundred Flowers
    It's a Plant deck.  You've seen them before, although this 1 is a 
    pretty nice 1.  Still, it uses the same strategies of most Plant decks 
    attempting to abuse Dandylion, Lonefire Blossom and Tytannial.  The 
    card you want to watch out for in this deck is Skill Drain.
    Green Gadget
    Auto Duel System
    Gadgets decks create large amounts of card advantage through the effect 
    of Gadget monsters and they will almost never run out of monsters, and 
    then will use 1 for 1 effects to destroy your monsters until you have 
    no more while he still has plenty to summon.  The best thing to do is 
    wait for an opportunity and then deal as much damage as possible while 
    you can.  Keep in mind your opponent can also potentially OTK you with 
    Ultimate Offering and the Gadgets, so try not to leave an open field 
    for him if possible.  He's also got some 4-star tuners, so be prepared 
    to face some large synchro monsters.
    Naturia Beast
    King of Nature
    It's an EARTH deck hell-bent on summoning Naturia Beast.  It's another 
    of those decks where it tries to hard to do 1 thing that isn't even 
    game-winning, and sacrifices a lot to get there.  This shouldn't be any 
    trouble for you at all by now.
    Okay, you've taken care of all the CPU Duel opponents we've unlocked so 
    far.  We'll just finish up unlocking the rest of them later.  Now, 
    however, we're going to move on to something annoying, but that will 
    get us some more nice packs.  We're going to start beating CPU Tag Duel 
    opponents 3x each.  This will unlock more Tag Duel opponents and when 
    we've unlocked enough we'll get more packs.  I suggest sticking with 
    Crow as your partner and using your strongest deck.  Basically, you can 
    use Monarchs, Twilight, or Blackwings.  Monarchs and Twilight will both 
    work well by themselves.  Blackwings can help support Crow's strategy 
    and are an awesome archetype, but you're still missing some important 
    cards for that deck such as Vayu and the all-important Black Whirlwind.  
    Well, we've skirted this annoyance long enough, so let's do this.  
    You'll need to do this eventually just in order to get extra Star Chips 
    anyway, along with other things we'll unlock.
    Team Reverse Effects
    Man-Eater Bug / Worm Apocalypse
    Traditional Monsters / Reverse A to Z
    780 / 780
    They use Flip effect monsters quite a bit.  Nobleman of Crossout will 
    really help you out here, as will Shield Crush.  You could also just 
    use a superior deck and run over them the simple way.
    Team Deck Crushers
    Morphing Jar / Needle Worm
    Sorting Jar / Hidden Thorn
    790 / 790
    The purpose of their decks are to make you deck out.  That won't be 
    easy since you and you partner get to trade off decks each turn.  
    However, I still wouldn't suggest using LS here.  Monarchs are a good 
    choice, as are teching cards like Nobleman of Crossout and Shield Crush.
    Team New & Old Dinosaurs
    Destroyersaurus / Jurrac Velo
    Anti-Meteor / Jurak Shooting Star
    800 / 800
    They both use Dinosaur decks.  Dinosaurs have a few good combos, but 
    their decks come with many, many dead draws.  They shouldn't be able to 
    scare you too much.  Just watch out for some of their big beatsticks 
    and hope your partner doesn't screw you over too much.
    Team Ojama Concert
    Ojama Red / Ojama Blue
    Ojama MAX / Ojama Master
    810 / 810
    They both use Ojama decks which means you can expect lots of swarming 
    and OTK attempts to occur, and you should also be wary of Honest 
    (although your partner probably won't be).  You should also be on the 
    look-out for Tragoedia, who can get some very high stats thanks to 
    these being Tag Duels.  Also, you can again be thankful that the CPU 
    has no idea how to run an Ojama deck's strategy. xD
    Team Skill Drain Love
    Battle Footballer / Gene-Warped Warwolf
    Average Monsters / Fight to Live
    820 / 820
    They will use Skill Drain to shut down your monster effects, while they 
    use only Vanilla monsters and their support cards.  I suggest bringing 
    a lot of s/t control to get rid of his Drains and support quickly.
    Team Tuner or NOT
    Emissary from Pandemonium / Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator
    Tuner's Might / Futile Resistance
    830 / 830
    They've got a lot of stall cards for you, so you'll want plenty of s/t 
    destruction to deal with it all.  Oh, and when I say a lot, I mean tons.  
    Their decks barely have any ways to actually win against you, but stall 
    you?  That they have.  These could be some of the longest duels you'll 
    ever have to play. =/  If you want an easy way to get around all these 
    locks, just run a Burn deck and you'll beat them much more easily. ;D
    Team Protect & Burn
    Stone Statue of the Aztecs / Stealth Bird
    Reflection / Unseen Pain
    980 / 980
    There's 3 good ways to go about this duel.  They are going to do 
    exactly what their team name says, stall and burn you.  Option 1 is to 
    make your own Burn deck, which makes all those stall cards worthless.  
    Option 2 is to run Prime Material Dragon, which completely takes away 
    their win condition.  Option 3 is to have many cards that can clear the 
    back row cards and also cards that destroy monsters by effects, and 
    then just let your partner provide the attacking materials.
    Incinerating Team Protect & Burn 3x unlocks Team Lo and Behold as a WC 
    Mode Tag opponent.
    Team Darkness + Fiends
    Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World / Fabled Raven
    World of Darkness / Fiend Roar Deities
    990 / 990
    Expect a lot of swarming to occur here, so bringing 3x Lightning Vortex 
    with you might be worthwhile.  Royal Oppression or using a Macro deck 
    might also be useful.
    Blotting out Team Darkness + Fiends 3x unlocks Team E & D Impact as a 
    WC Mode Tag opponent.
    Team Angels & The Fallen
    Darklord Edeh Arae / Counselor Lily
    The Banished Beings / The Pious Beings
    1000 / 1000
    Expect to see Chaos Sorcerer here quite a bit.  You can also expect to 
    see Valhalla constantly appearing.  Therefore, you should be prepared 
    to face some very large beatsticks in these duels.  The opponent will 
    also use Creature Swap with his/her searchers to put you in a bind.
    Sending Team Angels & The Fallen into the dark cosmos 3x unlocks Team 
    Cyber Regeneration as a WC Mode Tag opponent.
    Team Cyber Dragunity
    Dragunity Phalanx / Cyberdark Dragon
    Dragonic Wind / Armored Cyber Dragon
    1010 / 1010
    Expect to see a ton of grave revival in these duels.  A Macro deck or 
    Royal Oppression or Skill Drain will help you greatly here, and can 
    really pretty much win the duel.
    Exterminating Team Cyber Dragunity 3x unlocks Team Simochi Study as a 
    WC Mode Tag Opponent.
    At this point, you should now have unlocked 24 Tag opponents, which 
    achieves are goal at this time, the unlocking of a new pack - World 
    Championship Edition 6!!  Let's check it out!
    World Championship Edition 6:
    Angel O7
    Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler
    Beast King Barbaros
    Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur
    Divine Fowl King Alector
    Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord
    Genesis Dragon
    Machine Lord Ur
    Phantom of Chaos
    Dark Bribe
    If you're a top knotch duelist, then you should be able to pick out the 
    1 card from this pack that was the reason for us taking on all those 
    Tag opponents with such a crappy partner.  Mezuki is the card that will 
    now allow you to make a 100% complete, Tier 1 Zombie deck!!  Now, 
    looking at some of the other cards there are some other gems as well.  
    Shutendoji is an optional Zombie deck card that has some nice uses.  
    Phantom of Chaos is an awesome card who can emulate some awesome 
    effects like The Dark Creator, Dark Armed Dragon, and Sky Scourge 
    Norleras.  Barbaros is a nice 8-star monster who works with Trade-In 
    and is useful in Skill Drain decks.  Use him with Tytannial and Trade-
    In in a Plant Drain deck for a good strategy.  Genesis Dragon is a nice 
    addition to a Dragon deck, if you've been running them.  My last 
    comment for this pack will be on Angel O7.  This is always a point of 
    annoyance for me.  It is O as in omg, not 0 as in 011001011.  Don't put 
    a zero there when you are talking about its awesomeness with a friend.  
    I will smite you from afar!! D:<
    So, at this point I did switch to using a Zombie deck.  I'll share its 
    contents with you here.
    1x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
    3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
    1x Dark Armed Dragon
    2x Goblin Zombie
    2x Mezuki
    2x Mystic Tomato
    1x Plaguespreader Zombie
    2x Pyramid Turtle
    1x Sangan
    1x Shutendoji
    1x Spirit Reaper
    2x Zombie Master
    1x Book of Life
    2x Book of Moon
    1x Brain Control
    2x Burial from a Different Dimension
    2x Creature Swap
    2x Foolish Burial
    2x Gold Sarcophagus
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Lightning Vortex
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1x Call of the Haunted
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Trap Dustshoot
    Just to give a note here, this deck is easily capable of summoning 4-6 
    Synchro monsters in a single turn.  Use it well.
    The Tag Tournament also is now open to you at this point and you can 
    earn some decent DP there if you can win it . . . which is unlikely due 
    to your choice of partners right now.  Instead, let's take a break from 
    all this tag dueling and head back over to story mode.  Don't do (new 
    game) option, just open Story Mode regularly.
    Immediately, Itsuki and Annie jump you upon starting things up again.  
    The Daedalus Bridge is now finished, and Itsuki gives you a hint that 
    you can change your Tag partner at the Bootleg.  For me, the 1st order 
    of business was heading over to Chihiro just to the west to trade in my 
    Star Chips.  While we're in the area, head into the card shop.  Beating 
    all the card shop and duel runner shop owners 3x each will unlock good 
    things, so let's start that up right here.
    Salida Noula
    Picture Musketeers
    Her goal is to use the Jack, Queen, and King Knight to summon Alkana 
    Knight Joker.  It's a very weak strategy that uses many weak cards and 
    you should have no trouble beating it at all.  Only thing I would watch 
    out for is getting locked down by 2x Marauding Captain.
    Colorful Jurak
    She uses a Jurak deck.  Expect some decent beatsticks to come at you, 
    but you shouldn't have too much trouble here.
    Next, head over to your HQ to the west.  Enter the building and Kalin 
    is on the 1st floor.  You can duel him 1 more time to bring yourself up 
    to 3 wins against him.  Next, if you talk with Kalin he'll tell you 
    there's something in his room.  Head to the top floor and you'll see 
    Dark Energy in the middle of the room.  I suggest getting out a 
    powerful deck-type like Twilight or Zombies at this point, because 
    you're about to have multiple duels in a row, and you've gotta win them 
    all.  Attempt to talk to it and it'll duel you . . . as Crow Hogan.  
    When you beat that, it'll duel you again, this time as Yusei Fudo (no 
    chance for a break in between).  After that, you'll have to beat Jack 
    Atlas.  Next and last, it's Kalin Kessler.  For winning all those duels, 
    you get a crappy Magical Arm Shield.  You can continue to duel it more 
    if you like after that, but it isn't necessary.  Go down and talk to 
    Kalin again and he'll freak out a bit.  Talk to him 1 more time and 
    he'll say he's scared to enter his own room.  Save somewhere and head 
    to WC Mode.  That little bit of dueling just got you another pack - 
    Ancient Prophecy!!
    Ancient Prophecy:
    Ancient Fairy Dragon
    Ancient Sacred Wyvern
    Archfiend Zombie-Skull
    Blackwing set (including Vayu)
    Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua
    Earthbound Immortal Cusillu
    Falchion B
    Flamvell set
    Fortune Lady set
    Infernity set
    Jester Confit
    Koa'ki Meiru set
    Shiny Black "C"
    Sunlight Unicorn
    Turbo Cannon
    Turbo Rocket
    XX-Saber set
    XX-Saber Gottoms
    Ancient Forest
    Future Visions
    Saber Slash
    Water Hazard
    Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord
    Oh yeah, lots of good stuff here.  Ancient Fairy Dragon is a great 7-
    star synchro monster splashable in any Extra deck.  You now have access 
    to Vayu (although still no Black Whirlwind =/).  There are 2 Earthbound 
    Immortals in this pack.  They'll be better when we have a bit more 
    Earthbound support cards, but they are still very powerful cards 
    regardless.  Falchion B goes well in LIGHT Machine decks and Eltanin 
    decks.  You now have access to Fortune Ladies, but not really enough to 
    make much out of them.  You also have some Koa'ki Meirus whom you can 
    either splash into decks that use the type they need, or you can 
    combine them into an actual Koa'ki Meiru deck, which you've gotten some 
    exposure to by now.  Shiny Black "C" is a great choice for decks who 
    are capable of sending cards to the grave easily (such as Vayu BW, and 
    Twilight or LS).  Turbo Cannon is the only 4-star synchro monster in 
    the game and has an interesting Burn effect.  Aegis of the Ocean Dragon 
    Lord is needed for Froggy decks.  Ancient Forest is an interesting 
    field spell that you can use in Gladiator Beast decks for some fun.  
    Most importantly, however, is that you now have access to some of the 
    most powerful Saber monsters and Saber Slash, so you can start putting 
    together what will eventually be a Tier 1 Saber deck!  Very good stuff.
    In story mode, if you head east, then south, then continue south and go 
    all the way back to where you fought at the Old Enerdy Plant, you can 
    go to the far north end of the area, past where your opponent was, to 
    find a prize box with a copy of Underground Arachnid - a very awesome 
    Synchro monster.  Head back over to Crow's cabin.  Just east of there 
    is Trudge.  Talk to him and he'll tell you about a headless turbo 
    duelist riding around the B.A.D. Area.  Tell him you'll help him out to 
    start up a race.  As usual, the only thing you need to do is pass the 
    headless Turbo duelist in order to end the race.  Not too difficult.  
    For catching him, he'll give you the B-Chariot Duel Runner.  Nice!  
    Talk with Trudge again to end the quest.
    While we're in the area, head north toward toward the Securities 
    facility where they were holding your deck before.  Just outside the 
    building on the west side is Sumetana, who will ask you for a duel.  
    Feel free to oblige him.
    He runs a Skull Servant Zombie deck focusing on dumping Skull Servant 
    and Lady in Wight to the grave to later bring out a high ATK King of 
    Skull Servants.  The strategy's main flaw is that if you have enough 
    traps to destroy the King when he comes out, then you won't be up 
    against much more than a few searchers and Rykos.  You could also use a 
    Macro deck which would mean a pretty much certain loss for him.
    After defeating him, Sumetana will give you a "Fun Key." Boo for his 
    bad jokes.  Change into your security uniform and hed into the Security 
    compound.  Take the southwest corridor (just 1 guard going in a circle 
    shouldn't be too difficult).  The Fun Key opens up the door here, which 
    leads to another Puzzle room.
    To the north you'll see 3 boxes.  Move the middle box to the right.  
    Just north of those are 2 more boxes.  Move the west box 1 north, and 
    the east box 1 east.  Head west, then north, then east to find a prize 
    box containing 1500 DP.  Head toward the stairs near you and stop just 
    before them.  Head south as far as you can go, then west.  Push the 
    eastern block 2 spaces east, then 3 spaces north, then east 1 space so 
    it is next to another block.  Push that block 1 space south so you can 
    push the 1st block as far west as possible.  Head back towards the 
    beginning of the map and push the block most southwestern in that area 
    south 2 spaces, east 1 space, south 3 spaces, west 6 spaces, and north 
    as far as it can go.  Climb the stairs and use the blue switch to raise 
    the block on the platform.  Now push it 2 spaces west, 1 north, 5 east, 
    and 1 more north.  Now you should be able to climb some stairs and reach 
    a prize box containing a Star Chip.  You may have to restart at this 
    point to get the rest.  Just remember you want to exit and re-enter, 
    don't use the Y button or else the prizes will reset as well.  From the 
    beginning, push the easternmost block 1 north.  Take the middle block 
    south, west, and north to put it on the elevator.  Bring it up and move 
    it 3 west, 1 north, 5 west, and 1 north.  Next, retrieve the 
    southwestern box from that area and bring it around in the same way and 
    finish it 1 space below the 1st block.  In the next row of 2 boxes, move 
    the western box 2 north, then bring the eastern box of the pair down and 
    around to fit it just 1 space south of the other 2 boxes you lifted with 
    the elevator.  Next, head back to the box you moved 2 north just before.  
    Push it 3 west, then go north and push the block there 1 north and as 
    far east as it can go.  Now, push the block you were just moving before 
    1 space south.  Push the block west of you 2 spaces west, and go around 
    to the previous block that is now east of you and push it north, then 1 
    east, then onto the elevator.  Lift it with the elevator then push it 1 
    south, 4 west, 1 south, 1 west, 1 south.  Head back below the stairs and 
    to the south of the stairs, push the eastern block east, north, 1 east, 
    and west onto the elevator.  Lift it and then place it 1 north of the 
    previous block.  Again, back south of the stairs, take the last 
    remaining block and push it 1 west, 1 south, 1 north, then east, north, 
    1 east, and west to the elevator.  Bring it up and place it 1 space 
    north of the block you placed before.  Your 6 blocks should now form a 
    bridge you can walk across starting from the north and heading south.  
    You will reach a prize box containing a Rose Disk.  Hope you enjoy it 
    for all the effort it took.  Walk out and back in because we've got 2 
    more prizes to find here.  Back at the beginning, once again push the 
    eastern box 1 north and bring the central box to the southern elevator.  
    Push it westward and use the western switch to lift the western elevator 
    and place the box on the elevator and hit the switch again to lower it 
    down.  Push the block 2 north, 1 east.  Next, bring the southwestern 
    block from the entrance area over to the western elevator and lower it 
    down.  Push it from there, north 3, east 1 (just north of the previous 
    block.  This will form a bridge to the north end.  Cross that bridge and 
    from there, Move 1 of the blocks southeast of the stairs 2 south, then 
    move the block north of you as far south as it can go.  Head across the 
    bridge again and back toward the entrance.  Go around the blocks by the 
    entrance and push the northern block west 2, then south 1.  The pattern 
    should be apparent by now since you've done something similar before by 
    this point.  Take each of the 3 blocks that are now south of the stairs 
    and move them onto the elevator there.  For each of them, after being 
    raised up move them 1 south, 4 west, 1 south, 2 west, and then south 
    until it's next to the other elevator.  Lower them with that elevator 
    by going all the way around the map to reach the switch.  For each of 
    them, move them as far north, then as far west as possible.  Now, back 
    by the entrance you can bring the 2 westernmost blocks to the western 
    elevator the same way as the 1st 2 blocks in the beginning.  Move 1 of 
    them as far north and then west as possible.  Move the other block 5 
    north.  This will create a bridge to the northwest corner.  Take it and 
    then head south and down the step.  In the southwest corner here is a 
    prize box with 1000 DP inside.  Now I know you didn't go through all 
    that effort just for 1000 DP, so head east a bit and under the upper 
    level to find a 2nd prize box containing a Suit Style, which is a new 
    piece of clothing for ya.  Does that make it all worthwhile?  Probably 
    not.  By hey, this is a completionist guide so bear with it!  If you 
    feel like you need to destroy something after all that, just head back 
    to the entrance of the Security Compound and beat the crap outta 
    Sumetana 2 more times (it's his fault you had to go through all of that 
    Next, you can head over to the Satellite Slums and go to the Duel 
    Runner shop.  In the shop they are selling some new parts.  The Omega 
    Frame and Junk Frame are both awesome (as is your new B-Chariot, btw).  
    You can pick up the best engine, the DWE-X, for 2500 DP.  You can do 
    the same with the best CPU, the KPC-000.  You can also get a Feather IV 
    or Wing IV (I prefer Feather, but either works well).  Then, you can 
    get an Accelerator IV or Turbo Chip IV.  You could also get a Quick 
    Chip IV for time trial mode where there is only 1 lap.  It doesn't work 
    well, however, in races where there are 3 laps.  If you're ready, all 
    the tracks are now available to play on, and you can play on harder 
    difficulties once you S Rank on a lower difficulty.  I suggest starting 
    with the Time Trials, since once you S Rank on 1 difficulty, it should 
    be a simple matter to S Rank on the others since the requirement to S 
    Rank doesn't change much there.  S Ranking on all the Time Trials will 
    get you the Yusei frame.  The Yusei frame is probably going to be the 
    best option you have, so I'd use that when doing the battles.  Clearing 
    all the battles with a S Rank will get you Jack's Wheel of Fortune 
    Well, while we're in the shop, let's duel the 2 shopkeeps and beat them 
    each 3x.
    Lagoon Noula
    Arcana Presence
    He uses an Arcana deck.  Beware of Honest, but other than that he 
    doesn't have many ways to beat you unless you for summon reason let him 
    bring out 1 of his giant Arcanas, but you're controlling the field 
    better than to let him keep that many tributable monsters on the field, 
    He uses an Ally of Justice deck.  The only thing you need to do is not 
    run a deck with tons of LIGHT monsters and you should be safe.  That's 
    the only thing his deck is any good against.
    Once you're finished with those 2, head south a screen and you'll find 
    Crow and Yusei.  Apparently, none of the duels you had against them so 
    far have counted (they used different decks before), so you'll need to 
    beat both of them 3x each.
    Crow Hogan
    Storming Blackwing
    This is his real Blackwing deck.  He tosses out many of the weaker 
    cards from the previous build and so instead you're going to see him 
    being easily able to swarm the field with some powerful monsters and 
    synchros.  I suggest some Lightning Vortex.  Another option is to use 
    Consecrated Light to completely shut down all of his summons, since all 
    his monsters are DARK.  Watch out for Icarus Attack.  Also, note that 
    you can't stop Vayu by using Royal Oppression, because he removes the 
    cards as part of the effect, not as a cost, so if you pay out 800 LP to 
    Oppress him, both he and the other monster will still be in the grave 
    and can activate his effect again.  I suggest using Bottomless Trap 
    Hole and Book of Moon, since hitting a monster with either of those 
    when it is summoned will make Black Whirlwind fizzle.
    Yusei Fudo
    Majestic Star
    I don't know why, but they decided to take Yusei's deck and make it act 
    like a stall deck.  Very annoying.  Good news is he has only 6 synchro 
    monsters in a synchro deck, so chances of him summoning them is low, 
    and if he does you can probably find ways around solitary synchro 
    Ok, let's do some more questing.  Talk to Crow and he'll tell you 
    something is up on the south field of the B.A.D. Area.  Head back to 
    B.A.D. and once again travel south and past all the places where you 
    fought the Dark Signers until you reach the Old Enerdy Plant.  Inside 
    there is another dark spirit with another set of duelists for you to 
    beat in a row.  Talk to it and you'll have to fight Devack.  Next up is 
    Misty.  Next is Roman Goodwin.  Last up is Rex Goodwin.  For beating 
    them all you get Spell Shattering Arrow.  Head all the way back over to 
    the Slums and talk with Crow again.  He'll remind you that the Daedalus 
    Bridge is now complete and that will end the quest.  By crossing the 
    bridge, you can enter New Domino City and the areas associated with it 
    at your pleasing.  Head to New Domino City and move like you're going 
    toward the Bootleg tavern.  Along the way, stop off at the Duel Runner 
    shop so we can take care of the shopkeeps there.
    Kalisse Noula
    The Samurai
    He'll use 2nd Coin Toss with Sasuke Samurai #4, so make sure you have 
    some monster removal effects in your deck so you don't have to be 
    bothered by sheer luck.  He also has Grave of the Super Ancient 
    Organism, which can pretty effectively shut down your Synchro monsters 
    and any other high level special summoned cards.  Therefore, a Monarch 
    deck may be the best way to go about this duel.  You can also use 
    Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison to shut down his Sasuke Samurais.
    Gladiators Award
    Gladiator Beasts (GB) you haven't seen before.  They are a powerful 
    deck-type who can tag out at the end of a battle phase for a different 
    GB monsters from the deck, which will often have an effect when special 
    summoned by a GB monster.  The best way to deal with this deck-type is 
    to take out your opponent's monsters with effects, and to have plenty 
    of traps to destroy your opponent's monsters before they are able to 
    complete a battle.  Royal Oppression and Skill Drain are also both very 
    effective against this archetype.
    That set of wins should have won you a Dark Magician wardrobe.  Next, 
    head just nextdoor to Blister's apartment.  In the doorway is a prize 
    box for you to snatch containing Fissure (as if you don't have this 
    already?).  Head into Blister's room and you can find him and Bolt 
    Tanner waiting for you to duel and beat them each 3x.
    Blister's Machiners
    His Machiner deck is actually pretty decent.  He uses Machina Armored 
    Unit to replace monsters that get destroyed by battle, and Machina 
    Fortress is a hefty, easily summoned beatstick with an awesome effect.
    Bolt Tanner
    Ex-Champion's Glory
    He has what I can best describe as a Beast beatdown deck.  You've seen 
    a few similar decks before and this shouldn't trouble you much by now.  
    Watch out for his Tragoedias.
    After the 1st time you beat him you'll receive "Bolt's Challenge".  
    We'll get to that after you beat him 2 more times.  However, before we 
    get started on that particular challenge, since we're in the area, just 
    head east 1 screen outside of Blister's apartment and enter the card 
    shop.  Go ahead and beat the 2 shopkeeps 3x each here.
    Alina Noula
    Where's the Arcana?
    Her deck is an odd mix of Fairies and Gadgets.  She can either summon 
    Gadgets to give herself a card advantage or use Valhalla to bring down 
    the real thunder when she gets in trouble.  Her more annoying 
    strategies are using Ultimate Offering with her Gadgets and using stall 
    cards like Gellenduo.
    Endymion's Award
    Endymion decks spam the field with tons of Spell counters to pull off 
    some pretty crazy locks and combos.  Your best weapon against this is 
    going to be Book of Moon, since it can turn your opponent's monsters 
    face-down and make them lose all their counters!  Other than that, a 
    solid deck should do you just fine.  Caius and/or Raiza are also good 
    choices against this deck, since they can take care of Magical Citadel 
    without "destroying" it.
    With that, you've beaten all the shopkeepers 3x, thereby unlocking a 
    new pack - Revival of the Fableds!!
    Revival of the Fableds!!
    Ally of Justice set
    Card Trooper
    Fabled set
    Fabled Valkyrus
    Genex set
    Goblin Zombie
    Hyper Synchron
    Ice Barrier set
    Jurrac set
    Jurrac Giganoto
    Mist Valley set
    Mist Valley Thunder Lord
    Montage Dragon
    Morphtronic set
    Naturia set
    Naturia Leodrake
    Twilight Rose Knight
    Ultimate Tyranno
    Windmill Genex
    Worm set
    Hammer Shot
    Mark of the Rose
    Trap Hole
    Probably 1 of the worst packs we've seen in awhile.  There's a lot of 
    crap in here that can fill in empty parts of some of the weaker sets if 
    you're wanting to make some decks "just for fun".  If you missed Goblin 
    Zombie, Hyper Synchron, Hammer Shot, Trap Hole, Card Trooper, Mark of 
    the Rose, or Twilight Rose Knight from other packs, you can get them 
    all here.  The only decent card of note is Montage Dragon, who has an 
    OTK deck associated with him, but it isn't all that great. =/
    Anyways, let's take care of Bolt's Challenge now.  This will require us 
    to head back the way we came a bit.  Head west as far as possible and 
    then north into the upper city.  Head west, then north some more until 
    you reach the place where the Fortune Cup was held.  Enter the waiting 
    room.  You can check the locker on the east side for a free Star Chip.  
    You can check the vent in the northeast corner for a copy of Foolish 
    Burial.  That was it.  Wow.  Bolt's Challenge is complete.  Don't you 
    feel happy?  Well, since we pressed all the way over here, we might as 
    well get through some more duels.  Head outside to find Jack Atlus.  
    Beat him 3x.
    Jack Atlus
    Dragons' Sanctuary
    He has upgraded from a random beatdown deck to a Dragon Beatdown deck.  
    It isn't the scariest Dragon deck you've seen, so I wouldn't worry too 
    much here.
    Head back inside, and in the lobby is a guy dressed in golden armor.  
    Let's beat him 3x.
    Knight's Oath
    Randsborg's deck is packed with many LIGHT monsters, mostly Fairies, in 
    an attempt to abuse Honest.  He'll also use cards from the Silent 
    Swordsman set to attempt to lock your spells.  His s/t lineup, however, 
    is much less dangerous than others you've faced, which is a huge 
    weakness for him.  He has stocked himself up with too many -1 effects.
    Heading back into the waiting room you can find Carly and Mina.  You 
    can duel and beat both of them 3x each.
    Carly Carmine
    Fortune Ladies has some fairly neat combos to them, but if you focus 
    your deck on monster destruction and don't allow them to power up by 
    being on the field for multiple turns, you shouldn't have too much 
    trouble.  She also uses a lot of continuous spell/trap cards and Future 
    Visions as a field spell, so make sure to punish her thoroughly with 
    some ways to remove those s/t cards.  The nice thing for you here is 
    that while Fortune Ladies have some very nice combos, they also can end 
    up with a lot of bad draws and/or dead hands, so there may be a duel or 
    2 here where you barely even have to try. ;D
    Mina Simington
    Hidden Feelings
    Mina runs a Ritual deck.  She has quite a few draw engines to get her 
    to her final goal - summoning Divine Grace - Northwemko.  Northwemko 
    cannot be destroyed by card effects if 1 of her targeted face-up cards 
    remains on the field.  However, she can't target herself, and she can 
    still be hit by Bottomless Trap Hole or any card that doesn't "destroy".  
    Additionally, the deck has a lot of bad draws associated with it, so as 
    long as you can take care of Northwemko when she comes up, you really 
    shouldn't have much trouble here.  She also only has 2700 ATK, so 
    summoning a 2700+ ATK monster of your own also works (Synchro summons, 
    Dark Armed Dragon, Judgment Dragon) or boosting a monster over her via 
    Kalut or Honest will work as well.  She also apparently has Ruin and 
    Demise as alternate Ritual monsters to summon, which may explain even 
    more why she seems to have so many dead hands.
    Head out of the waiting room and north up the hallway.  The MC is 
    standing there.  You could duel him now, but 1st let's start another 
    mission by speaking with him.  He tells you something is happening on 
    the Duel Field.  Head north onto the field, then as far south as you 
    can go to find another shade.  Before dueling it, check the southeast 
    corner for a prize box with 1500 DP inside.  Back to the shade, your 
    1st opponent is Jack Atlus with his best Dragon deck.  Next is Luna.  
    Watch out because her deck is focused around Bad Reaction to Simochi 
    Burn and if she gets a good hand sometimes there's nothing you can do 
    to stop her.  However, her deck is also a good chance to buffer your 
    Life Points for the coming duels if you can get rid of Simochi while 
    keeping her healing cards on the field (Dust Tornado is a good choice).  
    The most you can bring with you to the next duel is 10,000 LP, btw.  
    3rd up is Akiza and her plants.  4th and last is Yusei Fudo and his 
    Majestic Star deck.  I used the Zombie deck I posted earlier to win 
    these duels, but use whatever you feel most comfortable with.  When 
    you're done, talk with the MC again to complete the mission and unlock 
    a new card pack - Stardust Overdrive!  Stardust Overdrive is the 2nd 
    most recent pack available from the time this game came out and it has 
    a ton of goodies to choose from.  Let's check it out!
    Stardust Overdrive:
    Black Brutdrago
    Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant
    Crusader of Endymion
    Divine Grace - Northwemko
    Djinn Presider of Rituals
    Djinn Releaser of Rituals
    Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua
    Earthbound Immortal Uru
    Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca
    Explosive Magician
    Fortune Lady set
    Infernity set
    Koa'ki Meiru set
    Lord British Space Fighter
    Majestic Dragon
    Majestic Star Dragon
    Reptilianne set
    Reptilianne Hydra
    Spider set
    Stardust Xiaolong
    Swap Frog
    Earthbound Whirlwind
    Faustian Bargain
    Fortune's Future
    Gemini Spark
    Insect Neglect
    Moray of Greed
    Preparation of Rites
    Savage Colosseum
    Earthbound Wave
    Gemini Counter
    Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
    Wow, there's a lot of stuff to go over here so I'm gonna just skim 
    through the juiciest stuff.  Tons of Geminis and the new and awesome 
    Gemini support cards.  Gemini Beatdown decks are a great and fun Tier 2 
    deck-type that you can go out and try.  Tons of Ritual support, and 
    with it all, you could now probably make a Relinquished deck, which can 
    be pretty fun.  Use Waboku and Threatening Roar to stop your opponent 
    after he/she swarms the field, then on your turn you can use 
    Preparation of Rites to easily allow you to summon 2 copies of 
    Relinquished, and using the Djinn properly you can make them either 
    immune to traps, or shut down your opponent's special summons.  Either 
    way works well.  There's also loads of Earthbound Immortals and some of 
    their most powerful support cards, so if you were looking to make an 
    Earthbound Immortal deck, you have nearly all the cards needed to 
    perfect it.  You also now have complete access to Fortune Ladies in all 
    their glory.  Fortune's Future can provide you with an excellent draw 
    engine, and you can also try making a Fortunate Simorgh deck based 
    around its draw power to quickly summon Dark Simorgh.  If you were 
    looking for Koa'ki Meiru support and monsters, there's even more here 
    to add to your collection.  Toss them in random decks that fit their 
    "type requirement" or make an entire Koa'ki Meiru deck.  Lord British 
    is a nice addition to LIGHT Machine decks.  Majestic Star Dragon is 
    here, but you haven't unlocked Stardust Dragon yet so that is moot. =/  
    Reptiliannes and Spiders are both Tier 3 or so archetypes who can be 
    fun to play with once in awhile.  Swap Frog is a nice addition to 
    Froggy decks.  Savage Colosseum also has some interesting tactics 
    circling it if you want to explore that region of the game.
    Okay, well by now you should probably have Akiza and Jack as potential 
    Tag Partners as well.  That will be nicer than using Crow, but it still 
    isn't quite what we need to be continuing those annoying duels, so 
    let's move onward in story mode instead.  The only person left to duel 
    in this area is the MC.  Beat him 3x.
    Fight! Impact!
    He is using a Skill Drain beatdown deck.  Surprisingly, you probably 
    haven't seen 1 so far in this game.  Anyway, he uses Skill Drain to 
    negate your monsters' effects while running powerful vanilla monsters 
    and some vanilla support.  I suggest simply maining some extra Dust 
    Tornados or whatever you need to get Drain off the field.  If you can 
    keep your monster effects, winning shouldn't be terribly difficult.  
    Also, keep in mind that Skill Drain doesn't stop you from activating 
    effects, and it only negates effects of monsters on the field, so you 
    can still activate effects from your hand, and searchers like Mystic 
    Tomato, who activate in the grave, are also unaffected.
    Head south now out of the colosseum district.  As you pass through the 
    gate heading further south, you'll notice 2 security officers.  Let's 
    beat them both 3x each.
    Perfect Security
    His deck doesn't really have a defined strategy.  Generally, he wants 
    to turn your monsters to defense position and then hurt them with 
    effects that only hit defense position monsters, but he does an 
    extremely poor job of this.  He has a few weak tuner monsters, and the 
    rest of his monsters are pretty pathetic, as is his s/t lineup.  This 
    should be a piece of cake for you.
    World of the Mighty
    This will be the 2nd Skill Drain beatdown deck you've faced now.  This 
    time, instead of your opponent using Vanilla monsters, he uses monsters 
    who gain an advantage while Skill Drain is on the field such as 
    Fusilier Dragon and Barbaros.  This means you should definitely be 
    bringing Dust Tornados here.  If you chain Dust Tornado when he 
    activates Skill Drain, he'll still have to pay the 1000 LP cost, but 
    Skill Drain will never fully activate so his monsters won't get their 
    stat boosts.
    Head south from the Securities officers and you'll find a couple of the 
    old Arcadia Movement members around.  They aren't with the Movement 
    anymore and are ready to receive their punishment - being beaten by you 
    3x each!
    Malevolent Monarch
    This is probably the 1st real Monarch deck you've seen.  Your best 
    options are to use a deck that can simply overpower them with field 
    swarming, or you can add Pulling the Rug to your deck to destroy them 
    and negate their effects.  Other than that, there isn't any strategy 
    that is particularly effective against Monarchs other than simple 
    strategic playing.
    Auction Price!
    Seria runs an Empty Jar deck that will attempt to make you deck out, 
    rather than finishing off your Life Points.  If you want a leg up on 
    her you could run some copies of Pot of Avarice.  I don't suggest using 
    LS or a Twilight deck here.  Nobleman of Crossout and Shield Crush will 
    also greatly help you here.
    From here, head east 1 screen in the southwest corner here is some 
    weirdo who you can beat 3x...
    Vice Principal Heitmann
    You Will Fail!
    He uses an Ancient Gear Gadget deck.  It's very old school and if 
    you're using more up-to-date strategies you should have no troubles.  
    Just be ready to potentially face some 3000 ATK beatsticks, but he 
    should have his hands full with all the dead draws his deck is capable 
    Head to the northeast corner of the screen to find the twins standing 
    there together.  You should've already beaten Luna at least once 
    dueling that dark spirit, but you'll want to beat her 2 more times.  
    You'll also want to beat Leo 3x as well.  As a side note, if you duel 
    Jack with 10 normal and 10 turbo duels, you can gain his outfit and 
    duel disk and then talk with Leo for a funny conversation.  I already 
    explained Luna's deck earlier, but let's have a look at Leo's 
    Morphtronic Festival
    He uses a Morphtronic deck.  Watch for Honest and these decks also are 
    capable of some pretty sick swarming, although they're also capable of 
    having bad hands as well.  Light-Imprisoning Mirror will go a long ways 
    to beating him, as will Skill Drain.
    We're gonna get back to Luna in a bit, but 1st let's head east a screen.  
    Akiza is over here.  Just check to make sure you've beaten her 3x by 
    now.  If you have, you can move on, if not, fix that issue.  When 
    you're done, talk to Luna and we'll take another trip to the Spirit 
    World for some more fun. =3  Head up north to Zeman's castle.  We're 
    gonna beat everyone here 3x each, starting with the guard in the 1st 
    room - Zape.  You already beat him once, and if you remember everyone 
    here has some type of Beast deck so I'm not gonna re-explain them. >.<  
    Head east to the small side room.  There aren't any enemies, but there 
    is a prize box containing Necro Gardna, not a bad find at all if you 
    haven't got 1 of your own yet.  Back in the main room, head north a bit 
    further to find another guard who, again, you should've already beaten 
    once, so beat him another 2x.  Head north toward the puzzle room and it 
    will tell you that you heard a gear-like sound.  The puzzle room is now 
    slightly different.  Gather the Minus Staffs whenever you can and the 
    order is south, southeast, northeast, middle, northwest, middle (turn 
    it off), southwest, and middle a 3rd time to turn it back on.  Head 
    north into Zeman's room there are 2 prize boxes waiting for you here.  
    In the northeast corner there is 1 containing Grave of the Super 
    Ancient Organism - an interesting anti-meta card.  Sitting next to 
    Zeman is another prize box containing Burden of the Mighty - not a bad 
    find if you haven't gotten the card already.  Now, go ahead and beat 
    Zeman 2 more times.  Now, head out of the castle and we're gonna head 
    off to the woods soon.  Before that, however, there's a Key Mace in the 
    main town area in the southeast corner who we can beat 3x.
    Key Mace
    Key to the Heart
    This is your 1st time seeing a Crystal Beast (CB) deck.  In it's best 
    form, the deck is a decent control deck that can create good amounts of 
    card advantage and swarm the field with medium-strength monsters while 
    making it difficult for you to do damage.  The easy ways to deal with 
    this deck are to use a Macro deck and lots of s/t control cards.
    Head east a screen and you'll find Regulus.  Beat him 2 more times.  
    Save and head back to WC Mode.  With that 3rd win over Regulus, you've 
    now beaten the correct characters 3x each to unlock a new card pack - 
    Pulse of Trishula!
    Pulse of Trishula:
    Ancient Flamvell Deity
    Cyberdark set
    Dragunity set
    Dragunity Knight - Barcha
    Elemental Hero set
    Exploder Dragon
    Fabled set
    Flamvell set
    Genex set
    Genex Ally Triforce
    Grave Squirmer
    Ice Barrier set
    Infernity set
    King of the Swamp
    Naturia set
    Naturia Exterio
    The Fabled Kudabbi
    Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Instant Fusion
    Monster Reincarnation
    Trap Dustshoot
    Anti-Spell Fragrance
    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
    Ok, there's not tons of awesome things here, but there are a select few 
    that are just amazing.  Many of the weaker tiered decks get a boost 
    from these cards, in particular Flamvells, Genex, Naturia, and Fabled 
    sets get some really nice support.  You finally have access to Exploder 
    Dragon if you have been working with Dragon decks up until now.  
    There's a few decent repeat cards in here that you can obtain if you 
    missed them in other packs including: Grave Squirmer, Instant Fusion, 
    Monster Reincarnation, Trap Dustshoot, Anti-Spell Fragrance, and 
    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (PWWB).  However, all that being said, the 
    biggest card in this pack is easily Trishula!  She's a 2700 ATK, 
    Dragon-type, 9-star Synchro monster who requires any generic tuner and 
    any 2 generic non-tuners.  When she is Synchro summoned she can remove 
    from play a card from your opponent's hand, field, and graveyard!  
    That's right, it may take 3 monsters to summon her, but she removes 3 
    cards from play when you do so!  The card you should probably be 
    thinking about right now is Debris Dragon, who can works well with 
    Dandylion already.  Now if Foolish Burial a Dandylion and receive 2 
    tokens, you can then summon Debris Dragon, bring back Dandylion, and 
    synchro summon Trishula to remove 3 cards from play while receiving 2 
    more Dandy tokens!  You started with an empty field and using only 2 
    cards you ended up with 3 cards on your field (including a 2700 ATK 
    beatstick), and you removed 3 of your opponent's cards from playing, 2 
    of which can be included in card advantage for a total card advantage 
    of +3 for the combo!  It is combos like these that make Trishula a 
    completely insane card!  There are many other Trishula combos out there, 
    but this is just 1 of my favorite examples.  Enjoy!
    Back in story mode, just east of Regulus is Key Mace #2.  Let's beat 
    her up 3x.
    Key Mace #2
    The Heart's Lock
    Here's your 1st exposure to Cloudian decks.  Cloudians have a nice 
    control deck.  You'll want both s/t removal and plenty of ways to 
    destroy her monsters via effects.  Enemy Controller and Book of Moon 
    can also help you out here.
    Head back south toward where you 1st entered the Spirit World the 1st 
    time.  Just fix the broken bridge and continue west to the place you 
    1st showed up.  Hiding behind the big tree in the northwest corner here 
    is Gate Mace.  Beat her 3x.
    Gate Mace
    Gate to the Heart
    She has a pretty basic Elemental Hero Fusion deck.  It's a very old 
    deck-type that is capable of summoning some pretty strong Fusion 
    monsters, but she'll lose tons of card advantage in doing so.  Just 
    bring along a decent amount of monster control effects and you'll be 
    able to clean her up quite easily.  Oh, and don't worry she doesn't 
    have Absolute Zero here. ;D
    Head back to town.  If you can't remember, the puzzle is waterfall, 
    bridge, waterfall.  Save in town and head to WC Mode because beating 
    Gate Mace 3x unlocked a new pack - The Duelist Genesis!!
    The Duelist Genesis:
    Dark Resonator
    Goyo Guardian
    Jutte Fighter
    Lightsworn set
    Magical Android
    Nitro Warrior
    Oyster Meister
    Psychic set
    Psychic Commander
    Quillbolt Hedgehog
    Red Dragon Archfiend
    Stardust Dragon
    Thought Ruler Archfiend
    Emergency Teleport
    Fish Depth Charge
    Gladiator Beast War Chariot
    This is 1 of the packs we've been waiting for!  A few things for some 
    sets like extra LS, GB, Fish, and Psychic support, but the big things 
    here are the tuners and synchro monsters.  You've got Psychic Commander, 
    Krebons, Jutte Fighter, and Dark Resonator along with others to choose 
    from now.  Some of the Synchros you've already had access to, but new 
    ones include the very awesome Red Dragon Archfiend, Thought Ruler 
    Archfiend, and Stardust Dragon!  These 3 are all great 8-star Synchro 
    monsters that should probably be in almost every Extra Deck you create.
    Well, there's nobody else worth dueling here and we got the pack we 
    wanted, so talk with Luna again to head back to the real world.  You 
    know, at some point we were heading toward the Bootleg ... let's get 
    back to doing that.  Head back over toward the area with the card shop.  
    Head east another screen from there to get back to the Bootleg.  Talk 
    with the Bartender and he'll have 5 new Duel Puzzles for you to play 
    with!  Well, you could figure them out yourself but since you're 
    reading this guide I'll assume you want me to give you the answers 
    instead, so here they are. XD
    Compact Duel 1:
    1. Activate the effect of Plaguespreader Zombie in your grave, sending 
    back Dandylion from your hand to summon Plaguespreader in attack 
    2. Summon Card Trooper and use his effect to mill the top 3 cards of 
    your deck.
    3. Activate Contract with the Abyss, and choose both Djinn monsters 
    from your graveyard and a Fluff token to summon Demise.
    4. Enter the Battle Phase and attack Pyramid Turtle with Demise.  The 
    Djinn's effect will stop Pyramid Turtle's effect and you will draw 
    Enemy Controller via the other Djinn's effect.
    5. Activate Enemy Controller's 2nd effect, tributing either Demise or 
    the remaining Fluff token to take control of your opponent's Northwemko.
    6. Attack with remaining monsters. (400 + 1900 + 2700 = 5000 dmg)
    Along with 1030 DP earned, you'll also receive Sorcerer of Dark Magic 
    for completing the puzzle.
    Compact Duel 2:
    1. Summon Dragunity Tribus and activate its effect to send Dragunity 
    Javelin to your graveyard.
    2. Activate DNA Surgery and select Winged Beast.
    3. Activate Double Summon and use its effect to Normal Summon King 
    Tiger Wanghu.
    4. Activate Call of the Haunted to Special Summon Dragunity Javelin.  
    Wanghu will destroy it with his effect, allowing you to equip it to 
    Dragunity Knight - Vajuranda.
    5. Activate the effect of Vajuranda to double his ATK.
    6. Activate Malice Dispersion, discarding the last card in your hand.
    7. Enter the Battle Phase and attack Gae Bulg with Vajuranda. (1800 
    8. Attack with remaining monsters. (1700 + 500 + 1800 = 4000 dmg)
    (receive 1430 DP and White Night Dragon)
    Compact Duel 3:
    1. Activate Allure of Darkness and remove Infernity Destroy from play.
    2. Special Summon Trap Eater by sending a Gravity Bind to the graveyard.
    3. Activate Tribute to the Doomed and discard Fabled Lurrie to destroy 
    Archlord Kristya.  Fabled Lurrie will Special Summon itself with its 
    4. Normal Summon Genex Recycled.
    5. Activate Autonomous Action Unit to Special Summon your opponent's 
    Archlord Kristya from the graveyard.
    6. Send Genex Recycled, Fabled Lurrie, and Archlord Kristya to the 
    graveyard to synchro summon Ally of Justice Decisive Armor.
    7. Activate Escape from the Dark Dimension to Special Summon Infernity 
    8. Activate Demotion and equip it either to Infernity Destroyer or Trap 
    Eater, then send both of those cards to the grave to synchro summon 
    Hundred Eyes Dragon.
    9. Activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Skill Drain.
    10. Activate the 2nd effect of Decisive Armor to discard Infernity 
    Guardian and destroy all your opponent's remaining Gravity Binds.
    11. Activate the effect of Hundred Eyes Dragon to remove Infernity 
    Destroyer and gain its effect.
    12. Enter the Battle Phase and attack with Hundred Eyes Dragon to 
    destroy Vanity's Ruler.
    13. Attack directly with Decisive Armor. (500 + 1600 + 3300 = 5400 dmg)
    (receive 1630 DP and Shiny Black "C")
    Compact Duel 4:
    1. Activate Transmigration Prophecy sending both copies of Darksea 
    Rescue back to your deck.
    2. Activate Double Summon.
    3. Activate Mind Control to take his Evil Hero Lightning Golem and use 
    its effect to destroy Vanity's Fiend.
    4. Send Flamvell Guard and Lightning Golem to the graveyard to synchro 
    summon Dark Strike Fighter (yes, they even let you use a banned card in 
    these duels!  What's next?)
    5. Activate Machine Duplication to summon the 2 copies of Darksea 
    Rescue you sent to the deck earlier.
    6. Tribute all 3 Darksea Rescues to Normal Summon The Wicked Dreadroot.
    7. Special Summon Dark Armed Dragon.
    8. Special Summon Jester Confit.
    9. Tribute Summon Jinzo (remember that you activated Double Summon 
    earlier) by tributing Jester Confit.
    10. Activate Dark Armed Dragon's effect 3 times to destroy your 
    opponent's 3 monsters.
    11. Activate Burial from a Different Dimension to return the 3 monsters 
    you just removed for Dark Armed Dragon's effect.
    12. Activate Dark Armed Dragon's effect 3 more times to destroy the 2 
    copies of Burden of the Mighty and 1 copy of Fires of Doomsday, which 
    the opponent will chain.  Don't worry about the other Fires of Doomsday 
    since he can't summon more monsters this turn thanks to the effect of 
    the 1st one.
    13. Activate Dark Armed Dragon's effect 1 more time to destroy a token.
    14. Turn the other token to attack position by activating Stop Defense.
    15. Enter the Battle Phase and attack with all your monsters. (1400 + 
    1300 + 4000 + 1200 = 7900 dmg)
    16. Enter Main Phase 2 and tribute all your monsters for Dark Strike 
    Fighter's effect, tributing Dark Strike Fighter for his own effect last. 
    (7900 + 1400 + 2000 + 1200 + 1400 = 13,900 dmg)
    (receive 1830 DP and White Night Queen)
    Compact Duel 5:
    1. Flip summon Skelengel.
    2. Activate Forbidden Chalice and target Consecrated Light to negate 
    its effect.
    3. Tribute Skelengel to summon Darklord Desire and use his effect on 1 
    of the Archlord Kristyas.
    4. Activate Advance Draw to tribute your Darklord Desire and draw the 2 
    cards in your deck.
    5. Activate the Forbidden Chalice you just drew and target the 
    remaining Archlord Kristya.
    6. Tribute Royal Decree to Special Summon Trap Eater.
    7. Special Summon Chaos Sorcerer by removing Skelengel and Darklord 
    Desire from your graveyard and activate his effect to remove Archlord 
    Kristya from play.
    8. Activate Call of the Haunted to bring back Darklord Superbia and 
    activate her effect to Special Summon Dark Valkyria from your graveyard.
    9. You have no more monsters in your graveyard, so you can now Special 
    Summon Guardian Eatos.
    10. Send Trap Eater and Dark Valkyria to the graveyard to synchro 
    summon Dark End Dragon and use his effect to remove Darklord Asmodeus 
    from the field.
    11. Activate Silver Bow and Arrow and equip it to Guardian Eatos, then 
    use his effect to send it to the graveyard and remove Darklord Asmodeus 
    from your opponent's graveyard to have him gain 500 ATK.
    12. Destroy Consecrated Light with anyone, and attack with the rest. 
    (3000 + 2900 + 2100 - 400 = 7600 dmg)
    (receive 2030 DP and Black Brutdrago)
    For completing all the Duel Puzzles, you have unlocked a new card pack 
    - Extra Pack 2!!
    Extra Pack 2:
    Avenging Knight Parshath
    Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode
    Gladiator Beast set
    Herald of Orange Light
    Lightsworn set
    Magical Exemplar
    Psychic set
    Rose, Warrior of Revenge
    Royal Swamp Eel
    Six Samurai set
    Submarine Frog
    Tempest Magician
    Totem Dragon
    Charge of the Light Brigade
    Telekinetic Charging Cell
    Treacherous Trap Hole
    There actually aren't a whole lot of cards (total) in this pack, but 
    there are some really nice things here.  If you've been running with GB, 
    you'll get some extra support from here.  Twilight and LS decks finally 
    have access to Charge of the Light Brigade, a major relief that should 
    hugely speed up your deck and make it much more consistent.  
    Treacherous Trap Hole is great for decks that would otherwise not be 
    running any traps.  Totem Dragon is an awesome card for Dragon decks 
    that can count for 2 tributes and can special summon itself during your 
    standby phase.  Very nice.  If you didn't pick up Magical Exemplar 
    earlier, you can find her here.  Six Samurai receive some support from 
    this pack.  There are some nice tuners here in Royal Swamp Eel, who 
    works well with Coelacanth, and Rose, Warrior of Revenge, who is very 
    searchable as a warrior and is a level 4 tuner with no restrictions and 
    a "decent" effect.  For Synchro monsters we've got Avenging Knight 
    Parshath who is pretty difficult to summon, but decent, and Tempest 
    Magician who can help you finish off the last of your opponent's LP.
    Back in story mode, talk to the guy by the southern end of the bar.  
    His name is Ogura and he will tell you who you can become Tag Partners 
    with.  It's basically the same as what you can do in WC Mode.  Head out 
    and to the building in the southeast.  If you talk with a boy named 
    Dexter while you have Dark Bribe in your trunk, he'll give you Manju of 
    the Ten Thousand Hands.  The next card he wants to see is D.D. Crow.  
    If you have that card, he'll give you Ritual of Grace.  The next card 
    is a Speed Spell from a pack we haven't unlocked yet, but we can still 
    duel him 3x and get that out of the way.
    With Intelligence
    He runs a Fairy deck.  It's pretty bad. It uses a TON of -1 effects 
    that he has practically no way to make up for.  This should be really 
    easy at this point.  The only card he can beat you with is Honest.
    Well, with that there's nobody left here to duel.  Time to leave New 
    Domino City.Head to the upper city, then head north to change maps.  
    Let's head to the Arcadia Movement next and save Goodwin's mansion for 
    last. =3
    Head to the west side where you did the puzzles and structure duels 
    earlier.  At the far north side of the room is a prize box containing 
    Thought Ruler Archfiend!  That is an excellent generic Synchro monster 
    who you can use in place of Stardust Dragon for the time-being.  He 
    can't negate quite as many effects, but he's got 2700 ATK and can also 
    help you regain LP whenever he destroys a monster.  Very nice.  In the 
    southwest corner you can find Sayer.  He's in time-out facing a 
    wall. :P (that's his punishment)  You can beat him 2 more times to make 
    an even 3. (yes, 3 is an even number according to me)  Head back 
    outside to find Okita and Liquid.  Apparently, they don't have anywhere 
    to go now that the Arcadia Movement is a pile of rubble.  They want 
    help finding a place to live.  We now get to head all the way back to 
    Blister's apartment.  Talk with Blister about Okita and Liquid and 
    he'll agree to let them use his spare room.  Take another jog back to 
    Okita and Liquid to tell them the good news.  The game will transfer 
    you back to the extra room in Blister's apartment (where Akiza stayed 
    before).  They thank you by giving you Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault 
    Mode and Hyper Psychic Blaster.  He's a decent Synchro monster for a 
    Psychic deck, although he can be somewhat difficult to summon.  Okita 
    and Liquid have a duel to decide who's in charge of chores and Okita 
    beats the crap out of Liquid >:D.  Anyway, now you can duel both of 
    them 3x each.  They have upgraded their decks slightly since the 
    beginning of the game.
    Psychic LABO
    I really am not sure what to say about this deck.  He has tons of dead 
    draws and never really puts up any sort of a fight against me.  His s/t 
    cards are pretty weak too.  Just crush him, I suppose.
    Psychic Crush
    ... Just like Okita, I don't know what this guy is trying to do.  He 
    has some Psychics and support cards, but it's not nearly enough to do 
    anything with.  He always seems to just limply take it as I beat him to 
    If you head back to the Arcadia Movement and check the rubble near the 
    entrance you can find a Star Chip.  Nothing else to do here, let's head 
    to Goodwin's mansion.  In the walk up to the gate are 2 prize boxes 
    containing Gold Sarcophagus and Discord.  If you haven't found Gold 
    Sarc yet, it is a great card.  Discord is a decent, but not great side 
    deck card.  There's a couple guards here that we can beat 3x each.
    Agent's Work
    He runs a Spider deck.  The goal of this deck-type is to change your 
    monsters to defense position and then take advantage of Spider monsters 
    who gain effects when you have defense position monsters.  You should 
    be able to win just by using appropriate dueling tactics without 
    changing your main deck.
    Equip & Tribute
    Okay, I would use the worth pathetic, but that would be giving this 
    deck too much credit.  It runs worthless weak vanilla monsters and 
    powers them up with very old, very weak Equip Spell cards.  This could 
    possibly be the weakest deck in the game.
    Once you've beaten the 2 goons, go beat Lazar 2 more times.  At this 
    point, the only things really left to do in story mode involve Turbo 
    duels with some people to unlock a few more cards.  I just wanted to 
    hold off on this until we had enough cards available to make the Turbo 
    duels a bit easier, which we now do.  I'll be using a Zombie deck for 
    my Turbo duels.  It has many similarities to the regular Zombie deck I 
    posted for you earlier, but here it is in case you're curious:
    Turbo Zombies:
    1x Gale the Whirlwind
    3x Caius
    1x Dark Armed Dragon
    2x Goblin Zombie
    2x Mezuki
    3x Mystic Tomato
    1x Plaguespreader Zombie
    2x Pyramid Turtle
    1x Sangan
    1x Spirit Reaper
    2x Zombie Master
    Speed Spells(11):
    2x Allure of Darkness
    1x Book of Life
    1x Brain Control
    1x Burial from a Different Dimension
    1x Creature Swap
    2x Foolish Burial
    3x Mystical Space Typhoon
    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1x Call of the Haunted
    2x Dimensional Prison
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Return from the Different Dimension
    1x Solemn Judgment
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Trap Dustshoot
    The 1st person we need to Turbo Duel is Jack Atlus.  Go back and find 
    him outside the colosseum and beat him in 3 Turbo Duels.
    Jack Atlus
    Reigning Dragon
    Watch for Battle Fader, which he can use to stop a direct attack and 
    end the battle phase.  His s/t lineup is also quite impressive, so 
    you'll just have to battle through it all.  However, like Yusei's deck, 
    he tends to focus too much on summoning Majestic Red Dragon, which 
    makes his deck run a bit awkwardly.
    Next, head off to the Satellite Slums area and find the section with 
    Crow and Yusei.  You need to beat both of them in 3 Turbo duels as well.
    Crow Hogan
    Blackwing Whirlwind
    Expect a decent, although not amazing, Blackwing with most of the 
    regular Blackwing strategies and a few weak card choices thrown in to 
    make your life a bit easier.  If you're having any trouble, just 
    remember there's always Consecrated Light...
    Yusei Fudo
    Speed Savior
    He's got some good s/t cards to work you over with, but he still 
    concentrates too much on Majestic Star Dragon.  Just make sure you have 
    ways of brushing past Stardust Dragon and you should be fine in these 
    duels.  I might suggest bringing Dust Tornados to deal with his 
    multiple copies of Scrap-Iron Scarecrow that can be so very annoying 
    when combined with his monsters that can survive 1 or 2 battles.
    Those Turbo Duels means you've dueled and turbo dueled all of your 
    original gang and that unlocks a new pack - Ruler of Chaos!!
    Ruler of Chaos!!:
    Blackwing Bora the Spear
    Elemental Hero set
    Fabled set
    Fabled Leviathan
    Genex set
    Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Ice Barrier set
    Junk Synchron
    Jurrac set
    Jurrac Velphito
    Lava Golem
    Locomotion R-Genex
    Naturia set
    Naturia Barkion
    Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
    Vorse Raider
    Worm set
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Smashing Ground
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Threatening Roar
    Widespread Ruin
    This pack has some archetype-specific Synchro monsters and support for 
    some random archetypes (if you like Fabled set, this pack will help you 
    plenty) but in general the pack is sort of a let-down.  There aren't a 
    ton of interesting cards here and many of the good ones were already 
    available in previous packs.
    Now that you've gotten some more experience in riding duels, what say 
    we fight 1 of those mists again?  The exception is that this time we'll 
    be fighting Dark Signers and the duels will all be Turbo Duels.  I 
    wanted to hold off on this for a bit because their decks are decent 
    enough that you really needed a good Turbo deck and some experience in 
    order to do it properly.  This is the 2nd half of the Crow mission.  In 
    the B.A.D. Area, head south until you reach the place where you 1st saw 
    Dark Signers, and then head west 1 screen.  Head toward the western 
    side of the screen to find the dark mist/shade.  The duelists you will 
    be facing will be Greigar, Kalin, Carly, and then Rex Goodwin at the 
    end.  Carly should be the easiest since she can't use her normal Field 
    Spell for Fortune Ladies.  Greigar can be rough since he probably won't 
    beat you, but he may be able to hit you with some Burn damage, which 
    will hurt you in later duels if you end up low on LP.  After beating 
    them all, head back over to Crow and talk to him again and he'll give 
    you his "wow" statement.  Congratulations, you've just unlocked a new 
    card pack - Raging Battle!!
    Raging Battle:
    Alien set
    Blackwing set
    Deep Sea Diva
    Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu
    Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu
    Exploder Dragonwing
    Koa'ki Meiru set
    Morphtronic set
    Power Tool Dragon
    Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon
    Trident Dragion
    Black Whirlwind
    Magic Planter
    One for One
    Delta Crow - Anti Reverse
    Mirror of Oaths
    Trap Stun
    Ok, there is some seriously sweet stuff here.  1st off, you now have 
    all the materials necessary to build a tier 1 Blackwing deck.  This is 
    particularly important, because if you make the upgraded Crow Hogan 
    your partner then both of you playing a BW deck together can make for 
    some huge combos in Tag Duels, which is something we'll be getting to 
    very soon.  A couple more Earthbound monsters for those of you who like 
    them.  Even more Koa'ki Meiru cards that you can spam into random decks 
    or that can go toward an actual Koa'ki Meiru deck if that's your desire.  
    Morphtronics you've faced before so you should know they can have 
    consistency issues but the combos they are capable of can take down 
    just about any deck.  Synchro monsters here include Exploder Dragonwing, 
    Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon, and Trident Dragion.  Gishilnodon is sorta 
    meh.  Exploder Dragonwing and Trident Dragion can really boost up your 
    Dragon decks.  One for One is an excellent card in many decks including 
    Froggies where it can search out Substitoad, and Sabers where it can 
    search out Ragigura (and if you discarded a Saber for its effect, 
    Ragigura can bring the Saber back to your hand making it a free special 
    summon to set up big Faultroll plays).  Mirror of Oaths is an awesome 
    side deck card, and Trap Stun is good for decks that either use or fear 
    things like Oppression and Skill Drain.  It's can also just generally 
    be used to beat defensive plays from your opponent such as Torrential 
    Tribute and Mirror Force.  As usual, I save the biggest card for the 
    end and this time I say the biggest feature card here is Deep Sea Diva!  
    She is a level 2 tuner who can search out another copy of herself (or 
    Spined Gillman) with her effect.  She really shines in decks like 
    Zombies who don't need to use the normal summon every turn, and in 
    decks that use Elemental or Destiny Heroes, because she provides the 
    WATER monster needed to toss Miracle Fusion into the deck for Absolute 
    Zero.  Try running a Zombie deck with a Destiny Hero engine and add in 
    Deep Sea Diva.  That deck is called Destiny Zombies and is a Tier 1 
    tournament deck.  Very cool pack all in all.
    Ok, now I suggest setting Jack as your partner (probably the best deck 
    you'll be able to work with for now), and head out to Story Mode 1 more 
    time.  Before we start in with what I'd initially planned, head back to 
    the screen just west of the Duel Runner shop in the slums area.  There 
    is a guy in a yellow shirt here that we never got around to dueling (my 
    apologies).  Beat him 3x.
    Tetsuzo Kuzuyama
    Scrap Recycle
    He uses a Genex deck.  You've seen stuff like this before so just deal 
    with him and move on.  He shouldn't be able to give u much if any 
    Note that you have to set your partner at the Bootleg in order to use 
    that partner during Story Mode.  Again, I recommend Jack or Akiza for 
    the time being as they're easy to unlock as partners (just beat them in 
    single duels 3x) and have decent decks.  Head over to where Crow and 
    Yusei are in the slums and beat them in a Tag Duel 3x.  It probably 
    won't be particularly easy, but it will be worth it since you'll unlock 
    Yusei and a very much upgraded Crow Hogan as Tag Partners.  Head over 
    to WC Mode and make a Blackwing deck and choose the stronger of the 2 
    Crows as your Tag Partner.  It's finally time to go back to those Tag 
    Duels and unlock some more stuff from them.  Here's what I'll be using 
    for these Tag Duels:
    2x Blizzard the Far North
    3x Bora the Spear
    1x Gale the Whirlwind
    3x Kalut the Moon Shadow
    3x Shura the Blue Flame
    3x Sirocco the Dawn
    2x Vayu the Emblem of Honor
    2x Caius
    1x Dark Armed Dragon
    1x Gorz
    1x Sangan
    3x Black Whirlwind
    1x Brain Control
    1x Foolish Burial
    1x Gold Sarcophagus
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Lightning Vortex
    1x Mind Control
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    2x Icarus Attack
    1x Mirror Force
    2x Royal Oppression
    1x Torrential Tribute
    Team Explosive Tag
    Volcanic Shell / Flamvell Firedog
    Flaming Bullets / Go Flamvell!
    1020 / 1020
    1 uses a Burn strategy while the other uses Beatdown/Synchro.  They 
    don't go too well together so your teamwork with Crow should help out 
    Exploding Team Explosive Tag 3x unlocks Team Grinder Summoning as a WC 
    Mode Tag opponent.
    Team Love Reptiles?
    Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes / Cosmis Fortress Gol'gar
    King of the Jungle / Alien Sighting
    1040 / 1040
    They both use Reptile-type monsters, and can therefore use some common 
    cards, including a card that is basically the Reptile version of Icarus 
    Attack, so watch out for that.  Remember that Damage=Reptile can result 
    in an instant Vennominon so be wary of that too.  You may want to bring 
    Book of Moon to this duel to deal with all the Alien counters that will 
    likely be floating around as well.  You may also want to bring some 
    extra s/t control because you'll be facing a variety of traps and 
    continuous spells like Burden of the Mighty.
    Slithering past Team Love Reptiles? 3x unlocks Team Legend's 
    Anniversary as a WC Mode Tag opponent.
    Team Fusion & Synchro
    Dark Paladin / Stardust Dragon
    Magic Wave-Motion / Stardust Shooting
    1180 / 1180
    Royal Oppression can help you out tremendously in these duels, and keep 
    in mind that for Vayu, removing monsters from the grave is a cost, so 
    if the opponent tries to use Oppression on his effect, the 2 monsters 
    will still be in the grave and you can just activate Vayu again.
    Shooting down Team Fusion & Synchro 3x unlocks Team Storm of Darkness 
    as a WC Mode Tag opponent.
    Team Armityle Summoning
    Phantom of Chaos / Armityle the Chaos Phantom
    Phantom Duplicate / Phantasmal Death
    1190 / 1190
    1st, they will try to gather the 3 big beatsticks needed to summon 
    Armityle or will use Future Fusion to send Armityle to the grave.  Then 
    Phantom of Chaos (PoC) will come out and remove Armityle to gain his 
    awesome effect.  It's a nifty strategy, but it can be beaten through a 
    simple D.D. Crow or Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror (will hurt him more than 
    you even if you're using BW still).  Skill Drain is another fine option.  
    Lightning Vortex is another good option for getting rid of all the 
    tokens that their decks are capable of summoning.
    Team Order in Chaos
    Granmarg the Rock Monarch / Evil Hero Dark Gaia
    Powerful Stones / Powerful Fiends
    1200 / 1200
    Their overall goal is to summon a powerful Dark Gaia and attempt to OTK 
    you.  Most of the time, they'll use Dark Calling rather than Dark 
    Fusion, so a well-timed Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute or 
    Icarus Attack can often do them in.  Otherwise, aiming to synchro 
    summon Colossal Fighter can be very helpful, and Book of Moon can reset 
    Dark Gaia's stats to 0/0.  Royal Oppression is another big life saver 
    Rocking Team Order in Chaos 3x unlocks Team Mausoleum's Legend as a WC 
    Mode Tag opponent.
    Team Synergy and Unity
    Manticore of Darkness / Enraged Battle Ox
    Recurring Nightmare / Destructive Rage
    1210 / 1210
    It's basically 2 Beast decks.  You've fought plenty of Beast decks by 
    now so you should know what to do here.
    Team Water & Fire
    White Night Dragon / Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
    Glaciating Blizzard / Searing Fire
    1220 / 1220
    Expect to be facing Dragon decks and you may wish to bring a bit extra 
    in the Traps department to find off Horus.  Again, Royal Oppression 
    works well here.
    Slaying Team Water & Fire 3x unlocks Team Child of Chaos as a WC Mode 
    Tag opponent.
    Team Removal Guys
    D.D. Survivor / Cyber Valley
    Banishment / The Three Choices
    1230 / 1230
    The easy choice here is to run Imperial Iron Wall, which completely 
    shuts down the entire Remove from Play premise of both of the decks you 
    are facing.  The other option is to bring enough control to destroy 
    Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos as soon as they come into play.  
    Note that if Imperial Iron Wall is in play, it overrides all Macro-
    style cards no matter what was on the field 1st.
    See how much easier this is when you have a decent partner and deck?  
    Beating Team Removal Guys unlocks Team Dual Duel as a WC Mode Tag 
    opponent and that means you've now unlocked 30 Tag opponent which nets 
    you a new card pack - World Championship Edition 8!!
    World Championship Edition 8:
    Armory Arm
    Chaos-End Master
    Elemental Hero Gaia
    Exploder Dragon
    Ido the Supreme Magical Force
    Machina set
    Neos Wiseman
    Red-Eyes Wyvern
    Shield Wing
    Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
    none of value :P
    none of value :P
    Not the greatest pack ever, but there are some gems here.  Armory Arm 
    is the only choice for 4-star Synchro, so if you think you might be 
    able to use it, go ahead and toss it in your Extra Deck.  Chaos-End 
    Master has some neat combos.  Kasha can give you another way to run 
    Zombies.  Exploder Dragon can be found elsewhere, but if you didn't get 
    it before, you can find it here.  Red-Eyes Wyvern means you can finally 
    complete your Dragon decks and make some very nice combos with Future 
    Fusion and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.  Stardust Dragon/Assault 
    Mode hase some very interesting and fun decks based around him that can 
    really put your opponent in a bad situation.
    Over in New Domino City, we missed a duelist who is in the Duel Runner 
    shop there.  His name is Kawasaki and we need to take him down 3x.
    He uses Valhalla and Mausoleum of the Emperor to summon powerful 
    monsters like Light and Darkness Dragon and Archlord Kristya.  I 
    suggest using Dust Tornados and plenty of monster destruction effects.
    Beating Kawasaki means you've now beaten all the people necessary to 
    unlock a new card pack - Force of the Breaker!!
    Force of the Breaker:
    Crystal Beast set
    Elemental Hero Captain Gold
    Gravekeeper's Commandant
    Harpie Queen
    Raiza the Storm Monarch
    Sky Scourge Enrise
    Sky Scourge Invicil
    Sky Scourge Norleras
    Volcanic set
    Warrior of Atlantis
    Zeradias, Herald of Heaven
    Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
    Blaze Accelerator
    Technically, you now are able to obtain a high enough percentage of all 
    the cards to unlock a new banlist that will allow you to add up to 1 
    Forbidden card in your deck.  A good duelist shouldn't need to use this, 
    but it may be helpful to you if you're having trouble with some of the 
    stuff we're about to start up with.  As far as this pack goes, Harpie 
    Queen means you can finish up a Harpie deck if you want.  The Sky 
    Scourges are decent monsters, and Norleras particularly combos well 
    with Phantom of Chaos.  The Crystal Beast set you've played against 
    before and it has some nice control and swarming associated with it, 
    although I wouldn't call it a competitive deck.  Volcanics primarily 
    use Burn tactics to win.
    Okay, at this point I want to cut through some of the extra stuff and 
    work just on finishing up with unlocking packs.  The only packs left to 
    unlock are the ones for unlocking all Single and all Tag opponents in 
    WC Mode.  Therefore, rather than take you through all the remaining 
    opponents (I will do this for you later) I am 1st going to tell you 
    everything you need to do to unlock everyone.  We've beaten everybody 
    we need to for that, so the next step is completing certain Bonuses to 
    unlock opponents.  This typically deals with summoning a particular 
    card or winning with a certain card's effect in a duel.  We'll start by 
    concentrating on unlocking all the Tag Team opponents.  I suggest for 
    anything where you need an opponent to beat, just use B.E.S. Big Core 
    MK-2 since he's an easy opponent who hopefully won't stall/burn you to 
    Summon Five-Headed Dragon in a duel.  If you've been using a Dragon 
    deck already, you've probably accomplished this task.  If not, the 
    easiest ways are via Future Fusion and/or Dragon's Mirror.  Completing 
    this bonus unlocks Team Dragon & Dragon as a WC Mode Tag opponent.
    Summon Rainbow Dragon in a duel.  This will require a Crystal Beast 
    deck with at least 7 different Crystal Beast monsters.  Keep in mind, 
    you can send the required monsters from both your field and your 
    graveyard.  Completing this bonus unlocks Team Earthbound Crystal as a 
    WC Mode Tag opponent.
    Summon VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon in a duel.  Obviously, you'll want 
    a deck with V-Tiger Jet, W-Wing Catapult, X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, 
    and Z-Metal Tank.  Since they are all LIGHT monsters, you can use 
    Honest to help you out some more.  You can also use cards like Rollout 
    and other Union support cards to make your life slightly easier such as 
    Frontline Base.  Completing this bonus unlocks Team Trago Genex as a WC 
    Mode Tag opponent.
    Have your winning damage come from a Skull Servant.  My suggestion is 
    to modify your Zombie deck to just add-in 3x Skull Servant, and also 
    add-in United We Stand and Mage Power so that your attack with Skull 
    Servant (yes, I'm talking about the 300 ATK vanilla monster) has a bit 
    more oomph to it.  Completing this bonus unlocks Team Zombie Path as a 
    WC Mode Tag opponent.
    By now you should have well over the 300 Single Duels necessary to 
    unlock Team Duel Ritual.  You should also have easily more than 200 
    Spells and Traps activated to unlock Team Fish-the-World.  However, 
    there are 2 other achievements to meet to unlock the last 2 Tag 
    opponents and coincidentally the next to last pack.  You need to have 
    completed 150 Tag Duels and 75 Turbo Duels.  As of right now, it is 
    possible for you to have gotten away with only Tag duelings about 70 or 
    so times and you may not even have 20 Turbo duels under your belt.  
    These can be quite time consuming, but the good news is that you don't 
    have to win the duels, just complete that number.  Find someone you 
    think you can easily beat (I chose Bass and Itsuki/Annie - Bass is over 
    by Akiza and Itsuki/Annie are over by Crow's hut), and if the duel is 
    lagging on too long, just give up and forfeit the duel by clicking your 
    deck after the 5th turn and it will still count toward your tally.  
    Completing 150 Tag Duels will unlock Team Gadget Emperor as a WC Mode 
    Tag opponent and completing 75 Turbo Duels will unlock Team To the 
    Graveyard as a WC Mode Tag opponent.  Now, let's check out that new 
    pack - World Championship Edition 10!!
    World Championship Edition 10:
    Archlord Kristya
    Cyber Eltanin
    Darklord Asmodeus
    Darklord Desire
    Darklord Edeh Arae
    Darklord Superbia
    Hundred Eyes Dragon
    Infernity set
    Lion Alligator
    Ojama set
    Stygian Sergeants
    The Atmosphere
    Underground Arachnid
    Zeman the Ape King
    Ojama Country
    Starlight Road
    There are some really nice cards here.  Some good Synchros although 
    some, like Zeman, you've already had a chance to obtain.  Archlord 
    Kristya is an awesome card who works with both LS or just in a Fairy 
    deck.  Eltanin create some awesome OTK's.  The Darklord monsters can 
    make Fairy decks even more amazing.  Infernities you played against 
    when you fought Dark Signer Kalin.  They have some nice combos but can 
    be somewhat inconsistent since you need to have no cards in your hand 
    to make them work, which 1st means finding ways to get rid of your hand, 
    and then you end up top decking all the time.  The new Ojamas are 
    pretty decent along with Ojama Country, which is capable of creating 
    some very fun OTK's along with Ojama Delta Hurricane.  The last card to 
    comment on is Starlight Road.  This card can negate everything from 
    Heavy Storm, Lightning Vortex, Icarus Attack, Torrential Tribute, 
    Mirror Force, and Gyzarus, just to name a few, and then it will summon 
    Stardust Dragon from your extra deck.  Note that if you use Stardust's 
    effect to negate a card later on, you won't be able to summon it in the 
    end phase because Starlight Road didn't Synchro Summon it and all 
    Synchro monsters are semi-nomis who have to be Synchro summoned 
    properly in order to be special summoned by any means later on.  This 
    card also works very well in Stardust/Assault Mode decks, giving you 
    another easy way to gain access to a Stardust, and then flipping 
    Assault Mode Activate! to bring out Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode.
    Now, let's move on to focusing in on the very last pack!
    Summon Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon in a duel.  You could go about 
    actually using Gadgets and normal summoning it, but it's much easier to 
    simply use Geartown and another Field Spell.  Set the Field Spell on 
    top of Geartown to destroy Geartown and activate its effect which will 
    let you Special Summon Gadjiltron Dragon.  Completing this bonus 
    unlocks Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon as a WC Mode opponent.
    Summon Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant in a duel.  You could 
    either go for his normal summoning condition, or get Armor Master and 
    Vayu into the graveyard and then use Vayu's effect to special summon 
    him to the field.  Whatever works best for you.  If you go the 1st way, 
    you may want to add some lower level BW monsters to your deck to help 
    out.  Completing this bonus unlocks Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of 
    Honor as a WC Mode opponent.
    Activate Mega Ton Magical Cannon in a duel.  Use an Endymion deck to 
    make this simple and easy.  Completing this bonus unlocks Crusader of 
    Endymion as a WC Mode opponent.
    By now you probably have 100 hours of play-time, which is the most you 
    need to unlock opponents by that means.  50 hours unlocks Garlandolf, 
    King of Destruction, while 100 hours unlocks Darkness Neosphere.  
    Therefore, I'll skip these and just head over to the next bonus of 
    winning by the effect of Final Countdown.  Just toss in a lot of stall 
    cards and some monster hate and go up against B.E.S. Big Core MK-2.  It 
    shouldn't be too difficult.  I suggest using Gold Sarcophagus so that 
    you can draw into your Final Countdowns as quickly as possible.  
    Completing this bonus unlocks Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca as a 
    WC Mode opponent.
    Summon Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth in a duel.  Ok, this 1 I'll admit 
    isn't going to be easy.  I did it against B.E.S. Big Core MK-2, and I 
    used all the necessary cards along with a ton of Traps and stall cards 
    and 2x Gold Sarcophagus along with searcher monsters who could find me 
    Petit Moth.  The other annoying feature of this Bonus is that Perfectly 
    Ultimate Great Moth is such an old card that it was made before they 
    started giving codes to all the cards.  Therefore, you won't be able to 
    find a password for it and will just have to keep on buying packs of 
    Dark Beginning 2 (the only pack that has it) until you find 3 copies to 
    use (you could go with less copies, but it's also a matter of how many 
    times you want to attempt this bonus).  Completing this bonus unlocks 
    Gigaplant as a WC Mode opponent.
    At this point, I am reminded that I never actually gave you any info on 
    Bass, and we're actually missing a card pack because we didn't beat him 
    3x yet.  Head over to the upper section of New Domino City and head 
    east a screen to where Akiza is.  Just southeast of her is Bass.  Let's 
    beat him 3x (Turbo Duels) and unlock this pack that I forgot about.
    He uses an Assault Mode deck.  You may want to use D.D. Crow and/or 
    Divine Wrath to cope with Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode.  Any other 
    Assault Mode monsters you shouldn't have as much trouble with.  For fun 
    information, the reason for the name of his deck is because Assault 
    Mode used to be called Buster Mode.
    Ok, so beating up Bass 3x means you'll have beaten everyone needed to 
    unlock a new pack - Gladiator's Assault!!  Let's check this out.
    Gladiator's Assault
    Alien set
    Cloudian set
    Elemental Hero Chaos Neos
    Enishi, Shien's Chancellor
    Evil Hero set
    Evil Hero Dark Gaia
    Gladiator Beast set
    Roid set
    Six Samurai set
    Super Vehicroid Stealth Union
    Dark Fusion
    Gladiator Beast's Respite
    Swing of Memories
    Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
    Your 6SAM decks are gonna get even better when you add Enishi to them.  
    Dark Gaia is a pretty powerful monster and he comes with a pretty 
    decent OTK deck.  The real treat here are that you now have access to 
    most of what you need to make a good Gladiator Beast (GB) deck.  These 
    guys have always been around Tier 1 or 2 status every banlist since the 
    time they 1st came out.  Very good stuff.
    Summon Gladiator Beast Heraklinos in a duel (and now you see what 
    reminded me of getting that pack).  This 1 is pretty straight-forward 
    and any decent GB deck with some help from Secutor can pull this off 
    quite easily.  Just use Secutor and either Book of Moon or Waboku to 
    keep him alive through a battle (or better yet attack directly with 
    him), then use his effect to special summon 2 GB monsters to the field 
    at the end of the Battle Phase.  Make sure 1 of them is Laquari, then 
    tag them all out to summon Heraklinos.  Easy as pie.  Completing this 
    bonus unlocks Gladiator Beast Gyzarus as a WC Mode opponent.
    Win via the effect of Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes.  Part 
    1 is summoning her which is tricky enough.  Use Damage=Reptile for the 
    easiest way to summon Vennominon, and then I suggest using Hammer Shot 
    or Raigeki Break or Torrential Tribute to destroy your own Vennominon 
    to set off Rise of the Snake Deity.  From there, you need to manage 
    just how high her ATK becomes.  If it is too high, she'll defeat your 
    opponent's LP before she gets to her effect.  I suggest using either 
    Soul Release or Pot of Avarice to manage her stats.  The rest of the 
    deck can be decent s/t cards with as many decent Reptile-type monsters 
    as you can muster.  Completing this bonus unlocks Harpie Queen as a WC 
    Mode opponent.
    Summon Flying Fortress SKY FIRE in a duel.  You'll need Summon Reactor, 
    Spell Reactor, and Trap Reactor to pull this off.  Spell Reactor and 
    Trap Reactor can both be searched out by Mystic Tomato or Sangan.  
    Summon Reactor has a support card called Fake Explosion that may help 
    you out some with summoning him here, you'll just have to use Gold 
    Sarcophagus to get him into your hand.  Other than that, I suggest just 
    loading up on Traps to keep destroying B.E.S. Big Core's monsters.  
    Completing this bonus unlocks Locomotion R-Genex as a WC Mode opponent.
    Summon Majestic Red Dragon in a duel.  To do this, you'll 1st need to 
    be able to summon Red Dragon Archfiend.  There are a few decent ways of 
    doing this.  Sillva and Goldd are 5-star monsters, so you could swarm 
    with them and then summon a 3-star tuner.  Summoner Monk could bring 
    out Rose, Warrior of Revenge or Soldier of Mist Valley with his effect 
    for an immediate Red Dragon.  You could use Deep Sea Diva with a 4-star 
    monster to bring out 1st a 6-star synchro, and then use the Diva 
    summoned by Diva to bring out Red Dragon.  The method I will be using 
    includes some of these, but also relies on a Zombie engine, since 
    Mezukis and Plaguespreader Zombie do an excellent job of producing 6 
    and 8-star synchros.  You'll then need Majestic Dragon and a 1-star 
    monster to tune with for Majestic Red Dragon.  Battle Fader could be a 
    good choice here, but other choices include Arcana Force 0 - The Fool, 
    D.D. Crow, Treeborn Frog and others.  Completing this bonus unlocks 
    Majestic Red Dragon as a WC Mode opponent.
    Deal 10,000 damage in a single attack.  My suggestion is to use a 
    Future Fusion and Overload Fusion combo with a deck containing Cyber 
    Dragon.  Use Gold Sarcophagus to get the cards you need for the combo 
    quickly and be sure to have enough Machines in the deck to create a 
    very high ATK Chimeratech Overdragon.  Completing this bonus unlocks 
    Worm Zero as a WC Mode opponent.
    Unlock 50% or more Duel Bonuses.  The Duel bonuses can be found at the 
    bottom of the screen from Options --> Duel Record.  I'll give you a 
    full list here though, so complete whatever you think will be easiest 
    in order to get through this challenge.
    1. Egyptian God Finish - win by attacking with Obelisk, Slifer, or Ra 
    (can't complete this without cheating with AR Codes or downloading).
    2. Sacred Beast Finish - win by attacking with Hamon, Ravial, or Uria.
    3. The Wicked Finish - win by attacking with Dreadroot, Eraser, or 
    4. Exodia Finish - win via the effect of Exodia.
    5. Destiny Board Finish - win via the effect of Destiny Board.
    6. No More Cards - win by decking out your opponent.
    7. Final Countdown Finish - win via the effect of Final Countdown.
    8. Skull Servant Finish - win by attacking with Skull Servant.
    9. Sparks Finish - defeat the last of your opponent's LP with Sparks.
    10. Vennominaga Finish - win via the effect of Vennominaga.
    11. Exodius Finish - win via the effect of Exodius.
    12. Quick Finish - win by turn 5.
    13. Reversal Finish - win after being down by at least 3800 LP from 
    your opponent.
    14. Opponent's Turn Finish - win during your opponent's turn.
    15. Low LP - win with >100 to 500 LP remaining.
    16. Extremely Low LP - win with 100 LP or less remaining.
    17. No Damage - take 0 damage during the duel (your LP remains 
    unchanged the entire time).
    18. Over 20000 LP - win with 20,000 or more LP remaining.
    19. Low Deck - win with 1 to 5 cards remaining in the deck.
    20. Extremely Low Deck - win with 0 cards left in the deck.
    21. Spell Card - activate at least 10 Spells.
    22. Trap Card - activate at least 10 Traps.
    23. No Spell Cards - don't activate any Spells.
    24. No Trap Cards - don't activate any Traps.
    25. Fusion Summon - summon at least 3 Fusion monsters.
    26. Ritual Summon - summon at least 3 Ritual monsters.
    27. Synchro Summon - summon at least 3 Synchro monsters.
    28. Normal Summon or Set - normal summon or set at least 10 monsters.
    29. Special Summon - special summon at least 5 monsters.
    30. No Special Summon - don't special summon any monsters.
    31. Chain - make a chain with at least a chain link of 3.
    32. Graveyard Activation - activate 3 effects that activate in the 
    33. Max ATK - make a monster have 3000+ ATK (that you control).
    34. Max Damage - deal at least 3000 damage in a single attack.
    35. LP Differential - your LP must be at least 3000 different from your 
    opponent at some point.
    36. Max Reflected Damage - inflict 3000+ damage from your battles where 
    your opponent's monster attacked you.
    37. Exactly 0 LP - deal exactly enough damage to bring your opponent 
    down to 0 LP.
    38. Battle Damage Only - deal no effect damage.
    39. Effect Damage Only - deal no battle damage.
    40. Destroy in Battle - destroy at least 5 monsters in battle.
    41. Battle Reversal - destroy an opponent monster in battle by 
    increasing the ATK of your lower ATK monster or decreasing the ATK of 
    your opponent's higher ATK monster after the attack is declared.
    42. Destroy by Effect - destroy at least 5 monsters via effects.
    43. Removed from Play - remove at least 3 cards from play.
    44. Hand Destruction - discard at least 3 cards from your opponent's 
    45. Deck Destruction - discard at least 3 cards from your opponent's 
    46. Return to Hand - return at least 3 monsters to your opponent's hand.
    47. First Damage - hit your opponent before he/she hits you.
    48. Key Card - summon/activate your key card (can be selected when 
    building your deck).
    49. Luck - have at least 3 coin tosses in a row come out in your favor.
    50. Spell Counter - create at least 3 spell counters.
    51. Union - equip a Union monster to another monster at least 3 times.
    52. LV Monsters - level up a LV monster.
    53. Position Change - make a monster shift to another monster card zone. 
    (use Alien Infiltrator and/or Senet Switch)
    54. Gemini - 2nd summon at least 3 Gemini monsters.
    55. Alien - create at least 3 alien counters.
    56. Crystal Beast - make at least 3 Crystal Beast monsters occupy your 
    s/t zone.
    57. Max Speed - win with 12 speed counters.
    58. Same Card - activate/summon the same card at least 3 times.
    59. All Monster Card Zone - fill all your monster card zones with 
    60. All Spell & Trap Card Zone - fill all your s/t zones.
    61. No Monster Card Zone - use Ground Collapse, Ojama Knight, and Ojama 
    King to negate all of your opponent's monster zones.
    62. Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth - summon him.
    63. Wall Shadow - summon him.
    64. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - summon him.
    65. Metalzoa - summon him.
    66. Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon - summon him.
    67. Obelisk the Tormentor - summon him (can't be done without cheating 
    or downloading).
    68. Slifer the Sky Dragon - summon him (can't be done without cheating 
    or downloading).
    69. The Winged Dragon of Ra - summon him (can't be done without 
    cheating or downloading).
    70. Valkyrion the Magna Warrior - summon him.
    71. Dark Sage - summon him.
    72. XYZ-Dragon Cannon - summon him.
    73. Exodia Necross - summon him.
    74. Ojama King - summon him.
    75. Mokey Mokey King - summon him.
    76. Spirit of the Pharaoh - summon him.
    77. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon - summon him.
    78. Cyber End Dragon - summon him.
    79. Water Dragon - summon him.
    80. Elemental Hero Tempest - summon him.
    81. Armed Dragon LV10 - summon him.
    82. Uria, Lord of Searing Flames - summon him.
    83. Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder - summon him.
    84. Raviel, Lord of Phantasms - summon him.
    85. Cyber Laser Dragon - summon him.
    86. Elemental Hero Electrum - summon him.
    87. Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill - summon him.
    88. Cyberdark Dragon - summon him.
    89. The Wicked Dreadroot - summon him.
    90. The Wicked Avatar - summon him.
    91. The Wicked Eraser - summon him.
    92. Destiny Hero - Dogma - summon him.
    93. Destiny Hero - Plasma - summon him.
    94. Winged Kuriboh LV10 - summon him.
    95. Arcana Knight Joker - summon him.
    96. VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon - summon him.
    97. Volcanic Doomfire - summon him.
    98. Sky Scourge Enrise - summon him.
    99. Sky Scourge Norleras - summon him.
    100. Rainbow Dragon - summon him.
    101. Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes - summon her.
    102. Elemental Hero Chaos Neos - summon him.
    103. Gladiator Beast Heraklinos - summon him.
    104. Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler - summon him.
    105. Armityle the Chaos Phantom - summon him.
    106. Five-Headed Dragon - summon him.
    107. Mirage Knight - summon him.
    180. Berserk Dragon - summon him.
    109. Theinen the Great Sphinx - summon him.
    110. Sorcerer of Dark Magic - summon him.
    111. Machina Force - summon him.
    112. Princess Pikeru - summon her.
    113. Princess Curran - summon her.
    114. Super Vehicroid Stealth Union - summon him.
    115. Rainbow Dark Dragon - summon him.
    116. Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare - summon her.
    117. Elemental Hero Storm Neos - summon him.
    118. Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler - summon him.
    119. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem - summon him.
    120. Neos Wiseman - summon him.
    121. Elemental Hero Divine Neos - summon him.
    122. Flying Fortress SKY FIRE - summon him.
    123. Majestic Star Dragon - summon him.
    124. Majestic Red Dragon - summon him.
    125. Mega Ton Magical Cannon - activate it.
    126. Yu-Jo Friendship - activate it.
    127. Dark Scorpion Combination - activate it.
    128. Ojama Delta Hurricane - activate it.
    129. Blasting the Ruins - activate it.
    130. The Law of the Normal - activate it.
    131. Inferno Tempest - activate it.
    132. Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan - activate it.
    133. Elemental Burst - activate it.
    134. HERO Flash!! - activate it.
    135. Flash of the Forbidden Spell - activate it.
    136. Miraculous Rebirth - activate it.
    137. Straight Flush - activate it.
    138. Accumulated Fortune - activate it.
    139. Vanity's Call - activate it.
    140. Crystal Abundance - activate it.
    141. Assault Mode Activate - activate it.
    142. Crimson Fire - activate it.
    143. No Monsters - win with a deck containing 0 monsters.
    144. No Forbidden Cards - win with a deck containing 0 Forbidden cards.
    145. No Limited/Semi-Limited Cards - win with a deck containing 0 
    Limited or Semi-Limited cards.
    146. 1 Copy per Card - Win with a deck that has no more than 1 copy of 
    each card in it.
    147. Limited Type - Win with a deck containing only 1 monster type (i.e. 
    Winged Beast).
    148. Limited Attribute - Win with a deck containing only 1 monster 
    attribute (i.e. DARK).
    149. All Monster Levels - Win with a deck containing at least 1 1, 2, 3, 
    4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-star monster.
    150. Level 1 Monsters - Win with a deck containing only 1-star monsters.
    Well, in case by now you've forgotten, this was all just to unlock the 
    very last opponent.  So, completing at least 50% (75) of these bonuses 
    unlocks Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode as a WC Mode opponent.  With that, 
    you now have unlocked all the WC Mode opponent along with the last pack 
    of cards - World Championship Edition 9!!
    World Championship Edition 9:
    B.E.S. set
    Burning Skull Head
    Clear Vice Dragon
    Colossal Fighter
    Darkness Neosphere
    Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth
    Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
    Guardian Eatos
    Junk Archer
    Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak
    Lightning Warrior
    Orichalcos Shunoros
    Skull Flame
    Snowman Eater
    The Tyrant Neptune
    Clear World
    Parallel World Fusion
    none of value :P
    Well, the set only has a few things that would probably be useful to 
    you at this point.  Colossal Fighter you should already have if you 
    listened to my advice much much earlier in the game.  Lightning Warrior 
    is a pretty decent Synchro monster who you can mess around with though.  
    Snowman Eater is a great control card who blows away most of the other 
    cards with similar effects to it.  Clear World and Clear Vice Dragon 
    are sorta a weak but fun strategy.  Junk Archer is quite the good card 
    so you can try him out if you want.  However, the real shining star of 
    this pack is Guardian Eatos, who is great to get in the beginning of 
    duel (free 2500 ATK beatstick summoning) and works great in Macro decks 
    and in Dimensional GB, which is a very competitive deck.
    With this, you've unlocked everything in the game!  Congratulations, 
    you get your gold star as a completionist!  Sorry, no monetary prizes 
    available - just your own self satisfaction!  I hope you enjoyed 
    reading this guide as much as I enjoyed making it!  Now get the heck 
    out of my sight you ant!!
    XII. Questions [QA]
    You can send an email to nekofjung2@yahoo.com if you have questions.  
    If the questions are good, I will update this section and post them 
    here.  If you are a spammer who likes to spam emails, just know that I 
    mostly use this email for junk anyway, so you're not really 
    accomplishing anything by spamming it.
    XIII. Thanks
    This section is to thank people who have responded to my article with 
    improvements and/or suggestions that I have found useful.
    -Cameron Inglis
    Told me I was missing the "Fun Key" arch after story mode.

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