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                           Dragon Ball Origins 2 FAQ Walkthrough
    Table of Contents
    Disclaimer/Copyright                     (Dis/copy)
    What is not in this Guide                 (Winitg)
    Intro                                     (int.)
    Character Information                  (crctrinfo.)
    Chapter 1                                 (chptr.1)
    Episode 1-1                               (ep.1-1)
    Episode 1-2                               (ep.1-2)
    Episode 1-3                               (ep.1-3)
    Episode 1-4                               (ep.1-4)
    Episode 1-5                               (ep.1-5)
    Episode 1-6                               (ep.1-6)
    Chapter 2                                 (chptr.2)
    Episode 2-1                               (ep.2-1)
    Episode 2-2                               (ep.2-2)
    Episode 2-3                               (ep.2-3)
    Episode 2-4                               (ep.2-4)
    Episode 2-5                               (ep.2-5)
    Episode 2-6                               (ep.2-6)
    Episode 2-7                               (ep.2-7)
    Episode 2-8                               (ep.2-8)
    Chapter 3                                 (chptr.3)
    Episode 3-1                               (ep.3-1)
    Episode 3-2                               (ep.3-2)
    Episode 3-3                               (ep.3-3)
    Episode 3-4                               (ep.3-4)
    Episode 3-5                               (ep.3-5)
    Episode 3-6                               (ep.3-6)
    Episode 3-7                               (ep.3-7)
    Episode 3-8                               (ep.3-8)
    Chapter 4                                 (chptr.4)
    Episode 4-1                               (ep.4-1)
    Episode 4-2                               (ep.4-2)
    Episode 4-3                               (ep.4-3)
    Episode 4-4                               (ep.4-4)
    Episode 4-5                               (ep.4-5)
    Episode 4-6                               (ep.4-6)
    Episode 4-7                               (ep.4-7)
    Episode 4-8                               (ep.4-8)
    Chapter 5                                 (chptr.5)
    Episode 5-1                               (ep.5-1)
    Episode 5-2                               (ep.5-2)
    Episode 5-3                               (ep.5-3)
    Episode 5-4                               (ep.5-4)
    Episode 5-5                               (ep.5-5)
    Episode 5-6                               (ep.5-6)
    Episode 5-7                               (ep.5-7)
    Chapter 6                                 (chptr.6)
    Episode 6-1                               (ep.6-1)
    Episode 6-2                               (ep.6-2)
    Episode 6-3                               (ep.6-3)
    Episode 6-4                               (ep.6-4)
    Episode 6-5                               (ep.6-5)
    Episode 6-6                               (ep.6-6)
    Chapter 7                                 (chptr.7)
    Episode 7-1                               (ep.7-1)
    Episode 7-2                               (ep.7-2)
    Episode 7-3                               (ep.7-3)
    Episode 7-4                               (ep.7-4)
    Episode 7-5                               (ep.7-5)
    Episode 7-6                               (ep.7-6)
    Episode 7-7                               (ep.7-7)
    Episode 7-8                               (ep.7-8)
    Chapter 8                                 (chptr.8)
    Episode 8-1                               (ep.8-1)
    Episode 8-2                               (ep.8-2)
    Episode 8-3                               (ep.8-3)
    Episode 8-4                               (ep.8-4)
    Episode 8-5                               (ep.8-5)
    Episode 8-6                               (ep.8-6)
    Episode 8-7                               (ep.8-7)
    Episode 8-8                               (ep.8-8)
    Outro                                     (out.)
    First let me state that all the characters,
    locations, and terms mentioned in this guide are
    the property of their respective owners. I am not
    staking claim in any Dragon Ball merchandise
    whatsoever. I do stake claim in my walkthrough
    though. That is not permitted to be displayed on
    any websites other than Gamefaqs.com. Please do not
    E-mail me requesting to let you put this on your
    website. Such E-mails will be deleted as spam. You
    may print this document out, but please do not try
    to sell it or pass it off as your own, that is not
    fair to me or anyone you tricked into paying for
    this when they could have gotten it for free.
    Thank you, I will stop rambling for now.
    What is not in this Guide                  (winitg)
    This guide will not cover the following... yet.
    -Treasure chest locations-
    -Dragon scale locations-
    -The survival tower-
    -Figurines and dioramas-
    -Shop lists or item releases-
    -Rewards for missions-
    Please note that some of these things may be added
    Introduction                                 (int.)
    Hello and welcome to my first FAQ on Gamefaqs. I 
    decided to write this FAQ because of the fact that
    there is a great need for it,and because I have 
    enjoyed playing this game. This FAQ will tell you 
    how to play through all the episodes in the game
    in numerical order all the way through to episode 
    Character Information                  (crctrinfo.)
    Goku                                         (Goku)
    Bio- A young boy who lived alone with his
    grandpa. His life changed when he met Bulma, and
    hunted for Dragon Balls With her. He also trained
    under Master Roshi with his rival and best friend,
    Krillin. He entered World Martial Arts Tournament,
    but lost in the last round. Being a student of
    Master Roshi, he knows most his techniques. His
    signature move is the Kamehameha.
    Special Techniques
    Power Pole mode
    Flying Kick
    Power Pole Kick
    Tail Swing
    Ki Blast
    Slide Kick
    Afterimage Attack
    Super Attack
    Tips for playing as Goku
    Since you will be playing as Goku for a lot of the
    time, knowing how to use him is vital. Goku is a
    balanced fighter that can have off the charts stats
    if you get all the dragon scales and purchase his
    power-ups. Fighting with Goku at the beginning of
    the game is all about dodging and using his
    Kamehameha at the correct time. 
    Later, it's about how fast you can
    punch the enemy 20 times and follow up with a
    Kamehameha to destroy them. Basically, keep enemies
    close and then fire the Kamehameha.(P.S.Goku will
    become even more supreme when he gets more than one
    super attack bar).
    Eighter (Android #8)                           (#8)
    (Plot Spoilers!)
    Bio- Eighter is an android that was originally
    designed to be a weapon for the Red Ribbon Army.
    He had only one major design flaw, he was a 
    pacifist and did not wish to hurt anyone. He was
    therefore locked up and sent to Muscle Tower.
    He was released by Murisaki the ninja in an act
    of desperation and ordered to kill Goku. He did
    not comply however and joined Goku instead. After
    the adventure at Muscle Tower, he decided to move
    in with the mayor at Jingle Village to help out 
    there. He often thinks of his young friend Goku,
    and worries about him constantly.
    Special Techniques
    Smash Punch
    Shoulder Tackle
    Angry Table Flip
    Super Attack
    Angry Strike
    Tips for Playing as Eighter
    Eighter is a powerhouse fighter who destroys
    enemies with a single combo. His strength will
    continue to grow as you buy more of his power-ups
    from the shop. Be sure when fighting a tough
    opponent is to keep them close. If they back away,
    close the distance with a shoulder tackle or dash.
    (Remember, Eighter has no projectile attacks so
    long range combat is not an option).
    Bio- Bumla is a teenager who lives in west city.
    She is a mechanical genius who invented the Dragon
    Radar and used it to collect Dragon Balls. She met
    Goku while hunting for the Dragon Balls and decided
    to take him along. She was hoping to use the Dragon
    Balls to wish for a boyfriend but along the way she
    met Yamcha and decided that he was perfect. They've
    had a few fights over the years but are still
    together. She is Goku's oldest friend (not
    including his Grandfather).
    Special Techniques
    Remote Control Bombs
    Sexy Turn
    Rocket Launcher
    Super Attack
    Flailing Machinegun
    Tips for Playing as Bulma
    Bulma is not primarily a fighter. She cannot take
    many hits and better used chipping away at an
    enemies health from afar. In ambushes and boss
    fights, try to keep enemies as far away as
    possible. If they get to close use the Flailing
    Machinegun to drive them back or the Sexy Turn to
    stun them long enough to get away. (Never forget to
    buy anyone's upgrades from the shop when you can).
    Krillin                                      (Kril)
    Bio- Krillin is a young man who trained under
    Master Roshi with Goku. He originally started his
    training at The Orin Temple but when he was twelve
    he came to learn from Master Roshi (mainly to
    impress girls). He did not like Goku when they met
    but grew to love him over time. He was in the
    World Martial Arts Tournament and placed in the top
    Special Techniques
    Dodge Kick
    Head Polish
    Spinning Headbutt
    Super Attack
    Tornado Punch
    Tips for Playing as Krillin
    Krillin is sort of an odd fighter. His attacks
    don't pack as much of a punch as Goku's but he has
    more attacks in a combo. His attacks have a short
    range so definitely keep the enemy close. His
    Tornado Punch is the ultimate get away move so
    definitely use it when you are overrun. (His
    forward roll move does not make you temporarily
    invincible like Goku's dodge). 
    Yamcha                                       (Ymch)
    Bio- Yamcha was once a desert bandit who stole
    money and capsules from travelers with some help
    from his tansforming cat friend Puar. This all
    changed when he met Goku. After Goku won a fight
    with him and didn't kill him, as Yamcha would have,
    Yamcha began spying on Goku and his friends. Upon
    learning of the Dragon Balls, Yamcha started
    following Goku waiting for him to gather all the
    balls so Yamcha could steal the wish. His wish was
    to be rid of his fear of beautiful women, but when
    he met Bulma, being around her a lot helped him get
    over his fear naturally so he no longer needed the
    wish. He has participated in the World Martial Arts
    Tournament along with Goku and made it to the top
    Special Techniques
    Heel Smash
    Wolf Claw
    Super Attack
    Wolf Fang Fist
    Tips for Playing as Yamcha
    Yamcha is a mid-range fighter due to his
    long-legged kicks. His style is more about
    confusing the enemy with fancy moves instead of
    attacking head-on. Hit the enemy with the very end
    of Yamcha's foot to keep them at a safe distance.
    If the enemy is about to overwhelm you, use the
    Wolf Fang Fist to push them back.
    Arale                                         (Arl)
    (Plot Spoilers!)
    Bio- Arale is an android girl created by
    Dr. Senbe Norimaki. She has incredible power at her
    disposal but only uses it when she deems it
    necessary. When Goku chased General Blue to her
    village, Arale helped send him packing.
    Special Attacks
    Super Jump
    Super Strength Knockback
    Arale Kick
    Ncha Gun
    Super Attack
    Earth Splitter
    Tips for Playing as Arale
    Arale is like Eighter with even more power.
    Combined with with her Ncha gun and Arale Kick, she
    is a force to be reckoned with. Keep enemies close
    so you can end them easy. Her invicible is the
    ultimate defense move for when things get tough.
    (P.S. Her Earth Splitter is a proximity move, it
    gets stonger the closer the enemy is to you).
    Main Walkthrough
    Important Notice!
    In the FAQ, when I use the phrase "go up" I mean
    to press up on the control pad not to actually jump
    up into the sky. The same thing applies when I say
    "go down" as well.
    Chapter 1- Colonel Silver Attacks!        (chptr.1)
    Episode 1-1 The Wandering Lake             (ep.1-1)
    You will start by chasing after the monkeys who
    stole your power pole. Go right if you want to 
    learn how to fight hand-to-hand. If it is your 
    first time playing the game I recommend taking on 
    the training. Proceeding down the right path you
    will learn about running, jumping, and tail 
    swinging. After tail swinging for the first time
    push the block out of the way and walk into...
    a trap!!! Learn about fighting and beat the wolves
    into submission with your martial arts. After the
    ambush, run left and either push the block into the
    water or send it flying like the tutorial mentions.
    across the river there is another ambush set up to
    teach you how to dodge with dashing. This is, in my
    opinion one of the most useful actions you can
    perform in battle. With the wolves defeated you can
    continue on back across the river to learn about
    items. Go up the stairs and tail swing back across
    the river and learn about the Kamehameha, your best 
    friend in boss battles. One thing I suggest is 
    breaking every rock you find and defeating every 
    enemy you see because of all the goodies you can
    collect this way. Destroy the rocks with a 
    Kamehameha (or a few well placed strikes). and move
    on to the end of the tutorial. Go right if you need
    to review or left to move on with the level. Watch
    the monkey try to pick a path and then run up the 
    stairs and go right. Follow the path killing the 
    bees and other wild animals. Destroy the large
    rocks and head up the stairs and then go up the 
    other stair right below the fisrt set. Chase the 
    monkey across the rock bridge and defeat him and 
    and his helpers. Destroy more large rocks, grab the
    treasure and tail swing across the void. In the 
    next area follow the path into another ambush. To
    get through this battle, simply destroy the bees
    nest and beat down any remaining bees. In this rock
    puzzle push the first block right and send the
    second rock flying up to use it as a bridge to the
    treasure and then hop across the newly made bridge
    to the next area. In the next area, follow the path
    and tail swing to the left at the fork (up for some
    treasure). Chase the monkey into a mini-boss fight.
    Mini-Boss Battle : Monkey Brigade
    This is a battle against 12 monkeys, 3 at a time,
    for the power pole. Simply use combos or a
    Kamehameha when necessary, each monkey will go down
    after a few hits.
    After the battle the monkeys return the power pole
    and Goku will go back to looking for the dragon 
    Episode 1-1 Clear!
    Episode 1-2 Colonel Silver                 (ep.1-2)
    Goku has been reunited with his power pole and now
    you can use it for many different purposes. Go
    right if you want to learn how to use the power
    pole and left if you know how. I will assume you
    wanted to learn how and will guide you through the
    tutorial. if you opted not to do the tutorial
    skip to where I talk about the end of the tutorial.
    Moving on with the tutorial, head along the path
    and learn about using the power pole. There will be
    an ambush that teaches you how to fight with the
    P. pole. Beat them down and move up the stairs and
    make a U-turn heading back to the right to learn
    about the thrust move. Clear the rocks with the
    thrust and up hopping from cliff to cliff. You
    will learn the smash attack here. Smash the ground
    and head through the newly created tunnel. Grab
    the treasure and head left along the path until
    you are ambushed by 4 big mean..... rocks? Yes
    rocks, to teach you the sweep attack. Destroy the
    rocks to be attacked by 4 bees. Smash them with the 
    P. pole and hop down the cliff. (This ends the
    P. pole tutorial). Head down to review or left to
    move on. If you went left you will be ambushed by
    some wolves. Dispose of them and grab the treasure.
    Move up into a boss battle.
    Boss Battle : Bigfoot
    This is a simple battle that can be very hard. I
    suggest staying in H2H (hand-to-hand) mode unless
    you are at low health. Try to dash in, do a quick
    combo and dash out. If he charges you, dash away
    quick! When you get it use your Kamehameha on him
    and he'll go down.
    After Bigfoot, Colonel Silver will show up and set
    fire to the forest! Head over to the laptop
    (save machine) to save your progress in the level.
    Tail swing over to the right and follow the path,
    beating on animals all the way.Head up the stairs
    and smash the cracked ground with your P. pole.
    Use the P. pole to either smash or thrust the rocks
    and hop to the other side of the river. Tail swing
    downward and follow the path into the next area.
    Head up across the thin rock bridge and fight the
    Red Ribbon Army guys (watch out for their 
    flamethrowers). Follow the path to more RR soldiers
    and take the treasure in front of the car. Head to
    the next area. Follow the path, defeating all the
    RR soldiers you see. Smash the cracked ground and
    go through the tunnel into an ambush with three
    RR soldiers hop over the gap to show them who's
    boss. (Head right for a treasure). Head left and
    around the cars into a boss battle.
    Colonel Silver
    You will be fighting Colonel Silver for a Dragon
    Ball. First watch out for his combo attack, it is
    very powerful. Try to get behind him for an attack,
    but be prepared to dodge. When you get him down to
    about one half of his health the Dragon Ball will
    be knocked out of his pocket and over the cliff!
    Episode 1-2 Clear!
    Between levels notice!!
    If you have not already done so, visit the shop and
    buy some meat buns or possibly a ramen for the 
    tough battles ahead.
    Episode 1-3 Heartless Red Ribbon Army      (ep.1-3)
    In Goku's last battle with Colonel Silver, the 
    Dragon ball they were fighting over was knocked 
    over a cliff! Who will get to it first? Goku? or 
    the evil Red Ribbon Army?
    In this episode you will use the Dragon Radar to
    find the missing Dragon Ball. Head north until you
    reach the river, then head left into the next area.
    Head northeast along the path Until you reach the 
    next area.(Skip the first northern exit). In the
    next area, hop across the river and then go north 
    to a wide, open area. The Dragon Ball you are
    looking for is in the northwest corner between
    2 small rocks If you need help consult the Dragon
    Radar. When you find the Dragon Ball, you will be
    thrown into a mini-boss battle
    Mini-Boss Battle Red Ribbon Mining Team
    This battle pits you against a Red Ribbon mining
    team there are 6 men and you will fight 4 at a
    time, one man replacing a beaten one. At the start
    try to take out the tiger man and after the get rid
    of anyone with a gun. Take out the melee soldiers
    After this battle Goku tries to fly away on his
    Flying Nimbus but is stopped by Colonel Silver, who
    offers to fight him for the Dragon Ball.
    Boss Battle : Colonel Silver (bazooka)
    The major change between this fight and the last
    one is that Silver has a bazooka! Make sure to
    dodge his missle attacks. Other than that apply the
    same strategy as last time, get behind him and
    strike! After the battle Goku takes Silver's
    capsules and uses the plane to fly after the next
    Dragon Ball.
    Episode 1-3 Clear!
    The next level is unlocked later in the game then 
    the last level. Do not read this if you don't want
    spoilers until it has been unlocked. Skip to the
    next avalible level.
    Side Note-When you see the SPOILER ALERT!!!! notice
    anywhere, it is suggested you do not read the 
    next section until you have unlocked the
    corresponding level and to skip to the next
    unlocked level.
    Episode 1-4 Two Silvers                    (ep.1-4)
    In this episode Bulma chases Oolong after finding 
    out he's been spying on her. As he runs, he sees
    Colonel Silver and decides to transform into him.
    Bulma then sees them together and attacks, deciding
    that one must be Oolong.
    Boss Battle : Colonel Silver (x2)
    The simplest way to defeat the Silver with the red
    health bar is to stun him with Bulma's dash move 
    and then shoot him. The green health bar is beaten
    easier if you shoot from afar. Use bulma's super
    when you can, and remember to dodge the missles!
    When you win bulma ties Oolong up and makes him
    promise to never spy on her again.
    Episode 1-4 Clear!
    Episode 1-5 A Clumsy Duo                   (ep.1-5)
    In this episode, Bulma and Yamcha are out when
    Yamcha mentions another woman and makes Bulma mad.
    Things get out of control and Bulma ends up 
    pointing a gun at Yamcha. Yamcha retaliates, but
    for self-defense only. Can Yamcha get out of this
    Boss Battle : Bulma
    The easiest way I have found to beat Bulma is an
    all-out attack! Use Yamcha's full combo on her and
    then be ready to dodge. Use Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist
    if it charges and watch out for Bulma's super
    After the fight, Bulma tells Yamcha she never wants
    to see him again and throws him in the lake. After
    she leaves, Yamcha sinks into depression.
    Episode 1-5 Clear!
    Episode 1-6 Yamcha's Sadness               (ep.1-6)
    In this episode, Yamcha is depressed because Bulma
    has left him. To help cope, he decides to do
    some training.
    Mini-Boss Battle : Various Woodland Creatures
    For this mini-boss battle you will fight 6 wolves,
    3 at a time,6 porcupines, 3 at a time, 6 leopards,
    3 at a time, and 4 bigfeet, 2 at a time. For the
    Wolves, just use basic attacks. For the porcupines,
    try to take them out quickly, or they curl up, and
    become invincible. Use the wolves strategy on the
    leopards, and for the bigfeet, treat them like you
    did in episode 1-2, a quick combo, a well timed
    dodge, and an occasional Wolf Fang Fist.
    After the rumble, Yamcha decides to apologize to
    Episode 1-6 Clear!
    Chapter 1 Clear!!
    Chapter 2- The Dragon Ball in the North   (chptr.2)
    Episode 2-1 Suno, Girl of the North        (ep.2-1)
    As Goku is flying north, the cold temperature
    causes Goku's plane to crash-land on the icy
    tundra. He is rescued by a girl named Suno, who
    takes him home. He later finds out the Red Ribbon
    Army has a base there and decides to look for the
    Dragon Ball there.
    Start by following the path and head up the stairs
    (treasure on the left). In the next area, hop left
    over the gap and tail swing the rest of the way.
    Head up the stairs and follow the path (P.S. you
    can't get the treasure across the gap until after
    Episode 4-2) to an open area with an entrance to a
    cave. Go inside. Hop over the ice spikes and kill
    all the wolves along the way. Hit the button on the
    ground to open the door. Jump on the ice block
    in front of you and then the one above you then to
    the right, then down then continue right onto an
    icy patch. Go down past 1 big icicle and head right
    onto the ice, then down, then left, then up. Hop
    the pit to be ambushed by a yeti. The bigfoot
    strategy applies here, dash in, combo, dash out,
    rinse, repeat. He will go down after a few attacks.
    Head up the right set of stairs (left for treasure)
    to exit the cave. In the next area, save and move
    on. In this area Red Ribbon guys are trying to ram
    you with snowmobiles. Head north and take the first
    right, (continue north for treasure) down the
    stairs. Follow the path, destorying the logs in
    your way. As you head north along the path dodge
    the snowmobiles rushing you. After the snowmobiles,
    hit the lever-looking device above you a few times
    to lower the bridge and move into the next area.
    Run up and move into the alcove to avoid the giant
    snowball and move left clearing the path as you go.
    (Make sure to dodge the missles)! Head down and
    outrun the snowball, hang a left, and tail swing
    across the pit. Clear the path while dodging the
    missles and move into the next area. the next area
    is a large ambush, take down the soldiers one at a
    time. when the are all gone, save and enter the
    boss battle.
    Boss Battle : Red Ribbon Tank
    Fodr this boss battle I suggest immediatly getting
    directly in front of the tank to nullify many of
    its attacks and block the rabbits from shooting
    you. Basically, you combo it, Kamehameha it, heal
    when necessary, it will go down soon enough.
    The rabbits will run away to the Red Ribbon base
    after the tank is gone and Goku will chase them.
    Infiltrate Muscle Tower!
    Episode 2-1 Clear!
    Episode 2-2 Terror of Muscle Tower         (ep.2-2)
    Goku uses his power pole to bypass the first floor
    of Muscle Tower and a loudspeaker on the wall
    informs him that to rescue the village mayor, who
    is trapped there, he will have to make it to the
    top, floor by floor. Will Goku get the Dragon Ball
    and save the mayor?
    Mini-Boss Battle : Red Ribbon Army Guard Squad
    This level starts right off with a mini-boss
    battle. You will face 4 men with guns, one at a
    time, 5 swordsmen one at a time. Get all the
    gunmen first and then the sword guys. After the
    battle, Goku will move on to face:
    Boss Battle : Major Metallitron
    This is a very difficult boss battle. The Major has
    many powerful attacks, including his super, which
    hits the ground for a large amount of damage. To
    avoid it, tail swing on the pipes in the 4 corners
    of the room. For all his other attacks, the
    dash-dodge is your best friend. Use the Kamehameha
    on him when it is charged. Also be ready to heal.
    When he gets below one-half HP, his
    head will be destroyed by a Kamehameha. This makes
    things slightly easier, in my opinion. He can no
    longer use the mouth missle. Try to end it
    quickly after his head is blown off.
    After the battle, Metallitron will stop moving.
    (His battery died). Goku will move on to the 4th
    Episode 2-2 Clear!
    Episode 2-3 Murisaki the Ninja             (ep.2-3) 
    Goku reach floor 4 of Muscle Tower. He is attacked
    by a speedy ninja named Murisaki, Who invites him
    to play a "game", simply to find him when he hides.
    Murisaki Mini-Game 1 : In the Trees
    In this mini-game, Murisaki will hide in front of a
    tree trunk with a tree trunk pattern mat. Round 1
    is easy look for an American flag. Round 2 look for
    a slightly lighter colored tree trunk. If you hit
    the wrong one, 3 bees will come out. Round 3 is
    the same as round 2 hit the lighter tree to move on
    to :
    Murisaki Mini-Game 2 Under the Rock
    In this mini-game, Murisaki will hide under a rock
    and you must hit the right one or he will set off
    a very painful bomb. the way to find him is you
    must look for the rock without a dent in the top,
    one that is rounded on top. Hit it three times to
    fight :
    Boss Battle : Murisaki (x5)
    For this battle you will face 5 Murisakis, three at
    a time, a new one replacing a beaten one. To win,
    simply focus on one ninja, I will leave you to
    decide which one is  most dangerous I suggest the
    one with the blowgun. If the blowgun darts hit you,
    they cause temporary paralysis so watch out! If you
    knock a ninja over focus on him.
    After the battle, Murisaki releases his secret
    weapon, Android #8. He is then shocked to learn
    this giant is actually afraid of fighting!
    Murisaki threatens to blow him up for his
    disloyalty, (be ready with your stylus and tap the
    touch screen when indicated) but Goku destroys the
    remote that detonates the bomb and sends the ninja
    soaring. Goku then bids farewell to the android,
    that he renames Eighter.
    Episode 2-3 Clear!
    Episode 2-4 General White's Trap           (ep.2-4)
    Goku moves on to a floor between 4 and 5. He is
    walking along, when a door slams shut on his tail!
    Goku hates things touching his tail, so he is
    unable to do anything about his predicament. Just
    then, Eighter shows up, determined on backing Goku
    up. He sees Goku trapped and vows to set him free.
    Will Goku ever get to the top of Muscle Tower?
    You are now playing as Eighter.
    Learn all of Eighter's attacks and go left into the
    next area. Follow the path to the large block and
    send it flying with Eighter lift attack. Do the same
    thing to the gate ahead and head left into an ambush
    with 2 Red Ribbon soldiers. Easily defeat them and
    follw the downward path, with a treasure chest along
    the way. Lift the gate and smash the ground to move
    on. In the next area, push the left block upwards
    to use as a bridge. Go left into another 2 soldier
    ambush. Defeat them and go ahead to hit a button,
    opening both locked doors. (To the right of the
    button is a treasure chest). Go right and continue
    right until you see cracked ground above you.
    Smash the ground while standing on it to fall down
    and hit the switch. Move on through the now
    unlocked door to an ambush with a machine gunner
    and a huge boxing man defeat them and hit the
    button and go right. Follow the path, lift the gate,
    and move into the next area.
    Eighter will hit the button to free Goku, and the
    pair will charge up the stairs, to the control room
    of Muscle Tower General White is waiting for them
    and opens a trapdoor that drops them to the
    mysterious 5th floor, where a terrible monster is
    supposed to live.
    Boss Battle : Buyon
    You are now playing as Goku.
    The first thing you will notice about this boss is
    that none of your attacks work, not even your
    Kamehameha. To be able to defeat Buyon you must
    crack open one of the damaged walls and use your
    knockback attack to knock him into the freezing
    wind which will freeze him solid. While frozen he
    can do nothing and all your attacks do damage.
    The crates all have super bar filling stars in them,
    so grab them and when he is frozen, use the
    Kamehameha on him when he is unfrozen watch out for
    his tail swipe and antenna lasers.
    After Buyon is no more, Goku will jump straight
    through the ceiling and proceed to help Eighter up
    with the Power Pole. General White holds a gun to
    the mayor's head. He makes Goku turn around and is
    about to shoot him in the back When Eighter (be
    ready with the stylus and tap the touch screen when
    indicated) intervenes by jumping in front of Goku
    and then charging General White. White is so
    suprised he lets go of the mayor and Eighter sends
    him flying with a super powered punch. Afterwards,
    Goku looks for the Dragon Ball, but it turns out
    Eighter had it all along! He entrusts it to Goku and
    they leave Muscle Tower. When they get back to town
    the mayor invites Eighter to live with him and Goku
    heads off, after the next Dragon Ball.
    Episode 2-4 Clear!
    Episode 2-5 Friend                          (ep.2-5)
    After Goku and Eighter saved Jingle Village Eighter
    started living with the village mayor. Then one day,
    it was getting dark outside, and Suno wasn't back
    yet. Eighter volunteers to go look for her.
    You are now playing as Eighter.
    Igonore the wolves and take out the igloo first.
    Move on and destroy the large ice block to enter the
    cave. Follow the path to the next area. Follow the
    path and destroy the igloo to reenter the cave. Go
    to the right corner and slide on the ice. Slide up,
    left, up, right, down, left, down, right, and up to
    get across. (up, left, up, left, down, and left for
    a treasure). Smash the ice blocks ahead and enter
    the next area. Slide across the ice bridge and slide
    down then left on the small ice patch. On the big
    ice patch, enter from the right and slide up, right,
    up, left, down, left, up, and left to reach the next
    area. (Enter from the middle and slide up, left, up,
    right, down, right, down, left, up, right, up,
    right, up for a treasure). Follow the path and save.
    Eighter finds Suno ahead and they are attacked by a
    Boss Battle : Yeti
    This is a one-on-one battle between Eighter and the
    Yeti. Just make this a total slugfest and only dodge
    and/or heal when things are grim. You should have
    enough HP and strength, but be sure to keep an eye
    on your HP. The Yeti will go down soon enough.
    Eighter is about to deliver a haymaker to the Yeti,
    But Suno tells him to stop. She explains that the
    Yeti is her friend and that he just needed to play
    rough with someone. Eighter and the Yeti end up good
    friends and Eighter and Suno return home.
    Episode 2-5 Clear!
    Episode 2-6 Robot Parts                     (ep.2-6)
    While exploring, Eighter finds something in the
    snow and calls Goku to see if he knows what it is.
    It turns out to be the robot that drove Goku's
    plane to the north. It is damaged but Eighter sais
    he can fix it, if Goku can get 5 robot parts left
    over from the Red Ribbon Army's robots.
    Follow the path until you come to a round area.
    The glowing dot is a robot part run over it to pick
    it up. (4 to go)! Head north into the next area. Go
    left across the gap, then follow the path and go
    down at the first opportunity to get another robot
    part. (3 to go)! Continue down the path and enter
    the cave. Hop across all the gaps and on the ice
    get on from the middle and go right, down, left,
    then up to get through. Jump the gap, go right and
    exit the cave. Save and move on to the next area.
    Move up and take the first right. As you move along
    the path, you will notice a robot part  on the top
    screen, we will get that in a minute. Move up,
    dodging the snowballs and smashing the logs. In the
    large area, defeat the Red Ribbon guys and go left
    to grab the robot parts we saw earlier. Move up and
    lower the bridge to move into the next area. Move
    up and into the alcove to avoid the snowball.
    Run, smash, and tail swing trough and over
    obstacles into the next area. in this cargo area,
    there are robot parts behind a northern crate
    between to houses. After you find it, move north.
    (1 to go)! The last part is in the bottom-left
    corner of the area where you fought the Red Ribbon
    tank. (found 'em all)!
    Eighter fixes the robot, and Goku thanks it for all
    it did for him.
    Episode 2-6 Clear!
    Episode 2-7 MUrisaki the Ninja Returns     (ep.2-7)
    Eighter is investigating a rumor about ruffians
    living in Muscle Tower. He goes to the 4th floor to
    find Murisaki living there. Can Eighter defend
    Jingle Village from this threat?
    Boss Battle : Murisaki (x5)
    Same strategy applies as last time. Focus on one,
    if you knock one over focus on him. I still
    recommend getting the blowgun one ASAP.
    After the battle, the villagers praise Eighter for
    defeating Murisaki for them. Eighter claims he does
    not deserve their praise. The villagers all laugh
    about how Eighter left Murisaki.
    Episode 2-7 Clear!
    Episode 2-8 Trouble in Jingle Village      (ep.2-8)
    All the Red Ribbon Army remnants from the north
    have retaken the Muscle Tower! Eighter heads there
    to put them in their place.
    To unlock the doors in your way, first go left,
    through the garage into the room. Bust the
    barricades and smash the R.R. doors above you, or
    else Red Ribbon guys will keep coming. At the
    far end of the room lift the gate and and destroy
    the small computer. Make your way back to the
    garage and go right this time. Smash the barricades
    and destroy the turret. In the control room, smash
    the computer to open the second gate. Return to the
    garage and enter the newly unlocked area. Ignore
    all the enemies and destroy the RR. door on the far
    side of the room. Defeat the enemies and go up the
    Mini Boss Battle : Red Ribbon Guard Squad
    This is mini-boss similar to the one you fought in
    as Goku in 2-1. The numbers are the same, the
    strategy is the same, gunmen first, swordsmen next.
    Boss Battle : Major Metallitron
    I'm gonna be truthful here, this is a rediculously
    difficult battle. The Major has many strong attacks
    and an unreasonable amount of HP. Be prepared to
    heal and dodge. A lot. Do your best to dodge and
    attack at the right times. After he falls to about
    one-third of his health, his head will be blown
    off. This is when you go to town on him. Do the
    combo, over and over again, until he succumbs to
    your attacks.
    After the Red Ribbon Army is defeated, (again)
    Eighter returns to Jingle Village. The villagers
    commend him for his strength and kindness. And they
    all lived happily ever after!
    Episode 2-8 Clear!
    Chapter 2 Clear!!
    Chapter 3- The Pirate Base                (chptr.3)
    Episode 3-1 Bulma's House                  (ep.3-1)
    In the Battle at Muscle Tower, Goku's Dragon Radar
    was damaged! He heads to Bulma's house to see if
    she can fix it. Once there, she quickly fixes it
    and offers to accompany Goku to look for them. He
    agrees and they take off for the next Dragon Ball.
    They find out it is in the middle of the ocean.
    They land on a nearby island to plan there next
    Move up and go right then up and left into the next
    area. Hop up, up, left, left, use the thrust to
    move up, right, double thrust to move up, then run
    right, up the stairs. Watch out for the plants with
    wide flat leaves, they spew  poison gas. Dash past
    them between spouts. Move into the next area. In
    this area, save and move on. In the next area, beat
    on the triceratops an follow the path. (PS you
    can't get the golden chest on the cliff above you
    until Episode 5-3) Move up the stairs and
    across the stone bridge into an ambush with a t-rex
    an some salamanders. Crush them and move on down
    the stairs. Defeat the triceratops blocking your
    way and continue into the next area. Hop the gap
    upwards and tail swing across the voids. Go right
    and follow the path onto the beach. Hop from one
    sandbar to the next, into the next area. Save and
    move into a
    Boss Battle : Red Ribbon War Plane
    For this boss battle, you will fight two
    fancy-schmancy Red Ribbon plane-thingies. The
    Kamehameha is especially useful here, make sure to
    charge it to the max. Try to focus on one specific
    plane. They will move away from you, so chase them
    After the battle, Goku and Bulma decide to go see
    Master Roshi to borrow a submarine to look for the
    Dragon Ball with.
    Episode 3-1 Clear!
    Episode 3-2  The Pirate's Trap             (ep.3-2)
    Goku and Bulma decide to ask Master Roshi if he has
    a submarine they can borrow. He sais they can have
    it, if Bulma gives him her portable shrinking
    machine, the Micro Band. Krillin and Launch later
    return from shopping with the sub, and Krillin
    decides he will accompany Goku and Bulma to look
    for the Dragon Ball, and a potential pirate
    treasure. Master Roshi teaches Goku the Ki Blast,
    a weakened version of the Kamehameha. They head for
    the Dragon Ball, and are vicously attacked and
    chased into a cave by the Red Ribbon Army Blue
    Platoon, headed up by the mysterious General Blue.
    Follow the path foreward and shoot a ki blast at
    the button across the water to raise a bridge up.
    Go left and smash the rock with a ki blast. Dash
    across the spikes for treasure, and continue right
    into the next area. Ride the driftwood moving
    platform across the water, hop across the gap, and
    ride back across the water on a different moving
    platform (after activating it with a ki blast).
    Activate a third platform and while riding it,
    ki blast the rocks above you to make a path. Hop
    across and take the treasure from the room above
    you. Run across the bridge and into a new area.
    Do not stand in any water when you hear a weird
    noise because means the water is about to be
    electrified. Go left and up the stairs to a fight
    with the eel that has been electrifing the water.
    Move on to another electrified zone to the right.
    Push the first block you come to up, up, up, left,
    left, left, skip the next block and push the block
    the third block right, right, right, right, right,
    and up hop across the blocks and kill the eel, and
    head into the next area. Save and dash across the
    spikes into an ambush. Destroy the terminal to
    move on. Go right (up for treasure) down across
    all the spikes and go right into the next area.
    In the next room, dodge the lasers to avoid a
    really hard ambush, then walk into another ambush
    you can dodge. Go up through the ambush room, left
    down the hallway and in the far left room, smash
    the right wall to move into the next room. Smash
    the right wall then the north wall an go left in
    the next hallway. Smash two more right walls and
    move into the next area. Enter the maze of crates
    and go right. Go up the flight of stairs and go
    left, up another flight of stairs and fire two
    ki blasts at the red crate held by a crane.Go back
    down one set of stairs and across the top of the
    crates with the bridge you made by dropping the
    red crate. Follow the path and push the crate up
    two and continue. At the fork go down and then go
    right. Continue right, (shoot down the red crate
    for a treasure) save, and continue on to the next
    Boss Battle : Pirate Robot
    This is a tough battle. Get in his face and beat
    the stuffing outta him. When he raises his left arm
    dash around him to the missles he will shoot at
    you. Watch out for his sword attacks. Back away
    from him when he uses his flamethrower. He has
    insane defense so be prepared to land a lot of
    combos on him.
    after the robot is defeated, Goku heads after
    Krillen and Bulma, who went on ahead to find the
    Dragon Ball.
    Episode 3-2 Clear!
    Episode 3-3 Undersea Crossroads            (ep.3-3)
    Krillin and Bulma moved deeper into the pirate base
    while Goku took care of the guard robot. Will they
    make it to the end before General Blue?
    You are now playing as Bulma.
    Head up into an ambush with two frogs. dispose of
    them quickly and go north. To open the door, use
    Bulma's remote control bomb. drive it through the
    gap to the right of the door and follow the path
    and when the RCB (Remote Control Bomb) gos out the
    other side, hit the button to open the door. Head
    left (use the second RCB opening for treasure) into
    an ambush and then head into the next area. To
    avoid a hard ambush dodge the lasers the cameras put
    out. In the hallway after the camera room there are
    turrets so watch out. To the right of the turrets
    there is another camera room, Try your best to avoid
    the lasers. After this camera room there are more
    turrets so watch out. (again) At the end of the
    hallway there is a massive fighting force waiting
    for you, go to the left and flank them. After the
    battle, move on. (right for treasure) At the fork in
    the hallway and genter a maze. Go right into an
    ambush and then north to the spike pit. Get an RCB
    ready and fly it across the gap and downward. Wait
    for the southern door to open and hit the switch to
    open the door to the left. On the left side of the
    spike pit, survive the ambush and press north. Send
    an RCB into the hole at the end of the hall send it
    right, around the fan and out the hole at the end.
    Hit the switch to open the door leading far-right.
    (head up at fan for treasure)
    Bulma is heading down a hall when a mysterious
    earthquake strikes the base, and Bulma hurries on.
    Krillin has been seperated from Bulma and decides to
    head for the treasure on his own.
    You are now playing as Krillin.
    Go into the room to cause an ambush. After the
    fight, go right all the way down the hall and into
    the north bedroom. Break the left wall and in the
    next room break the northern wall. Head down the
    hallway to the left and into the fancy office. Push
    the button in the bottom right corner to open a
    secret door. in the next room, smash the floor and
    move on to the next area. It is dark in this area.
    head to the end of the broken bridge and jump right.
    on the next little island, head north and hop the
    gap, then go left. Across the gap, go north and jump
    up onto a smaller island and jump left. Jump left
    then down to pass under  under the broken bridge. 
    Jump left twice and go down. Hit the button on the
    right and go left, into the next area. Go north into 
    the hallway where an"ambush" occers. Go to the 
    terminal at the end of the hallway, avoiding the
    spikes, and break it to move on. At the crossroads go
    down into another spike ambush. Break the terminal to
    move on. Smash the floor and move on to an ambush 
    then follow the path to another ambush. Go left and
    to enter a......
    Boss Battle : Fourteen Armed Statue
    The object of this battle is to reflect  swords back
    at the boss. Stand directly under a silver target and
    swing the sword to deflect a thrown sword back at the
    statue. You must do this 6 times to win. Dodge the
    swords coming from the sides.
    Krillin destroys the statue and he and Bulma find the
    three treasure chests they believe to hold the
    treasure. Meanwhile, where is Goku?
    Episode 3-3 Clear!
    Episode 3-4 Blue's Shining Eyes              (ep.3-4)
    After Defeating the Pirate Robot, Goku heads deeper
    into the base after Krillin and Bulma.
    Head into the ambush. after defeating the three
    pirate skeletons go right, into the bedroom like
    Krillin did. Go through the already broken walls and
    head all the way left, into the fancy office. (it
    should be noted one of the best hidden dragon scales
    is hidden here, push the chair to the left to reveal
    it) Go through the door to the next area. Go around
    to the right to get across the gap and up across the
    broken bridge. Go left across the gap and go to the
    bottom left corner and hop left. Hop downward and
    hop left twice. Go down and into the next area. Head
    down the hallway and at the crossroads, go north,
    tail swinging across the gap. Go up the stairs and
    go left, into an ambush. Defeat the skeletons and go
    left across the bridge. Save and move on.
    Boss Battle : Giant Octopus
    This is a fairly easy boss battle. You are limited to
    using only the ki blast, P. Pole thrust, and
    Kamehameha. Your Kamehameha will do serious damage to
    him, so use it ASAP. Thrust pretty much the rest of
    the time He will go down no problem.
    Goku finds his way to the treasure room and the three
    friends rejoice over the finding of the treasure. 
    Just then General Blue shows up, intent on taking the
    treasure and the Dragon Ball. He and Goku decide to
    duke it out for the rights to both items.
    Boss Battle : General Blue
    A) This is another simple boss battle. Simply get in 
    his face and don't let him have an inch. If you
    continually unleash your combo on him, he can't do
    much of anything. Keep doing this for an easy
    victory. (as usual, Kamehameha waves are always
    B) Do your combo, but omit the finishing
    move. After using all your light attacks, back off
    and dodge. Continue doing this until you have a
    Kamehameha built up, then use it. So if strategy A
    dosen't work, try strategy B instead.
    After the battle, the cave begins to really collapse.
    As Krillin and Bulma start heading for the exit, Goku
    makes a mad dash for the Dragon Ball.
    Run all the way down the winding path and when you
    get to the end, jump into the small whirlpool to move
    on. In this area, jump into another whirlpool go
    downward. Smash the round, protruding rock to make a
    small jet of water shoot out of the ground. Go up the
    stairs and use the water to jump across. Go down the
    stairs once your across and go left and jump downward
    across the gap and go right. P. Pole smash the second
    rock and baktrack to where the new jet of water is
    coming out. Jump across, head down the stairs, and go
    north. Create a bridge with the two sticking up rocks
    and hop into the whirlpool. Smash the rock and
    backtrack to where the water is shooting out. Hop
    across and go down the stairs. Now you must use the
    Dragon Radar to locate which of the whirlpools you
    must jump into to get the Dragon Ball.
    After Goku gets the Dragon Ball, he meets up with
    Krillin and Bulma at the sub. They are leaving when
    the exit tunnel starts to collapse on top of them,
    leaving them stuck. Goku uses his trusty Kamehameha
    to blast them out of the cave above the water. They
    return to Master Roshi's for some R and R.
    Episode 3-4 Clear!
    Episode 3-5 A Maiden's Pure Heart            (ep.3-5)
    A few days after the pirate base adventure, Bulma is
    relaxing in her room when her father, Docter Briefs
    comes in. He asks her about the capsule she took,
    thinking it was her own. She decides to go find it.
    Start heading up the path and at the first fork, go
    right. Continue up and go up the stairs into the next
    area. Go right into the next area. Kill the dinosaur
    and go into the cave. Before you go down the stairs,
    throw out an RCB and fly it up and to the right. Hit
    the small rock blocking the giant boulder to crush
    the stone block blocking the way. Do it again to the
    other boulder on the same cliff for treasure. Move on
    to the next area. Destroy the monster nest and head
    up the stairs. Knock the boulder loose with a RCB.
    Go around the pond and up the stairs to the left. Go
    left down the stairs and hit the rock with an RCB to
    clear the path. Go up the stairs and fly an RCB
    across the gap to the left and send the boulder
    across the gap. Go right and up into the mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss Battle : T-Rex (x2)
    This is a seriously tough fight. Hopefully you have a
    super saved up because you'll need it. DO NOT get
    backed into a corner here, that can mean death! If
    you end up in a corner, use your super. This can push
    them back a ways.
    After the battle, Bulma exits the cave onto the
    beach. She searches for the capsule, and finally
    finds it hidden in the bushes.
    Episode 3-5 Clear!
    Episode 3-6 Present From the Sea             (ep.3-6)
    After seeing how Goku's skin glowed with health,
    Bulma asked Goku what he did to get his skin so good
    looking. He told her it was after he ate the giant
    octopus. She heads into the pirate base to get some
    for herself.
    Go left onto the platform and prep an RCB. Fly it up
    and to the left to hit the button to get the platform
    moving. Ride it across the water and and on the next
    island, fly another RCB up and to the right, around
    the rockwall to hit the button and make the platform
    come to you. Go right and stand on the dock. Fly an
    RCB down and around the rockwall. Hit the button on
    on the bottom of the rockwall to activate the
    platform. Ride the platform and on the island, hit
    the button and ride the platform above the platform
    you rode in on. After riding the platform, enter the
    next area. Go left then up into an ambush and defeat
    the two skeletons. Go up and save and then go right
    into a boss battle.
    Boss Battle : Giant Octopus
    This is harder than when you faced him with Goku.
    Basically, you can only use the shotgun and RCBs. I
    suggest mainly using the shotgun. Dodge the tentacles
    and rockslides with your dash move and shotgun him
    three or four times between attacks.
    Bulma ends the fight ith a close-up missle blast and
    roasts the octopus. She eats some and gets the
    beautiful skin she wanted.
    Episode 3-6 Clear!
    Episode 3-7 Pirate Treasure                  (ep.3-7)
    Krillin returned to the pirate base to look for the
    treasure that was lost when the earthquake hit.
    It is dark here so use Krillin's charged light attack
    to light up the room for a few seconds. First go up
    then left into the room. head up into the next room
    and kill the skeletons. Go up and at the fork, go
    left into the room. Go up into the next area. Follow
    the path and north and right and then north and
    after the hallway after the second room, go up at
    the next fork to engage the team of enemies. Defeat
    the enemies and head up into the next area. At the
    fork, go left and then head up and then left, then up
    then right, right, right into the boss area.
    Boss Battle : Pirate Robot
    This is very similar to the fight with this thing as
    Goku. Beat this guy down quickly, but be prepared to
    dodge roll away from his missles use tornado punch
    when you've got it. This is not is not, in my
    opinion, a terribly hard boss battle.
    After the fight, Krillin opens up the other two
    treasures the silver one is more treasure, but the
    bronze one self-destructs taking the other two chests
    with it! (poor Krillin!)
    Episode 3-7 Clear!
    Episode 3-8 Where is the Micro Band?         (ep.3-8)
    Goku returns back to the pirate base to look for
    Master Roshi's missing micro band.
    Follow the path, but don't go all the way to the end.
    Instead where the bridge is broken and jump into the
    whirlpool to move on. Slide in the hole in the wall
    to continue into a room with three new sliding
    possibilities. Take the bottom center one, to find
    it look for the puddle of water against the wall.
    After that sliding path take the path (sliding) in
    the north wall. Head up the stairs and take the
    sliding path on your immediate left and then move
    into the room for a mini-boss battle.
    Mini-Boss Battle : Skeleton Army
    This is the most pathetic mini-boss ever. Just focus
    on one of the wimpy skeletons, and let the
    punches fly. There is not much more I can say about
    this incredibly easy fight.
    Goku looks high and low for the micro band, but
    cannot find it anywhere. He sees something behind a
    rock and discovers a skeleton pirate shrunk down with
    the micro band. He recovers it and gives it back to
    Master Roshi.
    Episode 3-8 Clear!
    Chapter 3 Clear!!
    Chapter 4- Battle in Penguin Village        (chptr.4)
    Episode 4-1 Chase in Penguin Village!        (ep.4-1)
    Goku and co. Reurn to Master Roshi's house to take a
    small break from adventuring after finding the Dragon
    Ball. They present Master Roshi with the huge diamond
    to repay him for his sub they lost in the cave. Just
    then, Launch sneezes turning her very violent. She
    steals the diamond and flies away in the Red Ribbon
    plane. Master Roshi tells them not to worry, she'll
    be back when she sneezes again. They decide to wait
    for her return. While they are waiting, General Blue,
    who somehow survived the cave's collapse, uses a
    telekinetic power on a rope to tie up up everyone! He
    then steals the Dragon Balls and leaves a bomb
    behind, taking off for the Red Ribbon base. Just as
    it looks like the end, Launch shows back up. She
    quickly unties Goku and (tap the touch the screen
    when and where indicated) he throws the bomb away.
    Goku then hops on his nimbus and heads after General
    Blue. After a heated air chase, General Blue crashes
    into a mountain and Goku follows him. (meanwhile, a
    young girl and two aliens watch the whole thing in
    awe) When Goku arrives on the scene Blue is nowhere
    to be found. Will he find Blue and reclaim the Dragon
    Learn about controling Arale and head up the stairs
    and go left. (right for a treasure) Head up the path
    to learn about fighting with Arale. Go left and learn
    about Arale's super jump. Jump across the gap and
    head into the next area. Learn more about fighting
    with Arale and head down the right path and up at the
    fork (right for a treasure) to the top of the stairs.
    Head left and jump across the gap for treasure. Jump
    back across the gap and go left. At the end of the
    path jump across the gap above you and break the
    rocks to move on to the next area. go left and across
    the gap, punch the big rock to move it. Go down the
    slope and into the cave. Go up and to the left up the
    stairs. Punch the rock and go all the way to the
    left, then all the way down then all the way right to
    exit the cave. Go left across the rock you punched
    earlier (DO NOT jump down) and follow the path into
    the next area. Hop left twice across the gaps and
    then left again. Punch the big rock and go up,
    dodging the falling rocks. Go right, punch the big
    rock, and enter the cave. Go up the stairs and
    continually hop to the right into an ambush with two
    T-rexes. simply beat them down and use your super to
    win. Go left and exit the cave. Go across then rock
    bridge you made (DO NOT jump down) and head down.
    Jump left across the gap and up the slope. Punch the
    big rock away and hop up twice and then go left.
    Dodge the falling rocks and head up, into the next
    area. Head up the slope, then jump up, then left,
    then up. Go up the slope on your right and hop up
    then left (grab the treasure) move the triceritops
    beatdown the yellow unikinins to go left.
    Goku is looking all over the crash for the Dragon
    Balls, but cannot find them. It turns out
    General Blue survived the crash and ran away with
    the bag of Dragon Balls. Just then, Arale shows up
    with a friendly "Ncha"!
    Episode 4-1 Clear!
    Episode 4-2 The Norimaki House              (ep.4-2)
    Goku tries to use the Dragon Radar to find Blue, but
    it is broken again. Goku does not know how to get to
    Master Roshi's so Bulma can fix the Radar. Arale
    tells Goku about a scientist who can fix it. She and
    Goku take off on the nimbus to go to his home. They
    arrive and explain the situation to the professor.
    He agrees to help fix it but has no idea how when he
    takes a closer look. With a little help from his son
    Turbo-Kun, Senbe Decides he needs a special lens to
    fix the Dragon Radar. Goku and Arale volunteer to
    find one for him. They come upon an alien called
    Nikochan who has something special hidden from them.
    Goku thinking it might be the lens they need, chases
    after Nikochan with Arale in tow.
    Thanks to Arale, Goku learns the flying kick. Use
    this new skill to cross the broken bridge into the
    next area. To win here simply hunt down Nikochan's
    UFO and destroy it. in the first area go to the top
    of the hill and hit Nikochan's UFO with a ki blast
    to knock it out of the sky go down and smash it. The
    UFO will run away after too much damage, so you must
    chase it. Go left to the next area, jump across the
    river and head down when you reach the road and then
    go in front of the house. Beat up Nikochan again and
    he will run away. Go north until you reach a
    playground navigate the jungle gym until you can
    fire a ki blast at his ship Go down there and finish
    him to corner Nikochan.
    Nikochan's special item turns out to be some
    garbage. Nikochan is crushed when Goku is not
    interested in it. Because his UFO is destroyed,
    Nikochan can not return to his home planet. He pulls
    out binoculars to look at his planet. As it turns
    out, binocular lenses are just what Senbe needs to
    fix the Dragon Radar. Nikochan gives Goku the
    binoculars. With a little more help from Turbo-Kun,
    Senbe fixes the Dragon Radar no problem.
    Episode 4-2 Clear!
    Episode 4-3 Showdown: Blue Returns          (ep.4-3)
    Goku's Dragon Radar gets a fix on the stolen Dragon
    Balls. Arale decides to tag along as well. 
    Right at the start do a flying kick to the left to
    get a treasure. Head up then go right to the end of
    the path and up the stairs. Tail swing to the left
    six times and go up into the next area. Go right
    then hop across the gap twice, go down the stairs
    and hop left three times and then down the stairs.
    To cross the river, simply jump on the logs at the
    right time. Across the river, enter the next area.
    To solve this block puzzle, push the block on the 
    left up one and then knock the northernmost block
    to the left and hop left after it. On this island
    hop to the lower left island then hop left, up,
    left, left, up, up and ride the logs across the
    river. Once across, go right into the next area.
    Head down the stairs and go right all the way. Go
    up all the way and then left, up the stairs into
    the ambush. Defeat the giant pigs and go down and
    right and tail swing to the right. Tail swing
    up (down for treasure) and head into the next
    area. Head up across the river, save and enter
    the battle.
    Boss Battle : General Blue
    Arale has stepped up to fight! I do not suggest
    using a strong attack finisher after your fast
    attack combo because it gives Blue time to recover.
    Get in the brawl and punch punch punch, guard guard
    guard. Back away when he begins rapid-fire punching
    and then get right back in there. Guard when he jump
    attacks you and use your super when you've got it.
    As soon as she sees an opening, Arale kicks General
    Blue and sends him flying. With two more mighty
    headbutts sends him sailing out of sight.
    Unfortunatly, he still is holding the Dragon Radar
    when he flies away. Senbe and Turbo-Kun craft
    another one and Goku takes his reclaimed Dragon
    Balls and takes off after the next Dragon Ball.
    Episode 4-3 Clear!
    Episode 4-4 A Day in Penguin Village        (ep.4-4)
    After much hard work, King Nikochan and his retainer
    manage to rebuild his ship so they can return home.
    However, as they are preparing to leave, Arale shows
    up to say hi. A misunderstanding ends up with Arale
    telling the Gatchans to eat the spaceship. In a
    desperate attempt to save his ship, Nikochan
    You have 5 minutes to destroy the ship or you fail
    the mission. Run to the top of the hill and use the
    Ncha! gun attack to knock the UFO out of the air
    so you can attack it. To find him when he runs away,
    simply run from area to area until you hear him or
    see him. shoot him out of the sky and beat him down.
    He should run away again, simply hunt him down and
    finish him! (P.S. The areas in which Nikochan
    appears are random).
    Arale and the Gatchans corner Nikochan and devour
    his ship! Arale thanks them for the fun game and
    leaves. Nikochan is left lamenting over his
    destroyed ship.
    Episode 4-4 Clear!
    Episode 4-5 Eighter's Bomb                  (ep.4-5)
    While visitintg Eighter in Jingle Village Goku
    mentions Prof. Norimaki and tells Eighter that he
    could probably remove the bomb inside his body. He
    heads for Penguin Village to see about bomb-removal
    Head up the path and lift the rocks to the right to
    enter the next area. Head down the stairs and up the
    path. Push the blocks out of the way or lift them to
    move up the path and enter the cave. In the cave,
    pass the first rock you see and push the second one
    up three times and push the one to the left of you
    left once and up once. Head up the stairs and across
    the rock bridge you made and up into the next area.
    In the next area head into the right tunnel.
    Continue right and at the next fork head into the
    upper path. Break the two semi-big rock above you
    and head that way. Head left and then up into the
    next area. Head up and lift the rocks out of the way
    and head up the path into the next area.
    Goku and Eighter find Professer Senbe and Eighter
    asks him to remove the bomb inside him. After
    explaining the situation, Senbe agrees to help.
    Later after the surgery, Eighter wakes up and Senbe
    informs Eighter that the bomb is no longer active.
    Eighter thanks the professer and returns to Jingle
    Village to continue living a peaceful, calm life.
    Episode 4-5 Clear!
    Episode 4-6 Metallitron                     (ep.4-6)
    King Nikochan calls Arale to the beach so he can
    settle his grudge with her. When she arrives, he
    reveals his secret weapon. He has found Metallitron,
    who awoke after Goku destroyed Muscle Tower in the
    north. Metallitorn agrees to fight, to give him a
    purpose to exist.
    Boss Battle : Metallitron
    This is a tough fight. To avoid his super attack,
    use your guard. consantly attack to win. Many times,
    your attacks will interrupt his attacks, making it
    easy to string your attacks together. For all the
    attacks you don't interrupt, use your guard. Use
    your super when available and make sure to have some
    recovery items handy.
    Arale ends up winning the fight and removing
    Metallitron's head. Nikochan thinks Arale has killed
    Metallitron, and is afraid that he is next. He and
    his retainer flee with Arale chasing them.
    Episode 4-6 Clear!
    Episode 4-7 Two Heroes! Arale vs. Goku      (ep.4-7)
    Goku goes to visit Arale in Penguin Village. He is
    not there for moe than a minute before Arale asks
    him to play wrestling with him. Goku agrees, and the
    great battle begins!
    Boss Battle : Goku
    This fight is harder than the Metallitron fight.
    Goku is much faster than Metallitron but flinches
    after every attack, and is knocked down completely
    after a strong attack or combo finisher. Dart in,
    dart out, and shield constantly. Eat recovery food
    when needed and use supers when you've got them.
    I recommend buying Arale upgrades out of the shop if
    you can afford them. When Goku charges a Kamehameha,
    get behind him and combo him.
    Goku and Arale are dueling it out and after a clash,
    Goku goes down. Goku realizes that he is hungry, and
    Arale takes him home to get him some food.
    Episode 4-7 Clear!
    Episode 4-8 Stronger Than Me                (ep.4-8)
    Warning! This is an EXTREMELY hard battle! I suggest
    waiting until later in the game when you have higher
    stats to take on Arale!
    Goku remembers how easily Arale defeated General
    Blue when he could not. After a lot of training, he
    returns to Penguin Village to challange Arale.
    Boss Battle : Arale
    As I stated before, this is an immensely hard battle
    so be prepared! You will need :
    -The best recovery item availible x4
    -An attack potion x1
    -A defense potion x1
    -Invincibility grass x1
    -A revival item x1
    Back Arale into a corner and punch, punch, punch!
    Don't give her an inch, just keep coming at her.
    When she breaks your attack chain dodge and resume
    the assault. Eat the recovery items when you need it
    and when you hit half health drink the defense
    potion to help. At critical health, eat the
    invincibility grass and drink the attack potion.
    The revival item is just a precaution. Continue the
    attack and hope.
    Right in the middle of the battle, Arale suddenly
    freezes. Goku is unsure about what to do so he takes
    her to Senbe. When he arrives, Senbe tells him not
    to worry she just forgot to take her Robovitan A,
    the fuel that lets her move.
    Episode 4-8 Clear!
    Chapter 4 Clear!!
    Chapter 5- Korin's Training                (chptr.5)
    Episode 5-1 Father and Son at Korin         (ep.5-1)
    After reclaiming his Dragon Balls from General Blue,
    Goku travels west to the Land of Korin in search of 
    the next Dragon Ball. when he gets close to the
    Ball's location, he finds a strange scene. A young
    boy being dangled out of a plane sreaming for help.
    He is unsure what to do until he sees the Red Ribbon
    logo on the plane. He then smash the pilot (Colonel
    Yellow) with his Power Pole and returns the boy to
    the ground. Goku then meets the boy and his father
    properly. The man is Bora and the boy is his son
    Upa. Goku explains the Dragon Balls to them and asks
    if they know where the Ball that is supposed to be
    around there is. Bora mentions that he saw a flaming
    rock fall from the sky and land in the ruins not too
    far from there. Goku take off to explore the ruins.
    Start by going down the stairs and following the
    path to the river. Once at the river, jump to the
    little island by the river and use your tail swing
    to hang from the branch sticking out. Now you must
    time your tail swings to hook onto the fish and
    swing across. Swing across the river to the left and
    then swing down (up for a treasure). On the next
    little island jump down and then left to continue on
    (down twice for more treasure). Heading up from
    the shore, you will see a strange lookng spring-like
    device. Ignore it until you have the Power Pole
    kick at your disposal. Head left into the next area.
    In the ruins area, head a little ways to the left
    and then straight up. Jump the pit in front of you
    and head towards the boulder in front of you. Push
    the boulder right, right, right, then up. Then take
    the boulder on the right and push it up, right,
    right, right, down. Head back left, go up the stairs
    and hop across the newly created bridge. Once
    across, head up the stairs and back across the the
    pillars (the ones that are atanding up). Head into
    the next area (left for a treasure). Save and enter
    the ruins. Head right into the next area. Head right
    (watch the flamethrowers)  and once you get around
    climb the stairs. Jump across the gaps on the raised
    part of the floor while avoiding the spike traps.
    Time your jumps and dashes to avoid getting poked.
    Head left (down for a treasure) and get ready to
    tail swing. But first, head into the pit and head to
    the far side to hit the switch. Head but and tail
    swing to the now rotating bar to get to the platform
    and head into the next area. In this area you will
    see a treasure chest behind some blades (come back
    after getting the sliding move to claim the
    treasure). Go down the stairs into an ambush.
    Destroy the two towers to stop the monsters and
    reveal the stairs. Head up the stairs (again, watch
    out for flamethrowers and blades into an ambush.
    After the ambush, head up and hit the button with
    your Power Pole thrust or Ki Blast. Hop across the
    moving platforms (carefully) and once across, head
    up the stairs then down the path to take a left into
    the next area (continue downward for a treasure).
    Head left down the stairs (save) and push the button
    that is across the narrow path. Head right, back up
    the stairs, and through the newly opened door. Move
    left (not on the moving platforms) and at the end of
    the path, smash the big square with your Power Pole.
    Go through the next newly opened door, and at the
    end of the path jump downward onto the platform
    (watch the flamethrowers and spikes) jump across to
    the other side. Head down into the room (grab the
    treasure) and hit the switch to trigger a mini
    ambush. Defeat the enemies and push the block up
    three times and then use the knockback punch to
    knock the block onto the scale. Run back and smash
    the stone square with the Power Pole to hit the last
    switch and open the door. Head through the opening
    into your first side view boss battle.
    Side-View Boss Battle : Quetzalcoatlus
    Get a feel for side-view battling and be ready to
    fight! The whole strategy for this fight is to wait
    until the bird get in the air, then jump up and
    use the strong attack to knock him out of the sky.
    Once he is on the ground, pound him. just keep
    attacking. Use your Kamehameha if you want, but
    you don't really need to.
    Goku beats the giant bird and grabs the Dragon Ball
    and his Power Pole. He decides to return to Bora and
    Upa's house to show them  the Dragon Ball and thank
    them for their help.
    Episode 5-1 Clear!
    Episode 5-2 Worlds Greatest Assassin        (ep.5-2)
    After hearing about the defeat of Colonel Yellow,
    Commander Red is furious. He decides to call in some
    help, Mercenary Tao the worlds greatest assassin.
    After proving his skills in a match with General
    Blue, Mercenary Tao is hired and sent after Goku.
    Meanwhile Goku is relaxing in the Land of Korin with
    Bora and Upa. Bora tells Goku about Korin Tower the
    warrior's ultimate challange. If you can climb the
    tower a sage who lives at the top will reward you
    with water that increases your strength. Just then,
    Mercenary Tao lands and, in cruel display of power,
    kill Bora. It then falls to Goku to defend the Land
    of Korin.
    Side-View Boss Battle : Mercenary Tao
    You will start in a side view battle with Tao that
    is impossible to win. Just attack and wait for the
    scene to play. (P.S. The scene plays even if you are
    winning against Tao.
    Goku Is putting up a valient fight against Mercenary
    Tao and decides to try his Kamehameha. It has almost
    no effect on Mercenary Tao and he counters with his
    signature move, the Dodon Ray. (Be ready with the
    stylus and tap the touch screen when indicated). The
    attack hits Goku in the chest and knocks him down.
    Mercenary Tao believes he is truly dead and takes
    the Dragon Balls and leaves. Mercenary tao stops to
    get new clothes along the way. He calls Commander
    Red to inform him of his progress. The Commander
    consults his radar and is shocked to discover that
    Goku still has one of the Balls. Mercenary Tao will
    return to claim it when his clothes are ready.
    Meanwhile, Upa has buried his father and is
    preparing to bury Goku when suddenly Goku stands up.
    The Four-Star Dragon Ball was hidden in Goku's shirt
    and protected him from the Dodon Ray. He promises to
    Upa that he will collect all the Dragon Balls to
    wish Bora back to life. Goku decides to train by
    climbing Korin Tower until Mercenary Tao returns.
    Special Minigame : Climbing Korin Tower
    Learn about climbing Korin Tower and then go for it.
    whenever you see a monster, use the jump button to
    bash into it, or you will be knocked down a ways.
    The strategy is simply climb, avoid birds, and rest
    when you need it. There is not much more to it then
    that. (Remember to grab hearts along the way).
    At the top of the tower, Goku looks around for the
    water that makes you stronger. He can't seem to find
    it anywhere. He then hears a voice telling him to
    climb onto the roof of the tower. Goku goes to meet
    the mysterious hermit at the top  of the tower.
    Episode 5-2 Clear!
    Episode 5-3 Korin of Korin Tower            (ep.5-3)
    Goku has reached the top of Korin Tower and invited
    to meet the Master. He ascends the stairs to the
    very top and meeets Master Korin the Cat. He tells
    Goku to get some of the Sacred Water all he has to
    do is take it from Korin.
    Boss Battle : Korin
    Just attack Korin as best as you can. Again, there
    is no way to win this battle.
    Goku tries his best to get the pot of Sacred Water,
    but is unable to match Korin's speed because he is
    hungry. Korin gives him a Senzu Bean, which fills
    him up. Instead of continuing the test, Korin throws
    Goku's Dragon Ball of the tower and tells him to go
    find it.
    After learning the Power Pole Kick, use it to cross
    the river. Head left and use the Power Pole Kick in
    front of the spring thing to be launched up to the
    platform. Head right and then down the stairs. Use
    the Power Pole kick to the right to the island with
    the rocks on it. Jump right twice make a U-turn and
    jump to the above where you came from. Use the tail
    swing to cross the river (time your jumps) and head
    left into the next area. Save and head up (left for
    a treasure) and fall into an ambush). Defeat all
    the enemies to open the door. Head right from the
    room and into the watery area. Electric eels are in
    here and will shock you if you are in the water.
    Head all the way up the left and up the stairs then
    into the ambush. Defeat the eel and co. to advance
    to the next area. Go through the spikes slowly in
    order to avoid getting speared. (when a set of
    spikes goes in and comes back in very quickly, it
    means those spikes are going to retract). Once
    through, head up the stairs. Use the Power Pole Kick
    to cross the gaps (watch for spikes). Once across
    the gaps, head into the ambush (watch for
    flamethrowers). Defeat the enemies and head right,
    up the stairs, into the next area. Hop down the
    cliff and head straight up. At the first fork, head
    right up the stairs and down the other set of stairs
    (grab the treasure). Follow the path around and head
    up the stairs and back down the other set of stairs
    follow the path around and head up the stairs and
    there is the Dragon Ball.
    Special Minigame : Climbing Korin Tower Part II
    The only major difference between this time and the
    first time is that Goku can climb faster and longer,
    his jump is higher, he has more HP. Just climb like
    you did last time and you should be fine.
    Goku finally reaches the top of Korin Tower again
    and begins to yell at Korin. Korin tells him that
    climbing Korin Tower twice makes your body lighter.
    Two days later, Goku is getting closer and closer to
    grabbing the bottle but can't seem to get it. Korin
    tells him it takes more then brawn to win a battle.
    Goku thinks about it, and decides to attacks Korin's
    Boss Battle : Korin
    Learn about sliding and use it on Korin. Repeatedly
    use it on him, over and over. Thats all there is to
    this fight.
    Goku knocks Korin into the air and he drops the pot.
    Goku leaps for it and grabs it. Korin lets Goku
    drink the Sacred Water. Goku dosen't feel any
    different however. Korin then tells him the Sacred
    Water is actually regular tap water. He then tells
    Goku that the actual power boost came from all the
    work Goku did to get the bottle. Goku heads down the
    tower to try out his training.
    Episode 5-3 Clear!
    Episode 5-4 Goku's Counterattack            (ep.5-4)
    After three long days Mercenary Tao returns to
    collect the last Dragon Ball. When he arrives, he
    finds Upa and is about to kill him when Goku
    gets back down from Korn Tower. He challanges Tao to
    a rematch.
    Side-View Boss Battle : Mercenary Tao
    This we're gonna beat Tao good! Run up to Tao and
    attack. Watch out for his combo that knocks you into
    the air. Dash to avoid it. after he does this,
    pummel him. Use the Kamehameha A.S.A.P. but be
    careful, he might dodge it. A full combo will do
    about one-fourth to one-half of one bar of his
    health, so use this whenever he leaves himself open.
    Mercenary Tao attampts to use his Dodon Ray, but
    Goku easily blocks it, just like Tao did with the
    Kamehameha. they resume the fight.
    Continue Battle
    You now get to finish Tao just beat down his last
    two bars of health to nothing.
    When Mercenary Tao realizes he has lost, he pretends
    to be sorry and beg for forgiveness. When Goku lets
    his guard down Tao throws a bomb at him. With
    lightning reflexes, Goku kicks the bomb back at him,
    making it explode in his face.(Tap the touchscreen
    with your stylus when and where indicated). Goku
    reclaims his Dragon Balls and promises to gather all
    of them and wish Bora back to life.
    Episode 5-4 Clear!
    Episode 5-5 Above the Clouds                (ep.5-5)
    Master Roshi decides that for even more training
    Goku should climb Korin Tower again. So Goku hops on
    and begins climbing.
    Special Mini-game : Climbing Korin Tower Part III
    Not much difference between now and last time. I
    think there are more enemies now though. Just climb
    like you always have and you will be fine.
    (P.S. This is a fairly decent level for getting
    money and training points. If you practice you can
    do this very quickly. My record is 1:45:53).
    Episode 5-5 Clear!
    Episode 5-6 Treasure Hunter Krillin         (ep.5-6)
    Krillin heard about how strong Goku got in the Land
    of Korin, so he decides to train there himself.
    Along the way, he hears about a huge bird collecting
    shiny things. He decides to head over there to see
    if the bird has any treasure.
    Right at the start use the Head Polish move to light
    the lamp and open the door. Head dow the stairs and
    light the lamp down there to open another door. Head
    up into the next area. (left for a treasure). Head
    into the room for an ambush. Defeat the enemies and
    head left up the stairs (around the flamethrowers)
    and into another ambush. When you head into the next
    hallway, a rock will drop down and try to crush you.
    Run down to the end of the hallway and into the next
    room before it catches up with you. head into the
    next room into an ambush. Defeat the enemies and
    head up the stairs into the next area. It is dark in
    the next area so you the Head Polish move for when
    you need to see. Head up and cross the moving
    platforms that are right there. (Remember the Head
    Polish if you can't find them). Once across head up
    the stairs and shine the lamp. Jump down from the
    lamp platform and head back up the stairs. Head down
    this time and head to the end of the platform. Jump
    down and head across the spikes jump across and head
    up the stairs. Shine the lamp and hop down. Head
    through the now open door to save and avoid the
    boulder. After saving, head through the door into a
    boss battle.
    Side-View Boss Battle : Quetzalcoatlus
    This is pretty much the same as last time, so the
    strategy is pretty much the same as last time too.
    Wait for him to take off then knock him out of the
    sky. Once he's on the ground, bash him! If you
    really want to, you can use the Tornado Punch.
    After Krillin finally beats the bird he collects his
    diamond. As he is admiring it Launch drops in. She
    sais she found the diamond first and that the bird
    took it from her. She then attacks Krillin and takes
    the diamond.
    Episode 5-6 Clear!
    Episode 5-7 Rival Demons                    (ep.5-7)
    Goku goes to visit Upa in the Land of Korin. When he
    gets there he finds Master Roshi, Krillin, and
    Yamcha. Krillin and Yamcha are trying to climb Korin
    Tower, even though Master Roshi tells them not to.
    He tells them if they can beat Goku in a fight, he
    will let them climb the tower.
    Boss Battle : Krillin and Yamcha
    This can either be a hard battle or an easy battle,
    depending on how ready you are. Have four healing
    items, an attack potion, a defense potion, some
    invincibility grass, and a revival item. When the
    battle begins focus on Krillin. Ignore Yamcha for
    right now, if he gets too annoying beat him back
    with a combo. Try to line them up for a Kamehameha
    when you've got it. Once Krillin goes down, finish
    Yamcha. Just all-out him attack to end it.
    After Goku beats Krillin and Yamcha, Master Roshi
    tells them they need more training. Goku offers to
    help them train by climbing Korin Tower with them.
    He then grabs them and starts dragging them up the
    tower, but before they can get very far, a lightning
    bolt strikes them knocking them down. Korin at the
    top reminds them the must climb up the tower with
    their own strength.
    Episode 5-7 Clear!
    Chapter 5 Clear!!
    Chapter 6- The End of the Red Ribbon Army  (chptr.6)
    Episode 6-1 Assault on the Red Ribbon HQ!   (ep.6-1)
    Goku is in the sky on his Flying Nimbus and decides
    to check the Dragon Radar. He is puzzled when he
    sees to Dragon Balls together that were not
    together before. He wonders who else is collecting
    the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile back at Red Ribbon HQ
    Commander Red has just had his second Dragon Ball
    handed to him by Colonel Violet. He is very pleased
    when he hears four more Dragon Balls are headed his
    way, assuming it is Mercenary Tao. He is shocked to
    learn however, it is in fact Goku, not Tao. Back up
    in the sky, Goku figures out that the place where
    the two Dragon Balls are is in fact the Red Ribbon
    HQ. He decides to charge in and finish them all at
    once. Meanwhile at the Kame House, Bulma has managed
    to construct a makeshift Dragon Radar out of Master
    Roshi's TV. They see that Goku is heading towards
    the pair of Dragon Balls. Launch then mentions that
    the area with the two Dragon Balls is supposed to be
    home to the Red Ribbon Army. Bulma calls Yamcha,
    Puar, and Oolong over so they can go help Goku. As
    they take off, Goku begins his assault!
    (Warning! Save your Kamehamehas for later i'll tell
    you when to use them).
    Head straight and kill the two soldiers on either
    side of the sand bags. (You will have to destroy the
    sand bags to get to the second guy and for future
    reference, whenever I say something like that I
    meant for you to do the obvious stuff to). Head up
    and to the right of the statue, smashing the boxes.
    (left for a treasure) Head up and kill the guy at
    the end of the path. Head left until you see a scene
    where the doors do something funny. Kill the rocket
    launcher guy and then destroy the doors on either
    side of you. Move on to the next area. Head into the
    open area and kill the guys while avoiding the
    rockets. Head right and kill the two guys here. Head
    straight up (watch for land mines) and then to the
    right. A van should pull up, just destroy it and
    move into the next area. Head up into the square and
    head right, killing the team of three guys. Head up,
    up the stairs on your left and jump across the gap
    onto the pipe. Head to the other end of the pipe and
    get ready to tail swing. Swing across the pipes and
    onto the platform. Go up the stairs and when you get
    halfway across the bridge a scene will play go back
    and smash the door, kill all the guys, and do the
    same thing on the other side. On the far side of the
    bridge, head down and into the next area. Head
    across the bridge, save and continue into the next
    area. Head left, all the way left onto the ramp to
    the roof. start moving forward on the roof smashing
    barriers and dodging missles. At the end head right
    back on to the flat roof. Kill the guys and head
    right hitting the drawbridge winch. Move into the
    next area. Head right past the three domes and
    then up. Now, go left (after killing the plane dude)
    and on the farthest left platform that has a guy
    standing on it shooting at you there should be a
    winch. Fire a Ki Blasts on it until it lowers the
    bridge. Head across and into the next area.
    Head across this bridge (gee, lots of bridges)
    while killing all the Red Ribbon guys. Once across,
    head down the stairs then into the open space and
    end all the guys. Grab the treasure and head right.
    At the turn, head and get ready for an ambush. Kill
    the rocket launcher guy and then go to town on the
    van. Kill the leftover guys and head up again.
    Another van attacks and the strategy is the same.
    Once the second van is toast break the barrier on
    your left and head that way. Save and continue left
    into the mini-boss area.
    Mini-Boss Battle: Red Ribbon Ambush
    First things first, take out the doors on either
    side of the tank, then focus on the tank itself.
    Once the doors are use the Kamehamehas I hope you've
    been saving otherwise your in for a much longer
    fight. If you have the Kamehamehas then with just a
    few of them you can have below half HP in seconds if
    not then do the usual attack, dodge, use items. I
    saved the Kamehamehas so I was ready to go when I
    Goku has reached a buliding of the Red Ribbon
    Army HQ. He enters, prepared for the Red Ribbon
    Army's last line of defense.
    Episode 6-1 Clear!
    Episode 6-2 Red Ribbon Desperate Defense    (ep.6-2)
    Goku has entered a building in the Red Ribbon
    HQ. He must now get through it to get the Dragon
    Enter the room and kill all the enemies. Head left
    up the stairs and then use the sliding move to slide
    under the hatch above you. In this room, kill the
    guy and head down and to the left into the next
    area. (slide under the green lasers). In this area,
    head down into the bedroom and then left into the
    hallway with the turrets. Head up, past the turrets
    (destroy them first) and head right. Enter the dark
    room to trigger an ambush. Defeat the enemies and
    head right into the next area. Head right, down the
    stairs, and save. Head right to the end of the path
    and destroy the van. Go up then left into the garden
    and grab the treasure. Continue left and destroy the
    van. Head up and then right and climb the stairs
    into the next area. When inside the building enter
    walk up to trigger an ambush. Defeat the enemies and
    head right into the hallway. Move to the door and
    use the Power Pole to hit both of the computers at
    once to open the door. (Head down for a treasure).
    Go left and enter head up the stairs into the next
    area. In this area head right down the stairs then
    straight up. Head right up and over the machines and
    then down and right. Continue right and then up when
    you hit the wall. Save and enter the boss area.
    Boss Battle: Colonel Violet
    This boss is fast, super fast! The way this is
    balanced out is she has barely any HP. What you can
    do for a quick victory is wait until she shoots
    rapid-fire at you and then use the Afterimage
    Technique, over and over. Another way is to wait
    until she starts shooting at her sides and slowly
    pointing the guns at you. Just dodge the shots to
    get behind her and attack. Thats pretty much it for
    After defeating Colonel Violet, Goku continues to
    the top of the buliding to find the Dragon Balls.
    Episode 6-2 Clear!
    Episode 6-3 Officer Black's Ambition        (Ep.6-3)
    Goku continues to the top of the building to get the
    Dragon Balls from Commander Red.
    Head left and enter the room to trigger an ambush.
    Defeat the enemies and head exit the room. Head
    right into another room to trigger another ambush.
    go up once the enemies are defeated. Head right at
    the fork after taking care of the elevator guys. In
    the room on the right kill the soldiers but watch
    out for the explosives. Once they are dead head down
    and take the first right into the next area. (Down
    for a treasure). In this area, head up into the room
    and defeat the soldiers before you get smashed by
    the wall. Head left and kill the elevator troops.
    When they are gone continue left into another trap
    room. Once the doors are open leave through the
    lower right door. At the fork, head down into yet
    another trap room. (right at the fork for a
    treasure). In this trap room if you kill the enemies
    and stop the walls quick enough you can go right for
    a treasure to proceed though go left out the door
    and use the overhead Power Pole twirl on the
    computer terminals to open the door. Head up the
    ladder into the next area. Head right down the hall
    then down at the middle junction thing. Head left
    into the computer room and step on the switch for an
    ambush. Beat all the guys (slide under the green
    lasers) and go up through the nowopen door and then
    enter this control room foranother ambush. Defeat
    these guys and head out theupper right door into
    another elevator troop battle.Once these guys are
    done head right into another computer room. Step on
    the switch to trigge another ambush. Once they are
    defeated go out the lower left door and down through
    the newly open door. Save and head right into the
    next area. In this area head down then left to the
    switch. Hit the switch to open the doors and enter
    right door. Kill both guys and exit through the
    left door. Head down and on your left hit the switch
    to open the doors. Enter through the left and kill
    the two bad guys. Exit the room and head far right
    to hit the switch and grab the treasure. Enter
    through the left door and grab the treasure. Push
    the block out of the way and end these bad guys.
    Exit the room and and head right (smash the boxes
    below and grab the treasure) and into the next area.
    Head down into a mini ambush. Destroy the door in
    the upper the left corner and kill anyone remaining.
    Head down and then take a left and save. Continue
    left and then up into another mini ambush. Destroy
    the door and kill the guys, same as usual. Hit the
    switch to open the door by the save point. Enter the
    room to trigger an ambush. Smash the doors and kill
    the guys (yawn). After this the game will take over.
    Commander Red (in his private office) is furious.
    Goku has defeated most of his men and is on the way
    to the office. Commander Red is furious that his
    wish to be taller can't come true. Black claims that
    the use of the Dragon Balls to make oneself taller
    is absurd. He kills Commander Red and takes the
    Dragon Balls. Just then Goku enters. The final
    showdown between Goku and the Red Ribbon Army is
    about to begin!
    Episode 6-3 Clear!
    Episode 6-4 Battle Jacket! Launch!          (ep.6-4)
    Goku has cornered the new commander of the Red
    Ribbon Army. When his offer to partner up with Goku
    fails, he brings out his secret weapon, the Battle
    Boss Battle: Officer Black (Battle Jacket)
    You don't have much room to fight in the office, so
    be aware of the BJ's (Battle Jacket's) attacks. When
    he charges up energy, back away. When he charges at
    you, dodge to the side. When he throws a punch at
    you, back away. Just attack the mines he shoots at
    you. If you are aware of his attacks, you can easily
    beat him. He seems weak against Kamehameha so use
    that often. He dosen't seem that hard to me
    When Goku begins to damage the Battle Jacket,
    Officer Black begins to panic. He flies outside,
    telling Goku that he has not seen the true power of
    the Battle Jacket.
    Side-View Boss Battle: Officer Black (Battle Jacket)
    Pretty much the same as last time only you have to
    jump to dodge his attacks. Beat him up the same way
    you did in the office and you will be fine.)
    When the Battle Jacket is on it's last legs Officer
    Black goes to his last ditch plan. He launches a
    massive missle at Goku claiming that it will destroy
    him along with the Red Ribbon HQ. Goku deflects the
    missle with a kick (be ready with the stylus and tap
    the screen when indicated) and it destroys a nearby
    mountain. Officer Black then tries to run away, but
    Goku stops him. He punches through the center of the
    Battle Jacket, (be ready again with the stylus and
    tap the touch screen when and where indicated)
    causing it to explode. Goku lands
    safely in the office, grabs the Dragon Balls, and
    leaves. Meanwhile, Goku's friends have arrived at
    the Red Ribbon HQ, prepared to storm the place. Just
    before they enter Krillin spots Goku flying away on
    the Flying Nimbus. Krillin calls him over and Goku's
    friends are amazed to find out that Goku beat the
    Red Ribbon Army by himself. They decide to head to
    Master Roshi's house so Bulma can fix the Dragon
    Radar again which Goku believes to have broken in
    the fight.
    Episode 6-4 Clear!
    Episode 6-5 Monkey Battle Jacket!           (ep.6-5)
    When Goku hears about someone going around the Red
    Ribbon HQ with weapons, he has Bulma send in a
    recon plane. They find out that the Battle Jacket
    has been activated again! Goku goes in to
    investigate, only to find out the Red Ribbon Army's
    weapons (including the Battle Jacket)have been
    hijacked by monkeys! The lead monkey then climbs
    into the Battle Jacket and attacks Goku.
    Boss Battle: Monkey Battle Jacket
    The Battle Jacket has a new move, the fireball
    launcher. Just simply watch where the fireball is
    going and move away from that area. Beware of the
    shockwave left behind. Other than that his attacks
    are mostly the same he still has a weakness to the
    Kamehameha so use that often. He has not changed not
    that much.
    After destroying the Battle Jacket again, Goku
    interrogates the monkeys. They tell him that they
    were the monkeys that lived in the forest that
    Colonel Silver burned down. They were taken back
    with Silver to the HQ as pets. But when Goku
    starting defeating all the soldiers the monkeys were
    brainwashed and trained as soldiers. After listening
    to their story, Goku returned them to the forest.
    Episode 6-5 Clear!
    Episode 6-6 A Woman's Battle                (ep.6-6)
    When Bulma hears about the Red Ribbon HQ's vault and
    the technology inside it, she goes to investigate.
    As she is checking out the vault, she is attacked by
    Colonel Violet, who has been in the HQ all this
    time. Bulma draws her weapon, and the battle begins.
    Boss Battle: Colonel Violet
    This is much harder than last time. The best way I
    have found to beat her is to use the second strategy
    I suggested in 6-2, wait until she starts firing
    from the sides and moving her arms forward. Use the
    Sexy Turn move to get behind her, then attack with
    pretty much anything. Use this repeatedly for the
    win. She still does not have that much HP so this
    fight shouldn't last too long, one way or another.
    Bulma defeats Colonel Violet, and she disappears.
    Bulma then returns her attention to the vault, but
    little does Bulma know that Colonel Violet has
    rigged the vault door with bombs. She detonates them
    and sends Bulma flying. Colonel Violet then comes
    out of hiding to torment Bulma, and then leaves,
    saying their duel was a draw.
    Episode 6-6 Clear!
    Chapter 6 Clear!!
    Chapter 7- Baba the fourtuneseller (teller)!
    Episode 7-1 The Last Dragon Ball            (ep.7-1)
    Goku and his friends head to Master Roshi's house
    after Goku beat the Red Ribbon Army. Once there,
    Bulma starts her repair job on the Dragon Radar only
    to find out that the Dragon Radar is working fine.
    Bulma decides that someone or somthing is hiding the
    Dragon Ball. Master Roshi then tells Goku and co.
    to go see Baba the Fortuneteller, who he claims can
    find anything. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, and Puar
    decide to go, while Bulma, Oolong, Launch, and
    Master Roshi decide to stay behind. While getting
    new clothes made for Goku, he goes on The Flying
    Nimbus and picks up Upa from the land of Korin.
    They then arrive at Baba's Palace, only to find out
    a divinination is going to set them back 10 million
    Zeni! Baba then offers them a second option. They
    can fight her five warriors in a tournament, and if
    they win, their divinination is free. They agree to
    the tournament and it begins right away. They first
    match is Krillin vs. Dracula Man. Krillin gets off
    to a bad start but bounces back on the offensive.
    Boss Battle: Dracula Man
    He is a weak fighter if you have some upgrades. Your
    best bet to hurt him is wait for him to turn into a
    man and attack then hit him from behind. Watch out
    especially for his confusion beam and blood-sucking
    attack. If you do these main things, you can't lose.
    (P.S. The Tornado Punch works wonders here).
    Krillin defeats Dracula Man and leaves the arena. 
    His friends cheer for him, but Baba tells them her
    fighters only get stronger from here out.
    Episode 7-1 Clear!
    Episode 7-2 Do-Or-Die Battle                (ep.7-2)
    Krillin is tired from all the blood he lost in the
    fight with Dracula Man, so Yamcha stheps up to take
    on the next fighter. He tells Baba to bring the
    fighter out only to have Baba inform him the fighter
    is already there. Yamcha looks around, and is
    suddenly knocked over. Baba then reveals her secret
    weapon, The Invisible Man. Goku and his friends are
    scrambling to come up with a plan and then Krillin
    has an idea. He tells Goku to go and get Master
    Roshi and Bulma. Goku goes to get them while Yamcha
    is getting pummeled.
    Learn about how to control Yamcha and begin the
    Boss Battle?: Invisible Man part 1
    Just basically attack randomly until the next scene
    Yamcha is adjusting to fighting the Invisible Man,
    when Baba starts singing to distract him.
    Boss Battle?: Invisble Man part 2
    Same as last time except now you can't see much.
    Great, just great. Just attack randomly and hope to
    hit him until the next scene starts.
    Yamcha is getting beaten pretty badly, but then Goku
    returns with Bulma and Master Roshi, just in time.
    Krillin, without explanation, stands Master Roshi
    and Bulma facing each other. Then at the last
    second charges at Bulma from behind and (he he he..)
    gives Master Roshi (be ready with your stylus and
    tap the screen where indicated) a delightful
    suprise, causing to have an amazingly large
    nosebleed, which sprays all over the Invisible Man,
    turning him into the Uninvisble Man. With his
    ability negated, Yamcha attacks once again.
    Boss Battle (for real): (Un-) Invisible Man part 3
    The Invisible Man is super easy, now that you can
    see him. Just don't stop attacking basically and
    victory is yours. (P.S. Do watch out for his arm
    flailing attack as he uses it quite often).
    Yamcha defeats The Invisible Man, and everyone
    rejoices. Krillin is smacked and scolded by Bulma
    and is secretly praised by Master Roshi. After
    finding out Baba and Master Roshi are brother and
    sister, Baba proposes the idea of using a different
    arena for the next fight.
    Episode 7-2 Clear!
    Episode 7-3 The Devil's Cauldron            (ep.7-3)
    After defeating The Invisible Man, Yamcha decides to
    fight the third round in the tournament also. He
    enters the new stadium, which is just a small, thin,
    little bridge over a bog of deadly poison. His next
    opponent is a mummy named Bandages. Yamcha decides
    to try and outspeed him on the narrow battlefield.
    Baba gives the word and the match begins!
    Side-View Boss Battle (sorta): Bandages the Mummy
    You don't have to do anything in this fight. At all.
    Go get a snack. You've earned it.
    Yamcha fights valiently, but is alas, defeated. Goku
    then steps in to take Yamcha's place.
    Side-View Boss Battle: Bandages the Mummy
    Enjoy your snack? Good. Now onto the fight. He is
    much more manageable this time around. Basically,
    get behind him and smack him. watch out for his
    bandage cocoon attack and his air attack. Just use
    the dash to get behind him and you should be fine.
    Bandages goes down and Goku confirms with Baba that
    he wins. She declares Goku the winner tells him to
    prepare for the next fighter
    (Two for one episode, pretty cool huh)? Baba brings
    out her fourth fighter, Devilman. Master Roshi sais
    that Devilman could win the World Martial Arts
    Tournament twice over if he so desired. He has an
    infallable technique Devilmite Beam that causes the
    evil in a person's heart to expand until it
    explodes! He quickly launches his attack at Goku,
    and gets a direct hit. The attack has no effect on
    Goku because he has no evil in his heart to fuel the
    attack. With his best attack now worthless, he now
    launches a desperate defense against Goku.
    Side-View Boss Battle: Devilman
    Believe it or not, this guy is even weaker than the
    last guy. he mainly fights in the sky so knock him
    down quick. He can't really fight on the ground to
    well so if you knock him down, pummel him. His
    trident throwing can be annoying, but not too
    damaging. He will still use the Devilmite Beam, but
    it won't do any damage (lol)! :)
    Goku defeats Devilman, and everyone cheers. Baba
    praises him but tells him he will get no further.
    Who is the mysterious final warrior?
    Episode 7-3 Clear!
    Episode 7-4 The Mysterious 5th Man          (ep.7-4)
    Goku and his friends have beaten the rest, so it's
    time for the best. Baba calls out her 5th warrior
    and in comes a hideous, repulsive, monstrous.....
    old man wearing a kitty-kat mask? The man asks that
    the match be moved back out side, and Baba agrees.
    As the fighter and Baba discuss for a moment, Master
    Roshi comment on how the fighter seems so familiar
    to both him and Goku. Goku and the old master bow to
    each other, and the match begins!
    Side-View Boss Battle: Masked Man part 1
    I don't know what it is, but side-view battles just
    seem easier to me and this one is no exception.
    This guy is a pushover. He is very cautious about
    attacking, so use that to your advantage. Take the
    offensive here. When jumps up and rolls behind you,
    use the Afterimage Technique other than that show
    no mercy beat him down to two bars of health and
    watch the scene.
    The Masked Man surprises everyone by launching the
    Kamehameha Wave at Goku. Goku uses the Afterimage
    Technique to dodge and launches a surprise mid-air
    Kamehameha at the Masked Man, knocking him down.
    Goku stands over the man checking on him, when he
    reaches out suddenly and gets a deathgrip on his
    tail. He starts swinging Goku around by the tail,
    until the tail just rips clean off. Goku, freed from
    his predicament, attacks once again.
    Side-View Boss Battle: Masked Man part 2
    Pretty much the same as last time except he seems to
    attack a lot more, and has a few new moves.
    Compensate for this with more Kamehamehas. Whatever
    you did last time will probably work here too.
    The fight is going strong, with neither side showing
    signs of tiring, until the Masked Man does something
    strange. He forfeits the match. He then reveals he
    is actually Goku's dead grandfather, Gohan. The two
    have a wonderful time together and soon it is time
    for Grandpa Gohan to leave. He sais his farewells
    and returns to the Otherworld. After Gohan is gone
    Baba divines the location of the last Dragon Ball.
    She sais it is about 200 miles south of her palace
    buried under sand next to a broken man-shaped item.
    Goku heads out on the Flying Nimbus to investigate.
    Episode 7-4 Clear!
    Episode 7-5 Krillin's Trial                 (ep.7-5)
    Warning! this is an extremely tough level. You must
    fight all five of Baba's fighters in a row, no
    breaks, no items. I strongly suggest you have all
    of Krillin's upgrades purchased form the shop before
    attempting this level.
    After beginning his new training regimen, Krillin
    wanted to test out the results. With Master Roshi's
    permission, Krillin decides to re-fight Baba's five
    warriors by himself.
    Okay, you might have noticed I didn't give you my
    usual "buy recovery items!" lecture. This is because
    you cannot use any items at any point during the
    level! You will, however be healed between rounds.
    So, let's start this epic fighting montage!
    Round 1
    Boss Battle: Dracula Man + Invisible Man
    Hooray! A two for one day! Basically you need all of
    Krillin's upgrades here. I was not able to win
    without them. Go for the Invisible Man first because
    he is annoying. Once you find him,(he stays
    invisible this time) unleash a full combo on him.
    Be careful as he can slip away during the finisher.
    If you get a Tornado Punch before he dies, use it. I
    tested this and if you hit Invisible Man with a
    fully upgraded Tornado Punch it will knock him down
    to almost no HP. After you finish off Invisible Man,
    switch to Dracula Man. Basically use the same
    strategy as last time and he will go down easy.
    Round 2
    Side-View Boss Battle: Bandages the Mummy
    This is different from the fight last time. Bandages
    flinches from your strong attacks, but dosen't let
    you attack as much. When charges at you, jump over
    him and attack. I must say he is pretty difficult,
    even with the upgrades. Most of when you should
    attack is your call. If he looks open go for it.
    Remember you will be healed at the end of the round
    so you don't have to get too defensive, unless you
    are at low health.
    Round 3
    Side-View Boss Battle: Devilman
    This guy is insane! I don't know about you guys,but
    this guy was an annoyance for me he was always
    jumping in the air and throwing spears at me. Every
    time I knocked him out of the air he wuld just get
    right back up there. You want to always knock him
    out the air ASAP. Try to time your jumps in between
    spear throws and strong attack to knock him down. If
    he actually stays on the ground he's not as annoying
    as in the air. Once you do get him on the ground
    pummel him. Watch out though because he can still
    use the Devilmite Beam, which does massive damage.
    Jump over these to avoid them. If you can get him on
    the ground, you can win.
    Final Round
    Boss Battle: Master Roshi
    Master Roshi is the toughest old bird you ever met,
    and that includes the Thanksgiving turkey my mom
    overcooked for about 2 hours one year (we ended up
    having pizza and ice cream). (XD) But seriously this
    guy can kick butt. He is really fast, even faster
    than Krillin. What you wanna do here is get behind
    him and once or twice, then back off. Always use the
    Tornado Punch ASAP. Whenever he uses the Kamehameha,
    wait for him to fire and attack ffom behind with a
    full-out combo. Don't be discouraged if you lose
    here, it took me about 10 tries to beat him the
    first time.
    Krillin is impressed with te results of his training
    and thanks Master Roshi for the match. Master Roshi
    mentions to himself something Krillin surpassing him
    while Krillin is ready to train some more.
    Episode 7-5 Clear!
    Episode 7-6 Yamcha's Trial                  (ep.7-6)
    Warning! this is an extremely tough level. You must
    fight all five of Baba's fighters in a row, no
    breaks, no items. I strongly suggest you have all
    of Yamcha's upgrades purchased form the shop before
    attempting this level.
    Yamcha has been training under Master Roshi for a
    while, and wants to test his skills. He decides,
    with Master Roshi's permission, to challenge Baba's
    warriors to a rematch.
    Like with Krillin's Trial, you cannot use items in
    battle. You will, however, be healed between rounds.
    Round 1
    Boss Battle: Dracula Man + Invisible Man
    I could pretty much copy and paste the strategy from
    Krillin's Trial and put in here and it would work.
    Attack Invisible Man first, building up the Super
    Gauge, then use Wolf Fang Fist when it's charged.
    After this, decimate Dracula Man. Two things. One,
    remember to purchase all of Yamcha's upgrades from
    the shop. Second, Dracula dosen't seem to use his
    blood drinking attack here, or in Krillin's Trial.
    Keep this in mind when fighting him.
    Round 2
    Side-view Boss Battle: Bandages the Mummy
    Payback time! Yamcha's full combo dosen't seem to be
    that interruptable, so use the full thing often.
    Watch out for his uppercut attack, which hurts a
    lot. Um, not too much else to say really. He is
    still pretty strong though. Block his combos by
    attacking him to save some HP.
    Round 3
    Side-View Boss Battle: Devilman
    Okay, for some reason, I found this guy super easy.
    He seemed easy to pin down and trap this time, as
    opposed to last time. As always, knock him out of
    the sky ASAP. He dosen't seem to be able to get out
    of Yamcha's combo easily, so abuse that. He still
    uses Devilmite Beam, so watch for that. If you can
    trap him on the ground like I did, he is easy.
    Final Round
    Boss Battle: Goku
    If you came expecting some amazing fight to end all
    fights, prepare to be disappointed. Goku is actually
    easier than Master Roshi. Why? because: Goku
    flinches after every attack, making it super easy
    to string a combo together, so attack often. When
    Goku gets a hit he hits hard. Be careful of his
    Afterimage Strike. Use Wolf Fang Fist often and
    Goku will go down.
    Yamcha beats Goku, impressing both Master Roshi and
    the little warrior himself. Yamcha,satisfied with
    the results, vows to beat Goku the next time they
    Episode 7-6 Clear!
    Episode 7-7 Beyond Friendship               (ep.7-7)
    Krillin wants to test his training, so he challenges
    Goku to a one-on-one match.
    Boss Battle: Goku
    This boss battle is easy. I was literaly able to
    walk in a circle around Goku, wait for him to
    attack, dodge, then counterattack. This is my
    official strategy for this Goku fight. Because of
    his flinching problem, he is totally de-powered. I
    say wait for the attack, move out of the way, then
    combo him. He will go down in no time.
    Goku and Krillin are matching each other blow for
    blow, until Krillin finds an opening and delivers a
    finishing move to Goku. Both Goku and Krillin
    vow to train hard, so they are a match for each
    other next time they fight.
    Episode 7-7 Clear!
    Episode 7-8 Searching by Divination         (ep.7-8)
    Master Roshi traded his submarine for Bulma's Micro-
    Band, which allows the user to shrink. However,
    before he could use it, he dropped it in the toilet
    and it was washed out to sea. He sends Goku to fight
    Baba's warriors so he locate it with her divining
    Make sure you have upgraded Goku as much as possible
    as you will be fighting all of Baba's warriors in a
    row, no breaks, no items.
    Round 1
    Boss Battle: Dracula Man + Invisible Man
    These guys are getting kinda old if you ask me. You
    know what to do, fall back on the strategy of
    Invisible Man first, than Dracula Man. Things are
    even easier with Goku.
    Round 2
    Side-View Boss Battle: Bandages the Mummy
    Same old story here too. This guy is stale for sure.
    Just follow the same old strategy here too.
    Round 3
    Side-View Boss Battle: Devilman
    Just when you thought you were done with the
    repetitiveness, this guy shows up. Man, this Episode
    is like that movie you liked when you saw it the
    first time but you've now overwatched it and you're
    ready to sell it at a garage sale for a dime.
    Seriously though, the only new thing here to
    remind you of is that his Devilmite Beam dosen't do
    anything to you.
    Final Round
    Side-View Boss Battle: Mercenary Tao
    Finally someone new! Mercenary Tao is back and
    bigger than ever. Not really. Imagine the backround
    is the Land of Korin, and you're much stronger, but
    Tao is not. The only new attack I found annoying was
    his little version of the Afterimage Strike. Other
    than that, nothing really special here. Dash behind
    Tao and combo him to win. Don't use the Kamehameha
    because he will counter with an Afterimage Strike.
    Jump over his Dodon Ray to dodge it.
    Goku and Mercenary Tao are going at it, until Goku
    finds the opening, smashing Mercenary Tao into the
    ground and claiming victory. Baba divines that the
    Micro Band is in the undersea caverns were Goku
    fought General Blue. Goku heads out to find the
    Micro Band.
    Episode 7-8 Clear!
    Chapter 7 Clear!!
    Chapter 8- Emperor Pilaf's Final Assault   (chptr.8)
    Episode 8-1 Pilaf's Plan                    (ep.8-1)
    Goku heads out to look for the last Dragon Ball in
    the desert.
    At the start of the level follow the path until you
    find a giant beetle thing in a sand whirlpool. Kill
    the beetle and let yourself be swallowed by the sand
    whirlpool. You will be spit out nearby. Head up the
    path and at the fork, go down (left for a treasure)
    and smash the cracked ground. Head up, and enter the
    next area. Head up on the path, under the bridge. At
    the tornado head right along that path until you hit
    the next area. Head down, next to the lake into the
    next area. Head down into the next area. Follow the
    path until you come to two sand whirlpools. Take the
    right one (left one for a treasure) and then head
    head down into the next area. Head down and make a
    right turn into the next area. Head right, smash the
    cracked ground, and move on to find a trio of sand
    whirlpools. Take the one on top and continue down
    the path. Smash the cracked floor and enter the sand
    whirlpool. Follow the path until you come to the
    moving sand. Ride it into the next area. Ride the
    main sand slide to the end, then head left along the
    riverbank. Go all the way around then enter the next
    area. Follow the path, then take the right whirlpool
    when you come to them. Head left (down for a
    treasure) into the next area. Follow the path left,
    then at the end, head up where the machine you saw
    earlier was. Destroy the machine and head into the
    newly opened area. Head up/forward into the large
    sand whirlpool. Head up into an ambush. (Watch out
    when the robots turn red). Head through the door.
    Goku finds a massive building under the desert. As
    he is wondering what it is, it starts flying away.
    At the last possible second, Goku leap on the
    Episode 8-1 Clear!
    Episode 8-2 To the Aerial Fortress!         (ep.8-2)
    Goku finds an entrance to the massive flying object
    and climbs inside. Once inside, a voice speaks to
    him from a speaker. It is none other than Goku's old
    nemesis, Emperor Pilaf. He reveals his secret weapon
    which is a case that blocks the Dragon Radar. Goku
    vows to stop Pilaf, and sets off.
    Head forward up the stairs then jump left across the
    gap. Continue left all the way until you jump the
    gap into an ambush. Defeat the floating Pilaf heads
    and go down, then take a right. Head up the stairs
    and at the fork, go up (continue right for a
    treasure). Get on the moving platform and prepare
    for a series of ambushes. Once across, head up the
    stairs and teleport to the next area. Run up and
    teleport to the next area. Head left into an ambush.
    When thats done, continue along the path into
    another ambush. Continue on the path until you run
    into yet another ambush. (Remember to smash the door
    that spawns robots). Go right and smash the big red
    generator then teleport back to the central room.
    Head to the northwest corner of the room and use the
    teleporter. Head right to the first laser game,
    slide under the lasers to dodge them. Continue along
    the path until you reach the second laser game,
    simply jump from platform to platform to dodge the
    lasers. Continue to the third game, same as the
    first. Go down the path and destroy the second big
    red generator, then teleport back to the main room.
    Use the final teleporter in the northeast corner of
    the room. Head left and time your jumps so that you
    land on the platform right as it is appearing. There
    will be a small ambush here, so do that and move on
    to the second platform challenge. Just time your
    jumps and keep trying. After this move to the final
    platform challenge. Go up, up, left, left, left,
    left, left, down, down, right, right, up, up, up,
    right, up, up, right, right, rest on the solid floor
    then jump left, left, left. Dstroy the generator and
    return to the main room. Head up towards the now
    unblocked teleporter pad.
    Episode 8-2 Clear!
    Episode 8-3 Pilaf Machine                   (ep.8-3)
    Goku has cornered Emperor Pilaf. The final showdown
    is about to begin!
    Head up and teleport into the boss area.
    Pilaf summons some non-descript robots, defeat them
    to move on.
    After defeating the robots, Goku smashes Pilaf's
    nuclear generator, causing the flying fortress to
    begin plummeting to the ground. Pilaf and his
    cronies flee, leaving Goku to get out by himself.
    Save at the save point and start running! Head left
    into the next area. Follow the path, avoiding the
    random blasts of fire. When you find the elevator,
    fire a Ki Blast at the button on the wall to
    activate it. When it stops, get off and push the
    button the robot is guarding, then get back on and
    continue the ride. It will stop again, same drill as
    last time. Once the elevator reaches the bottom,
    head down and to the left, avoiding all the traps.
    When you get to the end move to the next area. Head
    right and around the hole in the floor into an
    ambush. After beating the ambush, head down to move
    Goku escapes the flying fortress and closes in on
    Pilaf again. After Pilaf is cornered, he makes a bet
    with Goku. If Goku can beat Pilaf and his henchmen,
    they will give him their Dragon Ball. If Goku loses
    however, he must give them his six Dragon Balls.
    Goku accepts and Pilaf reveals his secret weapon,
    the Pilaf Machine.
    Boss Battle: Pilaf Machine(s)
    This is the first in a hard series of battles, so I
    hope you're ready. Focus on Pilaf first, and be
    ready to dodge. After him go after Shu, in green.
    Last is Mai, in the pink. these aren't that tough
    this time, so just beat 'em up quick to move on.
    Pilaf tries to abuse Goku's weakness through his
    tail, only to find out that he no longer has one.
    Pilaf then decides to use his ultimate technique, he
    combines his three machines into one. Goku still
    refuses to back down.
    Boss Battle: Combined Pilaf Machine
    This is a hard fight. I suggest going all out on
    this guy. If you hit the machine enough, it breaks
    apart temporarily. This is the time to use your
    Kamehameha, over and over. Watch out for the
    shockwave attack, as he uses it often. Other than
    that, just pummel him and you should be fine.
    Pilaf tries to flee on his machine, (be ready with
    the stylus and tap the touch screen where indicated)
    but Goku stops him by returning the missle they send
    at him. Pilaf is defeated, and surrenders the Dragon
    Episode 8-3 Clear!
    Episode 8-4 Incident in Penguin Village     (ep.8-4)
    One day while working on a plane, Senbe Norimaki and
    Turbo-Kun disappeared. Everyone searched for them,
    but they were nowhere to be found. One day Goku
    shows up to play with Arale. once Miss Midori fills
    him in, he asks if they have any clues. Miss Midori
    points out the hat they found next to Senbe's plane.
    Goku recognizes it as Emperor Pilaf's hat. With
    this, Arale takes off to go looking for Senbe and
    Head up into an ambush and defeat all the enemies
    that spawn. Once that's done, head through the now
    unblocked passage to walk into another ambush.
    Defeat the scorpions and move onto the next area.
    Arale now boards the flying fortress.
    This area is pretty much the same as the time you
    completed Episode 8-3 not too long ago with
    Goku so enter the central portal. Head left and
    enter the ambush. Defeat the robots and move on to
    the next ambush. After these robots are done move to
    the third and final ambush. Defeat these robots
    (don't forget to smash the door) and head right to
    smash the big red generator. Warp back to the main
    room. This time use the teleporter in the upper-left
    corner. Head right into a large ambush (seriously,
    feel free to use your super) and destroy all the
    robots. Once this is done head right, smash more
    robots, and the hop on an elevator and alternate
    between them to avoid the lasers. Kill the solitary
    Pilaf robot and grab the treasure, then head left
    into an ambush. Kill all the robots then continue
    down the path until you reach the second big red
    generator. Smash it up then go back to the main
    room. Use the final teleporter in the upper-right
    corner. head left on the diappearing platforms. The
    solution is to jump left(x3), down(x2), and right
    once. Head down into the ambush defeat the enemies
    then go right into the moving floor puzzle. Just
    time your jumps and keep trying, and you'll get it
    soon enough. Once across, head up into another
    disappearing floor puzzle. Move up(x2), left(x3),
    up(x2), right, right onto a platform, then left(x3),
    onto the platform with the big red generator.
    Destroy it and go teleport back to the main room.
    Head to the now unblocked teleporter and use it.
    Head into the teleporter past the save machine.
    Boss Battle: Combined Pilaf Machine (Upgrade)
    This guy isn't much of a challange really. He's a
    lot like the last time you fought him, except now a
    wave will come out of the fortress engine that
    forces you back. Just run back up to fix this
    problem. When the robot falls apart, that is your
    chance to do some major damage. Stand in the center
    of the three of them, and use your super, over and
    over until they get up. If done right this can do
    over half their health in three supers. Once they
    have repaired themselves, just try to break them
    again. After breaking them again use more supers.
    They should go down after the second round of
    Arale defeats Pilaf and rescues Senbe and Turbo-Kun.
    They return to Penguin Village, and to Miss Midori.
    Episode 8-4 Clear!
    Episode 8-5 After Him                       (ep.8-5)
    While training under Master Roshi, Yamcha and him
    are having a conversation. This leads to Yamcha
    explaining that the reason he is training so hard is
    because he wants to defeat the competitor who beat
    him in the last World Martial Arts Tournament,
    Jackie Chun. After hearing Yamcha's heartfelt
    speech, Master Roshi offer to fight him one-on-one
    in Jackie Chun's place.
    Boss Battle: Master Roshi
    Master Roshi the same as when you fought him with
    Krillin, but you're a different person so it is a
    little bit different. Use your full combo but not
    the finishing move, he can dodge it and
    counterattack. Attack him, but when you see him
    start to use an attack, dash away from him. You can
    escape his combos so try to dash if you are caught
    in one. Try to avoid his Kamehameha, it is very
    Yamcha, bolstered by his training, continues to
    train harder, to hold on to his dream of beating
    Jackie Chun.
    Episode 8-5 Clear!
    Episode 8-6 Pilaf and Red Ribbon            (ep.8-6)
    Emporer Pilaf hires Colonel Violet to take him and
    his cronies into the old Red Ribbon HQ, and give him
    the Battle Jacket. As soon as he has it, he
    challenges Goku to a match with it.
    Boss Battle: Battle Jacket + Pilaf Machines 2 and 3
    Focus on the Pilaf Machines first, as they are
    annoying. The Kamehameha works well on both of them
    use it ASAP. After taking them down you still have
    the Battle Jacket. It is also weak to Kamehamehas,
    it should take about 3 to 5 to do him in. Watch out
    for Pilaf's shockwave attack, as he uses it quite
    often. Also watch out for Shu's fireball and Mai's
    grab move.
    Pilaf and his henchmen lay around the office, in
    pain. As they get up they wonder why their ultimate
    combonation didn't work. Goku takes off leaving
    Pilaf thinking of ways to destroy him.
    Episode 8-6 Clear!
    Episode 8-7 Pilaf's Last Stand              (ep.8-7)
    Pilaf, broken and beaten down by his many failures,
    has decided to give up on his dream of world
    domination. When all hope seems lost, Mai and Shu
    appear, and rouse their leader for one last battle
    with Goku. They enlist the help of King Nikochan,
    who uses his alien technology to give the nuclear
    reactor of the flying fortress a boost.
    Boss Battle: Combined Pilaf Machine MAX Power
    Pretty much the same as last time. (which means
    eeeaaaasssyyy) Just smash him up close and personal.
    make sure to dodge his jumping attack, it can throw
    you back aways. As always, use the Kamehameha when
    they break apart. Just do whatever you did last time
    and you should have no trouble.
    Goku chases off King Nikochan, then takes off. Pilaf
    is left on the floor, wondering what to do next. He
    comes up with the idea to find someone naturally
    stronger than Goku to beat him.
    Three Years Later.......
    Pilaf pulls something out of the ocean. He sais it
    is the rice cooker that contains the mighty warrior,
    Demon King Piccolo....(Dragon Ball: origins 3 ftw!!)
    Episode 8-7 Clear!
    Episode 8-8 Endless Journey                 (ep.8-8)
    Goku, with no armies to fight or crazy leaders to
    topple, decides to visit Korin to undergo more
    advanced training. Korin prepares a special final
    challenge, just for Goku. He directs Goku to a pot
    that contains a special world of challenges the
    catch is, the world only lasts a set amount of time.
    Goku leaps right in with no hesitation.
    Warning! this level is incredibly difficult! You
    must face several floors of complicated puzzles,
    with time pressure. You must also defeat a
    challenging boss at the end. I STRONGLY suggest you
    Have four Roast Chicken items, a Power Drink, a
    Guard Drink, a Hardy Grass, and a Senzu Bean I also
    say it is wise to max out goku's stats or get them
    as high as possible.
    Head up and time your tail swings to make it across.
    Head right and use the Power Pole kick to cross the
    gap on your right. Next head down and try to run
    through the spike floors with out getting stuck.
    Use the Power Pole kick on the spring to launch
    yourself up on the platform. Head left up on the
    platform and hop back down on the other side.
    Head up (slide under the lasers) along the path into
    an ambush. Defeat the enemies the enemies, then head
    right to claim your prize and move on to the next
    area. Head right onto the moving floor and jump up
    to the next one at the end. then head right onto the
    solid floor. Head to the right back onto the moving
    floor then up and then left until you can't go left
    any more. Time it right and use a Power Pole Kick to
    launch yourself onto the next platform in front of
    you, then right, right, then up onto the still
    platform. Run left, against the flow of the conveyor
    belt, while avoiding the spikes coming out of the
    wall. Once across, head down into a conveyor belt
    floor ambush. Defeat the enemies and head left into
    a block moving puzzle. For both sets move the blocks
    on the sides up one and the middle block to the left
    to get through. Follow the path to a room filled
    with lasers. Avoid the lasers to get through without
    fighting. After that continue down the path to find
    the portal to the next floor. Head up onto the
    moving block and use your Ki Blast to push all of
    the buttons on the wall. Once across on the block,
    continue to find more moving blocks. Time your jumps
    carefully to avoid falling. Once on the parallel
    moving blocks, just jump between them to avoid the
    spikes on the walls. Head up, killing the dinosaurs,
    until you come to another moving block challenge.
    Time it, then hop on the first one, wait one second,
    then leap to the next one. Wait about three seconds,
    then leap to the next one. Wait another three
    seconds, then move to the next one. One second then
    to the final one. Jump immediately to solid ground.
    Take the portal to the next floor. Head left then
    use the Flying Kick move to use the blue orbs as
    stepping stones to the next platform. Do this again
    to get to a tail-swing challenge. Time your swings
    to make it through, don't try to do it all at once.
    Head up into an ambush, kill the animals to move on.
    Go across the conveyor belts, slide under the lasers
    to get across. Follow the path into an ambush
    against the pirate robot. Defeat it to move on. Go
    left into another Flying Kick challenge. Don't kick
    the red spheres, they cause you to fall. For the
    flashing red and blue ones, you will just have to
    time it right. Once through, enter the portal to
    move on to the boss.
    Boss Battle: Korin
    Just spam the slide/air combo move thats all there
    is to it. Watch out for pretty much all of Korin's
    attacks, they're all very powerful. Use all your
    items, the second you need them. Use the attack and
    defence potions at about half health, the hardy
    grass at low health and after that wears off eat a
    chicken. eat the chickens when your health is as low
    as possible but save the Senzu for last. When Korin
    gets on the statue in the center, dodge/dash for all
    you're worth. If you keep up the sliding you should
    be able to win.
    After Goku beats Korin, he is teleported out of the
    pot. Korin praises Goku, then tells him to go out
    and train on his own, because Korin has nothing left
    to teach him. Goku heads out into the world, eager
    for his next challenge.
    Episode 8-8 Clear!
    Chapter 8 Clear!!
    Outro                                         (out.)
    Well, its been a long ride. I started this FAQ in
    the Fall of 2010, and now, one year later version
    1.00 is finally done. I started this guide because I
    was truly sad to find out that this wonderful game
    didn't have one. I do hope this guide is of some
    help to whoever may read it. I am glad I have
    finally given back to this great website that has
    helped me out so much over the years. Now I would
    like to thank a few people. First I would like to
    thank my parents for encouraging me to get it done.
    My sister for doing so much by herself to give me
    time to write this FAQ. I would also like to thank
    all the people who create this wonderful TV show
    and game. Finally I would like to thank you, dear
    reader for taking the time out of your day to read
    little old me and my FAQ.
    This is the end. (Maybe I'll see ya again for DBO:3
       TTTTTTTTTTTTTTT            EEEEEEEEE           dd
            TTTT                  EE                  dd 
            TTTT h      eeeee     EE        nnnnnn    dd
            TTTT h      e   e     EEEEEEEEE nnnnnn    dd
            TTTT hhhhhh eeeee     EE        nn  nn ddddd
            TTTT hhhhhh e         EE        nn  nn d   d
            TTTT hh  hh eeeee     EEEEEEEEE nn  nn ddddd

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