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    Skill Simulator Guide by Zaraf

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 04/01/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Etrian Odyssey III Skill Simulator v0.1
    Designed by Zaraf
    coded by negzee
        * Introduction
        * Controls
        * Skill Trees
        * Using the Skill Simulator
        * Skill Points
        * Development History
    Welcome to the Etrian Odyssey III Skill Simulator. This tool is designed to 
    help you plan out the particular skill build you would like to develop your 
    EO3 characters into. It lets you see the minimum level you would need to gain 
    access to particular skills, or even to help you decide on a distribution of 
    abilities between various characters. These results can be exported into a 
    text format that you can save for yourself, or even show others easily.
    You can use the EO3 Skill Simulator here:
    To get started right away, select the main class and sub class you would like 
    for your character. Sub classes are available after the second stratum, 
    however, if you prefer, you can build a character with a main class only. Of 
    course, you cannot have the same class for both main and sub. When you select 
    your classes, you will notice that the skill trees will automatically change 
    to the corresponding classes. When you change the class, any points that have 
    been assigned to any skills before you changed the class will be removed 
    automatically (except for default skills). You can set the level to whatever 
    you want, however the level will also automatically increment as you add 
    points to the skills. The level cap is set as a default to level 70. Later in 
    the game you will discover ways to increase the level cap, and you can then 
    set the level cap accordingly. If you wish gain the bonus skill points given 
    to a retired character, you may check the Retired box, and enter in the level 
    at which you wish to retire. The minimum retiring level is 30, and the 
    maximum is 99.
    The “Help/About” button will bring you to this window. The “Clear All” 
    button will erase all points assigned to skills and set the character level 
    back to 1. The “Switch to Japanese” button will change the English text on 
    each skill box to its Japanese equivalent. The button will then turn into 
    “Switch to English”, that will reverse this action. The “Export to Text” 
    button will open a window in which your current build will be displayed in a 
    text format. Simply click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button to be able to 
    paste the build into any medium you wish.
    Skill Trees
    Main class skills have blue boxes while sub class skills have purple boxes. 
    Light blue/purple boxes are skills that are currently not accessible because 
    the pre-requisites for those skills have not been met. Dark blue/purple boxes 
    are those skills that are unlocked as their pre-requisites have been met. 
    Assigning points to a light colored box will automatically assign the 
    necessary points to its pre-requisites. In this way, you do not need to assign 
    points all the way up the tree. You can simply add points to the higher tier 
    skills and automatically have the correct points assigned to all required 
    skills before. Similarily, if you remove points from a lower tier skill, all 
    skills that it is a pre-requisite for will have their points removed 
    automatically, since their pre-requisites are no longer met.
    The skill trees are arranged in such a way that the arrows show the 
    relationship between what skills are required to unlock other skills. The 
    numbers above each arrow represent the required level of the source of the 
    arrow to unlock the target of the arrow. Small balls (level balls) are placed 
    on skill boxes that represent how many points that skill can be assigned. 
    Skills have maximum skill point values of 1, 5, or 10 points.
    Using the Skill Simulator
    Hovering your cursor over the level balls of a skill that has no points 
    assigned to it will show you how many points that you can assign. Click once 
    to set the amount of points to that skill. To clear all points from a skill, 
    simply click on the same level that is assigned to the skill. If the skill is 
    level 7, click on level 7 again to set the skill to zero. To assign a new 
    amount of skill points to the same skill, simply click on any level ball 
    amount. All calculations required to keep track of how many skill points you 
    have are done automatically and are shown at the top as Total and Available. 
    The Total points value is the running total number of points you have 
    available to use, while Available represents the remaining free skill points 
    that have not been assigned. If the level cap is reached and the assigned 
    skill points exceeds the amount available, then the available skill points 
    will go into the negative and become red.
    If you click on the name of a skill, then it will bring up an info box that 
    contains various data about that particular skill. Moving your mouse away 
    from the skill box will cause the info box to disappear. If you wish to lock 
    the box in place, click on the skill name again while the box is open. This 
    will allow you to click and drag the box to wherever you wish. Click on the 
    small “sticky” icon to cause the info box to become unlocked and disappear.
    Skill Points
    The skill points totals are determined as follows:
    |  	                | Skill Points |
    |       Condition       |   Acquired   |
    | Default               |       2      |
    | Every Level           |       1      |
    | Acquire Sub Class     |       5      |
    | Retire at Level 30-39 |       4      |
    | Retire at Level 40-49 |       5      |
    | Retire at Level 50-59 |       6      |
    | Retire at Level 60-69 |       7      |
    | Retire at Level 70-98 |       8      |
    | Retire at Level 99    |      10      |
    The skill points acquired column represents the amount of skill points gained 
    for the various conditions. It should be noted that the skill points acquired 
    by retiring a character are determined only by the most recent retirement of 
    that character; they are not cumulative.
    Development History
    Zaraf had some history doing various projects for games in the Etrian Odyssey 
    series (as well as some others). He had made dungeon maps for Etrian Odyssey, 
    dungeon maps and class skill trees for Etrian Odyssey II, and dungeon maps 
    and class skill trees for Etrian Odyssey III. Zaraf had always wanted to do a 
    skill simulator, but not having any experience with JavaScript, he was never 
    able to undertake this sort of a project. Finally, set on trying to create 
    one, Zaraf looked around the internet for examples of good skill simulators. 
    He found skill simulators for Ragnarok Online that he liked a lot, but 
    unfortunately the coding was much to complex for him to figure out and try to 
    Zaraf finally decided to call out to the community and see if there was 
    anyone willing to help out. This is the point where negzee got involved with 
    the project. He offered to help out in developing the “secret project” at the 
    time with his JavaScript skills. Starting May 20, 2010, they both worked on 
    trying to complete the skill simulator as quickly as possible. While negzee 
    handled all of the JavaScript coding, Zaraf busied himself with compiling all 
    of the required information, laying out the skill trees and just working on 
    the design aspect of the skill simulator itself. By the end of May, they had 
    both completed the core and all that was left was minor touch ups and some 
    remaining data that needed to be input. Even though they didn’t spend all 
    that much time on it (just under two weeks), it certainly seemed like a 
    grueling slow pace. Thankfully it's all done now. We both hope you find 
    this tool useful and have fun using it!
    -Zaraf and negzee

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