I dont know how to unlock characters ?

  1. Help please i dont know

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    Sin-error - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To unlock character go to the third option in the menu,then the difficulties level(First option Easiest---> Third Option Hardest) then go choose a character and fight the ten rounds and some for chracters in the end you will gets a symbol after a sub-menu shows up after you win all ten rounds....and the character's combination is like this
    Chracter A--->(Use)----->Chracter B
    Naruto-> Jiaraya
    Jiraya-> Konan
    Konan-> Pein
    Sasuke-> Suigetsu
    Suigetsu-> Karin
    Juugo-> Orochimaru
    Itachi-> Deidara
    The use all the characters and win their ten rounds and you get the two sage toad
    Extra Info
    And the fourth option is special mission and you need to choose a character and then choose a mission from different scrolls and the symbol down the scrolls are the amount of stars you get from the mission...and when you have 25? stars, you will unlock the moves and the ability for the chracter
    Fifth Option is the one two draw the symbols, if i remember correctly and choose the first one to draw base on the symbol you gain while the second is to draw on your own...this is helpful when your friend has all the symbols and you just need to draw in your one....
    And if you need anymore info, tell me and i try to provide as many info as i can

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Other Answers

  1. Go to the third option in the main menu, then the sub menu comes up and those are the difficulty levels, pick one and beat survival mode with a character (you'll know that your doing it right, if you have to fight ten matches) then after you win go to the the fifth option on the main menu, then a sub menu will come up, then pick the first option and you will see symbols, click on one and if you manage to draw it correctly on the bottom screen then you will unlock a character so far I found that sasuke gives you suigetsu, jiraya gets you konan and konan gets you pain, for konan's brush stroke, start at the top let corner then go down and make sure you write the character all in one brush stroke, the rest are easy to figure out, im about to try suigetsu now, (for later info go to the boards section and click on the unlocking characters topic) because i will try to keep you updated. Go there if you have any further questions

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  2. I dont understand japaneese so im having trouble.How do you unlock them, how do u use the yellow jutsu and whats the yellow jutsu at the end of the jutsu selection which looks different than all the rest.

    User Info: annonymous123

    annonymous123 - 7 years ago 1 0
  3. You go to the third option in the main menu. Then you hit the first thing that shows up. You choose a character, then fight until you get go to the second last option and make a drawing of some sort to unlock your character.

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  4. I know how to work the options but im talking about the part where u select what jutsus u want for the fight like for naruto i have a odama rasengan, futon rasen shuriken, air odama rasengan, shadow clone jutsu & the 4 tail's chakra cannon these are the ones which are in green colour but aside from them there are some which are in yellow colour & the last one is a bit dimish yellow i selected them but in the battle i cant use them are they even jutsu or an equip kind of thing which increases your charachters stats or maybe a team attack.

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  5. The yellow ones aren't Jutsu, they're things like 'extra health', or make your health recover slowly, more chakra and stuff. Little bonuses like that, not extra jutsu.

    The last one looks different because it is 'none'. You select that if you want to leave a space blank.

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  6. You have to go to third selection and keep winning with different characters. Then go to the fifth selection and draw the required mark.

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  7. click on the second last option. Then click on the second sub option. Then, fill in wht is shown in this website: www.gamefaqs.com/ds/982716-naruto-shippuden-ninjutsu-zenkai-cha-crash/faqs/59781

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