Where do i find these pokemon?

  1. Some one please help me! I need to find skipbloom, turtwig, duskinor, togepi, gengar, lucario, and these other two in which i dont have there names, R-297 & R-301. Some one please help!

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Accepted Answer

  1. Skiploom - Go the striped bridge just west of Rand's House, and use Roar with one of the legendary dogs around the bushes in this area.

    Turtwig - From the area where you got Skiploom, cross the bridge and go one screen east, and Roar in the bushes near the Cherubi.

    Dusknoir - Go to Noir Forest and capture ALL of the Dusclops (you can release them if you don't want your team to fill up), Dusknoir will appear if they're all missing.

    Togepi - Go to the exit area of the Daybreak Ruins (where Probopass is hanging out) and Roar near the west exit.

    Gengar - Go into the Oblivia Ruins, to the room where you cleared that psychic cluster (just before the final room) and move to the east. Gengar is in the room at the end.

    Lucario - Appears as part of Quest 52, the final Quest in the game. So you'll need to do every quest and then complete the final one. If you've already done Quest 52 and want it again, then it will be in the save point hall just past the Claydol patrol maze.

    R-297 is Phione - Go to the underwater section of Canal Ruins. At the VERY start, just move to the west opening against the current and Phione is right there.

    R-301 is Lugia - This is the boss fight of the final mission in the game. You need to have captured all 300 other Pokemon in the Browser, then head to Rand's House for a cutscene.

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Other Answers

  1. Dusknoir is where yuo furst met the dusclops captue them all and he appaears, turtwig is where the chrrim is near where the star raptor was caged roar with a legendary dog, lucario,gengar are missions i think and skploom is somewhere like turtwig method, togepi i think is also a method dont have the other two

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