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  1. While playing easy scenario mode I discovered a few button combos that allow you to do an instant charge attack for instance in megaman 2 + 3 (Don't know about 1 cuz i didn't find out till 2 and don't know about 4 cuz I'm not that far) rapidly pressing either left or right followed by down then attack will instant charge the z saber the others I know have only been tested in megaman 3 on easy scenario and they are down followed by left or right to do fully charged shield throw down folowed by left or right to do partially charged buster shot and left or right then down to do full charged recoil rod downward down then left or right to do full charge recoil rod shot left or right and finally left or right then up to do full charge recoil rod shot upwards. Only works on easy scenario.

    Does anybody have a list of all the button combos for all the weapons and all the games on easy scenario? (And also how to do full charge buster shot and post multiple codes id weapon goes multiple directions like recoil rod)

    User Info: E_X_D_

    E_X_D_ - 7 years ago

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  1. Dude...
    Go to the cheats section of Megaman Zero Collection.
    All is written there.

    User Info: Death_Ragnell

    Death_Ragnell - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. man while you use the "ultimate suit" (only on mmz2_3 you can make instant charge attack without charge, is one of his bonus.
    when you play it on easy mode, you got and start with it on, the same combo system are received by a cyber-elf on MMZ1_4 ( the last lvl hacker_cyber-elf in MMZ4 and jackson in MMZ1 if my memory is not wrong)
    search for "FORM" or "ULTIMATE" on mmz2_3 FAQ to get some info, MMZ1 non-faq say something about it, but, something make you unleash instant charge.

    User Info: sasfild

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  2. Look it up in the Cheats, like Death_Ragnell says. There's a short list of the button combos there.
    You see, in MMZ2, you can unlock the "Ultimate Form" by obtaining and then using ALL Cyber Elves. Do a mission afterwards to obtain it. It allows you to use these instant-charge attacks.
    In MMZ4, you need to get your Elf to Level 7. Set Hacker to 7. This will allow you to use the attacks you mentioned.
    That's how to get it to do that in Title Select. It's not exclusive to Easy Scenario. In fact, I was trying to use a Triple-Slash Wave when it activated.

    (Just a side note, Easy Scenario acts more like Ultimate Mode on Z4...)

    User Info: NebulaGregarZX

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  3. In MMZ1, there is an "Ultimate" mode, unlocked by beating the game with Jackson, which allows for these button combos. MMZ2&3 have Ultimate Form, which does the same. MMZ4 has a Cyber Elf to do it. Since the Easy Scenario causes all upgrades to be available, the combos should be available in it.

    User Info: J_o_e_K_i_n_g

    J_o_e_K_i_n_g - 4 years ago 0 0

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