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    Codebreaker Codes by emutador

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 07/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   Mega Man Zero 4
                                       for GBA
                             CodeBreaker Cheat Code Guide
    by Emutador (Silvio Schumann)
    Contact e-mail: jgmschumann ( at ) yahoo.de
    Website: http://emutador.de.vu/
    Release Date: 04/28/2007
    Version: 0.95
    Table of contents
    Ch. 1 - Do's, Dont's and How-To
    Ch. 2 - Warranty
    Ch. 3 - Version History
    Ch. 4 - CodeBreaker Cheat Code List for Mega Man Zero 4 (European Version)
             -Enable Code
             -Part 1: Stats
             -Part 2: Codename
             -Part 3: Parts, Recipes and Chips
             -Part 4: Equipment
             -Part 5: Abilities and Qualities
             -Part 6: Stage Results
             -Part 7: Miscellaneous
             -Part 8: Mini Games
             -Part 9: Database
    Ch. 5 - Planning for next version
    Ch. 6 - Legal Information
    Ch. 7 - Credits and Thanks
    Ch. 1 - Do's, Dont's and How-To
    Don't ask me:
    -information, which is provided in this guide.
    -information, which is never intended to be in this guide. Ask other guides.
     This is a CodeBreaker Cheat Code Guide.
    -where you can get games, consoles or cheat devices. Ask your local vendor or
    -where you can find emulators, roms or isos. I don't know, and I wouldn't say.
    -whether I can make a special code for you. If there are enough good ideas, I
     will try to make more codes and perhaps provide them in the next version.
    -whether I can make such a guide for another game. If the game is interesting
     enough, I will make a guide and perhaps release ist. But don't bet for it.
    -whether I can teach you hacking codes. I'm working on such a guide. Until its
     release, there are enough other guides in the internet, which are very good.
    -whether I can provide encrypted codes or codes converted to Gameshark or
     Action Replay. I don't like encrypted codes, because nobody can see, how they
     work. If you need them, search the internet for tools like GSACrypt or ARCrypt
     and convert the codes by your own.
    Please write me:
    -to report errors in codes.
    -to report errors in grammar, vocabulary ... (I hope, my English is not too
    -to say things like "What a great guide".
    -if something is not explained well enough and you need help.
    -if you want to post this guide on your own website. But don't bet, I give my
    -if you know somebody, who provides this guide without my permission. (Sites
     are listed in the section "Legal Information".)
    -if you find your information in this guide but not your name in the Credits
     Section. Maybe, I have forgotten you. Sorry. (But please remember, that two
     persons can find the same results without knowing each other.)
    -if you have information, which you want to see in this guide. Of course you
     will also see your name in the Credits Section.
    If you want to write me:
    -give your e-mails a clear subject. E-mails without subject will be deleted
     without being read. Also e-mails with confusing subjects. Use subjects like
     "Question for your Mega Man Zero 4 CodeBreaker Guide" or similar.
    -have an active e-mail and set my e-mail-address to "No-Spam". This is the only
     chance, that you can get an answer.
    -remember to describe your problem clearly and to tell me, what version of this
     guide you have.
    -please write in English or German. Italian or Czech might also be possible,
     but I'm not as good as in English or German. If you want to get the answer in
     a special language, please tell me (only these four languages).
    -pay attention to the correct code of your e-mail. I can't answer questions,
     which I can't read. So use ISO-8859-1 or UniCode.
    -don't bet for an answer. If you get no answer, then your message has perhaps
     been deleted by spam filter or ...
    -don't send advertisments like "5,000 $ a week", erotics, illegal contents ...
     It is possible, that I know a lawyer.
    -don't send attachments without my permission. E-mails with attachments will be
     deleted without being read.
    If you get no answer:
    -your e-mail has been deleted by spam filter or never reached my account.
    -your e-mail had no clear subject or ..., so I have deleted it manually without
     having read. Have a look in the "If you want to write me"-section above and
     try again.
    -your e-mail-address has changed, so I can't respond. Use an active address.
    -I have no time to answer you. This is only a hobby, and I have a lot of other
     things to do.
    -wait for the next version of this guide. Maybe your question will be answered
    -try again in about one month. Please give me enough time to answer or to hack
     a code, before you try again. I will not especially say that I will answer,
     before I do.
    Ch. 2 - Warranty
    This guide comes, as it is. That means, you use all the information on your own
    risk. Save your game stats before using any of these information to prevent
    data loss. There may be codes, that don't work or modify data in a way, I don't
    Usage of cheat codes may corrupt or damage your software or hardware (game
    cartridge, game console, cheat device, save stats). The producer of these may
    give no more warranty, if you use cheat codes.
    If you find non-working codes, please contact me.
    Ch. 3 - Version History
    04/28/2007 - Version 0.95 - Official Release
    -Added a note for Anti Gravity Jump
    -Added Unlock Code for Ultimate Mode
    -Added Enable Code for Japanese Version
    -Codes for Boss 1 HP and No Boss Invincibility work for all Bosses and Mini
     Bosses. I was wrong, when I told, that it doesn't work for all.
    -Invincibility Code works also in Cyberspace (Final Stage 3). I was wrong, when
     I told, that it doesn't work there.
    04/16/2007 - Version 0.90 - Official Release
    -Added Database Codes
    -Added Unlock Codes for Bonus Mini Games and Hard Mode
    -Made some little changes in design
    -Fixed an error in Enable Codes
    04/07/2007 - Version 0.80 - Official Release
    -Added Anti Gravity Jump Code, Fall Down Slowly Code and Mega Jump Code
    -Added Boss Invincibility Code
    -Added some Mini Games Codes
    -Added Stop Weil's Timer code
    -Added some texts
    04/02/2007 - Version 0.70 - Official Release
    -Initial Release
    Ch. 4 - CodeBreaker Cheat Code List for Mega Man Zero 4 (European Version)
    Enable Code (must be on, if you use no emulator):
    000029B5 000A
    100014C6 0007
     (Enable Code for US Version
      0000D460 000A
      100014C6 0007
      Enable Code for Japanese Version
      0000E4EB 000A
      100014C6 0007
      All Codes have only been tested with european version. It is possible, that
      they don't work with US/JAP version, although you use US/JAP Version Enable
    ---Part 1: Stats---------------------------------------------------------------
    64 HP
    320366A4 0040
    (If this code won't work because you have only 16 or less than 32 max HP,
    replace 0040 by the max HP [converted to hex] you have:
     0010 for 16 max HP
     0014 for 20 max HP
     0018 for 24 max HP
     001C for 28 max HP
     0020 for 32 max HP)
    9 Lives
    32035910 0009
    9999 E-Crystals
    820366BA 270F
    32035911 000X
    0 F
    1 E
    2 D
    3 C
    4 B
    5 A
    6 S
    Playtime = 00:00
    82035918 0000
    ---Part 2: Codename------------------------------------------------------------
    Codename Part 1
    32035914 000X
    0 ---
    1 Perfect
    2 Heartless
    3 Lightning
    4 Godspeed
    5 Sluggish
    6 Ruthless
    7 Flawless
    8 Wounded
    9 Supreme
    A Needy
    B Brave
    C Calm
    Codename Part 2
    32035912 000X
    0 Warrior
    1 Hero
    2 Legend
    3 Savior
    4 Redeemer
    5 Gunman
    6 Shooter
    7 Sniper
    8 Edge
    9 Edgeboy
    A Edgeman
    B Ironfist
    C Brawler
    D Boxer
    E Armsman
    ---Part 3: Parts, Recipes and Chips--------------------------------------------
    Parts x 9
    820358XX ABCD
    XX=	D=9 (or D>0)	C=9 (or C>0)	B=9 (or B>0)	A=9 (or A>0)
    C8	ArcCannon	Axeloid		BeamWalker	Beeneran
    CA	Bombadeer	Bongal		Bonsect		C-Hopper
    CC	Ceratanium	Crossbyne	CryoNeon	E-Laser
    CE	EleDeserter	Faital		GangaGun	Glacial
    D0	GlassCannon	Gyrator		GyroCannonH	Hechrysta
    D2	Junk		Kerberos	Kerosh		LamplortX
    D4	MagnePaN	MagnePaS	Mechameson	MeduHopper
    D6	Mettaur		MiniCrabanB	MiniCrabanR	Molegule
    D8	Moloid		NeedBalloon	NicosCrabB	P.Corpse
    DA	Poplan		Raiken		RBCannon	RefleBeemer
    DC	S-Crystal	SandDozer	ScrapElf	SerpentGear
    DE	TellyBomb	Triaformer	V.Claw		V.Fencer
    E0	V.Fire		V.Missile	Yadokroid	---
    Example: 820358C8 9870
    This code means, you have 9 ArcCannon, 8 Axeloid, 7 Beamwalker and 0 Beeneran.
    All parts x 9
    420358C8 9999
    0000000D 0002
    Only try using single codes, if you are experienced in converting codes. They
    may disable each other, if not written correctly. Otherwise use the All-parts-
    Usage of these codes:
    Get the address for the recipes, you want to have. Then add the values of these
    recipes and write the sum instead of the X. If you are not experienced in hex-
    system, take a scientific calculator or the All-recipes-available-code.
    32035900 0000 means no recipes in first section.
    32035900 0007 (1+2+4=7) means A-Charge, A-Recover1, A-Recover2 available.
    32035900 000F (1+2+4+8=F) means complete first section available.
    32035900 0005 (1+4=5) means A-Charge and A-Recover2 available.
    32035900 0008 (8=8) means only A-Recover3 available.
    32035900 000X
    X=sum of:
    1 for A-Charge (Head Chip)
    2 for A-Recover1 (Head Chip)
    4 for A-Recover2 (Head Chip)
    8 for A-Recover3 (Head Chip)
    32035901 000X
    X=sum of:
    1 for Q-Charge1 (Head Chip)
    2 for Q-Charge2 (Head Chip)
    4 for Q-Charge3 (Head Chip)
    8 for A-Filling (Head Chip)
    32035902 000X
    X=sum of:
    1 for WeaponPlus (Head Chip)
    2 for JunkHead (Head Chip)
    4 for Absorber (Body Chip)
    8 for Rolling (Body Chip)
    32035903 000X
    XX=sum of:
    11 for Erase (Body Chip)
    22 for Strong (Body Chip)
    44 for Stronger (Body Chip)
    88 for Strongest (Body Chip)
    32035904 000X
    X=sum of:
    1 for Reflect (Body Chip)
    2 for Extend (Body Chip)
    4 for Elf (Body Chip)
    8 for JunkBody (Body Chip)
    32035905 000X
    X=sum of:
    1 for Quick (Feet Chip)
    2 for DoubleJump (Feet Chip)
    4 for SplashJump (Feet Chip)
    8 for SpikeTypeI (Feet Chip)
    32035906 000X
    X=sum of:
    1 for SpikeTypeW (Feet Chip)
    2 for Frog (Feet Chip)
    4 for JunkFoot (Feet Chip)
    8 for S-Crystal (Feet Chip)
    All recipes available (no chips!)
    42035900 0F0F
    00000004 0002
    !!!Attention: Chips work like recipes. But the address values differ.
    !!!Recipes: 3203590? 000X
    !!!Chips:   3203590? 00X0
    Usage of these codes:
    Get the address for the chips, you want to have. Then add the values of these
    chips and write the sum instead of the X. If you are not experienced in hex-
    system, take a scientific calculator or the All-chips-available-code.
    32035900 0000 means no chips in first section.
    32035900 0070 (1+2+4=7) means A-Charge, A-Recover1, A-Recover2 available.
    32035900 00F0 (1+2+4+8=F) means complete first section available.
    32035900 0050 (1+4=5) means A-Charge and A-Recover2 available.
    32035900 0080 (8=8) means only A-Recover3 available.
    32035900 00X0
    X=sum of:
    1 for A-Charge (Head Chip)
    2 for A-Recover1 (Head Chip)
    4 for A-Recover2 (Head Chip)
    8 for A-Recover3 (Head Chip)
    32035901 00X0
    X=sum of:
    1 for Q-Charge1 (Head Chip)
    2 for Q-Charge2 (Head Chip)
    4 for Q-Charge3 (Head Chip)
    8 for A-Filling (Head Chip)
    32035902 00X0
    X=sum of:
    1 for WeaponPlus (Head Chip)
    2 for JunkHead (Head Chip)
    4 for Absorber (Body Chip)
    8 for Rolling (Body Chip)
    32035903 00X0
    X=sum of:
    1 for Erase (Body Chip)
    2 for Strong (Body Chip)
    4 for Stronger (Body Chip)
    8 for Strongest (Body Chip)
    32035904 00X0
    X=sum of:
    1 for Reflect (Body Chip)
    2 for Extend (Body Chip)
    4 for Elf (Body Chip)
    8 for JunkBody (Body Chip)
    32035905 00X0
    X=sum of:
    1 for Quick (Feet Chip)
    2 for DoubleJump (Feet Chip)
    4 for SplashJump (Feet Chip)
    8 for SpikeTypeI (Feet Chip)
    32035906 00X0
    X=sum of:
    1 for SpikeTypeW (Feet Chip)
    2 for Frog (Feet Chip)
    4 for JunkFoot (Feet Chip)
    S-Crystal (Feet Chip) and Junk will not be visible in Chips, but in Parts menu.
    They are needed to produce Junk Equipment or for other purposes.
    All chips available (no recipes!)
    42035900 F0F0
    00000004 0002
    Remember, that you can have all chips, but only 1 chip equipped for each part
    of your body (head/body/feet) at the same time.
    Equipping JunkHead, JunkBody and JunkFoot gives you double strength for your
    weapons, but double damage by enemies and hits. To activate this, you must also
    set all Elf levels to 0. Zero will become blue and green.
    All recipes and chips available
    42035900 FFFF
    00000004 0002
    Equipped chips
    320366C4 00XX Head equipped with
    320366C5 00XX Body equipped with
    320366C6 00XX Feet equipped with
    00 A-Charge
    01 A-Recover1
    02 A-Recover2
    03 A-Recover3
    04 Q-Charge1
    05 Q-Charge2
    06 Q-Charge3
    07 A-Filling
    08 WeaponPlus
    09 JunkHead
    0A Absorber
    0B Rolling
    0C Erase
    0D Strong
    0E Stronger
    0F Strongest
    10 Reflect
    11 Extend
    12 Elf
    13 JunkBody
    14 Quick
    15 DoubleJump
    16 SplashJump
    17 SpikeTypeI
    18 SpikeTypeW
    19 Frog
    1A JunkFoot
    1B S-Crystal
    FF normal/no chip equipped
    With these codes you can equip every chip on every part of body. That means,
    you can also have three Head Chips equipped or something in that way - one for
    Head, one for Body and one for Feet. There is no need to have the recipe for
    the chip.
    ---Part 4: Equipment-----------------------------------------------------------
    Equipped weapons (XX=Sub weapon/YY=Main weapon)/Assimilated weapons
    820366C0 XXYY
    00 Buster Shot
    01 Z Saber
    02 Zero Knuckle
    03 Buster
    04 Shield
    05 Bomb
    06 Rod
    07 Saber
     (Single codes:
      Main weapon: 320366C0 00XX
      Sub weapon:  320366C1 00XX)
    Assimilated weapons
    If address 820366C0 is higher than 02, you can get the following assimilated
    weapons on address 820366C2 (sorted by class).
    820366C2 XX00
    XX= Buster         Shield        Bomb            Rod            Saber
    00  Spread Shot    Met Shield    Bound Tire      Long Snapper   Mega Axe
    01  Spread Shot    Lamp Shield   Joint Bomb      Electric Rod   Flame Sword
    02  Drill Shot     Ice Shield    Rising Bomb     Tang Rod       Mega Hammer
    03  Cross Shot     Blade Shield  Egg Bomb        Bee Rod        Death Pierce
    04  Lamp Burner    Sharp Shield  Balloon Bomb    Electric Nail  Iron Pipe
    05  2-Way Shot     (Bound Tire)  Gear Bomb       MagPunch N     (Arc Cannon)
    06  IM Shot        (...)         Hive Bomb       MagPunch S     (...)
    07  Ice Buster                   Neon Bomb       Drill Rod
    08  Beam Shot                    Gyro Boomerang  Card Key
    09  Search Shot                  Wave Bomb       Electric Arm
    0A  Blaze Shot                   Burst Bomb      Heat Sabre
    0B  Tri Shot                     3-Way Bomb      Steel Claw
    0C  Vertical Shot                Mini Craban R   (Mega Axe)
    0D  Wide Buster                  Mini Craban B   (...)
    0E  Bend Laser                   (Long Snapper)
    0F  Reflect Laser                (...)
    10  Water Gun
    11  Cannon Buster
    12  Lamp
    13  (Met Shield)
    14  (...)
    You should not use weapons in brackets and higher, because the game might
    freeze, crash or do strange things.
    Remember to have the correct cheat codes combined. Otherwise, it will be very
    confusing. Don't use, for instance, Zero Knuckle and Spread Shot for Buster for
    the same weapon.
    If you want to throw away a weapon, you must also disable the cheat.
    Infinite usage of assimilated weapon (throw away by hitting Select)
    320366E6 0009
    Have all subtanks and fully charged
    820366BC 2020
    820366BE 2020
     (Single Codes:
      Subtank 1 320366BC 0020
      Subtank 2 320366BD 0020
      Subtank 3 320366BE 0020
      Subtank 4 320366BF 0020)
    Have Ex Skills
    320366CA 00XY
    X=sum of:
    1 Sky Chaser   (from Noble Mandrago)
    2 Thunder Stab (from Pegasolta Eclair)
    4 Flame Fang   (from Heat Genblem)
    8 Ice Blade    (from Fenri Lunaedge)
    Y=sum of:
    1 Time Stopper (from Popla Cocapetri)
    2 Tractor Shot (from Mino Magnus)
    4 Burning Shot (from Sol Titanium)
    8 Ice Javelin  (from Tech Kraken)
    To get the Ex Skills you want, just add the numbers of them and convert to hex.
    If you are not experienced with hex-system, take a scientific calculator or use
    the All-Ex-Skills-code. (This works like Recipes and Chips.)
    All Ex Skills
    320366CA 00FF
    Remember: These codes do not defeat the bosses or increase Elf level. They will
    only give you skills.
    ---Part 5: Abilities and Qualities---------------------------------------------
    Infinite Dash
    3203673A 00FE
    Invincibility (walk through enemies, walk over spikes ...)
    32036694 0080
    Permanent fire Lv. 3
    320366E4 0080 Main weapon
    320366E5 0080 Sub weapon
    820366E4 8080 both
    !Be careful with Zero Knuckle and Z Sabre. This code can influence your moves,
    for instance when you are hanging at a ledge.
    !Be careful using this code with assimilated weapons. This might crash your
    !Be careful using the code for both weapons. This might slow down your game.
    This code also works with Ex Skills.
    To use the other weapon or load it, simply hold down the button(s) for the
    active firing weapon and push button(s) for the other one. The first weapon
    will stop firing and load again, and you can comfortably use the other one.
    Anti Gravity Jump
    D0000020 0001
    32036660 0000
    This code allows you to jump as high as you want without problems. If you reach
    screen border, you will not die. If you touch ceiling, you will stay in that
    height and fly around by pressing left and right. If you release A-Button, you
    will fall down. There is no multiple jump, only double jump, if you have Double
    Jump Chip equipped.
    !Be careful with that code in Weil Battle, in Popla Cocapetri Stage (Control
    Tower) and Tech Kraken Stage (Start). These are the only places I know, where
    you can die, jumping over the upper border of screen.
    Fall Down Slowly
    D0000020 0200
    82036660 00C0
    To use this code, jump and then press L-Button. It works with all kinds of
    jumps and makes you glide down slowly. You can control falling by hitting left
    and right.
    !Don't hit L-Button and then jump or press L-Button, while you still hold
    A-Button. This might throw you out of screen.
    Slow Mega Jump
    D0000020 0001
    82036660 FF00
    This Jump works not perfectly. So only activate it, if you really need it. It
    allows you to slowly go up, until you release A-Button, including Multiple Jump
    (press A-Button again and again) and fly left or right. It works on land and in
    !Be careful not to leave screen. This will make your mission failing. Touching
    ceilings can make you fall down, make your mission failing of teleport you to
    another screen.
    I hope, I can make this code better. If you can help, please contact me.
    ---Part 6: Stage Results-------------------------------------------------------
    Mission = 100% (20P)
    3202E8E7 0014
    Cleartime = 00:00 (20P)
    8202E8E8 0000
    Damage = 0 (15P)
    8202E8EE 0000
    Enemy = 255 (15P)
    3202E8EC 00FF
    This code may show strange values, if you kill more enemies. But there are
    always 15P at the end. If you get another result, please tell me.
    Average = 100P
    3203591C 0064
    This code may not work in several cases. I don't know, when it works and when
    not. To get best result for the stage, use the S-Level-Code (Part 1 Stats),
    before ending the stage.
    ---Part 7: Miscellaneous-------------------------------------------------------
    Boss/Mini Boss HP = 1 (One hit kill)
    3203A4E4 0001
    No Boss Invincibility after hit
    3203A4D4 0000
    No damage by sun in Sol Titanium's Stage
    3203687E 0000
    Stop timer in Tech Kraken's Stage
    8202EB94 1F50
    Stop Weil's timer
    8202DAF4 1C20
    Hard Mode available
    32000A80 0031
    Ultimate Mode available
    32000A81 0038
    ---Part 8: Mini Games----------------------------------------------------------
    Unlock Bonus Mini Games
    32000A82 003E Plant Panic
    32000A83 0044 Busy Basket
    32000A84 004A Lumberjack
    32000A85 0050 Lava Surf
    32000A86 0056 Elf Chase
    32000A87 005C Slam Harvest
    32000A88 0061 Energy Lab
    Infinite Time (disable to end the game)
    820303F0 0E10
    Score = 255 (or what ever you want, remember to convert to hex)
    820303E8 00FF
    High Score = 255 (or what ever you want, remember ...)
    820303E4 00FF
    High Score to beat (saved value) = 255 (or what ever ...)
    820303EC 00FF
    Special Notes:
    I don't know, why there are two High Scores. Use both of them with the same
    value to make sure, it works.
    Plant Panic
    -Permanent Fire may be helpful
    Busy Basket
    -disable Permanent Fire
    -Mega Jump Codes may be helpful
    -disable Permanent Fire
    Lava Surf
    -Permanent Fire may be helpful
    -Invincibility may be helpful (but may slow down game)
    Elf Chase
    -only Infinite Time code works here
    -Permanent Fire may be helpful
    Slam Harvest
    -Infinite Time: PechPrickers have no effect
    Energy Lab
    -Mega Jump Codes may be helpful
    These codes unlock mini games only temporarily. To get access forever, you must
    save game once at least.
    ---Part 9: Database------------------------------------------------------------
    82000A70 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0010 Appnet
    0020 ArcCannon
    0040 Axeloid
    0080 BeamWalker
    0100 Beeneran
    0200 Bombadeer
    0400 Bongal
    0800 Bonsect
    1000 C-Hopper
    2000 CocaPoulet
    4000 Crossbyne
    8000 CryoNeon
    82000A72 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 E-Laser
    0002 EleDeserter
    0004 Faital
    0008 GangaGun
    0010 Glacial
    0020 GlassCannon
    0040 Gyrator
    0080 GyroCannonH
    0100 Hechrysta
    0200 Kerberos
    0400 Kerosh
    0800 LamplortX
    1000 MagneMineN
    2000 MagneMineS
    4000 MagnePaN
    8000 MagnePaS
    82000A74 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 Mechameson
    0002 MeduHopper
    0004 Mettaur
    0008 MiniCrabanB
    0010 MiniCrabanR
    0020 Molegule
    0040 Moloid
    0080 NicosCrabB
    0100 NicosCrabC
    0200 NeedBalloon
    0400 P.Corpse
    0800 PechPricker
    1000 PetitNet
    2000 Poplan
    4000 Raiken
    8000 RBCannon
    82000A76 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 RefleBeemer
    0002 SandDozer
    0004 ScrapElf
    0008 SerpentGear
    0010 TellyBomb
    0020 Triaformer
    0040 TriRay
    0080 V.Claw
    0100 V.Fencer
    0200 V.Fire
    0400 V.Missile
    0800 Yadokroid
    1000 Carnage 0
    2000 Craft
    4000 Cyball
    8000 F.Lunaedge
    82000A78 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 H.Genblem
    0002 M.Magnus
    0004 N.Madrago
    0008 P.Cocapetri
    0010 P.Eclair
    0020 R.Bandam
    0040 S.Titanion
    0080 Sub Core
    0100 T.Kraken
    0200 TheGiant
    0400 Weil(Form1)
    0800 Weil(Form2)
    1000 ClabangerNS
    2000 FireRenant
    4000 GearBank
    8000 Ribops
    82000A7A XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 SpyLarueE
    0002 SpyLarueF
    0004 SpyLarueI
    0008 Tyrine
    0010 Alouette
    0020 Brise
    0040 Caravaner
    0080 Cerveau
    0100 Ciel
    0200 Colbor
    0400 Faucon
    0800 Hirondelle
    1000 Neige
    2000 Rafale
    4000 Rouge
    8000 Tempete
    82000A7C XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 Tornado
    0002 Typhon
    0004 Weil(Norm)
    0008 Zero
    These codes work like chips/recipes. To get the data you want, simply add the
    values (convert to hex!) and replace XXXX by the result.
    Remember: If you already have data but don't calculate it in the code, it will
    vanish. To avoid this, use Complete-Database-Codes.
    Complete Database
    Long Code (use, if short code doesn't work)
    82000A70 FFF0
    82000A72 FFFF
    82000A74 FFFF
    82000A76 FFFF
    82000A78 FFFF
    82000A7A FFFF
    82000A7C 000F
    Short Code
    42000A70 FFFF
    00000007 0002
    These codes change database only temporarily. To get all data forever, you must
    save game once at least.
    Planning for next version
    Better mega jump codes
    Quick weapon charge
    More result screen cheats
    Stage jumper
    Chip effects and other abilities without having chips equipped
    Zero color style changer
    Weather changer
    Legal Information
    This guide and its content are Copyright 2007 by the author.
    All names are registered trademarks of Capcom or Nintendo.
    This guide is in no way intended nor endorsed by Nintendo or Capcom.
    The author has no relations with any of these organisations.
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    without the author's exclusive written permission.
    If the author gives permission, you may only post it completely and without
    any modifications.
    This guide may only be posted on these sites:
    Credits and Thanks
    I wish to thank:
    Capcom and Nintendo - for making and providing such a great game
    vba.ngemu.com - for programming and distributing VisualBoyAdvance, the tool,
    most of this codes where hacked with
    bottledlight.com - for programming and distributing Mappy Virtual Machine, the
    tool, I hacked one part of the Enable Code with
    codewerx.cjb.net - for programming and distributing CRCGen, the tool, I hacked
    one part of the Enable Code with (This website is down, but the address will
    remain here.)
    All the writers of hacking tutorials - Sorry, but I don't know, how many guides
    I have read, and which tought me what.
    gamefaqs.com/neoseeker.com/supercheats.com - for accepting this guide
    You - for reading this guide
    Me - for hacking all the codes and writing this guide
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