Where can I find EXP Share?

  1. I've been looking for it, and I just can't find it, anyone help?

    User Info: Cloud557

    Cloud557 - 6 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I did not get the EXP share
    I got the koban charm that gives x2 yen if the pokemon holding it is in atleast one battle during the match
    Ok the place to get the EXP share is still in the same city, just in a certain bulidng
    The place is 2 buildings over from the Pokemon center and when you enter a old guy will talk to you, telling you there are strong trainers in the floors above, beat everyone on the 47 and 55th floor, top right of the 55th floor will be that old guy again, beat him and he will give u EXP share

    User Info: Sumwheat

    Sumwheat - 6 years ago 4 0

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