What is a good team?

  1. I need help with picking a good team for Pokemon Black. I plan to start with Tepig (the fire starter) but i don't have any good ideas on who else to pick. Just so everyone knows, i don't like pokemon you need to trade to evolve, but trading is an option. This team is just for single player and having fun with my friends.

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    siz16 - 6 years ago
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    Oh and if you have any ideas on what moves to teach them that would be great too.

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    siz16 - 6 years ago

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  1. I'm using:
    Emboar- High HP and Attack, Fire/Fighting
    Zebstrika- High Speed and Decent Attack, Electric
    Hydrogrein- High Special Attack, Dark/Dragon
    Haxorus- Very High Attack, Dragon
    Bisharp- High Attack and Decent Defense, Dark/Steel
    Archeops- Very High Attack and High Special Attack, Flying/Rock

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  1. I'd go with Tepig, Karrablast (If your friends dont have this game go with Venipede.) Blitzle, Drilbur, Scraggy, and Axew. OR Tepig, Blitzle, Archen, Axew, Scraggy, and Frillish (If you dont mind leveling up to 40.) Well here how the teams should go, Begining: Tepig/Pignite Pansage,Pidove, Lillipup. Middle Gyms 4-6: Pignite/Emboar, Archen/Archeops, Scolipede/Escavalier (Depending if your friends have it if not dont use Escavalier) Scraggy/Scrafty, Blitzle/Zebstrika. End7-E4 Emboar,Archeops,Escavalier/Scolipede/Accelgor (If ur friends dont have it just use Scolipede.) Scrafty, Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus, Beartic or Conkeldurr ( dont use if friends dont have game) or Gothorita/Gothitelle. Well yeah the gyms arent to hard but ill still tell you what levels to be at. 1st gym 10-16 2nd gym 18-22. 3rd gym 22-25. 4th gym 25-30. 5th gym 30-33. 6th gym 34-38. 7th gym 40-45. 8th gym 45-47. E4 50-53. Well if you dont like the teams I gave you just goto www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon.shtml

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  2. Your team should have a water type, a fire type, a grass type, a flying type and an electric type

    Hope this helped

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  3. I think that the Pokemon that you use is the best.

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  4. Sawk Serperiour Zoura Victini Zebstrika and Krokkrok thats my party and swap bascuiln for zebstrika sometimes please rate it like good dislike bad!

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