What is the best ground type you can find during the main story?

  1. I really miss my geodude. It has been a big constant heavy hitter for steamrolling electric types. Unfortunately its counterpart, Roggenrola, does not have the ground attribute. This is why I am looking for a suitable ground type.

    Please suggest the 5 best ground types (unevolved form first) and why you would recommend them.

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    maynot - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Drilbur - The only new pure ground type in base evolution and a ground/steel once evolved. I haven't used this pokemon, but looking at it and it's evolution's moves it can learn quite a few good ground and rock moves.

    Sandile - A ground/dark all three evolutions. This is the one I use and so far it has been really good, only problem is, is that it doesn't learn rock type moves, so trying to kill the Emolga (flying/electric) is hard because ground moves don't effect it. So I'll only be using this till I go back and get a Drilbur.

    Stunfisk - A electric/ground type. Not very good from what I can see from it's move set.

    Golett - A ground/ghost type. This one is another that doesn't get very many ground moves.

    Tympole - A pure water type in it's base evolution and then water/ground in the other two. It only learn One ground type move on its own though, so probably not the best choice.

    Landorus - A flying/ground legendary. It learn quite a bit of good ground and rock moves. But like I said, its a legendary so...

    These are the only new pokemon with a ground type. Drilbur can be caught in the Wellspring Cave on Route 3 and Sandile can be caught on Route 4.

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Other Answers

  1. Krookorok or Excadrill.

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