What is the best Psychic type to get?

  1. I need a good Psychic type, found a Gothita, should I use it?

    User Info: nellan1223

    nellan1223 - 6 years ago

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  1. Actually, Reuniclus has more base stats... not sure how you added.. but Reuniclus base stats total at 490 while Beheeyem at 485.. so yea.. Reuniclus has 110 base hp. Which by far makes up for its -10 base sp.def stat when compared to Beheeyem. Reuniclus can take hits much easier. Beheeyem may have +10 base speed more than Reuniclus, but to be honest is nothing to brag about. At 40 or 50 base speed you won't be outspeeding much anyways making it a worthless stat unless using trick room..

    Reuniclus will make a better trick room user.
    Reuniclus has his stats placed better.
    Reuniclus is just freaking cool looking.
    3 to 0.

    Reuniclus > Beheeyem

    User Info: rosserge55

    rosserge55 - 6 years ago 4 0


  1. You might as well. It's either that, Swoobat, or Sigilyph. The best Psychic type in the game is Reuniclus, but its bottom evolution Solosis is only found in Pokemon White, caught in the same place Gothita is. I'd recommend trading with a friend if you can.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. Get Victini. Its a special legendary pokemon (Psychic/Fire type) you can catch when you get to Castellia City. Being a legendary, it is really powerful and it will get you through the entire story. For more details about how to get Victini, go to this webpage: www.pokemonblackwhite.com/en-us/pokemon/special-encounters/

    User Info: Kaos-sama

    Kaos-sama - 6 years ago 2 1
  3. I've heard Victini is really great, but i haven't gotten it yet so my options would be Sigilyph, or Swoobat. You can find Sigilyph at the Dessert Resort, and you can find the bottom evolution of Swoobat ( Woobat ) at Wellspring Cave. Hope this helps!!! :)

    User Info: LaffyTaffy3

    LaffyTaffy3 - 6 years ago 2 1
  4. I would say the evoulution of munna it is slow but it can take alot of hits and it has high sp atk you need a moon stone to evolve munna

    User Info: Lunarace

    Lunarace - 6 years ago 1 1
  5. No Beheeyem is the best with the base stats of
    HP: 75
    Attack: 75
    Sp. Attack: 125
    Sp. Defense: 95

    Reuniclus has a base SP. Attack of 125 which is the best Sp. Attack for a psychic pokemon, but Beheeyem has the same base SP. Attack of 125 and is faster, has better attack, and speed, equal defense, and a better SP. Defense. Sigilyph only has a base Sp. Attack of 103 and "munna's evolution" has a SP Attack of 107.

    It's preevolution Elgyem can be found in celestial tower at LV. 26-29

    User Info: Charizard1112

    Charizard1112 - 6 years ago 0 2

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