What can you do after game is done?

  1. Please tell me in detail everything you can do.
    Just recently finished a bit excited.

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  1. 1. You can now go to Black City.
    2. Access the other half of Unova.
    3. Battle Cynthia. (In Undella Town, only in Spring, once a day)
    4. Go on the Royal Unova Ship (You can battle trainers, you get a item, even though the item depends on how well you battled)
    5. Access another part in Dreamyard, where every Friday there is a Musharna with a special ability
    6. Find the Seven Sages, and they will give you TM's with moves that usually increase status
    7. Swarms
    8. You can battle Gamefreak Morimoto, who is in the Gamefreak building in Castelia City.
    9. In a certain cave in Twist Mountain, a worker dude will give you a fossil per day. (The fossils are the fossils from the previous generations.)
    10. On Route 13, there is a man in a black suit. Talk to him, and once a day he will give you a item. (Items are usually evolutionary items, flutes, heart scale, certain items for certain pokemon, evolutionary items, etc.)

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  1. You can go to these new places: Route 11, Village Bridge, Route 12, Lacunosa Town, Route 13, Giant Chasm, Undella Town, Undella Bay, Undersea Ruins, Route 14, Abundant Shrine, Black City/White Forest, Route 15, Marvelous Bridge, Royal Unova, Challenger's Cave.

    You can also fight Cynthia in Undella town, and Morimoto (a Game Freak employee) in Castelia City.

    Check the guides for more info about any specific thing, as they're rather in-depth.

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  2. Other than previously stated you can find the sages, who will each give you a TM

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