All THE Legendary Pokemon?

  1. Who are the legendary Pokemon and how do you get them?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Reshiram OR Zekrom: obtainable during the plot after the Elite Four, so I won't give further spoilers. You get Reshiram in Black, or Zekrom in White.

    Cobalion: the first accessible non-event legendary, available at the back of Mistralton Cave on Route 6 (Surf required). In this cave is also a man who will tell you the legend of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion.

    NOTE: You must have Cobalion before you can find Terrakion and Virizion.

    Terrakion: found stationary in the cave, in a room near the top of Victory Road (Strength required).

    Virizion: found in a glade in Pinwheel Forest east of the bridges (Surf required).

    Tornadus (Black) OR Thundurus (White): The roaming legendaries of this game, based on time of day; after you get all eight badges and head onto Route 10, you'll be informed of weird weather on Route 7 and if you go there, you can start to find your game's roaming legendary. The electric bulletin boards between routes will show where storms are happening, which is when Tornadus or Thundurus is present.

    Landorus: Capture your game's roaming legendary (Tornadus or Thundurus) and trade for the other, have both in your party, and it will show up at the Abundant Shrine off Route 14 and battle you.

    Kyurem: Found at the back of Giant Chasm off Route 13; the cave it resides in is accessible by going to the center of the wooded area inside the Giant Chasm so the area freezes.

    Victini: Previously available through a wi-fi promotion and catchable through a mini-plot using the Liberty Pass to go from Castelia City to Liberty Island where a mini-plot would ensue. Now a higher-level Victini with exclusive moves is (temporarily) available through standard Wi-Fi Mystery Gift.

    A few "special" Pokemon that are technically not legendary are Larvesta (obtainable through an egg at the house in Route 18, Surf required), Volcarona (its evolved form, or also battleable at the center of the maze accessible underneath Relic Castle during the Sage Hunt after the Elite Four), and a Musharna that only appears on Fridays in the Dream Yard basement (again, after the Elite Four)

    Keldeo, Genesect and Melouetta have not yet been released, but they are also legendary and are probably going to be released in future real-world or wi-fi events.

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  1. Look here: (

    This will show you all the legendary Pokemon available in Pokemon Black & White and how to get them.
    Hope this helps :D

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  2. Zekrom Exclusive for White Reshiram Exclusive for Black Volcrona In the desert Kyurem In the cave dont remember which one The rest you have to transfer

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