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    FAQ/Walkthrough by aragornbird

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    END GAME LOCATIONS (Continued)


    • TM09 (Venoshock) - In top-right corner of dark grass area, above small stairway (need Strength)
    • Upgrade - In eastern part of grassy area (need Strength)
    • Sitrus Berry - Gift from Pokemon Ranger after winning
    • Sitrus Berry - Gift from Pokemon Ranger after winning
    • Max Revive - Above grassy area, take the small stairway and head all the way north (hidden)
    • Ultra Ball - In western part of grassy area, under the big rock (hidden)

    This Route isn't too big, but there are two ways to get through it. One takes you to the elevated area above and the other one takes you to the rocky/grassy area below. Both will lead to the same place.

    If you want to take the upper path, go up the stairs. You'll find a rather large building here. This is the PokeTransfer building and it's the place you go to transfer Pokemon from a 4th gen game (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver) into your Black or White. You need another DS in the same room to be able to transfer. Also there are certain restrictions on what Pokemon you can transfer. Pokemon cannot be holding any items whatsoever. They also cannot know any HM moves. Also the Spiky-Eared Pichu cannot be sent over. Once you've selected which Pokemon you want to bring over, you'll play a little minigame where you have to catch the Pokemon you are transfering. Unlike 4th gen's Pal Park, there's no limit to how many Pokemon you can send over each day.

    Outside of the building, continue west and go down the stairs. You'll see a trailer up ahead. Inside is person who will trade you a Rotom in exhange for a Ditto. Dittos can be caught in the Giant Chasm. This is the only Rotom in the game, so it's a good bargain. Rotom can change form and type by turning into one of 5 different forms. You can do this by going to the Dept. Store on Route 9 and entering a little backroom with lots of boxes. Interacting with any of these boxes lets you change Rotom's form and teach it a new move depending on the form.

    Whether you make the trade or not, continue down and east into the grassy area. There are more trainers to fight and items to get, including an Upgrade to evolve Porygon into Porygon2. Along with the Dubious Disc from the P2 Lab, you can fully evolve a Porygon as long as you have someone to trade with.

    When you're done here, head west into the gatehouse. Before you leave the gatehouse into the next area, talk to the blue-haired girl here. She will battle you and it will be a special battle - a Triple Battle for Black players or a Rotational Battle for White players. She has the following Pokemon

    Lv. 65 Alomomola, Lv. 65 Beheeyem, Lv. 65 Klinklang

    In a triple battle, her Alomomola likes to use Wide Guard and Helping Hand to support her teammates. These moves are useless in a Rotational Battle, so its pretty much dead weight if you're playing White. Klinklang's only attack move is Disharge, but it hits all three of your Pokemon in a Triple Battle as well as its partners. However Beheeyem won't take damage due to its ability Telepathy.

    Marvelous Bridge


    SwannaWater/Flying48-50100%AllShadow Spots

    Marvelous Bridge is similar to Driftveil Drawbridge in that it is pretty empty and there are no trainers, but there are shadows occassionally showing up that may have one of the wing items. Check the Driftveil Drawbridge section to see what each wing does. You can also find wild Swanna sometimes.

    There's a lady in the middle of the bridge with four dancing Patrat. She will have one of her Patrats hold a Big Mushroom. Then her Patrats will do a little dance and you have to keep your eyes on the one with the mushroom and choose the correct one when they are finished. It's just like one of those switching cup games you may have seen.

    Continue west and you'll suddenly be greeted by the Dark Trinity! They'll have a special gift for you - three gifts, in fact. You'll get the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs which are the signature items of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina respectively.

    Finally, there's a guy on the west who will sell you a Magikarp for 500P. That's right, this guy is just like the Magikarp salesman from the Kanto region. The Magikarp comes at Level 5. It also happens to be the ONLY Magikarp in the game since it doesn't exist in the wild like it does in every previous game. When you consider these facts, 500P is a really good deal.

    Royal Unova


    Ace TrainerLv. 65 RotomGhost/Electric
    Lv. 65 ButterfreeBug/Flying
    Lv. 65 AlomomolaWater
    Ace TrainerLv. 66 TaurosNormal
    Lv. 66 WailordWater
    LassLv. 64 ChinglingPsychic
    Lv. 64 WormadamBug/Grass
    Rich BoyLv. 64 AipomNormal
    Lv. 64 MurkrowDark/Flying
    LadyLv. 63 MeowthNormal
    Lv. 63 VulpixFire
    Lv. 63 EeveeNormal
    GentlemanLv. 63 HoundourFire/Dark
    Lv. 63 NoctowlNormal/Flying
    Lv. 63 HoundoomFire/Dark
    MaidLv. 65 EmolgaElectric/Flying
    ClerkLv. 64 AriadosBug/Poison
    Lv. 64 FloatzelWater

    Every game has a big cruise ship to ride and this game is no different. The Royal Unova departs from Castelia City harbor everyday and follows a certain schedule depending on what season it is.

    • Spring - 5:00-7:59 PM
    • Summer - 7:00-8:59 PM
    • Autumn - 5:00-7:59 PM
    • Winter - 4:00-6:59 PM

    It costs 1000P for a trip on the ship. When you are on board, you can get on the deck and view some of the landmarks around Unova in glorious 3D. You can also battle trainers here. Go into each of the rooms on the ship and people might give you battles. If you can beat every trainer who is on board for that trip, you can win a random prize - Berry Juice, Lava Cookie, Old Gateau, Ragecandybar, or Rare Candy. Check the list above to see the possible trainers you can battle.

    Challenger's Cave


    BoldoreRock4820%AllCave Floor
    WoobatPsychic/Flying4720%AllCave Floor
    GravelerRock/Ground47-4920%AllCave Floor
    LickitungNormal49-5020%AllCave Floor- 1F
    49-5015%AllCave Floor- B1, B2
    SableyeDark/Ghost4910%AllCave Floor
    MawileSteel4910%AllCave Floor
    RioluFighting49-505%AllCave Floor - B1, B2
    ExcadrillGround/Steel47-50100%AllShaking Dirt
    25-70100%AllSurf Spots
    35-6030%AllFish Spots
    35-7065%AllFish Spots
    PoliwrathWater/Fighting45-705%AllFish Spots


    BackpackerLv. 65 GolbatPoison/Flying
    Ace TrainerLv. 63 DratiniDragon
    Lv. 63 ScytherBug/Flying
    Lv. 63 SudowoodoRock
    Lv. 63 ManectricElectric
    Ace TrainerLv. 64 FurretNormal
    Lv. 64 GrumpigPsychic
    Lv. 64 GabiteDragon/Ground
    VeteranLv. 62 GyaradosWater/Flying
    Lv. 62 ExcadrillGround/Steel
    Lv. 62 CrobatPoison/Flying
    Lv. 62 DruddigonDragon
    Lv. 62 GigalithRock
    Lv. 62 SnorlaxNormal
    VeteranLv. 62 Wormadam-SBug/Steel
    Lv. 62 CloysterWater/Ice
    Lv. 62 NinetalesFire
    Lv. 62 LeavannyBug/Grass


    • PP Up - B1, Top left corner
    • Nugget - B1, on ledge across the bridge
    • Ether - B1, In the rock northwest of Ace Trainer (hidden)
    • Max Potion - B1, In the wall above stairs to B2 (hidden)
    • Timer Ball - B2, Southwest area on lower level under a bridge
    • Protein - B2, West side in the center of a small square ditch
    • TM71 (Stone Edge) - B2, on the ledge above the Protein
    • Full Restore - B2, In the rock southeast after the water (hidden)
    • Rare Candy - B2, West side in the rock below the Protein (hidden)
    • Star Piece - B2, In the rock in the southwest corner (hidden)
    • Heart Scale - B2, southern tip of land east of Veteran (hidden)(need Surf)

    This place can be reached by going to Route 9, entering the bottom area with the tall grass, going all the way east and down some stairs until you get to a cave opening. It was previously blocked by a Blackbelt before the Elite 4.

    The name of this place may seem like it holds some really rare item or a legendary Pokemon inside. But it actually doesn't have anything too interesting. Still there are some items inside that you can get and you can also battle the trainers, who have pretty strong Pokemon. It's also the only place in the game where you can catch wild Sableye, Mawile, and Lickitung. It's a very dark place, so you need Flash in order to get through it easily. Surf is also required.


    Soon after you enter the cave, you'll be met by a lone Backpacker and his lone Golbat. After you beat him, continue down the steps.


    On the next floor, you might encounter wild Riolu if you're lucky. There are a couple of Ace Trainers here along with some items, two of which are hidden. To get to the next floor, go east from the stairs, then turn north. When you see the bridge to your left, turn in that direction and go underneath it. The stairs to B2 are just beyond it.


    Go north from the stairs and you'll reach some water. Surf on the water and continue east. You'll come to a crossroads. If you jump onto the land to the south, you can get a hidden Full Restore from the small rock at the end. If you don't need it, jump onto the northern part of land. Go up the stairs, turn south, and go across the bridge. Go west across another bridge, then go down some steps and head east.

    You'll meet a Veteran trainer here. While his Pokemon aren't at the highest levels, he does have six final stage Pokemon and all of them have more advanced movesets than the trainers you're used to fighting. If your team is at a higher level, they shouldn't be a problem, but they can still be tricky to beat.

    Whether you battle him or not, keep going left then down and right up some stairs and across a bridge. Keep following the path across some more bridges and steps. You'll eventually come across a larger stairway which takes you to a bridge going over the water. Go down, right, and up and if you keep going left, you'll find a female Veteran trainer. She isn't as strong as the other guy, but you should battle her anyways for the experience.

    After that, go left down the steps, past some square ditches with items in the center, and go up the steps to the northeast. You will find the TM for Stone Edge on the ledge. When you're done with this place, jump off the ledge to the north and go back up the stairs to get back to the entrance. That's it for this cave. It was pretty uneventful unless you consider Stone Edge to be a good enough prize.


    There are several strong trainers in the game that you can battle after you beat the game. They all have a full team of high leveled Pokemon over Lv. 60 and can be battled every so often so they are a good source of EXP.


    Bianca is one of the first people you can battle that has a full team of strong Pokemon. You can find her in Prof. Juniper's lab on Saturday evenings if you want to battle her



    • Lv. 63 Stoutland
      • Type: Normal
      • Moves: Return, Ice Fang, Surf, Wild Bolt
    • Lv. 63 Musharna
      • Type: Psychic
      • Moves: Return, Yawn, Dream Eater, Psychic
    • Lv. 63 Mienshao
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Return, Drain Punch, U-Turn, Fake Out
    • Lv. 63 Chandelure
      • Type: Ghost/Fire
      • Moves: Return, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Overheat

    If you chose Snivy

    • Lv. 63 Simisear
      • Type: Fire
      • Moves: Return, Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Brick Break
    • Lv. 65 Samurott
      • Type: Water
      • Moves: Return, Aqua Tail, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace

    If you chose Tepig

    • Lv. 63 Simipour
      • Type: Water
      • Moves: Return, Surf, Rock Slide, Brick Break
    • Lv. 65 Serperior
      • Type: Grass
      • Moves: Return, Leaf Storm, Dragon Tail, Coil

    If you chose Oshawott

    • Lv. 63 Simisage
      • Type: Grass
      • Moves: Return, Energy Ball, Rock Slide, Brick Break
    • Lv. 65 Enbuoo
      • Type: Fire/Fighting
      • Moves: Return, Flare Blitz, Brick Break, Wild Bolt

    Notice a pattern? All of her Pokemon know Return. But the only one that can use this move effectively is Stoutland. All her other Pokemon have better moves to use.

    She now has a Mienshao and though it's not as strong as Marshal's, it can still do plenty of damage with its naturally high Attack stat. Still Ghosts types are completely immune to most of its moves.

    She also has a powerful special attacker in Chandelure, similar to the one Shauntal likes to use. Hit it with a strong Water, Ground, Rock, Dark, or Ghost attack to defeat it.

    She will use one of the three monkeys as usual. They all have Return, Crunch, Brick Break, and one move that matches their type. Overall they're not too hard to beat so focus on whatever types they're weak against.

    Out of the three starters she could use, Serperior is the easiest to handle. All the other starters have moves that cover their weaknesses, but Serperior doesn't get anything that's supereffective against types like Fire, Ice, and Bug. The other two starters can be beaten by your own starter or a Pokemon that knows supereffective moves.


    Your other rival Cheren will be training on Route 5 after he meets you at your house. Meet him there and he will move on to the top floor inside Victory Road. He is slightly more powerful than Bianca.



    • Lv. 65 Liepard
      • Type: Dark
      • Moves: Fake Out, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace
    • Lv. 65 Unfezant
      • Type: Normal/Flying
      • Moves: Air Slash, Quick Attack, Facade, U-Turn
    • Lv. 65 Haxorus
      • Type: Dragon
      • Moves: Outrage, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Surf
    • Lv. 65 Gigalith
      • Type: Rock
      • Moves: Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Giga Impact

    If you chose Tepig

    • Lv. 65 Simisear
    • Type: Fire
      • Moves: Payback, Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Brick Break
    • Lv. 67 Samurott
      • Type: Water
      • Moves: Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, X-Scissor, Blizzard

    If you chose Oshawott

    • Lv. 65 Simipour
      • Type: Water
      • Moves: Payback, Surf, Rock Slide, Brick Break
    • Lv. 67 Serperior
      • Type: Grass
      • Moves: Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Dragon Tail, Coil

    If you chose Snivy

    • Lv. 65 Simisage
      • Type: Grass
      • Moves: Payback, Energy Ball, Rock Slide, Brick Break
    • Lv. 67 Enbuoo
      • Type: Fire/Fighting
      • Moves: Head Smash, Flare Blitz, Brick Break, Wild Bolt

    As usual Cheren will have a Liepard and Unfezant on his team. Both of these Pokemon have a couple new moves up their sleeves, but they aren't that powerful. A single Steel type can handle both of them with no sweat.

    Watch out for his Haxorus. It has the powerful Outrage, which will deal huge amounts of damage to anything that doesn't resist it. Once again, a Steel type is the only thing that resists its most powerful move. Make sure it isn't weak to Water attacks though.

    Gigalith is another new face on his team. With its Sturdy ability, it will always survive any attack which gives it a free turn to do whatever it wants. It can hit you hard with one of its physical moves or set up Stealth Rock to annoy you for the rest of the battle. Steel is also effective against it as long as you can avoid its Earthquake, but its probably a better idea to hit it with a special-based Water or Grass attack.

    His monkey is similar to the one Bianca uses, but instead of Return they all know Payback.

    His starter knows slightly different moves than Bianca. Samurott is more specially based with Hydro Pump and Blizzard, Serperior has Leaf Blade to take advantage of Coil, and Enbuoo has Head Smash.

    Elite 4 Rematch

    After you get the National Dex, you can challenge the Elite 4 for a rematch. They will all have much stronger Pokemon including a few non-Unova Pokemon from past generations. Your team should preferably be at least Level 70 to stand a chance.


    Elite 4 Shauntal

    • Lv. 71 Cofagrigus
      • Type: Ghost
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Energy Ball, Will-o-wisp
    • Lv. 71 Golurk
      • Type: Ghost/Ground
      • Moves: Shadow Punch, Curse, Earthquake, Hammer Arm
    • Lv. 71 Jellicent
      • Type: Ghost/Water
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Hydro Pump, Energy Ball, Slime Wave
    • Lv. 71 Froslass
      • Type: Ghost/Ice
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Blizzard, Ice Shard
    • Lv. 71 Drifblim
      • Type: Ghost/Flying
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Acrobatics, Thunder
    • Lv. 73 Chandelure
      • Type: Ghost/Fire
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Fire Blast, Payback

    Cofagrigus's Grass Knot got replaced by Energy Ball, which deals more consistent damage. It's good news for heavy Pokemon since Energy Ball won't deal as much damage as Grass Knot.

    Golurks's Brick Break got replaced by the more powerful Hammer Arm, but it will still prefer to use Earthquake as its main move against opponents that don't resist Ground. However, Hammer Arm will do a ton of damage to most Dark types so be careful!

    Jellicent got two new moves. Hydro Pump replaces Surf and is much stronger, but also less accurate. Slime Wave is a powerful Poison attack that has a small chance of inflicting Poison. Both are attacks to watch out for.

    Froslass is one of her new Pokemon and is also her fastest Pokemon. However it has mediocre attacking stats and its defenses are quite low, so you shouldn't have too much trouble taking it down.

    Drifblim is her other new Pokemon and has tons of HP, but very low defenses. Besides the standard Shadow Ball and Psychic, it has the powerful Thunder as well as Acrobatics, which is twice as strong since it isn't carrying an item.

    Chandelure remains her strongest Pokemon, but its attacks are exactly the same as before so it has no new suprises this time.


    Elite 4 Grimsley

    • Lv. 71 Sharpedo
      • Type: Water/Dark
      • Moves: Aqua Jet, Night Slash, Waterfall, Earthquake
    • Lv. 71 Scrafty
      • Type: Fighting/Dark
      • Moves: Head Smash, Crunch, Brick Break, Poison Jab
    • Lv. 71 Liepard
      • Type: Dark
      • Moves: Sucker Punch, Aerial Ace, Fake Out, Attract
    • Lv. 71 Drapion
      • Type: Poison/Dark
      • Moves: Thunder Fang, Crunch, Poison Fang, Fire Fang
    • Lv. 71 Krookodile
      • Type: Ground/Dark
      • Moves: Earthquake, Foul Play, Outrage, Crunch
    • Lv. 73 Bisharp
      • Type: Steel/Dark
      • Moves: Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Guillotine, X-Scissor

    Grimsley's new lead is Sharpedo. It's very frail, but it hits very hard and using physical contact moves against it will hurt you due to its Rough Skin ability.

    Scrafty has a new move against Flying types - Head Smash. It's an extremely strong attack, but it will also do a lot of damage back to it as recoil.

    Liepard's Sucker Punch replaces its previous Night Slash. Sucker Punch is slightly more powerful, but it only works if you attack it with an offensive attack. It should be easy to deal with like last time.

    Drapion has an interesting type Poison/Dark type combo, which means Fighting and Bug attacks won't be supereffective against it. In fact its only weakness is Ground and Ground types also happen to be resistant to two of its attacks.

    Krookodile's only new move is Outrage instead of Dragon Claw, which doesn't really matter in the long run since its Earthquake is still stronger.

    Watch out for Bisharp. Its new move is Guillotine, which is a one hit KO move. Fortunately it is very inaccurate, but if it hits it will take you down in one turn. Its other moves are unchanged.


    Elite 4 Caitlin

    • Lv. 71 Reuniclus
      • Type: Psychic
      • Moves: Focus Blast, Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunder
    • Lv. 71 Sigilyph
      • Type: Psychic/Flying
      • Moves: Flash Cannon, Psychic, Ice Beam, Air Slash
    • Lv. 71 Musharna
      • Type: Psychic
      • Moves: Dream Eater, Psychic, Hypnosis, Reflect
    • Lv. 71 Gothitelle
      • Type: Psychic
      • Moves: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Payback, Flatter
    • Lv. 71 Bronzong
      • Type: Steel/Psychic
      • Moves: Payback, Flash Cannon, Charge Beam, Psychic
    • Lv. 73 Metagross
      • Type: Steel/Psychic
      • Moves: Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch, Earthquake , Giga Impact

    She now leads with Musharna, who has gained the ability to put you to sleep with Hypnosis and will follow up with Dream Eater to drain your health. Hope you have some sleep curing items on standby.

    Reuniclus is still the same as before, with high Special Attack and packing some really powerful special moves.

    Sigilyph's only new move is Flash Cannon and Gothitelle has Payback and Flatter. None of these moves are too threatening compared to the other attacks they have.

    Caitlin's two newest Pokemon are both Steel Psychic, which means they aren't weak to Psychic's normal weaknesses - Ghost, Dark, and Bug. Bronzong can be quite annoying to face since it has very high Defense and Special Defense as well as a ton of resistances.

    Metagross is her new strongest Pokemon and it's extremely powerful. With massive Attack, it will do a ton of damage with its physical moves and since it has high defense, it can survive even supereffective physical attacks. Your best bet is to hit it with strong special Fire moves like Flamethrower or Fire Blast


    Elite 4 Marshal

    • Lv. 71 Breloom
      • Type: Grass/Fighting
      • Moves: Spore, Mach Punch, Grass Knot, Sky Uppercut
    • Lv. 71 Throh
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Superpower, Retaliate, Earthquake, Grass Knot
    • Lv. 71 Sawk
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Close Combat, Retaliate, Stone Edge, Poison Jab
    • Lv. 71 Toxicroak
      • Type: Poison/Fighting
      • Moves: Venoshock, Toxic, Ankle Sweep, Earthquake
    • Lv. 71 Mienshao
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Hi Jump Kick, U-Turn, Fake Out, Acrobaticsics
    • Lv. 73 Conkeldurr
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Payback

    Out of all the Elite 4, Marshal's Pokemon have received the most updated moves. He starts off with Breloom who can be very annoying with it's 100% accurate Spore attack. Don't let it put you to sleep or else it will hit you very hard with its Fighting moves.

    Throh and Sawk both received very powerful moves, especially Fighting attacks - Superpower and Close Combat. Both of these moves will decrease their stats after use though, so take advantage of this.

    Toxicroak is another new Pokemon, but its Attack power is quite as high as most of his other team members. It has some Poison attacks, but they aren't really notable.

    Mienshao now has Hi Jump Kick, the second most powerful Fighting attack after Focus Punch. This combined with its high Speed and Attack can mean trouble if you don't have a good Fighting resist. It can also be quite annoying by using Fake Out and U-Turn.

    Conkeldurr is now Marshal's strongest Pokemon and definitely one of the better Fighting types in the game. A Hammer Arm coming from its extremely high Attack stat will do huge amounts of damage to anything that doesn't resist it. Its other three moves cover any opponents that resist Fighting. To take it down, you'll have to rely on powerful special attacks since it can't handle those as well as physical attacks.


    Champion Alder Pokemon:

    • Lv. 75 Accelgor
      • Type: Bug
      • Moves: Bug Buzz, Focus Blast, Me First, Energy Ball
    • Lv. 75 Bouffalant
    • Type: Normal
      • Moves: Afro Break, Megahorn, Earthquake, Stone Edge
    • Lv. 75 Druddigon
      • Type: Dragon
      • Moves: Outrage, Superpower, Night Slash, Payback
    • Lv. 75 Vanilluxe
      • Type: Ice
      • Moves: Blizzard, Light Screen, Flash Cannon, Acid Armor
    • Lv. 75 Escavalier
      • Type: Bug/Steel
      • Moves: X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Iron Head, Giga Impact
    • Lv. 77 Volcarona
      • Type: Bug/Fire
      • Moves: Overheat, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Hyper Beam

    Alder reclaims his place as the champion of Unova and has some of the strongest Pokemon in the game. He only uses 5th gen Pokemon and has a few Pokemon that you may not have faced before in the game.

    Accelgor is his lead and it is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. It will pretty much always be able to attack first with its powerful Special attacks. However, it's extremely frail and any physical hit will most likely take it out.

    Bouffalant comes with a set of powerful physical moves that all have 100 power or more. A fast an powerful Fighting type can beat it before it can attack, or you can use a Steel type that isn't weak to Earthquake like Skarmory or Magnezone with Magnet Rise.

    Druddigon is strong with some powerful moves, but compared to other dragons you've fought like Haxorus and Hydreigonra, it's not really much of a threat.

    Vanilluxe is a Pokemon you battled before when it was in N's team. This one is similar, but it will try to raises its defenses with Acid Armor and Light Screen.

    Escavalier is his most powerful physical attacker, but it's also his slowest Pokemon. It only has one weakness which is Fire, so those are the attacks you should use against it.

    Volcarona is his strongest Pokemon for a number of good reasons. It has high Speed, high Special Defense, and really high Special Attack. To make matters worse, it can use Quiver Dance to increase all three of these stats! The one weakness this moth has is Rock types. None of its moves are effective against Rock and it also has a 4x Rock weakness which means any Rock-type can put a stop to it.

    All in all, Fire types are really effective against this guy, followed by Rock and Steel types.


    Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh Region, sure gets around. She apparently has a house in Unova as well. You can find her in Undella Town.


    Cynthia Pokemon:

    • Lv. 75 Spiritomb
      • Type: Ghost/Dark
      • Moves: Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball, Will-o-wisp, Double Team
    • Lv. 75 Eelektross
      • Type: Electric
      • Moves: Crunch, Wild Charge, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower
    • Lv. 75 Milotic
      • Type: Water
      • Moves: Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Dragon Tail, Bulldoze
    • Lv. 75 Braviary
      • Type: Normal/Flying
      • Moves: Brave Bird, Crush Claw, Shadow Claw, Retaliate
    • Lv. 75 Lucario
      • Type: Fighting/Steel
      • Moves: Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Dragon Pulse
    • Lv. 77 Garchomp
      • Type: Dragon/Ground
      • Moves: Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Crunch, Stone Edge

    Spiritomb is one of Cynthia's trusty Pokemon and it's famous for having absolutely no weaknesses at all. Furthermore it has high defenses on both ends so taking it down isn't going to be easy especially when it uses a couple of Double Teams. Steel types can shut it down pretty easily as long as you be careful not to get Burned.

    Speaking of no weaknesses, she also has a Eelektross with Levitate. The good news is that its defenses are pretty low compared to Spiritomb. However it has much higher Attack so take it down before it can cause too much damage to your team.

    Milotic is another Pokemon she likes to use. It's a pretty bulky Pokemon so don't expect it to go down too easily. However its most powerful moves are rather inaccurate and its physical moves won't do much damage.

    Braviary is quite powerful and can do a ton of damage with its Brave Bird. Its Speed is pretty mediocre though, so a lot of faster Pokemon can handle it,

    Lucario packs both special and physical attacks so it will be hard to defend against. But most of its moves will do nothing to Ghost types. A bulky one like Dusknoir or Jellicent can deal with it pretty well.

    Her strongest Pokemon is Garchomp and it's definitely quite a threat with its huge Attack and high Speed. Any Ice type that faces it will get hit hard by it's Stone Edge. And Garchomp also happens to be faster than most of the other Dragons in the game. Your best bet is to use Weavile, who is pretty much guaranteed to outspeed it and can OHKO with Ice Punch. If you choose to go the defensive Route, a Skarmory or Bronzong with Levitate can easily wear it down and Cloyster can survive a Stone Edge pretty easily. Ice Shard is also good since it overcomes its high Speed.


    Who is this guy? Well, he happens to be based off one of Gamefreak's developers, Shigeki Morimoto.

    To reach him, go to Castelia City and go to the building that has all the Gamefreak staff in it. Take the elevator to the 22nd floor and talk to him. You can battle him once a day.



    • Lv. 75 Liepard
      • Type: Dark
      • Moves: Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Fake Out, Grass Knot
    • Lv. 75 Simisage
      • Type: Grass
      • Moves: Energy Ball, Payback, Acrobatics, Crunch
    • Lv. 75 Simisear
      • Type: Fire
      • Moves: Flamethrower, Payback, Acrobatics, Crunch
    • Lv. 75 Simipour
      • Type: Water
      • Moves: Surf, Payback, Acrobatics, Crunch
    • Lv. 75 Swoobat
      • Type: Psychic/Flying
      • Moves: Psychic, Air Slash, Endeavor, Psyshock
    • Lv. 77 Zebstrika
      • Type: Electric
      • Moves: Wild Bolt, Pursuit, Giga Impact, Nitro Charge

    Compared to the other strong trainers Alder and Cynthia, Morimoto is a piece of cake. You've battled these kinds of Pokemon many times before so they shouldn't be any problem to defeat. Morimoto likes fast Pokemon, but they all have very frail defenses.

    A single Steel type like Bisharp can take care of at least half his team (Simisage, Liepard, and Swoobat) with no trouble at all. The only ones you really have to worry about is Simisear's Flamethrower, Simipour's Surf, and Zebstrika's Wild Bolt and Nitro Charge.

    Ground attacks deal with Simisear and Zebstrika just fine, while Grass and Electric can take out Simipour.


    The Battle Subway, found in Nimbasa City, replaces the Battle Frontier as the new place to go to test your strength against a variety of different trainers and Pokemon. Like the Battle Frontier, you will have to fight several trainers in a roll and earn Battle Points (BP). These BP can be used to purchase items and TMs in the Battle Subway that you can't find anywhere else.

    There are seven different types of battle format in the Battle Subway. Even of them corresponds to a different color of train:

    LineBattle ModeDescription
    GreenSingle Battle1 vs. 1 Battles
    Dark GreenSuper Single Battle1 vs. 1 Battles
    RedDouble Battle2 vs. 2 Battles
    PinkSuper Double Battle2 vs. 2 Battles
    OrangeMulti-Battle2 vs. 2 Battles with a friend over local wireless
    YellowSuper Multi-Battle2 vs. 2 Battles with a friend over local wireless
    Light BlueWiFi Battles2 vs. 2 Battles with a friend over local WiFi

    ======== The difference between Super and regular battles is that in regular battles, opponents will only use Unova Pokemon. In Super battles, opponents use Pokemon from all generations.

    There is also an eight line, the Brown line, but there's no battles there. Instead, this train will take you to Anville Town, a small town that doesn't have much to do.

    All Pokemon participating in the Battle Subway will be set to Lv. 50. Furthermore, there are several Pokemon that are not allowed in these battles:

    • Mewtwo
    • Mew
    • Lugia
    • Ho-oh
    • Celebi
    • Kyogre
    • Groudon
    • Rayquaza
    • Jirachi
    • Deoxys (all forms)
    • Dialga
    • Palka
    • Giratina (both forms)
    • Phione
    • Manaphy
    • Darkrai
    • Shaymin (both forms)
    • Arceus
    • Victini
    • Reshiram
    • Zekrom
    • Kyurem
    • Keldeo
    • Meloetta
    • Genosect

    If you win 20 battles in a row on the Green or Dark Green lines, Subway Boss Ingo will challenge you to a battle.


    Subway Boss Ingo

    • Lv. 50 Crustle
      • Type: Bug/Rock
      • Item: Rugged Helm
      • Moves: X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Flail
    • Lv. 50 Klinklang
      • Type: Steel
      • Item: Occa Berry
      • Moves: Volt Switch, Shift Gears, Gear Grind, Giga Impact
    • Lv. 50 Garbodor
      • Type: Poison
      • Item: Black Sludge
      • Moves: Toxic, Focus Blast, Venoshock, Psychic

    Prize: 10 BP

    Ingo will lead with Crustle, who has hefty Defense and knows some pretty powerful moves.

    Klinklang will use Shift Gears to boost its Speed and Attack. A Gear Grind or Giga Impact coming from a powered up Klinklang can deal major damage. However it can't handle most Steel types and it is pretty slow before using Shift Gears, so try attacking it with a powerful Fire, Fighting, or Ground attack before it can set up.

    His Garbodor likes to Poison you with Toxic and then go for the Venoshock, which deals double the damage if you are Poisoned. It will use Focus Blast on Steel types and Psychic on Poison types since both of those types are immune to Poison.

    If you win 48 battles in a row on the Green or Dark Green lines, Subway Boss Ingo will challenge you again with a different team.


    Subway Boss Ingo

    • Lv. 50 Excadrill
      • Type: Ground/Steel
      • Item: Life Orb
      • Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Aerial Ace
    • Lv. 50 Haxorus
      • Type: Dragon
      • Item: Yache Berry
      • Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Earthquake
    • Lv. 50 Chandelure
      • Type: Ghost/Fire
      • Item: White Herb
      • Moves: Protect, Will-o-wisp, Overheat, Shadow Ball

    Prize: 30 BP

    If you win 20 battles in a row on the Red or Pink lines, Subway Boss Emmet will challenge you to a battle.


    Subway Boss Emmet

    • Lv. 50 Crustle
      • Type: Bug/Rock
      • Item: Rugged Helm
      • Moves: X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Flail
    • Lv. 50 Klinklang
      • Type: Steel
      • Item: Steel Jewel
      • Moves: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Protect, Toxic
    • Lv. 50 Garbodor
      • Type: Poison
      • Item: Black Sludge
      • Moves: Toxic, Focus Blast, Venoshock, Psychic
    • Lv. 50 Durant
      • Type: Bug/Steel
      • Item: Occa Berry
      • Moves: X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Iron Head, Shadow Claw

    Prize: 10 BP

    If you win 48 battles in a row on the Red or Pink lines, Subway Boss Emmet will challenge you again with a different team.


    Subway Boss Emmet

    • Lv. 50 Excadrill
      • Type: Ground/Steel
      • Item: Life Orb
      • Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Aerial Ace
    • Lv. 50 Haxorus
      • Type: Dragon
      • Item: Yache Berry
      • Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Earthquake
    • Lv. 50 Chandelure
      • Type: Ghost/Fire
      • Item: White Herb
      • Moves: Protect, Will-o-wisp, Overheat, Shadow Ball
    • Lv. 50 Eelektross
      • Type: Electric
      • Item: Magnet
      • Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Gastro Acid

    Prize: 30 BP

    If you win 20 battles in a row on the Orange or Yellow lines, both Subway Boss Ingo and Emmet will challenge you to a battle.


    Subway Boss Ingo and Emmet

    • Lv. 50 Klinklang
      • Type: Steel
      • Item: Occa Berry
      • Moves: Volt Switch, Gear Change, Gear Grind, Giga Impact
    • Lv. 50 Garbodor
      • Type: Poison
      • Item: Black Sludge
      • Moves: Toxic, Focus Blast, Venoshock, Psychic
    • Lv. 50 Durant
      • Type: Bug/Steel
      • Item: Occa Berry
      • Moves: X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Iron Head, Shadow Claw
    • Lv. 50 Galvantula
      • Type: Bug/Electric
      • Item: Scope Lens
      • Moves: Wild Charge, X-Scissor, Cross Poison, Thunder Wave

    Prize: 10 BP

    If you win 48 battles in a row on the Orange or Yellow lines, both Subway Boss Ingo and Emmet will challenge you to a battle with a different team.


    Subway Boss Ingo and Emmet

    • Lv. 50 Excadrill
      • Type: Ground/Steel
      • Item: Life Orb
      • Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Aerial Ace
    • Lv. 50 Haxorus
      • Type: Dragon
      • Item: Yache Berry
      • Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Earthquake
    • Lv. 50 Eelektross
      • Type: Electric
      • Item: Magnet
      • Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Gastro Acid
    • Lv. 50 Archeops
      • Type: Rock/Flying
      • Item: Sitrus Berry
      • Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Protect

    Prize: 30 BP


    The Dream World is a new feature in Gen V. For the first time ever, you can connect your game to a special website using your C-Gear. You can do a lot of things on this site. One of the biggest attractions is the ability to obtain Pokemon you couldn't catch in the game (like starters from other generations) and they might even have a special ability they couldn't normally get.

    You can also do other things like participate in mini-games, plant berries, decorate your house, and get items.

    The url for the site is http://www.pokemon-gl.com/. The site is in Japanese for now and you need to set up an account first.

    How to access Dream World

    Credit goes to kyo_daikun

    1. First, go to the website: www.pokemon-gl.com

    2. Then, you will come to a website with an image of Japan and colored Poke Ball symbols. On the bottom left of the page is an orange button. Click it.

    3. You will come to another page with some screenshots of what the Dream World can do (not much of interest on here). Skip to the bottom where there should be a check box, check it to continue, then click the button that changes to orange at the bottom.

    4. You will now come to the create account page. There are 2 sections to this - the top section has four lines to enter information:

    • First line is Email address (Yahoo and Hotmail have worked fine)
    • Second line is to confirm your email address so enter it again.
    • Third line is the Password you want to use. Must contain both letters and numbers, 6-16 characters only.
    • Fourth line is the "nickname", this is the screen name you will use for Pokemon.GL and Dream World (you can use an English username)

    5. Next you will find section 2:

    • First two circle selections are your sex, left circle is boy and right is girl.
    • Next is your Birthdate (Year, Month, Day)
    • Next is a drop down selection for location (YOU MUST select something from the list or it won't allow you to register so don't leave it on the default)
    • Next is if you want to receive emails or not.
    • Next, is the type of email you want to recieve - HTML or plain text.

    Go down and click the orange button at the bottom.

    6. If done right, you will receive an e-mail at your registered email address. It will have a number that you must use to login and your password.

    7. Go back to the home page and the login bar is on the bottom right. Enter the email number in the first box (it won't allow you to type letters in this box), then your password in the second box.

    8. It will then ask you to link your account with your game, the red box is for your nickname you chose (from section 4)

    The orange box is for the code from your Black or White. You get this code the first time you access C-Gear on your game or if you have already done this select the option above WiFi Settings on the main menu and it will display the code in a box.

    You will now be able to synch your Pokemon through the C-Gear to the website!

    You can only synch one Pokemon a day. If you wake a Pokemon up and try to put another Pokemon in the Dream World it will come up with an error message saying you have no energy and kick you out.

    Unova Dex

    PokemonHow to Obtain
    #494 VictiniEvent (Download Victory Ticket from Wi-Fi Mystery Gift. Available 9/18/2010-10/18/2010)
    #495 SnivyEvent (Starter)
    #496 ServineEvolve Snivy (Lv. 17)
    #497 SerperiorEvolve Servine (Lv. 36)
    #498 TepigEvent (Starter)
    #499 PigniteEvolve Tepig (Lv. 17)
    #500 EmboarEvolve Pignite (Lv. 36)
    #501 OshawottEvent (Starter)
    #502 DewottEvolve Oshawott (Lv. 17)
    #503 SamurottEvolve Dewott(Lv. 36)
    #504 PatratRoute 1, 2, Dreamyard
    #505 WatchogRoute 7, 15, 18, P2 Lab
    #506 LillipupRoute 1, 2, 3
    #507 HerdierRoute 10, Cold Storage, P2 Lab
    #508 StoutlandEvolve Herdier (Lv. 32)
    #509 PurrloinRoute 2, 3, Dreamyard
    #510 LiepardRoute 5, 9, 16
    #511 PansagePinwheel Forest, Forest of Doubt, Gift (Dreamyard - Starter is Tepig)
    #512 SimisageEvolve Pansage (Leaf Stone)
    #513 PansearPinwheel Forest, Forest of Doubt, Gift (Dreamyard - Starter is Oshawott)
    #514 SimisearEvolve Bapppu (Fire Stone)
    #515 PanpourPinwheel Forest, Forest of Doubt, Gift (Dreamyard - Starter is Snivy)
    #516 SimipourEvolve Panpour (Water Stone)
    #517 MunnaDreamyard
    #518 MusharnaEvolve Munna (Moon Stone)
    #519 PidoveRoute 3, Pinwheel Forest
    #520 TranquillRoute 6, 7, 12, Pinwheel Forest, Forest of Doubt, Dragonspiral Tower (Outside)
    #521 UnfezantEvolve Tranquill (Lv. 32)
    #522 BlitzleRoute 3
    #523 ZebstrikaRoute 7
    #524 RoggenrolaUnderground Water Cave
    #525 BoldoreChargestone Cave, Victory Road
    #526 GigalithEvolve Boldore (Trade)
    #527 WoobatUnderground Water Cave, Chargestone Cave
    #528 SwoobatEvolve Woobat (Happiness in Summer)
    #529 DrilburUnderground Water Cave, Chargestone Cave (found only in shaking dirt mounds)
    #530 ExcadrillVictory Road
    #531 AudinoShaking grass patches in Unova
    #532 TimburrPinwheel Forest (Outside), Cold Storage
    #533 GurdurrTwist Mountain
    #534 ConkeldurrEvolve Gurdurr (Trade)
    #535 TympolePinwheel Forest (Outside)
    #536 PalpitoadRoute 8, Icirrus City (puddles), Icirrus Marsh
    #537 SeismitoadEvolve Palpitoad (Lv. 36)
    #538 ThrohPinwheel Forest (Outside), Route 10, 16, 18
    #539 SawkPinwheel Forest (Outside), Route 10, 16, 18
    #540 SewaddlePinwheel Forest
    #541 SewadloonPinwheel Forest, Route 6, Forest of Doubt
    #542 LeavannyEvolve Sewadloon (Happiness in Summer)
    #543 VenipedePinwheel Forest, Forest of Doubt
    #544 WhirlipedePinwheel Forest
    #545 ScolipedeEvolve Whirlipede (Lv. 30)
    #546 CottoneePinwheel Forest, Forest of Doubt, Abundant Shrine - Black only
    #547 WhimsicottEvolve Cottonee (Sun Stone)
    #548 PetililPinwheel Forest, Forest of Doubt, Abundant Shrine - White only
    #549 LilligantEvolve Petilil (Sun Stone)
    #550 BasculinRoute 1,3,6,11,14, Striaton City, Wellspring Cave, Pinwheel Forest, Dragonspiral Tower, Victory Road, Giant Chasm, Abundant Shrine, Forest of Doubt
    #551 SandileRoute 4, Resort Desert, Relic Castle
    #552 KrokorokRelic Castle
    #553 KrookodileEvolve Krokorok (Lv. 40)
    #554 DarumakaRoute 4, Resort Desert
    #555 DarmanitanResort Desert (Daruma Statues)
    #556 MaractusResort Desert
    #557 DwebbleResort Desert, Route 18
    #558 CrustleRoute 18
    #559 ScraggyRoute 4, 18, Resort Deser
    #560 ScraftyEvolve Scraggy (Lv. 39)
    #561 SigilyphResort Desert
    #562 YamaskRelic Castle
    #563 CofagrigusRelic Castle
    #564 TirtougaRevive from Li Fossil (Relic Castle)
    #565 CarracostaEvolve Tirtouga (Lv. 37)
    #566 ArchenRevive from Wing Fossil (Relic Castle)
    #567 ArcheopsEvolve Archen (Lv. 37)
    #568 TrubbishRoute 5, 16
    #569 GarbodorRoute 9
    #570 ZoruaEvent (Castelia City, must have Movie Celebi)
    #571 ZoroarkForest of Doubt, Evolve Zorua (Lv. 32)
    #572 MinccinoRoute 5, 9, 16, Cold Storage
    #573 CinccinoEvolve Minccino (Shiny Stone)
    #575 GothitaRoute 5, 16 - Black only
    #576 GothoritaRoute 9
    #578 GothitelleEvolve Gothorita (Lv. 41)
    #579 SolosisRoute 5, 16 - White only
    #576 DuosionRoute 9
    #578 ReuniclusEvolve Duosion (Lv. 41)
    #579 DucklettDriftveil Draw Bridge
    #580 SwannaWonder Bridge
    #581 VanilliteRoute 6, Cold Storage, Dragonspiral Tower
    #582 VanillishDragonspiral Tower
    #583 VanilluxeEvolve Banirichhi (Lv. 47)
    #584 DeerlingRoute 6, 7, Dragonspiral Tower
    #585 SawsbuckDragonspiral Tower
    #586 EmolgaRoute 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Dragonspiral Tower, Forest of Doubt, Giant Chasm
    #587 KarrablastRoute 6, 11
    #588 EscavalierEvolve Karrablast (trade with Shelmet)
    #589 FoongusRoute 6, 7, 10
    #590 AmoongussRoute 10, 11
    #591 FrillishRoute 4, 17, 18, Driftveil City, P2 Lab
    #593 JellicentEvolve Frillish (Lv. 40)
    #594 AlomomolaRoute 4, 17, 18, Driftveil City, P2 Lab
    #595 JoltikElectric Stone Cave
    #596 GalvantulaEvolve Joltik (Lv. 36)
    #597 FerroseedElectric Stone Cave
    #598 FerrothornEvolve Ferroseed (Lv. 40)
    #599 KlinkElectric Stone Cave, P2 Lab
    #600 KlangEvolve Klink (Lv. 38)
    #601 KlinklangEvolve Klang (Lv. 49)
    #602 TynamoElectric Stone Cave, Route 14
    #603 EelektrikEvolve Tynamo (Lv. 39)
    #604 EelektrossEvolve Eelektrik (Thunderstone)
    #605 ElgyemCelestial Tower
    #606 BeheeyemEvolve Elgyem (Lv. 42)
    #607 LitwickCelestial Tower
    #608 LampentEvolve Litwick (Lv. 41)
    #609 ChandelureEvolve Lampent (Dusk Stone)
    #610 AxewMistralton Cave
    #611 FraxureVictory Road
    #612 HaxorusEvolve Fraxure (Lv. 48)
    #613 CubchooTwist Mountain, Dragonspiral Tower (Winter), Route 7
    #614 BearticDragonspiral Tower (Winter)
    #615 CryogonalTwist Mountain
    #616 ShelmetRoute 8, Icirrus City, Icirrus Wetlands
    #617 AccelgorEvolve Shelmet (Trade with Karrablast)
    #618 StunfiskRoute 8, Icirrus City, Icirrus Wetlands
    #619 MienfooDragonspiral Tower, Victory Road, Route 14
    #620 MienshaoRoute 14
    #621 DruddigonDragonspiral Tower
    #622 GolettDragonspiral Tower
    #623 GoruuguEvolve Golett (Lv. 43)
    #624 PawniardRoute 9, 11
    #625 BisharpRoute 11
    #626 BouffalantRoute 10
    #627 RuffletRoute 10, 11, Victory Road - White only
    #628 BraviaryRoute 11 - White only
    #629 VullabyRoute 10, 11, Victory Road - Black only
    #630 MandibuzzRoute 11 - Black only
    #631 HeatmorVictory Road
    #632 DurantVictory Road
    #633 DeinoVictory Road
    #634 ZweilousEvolve Deino (Lv. 50)
    #635 HydreigonEvolve Zweilous (Lv. 64)
    #636 LarvestaHatch from egg recieved from Route 18
    #637 UragamosuRelic Castle basement
    #638 CobalionMistralton Cave
    #639 TerrakionVictory Road
    #640 VirizionPinwheel Forest
    #641 TornadusRoaming Unova (night) - Black only
    #642 ThundurusRoaming Unova (night) - White only
    #643 ReshiramN's Castle - Black only
    #644 ZekromN's Castle - White only
    #645 LandorusAbundant Shrine
    #646 KyureumuGiant Chasm
    #647 KerudioEvent
    #648 MeloettaEvent
    #649 GenosekutoEvent