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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 03/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. FAQ Info
    2. Version History
    3. Introduction
    4. Additions and Changes
      1. Seasons
      2. Experience System
      3. Other Additions / Changes
    5. Version Differences
    6. General Tips
    7. Main Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town
      2. Route 1
      3. Accumula Town
      4. Route 2
      5. Dreamyard
      6. Striaton City (2)
      7. Striaton Gym
      8. Striaton City (3)
      9. Dreamyard (2)
      10. Striaton City (4)
      11. Route 3
      12. Wellspring Cave
      13. Route 3 (2)
      14. Nacrene City
      15. Nacrene Gym
      16. Nacrene City (2)
      17. Pinwheel Forest (Outside)
      18. Pinwheel Forest (Inside)
      19. Skyarrow Bridge
      20. Castelia City
      21. Castelia Gym
      22. Route 4
      23. Desert Resort (Entrance)
      24. Desert Resort (Main)
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Route 16
      27. Lostlorn Forest
      28. Nimbasa Gym
      29. Route 5
      30. Driftveil Drawbridge
      31. Driftveil City
      32. Cold Storage
      33. Driftveil Gym
      34. Route 6
      35. Chargestone Cave
      36. Mistralton City
      37. Route 7
      38. Celestial Tower
      39. Mistralton Gym
      40. Twist Mountain (Entrance)
      41. Surfing for Treasure
      42. Mistralton Cave
      43. Pinwheel Forest (2)
      44. Wellspring Cave (2)
      45. Route 1 (2)
      46. Route 17
      47. Route 18
      48. P2 Laboratory
      49. Twist Mountain
      50. Icirrus City
      51. Route 8
      52. Moor of Icirrus
      53. Icirrus Gym
      54. Dragonspiral Tower
      55. Relic Castle
      56. Tubeline Bridge
      57. Route 9
      58. Opelucid City
      59. Opelucid Gym
      60. Route 10
      61. Route 7 (2)
      62. Victory Road
      63. Pokemon League
      64. *Spoiler*'s Castle
    8. Post Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town (2)
      2. Route 18 (2)
      3. Dreamyard (3)
      4. Relic Castle (2)
      5. Relic Castle Depths
      6. Cold Storage (2)
      7. Chargestone Cave (2)
      8. The Royal Unova
      9. Challenger's Cave
      10. Route 11
      11. Village Bridge
      12. Route 12
      13. Lacunosa Town
      14. Route 13
      15. Giant Chasm
      16. Undella Town
      17. Undella Bay
      18. Undersea Ruins
      19. Route 14
      20. Abundant Shrine
      21. Black City / White Forest
      22. Route 15
      23. Marvelous Bridge
      24. Pokemon League (2)
    9. Post-Game Content
      1. Swarming Pokemon
      2. Victory Road's Final Fight
      3. Final Fight in Nuvema
      4. The Battle Subway
      5. The Dream World
    10. Special Events
      1. Zorua and Celebi
      2. Zoroark and the Crown Beasts
      3. The Lock Capsule
      4. Victini and Liberty Island
      5. Keldeo and Secret Sword
      6. Meloetta and Relic Song
      7. Genesect and the Drives
    11. Challenges
      1. Nuzlocke Challenge
      2. No/Minimal EXP Challenge
      3. Mono-Type Challenge
    12. Credits

    Main Game Walkthrough (Continued)

    Striaton Gym

    Trainer Pokemon: Lillipup L11 | Patrat L10, Purrloin L10

    Strangely enough, the gym resembles a restaurant. Take a step forward and the support guy will give you a FRESH WATER, an item that restores 50 HP which is very useful at this point. Anyway, the puzzle for this gym is a simple little quiz; look at the curtain and step on the design that resembles the element that the type on the curtain is weak against. For example, on this first one touch the Water circle on the right. Fire is weak to water, so the curtain will open. You'll get no penalty if you hit the wrong answer, for the record.

    Continue into the next room to get challenged by a Waiter; he'll send out a Lillipup. Normal gym? Not quite. After the fight, hit the grass switch on the left to open the water curtain, then continue forward to be battled by a waitress, so will have both a Patrat and a Purrloin. Normal gym? Dark gym? Who the hell knows.

    Step on the fire switch in the middle to open the last curtain, then continue forward to find Cilan again. Talk to him and it will turn out there is not one, but three gym leaders! Each represents a different type, which you can probably tell by their design; the red haired one (Pod) is Fire, the blue haired one (Cress) is Water and Cilan is Grass. The leader you battle will depend on your starter; you'll battle the leader that represents the type your starter is weak to.

    I'd go back and heal first unless you really don't need to. Once you've done that, go back, save if necessary, and then challenge the leader.

    • Rewards: $1680, TM83 Work Up, Trio Badge
    • My Team: Tepig Lv. 13, Pansage Lv. 10
    PokemonLevelTypeAbilityAttacksOwned By
    LillipupLv. 12NormalPickupWork Up, BiteAll
    PansearLv. 14FireGluttonyWork Up, IncineratePod
    PanpourLv. 14WaterGluttonyWork Up, Water GunCress
    PansageLv. 14GrassGluttonyWork Up, Vine WhipCilan
    • Yeah, I'm not kidding about those movesets. They suck, really badly. At any rate, don't be alarmed; you'll only be fighting two Pokemon. You'll fight Lillipup first no matter what leader you're facing, then the monkey belonging to that leader second.
    • At any rate, Lillipup is crap. It can still hurt I suppose, but it doesn't even have Tackle or Take Down or anything. The only thing you really need to watch out for is Work Up, which will raise its Attack and Special Attack by one stage each and every time it is used. Bite will be able to hurt quite severely after a few attack raises, so try to take this dog out as fast as you can.
    • Then we get to the monkey. As you can see, it also has Work Up, then the basic elemental move of that type it gets. The poor fire monkey doesn't even get Ember... These monkeys are pretty fast, but otherwise not really a problem. If you want a particularly easy time, just use your own monkey against it. They won't be able to hit you for more than not very effective damage, while you can load the super effective damage onto them. You may be a tad under levelled compared to the leader's Pokemon, but it honestly won't be a problem. The best thing about the monkey is the music change; you now get a different song whenever the leader sends out their final Pokemon. It gives it a really nice effect, I think.
    • As a final note, the leader also has one Potion to use.

    Winning will get you the TRIO BADGE, and as you will see the badges have a rather special animation this time around. Cilan will begin talking again and explain that the badge will make all Pokemon up to Level 20 listen to you, then give you the Work Up TM, which is TM83. Remember, TMs now have infinite use, so don't hesitate to teach Work Up to whatever you can!

    Go ahead and exit the gym.

    Striaton City (3)

    As soon as you get outside, a woman will see you and bring you to her house. Rape? Not quite, she instead brings you to her room and gives you HM01, Cut. HMs still work the same as ever; whatever you teach them to is permanently stuck with it, or at least until you can get them to the move deleter (which is a bit before the sixth badge in this game.) Not to mention there's only one time we're actually forced to use Cut.

    Tslk to the girl next to the PC, as well. This is Amanita, Fennel's assistant and the creator of the storage system in Unova. Talking to her will replace "Somebody's PC" with "Amanita's PC."

    It's time we officially enter the second chapter. Head back to the Dreamyard again.

    Dreamyard (2)

    Trainer Pokemon: Patrat L10 | Purrloin L10

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    PatratNormalGrass40%Level 20
    PurrloinDarkGrass40%Level 20
    MunnaPsychicGrass20%Moon Stone
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass95%N/A
    MusharnaPsychicShaking Grass5%N/A

    Now that we have Cut, we can explore this place a bit more properly. Cut the tree down and attempt to step forward to have Bianca come and talk to you. Thankfully, she won't fight you this time. Follow her in and go forward to hear the cry of a Munna; head north and you'll see one standing there. It'll run away a bit, then be cornered by Team Plasma grunts! It's up to you to save this Munna, so you have to beat the two one after another. Don't get me wrong though, it is easy, as Plasma grunts usually are.

    Once you beat them, the guy who was doing the speech before appears and causes them to flee. What I assume is the Munna's mother comes out to check on it; this is a Musharna, the evolution of Munna. Fennel (the woman who gave you Cut) will appear to watch the two leave and drop an item ball behind. She gets excited about the item - which happens to be the Dream Mist - and takes it; we'll go talk to her soon enough.

    We may as well get the rest of the items now; you can go to the left to find a POKE BALL first, then to the right by going around the northern wall by the grass. Go directly south and pick up the PARLYZ HEAL by the "window", then go up the stairs and follow the left path around for a POTION. Return to where the stairs were and this time go right, picking up a REPEL. That's all we have to do in here for now; unless you want to catch a Munna or something, head back to Striaton City.

    If you're curious about Munna, it's a horrendously slow Psychic-type that has a bit of bulk. Its level up moves can leave a bit to be desired, however; it doesn't get Psychic until Level 37 and as its a stone evolution, it will learn no more moves when it evolves into a Musharna via a Moon Stone. You get a Moon Stone in due time, but if you want a good moveset you are pretty much forced to wait, especially since most of the good TMs are horridly late in the game. It's certainly usable, but be prepared to make some sacrifices.

    Striaton City (4)

    Go into the house where Fennel/the female scientist was before and talk to her to receive the C-GEAR, an important item that will take the position on the bottom screen. Honestly, I have barely used it, but I imagine it's useful for something. You do need it for the Entralink things at least, but I am near clueless on those.

    Regardless, having the C-Gear enables Wi-Fi, and her assistant will also give you a PAL PAD which functions the same as always, containing your friend code and being the place to enter the friend codes of other people. For the record, clicking the Wi-Fi part of the C-Gear and then the middle option will allow you to get to the Dream World, but there's more you need to do that I'm not really sure about.

    That's all there is to do in Striaton, so it's time to continue our journey. Head out the city to the top left.

    Route 3

    Trainer Pokemon: Lillipup L10, Munna L10 | Panpour L10 | Pansear L10 | Pansage L10 | Purrloin L10 + Purrloin L10 | Patrat L9, Lillipup L9, Pidove L9

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    PidoveNormal/FlyingGrass40%Level 21
    PatratNormalGrass20%Level 20
    BlitzleElectricGrass20%Level 27
    LillipupNormalGrass10%Level 16
    PurrloinDarkGrass10%Level 20
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass100%N/A
    IllumiseBugSwarm (Black)40%N/A
    VolbeatBugSwarm (White)40%N/A
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Surf100%N/A
    GoldeenWaterFish70%Level 33
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    GoldeenWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 33
    SeakingWaterDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A

    Route 3 has a couple of attractions and is a pretty long route. Most importantly, it is the home of the Daycare Centre, which is the house on the right if you go up the steps. As always, you can leave up to two Pokemon there, and if the two Pokemon are compatible an egg may be produced.

    Regardless, go up the steps and head left; there's about four trainers to fight here. The first is a teacher with a Lillipup and a Munna, then the three kids with helmets each have one of the three monkeys. You can even walk on the slide here. Note that if you go into the left house with the red roof and talk to the woman directly in front of you when you enter, she will heal your Pokemon.

    Once the upper part of the route is done, continue left for the first double battle of the game; it works exactly the same as in fourth gen. A bit further left and you'll see some grass, but before you can enter it, Cheren appears! It may not have been that long since we last fought him, but he'll fight you all the same.

    • Rival Cheren
    • Rewards: $1200
    Tepig/Oshawott/SnivyLv. 14Fire/Water/Grass
    PurrloinLv. 12Dark
    • Cheren's team hasn't changed at all since the last fight, although his levels are now a lot higher. His starter also still has an Oran Berry. Aside from that, there isn't a whole lot to say really. Just pile on the offense as usual.

    After defeating Cheren, two Plasma grunts will run past you and then Bianca and a child will appear. Bianca reports that her Pokemon has apparently been stolen. Seems she got a Munna herself, and Plasma made off with it. Of course, it's up to you to save it.

    Grab the SUPER POTION in the grass, then continue left. You'll see Cheren waiting by the entrance to a cave; ignore him for the moment and continue right through the grass to fight a trainer; she'll give you an ORAN BERRY when you win. Grab the REPEL in the alcove here, then cycle back around to the cave and talk to Cheren. Say yes and he'll enter.

    Wellspring Cave

    Trainer Pokemon: Patrat L12 | Patrat L12 + Patrat L12

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    WoobatPsychic/FlyingCave Floor50%Happiness
    RoggenrolaRockCave Floor50%Level 25
    DrilburGroundDust Cloud100%Level 31
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Surf100%N/A
    PoliwagWaterFish65%Level 25
    PoliwhirlWaterFish5%Water Stone
    PoliwhirlWaterDark Water ~ Fish65%Water Stone
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    PoliwrathWater/FightingDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A
    Dust clouds are a bit different than their shaking grass and dark water counterparts; as well as possibly finding either Drilbur or Excadrill depending on which cave you're in, there's also a pretty high chance they'll give you an item of some sort. You will usually get gem items that will boost the power of a particular type of move one time, but these spots may also yield any of the nine evolution stones, as well as an Oval Stone, so it's worth checking out these clouds whenever they appear.

    Walk forward and you'll have to take on two waves of plasma grunts. The first is a single battle; directly after that is a double battle where you are paired with Cheren; he'll send out his starter as a lead. You're given two more Patrat to take out; do so and the Plasma grunts will leave the cave, but we were unfortunately too late to save Bianca's captured Pokemon.

    Cheren will leave the cave, giving you exploration freedom. You can cycle around to get a TM46, THIEF which is the same as usual; 40 BP, 100 accuracy and steals the opponent's item if possible. There's also a hidden FULL HEAL if you check the bottom spot on the right hand side of the elevated part of the cave.

    The wild Pokemon here are interesting; Woobat is the new bat, but is nowhere near as prominent as Zubat has always been, so you won't see it all that much especially as there aren't all that many caves in the game. It's decent and has an interesting typing, but isn't especially strong even after it evolves.

    Roggenrola will be a pain to kill due to its Sturdy ability, which now stops any move knocking it out in one hit. As a Pokemon on your side, it's decent to begin with, and once it gets Rock Blast it can become really powerful. It'll eventually evolve into Boldore, and then into Gigalith, both of which have very powerful attack and defense stats for their positions in the evolution line. The downside? Aside from their absolutely horrid speed, you need to trade Boldore to evolve. Unless you have a friend or someone who can help you with trade evolutions, I would pass on this Pokemon.

    Drilbur is a bit harder to find compared to the others and it may take a fair few dust clouds to actually get a wild encounter with it, but it can prove to be a really good Pokemon. It may be a tiny bit mediocre to begin with but as soon as it gets Dig (Level 19) it will prove to be a very strong force, and it only keeps getting better from there. Its evolution Excadrill has incredible stats and an interesting Ground/Steel typing. If you can find a good one, it is very much worth using.

    At any rate, go back out to Route 3 when you're ready.

    Route 3 (2)

    Trainer Pokemon: Blitzle L13 | Woobat L13 | Patrat L12, Purrloin L12 | Pidove L12, Roggenrola L12

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    PidoveNormal/FlyingTall Grass40%Level 21
    PatratNormalTall Grass20%Level 20
    BlitzleElectricTall Grass20%Level 27
    LillipupNormalTall Grass10%Level 16
    PurrloinDarkTall Grass10%Level 20

    Return to where Bianca and the child talked to you and you'll see them again; attempt to go through them or back in the direction of Striaton and they'll both talk to you, with the kid giving you three HEAL BALLS. Once they leave, we can continue down the route. Remember, you can always heal in the nursery if needed.

    Head south after that to fight a guy with a Blitzle, then pick up the ANTIDOTE. You'll see Cheren in some differently coloured grass; head down towards him and he'll come out and tell you about the grass.

    Tall grass is different to normal grass in three different ways.
    • The Pokemon found in the grass usually differ from those found in the regular grass, ie you'll probably find more evolved forms in the taller grass. The level range is also higher than the regular grass.
    • You will sometimes encounter wild double battles; that is to say, 2-on-2 fights with wild Pokemon. These work the same as Generation IV in the sense that you can only catch one of the two Pokemon and you can only start throwing Poke Balls once one of the two has been taken down.
    • Tall grass doesn't shake; you won't find a Audino or any other rare Pokemon in this thicker grass.

    It's probably time I said about the new Pokemon in this route. First is Pidove, who is the basic bird of this game much like Pidgey, Hoothoot, Taillow or Starly, although unlike them you can only obtain one after one badge, strangely enough. Pidove and its evolutions are decent, but they are no Starly line; they'll be decidedly average. They also have a problem in that most of their level up moves focus around special moves, even though they are physically based Pokemon. They're good if you want a flying-type, but use at your own risk.

    Blitzle is the other new one, and is the first Electric Pokemon you will have encountered in the game. It's pretty decent at the early stages, learning Shock Wave at 11 and Spark at 25, as well as Flame Charge at 18. However, there is a problem; while it is good for most of the game, near the end of the game, even evolved into a Zebstrika, it will have some offensive problems. Its strength lies physically, but at only 100 base attack and the strongest physical Electric move is only 90 power. It's certainly a competent Pokemon for most of the game however, so don't let me put you off it entirely.

    Anyway, continue through the route, having a go in the long grass if you wish. When you get to some more normal grass, go through it and pick up the GREAT BALL and then back onto the bridge and fight the trainer here. Across the bridge there's another trainer and an AWAKENING you can pick up. Fight the trainer, then go through the gatehouse to the left.

    Nacrene City

    At last, we've arrived at the town of the second gym. Cheren will be waiting for you; he'll walk you along a bit, then give you a CHESTO BERRY. Heal up, then get ready to explore the city a bit.

    The far left house with the blue door contains a blue haired girl who will ask you a question about the starters. Picking the first option will get you a MIRACLE SEED, the second will give you MYSTIC WATER and the third will give you CHARCOAL. You can unfortunately only get one of these three from the girl, although the others will be in the field somewhere in the future. Choose whichever one is most appropriate; Miracle Seed boosts the power of Grass-type moves by 20% and likewise for Charcoal with Fire moves and Mystic Water with Water moves.

    The house directly to the right strangely enough contains a shopkeeper, who will sell you all of the items in the X series (ie X Attack, Dire Hit) for their usual prices. Could be useful, I suppose.

    The green doored house furthest on the right contains a trade; the girl on the top floor wants either a Cottonee or a Petilil. Black players will have to give her a Cottonee, while White players will have to give her a Petilil. The Pokemon you get in exchange is the one from the opposite version, which saves you having to find someone with the opposite version to get the other Grass-type; it comes at Level 15 regardless of version.

    That's all there is in the city generally, although you can listen to an accordion in the music if you stand on or near the platform in the top left with the accordion guy. Attempt to enter the museum in the center of the city, and N will come out! If we want to do the gym, we'll have to beat him first.

    • PKMN Trainer N
    • Rewards: $1300
    PidoveLv. 13Normal/Flying
    TympoleLv. 13Water
    TimburrLv. 13Fighting
    • N's team has changed entirely to encompass Pokemon from the areas surrounding Nacrene City. Pidove won't be new, but the other two will be unless you decided to go exploring in the route to the left. Tympole is quite possibly one of the strangest looking Pokemon this generation, but it's just a basic Water-type all the same. Timburr is the basic version of a powerful Fighting-type, and is Fighting-type itself. It'll go down pretty quickly, but might take more than one hit. Might.

    N will leave after the battle, allowing you free movement again. Heal up if need be, then enter the museum. A scientist will show you around a bit. Once he lets you move, head up into the next room. This is the gym!

    Nacrene Gym

    Trainer Pokemon: Patrat L17 | Herdier L17 | Lillipup L15, Lillipup L15, Lillipup L15

    You'll get another Fresh Water from the guy as you enter. Head forward to be challenged by a school kid, who will stick a Patrat on you. Normal-type gym? This time, it actually is, so be prepared with Fighting moves if you have any. Otherwise, you'll be matching blow for blow. Throw as much offense in as you can.

    Now, this gym is just plain weird. Seeing as I can't read Japanese I'm not actually sure what you're meant to do here, but it's something about reading books and answering questions..? Whatever, we don't need to know what the dialogue says.

    Start by getting on the stool to the left near where you start and press yes to read it. You'll get some red text, which I believe signifies some new knowledge. Next, check the bookcase directly behind the one you just checked and press yes for another bout of red text. Go to the bookcase directly behind that one too, and talk to the scientist on the stepladder. Answer yes to her question and she'll fight you. Watch out for this dog; it's surprisingly powerful, especially with its Take Down. The woman may also use an X Defend on it!

    Once you beat her, she'll move off the stool. Check the now accessible book for more red text, then check the south-eastern bookcase near the entrance for more red text. Finally, talk to the schoolgirl on the middle-eastern bookcase and answer yes to her question to get her to fight you.

    Beat her and check the book to flick a switch and cause the whole bookcase to move, revealing a secret staircase. Go back and heal now; the gym leader here is tough, and you are very likely to be under levelled compared to her strongest Pokemon. If required, use the bit left of Nacrene City in order to train. There are also three Fighting-types you can catch in that area; any one of them will make the gym battle a lot easier to handle.

    When you're ready, descend the staircase and talk to the leader to battle!

    • Rewards: $2400, TM67 Retaliate, Basic Badge
    • My Team: Munna Lv.18, Drilbur Lv. 17, Pignite Lv. 18
    HerdierLv. 18NormalIntimidateTake Down, Bite, Retaliate, Leer
    WatchogLv. 20NormalIlluminateLeer, Crunch, Retaliate, Hypnosis
    • Lenora also only has two Pokemon, but I am not kidding when I say she is a lot tougher than the first gym leader was. Her opening Pokemon is Herdier, the evolution of Lillipup. To put it in perspective, it has 80 base attack, which at this stage of the game is pretty powerful. Combine that with a STAB Take Down and it's going to hurt anything not named Roggenrola. Doesn't help it has decent defenses and Intimidate, either. Do whatever you can to take it down ASAP; the less it can use Take Down and its other moves on you, the better.
    • Lenora's main is Watchog, the evolution of Patrat. This is where Lenora's signature move comes into play. Retaliate which has also been translated as Get Even and Vengeance is normally a 70 power, 100 accuracy move, with 5 PP. That in itself is going to deal a large blow to your Pokemon, but if that team had lost a Pokemon either on that turn or the turn before, Retaliate's power doubles from an intimidating 70 to a staggering 140. Factor in the STAB bonus and anything Watchog hits with the boosted Retaliate is probably not going to survive, unless its name is Roggenrola. Thankfully it returns to 70 base after that, but watch out!
    • That's not factoring in the other things Watchog can do; Leer can lower your defense like always, but it also has the powerful Crunch move an 80 power Dark move and worst of all, Hypnosis. Do you think your prize Pokemon will win? Possibly not, because this thing might use Hypnosis with its already decent speed and incapacitate your Pokemon, then totally wipe the floor with you. The Awakenings and Chesto Berries we've had up to this point can be useful, but hopefully you just won't get pegged with Hypnosis in the first place. Unfortunately, 60% accuracy isn't all that low in AI terms. As with Herdier, take it down as soon as possible, but watch out for that first turn Retaliate! Most types will work, but Fighting is by far the best. Status effects can also help too; if you have a Munna like me, make good use of Yawn or Hypnosis! X items can also come in useful, as can stat lowers such as accuracy reducers!
    • Lenora also has one Super Potion to use.

    Defeating Lenora will give you the Basic Badge, allowing Pokemon up to Level 30 to always listen to you. You'll also get a copy of TM67 containing Lenora's signature move; as usual, TMs are completely reusable so make good use of this TM as it is likely a fair few of your Pokemon will be able to learn it, and it's a good move for this stage in the game.

    Of course, it's not long before trouble strikes, and it appears Team Plasma has struck again! Lenora quickly rushes out; follow her to the museum room. You'll find Lenora, the scientist and a team of six Plasma grunts there; some dialogue later and they'll steal the skull off the fossil's head and vanish. Lenora runs after them, and you should too. So begins the third stage of the journey!

    Nacrene City (2)

    You'll find Lenora outside. You're soon joined by another person, who Lenora will introduce as Burgh. He's the gym leader of Castelia City, who we'll be facing at the end of this chapter. Bianca will also come along, as will Cheren. The two gym leaders will run off, and you'll receive the ITEMFINDER from Bianca, allowing you to locate hidden items. Both Bianca and Cheren will go into the museum, leaving us to do the bigger task.

    Bring out the itemfinder right away, and it'll tell you a hidden item is west. It'll direct you onto the raised platform; examine the spot directly top left of the bottom bush to find a hidden ULTRA BALL. Also, if you go onto the part of the train track in Nacrene City to the bottom left and examine the spot two spaces from the wall on the upper side of the train track, you can find a hidden REVIVE. Also, if you go to the top left of the city and slide in the gap between the hedge and the wall here as you're exiting to Pinwheel Forest, follow it along and examine the flowers at the end for a hidden SUPER POTION. Exit this path and go left to enter the forest's radius proper.

    Pinwheel Forest (Outside)

    Trainer Pokemon: Munna L15 | Cottonee L13, Petilil L13 | Roggenrola L14 | Tympole L13, Tympole L13, Tympole L13 | Venipede L14, Lillipup L14 | Timburr L16 | Timburr L16

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    TympoleWaterGrass40%Level 25
    PidoveNormal/FlyingGrass30%Level 21
    TimburrFightingGrass20%Level 25
    SawkFightingGrass (Black)10%N/A
    ThrohFightingGrass (White)10%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass95%N/A
    SawkFightingShaking Grass (White)5%N/A
    ThrohFightingShaking Grass (Black)5%N/A
    TympoleWaterTall Grass40%Level 25
    PidoveNormal/FlyingTall Grass30%Level 21
    TimburrFightingTall Grass20%Level 25
    SawkFightingTall Grass (Black)10%N/A
    ThrohFightingTall Grass (White)10%N/A

    If there's one thing you can get in this area, it is a bunch of Fighting-types. Well, three to be exact.

    Tympole is one of the few Water Pokemon you will see early on in the game. It and its evolutions aren't too bad, specializing equally in both attack and special attack, although their stats are a bit low, and their movepool is odd; none of the line learn Waterfall, Ice Beam or Blizzard, although the final form does get Grass Knot and Focus Blast. They'll work decently though. Also, Tympole's two evolutions are both Water/Ground typing.

    Timburr is basically the Machop of Unova; it's a three stage pure Fighting line that requires a trade to get from the middle form to the final form. The same goes for Timburr as with Roggenrola; don't use it if you don't have someone to trade with. Otherwise, it's decent. I think.

    Sawk and Throh are the Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan of this game. Sawk learns more towards attacking while Throh has more bulk. Sawk in particular is amazing, for it has a 125 base attack stat which is incredibly high at this stage in the game, and pretty much all the way through. I'd say Sawk is the better one, although Throh is a very absorbent wall, having 120 HP and a respectable 100 attack. Throh is much, much slower though.

    As for the route, talk to the first woman you see to get TM94, ROCK SMASH. Rock Smash has no field effect this time, so it's just a basic 40 power Fighting move that can lower defense. Might come in useful all the same.

    You'll meet Burgh on the route, and he'll move into the actual forest. We'll sort that out in a minute. Talk to the girl by the sign if you wish (she doesn't seem to do anything) and then talk to the Nurse just south. She'll fight you with a Level 15 Munna, which should be easy at this point. After the battle, she'll heal you, and you can come back and talk to her to heal at any point in the future.

    Go slightly down and slip into the wall and follow it around to pick up an ETHER. Exit again and continue south through the grass to find two trainers. A bit to the right of the second is a GREAT BALL you can pick up. Continue down south and the itemfinder will start reacting; we'll have to take a detour to get the item it's showing us, though. Battle the youngster here, then slip into the tall grass and go north. Check the puddle in the top right of this enclosed part for a TINYMUSHROOM. Also go to the south of the tall grass to pick up a SUPER POTION. There is also a hidden ANTIDOTE in the huge puddle; use the itemfinder to locate it.

    Pick up another visible ANTIDOTE to the north, then continue right to fight another youngster. Up the steps you'll find a bunch of grass and two trainers. The itemfinder will also begin reacting. Battle the trainers for their EXP, then check the flower right above the puddle on the right to get an ETHER.

    Notice the big rock in all of these small rocks? This rock is actually quite special; bring any Fighting-type Pokemon in your party and talk to the rock and you'll be asked a question. Say yes, and you'll get a free STAR PIECE. You can do this once every day.

    Finally, go down the steps to the left, pick up the NET BALL, then head back to the nurse, heal, and enter the forest.

    Pinwheel Forest (Inside)

    Trainer Pokemon: Sewaddle L16 + Sewaddle L16 | Sandile L16 | Purrloin L16 | Herdier L18 | Venipede L16, Timburr L16 | Pansage L18 | Panpour L18 | Patrat L16 | Pansear L18 | Patrat L14, Sandile L14, Patrat L14 | Pidove L16, Purrloin L16 | Woobat L15, Woobat L15, Woobat L15 | Munna L17

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    CottoneeGrassGrass (Black)35%Sun Stone
    PetililGrassGrass (White)35%Sun Stone
    SewaddleBug/GrassGrass35%Level 20
    PidoveNormal/FlyingGrass15%Level 21
    VenipedeBug/PoisonGrass15%Level 22
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass65%N/A
    PansearFireShaking Grass10%Fire Stone
    PanpourWaterShaking Grass10%Water Stone
    PansageGrassShaking Grass10%Leaf Stone
    WhimsicottGrassShaking Grass (Black)5%N/A
    LilligantGrassShaking Grass (White)5%N/A
    CottoneeGrassTall Grass (Black)35%Sun Stone
    PetililGrassTall Grass (White)35%Sun Stone
    SwadloonBug/GrassTall Grass35%Happiness
    TranquillNormal/FlyingTall Grass15%Level 32
    WhirlipedeBug/PoisonTall Grass15%Level 30
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Surf100%N/A
    GoldeenWaterFish70%Level 33
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    GoldeenWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 33
    SeakingWaterDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A

    Lots of different Pokemon to get in here, with notable additions being the two basic insects of the game and an exclusive Grass-type. You can also catch the other two monkeys as well as multiples of the one you got in here, but constant Audino will probably make you rip your hair out even with the EXP. You're also able to get the evolutions of the two exclusive Grass-types, but I wouldn't recommend you use them so much as they miss most of their moves.

    Both of them are decent, although Cottonee lies far more towards support while Petilil lies towards offense. Both are mostly stuck to Grass attacks only, although once Cottonee evolves into Whimsicott it can use Flying-type attacks such as Hurricane. They also both have some very good abilities. Cottonee truly shines when you factor in its ability; it's called Prankster, and makes all moves that have 0 BP (ie Leech Seed, Cotton Spore, Substitute, Sleep Powder) have a priority of +1, meaning Cottonee almost always moves first when it isn't attacking. While not so good for ingame where you need offense, in competitive play it is an absolutely incredible ability to have. Petilil's strength lies in Own Tempo; while Own Tempo is an okay ability in itself, the real bargain comes with its evolution, Lilligant. Lilligant learns Petal Dance at Level 46, which is now 120 BP but always confuses after it finishes. However, with Own Tempo it won't get confused, so you basically have a 120 BP, 100 accuracy move at your disposal with no penalty aside from being unable to switch for a few turns. In-game, that is excellent. Both have a second ability but it's not quite as noteworthy. For the record, the Sun Stone isn't that far away, so these two are definitely usable.

    The two bugs are actually very good compared to the ones in older generations; they evolve a lot later but can actually hold their own for most, if not all the game. Sewaddle's final evolution, Leavanny, is Bug/Grass, and has some decent attack upon which it can use Leaf Blade and X-Scissor, giving it some decent coverage. The happiness evolution is a bit annoying, but it's a good Pokemon nonetheless. Venipede on the other hand evolves by level, and its final evolution Scolipede is actually quite decent, with 90 attack and 112 speed, as well as the ability to learn the incredible Megahorn move through the move relearner. In comparison, Leavanny has 103 attack and 92 speed. If they appeal to you, give them a try.

    Returning to the forest itself, you'll meet Burgh again, who will head north. Don't follow him, and instead go left. You'll fight some twins. Clean their clocks, as they say, then continue south and fight the Plasma grunt. This grunt has a Sandile, a Ground/Dark crocodile that is quite a good Pokemon. You'll be able to obtain your own soon enough.

    Continue left to fight another Plasma grunt, then work your way into that southern alcove through the grass and pick up the BIG ROOT, which will increase the potency of draining attacks. Go back onto the path and fight the Pokemon Ranger. You'll receive a CHESTO BERRY as a reward. You might notice a large rock with a green top; this is a Moss Rock, signifying that levelling up an Eevee in the forest will cause it to evolve into a Leafeon.

    Continue left, pick up the SUPER POTION, then go straight down in a straight line. Examine the square two squares away from the tree to get a TINYMUSHROOM. Head back up and left and fight another trainer. Go further north, pick up what I think was an ANTIDOTE in the hollow trunk and then try to go through the trunk tunnel only to be attacked by a ranger with a monkey. You'll get a CHESTO BERRY for winning. Keep following the path and you'll probably end up fighting another ranger with a different monkey. For the record, you'll going to see these monkey series a lot.

    After accepting the PECHA BERRY, continue south and examine the inside of the hollow tree trunk for another TINYMUSHROOM. Take the log bridge up to fight a Plasma grunt, then go further north and follow the path more. There's a PARLYZ HEAL to pick up in a tree trunk. Going further east and attempting to enter the log will have you fight the third ranger with the last remaining monkey. Get a PECHA BERRY off of him, then go south. Follow this path around to get the excellent TM86, GRASS KNOT. It may not be too useful at this point in the game; the power increases with weight, and most opponents won't be terribly heavy at this point. All the same, it makes good coverage, and there are a lot of Pokemon that learn it, including all three Unova starters.

    Go back to the log you got stopped at and continue north to fight the last Plasma grunt. Defeating him will get the skull back, and then one of the Plasma sages will come and talk to the grunt. Lenora and Burgh arrive at the scene shortly, then the Plasma grunts disappear. Lenora takes the skull back off you, then gives you a MOON STONE as a reward, meaning Munna users can now evolve it into a Musharna if they so choose.

    Continue right and pick up the MIRACLE SEED before you jump off the ledge. We'll now be back on the road; head down and fight the three trainers for more EXP. That's everything in the forest at last (that we can do for now) so head back up and out through the top. There is more in here but we need Surf, which isn't until later in the game.

    You may have noticed there's a gap in the fence on the right side with tall grass, but at the moment a man is blocking us from entering the grass. You should be able to enter soon enough.

    Skyarrow Bridge

    Ready for some extreme 3D action? Go into the gatehouse to the right and talk to the hiker right above you to get the QUICK CLAW, which is one of the most valuable items in the game if you are using any slow Pokemon. Equip it to them and they might just get a chance to move first every now and then.

    Head out north to get onto the main bridge. As you walk across it you are going to see some very interesting views; we'll be seeing a fair bit of 3D for the next bit. There's nothing important on the bridge itself, but it's cool nonetheless, and I personally love the music.

    Go through the gatehouse at the end to reach our next destination.

    Castelia City

    Trainer Pokemon: Pansage L21 | Pansear L21 | Panpour L21 | Herdier L19 | Timburr L19 | Roggenrola L19 | Basculin L17, Basculin L17, Basculin L17 | Petilil L18, Cottonee L18 | Woobat L20 | Munna L20 | Sewaddle L20 | Pansear L19, Panpour L19, Pansage L19 | Trubbish L20, Minccino L20 | Sandile L17, Sandile L17

    At last we're here at the big 3D city; if you've seen any trailer for Black and White then you've probably seen this place before. As far as Pokemon cities go, it is absolutely massive, with several streets, a town square (though it's more of a circle) and plenty of buildings to visit. Of course, that means there are also plenty of items to collect! I love the music in this place too.

    As soon as you enter, go south onto one of the ports. You can talk to the scientist along the south wall here to get either a LEAF STONE, a WATER STONE or a FIRE STONE. The guy himself actually lists the three monkeys, and you'll get the stone of the corresponding monkey. The top option gives you a Leaf Stone, the middle gives you a Fire Stone and the bottom gives you a Water Stone.

    Head back up and left and you'll come to the Pokemon Center pretty quickly. Some girl will be at the counter who wants you to try the GTS and whatnot; feel free to completely ignore her and heal your Pokemon. Exit the center afterwards.

    Start by going into the street to the right of the Pokemon Center. The first building on the right is the Game Freak building. The first floor contains two children, but more will be revealed if you're able to activate the Zorua event. Going up in the elevator to Floor 22 will take you to the employees' lounge. There isn't actually anything you can do in here... yet, but it's an interesting place nonetheless. Kind of.

    Exit that building. The rushing people on the street make it really city like, doesn't it? The building above on the left contains a woman who will happily give one of your Pokemon a massage each day, raising their happiness level. This'll prove useful if you're using a Woobat or a Sewaddle/mayu! You're also able to go up the elevator in here; do so and talk to the hiker on the southern end of the room to get TM44, REST.

    Head up north to reach the city square, complete with trees, park benches and a fountain. There are vending machines on the upper wall which will give you Fresh Water, Soda Pop or Lemonade, the latter of which heals 80 HP for a cheaper price than a Super Potion; it is a very good bargain. I'd recommend buying some. Also, talk to the dancer in front of the fountain. Answer yes and you'll end up in a fight with him; defeat his surprisingly high levelled Pansage (though thankfully one level short of a Seed Bomb) and he'll tell you some more stuff. Answer yes and he'll let you go. We have another two dancers around Castelia to locate, which we'll get to shortly. Go down and take the second street from the right next.

    In this street you are able to buy CASTELIA CONE, but only if it's a Tuesday and the season is Spring, Summer or Autumn. Castelia Cone is basically the Unova region's Lava Cookie and has exactly the same effect as a Full Heal; it's not that important. There's also an art gallery on the right side; in here you will find a clown who requests to see a specific type of Pokemon. Show him the correct type and he'll give you a choice of berries to pick from; pick any and he'll give it to you. The berries tend to be basic ie Cheri, Chesto, Pecha.

    Head down south back into the main part of Castelia, then head left and go down into the dock here. You'll find another dancer here; defeat his Pansear and he'll move to the place where the first dancer was. Head back up and this time go into the street.

    ...Although it's more like an alley. Head north and a guy in a suit will stop you all of a sudden, give you TM70, FLASH and walk away. I have absolutely no idea why this event occurs, but whatever. We'll have uses for Flash later in the game. Go into the bar on the right and talk to the bartender to receive a LEMONADE. Exit and talk to the dancer to fight him. Defeat his Panpour and he'll go to the same place as the other two dancers, putting all three in the same place.

    Going north you'll end up back at the town square, where the three dancers are. Talk to the centre one to get the AMULET COIN, which will double the money you receive if the Pokemon holding it partakes in the battle at any time. You don't really need it in this game since you get a ton of money, but use it if you like.

    This time, go north. The first building on the right is... rather... strange. Talk to the guy blocking the lift to get him to move, then go to 47F. You are now at an international party! Or at least something like that, but try talking to the different NPCs; a bunch of them use different languages to the home region. You'll see Japanese, English, German and some others. Talk to the girl near the bottom to get TM45, ATTRACT.

    The building directly across also has quite a few people. Most notably, the Name Rater is in here; he's the bald old man closest to the entrance. If you ever want to nickname or re-nickname your Pokemon, go see him. Also, this hiker appears to have a Pikachu. Again, Pikachu is not in Unova. Where the hell did he get it? Guess the guy went travelling.

    The upper floor of this building also has NPCs. The scientist on the right controls the Relocator, which you will probably need in order to activate the Zorua and Zoroark events. You need a certain two words to unlock the machine, and I have no idea what they are. You should be able to find the answer on a fansite or something though.

    Exit this building, then go to the one to the top right. Talk to the scientist in here to get the EVIOLITE, a very powerful item. Equip it to any Pokemon that hasn't fully evolved (ie no final stages or Pokemon that doesn't evolve) and it will boost both their defense and special defense by 1.5 in battle, giving them extreme bulkiness. Around this stage of the game you're bound to have unevolved Pokemon, so make good use of it. The stone can make unevolved Pokemon much more viable, and for some like Porygon2 and Chansey it is a gift from heaven. There's also a guy on the upper floor in here who will tell you about the eight badges of Unova and their effects.

    That covers that street; though if you want to catch a Sandile, Darumaka or Scraggy you may want to take a quick trip north into Route 4, the desert route of the game. It has some interesting Pokemon you may want to use in your team.

    Head back down and this time take the far left street. This street is pretty relaxed; there's an empty building on the left and the gym on the right. Attempt to enter the gym and Cheren will pop out, talk to you a bit and walk off. Burgh will also come out and leave, so we cannot do the gym for the moment.

    Go south from here. The port furthest left contains one interesting thing; there is a boat that is ready to go, but to use it you need a Liberty Pass, which can be downloaded from Wi-Fi on occasion. The boat will allow you to get the legendary Victini, a Fire/Psychic Pokemon with 100 base stats across the board. More info is available in other sections.

    To the right when you come out of that street is a building which appears to be a very statistical based office. The people in here do... uhh... something, which I think is related to battle speeches or whatnot. Anyway, if you try to leave the building the woman gets somewhat indignant then gives you a quiz that seems to go on forever and I have no idea what it does. I got a SODA POP for answering all the questions, so maybe you will too. It's probably not worth it though; you might be better off just avoiding this particular building altogether.

    A bit over to the right is another building with a green door; this is an interesting building called the Battle Company. If you enter, the janitor will speak to you and tell you about the place, then go up the lift. Basically, the Battle Company contains two floors of trainers you can battle in any order. There's also some very good items in here, so it's worth a look.

    On 47F you'll have a fair few trainers to fight, and you can also get three QUICK BALLS and three TIMER BALLS from the office guy to the right by the barrier. You can also get a SCOPE LENS from the scientist on the right, an excellent item that boosts the critical rate of the Pokemon holding it. There's also a REVIVE in the bottom left corner.

    55F gives you more trainers to contend with, as well as a HYPER POTION to pick up from the ground. You'll even have what I assume is the company's boss to contend with (he has a different battle sprite) although he just uses the monkeys. Defeating the janitor will reward you with the EXP. SHARE, a highly precious item which will allow you to split the EXP points between two Pokemon. When you consider the new EXP system, this can be a very valuable item.

    That finishes all the sidequest stuff. Whew, that was a hell of a lot to do. Go heal up at the Pokemon Center and then check out the port to the left of it; you'll find Burgh, Bianca and Iris, a character you hadn't met until now. You'll talk about Team Plasma a bit, then a grunt will arrive all of a sudden and run off. Burgh gives chase; exit the dock and go left all the way to see Burgh again. He'll look around then run up the far left street. Follow him to see that previously empty building now swarming with Plasma grunts out the front. Go approach them and say yes to fight. Burgh will take on two of them, while you deal with the remaining one. After winning the three of them will run inside. Bianca and Iris will arrive; Burgh runs in and Iris drags both her and Bianca inside. Follow them in to see a large group made up of three grunts and three Plasma sages, including the guy who made the speech before back in Accumula Town. The Plasma grunts will release Bianca's Munna, who is reunited with her at last. It looks pretty happy to be back, huh? A faded screen later and they're all gone. Iris will give you a YACHE BERRY as a reward, then push Bianca out the room. Burgh will also return to his gym, allowing us to get the Insect Badge. Pick up the SMOKE BALL that was left behind, then exit back out into Castelia. (There's nothing upstairs.)

    Go and heal if you need to, then enter the gym. As a reminder, it's the bottom building on the far left street of the city.

    (About time this sub-section is over. Damn this was a big one.)

    Castelia Gym

    Trainer Pokemon: Sewaddle L20, Venipede L20 | Sewaddle L20, Dwebble L20 | Sewaddle L21 | Venipede L20, Sewaddle L20

    You'll probably notice there is an awful lot of sticky honey in the gym; this time, we're contending with a Bug-type gym. From this gym onwards it'll be a bit more obvious what the gyms actually are no more restaurants or museums. If you have a Darumaka, Pignite or Pansear/Simisear, expect a very easy time in this gym.

    Talk to the gym guy to get yet another FRESH WATER, then head up. It may look like an impenetrable wall of honey, but it isn't! Just push through it in the centre; it'll stretch and you'll eventually just pop through to the other side. Hit the switch to make some parts of the gates light up, then take the path right and talk to the clown to fight him and his two bugs. Hopefully you have some Antidote, as Poison Point could well be a pain here.

    Hit the switch to the right here and the other part of the closest gate will light up, taking the barrier down and allowing us to get through. Push against the honey, then hit the switch only for a clown to magically appear in front of you. Defeat his two Pokemon, which includes the Bug/Rock Dwebble Fire attacks won't be super effective on this thing! Neither will Fighting, thanks to the resistance Bug has against it.

    Hit the switch to the right, and then the one on the left. This will cause the gate on the right to slide down. Again, push through the honey and hit the switch. A part of the final gate will light up one down, one to go. Exit that small room and then go straight left and hit the switch here. The gate to the far left will light up and descend; follow this newly opened path around, tripping the first switch to battle a clown if you wish, and hit the switch to make the gate to the right descend. Go to this newly opened room and fight the last trainer in here, then hit the switch to get the last gate to go down. Yeah, there's not a whole lot of variety with the trainers in here.

    Go through the newly opened gate and up the stairs to find Burgh. Make sure you're prepared, then challenge him to a fight.

    • Rewards: $2760, TM76 Struggle Bug, Insect Badge
    • My Team: Pignite Lv. 23, Drilbur Lv. 24, Munna Lv. 24
    WhirlipedeLv. 21Bug/PoisonSwarmPoison Tail, Screech, Struggle Bug, Pursuit
    DwebbleLv. 21Bug/RockShell ArmorSmack Down, Struggle Bug, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack
    LeavannyLv. 23Bug/GrassSwarmRazor Leaf, String Shot, Struggle Bug, Protect
    • Thus we come to the third leader. Burgh leads with his Whirlipede, who is the cocoon evolution of Venipede. However, don't underestimate it it's not a cocoon in the sense of Metapod or Kakuna! It can still very much attack and its Poison Tail attack can do some damage, although the most annoying aspect about it is its chance to poison, which can happen annoyingly often. Screech could cause problems, but the rest isn't much to worry about. I'll mention it now; Burgh's signature move is called Struggle Bug, and it is a horrible, horrible move. Sure, it always lowers the opponent's Special Attack when it hits, but its a special move with 30 base power. That's right, 30. So it does like nothing, even if it hits super effectively. It's nothing to worry about, even from his main. Going back to Whirlipede, it has a good defense, but its other stats are pretty subpar. It should go down pretty quickly, though quicker to special moves than physical moves. Remember its weaknesses Fire, Flying, Rock and Psychic to speed up the process.
    • Burgh's second Pokemon is an Dwebble that we saw earlier in the gym. As I said, its Bug/Rock typing eliminates both the Fire and the Fighting weaknesses a Bug and Rock type would normally have respectively, but it does add a few extra weaknesses, giving this Pokemon weaknesses to Water, Rock and Steel. If you're using a Pignite, Rollout could work quite well, and if it carries on it'll bulldoze Leavanny too. Dwebble isn't much of a problem at all.
    • You'll probably be fighting Leavanny with the last Pokemon music, and it can be fitting, depending on the circumstances. Basically, if you have a Fire or Flying move in your team that you can get out, then it'll be dead in an instant due to the quadruple weaknesses. Bug/Grass is a horrible typing, leaving it weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock, Bug and Poison. Yeah, not so good. Hell, you can even beat it with a Servine, seeing as it'll just use Struggle Bug which does like nothing. It may take a while if you have the wrong Pokemon for the job, but it's not that hard a Pokemon to take down at all. Of course, you might get unlucky and have it critical hit your best Pokemon for the job like it did with me >>; Razor Leaf does hit criticals a lot, so watch out. It'll also generally only use Struggle Bug if it's more powerful than Razor Leaf against any particular Pokemon.
    • An extra note; Pignite users with some luck can get an easy win by using a Defense Curl + Rollout strategy. You won't actually hear the last Pokemon music if this goes off successfully; you have to be able to select a move for the leader to come out and talk and the music to change!

    After the fight, Burgh will reward you with the Insect Badge and a TM for Struggle Bug and if I were you, I'd just let it rot in your bag.

    Exit the gym and you'll get a call on your Xtransceiver; Bianca will inform you that she'll meet you soon. Go heal at the Pokemon Center and then head north out of Castelia City.

    Bianca will meet you in the gatehouse, and after some dialogue she'll challenge you to a fight.

    • Rival Bianca
    • Rewards: $2000
    HerdierLv. 18Normal
    Pansage/Pansear/PanpourLv. 18Fire/Water/Grass
    MunnaLv. 18Psychic
    Pignite/Dewott/ServineLv. 20(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass
    • It's been a while since we've battled Bianca, hasn't it? Her team now has four Pokemon; the dog and her starter both return, albeit evolved, but she has added two new Pokemon to her roster, one of which is the Munna we rescued not that long ago. The second is one of the three elemental monkeys; Bianca will have the one that is weak to her starter, hence the one that is strong against your starter. Of course, they're not a problem anyway.
    • Bianca has two Super Potions to use, for the record.

    Bianca will leave after she has been beaten. I would suggest healing again, because there's another battle coming right up! At any rate, that finishes the third chapter at last. It's been a very adventurous one, huh?