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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 03/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. FAQ Info
    2. Version History
    3. Introduction
    4. Additions and Changes
      1. Seasons
      2. Experience System
      3. Other Additions / Changes
    5. Version Differences
    6. General Tips
    7. Main Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town
      2. Route 1
      3. Accumula Town
      4. Route 2
      5. Dreamyard
      6. Striaton City (2)
      7. Striaton Gym
      8. Striaton City (3)
      9. Dreamyard (2)
      10. Striaton City (4)
      11. Route 3
      12. Wellspring Cave
      13. Route 3 (2)
      14. Nacrene City
      15. Nacrene Gym
      16. Nacrene City (2)
      17. Pinwheel Forest (Outside)
      18. Pinwheel Forest (Inside)
      19. Skyarrow Bridge
      20. Castelia City
      21. Castelia Gym
      22. Route 4
      23. Desert Resort (Entrance)
      24. Desert Resort (Main)
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Route 16
      27. Lostlorn Forest
      28. Nimbasa Gym
      29. Route 5
      30. Driftveil Drawbridge
      31. Driftveil City
      32. Cold Storage
      33. Driftveil Gym
      34. Route 6
      35. Chargestone Cave
      36. Mistralton City
      37. Route 7
      38. Celestial Tower
      39. Mistralton Gym
      40. Twist Mountain (Entrance)
      41. Surfing for Treasure
      42. Mistralton Cave
      43. Pinwheel Forest (2)
      44. Wellspring Cave (2)
      45. Route 1 (2)
      46. Route 17
      47. Route 18
      48. P2 Laboratory
      49. Twist Mountain
      50. Icirrus City
      51. Route 8
      52. Moor of Icirrus
      53. Icirrus Gym
      54. Dragonspiral Tower
      55. Relic Castle
      56. Tubeline Bridge
      57. Route 9
      58. Opelucid City
      59. Opelucid Gym
      60. Route 10
      61. Route 7 (2)
      62. Victory Road
      63. Pokemon League
      64. *Spoiler*'s Castle
    8. Post Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town (2)
      2. Route 18 (2)
      3. Dreamyard (3)
      4. Relic Castle (2)
      5. Relic Castle Depths
      6. Cold Storage (2)
      7. Chargestone Cave (2)
      8. The Royal Unova
      9. Challenger's Cave
      10. Route 11
      11. Village Bridge
      12. Route 12
      13. Lacunosa Town
      14. Route 13
      15. Giant Chasm
      16. Undella Town
      17. Undella Bay
      18. Undersea Ruins
      19. Route 14
      20. Abundant Shrine
      21. Black City / White Forest
      22. Route 15
      23. Marvelous Bridge
      24. Pokemon League (2)
    9. Post-Game Content
      1. Swarming Pokemon
      2. Victory Road's Final Fight
      3. Final Fight in Nuvema
      4. The Battle Subway
      5. The Dream World
    10. Special Events
      1. Zorua and Celebi
      2. Zoroark and the Crown Beasts
      3. The Lock Capsule
      4. Victini and Liberty Island
      5. Keldeo and Secret Sword
      6. Meloetta and Relic Song
      7. Genesect and the Drives
    11. Challenges
      1. Nuzlocke Challenge
      2. No/Minimal EXP Challenge
      3. Mono-Type Challenge
    12. Credits

    Main Game Walkthrough (Continued)

    Driftveil Gym

    Trainer Pokemon: Palpitoad L28, Drilbur L28 | Sandile L28, Drilbur L28 | Krokorok L29 | Sandile L27, Palpitoad L27, Sandile L27 | Drilbur L29

    As always, talk to the advice guy for a FRESH WATER. Go up and examine the green arrow to the right on the lift; it'll go down, taking you with it. The idea of this gym - which is Ground type - is to navigate the gym using the platforms in order to reach leader.

    From where you are, move right and battle the trainer, then hit the green arrow to go down. Move up one platform and hit the red/pink arrow to move up and fight the trainer here. Move back down again, then go onto the support and take it around. You'll have to fight another worker; do so, then hit the green arrow to descend further.

    Take the platform directly to the right and hit the up arrow, then fight the trainer. Take the same platform back down afterwards, then move to the one at the back and take it up. Again, use the support and move right. After fighting the woman, take the lift right below her down. You'll go incredibly far down, open a door, then continue down again. Yeah, Clay is really far underground.

    Move forward, save, and talk to him when you're ready to fight.

    • Rewards: $3720, Quake Badge
    • My Team: Tirtouga Lv. 30, Lilligant Lv. 31, Munna Lv. 30, Excadrill Lv. 31, Pignite Lv. 30
    KrokorokLv. 29GroundMoxieSwagger, Torment, Crunch, Bulldoze
    PalpitoadLv. 29Water/GroundSwift SwimAqua Ring, BubbleBeam, Muddy Water, Bulldoze
    ExcadrillLv. 31Ground/SteelSand RushHone Claws, Slash, Rock Slide, Bulldoze
    • The fifth leader, as with all the others, also has three Pokemon, this time of quite an interesting variety considering they are all dual typed Pokemon. Clay also has a signature move in Bulldoze. It's a relatively weak move of 60 power, 100 accuracy, but it has the bonus effect of always lowering the opponent's speed; it's basically a Ground Icy Wind, but more powerful and physical.
    • His first Pokemon is Sandile's mid evolution, Krokorok, and it is capable of using a powerful move in Crunch, as well as the annoying Swagger or Torment. Granted, it's not that hard to take down, and any Water or Grass move should knock it out instantly. Then there's Fighting, Bug and Ice as possible options, too. Ground/Dark actually has quite a few weaknesses, doesn't it?
    • Palpitoad is a bit annoying as it only has one weakness, Grass, although that is a quadruple weakness. If you don't have a Grass move somewhere (even Grass Knot would work) then you'll just have to settle for neutral damage. It's not likely to hurt anyway. Its most powerful move is Muddy Water, but it doesn't have an especially strong Special Attack so it should be fine. If you have a Grass move, use it, but otherwise just hit it with whatever you have that is neutral. Just don't be fooled by its appearance - it may look and be a Water-type, but Electric moves do NOT work on this thing.
    • Finally, we have Clay's main, Excadrill. Now Excadrill as a Pokemon in general is amazing. 135 attack, 110 HP, 88 speed and a good typing for resistances. It could have been very dangerous, but it shouldn't be too bad in this particular case. The main thing to worry about is Hone Claws; if it gets a few of those in then you're going to have one hell of a time beating it without losing several Pokemon. It may well knock out one anyway, but you should be able to wrestle it down. Excadrill's weaknesses include Water, Ground and Fighting; any one of those should do the trick just fine. Just don't use anything weak to Ground unless it's fast enough to beat Excadrill before getting hit - Bulldoze off of that attack WILL hurt.
    • Clay also has two Hyper Potions to use.

    Beating him earns you the Quake Badge, and it would also earn you the Bulldoze TM but Clay apparently forgot it or something, so he'll give it to us later. That's all for the gym then. Hit the up arrow on the lift to move far up, then go to the lift right below it and hit the up arrow to return to the entrance.

    DRIFTVEIL CITY: After you exit the gym, go and heal as we have another fight coming right up. Once you're ready, attempt to leave the city from the top left and Bianca will make an appearance. This time, she'll fight you.

    • Rival Bianca
    • Rewards: $2800
    HerdierLv. 26Normal
    Pansage/Pansear/PanpourLv. 26Fire/Water/Grass
    MusharnaLv. 26Psychic
    Pignite/Dewott/ServineLv. 28(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass
    • Stronger levels now, although much lower than the gym leader we just fought. She opens up with Herdier like usual, who may cause some problems with its Intimidate ability. That's likely to be the only real hard part of the battle (although Bianca does have some Hyper Potions to use too.)
    • Of note is the fact that Bianca's Munna has evolved into Musharna, who has refined defenses (mostly in the form of extra HP) and a stronger special attack. It shouldn't be too bad, but it probably won't go down as easy as Bianca's other Pokemon.

    Defeating Bianca will get you a very valuable award in HM02, FLY. Teach it to any Flying-type (or a few others, strangely enough) and you'll be able to move instantly to any town in the Unova region, making exploration that much faster. Nothing especially to use it for now, but it'll come in useful later.

    Route 6

    Trainer Pokemon: Deerling L27 | Emolga L27, Deerling L27 | Tympole L24 (x4) | Deerling L27 | Deerling L27 | Vanillite L26, Frillish L26 | Minccino L27, Emolga L27 |

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    DeerlingNormal/GrassGrass, Tall Grass35%Level 34
    KarrablastBugGrass, Tall Grass25%Trade with Shelmet
    TranquillNormal/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass (NOT WINTER)15%Level 32
    VanilliteIceGrass, Tall Grass (WINTER)15%Level 35
    FoongusGrass/PoisonGrass, Tall Grass15%Level 39
    SwadloonBug/GrassGrass, Tall Grass10%Happiness
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass70%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass20%/25%N/A
    UnfezantNormal/FlyingShaking Grass (NOT WINTER)5%N/A
    LeavannyBug/GrassShaking Grass5%N/A
    PlusleElectricSwarm (Black)40%N/A
    MinunElectricSwarm (White)40%N/A
    BasculinWaterSurf, Dark Water ~ Surf100%N/A
    BasculinWaterFish, Dark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    PoliwagWaterFish65%Level 25
    PoliwhirlWaterFish5%Water Stone or King's Rock + Trade
    PoliwhirlWaterDark Water ~ Fish65%Water Stone or King's Rock + Trade
    PolitoedWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A

    Route 6 is a pretty interesting route; long, colourful and full of some new Pokemon. I'm not too familiar with the three new ones here, but Deerling is decent; its appearance actually changes depending on the season, but there's little effect aside from that. It evolves at Level 34 into a very competent Pokemon with its own signature move, Horn Leech. It's certainly usable, and might fill in a Grass-type slot if one is available. It does also get the pretty powerful Jump Kick (100 power) to use for coverage.

    Karrablast almost looks like a pre-evolution of Heracross, but it becomes nothing of the sort when it evolves. The annoying thing with this Pokemon is that you have to trade with a specific Pokemon in order to get it evolve; in this case, a Shelmet, a Bug-type which we won't see for quite a while yet. In the evolution process Karrablast basically steals Shelmet's shell, turns it into armour and there's your evolution. It's knight based with an incredible 135 attack and good 105 defenses, but has an absolute pittance for speed at 20. Usable? Yes. Though it's a bit of a pain.

    Foongus is crap. Typing is alright, but low stats combined with a painfully high evolution level for those stats is urgh. The evolution isn't even that much of an improvement; it gets extra attack and special attack and more HP, but it just isn't worth it for the effort it takes. This is one Pokemon I would highly recommend you leave alone, outside of maybe catching one for your PokeDex. Also, these tend to have Effect Spore, so even Wild ones can be bloody annoying.

    Route 6 starts off with a bunch of grass, and I will mention those of you playing in winter may see hail on this route, both on the field and in battle as a weather effect. Taking the route forward will have you run into a scientist, who will send out a season changing deer of his own. You can expect to see a fair few of them as we conquer this route.

    Continue and take the path up (down just takes you back to the beginning of the route) and you'll find a Pokemon Ranger. Beat her for a CHERI BERRY, then talk to the Parasol Lady on the bridge to fight her too. Continuing left there is another researcher. There's quite a large river in this route, isn't there? Pity there's naught we can do with it for the moment.

    Enter the building just above him. The guy on the left wants to see all four Deerling forms, which will either take ages or a little bit of time travelling by setting the DS calendar to different months. Showing him all four will yield a LEAF STONE, which I don't think anything but Pansage uses anyway.

    Going back outside, there's a HYPER POTION to the left of the building and an ELIXIR tucked away in between the grass below. Once that's done, continue following the path and fight the researcher, who will throw out yet another deer.

    Further left we'll find more grass. Fight the parasol lady, then we'll get to these items. The one up north will hop if you touch it, and then result in a Wild fight with a Foongus. Yup, these are the new Voltorb Pokemon.

    A bit further to the left is a LEAF STONE, this time of no charge. The ball on the bottom left is also a not-so-friendly mushroom. These Foongus happen to be of a lower level than their wild grass counterparts, for the record.

    The ranger just above will also fight you, sending out a Minccino. Beat it and his Emolga and get a CHERI BERRY, then continue up north. There's a hiker standing on this route for some reason or another, but he does nothing but talk.

    Go into the house on the right and talk to the little girl for a SHINY STONE, which is incredibly important if you are raising a Minccino of your own. You can also talk to the mother to be healed, which will be very useful. Remember you can come back to her anytime, as with all healers.

    Going back outside, there is some tall grass to visit if you wish. As always, the levels are higher in there. No items to get in there though. The itemfinder does react but it's for something across the river, I believe. That basically covers all we can do for now in Route 6. Head up on the grass and the location banner will officially change, but we're not inside the cave... yet.

    Head up and you'll find the cave covered by a yellow web. Examine it and Clay will show up. He'll send out his Krokorok who will use an attack to eliminate the web. Clay will then give you the promised TM78 BULLDOZE, a 60 power move with 100 accuracy that always lowers the opponent's speed.

    Chargestone Cave

    Trainer Pokemon: Klink L29 | Archen L31 | Boldore L26, Gurdurr L26 | Klink L29 | Swadloon L29 | Sandile L26, Scraggy L26, Watchog L26 | Scraggy L28 | Trubbish L27, Liepard L27 | Trubbish L26, Trubbish L26, Trubbish L26 | Watchog L27, Sandile L27 | Liepard L28 | Sandile L27, Watchog L27 | Drilbur L30, Zekraika L30 | Gothita L29, Ducklett L29, Lilligant L29 | Klink L29 | Whimsicott L30, Tirtouga L30

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    JoltikBug/ElectricCave Floor39%Level 36
    KlinkSteelCave Floor29%Level 38
    FerroseedGrass/SteelCave Floor20%Level 40
    BoldoreRockCave Floor10%Trade
    TynamoElectricCave Floor2%Level 39
    DrilburGroundDust Cloud100%Level 31
    • This list applies for 1F and B1F.

    We finally reach another cave after a long while, and the Pokemon selection in here is quite different. Most commonly one will see Joltik, which is just the cutest thing ever. It's the smallest Pokemon to date and has a unique typing. It's a little average to begin with, but once it evolves into Galvantula at Level 36 it is great. The real advantage both ingame and competitively comes from the duo's Compoundeyes ability; its 30% boost pushes Thunder's normal 70% accuracy all the way up to 91%, making it far more viable than before. In addition the line also has access to moves such as Signal Beam, Bug Buzz and Energy Ball, making them pretty dman good. Their stats are a bit left to be desired competitively, but ingame 97 special attack combined with Thunder and a good 108 speed is beautiful. This is a Pokemon I would highly recommend if you have the room.

    Klink, on the other hand, is a bit strange. The whole line looks very similar, with more gear 'parts' being added with each evolution step. However, the problem comes in that Klink doesn't evolve into its final form - Klinklang - until a very high Level 49, and its first evolution at Level 38 is already quite high. There's also a problem in that it can't really use its moves and stats properly; by far the line learns Electric-type moves the most, which gain no STAB whatsoever with the line's pure Steel typing. The line's best move probably comes in Gear Grind for damage; it's physical, and has 50 base but hits twice in a row, for a net base damage of 100 * 1.5 = 150 with STAB included. It also gets some pretty interesting support moves, including Autotomize and the unique Shift Gear. They're usable, certainly, and they're a rather interesting line at that. Just don't except much variety in movepool, because there really is none. They don't even get Wild Charge, which would have worked great :/

    Ferroseed also has a unique combination in Grass/Steel and is most primarily a defensive Pokemon, although it has some attacking strength also. It alone learns no physical Grass-type moves but thankfully it gets Power Whip as soon as it evolves. It and its evolution also have absolutely pathetic speed (base 10 and 20 respectively) but this actually works very advantageously in combination with the Gyro Ball move, which rises in power the bigger the speed difference is, and Ferroseed and its evolution, Ferrothorn, are probably going to be a hell of a lot slower than any other Pokemon they fight. They also have an interesting ability in Iron Barbs; it works exactly like Rough Skin in that any contact with Ferroseed/Ferrothorn will reduce the attacker's HP by 1/8 of its total value. Of course, you can attach a Rocky Helmet to them, and that means any contact with them takes off a massive twenty-five percent HP from the attacker. Definitely possible to use if you so wish.

    The last new one is Tynamo. Tynamo itself is completely useless; it has pretty subpar stats and access to only four moves - no TMs, no egg moves, nothing. However, this is the 'cocoon' like stage, where it has a very limited movepool compared to its other forms. Getting this small thing up to Level 39 will cause it to evolve into a Eelektrik, which takes on the proper form of the electric eel and is now able to actually learn moves by levelling up as well as a large assortment of TMs. One Thunderstone will evolve it into the final stage of the line, Eelektross, who has good attack, special attack and decent defenses, although he's a little slow (base 50.) His movepool is great though. The line's real niche comes from their ability. Being pure Electric Pokemon and having the Levitate ability means that in normal circumstances, they have no weaknesses. You'll have to avoid being tricked Iron Balls, facing against a Mold Breaker Pokemon etcetera but normally it won't be possible to strike Eelektross or its pre-evolutions super effectively, making those decent defenses pretty good. The real challenge comes in levelling Tynamo; if you can do that, then can you can reap the rewards of its evolutions. If you want to get one you may want to wait until we get to the bottom floor, as they're more common there.

    There's also wild Boldore in here - the evolution of Roggenrola - and we will see tons of them from here on out. Prepare to rage at their Sturdy ability. You can also grab a Drilbur in here again, and it'll be relatively close to evolving (~25) when you catch it, so it may be decent if you want another addition.

    [On a side note, if you have a Magneton or Nosepass, you can level it up in here to have it evolve into a Magnezone or Probopass respectively.]

    Enough Pokemon reviewing; back to the cave at hand. Going forward will cause two white haired, black clothed figures to appear around you, then take you forward to N. N will talk to you for a minute, then leave. Continue forward and all of a sudden Bianca and Prof. Juniper will appear; Prof. Juniper is conducting research with Bianca as her protector from the Wild Pokemon. Some dialogue and Prof. Juniper will give you THE most useful item in the game - possibly just behind the bicycle - a ''LUCKY EGG'!! The Lucky Egg is an item that boosts the gained experience of any Pokemon holding it by 1.5, making training and high level evolutions that much easier. The EXP system still exists of course, but the egg will take even better advantage of it. Swap it between your currently active/lead Pokemon for the biggest yield of EXP.

    Now, the puzzle of this cave is to hit the smaller floating electric rocks into the large rocks that are crackling with electricity. Hit this rock from the right hand side to send it into the big electrical rock, granting you passage. Also, for the record, the encounter rate in this cave can be bloody annoying, so you may want to use some Repels if it drives you crazy.

    Continuing north there will be another rock in your way; hit it from the left to get it to budge. Pick up the PARLYZ HEAL, then take the right steps up and fight the scientist here. Afterwards, go down, hit the top rock out of the way by pushing it to the right and pick up the REVIVE. Go back around and take the upper steps, then move around the ledge and pick up the HEAL BALL. Jump off the ledge and fight the Ace Trainer on the right - note that his Archen has Acrobatics, which WILL hurt if it connects! After the fight, you can find a hidden ELIXIR in the center part of this small alcove to the right. Go back to the rocks and hit the top one to the left and the bottom one down to clear a path.

    Keep going and Bianca and Prof. Juniper will catch up with you, telling you some more information. Take the steps up first and fight the hiker, then go down and attempt to cross the bridge and three of these black cloaked figures will appear, known as the Shadow Triad. They'll scuttle you across the bridge for some reason or another, then leave. Pick up the HYPER POTION they leave you right next to, then hit the small rock south and take the path. Fight the researcher and her Klink, then hit the bottommost little rock to the left to get it out of the way and pick up the now accessible IRON. Go back and descend the stairs.

    The music gets deeper as you descend the floors, which is pretty cool. Take the path around and you'll come across two guys; talk to either of them to get two NUGGETS. Take the path left rather than up. You'll walk in a straight line under three small electric rocks; continue on this same line and examine the spot one space away from the wall for a hidden PARLYZ HEAL then go up the stairs on the left.

    You'll be back on 1F, but in a different part behind a ledge. Go down first and check the spot directly under the small floating electric rock for a HP UP, then go back and go down the stairs again. You're welcome to jump over the ledge if you want; it's simply a shortcut back to the entrance, but we'll be seeing an in cave healer soon anyway.

    Go back to the two Nugget guys and this time go up, then take the branching path right. You'll find a doctor, beat him to activate him as a healer, who will prove useful as we get through the rest of this cave. There's also a hidden REVIVE in the wall to the left; use the itemfinder to locate it. The top left of this 'square' also has a TIMER BALL to pick up.

    You might notice some Plasma grunts - N wasn't here randomly after all, it seems. Head up that way and begin fighting them. Head back to the doctor whenever you need to heal. After the initial wave of five (and I bet you thought the four in the Cold Storage was a lot!) take the stairs down and follow the path further. Whack the rock out of the way and then the other one up. Do not be fooled by the rock on the left; you are able to move around it by going down and around. Do so and pick up the THUNDERSTONE in the bottom left, which you will need if you want to use Tynamo. Now, take the path up and fight some more plasma grunts, then take the steps to the left down to the basement floor.


    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    JoltikBug/ElectricCave Floor36%Level 36
    KlinkSteelCave Floor26%Level 38
    FerroseedGrass/SteelCave Floor20%Level 40
    BoldoreRockCave Floor10%Trade
    TynamoElectricCave Floor8%Level 39
    DrilburGroundDust Cloud100%Level 31

    A bit of a change in encounter rates here - Tynamo is now four times as common. I'm still adding the trainers' Pokemon to the list at the top, however.

    A little bit forward you'll find a female Ace Trainer; fight her and then knock the rock below her to the right. Go further down and you'll find a second Ace Trainer, who has a Lilligant with Quiver Dance - watch out! Afterwards, go left down the steps and get the HYPER POTION, then check the wall two spaces away from the steps for a STAR PIECE. Go straight down, right and up to pick up the tucked away RARE CANDY. Return to the position of the second Ace Trainer and take the right path up. You can find a BRIGHTPOWDER at the end of this path, an item that boosts the evasion of the Pokemon holding it (though not like an actual stat increase.) There is also a hidden PARLYZ HEAL if you go straight down from here and check the bottom left tile in the bottom right corner. That's all on this floor alone; head back up the steps at the top.

    This time, take the steps to the right, back up to the first floor. Follow the path and when you reach a crossroads, go left. Fight the scientist's Klink off then go left and hit the rock out of the way to create a shortcut if needed. Go into the spot that the floating rock previously was and check the wall above you for a hidden MAX POTION, then go back to the crossroads and head down instead. This time there's an Ace Trainer to deal with, who has both the evolution of Cottonee (expect +1 priority on non damaging moves like Leech Seed! Although it is incredibly fast anyway) and the other fossil, Tirtouga. Descend the steps and pick up the MAGNET lying here, which will boost the power of Electric-type moves by 20%.

    Lastly, head right. We'll catch up with N, who as usual will challenge you to a fight.

    • Team Plasma N
    • Rewards: $2800
    • As usual, N's Pokemon have changed to represent the surrounding area. You're bound to have seen this four as you've travelled through the cave so it's unlikely you'll have many problems with this fight, honestly. The only particularly annoying thing is probably going to be Boldore's Sturdy, which will give it a chance to Mud-Slap and drop your accuracy or something.

    After all the dialogue is over and done with, we can exit the cave. Exit through the gaping white hole to the top right.

    Mistralton City

    We've arrived at the sixth gym town, although it's going to be a while before we can get our sixth badge. Start by going in the Pokemon Center and healing. The guy in green to the right will tell you what Hidden Power type any of your Pokemon have if you talk to him. It's worth noting that you can also buy the four weather TMs from this shop, mainly TM07 Hail, TM11 Sunny Day, TM18 Rain Dance and TM37 Sandstorm. They cost a rather large $50000 each. Reusability tends to push up the prices a bit.

    The house to the right of the Pokemon Center contains four people. The two closer to the door are useless, but the upper two are interesting. The old man on the right is the move deleter, who is able to make your Pokemon forget any move, INCLUDING HM moves. Hence, if you want to get rid of Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall or Dive on any Pokemon, this is the place to go.

    The girl on the left is the move relearner, who is able to reteach your Pokemon any move for the price of a Heart Scale. A Pokemon can only learn moves that it can know in it's current form - ie if a pre-evolution learns a move that the evolution cannot by level, and you try to use the move relearner n the evolved Pokemon, you will not be able to learn that move.

    The move relearner can teach moves all the way for Level 1, and is the only way to unlock some moves on certain Pokemon. In fact, two of the three starters get a very good move this way. Those of you who picked Oshawott can take your Samurott there to learn Megahorn, an incredibly powerful Bug move which can be useful even off of Samurott's lesser attack stat. People who picked Tepig can take their Emboar (like me, ohohoho) to learn Hammer Arm, a 100 power Fighting move that does reduce the Speed of the user after use, but is very powerful, especially for this stage of the game. Snivy users unfortunately get nothing; Serperior has no special Level 1 move. Heart Scales can be a bit annoying to come across, but they'll be easier to get later in the game. Don't forget you can get them daily from the woman in Driftveil City, too!

    If you try to head further in the city, you'll end up meeting with Prof. Juniper's father and the gym leader of Fukiyose, Skyla. Prof. Juniper's father will give you... something (an upgrade to your PokeDex, perhaps?) then Skyla will come forward and be introduced to you. Skyla will talk to you afterwards and mention Route 7, then leave the city to the top right. Yeah, no leader, no gym. We'll have to chase after her, which we'll do soon enough.

    The house has nothing in it. Over to the left is a giant airstrip, and from this alone you may be able to tell what type the Fukiyose Gym is. There's a TM58, SKY DROP you can pick up by a plane on the bottom right; it's a rather strange move that picks the opponent up and drops them on the next turn. I'm not too sure how it works but it may be worth a try..?

    If you go to the very bottom there are some muddy patches; check the centre of the middle one on the right for a hidden REPEL. There's also a hidden MAX ETHER you can get on the bottom right one by checking one particular tile from the bottom, and a PARLYZ HEAL hidden between the two mud patches on the top left.

    Moving off the airstrip, we can enter the building that the flight attendant is standing next to. Talk to the teacher/brown haired-woman with the coat in here just near the entrance to get a SHARP BEAK, which will increase the power of Flying-type moves.

    That's all we can grab in this town for now. Head out the city through the top right exit when you're ready to move on.

    Route 7

    Trainer Pokemon: Dwebble L30, Simisage L30 | Palpitoad L29, Scolipede L29, Shelmet L29 | Simisear L31 | Liepard L32 + Swoobat L32 + Watchog L32 | Minccino L31 | Swadloon L30, Simipour L30, Tranquill L30 | Solosis L31, Axew L31 | Emolga L30, Sigilyph L30 | Tynamo L29, Ducklett L29, Tranquill L29 | Boldore L34, Gurdurr L34

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    TranquillNormal/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass (NOT WINTER)30%Level 32
    KumasyunIceGrass, Tall Grass (WINTER)30%Level 37
    DeerlingNormal/GrassGrass, Tall Grass20%Level 34
    WatchogNormalGrass, Tall Grass20%N/A
    ZebstrikaElectricGrass, Tall Grass20%N/A
    FoongusGrass/PoisonGrass, Tall Grass10%Level 39
    SentretNormalSwarm40%Level 15
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass85%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%/15%N/A
    UnfezantNormal/FlyingShaking Grass (NOT WINTER)5%N/A

    Bunch of evolutions here, as well as one new Pokemon in Kumasyun if you're playing in winter. It's the first stage of the two stage polar bear line, and is unfortunately pretty subpar, especially compared to Vanillite and its evolutions. Non-winter players need not fret, as you'll be able to catch Kumasyun a little later on. Winter players will also have Hail here.

    You'll see this wooden 'bridges' a lot on this route. You can walk or run on them (not bike) to get across over the grass, but you have to keep moving. You can stop for about a second but you'll fall off, and you're also able to hop off anytime if you press in a direction that isnt the bridge, which you'll have to be careful about.

    There's two youngsters in the grass; it's worth fighting them first before we explore the rest. You may also find Zebstrika or Watchog wild; these are probably worth knocking out as they give quite a bit of EXP, especially with the Lucky Egg. One of the youngsters owns a Simisage, the evolution of Pansage, whose Seed Bomb attack may hurt if it connects. The other youngster has a Scolipede, the fully evolved form of Venipede/Whirlipede. It's pretty fast, and decently strong. There's an ULTRA BALL to pick up in a non-grassy gap, too.

    Go back south out of the grass afterwards and take the left path around the grass this time. Talk to the girl here to get TM57, CHARGE BEAM, and continue to fight a backpacker, this time with the evolution of the fire monkey, Pansear. I can't help but love its expression.

    Sallying forth you'll find a house; the hiker in this house will trade you an Emolga in exchange for a Boldore, the likes of which we saw back in Chargestone Cave. It's helpful if you can't be bothered to find an Emolga in shaking grass, but useless otherwise.

    Feel free to head right over the grass and fight the Ace Trainer on the other side. This is a triple battle! Rotation in Black, regular triple in White. This can be a pretty tough one, so be careful! Rock Slide is a very useful move in normal triples, seeing as it hits all three Pokemon at once (if the user is in the centre, that is). Of course, its power does get split somewhat, but it's good all the same. Up north you'll find a backpacker with a Minccino. Smash it to pieces and attack the Pokemon Ranger to get an ASPEAR BERRY. That ranger has a Simipour, the evolution of the water monkey, Panpour. It's exactly the same as the other two statwise.

    Grab the PP UP in the grass to the left, then head further north and fight another ranger, who has Axew, one of the few Dragon-type Pokemon of Unova (although it isn't a pseudo legend, it comes relatively close with a 540 base stat total and one hell of an attack stat when it's fully evolved ). You'll be able to get one later in the game - not too much later, actually. This ranger will also give you an ASPEAR BERRY.

    Right above is our next destination, but we're not done with the route yet. First, go right through the grass from above the ranger with the Axew to find a MAX ETHER, then go back through the grass, go down a bit and cross through the grass, or otherwise use the bridge to get over it.

    Enter the house here and talk to the girl over on the right by the TV to get healed. Cross up the stairs and you'll be treated to a Xtransceiver call with your mum. Once that's done with, you'll notice a grass patch north and a grass patch south. The southern one is the tall grass, where you'll find doubles etcetera. We'll start with the bottom - go on top of the bridge and follow it around until you catch the clown and fight him. Jump off the bridge to the right to pick up the fabulous TM81, X-SCISSOR, a Bug move with 80 power and 100 accuracy. It'll serve you well for the rest of the game, and is especially good for Pokemon such as Excadrill or pretty much any Bug-type that isn't special reliant.

    Head through the grass and back up to the ledge. Now, take the other bridge and fight the clown on this one. That's all for Route 6, but if you head up north you can find the entrance to Twist Mountain, a place which we can't access just yet. You'll be able to fight the hiker at the top of the stairs, but the actual cave is blocked. There's also a hidden ULTRA BALL in the puddle.

    Head back over to the left side of Route 6 now where the Axew ranger was. The tower right above him is our next destination; enter it.

    Celestial Tower

    The Celestial Tower is incredibly similar to the Pokemon Tower of RBY; it's a home for departed souls, filled with tons of graveyards and quite a few trainers (although it is just normal trainers, not a bunch of possessed channelers or anything.) The first floor has nothing particularly special, but take the spiral stairs up to the second floor (complete with camera view change) and the real tower will begin.

    Celestial Tower 2F

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    LitwickGhost/FireBuilding Flr100%Level 41
    • Trainer Pokemon: Elgyem L30, Solosis L30, Sigilyph L30 | Deerling L30, Gothita L30 | Emolga L30, Herdier L30 | Swadloon L31

    The second floor contains one wild Pokemon, Litwick. ...I love this thing so much. Litwick's final evolution, Chandelure, is my favourite fifth generation Pokemon. Not that that alone really tells you how good it is. Litwick has a pretty unique typing in Ghost/Fire, although it does have a fair few weaknesses from it including Ground, Dark, Water, Rock and Ghost. However, the real capabilities come from the line's very good Special Attack stat. Litwick itself is nothing amazing, but once it evolves at 41 it gets a whole lot better. It's evolution, Lampent, sports 95 special attack and 55 speed (which is a large improvement over Litwick's 20). It can hold its own decently, but when it evolves into Chandelure, it has an absolutely monstrous 145 special attack which paired with Fire Blast, for example, will kill or severely damage pretty much anything. The line also gets the help of Shadow Ball, Energy Ball/Solarbeam and Psychic as attacks, and a Dusk Stone isn't that far away. 80 base speed isn't all that bad either. Great, great Pokemon. They may also come with Flame Body, which'll be useful for hatching eggs (halves the steps needed if the Flame Body Pokemon is in the party).

    As for the tower itself, go through the gap between the graves to fight the first trainer. She is a Psychic who uses Elgyem, a Pokemon we will see wild momentarily, among others. Moving right will have you fight a Lass. Defeat her, move up and take a right to pick up the HYPER POTION, then move left to fight a PokeFan. Seriously, why are these happy trainers in a tower of the dead? I don't get it :x That PokeFan has a Hyper Potion for the record. Go up and take a left to find another trainer. Beat her and claim the now accessible TM61, WILL-O-WISP as yours. Move back and head up the stairs to the second floor.

    Celestial Tower 3F

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    LitwickGhost/FireBuilding Flr85%Level 41
    ElgyemPsychicBuilding Flr15%Level 42
    • Trainer Pokemon: Musharna L32 | Litwick L31, Swoobat L31 | Yamask L31, Golett L31 | Duosion L32 | Gothita L31, Alomomola L31

    Elgyem is now wild, albeit rare (it gets more common on later floors.) As far as things go, it's pretty subpar, with it and its evolution only really specializing in Special Attack (its evolution, Beheeyem, having 125 base.) They're also both pretty slow, and Level 42 is a little high. Use if you wish, but it's not something I'd recommend greatly.

    Move down through the gap and fight another Psychic, then move straight left and fight another one. Move between the nearby gap afterwards to fight yet another Psychic, who happens to own Golett, a Ground/Ghost Pokemon.

    Move to the right and fight... another psychic, then pick up the SPELL TAG. Further down you'll find a nurse; defeat her baby goth and fake Luvdisc evolution (which has a hell of a lot of HP, I might add) and she'll heal you whenever you need it. Go up the stairs afterwards.

    Celestial Tower 4F

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    LitwickGhost/FireBuilding Flr70%Level 41
    ElgyemPsychicBuilding Flr30%Level 42
    • Trainer Pokemon: Stoutland L33 | Swoobat L32, Gothorita L32

    I have to say, the music in this tower has a very similar feel to a certain Chrono Trigger song. "Memories of Green", if anyone knows it?

    You'll find an Ace Trainer on the right. He has Stoutland, the final evolution of Lillipup who looks a little like Entei. It's not actually that strong of a power jump compared to Herdier's powerful Take Down earlier in the game, and it'll give plenty of EXP if you knock it out. Pick up the REVIVE then continue on and fight the female Ace Trainer. Move forward; you'll probably have to go back and around through the other grave gap if she's blocking your way. Pick up the TM65, SHADOW CLAW on the left here and then continue, going up the stairs.

    Celestial Tower 5F

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    LitwickGhost/FireBuilding Flr50%Level 41
    ElgyemPsychicBuilding Flr50%Level 42

    We've arrived at the roof, although surprisingly enough you can still find Wild Pokemon (although I think only on the lower part). You'll see Skyla; go up on the platform and she'll talk to you. Ring the bell by going up to it and examining it, then Skyla will leave.

    Now we have to get back to Fukiyose. If you have a Pokemon with Fly you can just use that to get back, but otherwise you'll have to descend the tower and go back through Route 7 again. My condolences if you have to do so.

    MISTRALTON CITY: Now that Skyla is back in her gym, we can challenge her for the Jet Badge. Heal up in the Pokemon Center, then head into the gym. It's at the top left of the city, on the airstrip.

    Mistralton Gym

    Trainer Pokemon: Tranquill L32, Tranquill L32 | Ducklett L32, Woobat L32 | Ducklett L32, Sigilyph L32 | Unfezant L33 | Swoobat L33 |

    Talk to the guy to get a FRESH WATER as usual, then head up. You'll see a cannon; push up against it and it'll fire you across the gym. Beautiful.

    Go straight left to get into that cannon and onto a higher platform. Descend the stairs and enter the cannon again from this side to get shot over the fence near a trainer. Battle his Flying Pokemon, then go up the stairs and down to find and battle a second trainer. Enter the cannon afterwards to get shot across the room. You'll find a pilot straight ahead to fight. Take him down and then enter the cannon FROM THE BOTTOM to progress. Enter the next cannon, go left, fight the pilot and enter the cannon again.

    It'll shoot you over the barrier. Go up the steps for another trainer, then enter the cannon to get shot in a wide arc through a green hoop. Do the same with the next cannon through a purple hoop, then again through no hoop... and you get thrown into the wall. Ouch.

    Use this last cannon to get through a red hoop and right next to Skyla. Save if necessary (although this battle is pretty easy, honestly) then challenge her.

    • Rewards: $4200, TM62 Acrobatics, Jet Badge
    • My Team: Carracosta Lv. 38, Lilligant Lv. 37, Musharna Lv. 40, Excadrill Lv. 40, Emboar Lv. 38
    SwoobatLv. 33Psychic/FlyingUnawareAmnesia, Heart Stamp, Acrobatics, Assurance
    UnfezantLv. 33Normal/FlyingBig PecksQuick Attack, Razor Wind, Air Slash, Leer
    SwannaLv. 35Water/FlyingKeen EyeAqua Ring, Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Bubblebeam
    • Yeah, proper Lucky Egg use can really push up your levels. Skyla is a Flying-type leader with three Pokemon as usual. Her signature move is Acrobatics, which we've seen in the past - it's a 55 BP move that is doubled to 110 BP when the user isn't holding an item. It so happens that only her Swoobat has Acrobatics, as the other two cannot learn the move! However, Swoobat also has no item equipped, so it will hit with the full 165 BP (incl. STAB) when it uses it, which is probably the most dangerous move on her entire team.
    • Swoobat is the evolved form of Woobat and shares the Psychic/Flying typing, giving it weaknesses to Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice and Rock. Yeah, quite a few. It shouldn't be too hard to take down; it doesn't even use its strongest attack stat (which is a rather pathetic 77 special attack), instead preferring to use the weaker 57 attack. Bleh. Kill it and move on.
    • Unfezant is the final evolution of Pidove and this one is female, so it'll have a different design to the Unfezant we saw earlier in the gym; mainly, it'll be missing the extra facial design. Again, the wrong stat is used, with Unfezant's 105 attack being ignored outside of Quick Attack in favour of its pitiful 65 special attack. Just smash it with Electric, Ice or Rock or pretty much anything and move on.
    • Skyla's main is Swanna, a new Water/Flying Pokemon who has no stats over 100 base. 98 speed and 87 in both attacking stats is decent, but with the rather weak moves it possesses it won't be doing much. Any Electric move will completely fry it, and Rock moves will also do a fair number. It's pretty frail, and is a rather strange choice for a main Pokemon in the first place, I reckon. Just knock it out. This whole team is crap, and the only reason you should be having any difficulty is if you're unlucky or are doing a mono challenge with a type that is weak to Flying. Though even then... I can only hope her rematch in the third version is a lot better.

    Defeating Skyla will get you the Jet Badge, as well as TM62, ACROBATICS. Enter the cannon she's in front of from the back to get shot to the beginning of the gym, and exit.

    MISTRALTON CITY: Outside the gym, you'll find N, who will talk to you for a minute then leave. If you go down the left side of the airstrip, you'll find a TM40, AERIAL ACE right at the bottom. Two kids will come by when you pick it up, tell you something or other and leave. I'm pretty sure it only appears after you get the Jet Badge. It's a decent Flying move regardless.

    Heal up any damage you took from the gym, then we can get moving. Remember where we fought the hiker with the Level 34 Pokemon before we took on the tower? If not, go near the Celestial Tower and make a right turning when you get to it, passing either under or on top the wooden bridge, then head north and you should reach it.

    Twist Mountain (Entrance)

    Attempt to go up the stairs and Cheren appears! It's been a while since we've fought him, so of course, he'll challenge you.

    • Rival Cheren
    • Rewards: $3500
    UnfezantLv. 33Normal/Flying
    Simisage/Simisear/SimipourLv. 33Fire/Water/Grass
    LiepardLv. 33Dark
    Pignite/Dewott/ServineLv. 35(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass
    • Still only four Pokemon, although they're now all in their final forms, with the exception of his starter who is one level off evolving. The recommended strategy is really no different to the usual; beat down on him until he loses, and hope you don't get unlucky. I was trying to set my Lilligant up on him, and after three Quiver Dances his Unfezant got a critical Air Slash and killed my poor flower ;-;.
    • Interestingly, Cheren's Pokemon are now armed with items including the rare Scope Lens and Leftovers. Generation V unfortunately made it so Thief in regular trainer battles works as it does in the battle facilities; you can't steal your opponent's items anymore!

    Once you beat him, Alder will make an appearance, and jump down an incredible height. I think he mentions about Team Plasma being in the cave, and then gives you HM03, SURF! See why I said we'd be able to explore things soon? Start by flying to your hometown, Nuvema Town.

    Surfing for Treasure

    NUVEMA TOWN: Talk to your mum to heal if necessary, and go see Prof. Juniper in her lab. By now you should have seen somewhere around the realm of 85 Pokemon, give or take a few if you've been battling every trainer along the way. She'll reward you with some TMs for your effort, including TM54, FALSE SWIPE and TM17, PROTECT. There's one more TM you can get off of her - TM10, HIDDEN POWER, but you need to have seen 100 Pokemon, so you'll probably have to wait a little bit for that one. Next, fly to Accumula Town, right above Route 1 and Nuvema Town. There is stuff in Route 1 but it's far too much to cover without its own section.

    ACCUMULA TOWN: Head out through the left gatehouse into Route 2.

    ROUTE 2: There's a Strength boulder right ahead. Push it down into the gap and pick up the RARE CANDY. Next, fly to Striaton City, the town of the first gym.

    STRIATON CITY: Go left and Surf across the first pond you come to. You might well come across a Basculin as you're surfing; it's a bit like Qwilfish in statistical aspects. Pretty fast with decent attack, but it doesn't evolve or anything. I suppose it can be useful, but it's not amazing by any means. Anyway, you can find a hidden ZINC on the other side by checking one of the spots in between the pond and the bush on the right.

    Surf back across and move over to the pond on the top left, and Surf across so you can talk to the guy by here. You'll get a BIG PEARL by talking to him. Next, head into Route 3, which is literally right next to you.

    ROUTE 3: We do have more to do in Wellspring Cave, but we'll come to that a little later. Follow the route towards Nacrene City and get onto the bridge surrounded by water, then start Surfing. Directly across there is a small island with a FULL HEAL. You can also find a whole new part of the route to the left of this pond; there's a MAX ETHER to pick up, as well as a hidden RARE CANDY on the upper part if you examine the patch of darker grass (not wild grass) on the far right. There's also a HP UP to pick up, and a trainer to fight with the three evolved elemental monkeys at Level 32. Defeating him will get you a LUM BERRY, a good berry that will heal any status effect should the holder be afflicted with one. You can use it like any other healing item too.

    Next, go into Nacrene City and then head over left into Pinwheel Forest.

    PINWHEEL FOREST: Go inside and take the road up. Hug the right wall and you'll come to a gap. This is where the old man was previously blocking us when we were dealing with Team Plasma, but he left a long time ago, giving us free rein in this part of the forest.

    Go down into the long grass and move right past it. Take the steps up to begin with and follow this path around and through the tree trunk. Pick up the HYPER POTION on the left, tucked into the tree trunk. That's all in the northern part, although if you go further north you will see a line of four small boulders blocking the entrance to a deeper part of the forest. There's a legendary in here, but we can't get him just yet.

    Go back to where you took the steps up, go down them and this time take the steps down. Follow this path and take the steps right when you see them; go down this path and find a TM22, SOLARBEAM at the end, a 120 power, 100 acc Grass-type move that takes two turns to fire (except in sunlight).

    Go back up these steps and this time take the left path. Go around and you'll descend next to some water. First, use the itemfinder to check one of the spots on this piece of land for a RARE CANDY, then start Surfing on the water. Follow the water left and you'll reach some land; go up these steps and you'll find a SILVERPOWDER that we couldn't get before located near the Grass Knot TM. That's all that's in the forest. Next, Fly to Driftveil City.

    DRIFTVEIL CITY: If you go directly right of the Pokemon Center you'll descend to some land that is close to water. Surf straight right on it and you'll see an island. Get on it and pick up the WATER STONE by this moving lighthouse. For the record, surfing on this water is probably one of the best places to get a Frillish (Water/Ghost) if you want to use one, as they come decently high levelled here. They're pretty good Pokemon, albeit not amazingly strong offensively. Head out to Route 6 next.

    ROUTE 6: Get onto the bridge and use Surf to pick up the TM84, POISON JAB located on the small island by here. Get back on the water, Surf onto the bridge just above, then take the path right and up. Once you get onto the next wooden bridge, Surf up until you reach a small island on the right. Pick up the SILK SCARF. You might see a cave entrance here, and it's a place we'll be visiting very shortly. Surf back left, and go left until you get to yet another bridge. Start Surfing up and go straight up, landing on the long grass. Move around the rocks here by moving two tiles right and Surf straight across. Move either one step left or right and check the spot you preferably landed in for a hidden TINYMUSHROOM. Examine the space three steps left of that one for a BIG MUSHROOM. Get back on the water, and Surf straight across to a small island. There's another hidden TINYMUSHROOM here, too.

    Now, we are right next to Mistralton Cave, and we have done every random extra route part that needed Surf, so we may as well do this now. Head on inside. If you need to heal for whatever reason, take a quick trip back to the healer on Route 6 in the house, then go back to the cave and enter it.