FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano

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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 03/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. FAQ Info
    2. Version History
    3. Introduction
    4. Additions and Changes
      1. Seasons
      2. Experience System
      3. Other Additions / Changes
    5. Version Differences
    6. General Tips
    7. Main Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town
      2. Route 1
      3. Accumula Town
      4. Route 2
      5. Dreamyard
      6. Striaton City (2)
      7. Striaton Gym
      8. Striaton City (3)
      9. Dreamyard (2)
      10. Striaton City (4)
      11. Route 3
      12. Wellspring Cave
      13. Route 3 (2)
      14. Nacrene City
      15. Nacrene Gym
      16. Nacrene City (2)
      17. Pinwheel Forest (Outside)
      18. Pinwheel Forest (Inside)
      19. Skyarrow Bridge
      20. Castelia City
      21. Castelia Gym
      22. Route 4
      23. Desert Resort (Entrance)
      24. Desert Resort (Main)
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Route 16
      27. Lostlorn Forest
      28. Nimbasa Gym
      29. Route 5
      30. Driftveil Drawbridge
      31. Driftveil City
      32. Cold Storage
      33. Driftveil Gym
      34. Route 6
      35. Chargestone Cave
      36. Mistralton City
      37. Route 7
      38. Celestial Tower
      39. Mistralton Gym
      40. Twist Mountain (Entrance)
      41. Surfing for Treasure
      42. Mistralton Cave
      43. Pinwheel Forest (2)
      44. Wellspring Cave (2)
      45. Route 1 (2)
      46. Route 17
      47. Route 18
      48. P2 Laboratory
      49. Twist Mountain
      50. Icirrus City
      51. Route 8
      52. Moor of Icirrus
      53. Icirrus Gym
      54. Dragonspiral Tower
      55. Relic Castle
      56. Tubeline Bridge
      57. Route 9
      58. Opelucid City
      59. Opelucid Gym
      60. Route 10
      61. Route 7 (2)
      62. Victory Road
      63. Pokemon League
      64. *Spoiler*'s Castle
    8. Post Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town (2)
      2. Route 18 (2)
      3. Dreamyard (3)
      4. Relic Castle (2)
      5. Relic Castle Depths
      6. Cold Storage (2)
      7. Chargestone Cave (2)
      8. The Royal Unova
      9. Challenger's Cave
      10. Route 11
      11. Village Bridge
      12. Route 12
      13. Lacunosa Town
      14. Route 13
      15. Giant Chasm
      16. Undella Town
      17. Undella Bay
      18. Undersea Ruins
      19. Route 14
      20. Abundant Shrine
      21. Black City / White Forest
      22. Route 15
      23. Marvelous Bridge
      24. Pokemon League (2)
    9. Post-Game Content
      1. Swarming Pokemon
      2. Victory Road's Final Fight
      3. Final Fight in Nuvema
      4. The Battle Subway
      5. The Dream World
    10. Special Events
      1. Zorua and Celebi
      2. Zoroark and the Crown Beasts
      3. The Lock Capsule
      4. Victini and Liberty Island
      5. Keldeo and Secret Sword
      6. Meloetta and Relic Song
      7. Genesect and the Drives
    11. Challenges
      1. Nuzlocke Challenge
      2. No/Minimal EXP Challenge
      3. Mono-Type Challenge
    12. Credits

    Main Game Walkthrough (Continued)

    Mistralton Cave

    Trainer Pokemon: Drilbur L33, Gurdurr L33 | Boldore L34

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    BoldoreRockCave Floor50%Trade
    WoobatPsychic/FlyingCave Floor30%Happiness
    AxewDragonCave Floor20%Level 38
    DrilburGroundDust Clouds100%Level 31
    • This list applies for all floors of Mistralton Cave.

    ...Dark, isn't it? Hopefully you got the Flash TM all the way back in Castelia City - if not; you have to move through the alley left of the Pokemon Center. If you have it, I'd recommend teaching it to either a slave of some sort, or over a TM move one of your current party has. The beauty of reusable TMs is that you can temporarily teach Flash, replace it with the previous move as soon as you finish, and do the cycle again as necessary. Neat.

    You may also notice a certain dragon in the encounter list - yes, Axew is in here. Axew and its evolutions are all pure dragons with some very good Attack and decent Speed. Axew's final form, Haxorus, has 97 speed and a staggering 147 attack, not to mention the line get Dragon Dance by level - it can completely rip apart ingame, although I would highly recommend you get one with Mold Breaker rather than Rivalry, as Rivalry will screw you over more often than not! You can tell if it has Mold Breaker by whether a bar with the ability appears at the beginning of the fight or not. The line is good and have some nice physical moves like Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Rock Slide, so it's definitely worth training one if you want. Axew won't reach its final form until Level 48, but it and its evolution should be able to hold their own. Also, once Haxorus gets Outrage (at Level 66), pretty much anything will fall to it. It can be an incredible Pokemon used properly.

    But where is my mind? Use Flash if you have it, to greatly increase your vision range. Straight down there is a Strength boulder; push it as far right as you can, then as far down as you can and it'll slide into place. Check the rock just left of the boulder for an ELIXIR, then continue down. There is a Hiker to fight. Once his days are over, continue right and push the Strength boulder into place. Continue going up and you'll find another Hiker. Once he falls, take a right turning and pick up the MAX REPEL here, and head back. Check the rock tucked in this top left corner by the Hiker for a hidden HYPER POTION, then go down and go left where we haven't gone left before. Go up and around the steps to pick up the HYPER POTION, then go down the steps and push the boulder into place; this creates a shortcut in case you need to exit. Finally, go back up the steps, go straight down and you'll find the way up to the next floor. Ascend the staircase here.

    MISTRALTON CAVE, 2F: Go down the steps and go straight down; examine the rock to get an ULTRA BALL. Push the Strength boulder here into place and check the rock over to the bottom right for a HYPER POTION. Ascend the steps and take the path right. Descend the steps, then go straight down and left up the steps. Follow this path and at the end you'll find a HARD STONE to pick up, which will increase the power of Rock moves.

    Go back and then up, and push the Strength boulder into place. Take the path up to begin with, and go as far north as you are able, going up some steps. Take this route left and you'll get a valuable TM80, ROCK SLIDE, which is a good Rock move for any Pokemon that has a half decent attack stat.

    Go back and when you go down the steps, slip into this small 'corridor' to the left and follow it through. Pick up the IRON on the other end, then take the upper path left and you'll come to a dead end. Examine one spot before the wall for a PP UP, then go all the way back to where you pushed the Strength boulder before, and this time take that path left. Push the Strength boulder here into place, and then ascend the big stairs up to the third floor.

    MISTRALTON CAVE, 3F: No darkness here, thank the lord. This also appears to have a special name as 'Room of Conduct', which does make sense considering what is in here. Start by going down the steps to the left and picking up the REVIVE here, then go back and go right. Ignore the steps for now and take the path all the way up to get a DUSK STONE, which is incredibly important if you are using a Litwick or its evolution, Lampent, to evolve it into a Chandelure. Also, check the rock to the right here for an ULTRA BALL.

    Now, go to where the steps are and attempt to go up them. Talk to him and press yes and he'll tell you the legends of the musketeer trio - made up of Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion - and how one of them is in this very cave!

    Once he's finished his storytelling, he'll let you pass. Keep going for now, taking the path, going down the steps and going left to pick up a RARE CANDY. You'll now be able to see the legend - Cobalion - on the top left of the screen! Check the rock behind the Rare Candy too for a CARBOS. Go back and now take the path down, push the Strength boulders out of the way, then head left. Take the path up and you'll be right next to Cobalion! Damn early for a legend, don't you think? His catch rate is only 3, so he'll be a very tough capture, and it may well be impossible at this point of the game, so if you're not able to catch him yet don't worry and try another time. However, if you think you're prepared... SAVE, and have a go!

    • Level: 42
    • Type: Steel / Fighting
    • Ability: Justified
    • Moves: Helping Hand / Retaliate / Iron Head / Sacred Sword
    • Base Stats: 91 HP / 90 Attack / 129 Defense / 90 Special Attack / 72 Special Defense / 108 Speed
    • Cobalion - who is #144 in the Unova Dex and #638 in the National Dex - is the first of the musketeer trio - or quartet, rather - that you will encounter. For the record, you will only actually encounter three of them normally. The fourth is a Pokemon called Keldeo that you can only get through an event.
    • Cobalion itself has some interesting moves and a type that it shares with only Lucario. Sacred Sword can be a little dangerous; it's a 90 base, 100 accuracy Fighting-move (physical) that has the special ability to completely ignore stat changes; any defense boosts your Pokemon may have will be completely negated. Iron Head also gives it a powerful STAB move that is capable of flinching should Kobarudon move before you, which is actually quite likely.
    • There are three things I recommend for the easiest capture of a legendary. First, weaken it as much as possible - as far as 1 HP if possible, though the only guaranteed way to do that is to use the False Swipe TM Prof. Juniper gave you earlier.
    • Second, if your team allows it, inflict it with a status, preferably paralyze, sleep or freeze so that it doesn't take residual damage. Freeze and Sleep give the higher capture bonus compared to Paralyze, Burn and Poison, who one of those two is preferred. Of course, there's no guaranteed way to freeze a Pokemon, so sleep is your best bet. Both of them do wear off after a few turns, so be sure to keep a Pokemon on hand that can continuously afflict the status effect. If you can't be bothered, just paralyze it.
    • Thirdly, use the most effective Poke Ball for the job not including the Master Ball, which we don't have yet. In this case, that would probably be a Dusk Ball, which gets a quadruple bonus at night or in dark places such as Mistralton Cave (by dark places, I mean places that have a dark background in battle, not caves that need Flash.) Quick Balls also have quadruple effectiveness in the first few turns, and Timer Balls will too any time after 40 turns. Otherwise, Ultra Balls should do the trick.
    • If you find yourself getting beat up, just reset and try again rather than using up a ton of healing items. Also, if you accidentally kill it, you can either reset or just continue going; it SHOULD regenerate after you see the credits, but I'm not 100% sure. Catching it shouldn't be too hard though - they seem to have made it a bit easier in Black and White.
    • By the way, DO NOT USE ANY DARK-TYPE MOVES ON IT. Cobalion's ability will activate and give it an attack boost, which will make it hurt all the more. Be very careful if you use any!

    The old man will talk to you some more after you catch or kill it. That's all for Mistralton Cave; use Dig or an Escape Rope if possible. Otherwise, you'll have to make your way out manually.

    Now that we've done Cobalion, we can go grab one of the other ones as well. Head back to Pinwheel Forest.

    Pinwheel Forest (2)

    Go back to the part with the long grass and take the steps up again. Keep going north and you'll find that the rocks blocking that other entrance have now disappeared! Enter it and you'll see the third of the trio, Birjion, waiting for you. Save and challenge it if you dare.

    • Level: 42
    • Type: Grass / Fighting
    • Ability: Justified
    • Moves: Helping Hand / Retaliate / Giga Drain / Sacred Sword
    • Base Stats: 91 HP / 90 Attack / 72 Defense / 90 Special Attack / 129 Special Defense / 108 Speed
    • Virizion - who is #146 in the Unova Dex and #640 in the National Dex - is the second of the musketeer trio that you can encounter, although the third in number. It's very similar to Cobalion statwise except that their defense and special defense has been flipped. It also gets Giga Drain rather than Iron Head, which is a tiny bit weaker.
    • Again, you should be careful not to use Dark moves, as Virizion also has the Justified ability, which can be painful paired with the Sacred Sword move. It also mostly has a unique type, sharing it only with Breloom.
    • I have the same suggestions here too - weaken it as far as possible, inflict it with a non hurting status and throw good balls at it; Dusk Balls should work decently here too, although I'm not entirely sure if this area always counts as dark or not - you may be better off using Ultra Balls, just to play it safe. Again, if you kill it, either reset or come back after the credits roll to see it revived.

    That's all the legendaries we can catch for now, since the third of the trio is in a place that is a fair distance away from where we are in the game currently. We can still do plenty more exploration, though! Head over to Route 3, and go into the Wellspring Cave.

    Wellspring Cave (2)

    Now that we have Surf, we can explore this place a little more thoroughly. Get on the water and go to the left of the room to pick up an ELIXIR. Get back on the water and Surf right; there's a small alcove you can access from the water on the main island. Check the top left spot on it for a PP UP, then Surf back left onto the long strip of land where the Elixir was. Follow it around this time, pick up the ESCAPE ROPE and descend the stairs to the right.

    WELLSPRING CAVE, B1F: Now I would usually put a wild encounter list, but it's exactly the same as the first floor, right down to the levels, so there's little point.

    Dark again, so use Flash if you have it. Go down the steps and take the path down and right. Your itemfinder will react; use it to locate a hidden MAX POTION in the larger clearing to the right. That's all that is accessible in this small area; go back around and this time go up. First, use Surf to take the water to the right. You'll end up at that patch of land we couldn't get to by the Max Potion; pick up the TM47, LOW SWEEP here, then either Surf back or jump off the ledge and take the path in between the waters up.

    On this path you'll find three trainers who will move across the screen, although they seem to stop sometimes for some reason. The first is a Black Belt who uses a Lv. 34 Scraggy, a Lv. 34 Throh and a Lv. 34 Sawk. The second is a Battle Girl who uses a Lv. 35 Gurdurr and a Lv. 35 Sawk. The third is also a Battle Girl, who uses a Lv. 35 Gurdurr and a Lv. 35 Throh.

    Once they're taken care of, continue up north and take the path left. Check the left small rock here for a HYPER POTION, then continue on this path and pick up the DIVE BALL. Go back and take the right path this time, but go down as soon as you can. At the end of this path you can get a REVIVE near the center, but it's kind of hard to describe the exact location. Go back and this time take the steps down and pick up the MYSTIC WATER, which will boost Water moves by 20%. Head back up and around this path to reach some water; Surf on it and across to the other side. Check the indented wall here for a hidden MAX ELIXIR, then go left and up the steps here. Pick up the incredible TM52, FOCUS BLAST! This is a 120 power, 70 accuracy Fighting move that compliments many Pokemon especially well, Reuniclus and the three elemental monkeys' evolved forms. That's all there is in Wellspring Cave. Now we have some new routes to travel. Make your way to Accumula Town. You can Dig and Escape Rope, or take the water right below you around and end up right next to the staircase we took to get to the basement; take it back up and make your way out the cave.

    ACCUMULA TOWN: Heal up if necessary, then deposit one or more of your Pokemon in the PC to make sure you have at least one free slot. Make sure you have Surf on you, though. Afterwards, head down into Route 1.

    Route 1 (2)

    Trainer Pokemon: Swoobat L35, Simisear L35 | Frillish L34, Frillish L34 | Cinccino L35, Zebstrika L35

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    LillipupNormalGrass50%Level 16
    PatratNormalGrass50%Level 20
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass100%N/A
    HerdierNormalTall Grass39%Level 32
    WatchogNormalTall Grass36%N/A
    ScraggyDark/FightingTall Grass25%Level 39
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Surf100%N/A
    FeebasWaterFish5%Trade with Prism Scale
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish35%N/A
    FeebasWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Trade with Prism Scale
    MiloticWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A

    There's a whole part of Route 1 that I chose not to mention earlier; what is shown above is the entire encounter list of the route.

    If you go to about midway through the route, you'll see a part where the route dips down with steps. Go down here and Surf on the water. Follow it and you'll come to some land, with a whole new part of Route 1 that you haven't seen yet! From where you land, go left and pass through the trees to find a MAX ETHER, then go right and up the steps to fight a ranger. Defeat her for a PERSIM BERRY reward, then head over to the left. The only grass on this route is tall grass with double battles, allowing for the much higher levels. Not much variety in the Pokemon though, although the Scraggy you can catch here are pretty close to their evolution level.

    You'll find a fisherman by the edge. Defeat his fine specimens of Water Pokemon - which allow you to see the difference between the two genders of Frillish - then head directly south. Once you get past the fence, go right and fight another ranger. He'll give you another PERSIM BERRY. Finally, go down and pick up a PEARL. You can also find a BIG MUSHROOM if you examine a particular tree; use the itemfinder to locate it.

    That finishes up Route 1 - now we have the game's only sea routes to do! Head into the gate on the left and out the other side.

    Route 17

    Trainer Pokemon: Basculin L34, Basculin L34 | Alomomola L35 | Basculin L32 (x4)

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    FrillishWater/GhostSurf100%Level 40
    AlomomolaWaterDark Water ~ Surf95%N/A
    JellicentWater/GhostDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    FinneonWaterFish65%Level 31
    HorseaWaterFish35%Level 32
    SeadraWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Trade with Dragon Scale
    QwilfishWater/PoisonDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    LumineonWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A
    KingdraWater/DragonDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A

    Some pretty interesting Pokemon on this route altogether, but of course you need the rod to get a lot of them and we won't have it for a while. I will take the time to mention that Alomomola has little to no offense and probably won't serve you that well as a team member, whereas Frillish/Jellicent will do pretty decently, having a pretty decent type as far as defending goes. Their Cursed Body ability can also work quite well to your advantage. For the record, Jellicent has a severe change of appearance depending on gender; males have a moustache like the Pringles mascot, whereas females look like fat bloated queens with lipstick. The choice is yours.

    Get on the water with Surf. You'll notice currents, and we will have to manipulate these to get everything on this route. Hop onto the shallow water straight away and you'll find a fisherman on it. Beat his succulent Basculin then go across to the other shallow water and pick up the TM06, TOXIC, a great move for wearing down foes steadily. Get back on the water and begin following the route. You will without a doubt run into a swimmer. Break her heart and continue on, taking the middle current. You'll bounce over a fair few rocks, then be freed. Return and fight the swimmer you just passed who is lying between some of the rocks. Go over to the shallow land to the right afterwards and pick up the DEEPSEATOOTH, an important item for any Clamperl. Jump on the current surrounding the island and you'll end up back at the choice of three. This time, pick the bottom current and move forward onto the land.

    Route 18

    Trainer Pokemon: Boldore L34, Crustle L34 | Emolga L35 | Whimsicott L35 | Basculin L35, Darmanitan L36, Simisage L35 |

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    ScraggyDark/FightingGrass, Tall Grass40%Level 39
    DwebbleBug/RockGrass30%Level 34
    CrustleBug/RockTall Grass30%N/A
    WatchogNormalGrass, Tall Grass20%N/A
    SawkFightingGrass, Tall Grass (Black)10%N/A
    ThrohFightingGrass, Tall Grass (White)10%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass95%N/A
    SawkFightingShaking Grass (White)5%N/A
    ThrohFightingShaking Grass (Black)5%N/A
    FrillishWater/GhostSurf100%Level 40
    AlomomolaWaterDark Water ~ Surf95%N/A
    JellicentWater/GhostDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    FinneonWaterFish64%Level 31
    HorseaWaterFish35%Level 32
    ChinchouWaterFish1%Level 27
    SeadraWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Trade with Dragon Scale
    QwilfishWater/PoisonDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    LumineonWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A
    KingdraWater/DragonDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A

    That's a pretty big wild list. Start by ascending all the steps to the upper part of the island. Fight the Hiker up here, then continue following the path. You'll reach a house. Go inside, because there's something very special in here. First, you can talk to the blue haired girl to heal. Second, if you talk to the ranger in here and have five or less Pokemon in your party, you can receive an egg! This egg contains the very rare Larvesta, a Fire/Bug Pokemon that cannot be found anywhere in the wild. Larvesta eventually evolves into an incredible Pokemon called Volcarona, who shares the Fire/Bug typing and has stats of 135 special attack, 100 speed and 105 special defense, not to mention access to the amazing Quiver Dance, which raises special attack, special defense and speed in the same turn! The catch? Larvesta doesn't evolve until a staggering Level 59, the highest one stage evolution in the entire game. You'll have to be very patient to use this Pokemon and it probably won't evolve until some time AFTER the league, but it can really pay off I suppose. Larvesta can sort of hold its own with its 80 base attack, but it doesn't really do all that good; sticking the Eviolite on it to raise its defenses may not be a bad idea. You'll have to hatch it first, too. It takes just over 10,000 steps to do so, but you can cut that in half by having a Litwick with Flame Body in your party.

    Exit the house and fight the backpacker, then go down across the bridge and push the boulder into place. There's a MAX ELIXIR to pick up on the bottom right. Head back across the bridge and take the steps on the left down, then go down and right and push the boulder into place. Follow through here and fight the backpacker and his Whimsicott, then pick up the DRAGON SCALE in the top left, important for any Horsea or Seadra. You can also find a CALCIUM on the rock just below it.

    Go back left and this time head up, then down the grass on the left. At the very end you will find HM05, WATERFALL, which will allow us to do a little more exploration. Though I literally mean little, as there is like one place that has a Waterfall that we can access at present... Anyway, head back up out of the grass and keep going north. Go up the stairs and you'll fight another trainer, who can actually be a bit tough. Once he's defeated, press on and descend the staircase. You'll be by the sea again; use Surf to get back on the water and go right, using the bottom current. It'll take you to an area called the P2 Laboratory.

    P2 Laboratory

    Trainer Pokemon: Garbodor L35

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    HerdierNormalGrass36%Level 32
    ScraggyDark/FightingGrass14%Level 39
    KlinkSteelGrass14%Level 38
    FinneonWaterFish65%Level 31
    HorseaWaterFish35%Level 32
    SeadraWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Trade with Dragon Scale
    QwilfishWater/PoisonDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    LumineonWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A
    KingdraWater/DragonDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A

    Strangely enough Klink makes an appearance here, but otherwise nothing is new. If you enter the lab you can find a DUBIOUS DISC, which you will need to evolve a Porygon2. Outside, if you go south you will find a scientist to fight who has the rather abhorrent looking evolution of Trubbish. It even has pigtails! Once you win, pick up the very valuable TM24, THUNDERBOLT! Thunderbolt is arguably the best standard Electric move in the game, with 95 power and 100 accuracy, as well as 15 PP. A great many Pokemon can learn it, but it's good for Electric Pokemon in particular. Those of you using Pokemon such as Gothitelle or Eelektross will find this TM useful. There's nothing else here. Get back on the water and slip under the current in front of you.

    ROUTE 17: Your itemfinder should react; examine the rock that is right in between two large rock slabs to find a hidden HEART SCALE. Now, Surf down and left AVOIDING THE CURRENTS. You'll come across a swimmer. Defeat his Lv. 34 Frillish and Lv. 34 Simipour, then continue left. Your itemfinder will go off again; if you move to the upper part of the rock slab so you can face the upper wall and move one space right from the last accessible spot and face down, you can examine the wall for another HEART SCALE. Afterwards, return to where the swimmer was and go down, then left. You must be very careful not to touch the currents here, or you'll be sent back pretty far. Go further left and fight another swimmer with a Ducklett Lv. 34 and Frillish Lv. 34. Afterwards, pass under the current here. Again, your itemfinder will react; check the right side of the big grey rock just above you for a third HEART SCALE. Continue going left.

    ROUTE 18: Land on the beach here. There's a hidden PEARL to find with your itemfinder very close to the edge of the coast, as well as a BIG PEARL very close by. There's a battle girl running around just to the left; defeat her Scraggy Lv. 35 and Gurdurr Lv. 35, then head up. You'll find the tall grass containg the Pokemon shown in the wild list before, which includes Dwebble's evolution's Crustle. Pick up the TM19, TELEKINESIS by here. There's also a fourth HEART SCALE just lying there if you go to the bottom right of this part of the island; it's separate to the rest, so you'll have to Surf between them. That's all we have to do in this part of Unova, but damn that was a lot of stuff.

    We've got one more place to cover. Head for the Lostlorn Forest, right of Nimbasa City.

    LOSTLORN FOREST: Surf on the water and use Waterfall to take yourself up. Pick up the RARE CANDY on the right side, then Surf across to the other side and bust out the itemfinder. To the very top right there is a PROTEIN hidden in a white flower.

    That's all for the Surf coverage. I'd recommend taking all of the mushrooms to the chef on Route 5 to sell them for extra money than you would get normally. Keep ahold of all of the gems like Nuggets, Pearls and Big Pearls for the moment, as we'll get some good selling prices for them soon enough. In particular, the BalmMushroom you picked up in Striaton City will sell for an incredible amount when taken to that chef. Annoyingly she'll only buy one item at a time though, even if you have multiples of the same one. :/

    Once you're ready to continue, head back to Twist Mountain where we fought Cheren. Go up the stairs and enter the cave.

    Twist Mountain

    Trainer Pokemon: Woobat L33, Boldore L33, Gurdurr L33 | Vanillish L35, Gothorita L35, Duosion L35 | Throh L36 | Boldore L34, Excadrill L34 | Swoobat L35 | Boldore L33, Boldore L33, Boldore L33 | Excadrill L35 | Duosion L34, Musharna L34 | Woobat L34, Boldore L34 | Sawk L36 | Gurdurr L34, Boldore L34 | Krokorok L35, Palpitoad L35, Klang L35

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    BoldoreRockCave Floor49%Trade
    GurdurrFightingCave Floor30%Trade
    WoobatPsychic/FlyingCave Floor10%Trade
    CubchooIceCave Floor10%Level 37
    CryogonalIceCave Floor1%N/A
    DrilburGroundDust Clouds100%Level 31
    • This list applies for all floors in Twist Mountain in Spring and Autumn.
    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    BoldoreRockCave Floor45%Trade
    GurdurrFightingCave Floor30%Trade
    WoobatPsychic/FlyingCave Floor20%Trade
    CubchooIceCave Floor4%Level 37
    CryogonalIceCave Floor1%N/A
    DrilburGroundDust Clouds100%Level 31
    • This list applies for all floors in Twist Mountain in Summer.
    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    CubchooIceCave Floor45%Level 37
    BoldoreRockCave Floor30%Trade
    GurdurrFightingCave Floor10%Trade
    WoobatPsychic/FlyingCave Floor10%Trade
    CryogonalIceCave Floor5%N/A
    DrilburGroundDust Cloud100%Level 31
    • This list applies for all floors in Twist Mountain in Winter.

    This part of Unova has a lot of variation in the Wild Pokemon depending on the season, and even some changes in the layout of the areas. A new Pokemon here is Cryogonal, which is a strange Pokemon altogether. It's based on a snowflake, though also has some resemblances to a mirror. It has an incredible special defense and pretty good special attack and speed, but has somewhat low HP and abysmal defense. It's definitely usable though its special movepool is a bit to be desired. Just keep it the hell away from physical attacks.

    For the record, there are outside areas to this place - which has also been translated as Ridge - and the Wild Pokemon shown above are only in the inside areas. I suppose it's obvious, but worth stating just in case. Going forward you'll find Cheren and strangely enough, Clay. Some discussion will go on and then Clay will go, leaving you and Cheren to deal with the Plasma threat. Cheren goes to the right. Follow his lead and head that way.

    Outside, you'll notice hail falling if you're in winter; again, Hail will show up in winter battles. There's also snow everywhere, filling up the entire mountain, meaning you can get down to the bottom right away! You can see how winter affects these areas already! I'm going to write the guide as though it's one of the other three seasons, but winter players should be able to follow the guide regardless. However, there are some parts that are ONLY accessible in winter; I'll devote a section to this at the end. Unfortunately you cannot go the normal way to the exit room in winter either, so I'll have to split things up a bit when we get to that point.

    Take the upper path to get an item (might be a Calcium?) then go down and take the path the whole way to find a FULL HEAL. Enter the cave by here and take it around; you'll find a Hiker to fight. A little above him you can find a hidden HYPER POTION in the center part of the wall. You'll come to a break in the path after him; go up and out the cave to fight an Ace Trainer by here who owns Vanillite's evolution. Re-enter the cave afterwards and this time take the path to the right. Follow the path and you'll find another crazily turning Battle Girl. Swat her Throh down then head up and out of this part of the cave.

    Directly below you is a worker; beat his two Pokemon and then take the wooden path north. You'll find another entrance into the cave. Check the second reddish rock you come across for a STARDUST, then check the third one to find a disguised trainer. A bit further right is a neatly tucked MOON STONE, which will probably be more useful after the League since Munna is the only Unova Pokemon that uses it. Go back and head down the steps and through the door here.

    Continue down and you'll find another worker amongst the numerous reddish rocks here, who will be incredibly abusive with Sturdy. The rock closest to the right wall holds a hidden STARDUST. Otherwise, continue left and out of this part of the cave.

    Take the path up first and grab the MAX POTION, then take the path the whole way around and get an ETHER. Enter the cave by here. If you go in a straight line left and check the spot one before the wall, there's a hidden ELIXIR. You can find a NUGGET by going up the right path where it splits, as well as a hidden REVIVE by checking the rock directly behind it. Head to the top left of the room and a disguised worker will attack. After defeating him, pick up the PP UP and then head right and out of the cave.

    Right below you is a doctor; defeat him and he'll heal you as per usual. Now, this is where the path changes. The Trainer Pokemon up there will contain those from both winter and the other three seasons, so don't fret if there's some Pokemon you don't see.

    • Follow the path from the doctor and enter the first door you come to; the second one leads absolutely nowhere. Inside, take the path straight up. There's a Hiker to fight. Go up and into the next room; take the steps down and fight the Black Belt, then go up the left steps and collect the ULTRA BALL, then return and go down. The third reddish rock has a hidden PROTEIN on it. There's also a worker disguised as a rock just below.
    • Go outside now through the door on the bottom wall and you'll be at the bottom of the quarry. Take the door that is sort of in front of you, basically the one on the lower wall. Inside you'll find a worker facing the wall; if you come back here once you get the National Dex, he'll give you a non-Unova fossil once a day, which can then be revived in the Nacrene Museum. Following the path on, you'll get to a somewhat different looking room with a giant icy looking rock. This is, as you might have guessed, the ice rock, whose radiation will cause Eevee to evolve into Glaceon. Simply level an Eevee up in this room and it'll evolve into Glaceon automatically.
    • There's also a useful item in this room to get; if you follow the path around to the top right you can get TM91, FLASH CANNON, which will be pretty useful if you happen to be using Vanillite or its evolutions. That's the only thing in here, though. Exit both this room and the corridor to get outside, then head into the door to the top right. You'll find Cheren and a Plasma grunt just above (the route going up has nothing at all). More communication will occur, then the Plasma grunts will vanish. Cheren will stay where he is, but we won't. Go right and out into Icirrus City.
    • Due to the snow filling up the quarry, the path drastically changes. Take out the itemfinder and use it. It'll guide you to the upper wall of the quarry, where you'll be able to find a hidden STARDUST in the wall. There's also a hidden IRON on the wooden path to the right.
    • Ignore the door by here for the moment, and use the snow to get around to about the bottom right of the outside area. The itemfinder will react again; use it to guide you to a hidden RARE CANDY. Enter the room just below it to find a METAL COAT, which both boosts the power of Steel-type moves and will allow the evolution of Scyther and Onix when traded with the item equipped.
    • Exit and go to the bottommost room, located in pretty much the very dipped exact centre. Inside this small tunnel you'll see a worker - he does nothing yet, but come back after getting the National Dex and he'll give you a non-Unova fossil a day, which can be revived at the Nacrene Museum. Keep following this path and you'll end up in a room with a large icy rock. This is the ice rock of Unova, and bringing an Eevee to this room and levelling it up will cause it to evolve into a Glaceon. There's also a TM91, FLASH CANNON to pick up in the top right of the room, which can be useful for a fair few Pokemon such as the Vanillite line.
    • Once you're back outside, head to the upper wall and as high up as you can, where we found the first hidden Stardust and the Iron. This time, enter the door to the top right. Follow this path around into another room. You'll come to a split, but the left path goes nowhere; take the right one. Follow this path around and down and you'll find an Ace Trainer to fight. Take care of his rather interesting lineup, then take the steps left and pick up the TM90, SUBSTITUTE here. Now go right and jump over the ledge. The door just below you exits back out to the outside, but we don't want to go that way. Rather, take the upper route and you'll end up in the final room of this place. Take the path around as usual and you'll see Cheren and a Plasma grunt. Approach them and some dialogue will occur, with another Plasma grunt appearing in the middle. They won't fight you this time, instead disappearing amidst a fading black screen. Cheren will stay where he is, but we have business to do. Head right out the cave into Icirrus City.

    Icirrus City

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    PalpitoadWater/GroundPuddle40%Level 36
    ShelmetBugPuddle40%Trade with Karrablast
    StunfiskGround/ElectricDark Water ~ Surf95%N/A
    SeismitoadWater/GroundDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    BarboachWater/GroundFish70%Level 30
    BarboachWater/GroundDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 30
    StunfiskElectric/GroundDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    WhiscashWater/GroundDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A
    • Pokemon found in puddles can only be found in spring, summer and autumn.

    Finally that season trap is over; Icirrus City and a few more areas are also affected by the season, but nowhere near as drastically. Yes, you're reading that location list right. Icirrus City has a giant puddle that has Wild Pokemon in it, two of which will be new to you. Shelmet is a pain to evolve, but its evolution, Accelgor, is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game at 145 base speed, and has a capable 100 special attack supporting it as well. Stunfisk, on the other hand... I dare not speak of it. It's one of those Pokemon that has a cool and unique typing, but just plain sucks. Plus it looks so... you know. Strange. It has an alright Special Attack stat, so it is usable. Just don't expect it to do a whole lot.

    Icirrus City does change a bit depending on the season. Mainly, if it's Winter snow piles up in certain places on the map, allowing you to get more items. However, the puddles also completely freeze over, stopping you from getting Palpitoad or Shelmet, though Stunfisk is still readily available through other methods.

    As soon as you get into Icirrus City, Prof. Juniper's father will appear and comment on your lead Pokemon. He'll say some stuff then head north; we'll see more of him later. I'd start by heading into the Pokemon Center. As well as healing your Pokemon, there's some other things to do in here. Talk to the old lady on the left to get TM31, BRICK BREAK, an averagely powered but very competent Fighting-type move. The gentleman on the right is avid about stones and stonelike objects; he'll buy certain items off you for high prices just like the chef in Route 5. He offers the following:

    Item NameSelling Price
    Big Pearl$7,500
    Comet Piece$25,000
    Damp Rock*$1,000
    Dawn Stone*$2,000
    Dusk Stone*$2,000
    Fire Stone*$2,000
    Heat Rock*$1,000
    Big Nugget$25,000
    Icy Rock*$1,000
    Moon Stone*$2,000
    Round Pearl$60,000
    Purnice Stone*$1,000
    Shiny Stone*$2,000
    Shoal Shell$7,000
    Smooth Rock*$1,000
    Star Piece$9,800
    Water Stone*$2,000
    • Don't sell the starred items. You'll regret it.

    I'd recommend selling any Nuggets you've picked up over the journey to him. I have to wonder where the hell this guy gets all the money though. In addition to that you can also by TM38, Fire Blast, TM14, Blizzard and TM25, Thunder, all three of which can be very useful for varying your Pokemon's movepools. Thunder in particular is useful for Pokemon such as Galvantula or Reuniclus. They are a staggering $70,000 each though.

    Outside the city, there's a few things for us to get too. If you go to the house on the top left a bit below the gym, there's two people in here. The old man will relinquish an EXP. SHARE if you show him a Pokemon that has grown a fair few levels (I dunno the exact amount, but my Emboar who had grown from 5 to 44 did the trick. Maybe about ~30?) The girl in here will check if any of your Pokemon have maxed out their effort values, and will tell you if they have. I don't think there's any effort ribbon in this one though, since Pokemon don't have any ribbons in B/W as far as I can see.

    From the Pokemon Center you can go very far to the right; doing so will get you onto a seemingly empty platform, but there are actually two hidden items on here. There's an ULTRA BALL and a TIMER BALL to pick up.

    You can also enter the top right house on the left hand side of the city and the family inside will freak out or something. I don't have a clue what it's about but you can get a healing item of some sort out of it, I suppose..?

    Now, due to the freezing of the lake and the piling snow, the items you can get vary between the seasons and you'll have to be in both Winter and one of the other seasons to get all of the items.

    Winter players will be able to go a bit northwest of the Pokemon Center and into the part underneath the house where the EXP Share was. Snow has piled up here, allowing you to cross and get a RARE CANDY. There's also a hidden MAX POTION in the furthest end of the dip here.

    The bottom end of the city is also normally impenetrable, but in Winter snow will allow you to cross. You can find a hidden TINYMUSHROOM in the trees here (to clarify, the bottom right parts of the city, below the now frozen puddles). There's another TINYMUSHROOM' a little to the right, as well as a BIG MUSHROOM hidden very close by in the snow. Enter the house here and talk to the girl in the top left to get a RAGECANDYBAR'', which will heal your Pokemon's HP by 20. It's more of a reference than anything, though it does have a use much later on, so I would recommend saving and not using it.

    The other seasons have the addition of one MAX REVIVE that is hidden in the puddle that is impossible to get during winter as you slide right over it.

    Route 8

    Trainer Pokemon: Cubchoo L34, Maractus L34, Palpitoad L34 | Frillish L34, Ducklett L34 | Basculin L34, Basculin L34 | Alomomola L35 | Cinccino L36

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    PalpitoadWater/GroundPuddle40%Level 36
    ShelmetBugPuddle40%Trade with Karrablast
    StunfiskGround/ElectricDark Water ~ Surf95%N/A
    SeismitoadWater/GroundDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    BarboachWater/GroundFish70%Level 30
    BarboachWater/GroundDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 30
    StunfiskElectric/GroundDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    WhiscashWater/GroundDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A
    • Pokemon found in puddles can only be found in spring, summer and autumn.

    The wild list is exactly the same, but there are a few items we can pick up. There's a hidden item nearly straight away; if you go into the square gap between the puddles to the top left, there's a MAX ELIXIR to collect in one of the non decorated tiles (note that you cannot get this item in Winter as you are unable to get to it due to slippery frozen puddles). Make your way to the top left now; there's a trainer to fight and a PECHA BERRY to receive, as well as a POISON BARB in the top left.

    To the right of that ranger is a puddle, and you can work your way to an item ball in the top right, containing TM36, SLUDGE BOMB. Good power and accuracy (90/100) but poison generally sucks as an attacking type, having only one type it's super effective against, mainly grass. Use it if you want, but it's not the best thing in the world.

    Either surf down the water or go around to the under part of this puddle, then go right and fight the parasol lady here, then take the bottom route. Talk to the parasol lady here to get TM42, FAÇADE, a Normal move that doubles in power whenever the user is afflicted with a status. You can fight the fisherman and the parasol lady by here.

    There's another parasol lady behind the sign here who will give you one of a HEAT ROCK, DAMP ROCK, SMOOTH ROCK or ICY ROCK. Which one she gives you on that particular day depends on the time you talk to her, which is as follows:

    Damp Rock05:00 - 09:59
    Heat Rock10:00 - 16:59
    Smooth Rock17:00 - 19:59
    Icy Rock20:00 - 04:59

    You'll see some plasma grunts blocking a building; this is the entrance to the way to Opelucid City, the town of the eighth gym, but we can't go there yet. Go back across the puddle to the path split and this take we'll take the upper path.

    Pick up the FULL HEAL hiding slightly behind the trees then move towards the top right. There's a female ranger to fight, whose defeat will earn you a second PECHA BERRY. You can also get a hidden FULL RESTORE in that tiny non-puddle alcove to the top left of the ranger; check the top left spot for it.

    Over to the far right you can get an ULTRA BALL, as well. Enter the deeper forest by here.

    Moor of Icirrus

    Trainer Pokemon: Frillish L34, Frillish L34 | Vanillish L35, Fraxure L35 | Basculin L34, Stunfisk L34 | Emolga L34, Alomomola L34, Maractus L34

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    PalpitoadWater/GroundPuddle40%Level 36
    ShelmetBugPuddle40%Trade with Karrablast
    StunfiskGround/ElectricDark Water ~ Surf95%N/A
    SeismitoadWater/GroundDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    BarboachWater/GroundFish70%Level 30
    BarboachWater/GroundDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 30
    StunfiskElectric/GroundDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    WhiscashWater/GroundDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A
    • Pokemon found in puddles can only be found in spring, summer and autumn.

    Once again, exactly the same Wild Pokemon. Now, if you have your itemfinder out, you'll see it goes all over the place when you move about. We'll go left first; if you go somewhere near the top left you'll see a Strength boulder. Push it into place and then go down the left side of the puddle; there is an ULTRA BALL to pick up, and you can head south from there and pick up a CARBOS between the wooden stumps. There's a hidden MAX ETHER in this puddle that you probably won't be able to get if it's Winter; it's about two blocks diagonally right of the top right most stump. Fight the lady afterwards, then return to where the strength boulder was (the hilly part.)

    From here, head north. Cross over the puddle and keep going north; a darker piece of grass in a corner against the wall holds a hidden REVIVE (and my explanation is terrible; use the itemfinder!) Head right across the puddle to the right now and pick up the MAX POTION. Now, go to the puddle underneath and take it across to reach another area of the forest. Take the path down first and use the itemfinder to locate a BIG MUSHROOM in the centre tile right next to the ledge, then go back and fight the ranger, who happens to have the evolution of Axew in his team. Defeating him will earn you a SITRUS BERRY. Afterwards you can head to the top right to get a MAX ELIXIR. Now, return to the entrance of this place.

    This time, head right. To the bottom right is a fisherman. Sacrifice his two Pokemon to the great goddess of experience, then head up. You should see a patch of grassland between a row of trees; pick up the MAX REVIVE in here, then exit this grassland and go up the left side. The patch of grassland on this side has a NUGGET hidden in the bottom right tile. Move over to the far right wall now and fight the ranger, who will give you a SITRUS BERRY for winning. That's all, but quite a lot of items for a small area like this. Head back to Icirrus City.

    ICIRRUS CITY: Heal up, because it's gym time! The gym is in the top left of the city.

    Icirrus Gym

    Trainer Pokemon: Cubchoo L35, Cubchoo L35, Cryogonal L35 | Cryogonal L37 | Cubchoo L37 | Cubchoo L36, Vanillish L36 | Vanillish L36, Vanillish L36 | Vanillish L36, Cubchoo L36

    We have us an Ice-type gym this time around, with quite an interesting puzzle compared to previous Ice gyms. As usual it is a sliding puzzle but there is actually not all that much emphasis on the sliding, as we'll see shortly.

    You can get a FRESH WATER of the guy as usual. Slide right up and you'll hit the curved barrier; these barriers will actually cause you to spin in a wide arc and hit places that you normally wouldn't be able to slide to. Convenient, eh? From here, slide right to a platform. Fight the trainer by here and then hit the orange switch. The switches in this gym will change the direction of the barriers, and you're basically told where to go by the ice tiles that have an arrow of sorts coming from them. So, head straight ahead from the switch to hit the barrier and be sent to the top right.

    One Battle Girl later, go right and slide on the ice to do a massive jump to the next platform! Fight the guy here and then slide right (any tile from the right hand side will do), up, right and up. Fight miss battle girl here, then (how many times have I said then in this guide!?) slide down (from where you are now) and slide right to reach a platform. Move around to the other side and slide to hit the barrier and get spun, then slide up to connect with the switch and rotate the barrier.

    From the switch, slide up, left and slide down from the pointed tile. You'll connect with the barrier and be sent to the top left. Ascend the stairs and slide on the ice to reach the final section.

    Beat the girl here, then slide left from the left hand side. You'll get onto a pointed tile; slide up to get spun around, then go right, up and right to hit the barrier again and get sent in a different direction. Slide up, and take this enclosed path up and slide to another platform. Fight the guy here, then hit the switch to change the barrier.

    Slide up onto the pointed tile and then down. From where you end up, slide left, down and left and it'll take you to the tile at the top. Slide up onto the walkable platform and go up the stairs to find the leader!

    • Rewards: $4680, TM79 Frost Breath, Freeze Badge
    • My Team: Emboar Lv. 46, Musharna Lv. 46, Excadrill Lv. 44, Lilligant Lv. 46, Carracosta Lv. 44
    VanillishLv. 37IceIce BodyFrost Breath, Acid Armor, Astonish, Mirror Shot
    CryogonalLv. 37IceLevitateAurora Beam, Reflect, Frost Breath, Rapid Spin
    BearticLv. 39IceSnow CloakSwagger, Icicle Crash, Slash, Brine
    • Yeah, I'm pretty overlevelled. Don't worry if your team is nowhere near mine in levels, you don't even need to be that high. Anyway, Brycen is an Ice-type specialist who has the three non-legendary Ice lines of Unova, all of which happen to be pure Ice. Not a whole lot of variety here, huh?
    • Brycen's signature move is a technique called Frost Breath. It is an Ice-type special move with 40 power and 100 accuracy. Sound weak? Of course it does, but this move is special in that every time it hits it is a critical hit. Frost Breath shares this effect with the Fighting-type Storm Throw, which you may know of if you've been raising a Throh (it's the only one that learns that move). Now, this could be a problem, but it's still only 80 base with the critical (120 with STAB.) That should hurt, but Brycen's Pokemon are so weak that it really won't do a lot. Cryogonal might be able to do some damage with it, but it's not likely to be much of a problem otherwise.
    • Ice-types have a weakness to Fire, Rock, Fighting and Steel moves. As far as things go they are one of the worst defensive types in the game. Moves such as Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Rock Slide or Flash Cannon will make quick work of this team, so if you have any Pokemon with those type of moves you could get a fair bit of EXP in this battle. The only thing I will suggest is that you should try to hit Cryogonal with physical moves if possible, since it'll collapse easily to those but will withstand special attacks a fair bit. The other two really aren't a problem; Beartic is slow and while it has the 85 power, 90 accuracy Icicle Crash, it probably isn't going to be anything to worry about unless its Swagger takes you for an unlucky ride. For the record, it is quite likely he'll bring out Cryogonal last, despite Beartic being his main. I would say be on your guard, but there isn't really anything to guard against...

    Defeating Brycen will get you the Freeze Badge and TM79, FROST BREATH. Descend the stairs and go to the left; you'll find a slide that'll take you right back to the beginning. Exit the gym.

    ICIRRUS CITY: When you get outside the gym, you'll find Bianca and Cheren. They'll talk to you for a minute, then Brycen will also come out. The Shadow Triad suddenly appear, then vanish. Brycen and Cheren run off to Dragonspiral Tower in the north of Icirrus City; we'll be following them shortly.

    Heal up from the gym if necessary, then go up north.