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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 03/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. FAQ Info
    2. Version History
    3. Introduction
    4. Additions and Changes
      1. Seasons
      2. Experience System
      3. Other Additions / Changes
    5. Version Differences
    6. General Tips
    7. Main Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town
      2. Route 1
      3. Accumula Town
      4. Route 2
      5. Dreamyard
      6. Striaton City (2)
      7. Striaton Gym
      8. Striaton City (3)
      9. Dreamyard (2)
      10. Striaton City (4)
      11. Route 3
      12. Wellspring Cave
      13. Route 3 (2)
      14. Nacrene City
      15. Nacrene Gym
      16. Nacrene City (2)
      17. Pinwheel Forest (Outside)
      18. Pinwheel Forest (Inside)
      19. Skyarrow Bridge
      20. Castelia City
      21. Castelia Gym
      22. Route 4
      23. Desert Resort (Entrance)
      24. Desert Resort (Main)
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Route 16
      27. Lostlorn Forest
      28. Nimbasa Gym
      29. Route 5
      30. Driftveil Drawbridge
      31. Driftveil City
      32. Cold Storage
      33. Driftveil Gym
      34. Route 6
      35. Chargestone Cave
      36. Mistralton City
      37. Route 7
      38. Celestial Tower
      39. Mistralton Gym
      40. Twist Mountain (Entrance)
      41. Surfing for Treasure
      42. Mistralton Cave
      43. Pinwheel Forest (2)
      44. Wellspring Cave (2)
      45. Route 1 (2)
      46. Route 17
      47. Route 18
      48. P2 Laboratory
      49. Twist Mountain
      50. Icirrus City
      51. Route 8
      52. Moor of Icirrus
      53. Icirrus Gym
      54. Dragonspiral Tower
      55. Relic Castle
      56. Tubeline Bridge
      57. Route 9
      58. Opelucid City
      59. Opelucid Gym
      60. Route 10
      61. Route 7 (2)
      62. Victory Road
      63. Pokemon League
      64. *Spoiler*'s Castle
    8. Post Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town (2)
      2. Route 18 (2)
      3. Dreamyard (3)
      4. Relic Castle (2)
      5. Relic Castle Depths
      6. Cold Storage (2)
      7. Chargestone Cave (2)
      8. The Royal Unova
      9. Challenger's Cave
      10. Route 11
      11. Village Bridge
      12. Route 12
      13. Lacunosa Town
      14. Route 13
      15. Giant Chasm
      16. Undella Town
      17. Undella Bay
      18. Undersea Ruins
      19. Route 14
      20. Abundant Shrine
      21. Black City / White Forest
      22. Route 15
      23. Marvelous Bridge
      24. Pokemon League (2)
    9. Post-Game Content
      1. Swarming Pokemon
      2. Victory Road's Final Fight
      3. Final Fight in Nuvema
      4. The Battle Subway
      5. The Dream World
    10. Special Events
      1. Zorua and Celebi
      2. Zoroark and the Crown Beasts
      3. The Lock Capsule
      4. Victini and Liberty Island
      5. Keldeo and Secret Sword
      6. Meloetta and Relic Song
      7. Genesect and the Drives
    11. Challenges
      1. Nuzlocke Challenge
      2. No/Minimal EXP Challenge
      3. Mono-Type Challenge
    12. Credits

    Post Game Walkthrough (Continued)

    Giant Chasm

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    PiloswineIce/GroundCave Floor25%Level Up with AncientPower
    GolbatPoison/FlyingCave Floor20%Happiness
    SneaselDark/IceCave Floor10%Level Up with Razor Claw at Night
    DelibirdIce/FlyingCave Floor10%N/A
    LunatoneRock/PsychicCave Floor10%N/A
    SolrockRock/PsychicCave Floor10%N/A
    JynxIce/PsychicCave Floor10%N/A
    BoldoreRockCave Floor5%N/A
    ExcadrillGround/SteelDust Cloud100%N/A
    SeelWaterSurf30%Level 34
    SeelWaterDark Water ~ Surf60%Level 34
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Surf30%N/A
    DewgongWater/IceDark Water ~ Surf10%N/A
    PoliwagWaterFish65%Level 25
    PoliwhirlWaterFish5%Water Stone or Trade with King's Rock
    PoliwhirlWaterDark Water ~ Fish65%Water Stone or Trade with King's Rock
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    PoliwrathWater/FightingDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A
    • These Wild Pokemon apply to all inside areas of the Giant Chasm.

    The Pokemon in the Giant Chasm are rather icy, although there are also some things from the outside. Start by heading left; just a little ways there's a branching path where you can take the upper path around to a rock, which has a BIG MUSHROOM hidden on it.

    Continue along this left path and you'll come to a Strength boulder; push it in and collect the exposed STAR PIECE, then keep heading north. The path is pretty long. There's a hidden TINYMUSHROOM on one of the small rocks as you approach the upper wall.

    Taking the upper wall across, there's a Strength boulder to push and a STAR PIECE to collect, as well as a hidden TINYMUSHROOM on another small rock. There's also a second Strength boulder to push in and a COMET SHARD to get, which will sell for $25,000 when given to the guy in Icirrus City.

    There's a path split as you approach the right wall. Take the right path to find a ledge; jump off it and head straight down. You'll eventually reach a Strength boulder; push it into the hole to allow yourself access to both branches of the path. Take this new path through left (there's Surf water above if you want a Seel) and you'll reach a set of steps. Go down them and exit the cave here.

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    ClefairyNormalGrass, Tall Grass30%Moon Stone
    PiloswineIce/GroundGrass, Tall Grass25%Level Up with AncientPower
    DittoNormalGrass, Tall Grass15%N/A
    LunatoneRock/PsychicGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    SolrockRock/PsychicGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    MetangSteel/PsychicGrass, Tall Grass10%Level 45
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass85%N/A
    MamoswineIce/GroundShaking Grass5%N/A
    ClefableNormalShaking Grass5%N/A
    MetagrossSteel/PsychicShaking Grass5%N/A
    • This encounter list applies to the inside plains of the Giant Chasm.

    Strangely enough there are plains inside the cave, with some interesting Pokemon. Of note here is the possibility of Wild Metang, AND Wild Metagross! Of course, there's a spiteful trick with these two; their catch rate is a measly 3, meaning they're just as hard to catch as the majority of legendary Pokemon you will encounter. Get one if you wish, but they can be pretty damn annoying.

    There's fog covering this area, so it might be a bit irritating to navigate (it has no in battle effect though). Start by going through the tall grass on your left (note that the Wild Pokemon in the tall grass can reach as high as 65!) and pick up the MAX ELIXIR, then head north.

    There's normal grass too of course, and it's worth noting that the Audino here are the highest levelled ones in the entire game; they'll give good EXP if you beat one. If you encounter a Ditto, you may want to grab one, as there's a trade later on that you'll be able to use it in.

    To the top right of this left section is a MAX POTION to pick up. Jump off the ledge afterwards and head to the upper wall to pick up a REVIVE amongst some tall grass. Almost directly south from the Revive is a CARBOS, sectioned between some rocks. Afterwards, take the path to the right; there's a ledge but you don't want to jump off it. Rather, head through the tall grass and carefully go around the rocks here. Rather than accidentally jumping off the ledge, pick up the useful TM13, ICE BEAM located by here.

    Continue forward on the path now. Almost directly south is a FULL HEAL. Now, due to the wide open spaces, it's a bit hard to actually write a walkthrough here, so please bear with me.

    Continue going south. You'll reach patches of tall grass with a small rock on the side; keep going south. Eventually you'll pass through some tall grass and reach the southern wall; follow this wall across and you can find a MAX REVIVE hidden in the trees.

    Head out of here and head a little north, then go left. There's a useful TM03, PSYSHOCK to pick up in a patch of tall grass. Go left and up and jump over the ledge up north.

    There is a humongous patch of tall grass here. Slip into the tall grass near where you jumped off the ledge and go right; you'll come to a little clearing. Take it south and you'll find a hole with water. Approach it and all of a sudden a Pokemon will cry and a blizzard comes forth, transforming the entire area into a snowy wasteland. Now, you can either exit back into the main cave through the south-western exit, or you can see what is going on by going through the north-eastern entrance.

    The north-eastern entrance takes you inside another section of the cave. The encounter list is identical to that of the main cave - water included - but the levels are up by 10. If you head straight forward you'll come across a legendary! This is Kyurem, a legendary that has very little information shown about it in the game, but from several signs it seems likely that it is the third part to Reshiram and Zekrom, much like Rayquaza is to Groudon and Kyogre and Giratina is to Dialga and Palkia. It can be a pretty tough legend to catch, but have a go at it if you think you're prepared. I'd recommend saving before taking this one on.

    • Level: 75
    • Type: Dragon / Ice
    • Ability: Pressure
    • Moves: Glaciate / Dragon Pulse / Imprison / Endeavor
    • Base Stats: 125 HP / 130 Attack / 90 Defense / 130 Special Attack / 90 Special Defense / 95 Speed
    • Excluding special event Pokemon, Kyurem is the last Pokemon in both the Unova Dex and the National Dex at a high number of #646, as well as the highest levelled Wild Pokemon you will encounter in the entire game at 75. It's relatively powerful, to say the least.
    • Now, can you see the evidence for Kyurem being related to Reshiram and Zekrom? There are two particularly big things I can point out. The first is the colours; Reshiram is White, Zekrom is Black. What colour is Kyurem on the whole? Grey. What colour is between Black and White? Grey. The colour certainly matches, giving it a possibility of being the legendary the third version of B/W focuses on. When you consider the last two third version mascots have been the third legendary of the trio, it seems very likely Kyurem is the third of the trio. There's also one very obvious link - the music that plays when you fight Kyurem. Most legendaries have a standard theme, but there are three distinct legendaries that have their own theme, namely Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem! The three of them share the same music (with some very slight differences in the background), further solidifying the theory.
    • Of course, compared to Reshiram and Zekrom, Kyurem hardly looks as imposing. There's a reason for this sighted ingame; legends tell that Kyurem's incredible powers of ice overwhelmed it and caused it to freeze itself, severely weakening it. You might also notice that the left 'wing' is broken; it's shorter than the other one, and quite stumpy. In fact, Kyurem barely looks alive at all. Could Kyurem be the broken remains of the dragon that Reshiram and Zekrom were once part of? There's also the question found in some simple mathematics; adding Kyurem's base stats together gives you a total of 660, whereas all powerful legendaries - including Reshiram and Zekrom - are of the 680 base stat total (with Groudon and Kyogre being notable exceptions at 670.) Kyurem is definitely weaker than the other two, and the reasons for it being so will probably be explored in the third version. It might even get a new forme, fixing those base stats as well as giving it the so far unobtainable Ice Burn and Freeze Shock moves. Of course, it's all conjecture, but the evidence is quite strong.
    • Enough of the theory; returning back to the battle at hand, Kyurem is a Dragon and Ice Pokemon, giving it a few weaknesses. You can whack it with Dragon, Fighting, Fire, Rock or Steel to get a super effective hit on it; as far as things go it's a pretty bad defensive typing. Offensively it can be a bit more of a problem, as both Ice and Dragon have good offensive prowess (Dragon especially.) Glaciate - Kyurem's exclusive move - also has the ability to lower the speed of anything it hits, although it's a bit weak. There's also Endeavor, which will let it drag you into low HP with it. Not to mention there's probably going to be a rather severe level difference, amplifying the ferocity of its attacks.
    • You'll want to weaken and catch it ASAP. It has a 3 catch rate like most of the legendaries so it may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it's certainly not completely impossible. As always, status is the key to an easier capture.

    Once you somehow remove Kyurem, exit the cave (though I don't think you can get back to it once you leave and Kyurem has been captured, so make sure you've caught whatever you want.) You'll be atop a staircase; just follow the path around and jump off the ledge. Now make your way out of the Giant Chasm; either exit by foot by heading to the south-west exit or Fly out to Lacunosa Town.

    Once you can get back to Route 13, head to the way south-east of the route, and pass through the gatehouse to our next destination.

    Undella Town

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    WingullWater/FlyingSurf60%Level 25
    MantykeWater/FlyingSurf30%Level Up with Remoraid in Party
    WailmerWaterDark Water ~ Surf60%Level 40
    CorsolaWater/RockDark Water ~ Surf30%N/A
    MantineWater/FlyingDark Water ~ Surf10%N/A
    RemoraidWaterFish65%Level 25
    ShellderWaterFish30%Water Stone
    ShellderWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Water Stone
    LuvdiscWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    OctilleryWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A
    CloysterWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A

    Undella Town is a nice, relaxing seaside village... except in Summer, where tourists flood in from all parts of the region. You might also notice from the encounter list that you have one hell of a choice of Water Pokemon to get in this small town.

    Directly to your right when you enter is the Pokemon Center. As always, you can heal, though you can also get a PRISM SCALE by talking to the guy on the left side of the Poke Mart. Undella Town is also the only place where you can buy Dive Balls, which I reckon have a very nice design on top of being good for catching Pokemon encountered by Surfing or Fishing.

    On the left side, there is a girl facing the water you can talk to. She'll give you the last HM of the game, HM06, DIVE. Dive is used only once in the entire game and it's entirely optional, so feel free to stick it on some random HM slave. We'll get to using it soon enough.

    Enter the house above for a welcome surprise! The champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia, is currently visiting the Unova region, and she brings her special piano theme with her. She'll comment on her appearance here, stating that she is investigating Pokemon myths, as per her DPPt characterization. She'll then challenge you to a battle, with the option to refuse. I would highly recommend you say no, because it's unlikely you're going to be able to take her on at this point in time due to the extreme level difference. You can come back and agree to fight at any time. Whenever you agree to fight, you'll see the following:

    Reward: $15400
    SpiritombLv. 75Ghost/DarkPressureSucker Punch, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Double Team
    MiloticLv. 75WaterMarvel ScaleHydro Pump, Blizzard, Bulldoze, Dragon Tail
    EelektrossLv. 75ElectricLevitateWild Charge, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Flamethrower
    BraviaryLv. 75Normal/FlyingSheer ForceBrave Bird, Crush Claw, Shadow Claw, Retaliate
    LucarioLv. 75Fighting/SteelSteadfastExtremespeed, Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Aura Sphere
    GarchompLv. 77Dragon/GroundSand VeilDragon Rush, Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge
    • Cynthia also brings her champion music and Pokemon team from Sinnoh. There are two differences, however; her Roserade and Gastrodon/Togekiss (depending if you want to go by DP or Platinum) have been replaced with the Gen V Pokemon Eelektross and Braviary. Eelektross you will have definitely seen as Ghetsis used it, but Braviary might be a new one.
    • Cynthia still opens up with Spiritomb, as in DPPt. Its typing means it has no weakness unless you use Foresight/Scrappy and a Fighting-type move and Spiritomb has some high defenses so it may be a tough one to crack. Its offenses aren't too scary, although it does possess Double Team which is sure to annoy you if it gets going. It is perfectly possible to just setup on Spiritomb though; don't be afraid to do so if you think it might work.
    • Cynthia's Milotic returns once more and it can be as bitchy as ever. This time it is in high power mode, possessing the strong Hydro Pump and Blizzard moves. Of course, this means that there is every chance it might miss, but it's probably not something you should count on - especially with Hydro Pump, whose 80% accuracy is respectable. It does also get two new moves. Bulldoze is probably Game Freak's idea of allowing Milotic to counter Electric-types, but coming off Milotic's poor Attack stat it's unlikely to do much beyond reducing speed, not to mention Hydro Pump hits harder anyway unless the Electric-type either resists Water (Lanturn) or the Pokemon has a quadruple weak to Ground (Magnezone). You can probably ignore it being there. There's also Dragon Tail which you may remember from the Opelucid Gym; if it hits something that isn't behind a Substitute or has the Iron Barbs ability, then your Pokemon will be forced to switch out and be randomly replaced by another one from your team. Basically the same as Roar or Whirlwind, but with damage too. Milotic retains its usual weaknesses of Grass and Electric, but it also has an annoyingly high special defense. If you can strike it physically with either of those types, go for it. Otherwise, either smack it with a heavy special attack or with a hard physical assault. It's not incredibly fast, but don't underestimate its speed if you have a large level gap.
    • You might remember from before that Eelektross's niche is that it has no weaknesses thanks to Levitate; this means Cynthia has two Pokemon that have no weaknesses (sans things such as Mold Breaker or Gastro Acid coming into play.) This thing is slow, but has respectable defenses and pretty heavy offensive stats, so Wild Charge is probably going to hurt if it connects. Be wary of the other moves too, although they aren't as severe. If you can somehow get around Levitate's effects, smack it with Ground; otherwise, hit it as hard as you are able. Its defense and special defense are equal, so it doesn't really matter which angle you strie it from. Just don't use any of the types it resists, namely Electric, Flying and Steel. Also, just to state again, DON'T use Ground-type moves unless you can disable Leviate.
    • Braviary is similar to Staraptor in several ways; it has a high Attack strength and a Normal/Flying type, as well as use of the powerful Brave Bird. Braviary is however different in a few ways; it lacks Intimidate in favour of Keen Eye or Sheer Force, and is a bit slower in exchange for more bulk. Its defenses are weaker than say, Eelektross's, but it has quite a lot of HP. Basically, it can hit hard and it may not die incredibly quickly. Brave Bird is definitely the thing to watch out for, although Retaliate can also hurt when Braviary first replaces an opponent. The usual Electric, Ice or Rock moves will hit it for Super Effective and take it down with all due speed.
    • Lucario also returns, with a decent Speed stat and some good offenses, as well as an interesting type. Lucario remains weak to only Fire, Ground and Fighting moves, although any of them should do a number on it. Of note to watch out for is Close Combat. While it does lower Lucario's defenses, it will hurt when it connects. Then there's also Extremespeed to allow it to pick off low HP opponents. The other two provide some coverage on the Special side of things. Lucario can be a heavy hitter, but as far as things go it is pretty frail. Just watch out for its many resistances; hit it with something neutral at the very least.
    • Finally, we come to Cynthia's main, the almighty Garchomp. Garchomp ties with three other Pokemon for the highest levelled trainer Pokemon in this game, at a high Level 77. Garchomp was the pseudo legend of Generation IV and definitely deserved the title. With its 600 stat total spread out in the most ideal of ways, Garchomp became a bulky, speedy and powerful force to reckon with, becoming so dangerous that it ended up being banned in standard play. The in-game Garchomp were never quite so dangerous, but either way Cynthia's Garchomp is ready to rape you with Dragon Rush and Earthquake, both of which are a powerful 150 BP off of its scary 130 base attack. Then there's also Crunch and Stone Edge to provide extra coverage. If by some miracle you have a Steel-type that isn't weak to Earthquake then it should be able to mostly wall Garchomp, but it's going to be a tough foe to beat. Garchomp's primary weakness is Ice; strike it with any Ice move and it'll take a lot of damage. Otherwise, you can attempt to hit it with a Dragon-type move. It has no other weaknesses, however. This is probably by far the most dangerous Pokemon on Cynthia's team, and if you can take it down then you can probably win. Good luck.

    Once you defeat Cynthia for the first time, things will change. What occurs in this villa depends entirely on the season. If it's Spring, then Cynthia will be in the villa and rematch you once a day. She'll also have Shauntal and Caitlin as guests, who will share some dialogue with you. Notably, Caitlin mentions the Battle Castle, which is pretty much an irrefutable confirmation that Caitlin is the same Caitlin from the Gen IV frontier - not that we needed it. I will mention that Cynthia gives some great EXP, so it might be worth abusing time to face her again and again if you think you can handle her.

    In Summer, Cynthia is also in the villa, although she won't battle you, rather teasing you trying to decide what swimsuit to wear. She's also visited by Elesa, Skyla and Iris. They'll also talk to you, with Iris being excitable and running around constantly as usual. In Autumn and Winter, the villa is entirely empty. A bit of a pity you don't get another 'secret' trainer or something, but oh well.

    That's Undella Town's main feature, but there's a couple other things here too. The leftmost villa (two away from Cynthia's) is populated in Summer (it'll be empty any other season) with three people, one of which will ask for a Chillaccino, giving you a Munchlax in exchange. This is the only way to obtain Munchlax or Snorlax in Black/White, so it's a worthwhile trade.

    A bit left is some grassland on a slightly higher plain. If you head up past the sign here you can find an item hidden quite sneakily among these flowery hedges; this is the BIG NUGGET, which can be sold for a fair amount to the collector in the Icirrus City Pokemon Center.

    Outside the villa (the big building to the left) you will see two people. The girl is just some random NPC, but if you talk to the guy he'll fight you with a Level 60 Buizel. Defeating him earns you a rather surprising $12,000. Rich kid.

    After the fight he leads you into the giant villa where he shows you around a little. An event has now been activated; there are six members to this guy's family (including himself) and other the next six days you can fight them. Defeating this kid alone was the first day; when the clock goes past midnight you can then fight the kid and who I believe is his sister in a row. Then the third day has you fighting them two and a third person; then the next day is them three and the fourth etcetera until the sixth day, where you fight all six. If you defeat the sixth one, the event ends and you can't fight them again.

    The trick here is to lose to the sixth on purpose; this family's best use is farming cash off of them as they give an incredible $24,000 per fight. Since money hasn't been halved when you get defeated since Generation II, you can freely fight the first five with an Amulet Coin for $120,000, then take a mostly negligible loss by losing on the sixth. Of course, if you don't care about the money then by all means crush them as soon as you can. Though they give some nice EXP too.

    Their teams are as follows;

    • 1st: Buizel L60
    • 2nd: Teddiursa L61, Lopunny L61
    • 3rd: Bronzor L62, Kangaskhan L62, Golurk L62
    • 4th: Shuckle L63, Lickilicky L63, Krookodile L63, Politoed L63
    • 5th: Weavile L64, Excadrill L64, Heatmor L64, Vespiquen L64, Kingdra L64
    • 6th: Donphan L65, Bisharp L65, Lanturn L65, Tangrowth L65, Braviary L65, Haxorus L65

    There's also one more thing of interest in this villa. On the left side is a Black Belt guy who is the third item collector of the game; this guy collects ancient treasures and will shell out a hell of a lot of money for them. His desired inventory is as follows:

    Item NameSelling Price
    Relic Bracelet$100,000
    Relic Copper$1,000
    Relic Crown$300,000
    Relic Gold$10,000
    Relic Silver$5,000
    Relic Statue$200,000
    Relic Vase$50,000
    Black Flute$7,500
    Blue Flute$7,500
    Red Flute$7,500
    White Flute$7,500
    Yellow Flute$7,500

    I wouldn't recommend selling the flutes, but as you can see most of the other items sell for absolutely incredible prices, especially the crown. As it is, most of these items will appear unfamiliar, but we'll be able to pick them up pretty soon.

    That covers all of Undella Town, but there's still a bay to visit. Heal up if you need to and then head out of the town to the east; I'd recommend you bring something with Dive as well.

    Undella Bay

    Trainer Pokemon: Seel L64, Alomomola L64 | Shellder L63, Chinchou L63, Jellicent L63 | Wailmer L64, Wailmer L64 | Corsola L65 | Quagsire L64, Golduck L64 | Staryu L63, Wingull L63, Jellicent L63

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    WingullWater/FlyingSurf60%Level 25
    MantykeWater/FlyingSurf (Not Winter)30%Level Up with Remoraid in Party
    SphealWater/IceSurf (Winter)30%Level 32
    WailmerWaterDark Water ~ Surf (Not Winter)90%Level 40
    MantineWater/FlyingDark Water ~ Surf (Not Winter)5%N/A
    WailmerWaterDark Water ~ Surf (Winter)60%Level 40
    SealeoWater/IceDark Water ~ Surf (Winter)30%Level 44
    WalreinWater/IceDark Water ~ Surf (Winter)5%N/A
    WailordWaterDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    RemoraidWaterFish65%Level 25
    ShellderWaterFish30%Water Stone
    ShellderWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Water Stone
    LuvdiscWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    OctilleryWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A
    CloysterWaterDark Water ~ Fish5%N/A

    Undella Bay is pretty much the closest to a water route there is in Unova, aside from Route 17 and parts of 18 of course. As you might expect, there are plenty of swimmers here with Water Pokemon, so this might be a good time to train any Grass or Electric-type Pokemon in your party.

    Activate your itemfinder as soon as you get into the bay boundary. It'll lead you to a hidden PEARL on the coast, as well as a hidden STARDUST just a little further up.

    Head up to the northern part of the shoreline, then Surf onto the water. A bit to the right you'll see a female swimmer by the rocks. Take her two Water-types down, then use the itemfinder and check this small alcove surrounded by rocks to find a hidden HEART SCALE on the bottom right face of one of the border rocks. The rest of this is all trainers now, so feel free to skip a few paragraphs if you don't care about EXP.

    Head down so you can Surf right past these rocks. You'll notice a dark spot of water. Those of you who have played RSE may notice this looks like a Dive spot and it is indeed a Dive spot, which we will be visiting soon enough.

    Continue Surfing right for now past this Dive and you should come into view of two swimmers; a female one below and a male one up north. Take out both. You'll see another Dive spot; again, ignore it for the moment.

    Surf east from the male swimmer to find another female one. Take down her Corsola and then head down and slightly left for a male swimmer. Knock his Pokemon out and then terrorize the other male swimmer just a bit to the bottom left.

    That's all of the trainers, so now it's time to try out Dive. I'd recommend you have Flash and Strength on you too if you want to cover everything. Go to the diving spot that is leftmost in the bay (they're arranged in a sort of diamond formation, minus the lines). When you feel ready, press A on the dark spot and say Yes to dive down.

    NOTE: If my descriptions are terrible or you just plain can't find your way regardless, take a look at the map of the area by Mew Jadester on GameFAQs. The link is:


    Be sure to give him a recommendation by clicking the section at the top if it helps you!

    No Pokemon or trainers are in this place, but there are a hell of a lot of items to pick up. The Undersea Ruins is an interesting puzzle - it's basically a maze where you need to use certain moves to get down to the lower floors. The first floor is full of the plate items, containing the remaining fourteen plates out of the sixteen total.

    Dive has also changed a bit; it's now step based, and when those steps run out you will have to come in several times in order to collect every single item in here. To maximize distance, keep in the middle of the paths, hugging the walls wherever applicable when you have to change direction. At least, I think that's how it'd work.

    Start by just pushing forward. You'll take a very spiral entrance into the ruins themselves. The music even becomes somewhat Egyptian like as it gets further into it; it's a track I'm quite fond of.

    Once you get into the ruins, continue heading forward. Remember, do not waste steps! There's a purple wall you'll come to with some writing on it, but I have no idea what it says. Keep following the path until you come to a crossroads.

    Take the path down. You'll see a pillar; go south past it to come to a dead end with a ZAP PLATE. Go back a bit and take the path to the right of the purple pillar. There's a RELIC COPPER to pick up on this path. Continue north and you'll see another purple wall; take this route going right past it and go down to reach another dead end, this time with a FLAME PLATE.

    Head back up and left past the purple wall, then head as far north as you can. There's a DREAD PLATE to pick up just north of yet another purple pillar. For the record, when the screen shakes and a message pops up, it is sort of counting down to how long you have left underwater. There will be four shakes before you get kicked out of the area.

    Return to where the Flame Plate was now and this time take the route north just north of the purple wall. You'll come to another split leading in three directions not including the direction you just came in; take the right one for a dead end with an IRON PLATE. Get back onto the split path and this time head straight up until you hit the wall, then go directly left for an RELIC SILVER. That's all of the stuff we can effectively get from this western entrance, so swim around a bit until time runs out.

    You'll end up back in Undella Bay; this time head to the southern entrance located at the bottom part of the middle of the water. Dive down here and again push up to take the spiral into the ruins.

    Again, keep heading forwards until you reach a crossroads. Begin by going right and grabbing the RELIC COPPER just below the purple pillar here, then return to the crossroads and take the left path, following it right to the bottom left corner for a FIST PLATE.

    Head right and take this path up until you reach a purple wall, then head right, going past the crossroads and the alternate path down until you get a chance to move up instead. Take this path up and then go left for an RELIC GOLD.

    Head straight right now until you hit a wall, then move up and go left as soon as possible. Go straight left without stopping to reach a MEADOW PLATE, then head straight back right until you hit a wall again. Head up and go right the first chance you get, picking up the ICICLE PLATE located just north when you go to the right.

    Head down and go right as soon as possible to reach an up/down path split. Take it up and right for an RELIC SILVER, then go down and right as soon as possible. Follow this path and go straight down (ignoring all possible alternate routes) to reach a SPOOKY PLATE. That's everything for the southern entrance, so either swim around a lot or exit out the ruins. When you get back into the bay, use Dive to go down the eastern entrance.

    Once again, do the spiral path to get into the ruins and follow the path until you reach your first crossroad. Start by going up and then left ASAP. Keep straight left to get another RELIC COPPER, then go right and up ASAP. Follow this path moving up wherever possible. You'll reach a purple wall and a path split; the left one holds an RELIC SILVER while the right holds the SKY PLATE.

    Now, head down, following the path. When you have to choose between left or right, take the right path and continue heading down as much as you can. You'll reach the crossroads from the beginning; take it left then go down ASAP. You'll soon have a choice between down and right. Down is a dead end, so go right and follow this path until you have a choice between left and down. Take the left path first and grab the EARTH PLATE, then go down and keep going down until you reach the TOXIC PLATE.

    That's all for the eastern entrance, so now exit the ruins and head for the northern entrance in the waters of the bay. Dive in, take the spiral path, then follow through the ruin path until you reach the crossroads.

    Take the path right when there's a split and head down to get a STONE PLATE, then return to the split and go down. You'll have a choice between left and down. Go left, then up for a choice between left and up. Go up, then right and pick up the RELIC COPPER just in front of the purple wall.

    Return to the left/up choice and this time go left. Make your way to the top left wall by any means necessary; there's a RELIC GOLD to pick up in this corner.

    Head back to the left/down split now (near where we got the copper) and this time go down. Follow this path, taking the path up - going right is a dead end - and then go up again ASAP. The top right of this enclosed section has an INSECT PLATE to pick up.

    Come out of this enclosed section and then go right, and down ASAP. When you get another split, take the left path, going straight left and following this path until you get a MIND PLATE positioned in front of a purple wall.

    Go back until you reach the first part with a choice between right, down and left (where you came from) and take it down. You'll come out to a more open section. Head up and you'll find a RELIC STATUE slightly tucked away, the second most valuable item of them all.

    Go back to the open area and slightly down, then right when you can and grab the RELIC GOLD. We're running out of steps, so we'll have to move carefully. Move back a little so you can head down, then do so and go right when the chance comes. Straight right is a RELIC VASE to pick up, and with that we have picked up every item in the first floor of the ruins!

    Yeah, that's right. First floor. There's another three floors, although at any rate we have picked up every single one of the plates now. Exit the ruins somehow or almost drown and get kicked out to get back to the bay.

    Now we need to take a path that allows us to get to the centre pillar as soon as possible. As such, I would recommend the use of the western entrance in Undella Bay. Dive down it, then keep going until you reach the crossroads. Try to follow my steps as specifically as you can, as it's rather irate as to whether you've gotten there quick enough or not.

    Go straight right until you hit a wall, then up past a purple pillar, then right and up. Go up and take the second right, then follow this path until you have a choice between right and down. Go straight down until you hit the southern wall, then go right and follow this path to come across a purple pillar pushed a bit back from the others. Interact with it and it should slide out of the way, allowing you access. (Unfortunately you do seem to have need to have gotten there very fast in order for it to shift; if it won't budge, exit the ruins and try again.)

    Continue up now that the pillar has moved and a message will come on screen; select Yes and you'll float up to the next floor of the ruins.

    Now that we're finally on 2F, go down and take the first right, then up for yet another RELIC COPPER. Go back down then left and take the second turn down. Next, take the first right and pick up the RELIC COPPER, then head back out and move slightly down, taking the left and following this path to reach another RELIC STATUE.

    Return and take the first down you come to, then take the first up, then go right, then the next down you come to and pick up the RELIC BRACELET here, the third most valuable item of them all.

    Next, go back right and up, then left and up, then right ASAP and pick up the RELIC GOLD. Return out of this small section and continue north until you hit a wall. Grab yet another RELIC GOLD to the right and another valuable RELIC BRACELET by going left and then down.

    Head up north from the bracelet to get an RELIC SILVER. Now, your time is probably running out unless you ran out before. I'm going to assume you haven't yet, so swim around a bit to finish off the remaining time and get kicked out. We're not done with 2F yet, but we did not have enough steps to finish everything.

    Dive back down and make your way back to the pillar. It will have moved back into place, so again you'll need to rush to it to get it out of the way. Once you get back up to 2F, go down and take the first left, then go up and right to get another RELIC SILVER.

    Go down now and take the first right, then go down and take the first right. Go up as soon as you can and keep going up until the second right; take this and then go straight up, straight left and take the second down. Pick up the RELIC GOLD here, then come out and continue left, taking the last down and picking up the RELIC VASE here.

    You'll probably run out of time again. Once again, descend the western exit, reach the pillar ASAP and get back up to 2F.

    Back on 2F, head straight down and take the second right, then go up ASAP and take the second right. Go through this then straight up and straight left, taking the first down. Follow this path and you'll reach a purple pillar, which you can interact with but nothing will happen. What to do? Use Flash! The pillar will shift out of the way, allowing us access through. There's now a split path; take the upper path around and it'll ask if you want to move a floor. Do so to float up to 3F.

    From where you arrive, go down and left and pick up the RELIC VASE here. Next, go slightly down and take a straight right, grabbing a third RELIC BRACELET. That's $300,000 right there!

    Go back to the crossroads then go straight north and grab the RELIC STATUE. From there, go straight right (if you happen to get kicked out just dive back in and make your way back to 3F with all the same techniques as before) and grab another RELIC VASE in this top right corner.

    Go down, take the left turn and then go down again for yet another RELIC BRACELET. Go a bit more left then straight down; take the second right and go straight right for yet another RELIC BRACELET?! Go back left and take the second down, then go left and up for an RELIC SILVER. Go down to the wall, then straight left to find the last item on 3F, another RELIC GOLD.

    Now we just need to get to 4F. You might well get kicked out around here like I did. At any rate, I'm gonna start these directions from where we came up to 3F.

    From where you end up after floating up, go straight up to the wall, then straight right and take the third gap down. Go straight down to the wall, then left, then down again and take the right here. You'll come to a purple pillar. This time, use Strength! It'll shift out of the way, allowing you to float up to 4F, the final floor.

    4F is a very spacey floor. Head straight forward to collect the RELIC CROWN, meaning we have finally completed the Undersea Ruins. Now THAT was quite an area.

    Drown yourself or exit the ruins to get back out to Undella Bay, then head back to Undella Town, heal if necessary and get rich by giving the treasure to that guy in the big villa if you wish. The crown sells for the most, but is closely followed by the statue, bracelet and vase. Taking just those four items into account - assuming you got every single one of them in the ruins - you can make a total of $1,600,000 just by selling them to him. I have no clue where the collector gets his money from, but make full use of it! For the record, your money can go above the $999,999 barrier that was there in previous Pokemon titles, which is good considering the insane amounts you can get now. With no Game Corner, you don't even need to spend that much... For the record, the items in the ruins are finite - they never regenerate or anything. It's not like you'll need them to, though.

    At any rate, when you're ready to continue, go the southern parts of Undella Town to enter the next route, and begin the penultimate chapter of our post credits adventure!

    Route 14

    Trainer Pokemon: Barboach L62, Whiscash L62, Corphish L62, Carvanha L62 | Primeape L64, Scrafty L64, Poliwrath L64 | Numel L65 | Purugly L68, Espeon L68, Lapras L68 | Hippopotas L63, Piloswine L63, Probopass L63 | Absol L68, Dodrio L68, Walrein L68 |

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    GolduckWaterGrass, Tall Grass20%N/A
    JigglypuffNormalGrass, Tall Grass20%Moon Stone
    TropiusGrass/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass15%N/A
    MienfooFightingGrass10%Level 50
    MienshaoFightingTall Grass10%N/A
    AltariaDragon/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    DrifblimGhost/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    BeheeyemPsychicGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    ShuckleBug/RockGrass, Tall Grass5%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass95%N/A
    WigglytuffNormalShaking Grass5%N/A
    YanmaBug/FlyingSwarm40%Level Up with AncientPower
    BuizelWaterDark Water ~ Surf60%Level 26
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Surf30%N/A
    FloatzelWaterDark Water ~ Surf10%N/A
    GoldeenWaterFish70%Level 33
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    GoldeenWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 33
    SeakingWaterDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A

    Route 14 is a rather grassy, watery and sometimes foggy route. It's quite a nice one, I think, although there are some trainers here with some very high levelled Pokemon. I hope you have something with Waterfall here, as you will need it to get everything this route has to offer. There's quite a few interesting Wild Pokemon here too, not to mention you can catch Wild Mienshao and Beheeyem, which can certainly save you time if you're trying to complete your PokeDex.

    When you get up onto the first part with the grass, go down onto the bridge and fight the fisherman, then Surf on the water to the right and check the top right wall tile for a MAX ELIXIR. Get back on the bridge then continue down and follow the land path. You'll end up by a fighter on another bridge; beat his three (watch out for that speedy Close Combat Primeape!) and continue.

    There's a backpacker just ahead with a Numel. Once she's done for, head up the steps to the left. You'll reach a grassy part of the route; the tall grass is just above if you want to take a look in it. To the left is an Ace Trainer with some incredibly strong Pokemon; you may want to save before fighting. She has a Purugly, Espeon and Lapras, all at a very high level of 68. That Purugly happens to have both Swagger and Attract to try and disable you, so watch out! Go back to Undella and heal afterwards if necessary, since it can be quite a bitchy fight with all of those status effects flying around.

    Afterwards, go north through the tall grass and get on the water. Surf across to more land and pick up the REAPER CLOTH, then follow this land to the northern part, get on the water and Surf across to pick up an ULTRA BALL.

    After that, get back on the water and go up this waterfall to the left. Surf a bit left and you'll see the last sage! Get off on the left piece of land and talk to him. He'll give you TM08, BULK UP and get arrested by Looker, ending the sidequest. Looker's dialogue will be extended a tiny bit including farewells and whatnot, but that's it. There's no real conclusion to this sage quest, unfortunately. Maybe something extra in the third version?

    Continue left to fight a hiker, then get on the water and descend this waterfall. At the bottom, Surf right and you can find another Ace Trainer, a male one this time who also has three Level 68 Pokemon. Fight him if you dare; this guy is more offensively based, carrying an Absol, Dodrio and Walrein. You can get some pretty good EXP off of them, Walrein especially.

    After that fight, Surf across to the left side (don't jump off the ledge!) and you'll find an opening to a new area. Enter.

    Abundant Shrine

    Trainer Pokemon: Caterpie L61, Pineco L61, Scolipede L61, Spinarak L61, Masquerain L61 | Horsea L63, Ponyta L63, Sunkern L63 | Burmy L63, Sawsbuck L63, Tangela L63 | Yanma L63, Ledyba L63, Ninjask L63 |

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    ChimechoPsychicGrass, Tall Grass30%N/A
    VulpixFireGrass, Tall Grass20%Fire Stone
    NoctowlNormal/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass15%N/A
    StantlerNormalGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    CottoneeGrassGrass, Tall Grass (Black)10%Sun Stone
    PetililGrassGrass, Tall Grass (White)10%Sun Stone
    BronzongGrassGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    MurkrowDark/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass (Black)5%Dusk Stone
    MisdreavusGhostGrass, Tall Grass (White)5%Dusk Stone
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass75%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%N/A
    HonchkrowDark/FlyingShaking Grass (Black)5%N/A
    MismagiusGhostShaking Grass (White)5%N/A
    WhimsicottGrassShaking Grass (Black)5%N/A
    LilligantGrassShaking Grass (White)5%N/A
    NinetalesFireShaking Grass5%N/A
    SlowpokeWater/PsychicSurf30%Level 37 or Trade with King's Rock
    SlowpokeWater/PsychicDark Water ~ Surf60%Level 37 or Trade with King's Rock
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Surf30%N/A
    SlowbroWater/PsychicDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    SlowkingWater/PsychicDark Water ~ Surf5%N/A
    GoldeenWaterFish70%Level 33
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    GoldeenWaterDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 33
    SeakingWaterDark Water ~ Fish10%N/A

    The Abundant Shrine has another lot of new old Pokemon to find, including a new version exclusive in the form of either Murkrow or Misdreavus. Those two always seem to get split apart now. I bet neither will be in the third version too. Just like what happened in Platinum ;_;

    Anyway, head forward and around the mud patches, then take the path south and follow it around for the valuable TM35, FLAMETHROWER. If you get on the water by here, you can find a BALMMUSHROOM hidden in the upper wall. Use your itemfinder to locate the exact position if necessary.

    Get back on the land and this time go up north past the house and fight the youngster walking around the grass. Defeat his collection of bugs, then go right and pick up the HYPER POTION here. Go up the steps and check the left corner here for a TINYMUSHROOM, then go to the far right and up. Check the part in between the trees for another TINYMUSHROOM, then talk to the girl here to get in a fight.

    Return to where the youngster is afterwards and head left. Keep going on this path and you'll find a RAZOR FANG to pick up, then go up the steps and fight the Lass here. Fend off her Grass-types, then (I use then way, way too many times ffffff) continue up further and fight another youngster, again with bugs. Whatever happened to Bug Catchers? If you go into the tall grass, the top left corner (the wall tile) holds a TINYMUSHROOM for you to pick up. Hidden, of course. There's also a RARE CANDY hidden in the bottom right.

    If you head up the steps north, there are three kids who will mutter some stuff about the shrine by here. Once they've gone, get onto the water to the right. Land on the small bit of land in the middle and check the left part of the top tree for a hidden BIG MUSHROOM, then continue Surfing over to the right.

    You'll reach a section with more tall grass; there's a TM92, TRICK ROOM to pick up in the bottom right. That's everything for this area.

    ...Or is it? Of course, you're not going to have a random place like this without a legendary. Challenger's Cave is the only exception to the usual rule of a random dungeon holding a legendary! The legendary here is a little harder to access though. Remember when we released our Japanese god Pokemon (Tornadus or Thundurus) before, I mentioned there was a third named Landorus? Well, Landorus is here, but to get him you need both Tornadus AND Thundurus in your party.

    The problem is of course that you can only get one of the two in your game, as they are version exclusive. A trade is absolutely required if you want to get Landorus. You'll have to trade with a friend/person who has the opposite version; GTS won't work due to the fact you cannot see the other legend.

    Once you manage to obtain both, have them in your party and interact with the shrine. Landorus will appear and float down towards you, resting in front of the shrine. He won't fight you immediately and will stay there indefinitely until you defeat or capture him. There's just no way to make him appear without having both Tornadus and Thundurus in your party.

    If you've got him there and you feel prepared, give it a go and challenge him!

    • Level: 70
    • Type: Ground/Flying
    • Ability: Sand Force
    • Moves: Rock Slide / Earthquake / Sandstorm / Fissure
    • Base Stats: 89 HP / 125 Attack / 90 Defense / 115 Special Attack / 80 Special Defense / 101 Speed

    Landorus' stats are a bit different to the other two; while the other two have a 580 base stat total with identical stats, Landorus' are slightly rearranged, giving him greater physical strength and bulk at the cost of some speed and special attack, but Landorus' BST is 600. It's ability also powers up Ground, Rock and Steel moves in a sandstorm, and you might notice Landorus has Sandstorm, Earthquake and Rock Slide to use it with. Quite a scary moveset, especially combined with the Fissure move that can OHKO any of your Pokemon. The accuracy only gets better with the level difference. You'll want to be careful. Landorus has a couple weaknesses, however. Strongest of these is Ice, to which it is quadruple weak to. Then there's Water and... that's it. Ground and Flying cover eachother's weaknesses pretty well. Gliscor and Landorus got pretty lucky.

    As for the actual legend, Landorus is based on the Japanese fertility god, the Inari. One alternate romanization of the Japanese name of the area it rests in is the 'Abundant Shrine', which is a very possible reference to Landorus' origins. As with the other two, Landorus is nothing to do with genies, as much as it resembles one.

    Landorus is the same as any other legend; weaken, status, catch. You'll want to be careful of those powerful moves, but as it is there's only a handful of Pokemon who can resist the Ground and Rock combination including Flygon, Claydol and Garchomp. Try to sleep it so it can't attack if possible.

    Once you're ready to continue, head out the southern exit of Route 14.