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    Boss FAQ by Scottiedogg54

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    Pokemon Black/White

    Boss Guide Version 1.2

    Version History

    Version 1.0

    • March 15, 2011 - The guide began to be put on paper. The Introduction, Version Differences, and How to Use this Guide Effectively sections are complete. The Bosses section is complete through Leader Lenora.
    • March 16, 2011 - Fixed some errors and added the Conclusion section.
    • March 17, 2011 - Added the Leveling: Tips and Tricks section. Bosses section is complete through Cheren (7).
    • March 18, 2011 - Getting closer to being done. Added the Preparing for the Elite Four section, and the Bosses section is completed through Elite Four Grimsley.
    • March 19, 2011 - Added Elite Four Caitlin.
    • March 20, 2011 - The main game bosses are complete! All that remains is the post-game...
    • March 21, 2011 - Added the section on Bianca.
    • March 22, 2011 - Finished! This guide is officially 100% complete.

    Version 1.2

    • March 27, 2011 - Started the Overview of the Starters section.
    • March 28, 2011 - Corrected some errors. Overview of the Starters is complete.


    Pokemon Black and White were released in Japan in September, 2010. The game did not leave the country until March of 2011, when Europe and the United States got their hands on the game for the first time. I, being an American with no knowledge of the Japanese dialect, was forced to wait until this game came out in the States around a week ago.

    Finally, a week later, I had finished the game inside and out. Looking back on the game and what I had accomplished, I realized that there was something about Black and White that was different than most other Pokemon games (aside from Colosseum): its difficulty.

    The main section section of the game is not particularly difficult; it is the post-game battles that are especially tricky. I presume that Game Freak thought that most players would immediately import players from their old games, and wouldn't have any trouble taking down the post-game trainers whose Pokemon have around 20+ levels on the "Elite Four" that you just beat. This guide is written for those of you who stuck with your Unova roots, toughed it out, and beat all of the post-game content with your original, underleveled team.



    Version Differences

    Like all Pokemon games, Black and White have their differences.

    Black City and White Forest

    The main differences between Black and White are the version-exclusive Black City and White Forest (you can probably guess which one goes with which game). As you probably guessed, Black City is exclusive to Black, and White Forest is exclusive to White. Black City is battle-heaven. Trainers roam the streets, challenging you if you speak with them. White Forest is a more peaceful, rustic area. In the forest you will find plenty of wild Pokemon (all at level 5) that cannot be found anywhere else.

    However, it is important to note that by using the Entralink, the areas may be changed. In other words, using the Entralink allows Black players to enter the White Forest, and White players to go to Black City.

    Opelucid City

    The city takes on a futuristic setting in Black, but it has a rustic look to it in White. While the change is mostly aesthetic, there are slight differences in the people of the area and the Battle House has different styles of battles. Also, a certain character wants you to bring him a Pokemon with Charge. In Black, he wants it so he can travel back in time. In White, he wants to travel back to his own time. Interesting, no?

    Opelucid City Gym Leaders

    In Black, the gym leader of Opelucid will be Drayden: an older-looking white haired man. In White, the gym leader is Iris: a young girl with purple hair. The change really doesn't mean anything, as they carry the same Pokemon with exactly the same movesets.

    Triple and Rotation Battles

    The fifth generation of Pokemon introduced triple and rotation battles. There are exactly five (triple and rotation combined) of these battles in each version of the game. Black is more rotation battle based, having four rotations and one triple. White favors triple battles, as it has four triples and one rotation.

    'Spoilers!' Pokemon

    In one of the game's final battles, the opponent will lead with Zekrom if you are playing Black or Reshiram if you are playing White.

    Version-Exclusive Pokemon

    Pokemon Exclusive to BlackPokemon Exclusive to White

    That just about wraps up all the changes in between the versions.

    How to Use this Guide Effectively

    Before I go any further, let me remind you that this is a boss guide, not a full Walkthrough, and this guide will not try to be anything else. In this section I will explain some of the charts that will be used in the guide, and I will also show you how to find certain bosses easily.

    Finding Your Boss

    Having trouble finding a boss in this guide? Never fear, it is a fairly simple task. First, check the area that your boss is located in. Let's say that you are looking for the section on Z in New York. Scan the "Bosses" section of the "Table of Contents" on the right side of your browser's page and find "New York." Under New York you should see a sub-section titled "Z," like this:

    5. Bosses

    13. New York

    1. Z

    Then you would click on "Z" and voila! You are should be looking at the page on Z (who, as with New York, do not exist in this game and were merely used as examples).

    Reading the Charts

    You take one look at the section on the first boss, and you're like, "Wha?" If that was your first reaction, look no further than this section. They say a picture is like one thousand words, so I will provide a picture as well as my comments. The numbers (for example, [01]) in the picture correspond with the numbered comments below.

    Example [01]
    • L9,001 Pikachu [02]
      • Electric [03]
      • Surf, Fly, Volt Tackle, Splash [04]
    • L2 Magikarp
      • Water
      • Giga Impact, Frenzy Plant, V-Create, Nasty Plot

    Recommended Level: 65 [05]

    Recommended Types: Ground, Grass [06]


    My PokemonLevel
    • Z is Pokemon Purple's final boss. He has a Pikachu with a level OVER NINE THOUSAND! Try hitting it with attacks. That usually helps you win. [08]

    [01] The name of the boss.

    [02] The name and level of the boss's Pokemon.

    [03] The type of the above Pokemon.

    [04] The moves of the above Pokemon. On a side note, in some of the lower key, easy boss fights, I will not always list the moves known by the enemy Pokemon.

    [05] The level I recommend being at before taking on this boss.

    [06] These types are recommended to use against this boss.

    [07] This list shows my Pokemon and their levels. More than anything, this is here to show you what an average leveled (meaning no grinding, but fighting every trainer) Pokemon team looks like at a certain point in the game.

    [08] My instructions on how to win the battle at hand. Usually this section will provide information on how to defeat each individual Pokemon, and will also tell you what to watch out for and how to prepare. The future sections will also be more informative than the one above, so don't close the window out just yet.

    At long last, the boring introductory segments of the guide are done. On to the bosses!

    Overview of the Starters

    Having trouble figuring out which starter to choose? Allow me to give you some insight.

    Snivy -> Servine -> Serperior
    Snivy (L17)
            '-Servine (L36)
    • Type: Grass
    • Base Stats (Serperior): 75 HP, 75 Attack, 95 Defense, 75 Sp. Attack, 95 Sp. Defense, 113 Speed
    Moves (Serperior)Level
    Vine Whip-
    Vine Whip7
    Leaf Tornado16
    Leech Seed20
    Mega Drain24
    Leaf Blade32
    Giga Drain44
    Wring Out50
    Gastro Acid56
    Leaf Storm62
    • Summary: Serperior is not for beginners. Serperior is at a disadvantage versus a whopping six [1st (Fire), 3rd (Bug), 4th (2/3 Flying), 6th (Flying), 7th (Ice), 8th (Dragon)] of the gym leaders. However, Serperior overcomes these weaknesses by learning a great move: Coil. With Coil, Serperior can eat physical teams for breakfast. Again, if you're looking for an easy time, don't pick Serperior. Serperior requires more strategy to play than just "use super effective moves."
    • Recommended Moveset: Coil, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Strength/Aerial Ace/Dragon Tail
    Tepig -> Pignite -> Emboar
    Tepig (L17)
            '-Pignite (L36)
    • Type: Fire/Fighting
    • Base Stats (Emboar): 110 HP, 123 Attack, 65 Defense, 100 Sp. Attack, 65 Sp. Defense, 65 Speed
    Moves (Emboar)Level
    Hammer Arm-
    Tail Whip-
    Odor Sleuth-
    Tail Whip3
    Odor Sleuth9
    Defense Curl13
    Flame Charge15
    Arm Thrust17
    Take Down28
    Heat Crash31
    Head Smash50
    Flare Blitz62
    • Summary: If you are new to Pokemon, Emboar is a great choice. His fantastic moveset and typing make him easily the best of the three starters, and he has type advantages over nearly half of the gym leaders. You won't be disappointed if you select Emboar.
    • Recommended Moveset: Head Smash, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Brick Break
    Oshawott -> Dewott -> Samurott
              '-Dewott (L36)
    • Type: Water
    • Base Stats (Samurott): 95 HP, 100 Attack, 85 Defense, 108 Sp. Attack, 70 Sp. Defense, 70 Speed
    Moves (Samurott)Level
    Tail Whip-
    Water Gun-
    Water Sport-
    Tail Whip5
    Water Gun7
    Water Sport11
    Focus Energy13
    Razor Shell17
    Fury Cutter20
    Water Pulse25
    Aqua Jet33
    Aqua Tail45
    Swords Dance57
    Hydro Pump62
    • Summary: Samurott doesn't get many type advantages versus the gym leaders in this game, but is an overall good Pokemon. Unlike Emboar, you may need a supporting cast in order to complete the game, but there's nothing wrong with that. Samurott is more difficult to complete the game with than Emboar, but easier than Serperior.
    • Recommended Moveset: Swords Dance, Aqua Tail, Megahorn, Revenge/Ice Beam/Aqua Jet

    Once you've selected your starter, it's time for the bosses to begin!

    Bianca (1)

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L5 Oshawott
      • Water
      • Tackle, Tail Whip

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L5 Snivy
      • Grass
      • Tackle, Leer

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L5 Tepig
      • Fire
      • Tackle, Tail Whip

    Recommended Level: 5

    Recommended Types: N/A

    • Considering you only have two moves at your disposal and no items, there is only so complicated that this battle can get. Spam Tackle and hope that you don't get hit by a lucky critical hit. This battle is almost entirely luck-based; don't be surprised if you lose. Make sure to save the game before opening the package so you can restart if you happen to faint.
    Cheren (1)

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L5 Tepig
      • Fire
      • Tackle, Tail Whip

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L5 Oshawott
      • Water
      • Tackle, Tail Whip

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L5 Snivy
      • Grass
      • Tackle, Leer

    Recommended Level: 5

    Recommended Types: N/A

    • Again, you can't really do anything to control your fate in this battle other than to use Tackle over and over and hope you don't get unlucky.
    N (1)
    • L7 Purrloin
      • Dark

    Recommended Level: 7

    Recommended Types: N/A

    • N is not particularly difficult. Purrloin has Scratch, Growl, and Assist, but Assist only works when you have other Pokemon in your party, so it's useless here. Use Purrloin as an opportunity to level up your Patrat or Lillipup if you managed to catch them, as it isn't hard to beat. On a side note, if you plan on having Patrat or Lillipup do the dirty work, I suggest buying a Potion toensure that you survive.
    Bianca (2)
    • L6 Lillipup
      • Normal

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L7 Oshawott
      • Water

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L7 Snivy
      • Grass

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L7 Tepig
      • Fire

    Recommended Level: 7

    Recommended Types: N/A

    • Bianca has added Lillipup to her team this time around. The pup can actually do some damage with Tackle, thanks to STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) and a solid attack stat. Keep a Potion handy if need be. Bianca's starter has learned its first elemental-based attack, but it shouldn't be a problem for your starter who should also have its elemental attack.
    Cheren (2)

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L8 Tepig
      • Fire

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L8 Oshawott
      • Water

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L8 Snivy
      • Grass
    • L8 Purrloin
      • Dark

    Recommended Level: 9

    Recommended Types: Normal

    • Cheren is a bit trickier than Bianca, as you are up against a type that your starter is weak to. Lead with a Lillipup or Patrat to deal with the starter. Even if you can't kill Cheren's starter, you can bring it down enough to finish with your own starter. His Purrloin is almost identical to N's; use your starter to kill it easily.
    Leader Cilan/Chili/Cress
    • L12 Lillipup
      • Normal
      • Odor Sleuth, Bite, Helping Hand, Work Up

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L14 Pansear
      • Fire
      • Incinerate, Lick, Fury Swipes, Work Up

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L14 Panpour
      • Water
      • Water Gun, Lick, Fury Swipes, Work Up

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L14 Pansage
      • Grass
      • Vine Whip, Lick, Fury Swipes, Work Up

    Recommended Level: 11

    Recommended Types: Monkey From Dreamyard

    My PokemonLevel
    • Depending on your starter, you will fight Cilan (Grass), Chili (Fire), or Cress (Water). Lead with your starter and have it take down Lillipup. You've fought plenty of these before, but this one has a new move: Work Up. Work Up boosts both Attack and Special Attack; knock out Lillipup before it has a chance to get dangerous with its boosted stats. Remember the monkey you got from the Dreamyard? Bring it out to fight the gym leader's monkey. Use your elemental attack and there is really no way you can lose. Once you strike the finishing blow, you'll earn the Trio Badge as well as TM83 - Work Up.
    Cheren (3)

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L14 Tepig
      • Fire

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L14 Oshawott
      • Water

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L14 Snivy
      • Grass
    • L12 Purrloin
      • Dark

    Recommended Level: 13

    Recommended Types: Monkey From Dreamyard

    • Cheren is very similar to the gym leader you faced in Striaton. Have your monkey deal with his starter, then use your own starter to take out Purrloin.
    N (2)
    • L13 Pidove
      • Normal/Flying
    • L13 Tympole
      • Water
    • L13
      • Timburr

    Recommended Level: 15

    Recommended Types: Blitzle

    • N, like last time, is a pushover. If you caught a Blitzle on Route 3, you can Shock Wave through his entire team. Your starter and monkey can win this easily as well. Timburr has high attack, but his special defense is lacking. You shouldn't have any problems beating N.
    Leader Lenora
    • L18 Herdier
      • Normal
      • Bite, Leer, Take Down, Retaliate
    • L20 Watchog
      • Normal
      • Leer, Hypnosis, Retaliate, Crunch

    Recommended Level: 17

    Recommended Types: Roggenrola, Timburr, Pignite

    My PokemonLevel
    • Lenora leads with Herdier, who has Intimidate (cuts your lead Pokemon's attack in half). Bring in a special attacker (such as your starter) to deal with the doggy. Its Take Down can deal some nasty damage, so be ready with Super Potions. If you have Servine, you can stat up with Growth, heal when necessary with Potions, then blow out both Pokemon with Leaf Tornado. Pignite has Arm Thrust; throw in a weak Pokemon to absorb Intimidate, then swap to Pignite after it faints. Then you can freely Arm Thrust your way to victory. Oshawott/Dewott will have a bit more trouble here; bring in Roggenrola and/or Timburr as a supporting cast.
    • As for Watchog, this thing can be a royal pain in the butt. It's extremely fast for its level, you may want to use the X Speed you found earlier to get the first hit. It has Hypnosis, so bring in plenty of Awakenings. It also has Retaliate, which has its attack power doubled when an ally (Herdier) has fainted the previous turn. With STAB this is a monstrous attack, so you will probably want a weak Pokemon to eat the Retaliate. Once Watchog bites the dust, you'll earn the Basic Badge and TM67 - Retaliate.
    Leader Burgh
    • L21 Whirlipede
      • Bug/Poison
      • Pursuit, Screech, Poison Tail, Struggle Bug
    • L21 Dwebble
      • Bug/Rock
      • Sand Attack, Faint Attack, Smack Down, Struggle Bug
    • L23 Leavanny
      • Bug/Grass
      • String Shot, Razor Leaf, Struggle Bug, Protect

    Recommended Level: 21

    Recommended Types: Fire, Flying

    My PokemonLevel
    • If you got Victini through Wi-Fi, it will work wonders in this battle. Even at level 15, it's superior stats and Fire typing will absolutely run over everything in this gym. If you didn't get it, never fear. You can bag a Darumaka on Route 4 to do the job. Of course, if you started with Tepig, he should be your first option.
    • First up is Whirlipede. This thing isn't particularly dangerous; hit it quickly with Fire or Flying type moves before it gets a chance to hit you with Screech-boosted Struggle Bug or Poison Tail.
    • Dwebble comes out next. It's Rock secondary type prevents both Flying and Fire from trumping it; take your Darumaka or Tranquill out here in exchange for a Water or Fighting type Pokemon. Dewott, Sawk, Throw, or Timburr should defeat it easily.
    • Burgh's final Pokemon is Leavanny, who just so happens to be the Fire or Flying type Pokemon's dream opponent. Any Fire/Flying attack you hit it with will inflict quadruple (x4) damage; I murdered this thing in two rounds with a L18 Victini. If you don't have either type, you might be in for some trouble. Leavanny has high special attack, so bring in your most resilient Pokemon and/or X Specials. Win the battle to get the Beetle Badge and TM76 - Struggle Bug.
    Bianca (3)
    • L18 Herdier
      • Normal
    • L18 Munna
      • Psychic

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L18 Pansear
      • Fire
    • L20 Dewott
      • Water

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L18 Panpour
      • Water
    • L20 Snivy
      • Grass

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L18 Pansage
      • Grass
    • L20 Pignite
      • Fire/Fighting

    Recommended Level: 22

    Recommended Types: Fire, Grass, Water

    • Throughout the game, Bianca always seems to be one step behind you in terms of strength. Her levels are always somewhat lacking, on top of the fact that your starter trumps hers. This shouldn't be a difficult fight.
    • Bianca leads with Herdier; you've seen so many Herdiers that you should know what to do. Hit it with Fighting type moves and it will go down quickly.
    • Munna comes out next. If you don't have any Dark or Bug types, don't worry. This thing is a pushover and can be taken down by just about anything you have. It has Yawn, so be ready with your Awakenings.
    • The next Pokemon will be a monkey; its type will depend on your starter's type. The monkey you face will be super effective over your starter, so your monkey should be able to take it down easily.
    • Bianca's final Pokemon is her starter. Your own starter trumps it, so hit it with your elemental attacks to defeat it quickly.
    Cheren (4)
    • L20 Pidove
      • Normal/Flying
    • L20 Liepard
      • Dark

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L20 Pansage
      • Grass
    • L22 Pignite
      • Fire/Fighting

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L20 Pansear
      • Fire
    • L22 Dewott
      • Water

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L18 Panpour
      • Water
    • L20 Servine
      • Grass

    Recommended Level: 22

    Recommended Types: Fire, Grass, Water

    • Cheren starts with Pidove. If you have Roggenrola or Blitzle, you'll crush this pidgeon easily. As long as your Pokemon isn't weak to Flying, it shouldn't have trouble here.
    • Purrloin has finally evolved into Liepard. It isn't anything special, however. Crush it with your Bug or Fighting types.
    • Cheren's monkey and starter will be much more difficult than Bianca's. Cheren forces you to use Pokemon besides your starter, as your starter is the same type as his monkey and weak to his starter. Fortunately, your monkey trumps his starter and your other Pokes can deal with his monkey (who isn't terribly difficult to take down).
    N (3)
    • L22 Sandile
      • Ground/Dark
    • L22 Darumaka
      • Fire
    • L22 Scraggy
      • Fighting/Dark
    • L22 Sigilyph
      • Psychic/Flying

    Recommended Level: 24

    Recommended Types: Fighting, Water

    • Like last time, N uses Pokemon from the area you are in. You've fought all these Pokemon before, so it shouldn't be difficult. N leads with Sandile, take it out easily with a Fighting or Water type.
    • Darumaka is up next. This cute lil' guy packs a lot more punch than you might expect, so bring a Water type to resist it and take it down.
    • Scraggy is Fighting and Dark. Being a Fighting type he doesn't lack attack power, so it's best to counter him with a Flying Pokemon.
    • If you already paid a visit to Relic Castle, you'll know what kind of beast Sigilyph is. He has Tailwind to ensure the first attack, as well as Psybeam and Air Cutter. He can be pretty scary to take down; if you have a Dark type like Sandile you can get his weakness and (hopefully) bring it down without much trouble.
    Leader Elesa
    • L25 Emolga
      • Electric/Flying
      • Quick Attack, Pursuit, Aerial Ace, Volt Switch
    • L25 Emolga
      • Electric/Flying
      • Quick Attack, Pursuit, Aerial Ace, Volt Switch
    • L27 Zebstrika
      • Electric
      • Quick Attack, Flame Charge, Spark, Volt Switch

    Recommended Level: 25

    Recommend Types: Ground, Rock

    My PokemonLevel
    • Generation five's lack of Electric types shows up in Elesa. She has two identical Emolgas, both of which should be handled by Rock or Ground types (your Grounds will have to use non-Ground type moves, however).
    • Zebstrika is Elesa's main. The zebra is fast and powerful, keep your Grass types away as it can take you out with Flame Charge. Fortunately, a Ground type such as Sandile can really shut Zebstrika down. Claim the Volt Badge and TM72 - Volt Switch afterwards.
    Cheren (5)
    • L24 Liepard
      • Dark
    • L24 Tranquill
      • Normal/Flying

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L24 Pansage
      • Grass
    • L26 Pignite
      • Fire/Fighting

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L24 Pansear
      • Fire
    • L26 Dewott
      • Water

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L24 Panpour
      • Water
    • L26 Servine
      • Grass

    Recommended Level: 26

    Recommended Types: Fire, Grass, Water

    • This fight really is no different than from the last Cheren bout. Liepard has Fake Out now, so be ready to flinch the first round. Other than that, whatever worked last time will work again.
    Leader Clay
    • L29 Krokorok
      • Ground/Dark
      • Torment, Crunch, Swagger, Bulldoze
    • L29 Palpitoad
      • Water/Ground
      • Bubblebeam, Aqua Ring, Muddy Water, Bulldoze
    • L31 Excadrill
      • Ground/Steel
      • Slash, Hone Claws, Rock Slide, Bulldoze

    Recommended Level: 29

    Recommended Types: Grass, Water, Fighting

    My PokemonLevel
    • Be ready with Full Heals against Clay's first Pokemon, Krokorok. A Fighting type is a good choice to fight it, get the attack boost from Swagger, Full Heal off the confusion, then rip it up with a Fighting type move.
    • Palpitoad is 400% weak to Grass, so Grass Pokemon should lead your attack here.
    • Excadrill is scary. Fighting Pokemon are a good choice here, as are Waters. However you decide to take it down, be ready to lose some Pokemon while trying to drag it down. However you defeat it, you'll get the Quake Badge and TM78 - Bulldoze.
    Bianca (4)
    • L26 Herdier
      • Normal
    • L26 Musharna
      • Psychic

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L26 Pansear
      • Fire
    • L28 Dewott
      • Water

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L26 Panpour
      • Water
    • L28 Servine
      • Grass

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L26 Pansage
      • Grass
    • L28 Pignite
      • Fire/Fighting

    Recommended Level: 30

    Recommended Types: Fire, Water, Grass

    • Aside from a few more levels and a Musharna, Bianca is no different than the last time. A Dark or Bug Pokemon shuts down Musharna and you can defeat the other Pokes in the team in the same way you did in the previous battle.
    N (4)
    • L28 Boldore
      • Rock
    • L28 Joltik
      • Bug/Electric
    • L28 Ferroseed
      • Grass/Steel
    • L28 Klink
      • Steel

    Recommended Level: 32

    Recommended Types: Fighting, Ground, Fire

    • You've seen all of these Pokemon in the cave, and should know how to deal with them. A Fighting or Ground type Pokemon can sweep N's entire team.
    • Boldore has Sturdy, so don't expect to knock it out in a single round.
    • Joltik is an interesting combination of types. If you have a Fire type, use it here. Keep your flyers away, though, as it is part Electric. If you don't have Fire a Ground Pokemon works well also.
    • Ferroseed is a defensive Pokemon. A Fire or Fighting type can murder it, but keep your Ground types away.
    • Klink's Gear Grind attack can actually hurt, but it shouldn't survive long enough to do any damage. Fire or Ground types knock it out easily.
    Leader Skyla
    • L33 Swoobat
      • Psychic/Flying
      • Assurance, Heart Stamp, Amnesia, Acrobatics
    • L33 Unfezant
      • Normal/Flying
      • Leer, Quick Attack, Air Slash, Razor Wind
    • L35 Swanna
      • Water/Flying
      • Bubblebeam, Aqua Ring, Air Slash, Aerial Ace

    Recommended Level: 35

    Recommended Types: Electric, Rock, Ice

    My PokemonLevels
    • If you have an Electric type, Skyla is a joke. If not, it still is an easy fight.
    • Swoobat comes out first. It's quick and it knows Acrobatics, which is in my opinion the stupidest move ever created. It doesn't have a held item, meaning that Swoobat's Acrobatics power is 165 (110 plus STAB). Get something out there that can either survive the Acrobatics or outrun Swoobat and kill it on round one. Either way remove it quickly before it has a chance to be destructive.
    • Next up is Unfezant, who is a joke. It likes Razor Wind for some reason, a crappy attack that takes a turn to charge up. Eat it up with a Rock, Ice, or Electric Pokemon.
    • Skyla's last Pokemon is the biggest joke of them all, provided that you have an Electric type. It's stats are mediocre at best, so you should be able to outrun it with most anything an kill it quickly. If you don't have an Electric type like me, have one of your Pokes learn Charge Beam. I taught it to my Swoobat, who was able to solo this battle easily. Once you lay down the finishing blow, you'll get the Jet Badge and TM62 - Acrobatics.
    Cheren (6)
    • L33 Liepard
      • Dark
    • L33 Unfezant
      • Normal/Flying

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L33 Pansage
      • Grass
    • L35 Pignite
      • Fire/Fighting

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L33 Pansear
      • Fire
    • L35 Dewott
      • Water

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L33 Panpour
      • Water
    • L35 Servine
      • Grass

    Recommended Level: 36

    Recommended Types: Fire, Grass, Water

    • Cheren is back and... not really better than ever. The only difference between Cheren 6 and Cheren 5 is a few more levels and Unfezant. You've seen all of these Pokemon before, do what you did in the previous battles to win.
    Leader Brycen
    • L37 Vanillish
      • Ice
      • Astonish, Mirror Shot, Acid Armor, Frost Breath
    • L37 Cryogonal
      • Ice
      • Aurora Beam, Rapid Spin, Reflect, Frost Breath
    • L39 Beartic
      • Ice
      • Slash, Swagger, Icicle Smash, Brine

    Recommended Level: 38

    Recommended Types: Fighting, Fire

    My PokemonLevel
    • Brycen's Pokemon have high special defense (Cryogonal in particular), but lack defense. A Fighting Pokemon will utterly dominate here.
    • First up is Vanillish. If you're taking a physical approach, you'll need to kill it before its Acid Armors begin to stack up. It isn't particularly dangerous, so you shouldn't have any trouble here.
    • Cryogonal has mountains of special defense; keep your special Fire moves away from here. Any physical attack should defeat it easily.
    • Last is Beartic. The only thing this bear has going for it is its attack. Smash it with Fighting Pokemon. Stay away from Fires here, as it can and will hit you with Brine. Once it goes down, you'll earn the Freeze Badge and TM79 - Frost Breath.
    Bianca (5)
    • L38 Stoutland
      • Normal
    • L38 Musharna
      • Psychic

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L38 Simisear
      • Fire
    • L40 Samurott
      • Water

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L38 Simipour
      • Water
    • L40 Serperior
      • Grass

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L38 Simisage
      • Grass
    • L40 Emboar
      • Fire/Fighting

    Recommended Level: 41

    Recommended Types: Fire, Water, Grass

    • Bianca has done some serious training since you last saw her. With the exception of Musharna, all of her Pokemon have evolved into their final stage.
    • First up is Stoutland. It has Intimidate, and it also likes using Work Up. While it boosts itself, hit it quickly with your Fighting type moves. Although it has an impressive looking beard, Stoutland is nothing to be afraid of.
    • Next is Musharna. You've seen it before, and should already know that it likes putting things to sleep. A Dark Pokemon completely shuts it down.
    • Bianca's last two are her fully evolved monkey and starter. Your starter trumps her starter and should take it down easily. The monkey can either be defeated by just about anything, preferably a Pokemon that is super effective over it.
    Leader Iris/Drayden
    • L41 Fraxure
      • Dragon
      • Assurance, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail
    • L41 Druddigon
      • Dragon
      • Revenge, Night Slash, Dragon Tail, Chip Away
    • L43 Haxorus
      • Dragon
      • Assurance, Slash, Dragon Tail, Dragon Dance

    Recommended Level: 43

    Recommended Types: Ice

    My PokemonLevel
    • Fraxure is up first. Don't let it get carried away with Dragon Dance, or you'll be in trouble. Hit it fast and hard with Ice types or Dragon type moves from a non Dragon.
    • Druddigon, like the others on the team, have very high attack power. Get your Ice Pokemon far, far away from Druddigon. It has Revenge and it can do some serious damage. Use the other five Pokemon on your team to remove Druddigon and heal your Ice Pokemon if necessary. You're going to be needing it again in a minute.
    • Finally, Haxorus shows up. This thing is a monster. You're going to need to destroy it with an Ice type, but your Ice, unless highly leveled, may not even get a chance to attack. Bring in a quick Pokemon such as Zebstrika to paralyze Haxorus with Thunder Wave, then have your Ice do the dirty work. However you decide to do it, defeating Haxorus nets you the Legend Badge and TM82 - Dragon Tail.
    Cheren (7)
    • L43 Unfezant
      • Normal/Flying
    • L43 Liepard
      • Dark

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L43 Simisage
      • Grass
    • L45 Emboar
      • Fire/Fighting

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L43 Simisear
      • Fire
    • L45 Samurott
      • Water

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L43 Simipour
      • Water
    • L45 Serperior
      • Grass

    Recommended Level: 43

    Recommended Types: Fire, Grass, Water

    • Cheren mixes things up a little this time by sending Unfezant out first. Light it up with a Rock, Ice, or Electric type move.
    • Next is Liepard, which shouldn't be a problem. You've seen so many Liepards in this game that you should know exactly what to expect. Blitz it with Bug and Fighting moves.
    • The monkey comes out next. While it is fast, it lacks an offensive punch. Bring in something that trumps it for an easy victory.
    • Cheren has a fully evolved starter now that may prove difficult to take down. I used a combination of Rain Dance, Swift Swim, and Surf on my Seismitoad to take down Emboar. Water seems to be the choice for it. Serperior's defense is its big stat, and it will add to those defenses with Coil. Attack it with special attacks, preferably from a Fire type Pokemon. Samurott has Aqua Tail, so you'll want to bring in your Grass Pokemon to fight it.

    Preparing for the Elite Four

    Your journey has almost come to a close, but before you begin the "no turning back" end-game of Pokemon Black/White, there are a few qualifications that I recommend that you meet before attempting this challenge.

    • Don't consider bringing a Pokemon to the elite four unless it is level 40 or higher.
    • A team of six, versatile-typed Pokemon is highly recommended. The following types and Pokemon are the ones I would recommend using (types going from most valuable to least valuable):
    DarkKrookodile, Bisharp, Hydreigon
    FightingConkeldurr, Mienshao, Emboar
    GhostChandelure, Golurk
    GrassSerperior, Lilligant, Leavanny
    BugVolcarona, Accelgor, Galvantula
    FireEmboar, Darmanitan, Volcarona
    FlyingUnfezant, Mandibuzz, Braviary
    • Buy 20+ Revives, Hyper Potions, and Full Restores. A few Full Heals wouldn't hurt, either.

    Once you've finished preparing, get ready to face the elite four!

    My PokemonLevel
    Elite Four Shauntal
    • L48 Cofagrigus
      • Ghost
      • Will-o-wisp, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Grass Knot
    • L48 Golurk
      • Ghost/Ground
      • Curse, Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Brick Break
    • L48 Jellicent
      • Water/Ghost
      • Shadow Ball, Surf, Energy Ball, Brine
    • L50 Chandelure
      • Ghost/Fire
      • Payback, Fire Blast, Psychic, Shadow Ball

    Recommended Level: 45

    Recommended Types: Dark, Grass, Water

    • Cofagrigus has mad defense stats, but isn't much of a threat offensively. Be ready with Burn/Full Heals, as it will use Will-o-wisp. Waste it with your Dark Pokemon.
    • Golurk should be taken out by a Grass or Water type, thanks to its Brick Break. It has good attack, but its other stats are a bit lacking. It shouldn't prove to be much of a threat.
    • Jellicent has a wide variety of moves, but that shouldn't stop your Grass, Dark, or Electric type Pokemon. It's a durable Pokemon, but its attack stats shouldn't cause problems.
    • Finally we reach Chandelure. This thing has insane special attack; its weakness is in defense. Hit it hard and fast with a Water, Grass, or Dark type before it can do heavy damage.
    Elite Four Grimsley
    • L48 Scrafty
      • Fighting/Dark
      • Sand Attack, Crunch, Poison Jab, Brick Break
    • L48 Liepard
      • Dark
      • Fake Out, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Attract
    • L48 Krookodile
      • Ground/Dark
      • Crunch, Foul Play, Dragon Claw, Earthquake
    • L50 Bisharp
      • Steel/Dark
      • Metal Claw, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor

    Recommended Level: 45

    Recommended Types: Fighting, Bug

    • Fighting Pokemon completely own Grimsley. First up is Scrafty. Its defense is solid and it is fond of Sand-Attack. A Fighting or Bug Pokemon will defeat it without too much trouble.
    • Liepard can be annoying with Fake Out and Attract, but unfortunately I don't remember the gender of Liepard (if anyone knows, send me a message on gamefaqs). You've fought so many Liepards in this game that you should know how to deal with them. They're wimpy in every stat besides Speed, so a Fighting type will slaughter it.
    • Krookodile has Earthquake, which can cause some damage. If you have a Grass Pokemon, now is the time to use it.
    • Bisharp is everyone's favorite Terminator wannabe. It's low speed and typing are just asking for a Fighting type move to the fast. Provided that you strike first, it will die very quickly.
    Elite Four Caitlin
    • L48 Reuniclus
      • Psychic
      • Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunder, Focus Blast
    • L48 Sigilyph
      • Psychic/Flying
      • Air Slash, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam
    • L48 Musharna
      • Psychic
      • Reflect, Psychic, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball
    • L50 Gothitelle
      • Psychic
      • Calm Mind, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot

    Recommended Level: 45

    Recommended Types: Dark, Bug

    • Each of Caitlin's Pokemon have extremely wide varieties of moves, but with the acception of Sigilyph, none of them can get a super effective hit on a Bug Pokemon. First out is Reuniclus. It has good special attack, but you should be able to kill it before it can do much damage to you.
    • Sigilyph isn't so hard now that you have evolved your Pokemon. The best way to tackle it is with an Electric or Dark type.
    • Caitlin's Musharna, unlike all other Musharnas in this game, doesn't know a sleep-inducing move. Slam it with physical Dark or Bug moves for a quick kill.
    • Gothitelle is Caitlin's main, but it isn't particularly difficult to bring down. Like every other Pokemon on this team, bring your Bug or Dark Pokemon for an easy win.
    Elite Four Marshal
    • L48 Throh
      • Fighting
      • Payback, Storm Throw, Bulldoze, Stone Edge
    • L48 Sawk
      • Fighting
      • Karate Chop, Retaliate, Grass Knot, Stone Edge
    • L48 Conkeldurr
      • Fighting
      • Hammer Arm, Retaliate, Stone Edge, Grass Knot
    • L50 Mienshao
      • Fighting
      • Jump Kick, U-Turn, Rock Slide, Grass Knot

    Recommended Level: 45

    Recommended Types: Psychic, Flying

    • I know I said I recommended Flying types, but considering three out of four of Marshal's Pokemon know Stone Edge, it's best to stick with Flying type attacks from non Flying Pokemon. First up is Throh. Throh is a pretty slow Pokemon with tank-like stats. Its moveset is built for its lack of speed; Payback doubles when the user goes second, and Bulldoze lowers the foe's speed. Because of Payback and Stone Edge, I would consider using neither a Flying nor Dark type here. Simply use your best physical defender to bring it down.
    • Sawk is fast and powerful, but lacks defensive stats. It also doesn't have Payback, so feel free to use your Psychic type here.
    • Conkeldurr is a monster when it comes to attack (and large, red noses), and its wide variety of moves make it a threat to your entire team. Keep your Waters and Grounds away because of Grass Knot, Flyers and Bugs and Fires away from Stone Edge, and Normals and Steels and Ices away from Hammer Arm. How do you touch this guy? Bring in your Psychic type and hit him fast and hard. Conkeldurr has tons of health, so don't expect an OHKO. If your Psychic gets killed, stall until you can revive it. Bring it back out to put on the finishing touches.
    • Last up is Mienshao, a fast and powerful Fighting type. It has U-Turn for Psychics and Rock Slide for Flyers. As with Throh, I think your best physical defender is a great choice here (I used a defense-specialist Serperior with Coil to win this entire battle single-handedly). Mienshao is rather frail, so it shouldn't take much.


    Because I didn't want to spoil the ending for anyone who might accidentally check the wrong part of the Table of Contents, I decided to call this section "Endgame." Read at your own risk; there won't be any more spoiler warnings.

    N (5)

    If you are playing Pokemon Black:

    • L52 Zekrom
      • Dragon/Electric
      • Fusion Bolt, Zen Headbutt, Light Screen, Giga Impact

    If you are playing Pokemon White:

    • L52 Reshiram
      • Dragon/Fire
      • Fusion Flare, Extrasensory, Reflect, Hyper Beam
    • L50 Carracosta
      • Water/Rock
      • Aqua Jet, Crunch, Stone Edge, Waterfall
    • L50 Archeops
      • Rock/Flying
      • Crunch, Acrobatics, Dragon Claw, Stone Edge
    • L50 Vanilluxe
      • Ice
      • Blizzard, Hail, Flash Cannon, Frost Breath
    • L50 Klingklang
      • Steel
      • Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Metal Sound, Hyper Beam
    • L50 Zoroark
      • Dark
      • Night Slash, Flamethrower, Retaliate, Focus Blast

    Recommended Level: 48

    Recommended Types: Reshiram/Zekrom, Grass, Fighting, Electric

    • When the game asks if you want to swap Reshiram/Zekrom with one of your current party members, DO IT. N will lead with his own legendary, and, if you said yes, your legendary will be your lead as well. N's legendary does not know a Dragon move, while yours knows Dragonbreath. Two Dragonbreaths will send N's legendary to the scrap heap.
    • Carracosta is a Pokemon that you probably haven't seen unless you leveled one up yourself. It is Rock and Water, so it's pratically screaming at you to murder it with Grass type moves. It has incredible defense, so you'll want to attack it with special type Grass or Electric moves. It offsets its slowness with Aqua Jet, so if you fall down to low health, always heal as it will use its priority move to kill you.
    • Archeops has the Defeatist ability, which is very similar to Regigigas's Slow Start from Gen IV. Basically, if you let it live more than five rounds, it will go from dangerous to incredibly dangerous. Zekrom can take it with Fusion Bolt; if you're playing Black then your Water or Electric type will have to deal with it.
    • Vanilluxe is a pushover against Fighting types (it has Flash Cannon to counter Rocks, so keep them away!), so naturally that should be your choice here. Don't try pumping up your special defenses against it, as its Frost Breath cuts right through special defense boosts.
    • Klingklang comes out next. It can use Metal Sound to lower your special defenses sharply, followed by Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam, or Flash Cannon. Punish it with a Fire or Fighting type quickly before it has the chance to do serious damage.
    • Zoroark is N's last resort. Its Illusion ability allows it to look like another Pokemon in N's party, but its moves, stats, and weaknesses remain. One hit will cause it to become Zoroark again; hit it with Fighting moves for a quick win.

    N is defeated and the game is over, right? Wrong! Ghetsis shows up and challenges you to a fight that will determine the fate of the universe... no pressure.

    • L52 Cofagrigus
      • Ghost
      • Shadow Ball, Toxic, Protect, Psychic
    • L52 Bisharp
      • Steel/Dark
      • Night Slash, Metal Burst, X-Scissor, Stone Edge
    • L52 Bouffalant
      • Normal
      • Head Charge, Wild Charge, Poison Jab, Earthquake
    • L52 Seismitoad
      • Rain Dance, Sludge Wave, Muddy Water, Earthquake
    • L52 Elektross
      • Wild Charge, Crunch, Flamethrower, Acrobatics
    • L54 Hydreigon
      • Dark/Dragon
      • Fire Blast, Surf, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse

    Recommended Level: 48

    Recommended Types: Reshiram/Zekrom, Fighting, Grass, Dark

    • This is it, the end of the game. Aside from N in the previous bout, Ghetis is the only trainer in the main storyline that possesses six Pokemon. Can you match him Pokemon for Pokemon?
    • Cofagrigus is his lead. Reshiram/Zekrom will still be your lead, but take it out and bring in a Dark type. You'll be needing Fusion Bolt/Flare for Ghetsis's later Pokemon. A Dark type will have no trouble here. Keep Full Heals ready for Toxic and you should have an easy time.
    • The afro-sporting bull Bouffalant is next. Keep all Grass type Pokemon away, as it has Sap Sipper. It also has Earthquake, meaning that it can do serious damage to your legendary Pokemon. Bring in a Fighting type to take it down.
    • Seismitoad has high health and only one weakness: Grass. Pummel it with Grass moves for an easy win.
    • You've seen Bisharp before, and should already know that Fighting types will eat it alive. This Bisharp has no Aerial Ace, making it even easier to take down.
    • Elektross has no weakness, thanks to its lovely Levitate ability. Its high attack, no weakness, and myriad of attacks make this thing quite possibly the toughest Pokemon in the main game to beat. Throw everything you've got at it, minus your Fighting type. If you've been saving your legend, now is the time to use it. Cross Flare works well, but Zekrom is capable of bringing it down as well, thanks to resistance to Acrobatics.
    • Finally we have the psuedo-legendary Hydreigon. I've heard from other sources that this Hydreigon is a beast to take down. I OHKO'd it with a Hammer Arm from Conkeldurr. I recommend that you do the same. Not necessarily with a Conkeldurr or Hammer Arm, but with whatever Fighting type you have on hand. It either needs to be fast enough to outrun Hydreigon, or tank enough to survive its first hit. Either way, get in a hit, and if you die, revive and try again.

    Once the final hit has been delivered, Ghetsis will be taken into custody by Alder and Cheren. Congratulations! You've completed Pokemon Black/White.

    d--(^ _ ^)--b

    Bosses (Post-Game)

    Now that Team Plasma's evil plans have been foiled, it's time to retire to the peaceful life of rounding up sages and breeding Pokemon. Of course, if that gets as boring to you as it does me, why not try something different, like finishing up your unfinished business.

    The post-game bosses will be listed in terms of increasing difficulty. Basically, you should follow the order that I recommend, so that you'll have more experience by the time you reach the more difficult bosses.

    Before you fight any of these bosses, however, I strongly recommend visiting Black City/White Forest, as well as all of the routes on the east side of the map that were unavailable before the post-game. By defeating all the trainers in these regions you'll get the level ups required to be competitive with the post-game bosses.

    Bianca (6)

    Bianca appears in Professor Juniper's lab on Saturday nights after the game has been completed. She's improved a bit since your last fight, so be on your guard!

    Bianca (6)
    • L63 Stoutland
      • Normal
      • Wild Charge, Return, Surf, Ice Fang
    • L63 Musharna
      • Psychic
      • Yawn, Return, Dream Eater, Psychic
    • L63 Chandelure
      • Ghost/Fire
      • Return, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Overheat
    • L63 Mienshao
      • Fighting
      • U-Turn, Fake Out, Drain Punch, Return

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L63 Simisear
      • Fire
      • Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Return, Brick Break
    • L65 Samurott
      • Water
      • Aqua Tail, X-Scissor, Return, Aerial Ace

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L63 Simipour
      • Water
      • Surf, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Return
    • L65 Serperior
      • Grass
      • Coil, Leaf Storm, Dragon Tail, Return

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L63 Simisage
      • Grass
      • Energy Ball, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Return
    • L65 Emboar
      • Fire/Fighting
      • Flare Blitz, Brick Break, Wild Charge, Return

    Recommended Level: 60

    Recommended Types: Ghost, Water, Grass, Fire

    • All of Bianca's Pokemon know Return now, but it isn't threatening on anything but Stoutland. Stoutland has a pretty wide range of moves, including Surf, Ice Fang, and Wild Charge (an Electric move). Stoutland is best defeating by a Fighting type Pokemon.
    • As with the other six-billion Musharnas in this game, Dark Pokemon eat it for breakfast. Bisharp is especially good here, as it resists Return and completely avoids Psychic and Dream Eater. If you get Yawned on, it's no big deal. If you're using a non Dark type, go ahead and use a Full Heal/Awakening in order to avoid Dream Eater.
    • You've seen Chandelure before in the Pokemon League. Water types are your best bet, but Rock or Ground type Pokemon will work as well.
    • Mienshao can be a pain, considering it has three of the most annoying moves in the game (Drain Punch, U-Turn, and Fake Out). Its defenses are quite lacking, so hit it hard with a Psychic or Flying type before it causes problems.
    • Bianca's monkey will trump your starter, but by now you should have plenty of other Pokemon to deal with it. Use whatever trumps it.
    • Bianca's starter is easily whipped by your own. Leaf Blade/Surf/Flare Blitz will send it packing.

    Cheren (8)

    Cheren appears on Route 5 near where the music festival is going on. Talk to him and he will move to the top floor of Victory Road. After chatting with him and Marshal there, he will challenge you to a battle.

    Cheren (8)
    • L65 Liepard
      • Dark
      • Fake Out, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace
    • L65 Unfezant
      • Normal/Flying
      • Quick Attack, Air Slash, U-Turn, Facade
    • L65 Haxorus
      • Dragon
      • Outrage, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Surf
    • L65 Gigalith
      • Rock
      • Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Giga Impact, Earthquake

    If you chose Snivy:

    • L65 Simisage
      • Grass
      • Payback, Energy Ball, Brick Break, Rock Slide
    • L67 Emboar
      • Fire/Fighting
      • Flare Blitz, Head Smash, Brick Break, Wild Charge

    If you chose Tepig:

    • L65 Simisear
      • Fire
      • Payback, Flamethrower, Brick Break, Rock Slide
    • L67 Samurott
      • Water
      • Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, X-Scissor

    If you chose Oshawott:

    • L65 Simipour
      • Water
      • Payback, Surf, Brick Break, Rock Slide
    • L67 Serperior
      • Grass
      • Leaf Blade, Coil, Leaf Storm, Dragon Tail

    Recommended Level: 62

    Recommended Types: Ice, Fighting, Water, Grass, Fire

    • Cheren is considerably more difficult than Bianca, but that doesn't stop him from bringing out his ever crappy Liepard. It always leads with Fake Out; if you have something with Inner Focus (my Bisharp is my Liepard killer), you can avoid the flinching. It has Aerial Ace to counter Fighters, but it's so weak that it shouldn't matter.
    • Unfezant is obnoxious, to say the least. It loves U-Turn, so if you have a fast Electric or Ice Pokemon, now is the time to use it. It isn't difficult to take down, it's just difficult to keep on the battlefield.
    • Haxorus is a monster. It's 147 base attack speaks for itself, and a diverse move pool makes it even harder to beat. It's well equipped to defeat anything that might trump it. If you have a fast and powerful Ice type you can go for the one hit kill, or try a more methodical approach with a Pokemon that isn't weak to any of its moves (Fighting, Water, and Ghost to name a few). Make sure the Pokemon you choose has solid defense stats, or it will get killed rather quickly.
    • Gigalith is a pesky fellow. He loves his Stealth Rock, which can cause problems for the rest of the battle. Thanks to his ability, Sturdy, he is insured to get at least one attack in on you (usually Stealth Rock). Hit it with special attacks from a Grass or Water Pokemon.
    • Cheren's monkey always comes prepared with a diverse move pool. Bring in a Fire, Water, or Grass type that trumps it for an easy kill.
    • If you picked Serperior like I did, I feel bad for you. Cheren's Emboar can be a major pain, thanks to having Electric, Fighting, Fire, and Rock type moves. A Ground type is hands-down the best way to go against it. Serperior has Dragon Tail, which can get annoying but doesn't do much damage. Don't let Serperior get carried away with Coils, however, or you could be in trouble. Hit it with special attacks from a Bug or Fire Pokemon. Samurott is best taken down by an Electric type, thanks to X-Scissor.


    Who is Morimoto, you ask? Mr. Morimoto is one of Gamefreak's developers, who has been working on Pokemon since day one. Obviously, he deserves the honor of being one of the toughest trainers in the game. You can find Morimoto in the GAME FREAK staff building in Castelia City. You may fight him once daily.

    • L75 Liepard
      • Dark
      • Night Slash, Fake Out, Sucker Punch, Grass Knot
    • L75 Simisage
      • Grass
      • Payback, Energy Ball, Crunch, Acrobatics
    • L75 Simisear
      • Fire
      • Payback, Flamethrower, Crunch, Acrobatics
    • L75 Simipour
      • Water
      • Payback, Surf, Crunch, Acrobatics
    • L75 Swoobat
      • Psychic/Flying
      • Air Slash, Psychic, Endeavor, Psyshock
    • L77 Zebstrika
      • Electric
      • Pursuit, Giga Impact, Wild Charge, Flame Charge

    Recommended Level: 68

    Recommended Types: Electric, Ground, Fire, Grass, Water

    • Liepard... again... this one has no Aerial Ace, so pound it into the ground with a Fighting type.
    • Each of the three elemental monkeys is equipped with a Petaya Berry, meaning that once its HP goes under one-third, the berry boosts special attack. Since the monkey no longer has a held item, it also boosts the power of Acrobatics. Proceed with extreme caution against each monkey; try to kill them without activating their berries.
    • Swoobat is quick, but nothing else. A Dark type like Hydreigon or Bisharp destroys it easily.
    • Last but not least is Zebstrika. This thing is very quick and very powerful. Bring in a Ground type Pokemon to fight it. If you happened to have brought in a Golem from a previous version, it can work wonders against Zebstrika.