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    Boss FAQ by Scottiedogg54

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    Cynthia can be found in a house in Undella Town. She can be fought once a day during the Spring and Summer, but she is gone during the other months.

    • L75 Spiritomb
      • Ghost/Dark
      • Sucker Punch, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp
    • L75 Milotic
      • Water
      • Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Dragon Tail, Bulldoze
    • L75 Braviary
      • Normal/Flying
      • Shadow Claw, Crush Claw, Brave Bird, Retaliate
    • L75 Lucario
      • Fighting/Steel
      • Aura Sphere, ExtremeSpeed, Close Combat, Dragon Pulse
    • L75 Eelektross
      • Electric
      • Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Wild Charge
    • L77 Garchomp
      • Dragon/Ground
      • Stone Edge, Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Crunch

    Recommended Level: 70

    Recommended Types: Electric, Ice, Fighting

    • Cynthia is hard. When I first defeated her, I used a fool-proof strategy that requires little effort. Capture the Volcarona in the Relic Castle and bring it to Cynthia's pad. Use Quiver Dance (boosts special attack, special defense, and speed) six times against her Spiritomb. Use Hyper Potions when necessary, but mostly it will stick to using Double Team. Keep using Bug Buzz until it connects. Use either Bug Buzz or Heat Wave to take down every single Pokemon on Cynthia's team with ease. Against Lucario, make sure you have plenty of health, as it will use ExtremeSpeed.
    • If you want to win this battle the "normal" way, it will be much much harder. I don't recommend trying this with anything lower than level 70. First up is Spiritomb. If you have any never-miss moves like Aerial Ace or Shock Wave, use them here. Full Heal if necessary if Will-O-Wisp connects.
    • Milotic is up next. This thing has Blizzard to deal with Ices and Bulldoze for Electrics. Since Bulldoze is considerably weaker than Blizzard, use an Electric type. Of course, you could also match up with it head on with a Pokemon that it can't trump, such as a Dark, Ghost, or Fighting type. Regardless of how you do it, be sure to not use a status inflicting move on Milotic. Its ability Marvel Scale will kick in, doubling its defense stats.
    • Braviary has Brave Bird, which can really do some damage. It has no counter to Ice or Electric types, so use them at will.
    • A Ground, Fighting, or Fire type is best to deal with Lucario. It's powerful, but you should be able to take it down by hitting fast and hard.
    • Thought you saw the end of Eelektross with Ghetsis? Too bad. Everyone's favorite levitating eel is back, and with just as few resistances as ever. A Fighting or Rock type is the way to go against it.
    • Last up is Cynthia's main: Garchomp. This beast is incredibly fast and powerful. The best way to kill it would be to nail it with an Ice type move from a non Ice Pokemon (its Stone Edge will rip any Ices to pieces). Dragon moves from non Dragons would work as well.

    Pokemon League Redux

    If you check your PC, you'll notice that the "Records" section says "First game complete: --/--/--." Oh yeah, you haven't become the champion yet! All that's left to complete in this game is winning the Pokemon League Championship. All of the elite four's teams have had extreme makeovers, so be ready for some seriously hard battles. The Pokemon I recommended last time should work just as well here, so I'll re-post them below:

    DarkKrookodile, Bisharp, Hydreigon
    FightingConkeldurr, Mienshao, Emboar
    GhostChandelure, Golurk
    GrassSerperior, Lilligant, Leavanny
    BugVolcarona, Accelgor, Galvantula
    FireEmboar, Darmanitan, Volcarona
    RockGigalith, Carracosta
    FlyingUnfezant, Mandibuzz, Braviary

    ...and the Pokemon I used:

    My PokemonLevel

    My Pokemon were pretty underleveled for this. If you want to do a serious attempt without a Quiver Dancing Volcarona, I'd recommend leveling a bit more than I did.

    Like always, buy 30+ Revives, Hyper Potions, Full Restores, and a few Full Heals.

    Elite Four Shauntal
    • L71 Cofagrigus
      • Ghost
      • Will-o-wisp, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Energy Ball
    • L71 Golurk
      • Ghost/Ground
      • Curse, Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Hammer Arm
    • L71 Jellicent
      • Water/Ghost
      • Shadow Ball, Psychic, Hydro Pump, Sludge Wave
    • L71 Froslass
      • Ice/Ghost
      • Shadow Ball, Psychic, Blizzard, Ice Shard
    • L71 Drifblim
      • Ghost/Flying
      • Shadow Ball, Psychic, Acrobatics, Thunder
    • L73 Chandelure
      • Ghost/Fire
      • Payback, Fire Blast, Psychic, Shadow Ball

    Recommended Level: 70

    Recommended Types: Dark, Grass, Rock

    • Cofagrigus has mad defense stats, but isn't much of a threat offensively. Be ready with Burn/Full Heals, as it will use Will-o-wisp. Waste it with your Dark Pokemon.
    • Golurk should be taken out by a Grass or Water type, thanks to its Hammer Arm. It has good attack, but its other stats are a bit lacking. It shouldn't prove to be much of a threat.
    • Jellicent has Sludge Wave this time around, so keep your Grass Pokes away. Use Electric or Dark instead.
    • Chandelure absolutely needs to be taken down by a bulky Ground or Rock type. Its mad special attack will allow it to rip through anything else you throw at it, especially if your levels aren't on par with its.
    • Froslass is one of two new guys on this team. It isn't incredibly hard to beat; take it down with a Fire or Rock type.
    • Drifblim has some pretty serious health, but it isn't very powerful. Watch out for its Aftermath; you'll take some damage when it dies because of it. Rock or Electric Pokemon are the way to go.
    Elite Four Grimsley
    • L71 Sharpedo
      • Water/Dark
      • Waterfall, Night Slash, Earthquake, Aqua Jet
    • L71 Scrafty
      • Fighting/Dark
      • Head Smash, Crunch, Poison Jab, Brick Break
    • L71 Liepard
      • Dark
      • Fake Out, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Attract
    • L71 Krookodile
      • Ground/Dark
      • Outrage, Foul Play, Knock Down, Earthquake
    • L71 Drapion
      • Poison/Dark
      • Poison Fang, Fire Fang, Crunch, Thunder Fang
    • L73 Bisharp
      • Steel/Dark
      • Guillotine, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor

    Recommended Level: 70

    Recommended Types: Fighting, Bug, Ground, Grass

    • Sharpedo can be a real threat. It has high speed and attack, as well as the annoying Rough Skin ability (just don't hit it with physical attacks if you can). Fortunately, its defense is pitiful, so it shouldn't take much to take down. A Grass or Electric type will defeat it easily.
    • Scrafty isn't much different from last time, except that you can't fight it with Fliers now (Head Smash will smash your birdies). A Fighting type works well here.
    • More Liepards? This one has Attract and is a female, so if you have a female Fighting or Bug type, use it here.
    • Krookodile has Outrage this time around, so leave your Dragons at home. A good Grass Pokemon will whip it into shape.
    • Drapion is the other newbie on this team. It was a lot of "fang" moves, but isn't anything special. A Rock or Ground type can take it down.
    Elite Four Caitlin
    • L71 Musharna
      • Psychic
      • Reflect, Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater
    • L71 Reuniclus
      • Psychic
      • Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunder, Focus Blast
    • L71 Sigilyph
      • Psychic/Flying
      • Air Slash, Psychic, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam
    • L71 Gothitelle
      • Psychic
      • Payback, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Flatter
    • L71 Bronzong
      • Steel/Psychic
      • Psychic, Payback, Charge Beam, Flash Cannon
    • L73 Metagross
      • Steel/Psychic
      • Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch, Earthquake, Giga Impact

    Recommended Level: 70

    Recommended Types: Dark, Bug, Fire, Ghost

    • For some odd reason, Caitlin likes to pull Musharna out of battle quite often (against Dark Pokemon, at least) in exchange for Reuniclus (who knows Focus Blast). If you bring in a Dark Pokemon, expect the switch and just use a Dark type move like you normally would. Musharna can't hit Dark types, so make sure you have one ready when Musharna comes back in.
    • Like I already mentioned, Reuniclus has Focus Blast. Bring in a Bug or Ghost to defeat it.
    • Sigilyph now has a Rock type counter in Flash Cannon, so Electric is the way to go against it.
    • Bronzong has some serious defenses and only one weakness (it has Levitate, so keep your Ground types in their Poke Balls), Fire. Naturally, Fire should be your counter. Bronzong isn't particularly strong, so as long as you have a Fire it should be easy.
    • Metagross is best approached with a Ground type. You could try Fire, but it has Earthquake as a counter. Also, watch out for Bullet Punch if you get down to low health.
    Elite Four Marshal
    • L71 Breloom
      • Grass/Fighting
      • Spore, Sky Uppercut, Mach Punch, Grass Knot
    • L71 Throh
      • Fighting
      • Earthquake, Superpower, Retaliate, Grass Knot
    • L71 Sawk
      • Fighting
      • Close Combat, Poison Jab, Retaliate, Stone Edge
    • L71 Mienshao
      • Fighting
      • Hi Jump Kick, U-Turn, Fake Out, Acrobatics
    • L71 Toxicroak
      • Poison/Fighting
      • Earthquake, Toxic, Venoshock, Low Sweep
    • L73 Conkeldurr
      • Fighting
      • Hammer Arm, Retaliate, Stone Edge, Grass Knot

    Recommended Level: 70

    Recommended Types: Psychic, Flying

    • Always lead this battle with a Flier, if you can. Breloom comes out first and can be a major nuisance with Spore if you don't kill it quickly. Any Flying type within 10 levels of it should take it down with a single move.
    • Since most of Marshal's Pokemon have lost Stone Edge, Flying types dominate now. Throh is no exception. It has no real way to counter Fliers, so take it down easily with one of your birds.
    • Sawk has Stone Edge, meaning that you'll need something else. A Psychic type works well, but really anything with high defense can take it down, provided it isn't weak to Fighting, Poison, or Rock.
    • If you have a Ghost, Mienshao is laughably easy. When you see Mienshao coming out, switch to something that is weak to Fighting. Swap to a Ghost and Mienshao will use Hi Jump Kick and lose half of its health. If you don't have a Ghost, a Psychic type works as well.
    • Toxicroak has a major weakness to Psychic. That should be your first option, but if you don't have one, a Ground or Flying type works as well.
    • Conkeldurr, like last time, is Marshal's main. It's well suited to fight Flying types, so Psychics should be your first option. If not, use defensive Pokemon.
    • L75 Accelgor
      • Bug
      • Focus Blast, Bug Buzz, Me First, Energy Ball
    • L75 Druddigon
      • Dragon
      • Outrage, Superpower, Night Slash, Payback
    • L75 Escavalier
      • Bug/Steel
      • X-Scissor, Iron Head, Aerial Ace, Giga Impact
    • L75 Bouffalant
      • Normal
      • Head Charge, Megahorn, Earthquake, Stone Edge
    • L75 Vanilluxe
      • Ice
      • Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Light Screen, Acid Armor
    • L77 Volcarona
      • Bug/Fire
      • Overheat, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Hyper Beam

    Recommended Level: 72

    Recommended Types: Fire, Fighting, Flying

    • Accelgor is fast. Fortunately, aside from its special attack, that's all it has going for it. Whip it into shape with a Fire or Flying type.
    • Druddigon is as slow as Christmas but very powerful. If you have an Ice Pokemon along, now is the time to use it. If you don't think you can one hit Druddigon, bring in a non Ice type with Ice Beam or Blizzard (a Water such as Samurott works well).
    • Escavalier has massive attack and defense stats, but has a giant weakness to Fire. This thing is a monster to kill if you don't have one, but if you do it should only take one hit.
    • Bouffalant absorbs Grass attacks, so keep those away. It has no counter to Fighting, surprisingly, so that should be your choice here.
    • Vanilluxe isn't anything special. Hit it quickly with a Fire or Fighting type before it has a chance to Light Screen/Acid Armor. It isn't terribly difficult to defeat, but keep your Rocks away from Flash Cannon.
    • Finally we come to Alder's main: Volcarona. Quiver Dance can be very scary if you let it build up, so take it down with a Flying or Water type before it gets dangerous. Preferably you want to come in with high special defense, as Volcarona has some very serious special attack.

    Once Volcarona goes down, you'll be crowned Champion of the Unova Region. Congratulations on (finally) finishing Pokemon Black/White.

    Leveling: Tips and Tricks

    Since the dawn of RPG's, the never-failing solution to getting past a tricky part in a game is to level up until your characters are powerful enough to win. If you are having this problem with Pokemon Black/White, check out the sections below on various leveling tricks and tips.

    Audino Powerleveling

    Throughout the game, you may have noticed little rustling patches of grass. In each and every one of these patches (up until after you've completed the game, that is) you'll find a small, big-eared Pokemon named Audino. Compared to anything else in the game, Audino gives out massive amounts of experience. Find an easily accessible, small path of grass (you don't want to run into a wild Pokemon while making your way to the shaking grass) and run up and down next to it. Once a patch of grass starts shaking, run to it (use a Repel if you are paranoid) to fight Audino. One easy kill later you'll get mounds of experience.

    Lucky Egg Management

    When you get the Lucky Egg from Chargestone Cave, experience gathering becomes much, much faster. With the right management, your single lucky egg can be an experience gathering gold mine for all six Pokemon in your party. In order to keep things organized, I leveled all six Pokemon equally, so by the time I got the Lucky Egg all my characters were at the same level. I advise that you do the same, as it will make things a lot less complicated, and the game is tons easier when you have a strong, versatile team.

    Give the Lucky Egg to the first Pokemon that you want to level. This Pokemon is going to be the one that fights everything until he/she has gotten to what I call the "next tier." I typically have each Pokemon level up three times before giving the Lucky Egg to a different Pokemon.

    There are exceptions, however. In some battles, such as gym leaders or elite four bouts where the opponent carries all of one type. Pick your Pokemon that trumps that type and give it the Lucky Egg. My Krookodile went from L46 to L52 from Lucky Egging versus two of the members of the elite four.

    In battles versus your rivals and other trainers who are versatile in their types, look at my section on that rival battle and decide which Pokemon you think has the best chance of defeating the most of the rival's Pokemon.

    I know a little kid who ignored the Lucky Egg and solo'd the game to the elite four with an Emboar. His Emboar was L52. My team of six Pokemon, with no grinding, were all above L46 going into the elite four thanks to Lucky Egg management. Yes, it does make that much of a difference and will make life a whole lot easier in the difficult post-game fights.

    Thanks To:
    •,, The Pokemon Wiki, Bulbagarden Bulbapedia - These websites were a tremendous help. I highly recommend checking them out if you have any questions about the game. I give my thanks to both sites.
    • - For hosting this FAQ.

    And last but not least...

    • YOU - For reading this guide.

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