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"Pokemon Black......What Are You Really Looking For?"

Since this is my first real review of a game please bare with me as I attempt to give the Gamefaqs community my take on the newest installment POKEMON BLACK.

First off I've been a pokemon fan since the orginals (Red,Blue,and Yellow). Dare I say I even bought a translated *Green* version off of ebay,and everything after that. Swithing for gameboy to gameboy advance,to game boy sp to the DS,and quite possible to the DS 3D. All buying the new systems just so I can play pokemon. Don't really buy any other games other than pokemon. With all that being said I played more hours of pokemon than most people spend sleeping. Raising more pokemon to level 100 just for the thrill of having them. Catching every rare pokemon out there just to say I have them. Wow I just might be addicted......and this game is adding to my addiction.

Gameplay: Anybody who has ever played pokemon knows how the game goes. Start off as a simple small time boy/girl,to a long adventure to become a pokemon champion. This game gives you all that and then some. The mechanics are still pretty much the same. Everything that you know and love about pokmon is in this newest showing. For the people who are new to the series,you too can pick this up and run with it. Finding pokemon with new looks and new ablities is a awesome thrill. So no matter if your a rookie or a vet this game will keep you playing for hours at a time.

Graphics: This is kinda the only place were I have a issue with the game. Now before everyone gets into a *Roar* about it being on a small system it's not so much the gameplay graphics that I don't like,but more the way the moves look as they are hitting the other opposing pokemon. I know they had to sacrfice something to put more stuff,in but in some of the older versions the way the moves looked was a highlight. But they look kinda bland this go around. With this being the newest generation of pokemon I was really hoping the moves would look good and spectacular and almost over the top. I personally would have enjoyed flashy loud moves kinda like in Ruby and Sapphire.

Music: Not much has changed in the music department, A few added notes to the same ole music. It does have some different battle music a little when fighting the "Team" members but it still is the same. The developers know what works and for the most part stick to the program that got this franchise successful. So why change it now.

New Pokemon: One of the big things that makes a pokemon game fun is the excitment of finding ,catching,and raising new pokemon. With over 150 new ones in this game,it makes for fun times and hours of game playing to "catch them all". Early in the game you run into a pokemon named Anione,which once you defeat it it can give you like 800-1400 exp. That's a lot for a level 14-17 to be getting at the start from just a wild pokemon. One of these days in maybe a future generation we might even see a different group of starter pokemon. Other than the standard fire,water,and grass. Maybe electric,ground,and flying who knows. Either way with all the new pokemon in this game you are sure to have a good time.

Overall: This game is fun and full of hours a game play. You can't go wrong with buying this game. I know the veteran players can enjoy the new look as well as the new players having a great experience. Do yourself a favor, run to the store don't walk and pick this game up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/10/11

Game Release: Pokemon Black Version (US, 03/06/11)

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