Review by xAJxMittens

Reviewed: 03/16/11

Pokemon Black/White General Review

Many of us remember turning on Pokemon Red/Blue and remember seeing the Nidorino and Gengar going toe to toe on the Intro screen. Now we are in the 5th Generation of Pokemon and I hold my hands up and say it doesn't get better than this! 150 new critters to play with in a whole new region and the goal is still the same! You all maybe thinking that no different from the other iterations that have come before, but when you get into the game, you realise how much love Nintendo/Gamefreak put into this game.

The graphics are a vast improvement! Maybe a little bit overdone in Castellia City but this is what we have all been waiting for. The animations in Pokemon Battles have been vastly tweaked and now my Bulbasaur doesn't seem so stiff anymore as he sits there twitching waiting for his Solarbeam to fly off. I also like the little sections that break the routes and cities up - with little boards telling you what is happening in the adjoining routes. These play a big part in the end game which I wont spoil for people currently playing through.

The storyline is predictable, just like any other Pokemon game. Towards the end of the main storyline, you get the sense of when are they going to stop preaching? Other than that - the characters are very enjoyable and get a sense of warming to them all, including the protagonist. I also enjoyed having more than just one rival to battle with, both Cheran and Bianca are always there to show how well they have developed as a trainer, and an exciting twist at the 1st gym at Striaton City which was very well played by the creators.

Gameplay is the same generic Pokemon-esque training, catching and evolving, which is nice. Although some exciting changes to a few Pokemon and the levelling system have made my experience more enjoyable this time round.

The one thing I have yet to get anything out of is the C-Gear. I understand the concept behind it however being in a rural area like myself that has hardly any other people around me, makes this sytem a little redundant. It would have been more appropriate to have it mixed in with the Poketch from P/D/PT where we still had other functionalities connected to the main game.

A very enjoyable game. I am looking forward to seeing what iterations the 6th Generation will come up with, and seeing a whole new world to catch them all again!

~ AJ

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pokemon Black Version (EU, 03/04/11)

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