Review by Redstorm87

"Best Pokemon Game Yet!"

In my opinion, this is the best Pokemon game ever! Here is why:

Gameplay 9/10 - The gameplay in this game was outstanding, and very well though-out. You start the game off with a choice between 3 pokemon. Each having a different ability. Once you pick your pokemon, you set out into the world and fight challenging gym leaders and and find brand new pokemon, which really made this game good. The fact that you start finding pokemon from other games after you beat the Elite Four made this game alot better! It shows that Nintendo really put alot of time into this game.

Graphics 8/10 - I gave a generous 8 for the graphics. I didn't really expect 3DS graphics, because it's DS, not 3DS. In this game, your character is alot taller than in earlier pokemon games. That really made me happy because it makes you feel like less of a mi-git. I always remember getting the feeling in Pokemon Platinum and HeartGold that my character was way to small. Luckily, Nintendo changed that. The buildings once again were very well created and everyone else, for instance Bianca and Cheren had the same graphics as you, which is good.

Battling 10/10 - The battling is what really made this game great. It has a way better design than earlier games, and made you feel like you were actually playing on a DS. The design of HeartGold made feel as though I was playing on a Gameboy Color. You have alot of the same skills as earlier Pokemon games, but also have alot of new attacks, which, once again, shows that Nintendo spent alot of effort on this game.

Enemies 8/10 - The enemies in this game were not too challenging. I remember the Gym leaders being pretty normal difficulty. The Elite Four was the problem. 3/4 Elite Four Champions were very challenging. The only one that wasn't challenging was the Fighting-Type champion. The hardest part of the game was fighting Ghestis. He had a variety of hard pokemon that were not easy, but were beatable.

Audio 10/10 - The background music in this game was very well created. Each city, and route had different music to it. The gym leader music was very good and entertaining. The Elite Four music was outstanding and N's music was phenomenal!

My final review for this game is a 9/10. ( This review is just my opinion, for the record )

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/12

Game Release: Pokemon Black Version (US, 03/06/11)

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