How do I get past S1 8,S1 5,and S2 14?

  1. 3 levels, all hard.Help?

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    colepatrick - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. S1 8: Give Maxwell Wings, place an Immovable Invincible whatever in front of the bomb shute.

    S1 5: Give Maxwell Wings, activate the Orange and Yellow switches. Place anything on the Red Button, then fly down and press the Blue Button with Maxwell's head for a couple seconds. Activate the Orange switch to drop the Starite then press it again, take the object off of the Red Button and then Shovel your way through to the Starite.

    S2 14: Possibly the hardest level in the game, but here's an easy way to do it: Glue a Remote-Controlled Helicopter to the Starite, tap it to take control of it and fly it down to you. The vent is to fast to fly past, so placed a Wide Immovable Invincible Bridge and crawled the copter across it.

    Both the S1 levels can easily be done in advanced mode, use Winged Shoes or Jetpack instead of Wings, but S2 14 is much harder; it'll take a lot of ingenuity to finish it three times with different items, and I definitely haven't managed it.

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    Man_Carrot - 6 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. S1-8: First, put a IMMOVABLE INVINCIBLE ROAD under the pipe that is bombing you. Next, put a pair of WINGS, and then pull the green switch in midair. Move Maxwell to the red switch, then carefully move Maxwell to the starite.

    The next 2 are long and involved, and here are how I got the starite on each stage. I made sure these tips would work by playing these stages two times each:

    S1-5: Put a pair of WINGS on first, then flip the orange switch. Go down to the red steel door and then summon a TINY IMMOVABLE ROAD under the orange switch then summon a ENGINEER and he will flip the switch. Summon a ROCK and put it on the red switch, then go under the red steel door, and then move the ROCK. fly through the the hole leading up to the starite, and place yourself under the starite which is above the blue steel door.

    Next, summon a FAN (tool) and put it next to an edge and keep doing it until it is facing up. Move the TINY IMMOVABLE ROAD (or make a new one) inder the blue switch (which is under the bottom right of the first ledge where you start the stage at) and put the FAN on it and put the rock above it so the FAN would make the FAN make the rock hit the blue switch, making the starite fall on you.

    S2 14: First, summon a MINE (trap) next to the stalagmite (the tac shaped stone) that is in the small pool that is on the very top. Then summon a MATCH and make it fall in the water on top of the MINE, making it explode, making the stalagmite disapear. Next summon FLOSS and attach it to the starite, then summon a TINY FLYING TREX and attach it to the floss. Quickly summon IMMOVABLE MEAT and hoax the TINY FLYING TREX up the tunnel going up.

    If it eats the IMMOVABLE MEAT, summon more. When you make it to the pool, keep hoaxing the t-rex through the pool. Don't worry about the bat, it won't do anything. Go down the tunnel with the meat and carefully direct the t-rex to the bottom right. When you get to the floor of the bottom right, throw away the t-rex, floss, and meat (if you still have it) so the starite will be on the very right bottom floor.

    Now summon a FAN (tool) and direct it to the right (use the L and R buttons on your DS if you do not know how to) so the starite is not at the edge. Next Summon a LONG ROAD and place it over the long hole. After you do that, make the fan face to the left and make the starite go over the LONG ROAD and move the fan along with it to make the starite go over the tiny tunnel to lead it to you.

    I hope these tips help! Sorry if these tips are confusing, but they are how I did the stages. Remember, adjectives are the key.

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    Retrostarman87 - 6 years ago 1 0

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