What's the difference between pokemon black and white?

  1. The tittle says it all.

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  1. The differences between versions... I think all of them are here:

    1. For the 8th Gym in Souryuu City, Black has the Gym Leader Shaga who is an old man, and White has Iris who is the new girl in the anime and the daughter of Shaga.

    2. Souryuu City looks different in both versions.

    3. A city named Black City is exclusive to Black version, and a Forest named White Forest is exclusive to White version. They're located in the same place in each version.

    4. 9 version exclusives for Black, and 9 for White. If I didn't give a line space between two Pokemon, that means they evolve to and from the Pokemon after and before them respectively. After that, there is a link to their image.

    The version exclusive Pokemon for Black are:

    Erufuun (evolution of Monmen)

    Gochimiru (evolution of Gochimu)
    Gochiruzeru (evolution of Gochimiru)

    Barujiina (evolution of Baruchai)

    Torunerosu (a member of a Legendary Pokemon trio)

    Reshiram (The White Coloured Legendary)

    The version exclusive Pokemon for White are:

    Doreida (evolution of Churine)

    Daburan (evolution of Yuniran)
    Rankurusu (evolution of Daburan)

    Wargle (evolution of Washibon)

    Borutorosu (a member of a Legendary Pokemon trio)

    Zekrom (The Black Coloured Legendary)

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  1. The difference is what pokemon and how often they appear.
    Just read the back of HGSS or D,P,Pt.

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  2. There's the normal difference between pokemon games that how often and which pokemon appear but there is also a difference between the places in the game. For example, there is a place in pokemon white called white forest, while in black version there is a place called black city that is in the exact same place.

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  3. There are obviously the legendaries that are different. The white legendary is in pokemon black and vice versa. There is also a difference in the one area. In white there is a place called white forest and in black there is a place called black city. There are also the different pokemon in each version. If you want to know a lot more of the details you can go to Serebii.net. It has all of the version differences that are currently released to the public (so far there are 2). Hope this helps.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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  4. Read the botum of d bak of d box |

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