Lucky Egg + Exp Share?

  1. So what if my lead Pokemon had a lucky egg to earn more exp, would someone holding Exp Share get more than they normally would as well?

    User Info: OfficialJab

    OfficialJab - 6 years ago

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  1. Here is how it works with Exp. Share:

    1) Take the base amount of experience from the defeated pokemon, and divide it into two "pools", A and B.
    2) Divide Pool A equally among all pokemon who participated in the battle and are still standing.
    3) Apply all lucky egg and level bonues or penalties to that amount.
    4) Divide Pool B among all pokemon holding an Exp Share.
    5) Apply all level bonuses to that amount.

    So, for a practical example, you have a team consisting of (in order) Tepig (Lvl 10 holding Lucky Egg), Patrat (Lvl 8), Sewaddle (Lvl 15), Victini (Lvl 20 holding Exp Share), and Lillipup (Lvl 5, holding Exp Share).

    You fight a Pidgeot, Lvl 10. Tepig starts, but you switch out to Patrat. Patrat gets knocked out, so you switch to Sewaddle. Get gets pretty beat up, so you use Victini to finish him off. Pidgeot is worth 60 Exp.

    Pool A: Tepig, Sewaddle, and Victini
    Pool B: Victini, and Lilipup

    - Tepig gets 10 points from Pool A, plus his bonus for the Lucky Egg
    - Sewaddle gets 10 points from Pool A, minus his penalty for being higher level than the foe.
    - Victini gets10 points from Pool A, plus another 15 from Pool B since he had an Exp Share. The 25 Exp he earned are reduced though because he is double the level of the foe.
    - Lilipup gets 15 points from Pool B, plus his bonus for being a lower level than the foe.
    - Patrat gets zero because he got knocked out.

    User Info: dcoughler

    dcoughler (Expert) - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. I tried this too, and it seemed to work. Both pokemon received the same amount of EXP, and it seemed slightly more than I was getting. Keep in mind the normal 50% bonus will be split into 25% to each, so it won't seem like much of a boost.

    User Info: RyuRaikou

    RyuRaikou - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. My (Official) Pokemon Guide says that one gets 50% and the other also 50%.
    But when one is holding the Lucky Egg, it gains 75%.
    So you'll have one with 75% and one with 50%.

    User Info: DGonlag

    DGonlag - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. Simple answer - No, Im afraid it doesnt stack to the EXP.Share holder.
    However, The lower the level of the pokemon is, compared to the one you defeated, the higher the exp gained, and also if the pokemon you defeated has the advantage of elements, you will receive more too.

    E.g - A Normal Type Pokemon A Lv50 (With Lucky Egg) Vs Lv50 Wild fire type, (No advantage to either side, not regarding moves)
    Lv1 Water type with EXP.Share Will recieve a Massive Bonus in EXP, Due to Lv Difference, But if it was a Lv1 Grass type it would recieve even more due to the fact it is weak against fire type.

    Hope this clears the air =]

    User Info: Mooglesan

    Mooglesan - 6 years ago 0 0

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