How can I fix Zekrom's EVs? (Messed up due to the N battle)

  1. How can I fix Zekrom's EVs? (Messed up due to the N battle) and if I need an item, how can I get the item?

    User Info: Claypoweredup

    Claypoweredup - 6 years ago

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  1. The best way to fix the EVs on your Pokemon is to use the stat lowering berries. The Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, and Tamato berries. Sadly, getting these in game is up to chance, so the best way to get these berries is to use the PGL (Pokemon Global Link) and go in the Dream world so you can find and grow your own berries. That way you can get plenty to transfer back and use yourself.

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  1. if you want to fix EVs on a high level poke your best bet is all those stat items which can be bought in the department store on route 9 and yes they are horribly expensive(unless your friend can give you bargain power S via the link)

    Also certain berries can actually lower stats.

    (BTW: I know this but hate the metagame and think EVs are stupid and a waste of time as they sap the fun out of battling randomly)

    User Info: Darkcat1

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  2. I think you need berries, its the best way to clean a pokemon:
    tomato berries=lowers speed
    pomeg berries= lowers HP
    kelpsy berries=lowers attack
    qualot berries=lowers defense
    hondew berries=lowers special attack
    grepa berries=lowers special defense

    you can obtain random berries with the Berry Clown in Castelia city, you need to let him see a pokemon he request. I don't know exactly where he is but search for the gallery.

    User Info: jazper09

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  3. First you need to find out the evs of Ns pokemon , use stat using berries. they reduce the pokemons ev by 10. the berries are:

    kelpsy berries:lowers attack
    qualot berries:lowers defense
    tomato berries:lowers speed
    pomeg berries: lowers HP
    hondew berries:lowers special attack
    grepa berries:lowers special defense

    I'm not sure where to find the berries but you can trade from D/P/Plt or HG/SS.

    User Info: thepokemonfreak

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  4. All the friendship raising berries (No 21 - 26) lower EVs in the stat stated in their description by 10. If you have over 100 EVs in that stat, they will actually force the EV to 100 rather than just subtracting 10 (could be extremely useful from 200+ to 100 in one berry).

    Here's the list:
    Pomegs lower HP EVs
    Kelpsy lower Atk EVs
    Qualot lowers Def EVs
    Hondew lowers Sp.A EVs
    Grepa lowers Sp.D EVs
    Tamato lowers Spe EVs

    User Info: Hegna1

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  5. You can't trade them over from D/P/Plt/HG/SS because the pokemon can't hold items. As for how to obtain them in this game.. I don't know, sorry :(

    User Info: genius94d

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